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Database Guide

Excel Download in Research Databases


Downloadable Content



Expenditure data

On Report Viewer page, click on


Alliance for Audited


Publishers' circulation, readership, and

website activity

Click on the Excel icon above a data table to


Audit Analytics

Auditor info, restatement data, taxes, and

other corporate governance & legal data

Click on download links above search results. In

addition, Peer Download link is available at the
upper right corner of a company profile.


Financial market data

Select Output > Excel where available

Excel Add-In: Click Bloomberg on the top menu
in Excel. Use Bloomberg Wizards to retrieve

Blue Chip Publications

Blue Chip Economic Indicators (Excel 2000-)

Blue Chip Financial Forecasts (Excel 2001-)
Note: PDF files go back further

Browse All Content and fine Blue Chip

Economic Indicators (Excel) or Blue Chip
Financial Forecasts (Excel)

BMI Research

Macroeconomic data, industry data

In Data & Forecasting section, select Data Tool,

Indices, or BMI Databases > Select filters to
create a table > Click Raw Data (XLSX) at the
bottom of the filters to download.

Capital IQ

Lists of companies, equities, fixed income,

key developments, people, transactions

Click on the Excel icon above search results.

CB Insights

Private company, VC industry data

Click on the download link above search results.

China Data Online

China macroeconomic data, census data

Click the [Save as] link on the black bar below

each data table.

The Conference Board

Consumer Confidence Index, Leading

Click on the data series download links.
Economic Index, Employment Trends Index,
Measure of CEO Confidence, macroeconomic
time series data


Macroeconomic data, demographic data,

international trade and exchange rates,
government spending and revenue,
education, limited diseases and health data

Click Country Data to search. On data results

page, click the Export to Excel link above each
data table.

Data-Planet Statistical

Over 15 billion data points

Click Export above the data table.


Financial market data, macroeconomic time

series data

Click the Excel icon on the top icon menu

Excel Add-In: Click Datastream from top menu.

EIU CountryData

Economic indicators and 5-year forecasts

Click the Export icon on the top icon menu


e-commerce data tables and charts

Click the XLS icon on the right

Europa World

Comparative data on population, health,

agriculture, industry, finance, external trade,

Click on Comparative Statistics in the left column

to select data set. Click the comma-separated
values (CSV) link above the results.


Financial data in
Companies/Markets section

For Historical Quote data, click the CSV icon.

For Financial Results and Peer Comparison, click
the Spreadsheet link above the results.


Global financial markets data, company

information, equity, fixed income data

Click on the export icon in the top toolbar.

in View

Updated: 6/30/2015

Forrester Research

Tech data tables and graphs within some


Mouse over any charts or data tables, and then

click on the Download button.

Global Financial Data

Total return indices, commodity, health

insurance (US), population, econ data, equity
sector indices, stock capitalization /dividend
yields/PE ratios, exchange rates, fixed
income, govt budget /debt, trade data,
national accounts

To download search results list, click Download

List to Excel.
To download data series, click the Data button or
click on the series link > Download Data tab


Industry key statistics, annual change, key


In Key Statistics, click the icon below a data



Socio-economic and industry data

Click Download: MS Excel (above data table)

IMF eLibrary Data

Financial & economic data for IMF countries

Click the Excel icon (upper right corner).

Local Market Audience

Analyst (SRDS)

Lifestyle and demographic data

Click Copy above the search results table. Open

Excel, and paste the results.

LP Source Basic

VC and PE firms, funds, deals, executives,

limited partners, placement agents, advisors

Click the Excel icon above the list of search


Lux Research

Quarterly Solar Supply Tracker data


Mint Global

Company lists, key financials, exec bios

Click Export in the upper right corner.


Data tables within reports

Click Export or the download into spreadsheet.

OECD iLibrary

Statistics on OECD countries

Click on Download button above a data table.

OneSource North
American Business

Company filings, company lists, and

executive bios

Click the Excel icon above the results list.


Company lists, key financials, executive bios

Click the Excel icon above the results list.


Historical and forecasted country statistics,

lifestyle data, consumer market size data

Click the Excel icon above the data table.


Company lists, deals, capacity & generation,

production, equipment markets, equipment
profiles, contracts, and plants.

Copy-Paste data into Excel.

(Excel export feature not part of the library

ProQuest Statistical

Data tables from the U.S. and state

governments, private sources, and
international organizations

Click the XLS button above a data table.

Rand California

Economic data, community, education,

Choose CSV or Excel. Above a data table.
energy and environment, government, health,
population data. Some with other states data

Reference USA

Company lists

On Results page, click Download.

Sand Hill Index

VC value (1/89-12/08)

Data in an Excel file


Data on M&A, IPOs, VC & PE, and poison pills Click the Save icon (or select Document >
Export/Save As). When prompted to save your
report, in Files of Type drop-down list, select MS
Excel (*.xls). Note: For large files, download to
Excel may take time; about 10 min. for 4,500

Social Explorer

U.S. Census data, American Community

Survey, American Religious Bodies (ASARB),
InfoGroup (2009 religion data).

Standard & Poor's


Stocks/bonds/mutual fund performance, S&P Click the Export icon above the search results

On Results page, click the Excel or Data


Updated: 6/30/2015

Thomson ONE

Company financials, deals, VC/PE firms,


Click the Excel icon above the data table.

Spreadsheet Link installed on select computers
in Makena Capital Traders Pit in the GSB Library.
Use Report Wizard to retrieve data. (Go to:
Wizards > Report Wizard)

UN Commodity Trade
Statistics Statistics

Commodity trade data

Click the Direct Download link above a data table


Firm lists

From Search Results, click Download to Excel.

Venture Capital Journal Top VC firms, recent notable M&A deals

World Bank Data

1,100+ World Bank datasets, microdata from

surveys of households, business
establishments or other facilities

If data is downloadable, click on Excel icon.

World Competitiveness

Country rankings by economic performance,

govt efficiency, business efficiency, and

Financial market data, economic data

WRDS (Wharton
Research Data Services)

M&A, IPO, PE/VC deals and rumors

Country data: Click on Download Data

Databank: Click on Download Options at
upper-right corner
Data Catalog: Click the bulk download icon
for each data series
Microdata: Select a survey > Click Get
Microdata tab

Click Download button above each data table.

From Output Format drop-down, select commadelimited text (csv) or XML Excel Spreadsheet (xls)
Click on the Export link at upper-right corner.

Updated: 6/30/2015