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OXFORD EXERTED INTERNATIONAL Milani TRAVELLING SOCIALIZING Student’s Book with Pocket Book and MultiROM OXFORD UNIT 1 icon “Achievement von Making and escusing intial suggestions on the pone END Flere are ive people who have made significant achievements, Can you match the faces with the names? What have t pur nee @ 14 Listen and check your answers. pe Think of another five people who you think have achieved something significant. Give some reasons why you chose them er i © Whar characteristics do these people have in common? Can you add to this ist? (Giz 6 @ units G 12 Listen o an extract from a radio programme about businesswoman and space explorer. Answer the questions, 1 Whereis Anousheh Ansarai from? 2. Which languages does she speak? 3 Whar did she do in 1993? 4 How did she join the space progeamme? 5. How long has she tained for? 6 Who isshe traveling with? Tense review a Present Simple Match each sentence with a tense. peer eet: 1 Shei traveling with vo crew members 5 eee 2 Anousheh has rained fr sx months di besinole 3. We are here at Star City 4 She'll spend eight days in orbit. Fae weaaere. Be fet easttedaled so ate parrina How ar the following sentences diferent from the above Iaerlaunch. Mes Aariser op Telecom Technologies 1 She avels with ewo crew members. nies sf 2. Anousheh trained for six months. 3. She hopes she will spend eight days in orbit. 4 She was scheduled to take part ina later launch, Practice @_ Change the tense of the verb in brackets of the sentence. She (travel) with two crew members. She said she (have his dream since childhood. Anousheh (be) from Ian She hopes that she (inspire) a new generation of women, Just as Vostok was due to dock with Soyuz, radio contact (lose, After she (sell) her business, Anousheh (give) $10 million dollars to the Foundation, an organization which (encourage) advances in huma X Prize spaceflight. Some women and girls not (have) the same opportunities as men, ‘There (be) five Vostok missions before the first female astronaut (go) into space in 1963, 9. Yari Gagarin (go) into space in Vostok 1, the first time anyone ever (journey beyond the Earth’ atmosphere and the fst time anyone (go) into orbit, 10 NASA (plan) further shuttle and rocket missions next year units @ @ Whar qualities does an astronaut need? Add to the lst. + Physical firess * Teamwork * Foreign languages * Good health ‘= Psychological stability © Money Work in pairs. Ask your partner some questions to se if they would qualify + How many languages do you speak? ‘+ Have you hada check-up recently ‘+ Are you good at workingin a ream? Read this tory about another flying achievement and answer the questions “rm ond pa When he wos atked iustcat stand eround! 1 Where did Larry take off from? 2 What was his craft made from? 3 How high did he go? 4 How did he gee down again? 5. What happened when he reached the ground? Which achievement do you admire most— Anousheh Ansar’s or Larry Walters? Which would you like to ty 8 @ uns © Read about Mae Jemison and put the verbs in brackets inthe cores form, Mae: Femison onetime or another an astronaut, an enginser a physician,ateacher, and snow an entrepreneus, She joined NASA in 1967 and in 1982 ‘earned the distinction cofbscoming he frst Aio-American wornan astronaut ‘Sinoo then she (ror in tho ‘Work in pairs. Ask each other what you have achieved so far in terms of your personal goals and your job. Think abou your country over the past five years, what itis like now, and how it ‘might change in the next five years. Here are some topics * lifestyles and the standard of living * the economy * thegovernment + relations with other countries Discuss the topics in small groups. UNIT! @ 9 10 @ units Achievement vocabulary. Prefixes 1 Look at the book cover. What do you think the book is about Read this extract from a review of Over the questions, rement and then answer 1 Is overachievement’ a positive or negative term: 2 According to John Fliot, which factors lead to exceptional performance’ 3. What do you find most surprising about his opinions? Are there any that you disagree with? OVERACHIEVEMENT Performanct John Blot clams that "To see what you" really ‘capable of youhavo to think abnormal’. That stat of exceptonal paormanoe & What he cals overactiovement and he bellves is possbe to bring bout regularly, ‘Overachiever,'he init, “don think reasonably, sensi, oF ratonaly tis amisconcepton that alackot rection cr fale stingushee achievers fromron-actievrs itis tho way theyhandl taku, Most sucoesst people Coan share their wesknesses,’ says Ele. They get excited about leaning so they can turn waaknesses ito stengts. Here's some more ot his counterntultve ace, which he deversin his book ‘Overachievement’ pubished this month + Hare wesk is overrated, Overatie job and star playing a it. Too mac what he cals the ‘over matwated underachiver ors know when to too working atthe + The longstanding practice of goal-setting is actualy a maior obstacle to sustained, vigorous motivation ~end being great. * Apero ae key to ska most thats now they goto tho tp. + High achievers wel what they co wel —and spond very ti ‘evaluating themselves ene ther perormances. res. Classic breathing end reaxation tc Lndarrine most performances, eminaing the pssbily of sting roars + Watts? you want find out wnat you're ot, you can't mts on yours, and you defritely can't be cautions. * Only wimps weigh the risk, For exceptional col, risks equal remard. The ‘calenge of uncertainty isthe fun othighpertermance~ and thats whe Prefixes ate often used to create opposites. Look at these examples fom the * irrational March the words with the prefixes to create words of the opposite meaning, Profix New word. employed event measure polite prove relevant understand climax @ Prefixes are also used to indicate the idea of ‘t00 much’ or ‘not enough’. Look a these examples: Over Under achiever achiever kill E Decide which ofthe words below can he preceded by over-, under- or both Over Under capacity ‘rated Perform produce worked © Match the wo pacts ofthese phrases: set a success (of something) make alent meet a sense of achievement improve your eye on the goal make Short and long-term goals keep your performance have positively think aneffort develop a target Work in groups and discuss the questions. 1 What helps you perform well at work, for example, a quiet working environment, a good team spirit? What sore of targets do you have to meet? 3 How often do you have appraisals? Do they give you a sense of achievement? 4 Do you under- or overestimate your achievements? 5 Are you overworked? Is your section or department understaffed? UNIT? @ 11 Levels of formality @ 12 Here are some ways in which language can be mor Bilin the blanks and then listen to-check your answers. FORMAL INFORMAL Single verbs Verb phirases tise goup ven miee contact sgecin touch think bout earch Took for (EE S-onerat oan ‘Would you like a cof m [Thankyou forthe delicious meal lastnight. | Delicious meal lastnight. | ook forward: ing you tomorrow. sort something out ‘ontractions Full forms would like to meet you. Td love to se you. Twill contact you nearer the time [Precise facts Approximation 100 candidates more than 2,000 people masse Opening salutations (spoken) i Nice to meet you, Philip Opening greetings (spoken) Opening sahnations (writen) Closing salutations (written) With best regards Regards Yours sincerely Saying goodbye Very nice meeting you. See you. of candidates of people @ Read the letter below regarding a new research project and choose the appropriate phrases co keep a consistent level of formality {swell with you, / How ae tings? Tam writing ak Just thought ask whether you might ‘boimereste in taking part /paicipating ina sty Tam conducting doing on goal setting as a means of improving performance. [have already collected masse sx month? worth of data on he topic. Loulé be grate for your comments Tt would be rely great to hear what you think aout thi "ve pute questionnaire in wih this ltr Please find attached the questionnaire, ‘Speak to you soon. ook foeward to hearing fom you Allthe best With best regard, Sandra Sandra March ee ‘You have tested ten mobile phones for use by your company and have chosen the Akon 007. It has the following feetures: ‘+ 1.3 Megapixel camera with autofocus + 20% digital zoom, + Stores photos + 176200 resolution sereen * Bluetooth - wireless connection with other devices * Sends and receives emails + MP3 player and radio + MP4 video player * Will work in most of Europe and the USA. 1 Complete this report and ask your boss for ther final approval {nrelation to the request to upgrade the company mobile phones, ton ‘phones were selected and tested. The Akon 007 showed the best performance to price trade-off. tsa fp phone. 2 Complete this email toa colleague and ask your colleague what they think. Hi Just wanted to telyou about the great new mobile we willbe setting | tested about ten ofther an fray chose the Aon Ws fp phone Making and discussing initial suggestions on the phone IntEx is a not-for-profit organization which arranges and supports events to build international understanding and cultural awareness throughout the world. erty Come teee ts eed ome) Riera ee ts Rone aies ri CoN Media and Funds Cora nee eee nda Syska oe eee reves © when would you hear these parts ofa phone call? Match the ist part with the response and complete How are things over there at the moment? Idon’t want co keep you too long, Aleks speaking. How can Ihelp? Nice to talk to you, Say hi to Diego for me. Good to talk to you at last don’ think we've actually spoken before. Give my regards to Bob, Start of a phone call Response 14 @ uniTs the table below You too, Quite busy Hiello Aleks. This is Tao Pei Lin, No, I don't think we have. Don’t worry, that’ fine, And you. OK. Willd, End of a phone call Response @ G14 Listento the phone conversation to check your answers to @, Answer the following questions. 2 Whois phoning who? b_ What project is being proposed? © Why is Bob going to be worried? © Listen again and complete the gaps. 8 Diego and I have been working on a project that we wanted to discuss with you~ and Bob=to Basically, _____js put together a tour of Latin American music and take iero Asia, What est a eet d Its very early stages, but have a range of music from Brazil, Chile, and Per © Now —__ thinking about locations, dates, and funding. £ Burfirst just wanted ro see if you : Oy cdlenstheB boy g -burin "you think it's good idea, —____? ‘h. We thought there _ of government funding from host nations. Pm about that, © Complete the table with expressions from ©. «Putting forward and explaining a proposal Asking for a response © Giving a positive response Giving a negative response CR: © Which section would you put these expressions in? ‘The aim is to bring the latest Latin music to Asia, ‘Pmatraid I think eight countries ate too many. agree entirely about Regional Organizers. Pd rally appreciate your advice on sponsorship. Can you think of any other expressions for the four categories? © Thestaff of Intx are having further discussions about the proposed tour. ‘Work in pairs o role-play the following conversations: PeiLin and Bob Bob and Aleks Student A look at Information File 1. Student B look at Information File 10, @ Work in pairs. Take one of the following situations each and then phone your partner ro discuss your proposals: * a social evening to entertain clients coming from another country * a special party for a work colleague who's getting married. UNIT! @ 15 UNIT 2 VAGENDA Talking about the part, RT Stivation > Motivation vocabulary Word bilding 1 Signaling Starting « working relationship Communicating with aditferent ‘deparimentby email phoning potential contacts ‘What motivates people at work? Look atthe lst and add your own ideas + money ~ basic salary, bonus, company package ~ training, long holidays, ‘work environment ~ fun, coffee lounge, quict work space, ‘work relations ~ good relationship with colleagues, personal factors ~ taking a pride in your product or service, company culture ~no fat eats, Match these comments with the ideas above, ‘Customers write thank you letters to the staf. ‘Staff can choose to take pay instead of holiday or vice versa.” ‘ove working with other people and sharing ideas. ‘What most people get out of working here is being part of the decision-making process, esa lovely place to work — lots of natural ight, open spaces to meetin, and auiet areas where you can think and concentrate, Basically I love the enormous pay packet atthe end of the month. I'm happy co ‘work all hours to get that What motivates you at work? Read the story below and answer the questions. 1 Where does the story take What was the man in the blue shire do ‘What were the other workers doing! How did the schoolboy react? Pa RULE Rial} 16 @ uniT2 lange farm Present Perfect Past Simple ast Perfect © _Why osx ontuncions Q) > vocbsiry “This nit eviews all the main language points from Units 1 and 2, Gomplete the noel using the Pocket Book forthe areas that you need 10 review. © Tense review 1 Complete the email wing the correct form ofthe verb in bracket Subject) Possible candidate Dear Pein Sorryit __"(take) solong to get back to you, |____” try to get another project trished all week, ‘and "(etl work ont howtn any case, |__| _—___* nd) possible cancidate for you. Her name is SiviaOrondi ad she *urrety work in Venezuela but___ (lan to move to Europe nest month as her partner *(st accept ajob in Berlin. She_____*(be) Tour Manager for the ast si years and ® organize) several tours based around merengue, tango, and flamenco dancing. l {speak toher yesterday ard she___ sound) very interested. She —* (529) that she {always tr] to fd new ways ofbenging Latin American music to other parts ofthe world and that ‘he would weleome this opportunity late (give) you a call tomorrow —| (Godhome now, and (keep) you informed of any oer suitable candidates. Cheers Rachel ‘Work in pairs. Look at the sentences. Discuss why the tense in brackets would either not be possible or would change the meaning, Thave been here for three months. (Present Simple) Have you watched this film before? Present Perfect Continuous) 1 saw him earlier this morning. (Present Perfect) have seen her twice this morning. (Past Simple) Thave been working here al day. (Present Continuous) Lam going there tomorrow. (will) OK, Tl see whae Fean do. (Present Simple) [Imagine you were interviewing someone for your own job (you are being, promoted). Write down five questions to ask the candidate and five questions that you would expect the candidate to ask you. Make sure you write both general and Specific questions, Then work in pairs, Take tin ruens to interview each other and decide whether you would give each other the job! Levels of formality 1 Decide whether the following phrases are informal or formal, and then rewrite them in a more formal or informal way. See you next Mon, reds Pete. Sorry to take so long to get back ro you. Tlook forward to meeting you. Yours sincerely, Here’ the file you wanted. Cheers, Jo Since our last communication with you, we have ascertained that... I would be grateful if you could send me the document at your earliest This isto inform you that the meeting has been scheduled for 14.30. Say hello to Mike. Tx. Sue 26 @ REVIEW UNITA 2 Imagine your dream job has been advertised. Write a letter of application outlining your education and work experience, and saying why you think you would be suitable for the job. Make sure you use a suitable greting in your letter, Signalling Where could these phrases come in his conversation? ‘Well, apparently Really? Absolutely Anyway So basically Wow A The company’s going bust! B (a) ‘What happened? A (b) the manager ran off withthe pension fund, B (c) ___ How much? A Abourhalfa million B (d) __ we're all going to lose our pensions. A Ics shocking, isn't, vg) mouse A (f) would you like cup of tea? ‘and discussing initial suggestions: on the phone, phoning potential contacts 11 Work in pairs. Discuss what you should say in these work situations ‘Answer the phone. Announce who you are. Explain to a person who you don't know how you got their number, Explain the reason for your eall Say you want to keep the call short in order not ro take up theie time, Express positive interest in what the other person has sad, Find out ifthe other person is interested in your proposal. Send your regards to a third person. ‘Thank someone for thei call. 10 End the call. 2 Work in pairs. Invent some names, phone numbers, and email addresses, and dictate them ro each other. Vocabulary 1 Mark each word in the table below P (positive meaning), N (negative meaning), O {neutral meaning). Then work in pairs to compare your answers. 2 Write antonyms for at least five of the words in the frst two columns. 3. Write definitions for the words in the last column. 4 Choose five words from any ofthe columns to include in sentences that describe yourself or the place where you workistudy, terrific ‘motivated fan anticlimax edge amusing counterproductive feedback strategy yield overworked team player morale overreaction mult-rasker duick fix shortcoming _missionstarement bonding boost misunderstand enthusiasm. jobsatisfaction nomevent bottom line REVIEW UNITA @ 27 UNITS rc Taking abou te preset “\ Communication > Vers of communication Unking words Aphone conference Taming and aking @ 1 Doyouhavea blog or read other blogs? What sort of content can you find ‘on a blog? 2 Read the ‘Blogs’ report. What do you think ofthe blog? Do you think this soa fof approach can be succesful? BLOGS ‘There are around 54 million blogs on the: pee ate often usediby consumers: example is a customer who. QuervlcniThs netoeagas ‘company can no longer get away with consistently offering shoddy products or service or ignoring customers! concerns and reeds. For now the customers can talk back where they can be heard. Those customers can gang up and share what they know and give their complaints volume. Of course, they can use thei reviews and complaints to havea big impact on a company’s reputation and business. = © B31 Listento the recording about blogging Are hese sentences true or false? Ifthe sentence is false, what is true? 1 Jeff Jarvis was unusual in having ‘a problem with his PC. 2. The computer company refused to admit chere was problem, Bloggers helped three computer companies solve the computer battery problem, 4 Bloggers can be taken to court for posting incorrect information, 23 @ UNITS @ Read this extract from Naked Conversations. Answer the questions. Blogging isthe ist technology to enable simple conversation to go instantly global t's the st to decentalize corporate communications, esting i from those who historcaly controlled, and it lminates many ofthe geographic barriers that have restricted relationships between peopl sharing Similar interests, ‘Onone hand, a blog may simply be to), buton the other hand that tools ane ofthe most powerful ‘components to emerge sofa ina communication evolution tat has been going on for quite sometime and snow reaching its ipping point. The revolationis about the way businesses communicate, not just ith customers but with ther entire constituencies partners, vendors, employees, prospects, investors, and the mes ‘Chances are highly ikely that if people aren't talking about your company in blogs today, they wil $00n, You would be ws 1o jin these conversations i only to thank those that ing your prises orto correct actual rors. you ignore the blogsphere~ the term used to describe the global network blog postings ~you won't ht peopleare saying about you You cat eam rom them, and they won't came to see you asa sincere oman who gesabout your business and its reputation. fou choosen onthe conversation, your company wile the better frit, nd your customers wil be happier. You will bite products and services by enjoying their colective wisdom, and you wil savea ton of money by dumping marketing tactics that not only dont work, but annoy the people they target. 1 What is unique about blogging? 2. What effect is blogging having on businesses? 3 Why should businesses pay attention to blogs? 1 towns, cities, akes, countries (not including collections of states or regions), public institutions (for example, hospitals), sports and activities (for example, jogging), types of entertainment (for example, soul music) rivers, seas, oceans, mountain ranges, muscums, art galleries, places where we shop (for example, supermarket), places of entertainment (for example, theatre) communication revolution that has been on for quite some time an isting poine. The evolution is about {se first (2 commanication revolution) used inthe next sencence ‘Are there any exceptions to these rules? ‘Why isthe used in the frst sentence below but not the second? He's going tothe university to pick up his books. He's going to university next year. fees Wich afte lowing stead which oc Swe. 1 When do you switch your mobile phone off? When do you keep it on? Would you ever keep iton during a meeting? 2 @ 82 Listen to someone read the article and correct the text. ‘as hereinger of our courtesy end your clen’s or your coleage’s status? you hep sched on, do you do so overtly or eae tin your meeting? “hen what abot the net? fit ‘accept to such your shone back on ding the buses lr? Do you need to give the reas? ‘odio? My inl observations Same reason, apdogize in he ad the renews suggest that the genuine and olen embarassed, more insecure people tend to tke sel'depecating manner. UNIT3 @ 29 ‘Complete the table with your own examples and decide if they need an article Examples group of regions Mountains Mountain ranges: Rivers, aaaa, and ooo Sports Nationalities Places where weehop CEMMTTETED «vv sou ever buy things online? Have you ever done your supermarket shopping ‘online? Do you think i's a convenient way to shop? Can you name any British supermarkets? @ Read the report and answer the questions. The online supermarket shopping business és ‘rowing at around 30% year-on-year. The main +eason for its popularity is convenience. itcan cost a little more with delivery costs, but you save valuable time and can do it from your home computer. ‘According to one study, Tesco is winning the online supermarket war inthe UK, although ‘Sainsbury's internet customers spend more pec order—the average Sainsbury customer spends 090 per order compared with £80 nd incur lower delivery charges. Sainsbury's charges on reas Tesco Tesco currently attracts two-thirds of all online grocery orders which is billion this year, compared with total froup earnings of 38;ion. 1 Whatis the advantage of shopping online? Which isthe most successful British online supermarket? Which customers spend the most on one order? Which company offers the best deal for delivering? How much have Tesco online customers spent this year? @ units Talking about the present A Mookat se verbs in italics inthe article, Find samples of batice & cuten,emporary situation o activity A a roulr activity or repeated event 2 March each descripcion with one of these Why are different tenses used inthe following sentences? I think i’sa great idea. I'm thinking about your idea Ic fees soft T'm feeling great. Tm having trouble with I havean idea. this report. What do these two sentences have in common in terms of the present? Present Perfect ~ ‘Its online sales have reached almost £1 billion this year 1 Present Simple 2 Pesent Continuous Gir Present Perfect Continuous ~’... that rool is one of the ‘most powerful components to emerge so far in a communication revolution that has been going on for duit some time Practice @ _Completethe sentences with the 1 The online supermarket business (boom) inthe appropriate present tense 2. Most customers (spend) less than £100 per order. 3 Lalways (urn off) my mobile phone, except once during a live tennis ma 4 Blogging (become) an important way for businesses to communicate with 5. Recently alot of supermarkets (ery) to attract more customers to shop online by offering lower delivery charges. 6 The number of local shops (fall) drastically inthe last ten years. 7 Aston Martin (make) luxury sports cars 8 Bloggers (be) successful in getting three computer firms, Sony, Dell, and Apple, to withdraw theie faulty computers, 9 Mobile phones (get) smaller each time a new model comes out. 10 People (communicate) more these days, but less communication (be) face Read the profile of Migros and choose the appropriate form of the ver, ea er) iparanrermimrerari eeete er cree meri ne Tt ‘ome Peer ieee een aren eee) Sorat ere Tiere tar err eee eae Peeters arene RI mre aat the Clabus ee nsegians Workin small groups. Tell he other people in your group about a supermarket that you know well Include some facts about the company, and details of an recent trends and change UNIT3 @ 3 == Verbs of communication @ -Fillin che eable and finish the sentences. Proposition Object Preposition Object 3 ‘Gomebody) ‘about (language) Gomebady) (Gomething) (somebody Jokes, stores) womebody about (eomething) (something) (somebody) (eomethina) (wemobody (pomething) somebs (somebody (something I to the team yesterday the new projec. He going to his boss that he's quitting, She doesn’t anything! Allhe about is work Is Leo there He —— very funny stories She fous languages. Could you ‘me your name, please? Gan to Mr Cooper? Hes on another line at the moment. Would you like to hold? What's going on? Tcan't Fillin the gaps with one word to complete the verb phrases. pa in touch with somebody contact somebody = contact with somebody call somebody phone somebody ‘on the phone to somebody pa ‘someone through to somebody ss through to somebody hang up on somebody send somebody an email an email from somebody reply tosomebody back to somebody 2 @ uNiTs 2. Use the list of verb phrases to finish the sentences. 1 Andrea from my office, but she ___ to someone. Sol __ her an ‘email and asked her to me. She didn't —, but she said she me as soon as she —__ the email. When she reception —__ to someone els, so she didn’t get though to me but a guy in another department. Apparently, she didn't —— and they got chatting, and by the end ofthe phone call he'd asked her out on a date. And she said “Yes can't believe it @ 33 Listen and check your answers. Has the way people communicate changed much? How often do you chat or gossip on the phone? Are th following statements true or false? 1 About half ofall conversation is gossip. 2. Mobile phones have reduced the amount of time we spend ‘communicating, 3 Men gossip on the phone more than women, 4 Women tend o talk more about themselves and men talk more about politics and work. 5 Texting helps shy teenagers communicate more. @ 34 Listen toa discussion about research done by the author and anthropologist Kate Fox and check your answers Ask other students how they fel about the following ways of communicating in English at work. acetotoce sinmeetgs + metoone ita presentton + nailing units @ 23 3a @ UNITS Linking words Look at these two sentences. What isthe relationship herween them? Which word would ft in the space between thei? ‘The Personnel Department has tried to introduce a series of communication training programmes for the staff. — + the response so far has been ‘Thinking about the relationship between the sentences below, choose an appropriate word or phase, Unless Consequently Alternatively However Inthemeantime As 1 The call centre is going to move to a new location in July. they hhave ro make do withthe present offices. 2 have enjoyed working in the sales department for th las six years, I feel that Tam ready fora different kind of challenge. 3 The insider trading scandal was revealed in the press yesterda several executives have been taken into custody. 4 Ieissix weeks since we put in our order. the end of this week, we will be forced to cancel _— we receive the goods by 5 The overall damage by the fire cost us $4.3million, none of the items were insured we ae faced with a very difficult situation, 6 Youcould pay by direct debi the payment can be made by cash Work in pairs. Student A look at Information File 2 and Student B look at Information File 9. Read your sentences to each other, omirting the linking wor Ask your partner to guess the missing word and discuss what function it performs. Match the examples of the same use of so. Can you describe the function of so cach pair, 1 A Have you gor the job? B Thope so. 2A How long will you be away? B Aweekorso, 3A Sales figures are down, B Sowe’re going to have to think of a new strategy [A Hil Tes been ages, B Yeah. So, how are you? AA Lhope we get a bonus this year B Sodol. A hundred or so staff work in this centre, Everyone has worked really hard this year, So sales figures are up. 8 A So, where shall we start? B Atthe beginning? ii oanEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEecnee al © 1G 35 Listen orwo people discussing the use of dubbing and subiling of foreign films, and answ reg) a Why did Germany, Italy and Spain originally use dubbing b Which countries tend to use subtitles the most? € What method did Poland use for ‘tanslating” foreign films | What do Spain and France have in common? been poor, © Which countries were the first to use subtitling and in which yea 2 Match the adverbs in A with the phrases in B. A B 1 actually a Tye heard/read that 2 apparently b by theway they will 3 essentially © inreality 4 incidentally 4 in my opinion $ interestingly € basically what this means is 6 petsonally you may not know this bue 3 3 G) 85 Listen again. In which order do the adverbs occur in the dialogue? ods by vithe vyeash, of so for © 1 Work in groups: Discus the advantages and disadvantages of one or moe of the following © dubbing vs, subtitles + national and cable TV ys satellite TV restrictions on imports of foreign films and music vs. no restrictions * download lms and music vs. buying from shops (high street and online) 2. Write a short report on your find propriate linking words. Make sure you present all sides ofthe argument. 3 Read the report of a her group and then write a second report comparing andior integrating their finding UNITS @ 35, 98 A phone conference. Turn-giving and tum-taking @ 36 The London and Melbourne office of Intx ae holding a phone conference to discuss developments in the Lain Goes East project. Listen tothe first part of the phone conference. Answer the questions. 1 What technical difficulty does Bob have? 2. What tems are on the agenda? Match the phoases with the three functions + Sorting out procedural and technical problems + Making small talk + Turn-taking and ur-giving a How are things in Melbourne? b Bob? « severyone picking up all ight? 4 OK Bob, do you want to stare? © No, yougo fist. Keeping busy, hear? 5 Isthacany beter? I CanlFjustremind youall say your name when you speak? PRiGi0010.25, Bob is going to talk about the position on funding 1 What costs wil be involved in a projec like this? Example advertising and promotion of the events 2. Which ofthe following do you think would be likely sources of funding charity collection sponsorship from record companies {government funding from Lavin American countries government funding from Asian countries ‘donations from world-famous musicians @ 87 Listen and check your answers 1 @ 827 Listen again. Complete the sentences PeiLin Bob, can —______"? This is Pei Lin. ____* govern sponsorship from some of the countries we've bringing over? Bob Twas just ‘ Peiin Oh, sorry Bob No, Tm not getting much joy atthe moment, by think i'l come —*a lot of organizations haven't se thet budgets yet for next year, Some of the Asian government culture departments have already offered funding, so Diego OK, if1_—_ ‘This is Diego. Great Bob. Thanks fr that. 2 Which ewo phrases are used to interrupt and take over the conversatio 1 Which ofthese qualities do you think will be most important for the job of Tour Manager? experience of tour management in general experience of tour management with musicians knowledge of Latin American music ‘experience with Latin American musicians and bands ‘experience of working in Asia ability to speak Asian languages @ 38 Listen tothe conversation. Which qualities do the candidates have? ‘Write che candidate's initials next to the qualities: KP for Kit Petersen and FH. for Frits Hunsel @ 38 Listen again 1 Write down the four ways the characters identify themselves. 2 Match a-d in A with i-iv in B to make four ways of giving turnsfasking fora response. The sentences areal from the dialogue. A B 4 Pei Lin, tell i the rest of you think? b Diego, do you your thoughts about that? © Whatdo. iii want to tell them about the shortlist? d What are iv_us about the Tour Manager appointment. @ 38 Listen to the phone-conterence discussion about the regional organizers. Answer the questions. 1 For which countries is Aleks having problems finding a regional organizer? ining and briefings planned for the regional organizers? 1g to send out the minutes? 1 @ 39 Listen again. Complete the sentences. Diego OK,le’s ___'. Aleks, would you ___ about the regional organizers? You've already mentioned theyee good quality. Aleks That's right. think we've got. Bob i Aleks. Ths is Bob. ‘what you're saying — there's a high-pitched oise going on, Diego Bob, have you got your phone —_Trytakingit off, and juse pick up = Bob Ob, Socry about that. Sory Aleks, what Diego Right, I think that about ___"_'. Has anyone else got >. No? OK. Mil gec the of this sent out to you. Bob, —____ "in the draft budget proposal. Bob Fine Diego And Aleks, the regional onganizers lis. Aleks OK. Diego Ian send those out to you all at the same time. Pei Lin, to say anything? PeiLin No, ast "know it must be the middle of the night in Melbourne. 2 Which three phrases in the extracts are used for calling someone into the Oper peeps heer T28 taboemina Fie 2 UNITS @ 37 UNIT 4 Ta “"\ The Future ao Offering, aceptng, and dering © Have youever been to India? What do you know about it? 1 Indiahasthe world’s biggest population. second biggest third biggest fourth biggest 2 Indiahasthe world’s ——_bigge economy, second biggest third biggest fourth biggest 3. Can you identify the following places in India? [1] Pakice of the Winds in Jaipur [5] Varanasi on the Ganges [EJ Lake Patace Hotel [EJ Jaisalmer Fore (taj Mahat 4 India’s economy is growing/declining rapidly/slowly. 5. The largest proportion ofthe population work in (1 the service industry. ( asricutere [Ey manstaetaring 6 More than 1 million people work in the IT industry. [1] True 1 False @ 41 Listen to Chira Dhaliwal, a student at Mumbai University talk about her future career. What does she say about the following? 1 her careee 2 her salary 3 what she'll do with hee money 38 @ UNITS © Workin pairs, What do y 1 China has the world’s 2 China has the world’s economy, 3 Can you identify the f biden City River ‘The Great Wall n 18-year-old construction worker in Shanghai w chink his daly lifes ike? @ 42 Listen and check your answers. Listen again, Whai abot Uh UNITs @ 39 Talking about the future 1. March the sentences with the tenses. {Pm going to work for a BPO company. ‘what sort of salary would that be? Plbe earning £2,000 a year By the time I'm 25 Ishould have saved up enough to buy a cat So you'll have a pretty good lifestyle. Tilhave saved enough money the call centre business is expected to continue expanding, Exams start next week. Practice @ What 1 hope to work in IT would + infinitive Present Simple should + Present Perfect be going 10 + infiitv e will + infinitive be + expected to + infinitive Fucure Perfect Future Continuous Which forms are used to talk about: 1 future plans? speculation abour the future? 3 predictions about the furure? 4 a scheduled event? PBK 957.18 omplete the exchanges witha suitable verb phrase What sort of company Somewhere lik Do you think you —_ Yes, by the time What I | rilprobably i Or ud the Clinton Global Initiative oppos hOne, your long-term plans? 2 CEO of a construction company, to.gtow rapidly. overtaken the USA by 2015. new design coming on: have something ready by the end of the week. What do you think the ain Initiative are? Add to thelist © reducing poverty «iling religious and ethnic conflicts ‘+ meeting increased energy needs so @ units sof the The Clinton Global Initiative The mission of the Willam J. Clinton Foundation, and the goal of ths Initiative, istoincrease the benefits and reduce the burdens of global interdependence; to make a world of more partners and fewer enemies; and to give more people the {ools they need to build a better future. The Clinton Global initiative isa non-partisan endeavor, bringing together a carefully selected group of the world’s best minds and most distinguished problem solvers to focus on practical, effective measures that can be taken now. These leaders —from a wide variety of political, ideological, religious, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds. include current and former heads of state, top business executives, pre-eminent scholars, and representatives of key non- governmental organizations. Here are five initiatives on the CGI is. Imagine you are the organizers for one of these projeets. Describe your plans and aims forthe next five years ‘+ Suscainable Farm Orchards and Woodlots for Income Generation * Mobilize $500 Million by 2010 to Benefit 50 Million People Adopta Village in Kenya Enabling Serong & Sustainable Microenterprises Incernational Bookshare.org Work in pairs. Diseuss the following. 1 Three things you are going to do this year 2 Three things you will hve done by 2020, Three things you think will happen to Chia Dhaliwal and Chen Lin in the fucue Three predictions about India and China Three global problems you think will get better in the next five years and three UNITS @ 41 =D Prediction words and phrases © March phrases 1-S with the meanings a-<, 1 onthe verge of possible 2 omthe cards b likely to happen soon 3 onthe brink of «© goingro happen very soon 7 4 onthe horizon 5 onthe point of Do you think the following ace true? 1 We are on the verge of a global water crisis, 2. Acute for cancer ison the cards. 3 The ability to grow new synthetic body parts is on the horizon. 4 We are on the point of pushing CO, levels beyond the ripping point. 5. There are a lot more animals on the brink of extinction than we are aware 1rthese adverbs in order of certainty. e. iseertain to) is unlikely (C0) [Lislikely (0) is certain not (0) \Work in pairs. Talk about how you see yourself in the future. For example: im bound to become a millionaire. Vm unlikely to live beyond 100. 2 Which qualifies can we use with each adverb? ro weakest de them from strongest (Corey _absoluely quite very) Use the qualifiers with sentences from the previous activ For example Tm absolutely bound to become a millionaire. Pm quite unlikely to live beyond 100, © Fillinche gaps in the table with a verb, noun, or participle. Vers Noun Participle expect expected prediction i anticipated Toresee forecast project 22 @ UNITS © 43 Listens the report onthe birth rate in Japan. Which ofthe words inthe table in © ean you hear? @ 43 Listen again and answer the questions. 1 Whats happening to the birth rate in Japan? 2 Why are women less likely to have children? 3 Whar isthe government considering doing? 4 What are the main effects ofthis trend likely to be? Can you think of any other ways women might be encouraged to have more children or go back to work? 8 Wei Well rns Distant al tink he fate of pouccomntryis regarding: a the bith rae b theemployment rate ¢ inflation Will they go up o down? What factors will afecthe change? What can the government do? Isita good or ba thing forthe county? A a cee ache ee lcen ck porslecion proeth, Wet you think the problems ofa country like the United Acab Emirates wl be? Ronk Country or area Annual growth rate in % 1 United Arab Emirates 631 z ater 586 8 ‘Timor-Leste saz 4 Alghanisian 459 5 Eritrea 426 UNIT 4 @ 43 @ units Auxiliary verbs. Word stress Answer the questions about auxiliary and modal verbs. 1 In whae way are some negative forms irregular? Think about the form and pronunciation, be Pmlate, aren'eI can Can youhear? No, lean't do Don't worry about it. may May [open the door? No, you may will He won't listen must You mustn’ say a word to anyone 2 When do we not use the short form of have? For example: Tes gone. Ichas co bein here somewhere. How is car pronounced when itis the first word in a sentence and when ‘comes inthe middle of a sentence? For example Can Leome in? Pm nor sure if he can come. Think of some more examples with other ausiliaries, 4 How does the pronunciation ofthese pronouns change when they are said with the short form of the auxiliary? For example: You're late We're on time. They're already here. 5 What happens to the vowel sound in the auxiliary verb after a Wh-lHow question word? Was he here? What was he doing? Think of some more examples. You are going to hear a university lecturer answering questions from her seu about the opportunities deriving from global warming in the Arctic 1. Work in groups. Brainstorm what these ‘opportunities’ might be and decide which ofthe words in the box you might heat, Use your dictionary to check the meaning and usage ofthe words. order drill environment geologist glacier iceberg_melt resource ship species tourism | 2 Will the words in the box be used as nouns, adjectives, or verbs? Decide if the sentences are likely to be true or false The Arctic has significant quantities of oil and gas. 1 2 Oil prices ar likely 10 go up and down more frequently Existing towns in the Arctic will grow and probably be used by shipping, 4 The basic shipping routes will remain the same 5 Ships will not be able to deal with all the floating ice from melting icebergs 6 Fish will move o different areas ofthe ocean. 7 The nations touching the Arctic are happy with the present borders, © G44 Liste and check your awe. © 1G 45 Look atthese words from the listening. Undedne the stressed syllable Then listen and check. 1 industry, industrialized permanent, percentage Supply supplemented environment, environmental problems, produce Sable stability quarter, terrible 8 0 Oral er att eh prope evn. Read the text aloud using the correct stress forthe completed words. iSiiizeriandenioysboth econ __andenvironm__ stability. The JEpoHEE= Is one of the most stable inthe world, and the environm____ one Ibfthe most envied, Indust. The industr. ‘and finan____are vital to Swiss livelihood. Seetar includes textles, chemicals, and machinery. Banking Ietnemostimportant financ___service but it has been increasingly depend Despite this growing depend, Biizeriand is tilone of the most secure places to inv__ money. However, Iperinenvronm problems related to global warming, in particular, Borer Warmer winters, have adversely affected the skiing business, €n foreign inv @ Werkntgein Detartiees ateccas ‘What do you think willbe the short and longterm effects ofthese climate changes? UNITS @ 45 emu Offering, accepting, and declining © G46 Inthe London ofice of lls, Diego has a problem with thee leaming Course hei running, Listen to his phone call ro Lars Richter, one ofthe aie he uses. 1 Whats the tite of the e-training course? 2 Which session is Diego having a problem with? 3 Why is ita particular problem? 4 How does Lars help? @ Look ar the phrases from the dialogue. For each one, decide if itis: a making an offer ‘Would you like to coordinate the session on cultural awareness bb accepring an offer Its yours if you wancit, © rejecting an offer Its very nice of you to ask, bur i's not really my thi could give her a call, if you want. ‘That'd be great. Shall give you her email as well? Please. {Ldon’e think I need that right now, thanks. buy you a drink some OK, Til hold you to that. © G42 Diego and Pei Lin are chatting over coffee. Listen to the conversation 1 How has Diego solved his problem? What still mains to be done? 2 What problem does Pei Lin have? What has she decided ro do about it? © G42 Listento the conversation again, Complete the table { Subject | Offer Response milk | Would youllike some milk? | ‘Thanks. seminar | Teould do it interview | —— on the interview —— ov — email her CV to you? ‘Australia | —— go out for you? Frits | —— his availability 48 @ UNITS Ea” *| © Read the extracts from various emails and letters below. 1 Match each extract with a description, 2 Decide whether they are formal of informal 3 Find the phrases used ro make, acept, and reject offers. ‘2. Lam utiting to offer you the position of Trainer on our e-training course in 'b Thanks for the offerto come out to look at venues and meet the guys in Australia, but think going to have to say no ~ two weeks is ust too long to spare at the moment. Cd «Justo contin what we said on the phone: ake to ofr you the jb of -tranar on ‘one ofthe Events Management sessions (and possibly more). Of course, i's subject toreferences. {d I'm going out to Australia and Asia for a couple of weeks to help with venues for the tour. dike to offer you the opportunity to come along and see how things are going to operate out there .. ‘e Thanks. It was nice to speak to you too. Yes, I'm definitely keen on the position. Shall | omen to vist you? 1 How about if we keep itto just one week? We'll make all the travel arrangements for ‘you, ifthat’s any help. {9 Many thanks for your kind offer ofthe training position. | am pleased to accept, and ... hh OK, one weeks cool. I'm up fort. Cram Diego provisionally offering the etraining jab to Naomi [Naomi expressing she wants ro accept the offer Diego officially offering the etraining job. ‘Naomi officially aceepting the job. Pei Lin offering Frits the chance to come out to Australia and Asia. Frits rejecting the offer. Pei Lin making a revised offer. Frits accepting the revised offer. © Work in pairs. Look athe lsc of offers char might be made to a work colleague. + Hep witha technical computer problem. + Havea piece ofcake with your coffe. © Gaalttberse ¢ Help with writing a report in English, + einvoved ina new work project. + Goon.a weekend taining course or team-building even, ¢ Talo your line manager on your behalf about a personal problem 1 For each one think of easons to eject and reasons to accept the offer 2 Think oF exo more offer of your own, 3 Role-play some ofthe suations UNITS @ 47 REVIEW lie UNIT B pea > Focus on functions @-@ > Vocabulary @ ‘This unit reviews al the main language points from Units 3 and 4. Complete the ‘exercises, using the Pocket Book for the areas that you need to review, Articles ‘Complete the email inserting the definite article (the) or indefinite article (a, an) where necessary. Dear Diego twas good to talklast week | have ust arrived in Hong Kong andi taking me — while to used to #time difference -I keep waking upin middle of — night! Many years ago I used tolive here 30 know my way around and fortunately lean speak Chinese although about —___°50% of people here speak English anyway. had “lunch yesterday at one of, best rostaurantsin * town with some old frends, theatre manager and Ngancer twas quite embarrassing because lam not used to using * chopsticks any more and kept dropping my foo Anyway 8 eason am writing to yous. © Taking abou the future ‘Work in pairs. Look at the sentences. Decide ifthe tense or tenses in brackets are possible and fit would change the meaning, By this time next year I will have been here for ten years. (wll) If you need a lift co the airport, I'll be going there anyway. will) He won't come. (Future Continuous) Will you be coming tothe party? (will, Present Continuous) T'm letting some journalists see the prototype of the car tomorrow. (willbe going Pil tell her tomorrow, (Be going to) Ina week Ill be lying on beach in Jamaica. (Present continuous, will) {don’t know if ll arrive on time. (Present Continuous) © Linking words choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentences. Whereas/Acualy’ there are many good arguments for using a simplified form of English, eg /ie2 an English witha reduced vocabulary and simpler grammar. Although ‘Since! many non-native speakers would lke to speak excellent English, and many do e.g. /.e the Scandinavians and Dutch), most non-native speakers actually use English to communicate with other non-native speakers. Despite this/Thus* a more elementary type of English would seem to make more sense to enable such people ‘communicate even iffdespit thelr command of the language is quite elementary. Consequently/ However’ many native speakers might see this as kind af degeneration oftheir language. And another *hing/Despteths*lam convinced thisisa sarifice worth making in our quest to faiitate commurication around, the world 8 @ REVIEW UNIT (ome ) © Phone conference oe 1 Ina phone conference, what do you sayin these simations? Complete the sentences Thsis Ss fee wantto add HThisisBob again — tha a Check whether everyone can heat Is everyon all ight? Say that you can hardly hear someone. Youtounda 2 ot sera Identify who you are for the frst. Bob, Identify who you are the secondithird time Ask someone's opinion, What are your Incervene Can Lust here? Pass tothe next point inthe agenda Tange: estsilorsictaa Say thar the conference is nearly over. Righe. think that about Check if someone has additional comments. Hasanyoneelse Workin groups of three or four, Simulate a phone conference to decide about years English lessons. Talk abour: [ime number ofour per week Toction exam preparation (ifany) size of class © Offering, accepting, and dectining 1 Work in pairs. Role-play the following two situations PersonB 2. Now change roles and role-play the following two situations Person B Porton A 3. Write definitions to explain the following phrases, ((boidyoutota Chess, Heer ll [iinor amy hing. Tend doiitya'creay sk. Hes plledou © Vocabulary 1 Insert the correct preposition (sh = somebody, sth = something). Ifno preposition is required, leave blank. answer __ sh sth, argue __ sb ___ sth, chat____ sb __ sth, discuss —— sth sb, tell __ sb sth, speake sh ath REVIEW UNIT 8 @ 49 UNIT 5 pases’ > challenge vocabulary “\ Challenges refines? Heaton Ea © Which ofthese do you thnk are the most impressive feats of human end Why do people attempr these kinds of challenges? 2 Tanya Streeter, world champion freediver, who ean hold ber breath water for more than six minutes and dive more han 170 metres wit aid of artificial breathing ge. Ed Viesturs, one ofthe word’ leading high-altitude mountain clin who is attempting oscale the fourteen highest peaks without the wel $upplemencary oxygen. Sit Ranulph Fiennes who, atthe age of 59, completed seven marathon Seven continents in seven days Sonya Thomas, a champion competitive eater, who once ate 167i wings in 32 minutes e Pen Fladow, polar explorer, who was the fist man to walk alone wid cutside help fom Canada tothe North Poke, a journey of 478 miles Read about Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ 7x77 challenge 1 Identify the places on the map where he ran the marathons. In which place did he nearly give up? 3. What wital piece of equipment did he take ~ and why? 4 Why did he do the 7727? Fiennes relishes marathon feat ‘rsh adventure Si Ralph Fienes his pur hadaleadycompletsdronsin Santiago, He sid he would tke to din tollofisjoyatcompletingsevea marathons Chile, the Falkland Islands, Syne, choclate and eat tcken ma fonseren coninens inven dys. Singapore, London, a Caio. ‘thot eolesterol init” added the "Theso-yeolsadtheSingaprerunin Bur Sir Ranulph realled ow the adventurer who rsenly underwent ‘wopial heat id early broken fim becuse Singapore marathon. had suetched him ff the difclty of continuing ix the also braking point. He sai “Thi the umisyandpollun. Burheandhisfdlow — paementand mel fainted at th end Lt rumner Dr Michel Stroud went on 0 sompletely Knaceed and notable to do ‘complete the calege to run 183 asin ancter one." Suoad waked ocho the jastawook. swryallersuleragasonach psc. ‘Si Ranlph eld reporter London on Sir Ranulph’ personal acierement wat Monday it hn ben ‘aultely wnderfal! all the more remarable gen the punching ‘ofins, Heendedhirmarathons witharace jeclag emus havesafered afer arcvingio ‘a New York which he nied in ve ous a city alos a fall working iy behind the nd minuteson Sunday st2080GMT. The Mille Faster time ne, 50 @ UNITS Read the article again and write questions for these answers, Example 59~Fow old was Sir Ranulph when he ran the ma 1 183 miles 2. Five hours and rwenty-five minutes, 3. Santiago, the Falkland Islands, Sydney, Singapore, London, and Cairo, 4 Aheart charity 5 Aheart attack and a double heart bypass 6 Asix-figure sum, @ 54 Look atthe pictures. What do you think Jimmy Chin's job is? Listen to the TV programme, Jobs with a difference. Answer the questions. 1 Whats Jimmy Chin’s job? 2. How did he ger started? 3. When did he get his “big break’? 4 Inwhich magazines has he and his work appeared? 5 Why does he do his job? @ 5.1 Listen again and pur these seven events in Jimmy Chin's career in order. a went on a number of short climbs and expeditions bb climbed El Capitin € had to learn how to shoot video appeared in several magazines © was called into replace a photographer who dropped out of an expedition to Tiber took a photo of his partner Brady sleeping climbed in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan and sold photos), "ast Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, Perfect Continuous tlie the pas tense forms in these sentences. Match the underlined past tense forms with the correct date was 1999: he had already been on a nagrative tense, of short climbs and expeditions and he raining in California's Yosemite Valley for an tion to Pakistan's Karakoram Range. fetook a photo of Brady while he was sleeping in ag next to all the gear they had left ying. und their camp the previous night, Depo ee Foci do tr ar te Rivne teers ee 2 ees eae eae: occa Rie cee ene Reed ch booting ere iS Bester cite ins Beco sno shay tho renin a celeb eee ee Wicearfeirte ent iemaeer Bret, Cane rasa rading theinstruction manual to the XL camera. PERE units @ Practice @ which other profesio rh sorc of challenges do they involve? @ _Whavna aor chan? Waren Fy isan aad andciematographer Hei word exper om exten tela sor chante a be allt Cte Choy” He on oe aados ar id hurricanes, such as Hurri arrina, which eran andi came Katrina, which 1 Read the 2G) 62 Listen othe extract fom construct the story Put the verbs in th ‘when was Waeren’s first dbase? "Tele yeas old = nealy il hin = fis home town in Acizona un alg fe Mt ollpse wate sep hi ana es dip foot find arac.~ able tget ead vey dose to. death a ‘then did be ee his ist tacoado?—— we along the high in Oslo = Jornada foe near'y ar hour = lasesght fees ~ auddenly dive ito The windshield = seared = but come. eng fm t= not intend to op. | | | | il tat a pce fc | on enn 20. see ie de dow seis ah eb thet sr eae plac afi Se ea ‘ollapse — debris fy around trees ta a pat nara inti Mt ee acon = nd si wh nad acs e What sore of conditions do junior doctors in hospitals have to work under? Read this extract from the diary of an ‘ASCE’ (Accident and Emergency) doctor. Complete he sentences by puting the verb in brackets into the Work in groups. Which of these working situations do you think is the ‘+ working asa junior doctor on aforty-cight-hout shift on call + staying up all night ro prepare a presentation for important clients * fixing a broken gas pipeline (or burning oil rg) sixty metzes under the sea * a seven-day world tour to meet clients and promote a forthcoming, product launch * filming a major disaster for a TV company Have you done anything similar in your line of work? What's the longest you've worked without a break of more than an hour? What’ the furthest you've had to travel in a week? What are the most extreme weather conditions you've had to work in? What's che most daring or dangerous activity you've done? Work in pairs or groups. Think of story for Jobs with a difference which involves working in extreme conditions. Think about extreme weather (e.g, snow storms), extreme physical conditions (e.g in the jungle), and extreme tasks (e.g. ‘working on top of a skyscraper). You can use your own experience or invent story using one of the examples above. Take turns to narrate your story UNITS @ Challenge vocabulary. Prefixes 2. Heartidioms © 1 Work inpairs. What do you know abourthe ‘extreme spore in the photo below? Have you, or anyone you know, ever done any of chem? Would yl consider doing them? @ 1 Read she article about bungee jumping. Complete the sentences with oned the following words or phrase. (adventure dangerous fainchearted fearfactor fearless frighten _heartstopping risks New Zealand pushes tourism to extremes ‘Queenstown isthe extreme sport capital of the world, where the ee rpato — themealves: the Se busines isthe town’s lifeblood. When you talk about adventure tourism in New Zealand, thisis where itall began. Tourism was put on the map with the first commercial bungee jump in 1988. Since then 450,000 people have taken the plunge, andthe town has undergone a metamorphosis, with tourists outnumbering locals 100-1 ‘Bungee jumping is not for the —______*, but you don'thave tobe super-confdent either. The secret to bungee's success that even though itlooks ‘very —___,itsin fac prety safe. Despiteall the hype about danger, people aren't really taking any big What people pay USS85 for isthe according to bungee co-founder Henry Van Ash, ‘What isactually extreme is what people go through in their minds he said. In today’s extreme sports game. innovation isthe key. Making things taller and scarier than before brings visitors back for more, and makes for headlines. The evolution of bungee jumpingis a good example. Itwas bom as afertlt ite in the South Pacific, developed by the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club, and ‘commercialized by the New Zealanders From the original bridge jump of 1988, there'snow a *parasail version. I’ 180 metres up and straight down, in a two-man seat beneath a giant parasal Theresa joke in the bungee trade: busines, they say, is up and down, Whatever the truth in tha, is certainly ‘brought in the mega-bucks. @ 82 Listen and check your answers 2 Correct these sentences about bungee jumping. a More than halfa million bungee jumps have taken place since the fis in 1988, Bungee jumping is more dangerous than it looks. Inthe business of extreme sports it isimportant ro be traditional Bungee jumping started as a sports activity ‘The bussiness of bungee jumping has made very litte money. 54 @ UNITS eee ‘Despite all the hypeabout danger...’ ants neater !hype noun (informal, disapproving) advertisements and discussion on ‘television, radio, et relling the public about a product and about how ‘good or important itis Iype verb (informal, disapproving) to advertise sth a Jot and exaggerate Its good qualities in order to get alot of public attention fort © Hype (n0u0) is derived fom hyper (prefs). What do the prefixes hyper, super, and mepo- have in common? Complete the table. (active human power tension phone market | byte sensitive ventilate hero sonic bucks Collocate | Wordtype | Definition active adjective ‘more active than normal Mega @ Match the ‘heart’ idioms and phrases in A with the definitions in B. B faint-hearted a exciting/frightening heart-stopping b touse only your memory heart attack © tohave a sudden feeling of fear or excitement heart surgery «dt want something very much by heart unwilling to try anything new or adventurous heartbroken £ alfeeling of extreme sadness roset your heart ‘§ a medical operation to improve the function of heart fon something 1h sudden serious medical condition in which the ro miss. heart beat heart stops working normally © Complete thes sentences with suitable heat expression. He was rushed to hospital after having a He ran the marathon despite having just recovered from 3. When you stand at the rop ofthe platform waiting to jump, your heart Bungee jumping is not for the He was after someone stole his iPod. She had ‘on doing a bungee jump on her birthday. She knew all her friends’ phone numbers There was ‘moment when the skydivers' parachute failed 0 open. UNITS @ 55 EMD Being concise © How long sche longest possible sentence? This is a part ofa 516-word senteng ina legal contract. What da you think itis about? “In the event that the Purchaser defaults in the payment of any instalment of purchase price, taxes, insurance, interest or the annual charge described elsewhere herein, or shall default in the performance of any other obligations set forth in this Contract, the Seller may: at his option: (a) Declare immediately due and payable the entive unpaid balance ... @ | Here are some rules for writing concise English. Match the rules to the examples. Hlow many words are saved in each case? Cur our unnecessary clauses ‘Cut out what the reader already knows, Use bullet points. Cut out words which do not add to the meaning Use the noun asa modifier Use the active form, Use a more precise word Avoid filles thar we usually use in speech “The sport that people find most challenging is BASE jumping BASE jumping is the most challenging sport. Material which i lightweight is best. Lightweight materia is best. Thank you for yout letter in which you ask several questions about ou Thank you for yout lester of (date We have got courses for young people, other courses for adults, and special courses for people over 60. We have courses for * young people * adults * people over 60 Iwasa terrible tragedy Te was tragedy Bungee ropes are made of elastic material Bungee ropes are elastic The shop sold items that did not come under any particular category The shop sold miscellaneous items. So basically it was like not very good. Tewas bad, The calculation of the risk Risk calculation All he equipment was checked by the staff before a jump. The staff checked al the equipment before a jump. Inthe last example, when might you want ro keep the passive? se @ UNITS 2. You can also use charts and diagrams, especially if you dealing with alot of information. What sort of chare would you use to illustrate ee ‘changes over a period of time, for example, six months’ sales figures? ‘percentages our of 100, for example, what proporcion of tax the ‘government receives from income, fuel, VAT, ete.? © There arewaysto make the writing process more efficient. Can you add to this iste «First plan what you are going to write * Atk yourself what does the reader know? what does the reader want or + Write your fest deae Practice @ _ Rewrite these sentences ro make them more concise 1 Ieis necessary that you take every precaution when preparing to bungee jump. In figure 3 you can see that there are three lines which show What are your future plan The beating ofthe heart can be measured An examination of the accident area was made by the police. He never thought about where co jump but jumped anywhere at random, 'snot impossible that he could have done it, The Oxford Stunt Factory is based in Oxford. The Oxford Stunt Factory started in the 1980s, Ie organizes a variety of adrenaline sports, Helping the reader to understand what has been written is basically pretty important Achieving high level of precision when writing isa kill chat takes time roacquire. units @ Chairing a meeting Agenda | Welcome, Introduce Frits Hunsel 2. Venues for concerts 3 Costs — draft budget, ways of reducing expenditure. ‘4 Cultural arrangements ~ entertainment and events ind Frits (the Tour Manager) have flown out to Asia and are ‘meting Bob and Aleks in a Hong Kong hotel to discuss the latest developmen inthe Latin Goes East project. Listen to the three extracts. Ar ‘ruc or false? 1 Frits thought that Viernam was very interesting Od. 2. Theres still a problem with finding suitable venues in Vietnam and Hong Kong, 3 Bob is worried about the rising costs ofthe projec. 10 Frits thinks the proposed accommodation for the hand is of an unnecessarily high standard, oc OO O01) Oo o= Aleks is negotiating with another transport company fora bert deal, The itinerary stil needs to be finalized, oO @ units @ 1 Match the sentences from the meeting with the descriptions af Then fill in the gaps, 1 OK, le leave iether 2 Sacha deals with the question of 3 Tosumup,we've the problem of the remaining venues, we've 4 Youllsce that I've highlighted some ofthe items which § Thank youall for your contributions. 6 OK, if we could stare by looking at the firs item on the agenda: venues. 7 Now, you've goradetaled in front of you, which I hope you've all hada chance tolook a. 8 Psi Lin, perhaps you could give a brie report on this? 5 Unless anyone has any other business... think we can bring things to a close. IP Pmery conscious of time, so I wanted to move on tothe nex item on the agenda HTilikerostareby Fr, 12 Right, so, moving on. The next rem is B38 thaveo say [think ics been avery useful meeting if youcouldjuselook at and in particular Hasanyone got any thoughts? 4 introducing and starting a meeting introducing the next point dosing a meeting fe asking for someone 10 com «¢ dosing a point f referring to a document 2 Which order do you think they will come in? @ 5A Listen again to the three extracts from the meeting. Check your answers ‘Work in groups of three. Discuss points $ and 6 on the agenda below, Student A: You are chairing the meeting. Look at Information File 4 Student B: You are one ofthe project organizers. You have information about the itinerary. Look at Information File 8 Student C: You are the regional organizer for Japan. Look at Information File 7 5 Final dates for itinerary 6 Publicity leaflet — design, slogans 7 AOB UNIT6 Moda verbs: obligation. neces 0d pormsson “Pp sychology Modal ve speculating, expening 60 @ units ‘certainty and possibility Psyhologia and emetiona tras ‘Word building 2 Discriminating sounds Making arangements @ Can you match the names with the places? (Harrods, London Lafayettc Paris Macy’, New York ) Mirsukoshi, Tokyo KLCCshopping plaza, Kuala Lumpur @ Where would you normally find the following in a department store? + women’s clothes * furniture * food hall # famous brands — watches, jewellery, and bags How docs adeparent store decSe what put on ech oor? © Ret anitropoiony Hoppasbciare andes ‘consequences their behaviour has forthe retail industry. Work in pairs and discuss the questions. 1 Which way do most shoppers go when they enter a store left, right, or Is ita good idea to have your store next to a bank? Should more expensive items be in narrow or wide aisles? Should famous brands be atthe front ofa store or atthe back? What do you think these terms mean? Transition Zone Invariant Right Rule Signature items Butt Brush Factor CQ Reed nett Meloy ead eed cer “These days we're all supposed to be independent fie thinking individuals, bur when itcomes to shopping chis realy the case? Inthe 1970s, the American Paco Under created the field of retail anthropology’ using ‘mpircl and video observation to analyse how shoppers behaved and what worked or didn’t work 2 ores throughout the US, His findings showed shat weallend to behave in certain ways, Americans walk the way they drive. So when ‘hey stroll down shopping mall they keep to the sight, Thisis why ina well-designed airport, tuavelers drifing toward their gate will always find the fist food restaurants on their left and the gift shops on thei right people will readily cross a line ofpedestrian trafic to stisy their hunger but rarely to make an impulse buy ofa T-shirt or magazine Thisis also why Paco Underhill tll his retail tents that shoppers need to see window displays froma distance ofa least eight metres. That isthe distance dati takes fora pedestrian walking ata reasonable speed to shift down the gear, ike a cr. For the same reason, you own a store, he sayy you shoulda’ be next door toa bank: parental shoppers speed up when they walk pasta bank (since there's nothing to look at), and by the tn they've slowed down they've walked right past your brsines This ‘downshift facto’ also means that when potential shoppers enter a store it takes them five to Fittcen paces to adjust tothe Fight and move from walking speed to shopping speed. Paco calls this area the Tracsiion Zone and insists cat bis clients mustn't put anything of value in that zone, They should be put at ‘he end ofthe Transition Zone, and also ro the right, his tudes show tha shoppers wil ivarablytuen to the Fight when entering the store ~ the Invariant Right rule There ae other ways to manipulate our retail psychology [tems that require examination and perusal, ‘or which are mote expensive, should be placed in wide Aisles tallow for consideration by the customer ‘without the danger of being bumped into or being touched from behind ~ the Butt Brush factor. I shoppers are touched from behind, they become inritated and move on Signature items bie at the back ofthe store, along with ‘destination gems? (basis that customers know the store has and ‘come in specially to buy), so that shoppers will have to pass the whole ringe of goods. For the same reason ‘many clothing stares place the fting rooms atthe back ofthe store, 0 the customer going to try on his suit ean +, ‘Oh yey and Ted to buy some socks a8 well, and I _must get shire co go with the su “The important ching fr allealerss to maximize the time that shoppers spend inside the store. This can ‘bedone by engagingall the senses — not just sight and sound, but touch, smell, and tate, So the next time you. the store's Famous brands ~ should ‘breathe in the smell of feshly-baked bread in a supermarket or have the urge to drink coffe in the ‘bookstore café, remember you're a viet, © Weer Dees 1 Think of some shops and stores that yrs know. Are the points made in the article true for them? 2 Doyou think that you might bea ‘victim of marketing paychology’? UNITS @ 51 Modal verbs: obligation, necessity, and permission Which of the three categories of modal verbs do these example sentence extracts belong to? * shoppers need to see window displays..." "clients mustn't put anything of value in that zone . “They should be putat the end of the Transition Zone . _ shoppers will have fo pass the whole range of goods *... so the customer going to try on his suit cam say." ‘This able shows che present and past forms of modals referring to obligation, necessity, and permission. Di why some of the forms are in italics. Present positive Present negative Past positive ‘Past negative need (10) don’t need (to) needed (to) didn't need (to) haveto don'thave to hadto didn't have to ‘must mustn't had to was not allowed to should shouldn't should have shouldn't have beallowed to notbeallowedt9 —_wasallowed © wasn'tallowed to can can't could coulda’ may may not wasallowed to wasn't allowed to ‘What isthe difference between the fist two sentences? Whar is the difference between the second two sent 1 Thave to work overtime. 2 Idon't have to work overtime. T must work overtime, mustn't work overtime. ‘Which sentences refer to: a— obligation, b— necessity, ¢— obligation not to, d—-no obligation, ore ~permissi 1 Staffcan takea five-minute break. . 2 Staff need to look smart a all times. 3 Staff must arrive ehitty minutes before the store opens. 4 Staff don't have to wear theie uniform ifthey use the back entrance to the store. 5 Staff mustn't smoke inside the store. (7 Practice @ Choose the modal verb phrase that fits the sentence. Lifts and escalators mean that department store customers don't have to aren't allowed to se the stairs. ‘The cosmetics section should /bas tobe on the ground floor near the entrance aul items car / should be taken to the Customer Secvices department, Customers must fare able to use theie pin number if they use thee ereditcatd. Children nstr’t shouldn't play on the display models. When customers use the fitting rooms they shoud /are allowed to take ‘coloured dise foreach item, Customers can / have fo use the car park for a maximum two-hour period. “They must may not pay extra if they stay over the two hours. Staff should /are allowed to keep a look out for shopliftrs. Customers need 10/ should fel welcomed and cosseted. Customers don't have to/ mustn't use the fie exits unless there is an emergency. 2 @ UNITS @ @ G21 Listen to this shopper talking ahour Seibu Department Store in Tokyo. Answer these questions 1 What does the shopper mean by “You could spend days in here’? 2. Why might you ‘miss’ the restaurants? Do you think the shopper is serious? 3, Should shoppers be concerned about security? ‘Modal verbs: speculating, expressing certainty and possibility 1 “Trust be one of the biggest shops in the world ...” 2 “You could spend days in here. 3 «ican bea real problem 4 ‘You might have missed one ofthe estaurants.” 5 6 ‘you could be coming back for some time ..” “Ir must be really difficult choosing between Japanese, Chinese, Italian,” 7 “first-time visitors to Japan would be amazed at the level of service.” How can sentence 1 be expressed in the negative? Which sentences refer ro: past, general, and future possibility? BGK) © Work in pairs. Ask your partner if they prefer ice cream in a round container a square container, another shape, or don't care. Then read the text and answer the questions. Sensation transference This concept was coined by Louis Cheskn,one ofthe Gheskn wanted fd ut why at hat time mergorine feat gues of twentieth century marketing Cheskin was white So Cheshin coloured yellow to look Ike believe that most of us don’ make a dstintion butter He invited a group of women to an event and between te predct andthe way aks a served butter and margarine in exaciytne sameway. packaged. Inthe 18405 margarine was not populanand The margarine was just as popular asthe utter 1 Do you agree with Cheskin's theory 2 Can you think of an example to illustrate the theory? © Work in pairs. Ask your parmer to respond to the following. You might think margarine was butter if t was packaged inthe same way bb Supermarkets could attract more customers by using less packaging, € Packaging can enhance the value of a product. 4. Irmust be very hard for producers of well-known products to redesign their packa UNITS @ 63 Psychological and emotional traits. Word building 2 1 Workin pais: Do you associat the following with physical or mental d abil (Gindigpmes fines speed sell sone) 2. How could these things be used for motivating sports people? video iP ‘ole models inspirational music ) 3. What do you think is meant by sports psychology? Is itan art or a scene @ Read the newspaper article to find out the answers. The psychological key to wpe Sporting success % ik] MER eale enor ae ames with ther flow managers, and psychology isthe most recent stentfe {cinlne to be accented by the sporting community asa potently match r wining coaching ingredient. “The pysical sports sciences area given atfootal cbs now or increasing player finess, speed, and skil’ says Roberto Forza, an aoplied sports Psychologist Of course, those are easy things to measure. Unfortunately, wih Psychology there's no easy montor to show an improvement in performance les more of nat than science” ‘That much s clear om one of Forzons chosen methods of helping to inspite bayer confidence: e's working ona PhO about the postive effects of vdeo. ut together videos that players can then cary around on their Pods or other handheld glmos ~ wth inspirational music, shots of them and their role modes laying and scoring goals, slow motion sequences, and so one says. sa ‘otwationl designed to boost sel:confdence pre performance ‘Sports psychologists lke Forzoni are mativators, capable of turning match layers into match winners, © 1 Change these nouns into adjectives: psychology, inspiration, Whereis che stressed syllable in each word? 2 What is the verb from inspiration? @ Whar do you think are the positive and negative effects of sport? Read the introduction to an article on sport and aggression from a text book on psychology ‘Many studies have found that sport can lead to aggressive and ant-socil behaviour Omer argue that it channels aggressivanass, and has the postive fect of eading to more assertive and pro-socal behavior @ units © Work in four groups (A, B, C,and D). Look at sentences a-d, e-h, i, or m—p in ‘your box and decide which section of the table they belong in. Then report back to the other groups. ce oY Reeteepaaes Oo Cenreecae ope ee al tek eet @ ors. Example assertiveness (noun) — assertive (adjective) 2 Wheels read jablela och wed? © 1 Find:he five words prefined with sf inthe boxesin @ that mean: how happy you ar with your own character and abies knowledge and understanding of your own character, ala eo decide things by yourself not dependent on oters ably to make yourself do something, expel something dificult or unpleasant ¢ concem about and interest in youself and not others 2 Which ones do you think are postive characteristic? 3 Can ou think ofany ober words prefied with ei? Research thre other sel words using an English English dictionary and report on their meaning toother student : UNITS @ 65 @ units ° Discrit inating sounds. Active listening 1 Work in pairs. Discuss the comments, + ‘Uhave good and bad days with listening, What can I do to improve my concentration on the bad da + "When listening, I invariably confuse sounds lke fourteen and forty, i and leave, cause and course. Is there anything I can do? + "Does it really matter if [can't pronounce certain sounds, for example @ 62 Listen to what the experts say, What should you do when you dg tnderstand? What advice do they give about improving listening skills? 1 @ 68 Isthesound of the letersin bold the same in both words? Listen check a price, prize g slides, size bb degrees, pease this, miss © thishis i base, gaze 4 loose, lose i. six socks 2 @ 64 Listen and underline the word that you hear a fortyHourteen b thirtyithirteen f chipicheap f isheleasy 5 slipfslep on it fh hiedheat it ‘Work in pairs, Turn to listening seripe 6.4 on page 126, Read the sentences to your partner choosing one ofthe two words. Your partner checks which: you said by spelling out the number, eg. orte-six, or the word, e- Lise 1 Some surveys were conducted on how honest people are at work. Guess the percentages of people surveyed who answered Yes to the following questi 1 Would you lito your boss a) 16 2. You area manager. You are awa you report it? au%t] 40%] oso% 2 3 Would you give a clean reference toa dishonest member of staff who is b) 36% 60% [] of a dishonest practice at work. Would leaving y 225% LE] b7%C] 995% 0 4 Would you lie on your CV ro increase your chances of getting a ob? y2%E] 18% 0) 80% C] company? 2 Doyour guesses reflect the way you would have answered the questions @ 68 Listen so some friends chatting about the surveys. Check your @ 66 Complete these sentences from the recording that you might find useful forchecking your understanding. Then inten co check your answers ‘sick’ _____you were just feeling a bie tre you say forty-four zero? Sorry, you've —_____? tha cighty per cent of the Americans who answered that survey have lied on theie CVs? Work in groups. Discuss how you can you tell if someone is not relling the truth @ 62 Listen to psychology professor talking abou how to recognize if someone is ying, At each beep, decide which of the questions below it would be most appropriate to ask. 4 So you're saying that their story doesn’t make complete sense? bb So you don’t even need to actually meet or know someone to tell if they're lying? Sorry, they have to detect wat? 4d So how does where you were brought up make any difference? © What do you mean by ‘pitch’? ‘Work in groups. Discuss the stories in the text below and rate them from least serious ro most serious, 2 What other scandals do you know about? Why do people get involved in these sorts of scandals? What can be done to avoid these sorts of scandals? UNITS @ 67 Making arrangements @ G68 Read she old itinerary for the Latin Goes ast tour below. Listento Frits and Pei Lin discuss the revised itinerary from Alex and make the necessary changes. Itinerary: Latin Goes East (as at 10 April) Date (May) Event ‘Thult Fly to Tokgos mncert 3 Tokyo ‘Welcome reception Frit2 Concert 4=Tokyo sat 13 Concert Tokyo Sun 14 Free day (Tokyo) ‘Mon 22 Concert 10—Shanghai ‘Tue 23. Fly to Bangkok Concert 11 -Bangkok Wed 24 Concert 12~Bangkok ‘Thu? FlytoHanoi Fri26 Concert 13—Hanot $0127 Concert 4~Hanoi (and farewell party) 3 @ units © @ 62 Listen to Fis and Pei Lin's phone conversation. Compl ihe pro 8 Schedule forthe first day in Seoul Frisplusmusicans aie Seoul 12:00 Frits plus musicians check n hotel Meeting: Pei Lin, Aleks, and Fi “Meoting the musicians Dinner @ 68 Listen again, ‘Which ofthe following phrases do you hear in the conversation? 2 Complete these sentences. Can you identify the tenses used? So the flight to Hanoi. We __ flying on the 25% but now on th Would Wednesday morning atnine rm sorry canttmakaiton Tuesday. dolock suityou? Shall we say 7.00or the drink? Could you manage 00 pim.2 Yes, that’ fine. Frmafraid 400 p.m. going tobe dificut Itlooks as though fm going to be busy all morning ‘"mnotsure about 4.09, "need to check the fight time. What about seven forthe meeting? fits OKwithyou,Ithinki'dpreferto Could we makeita tle earier? Say6.30? make it5.00 p.m No probiem. 5.00 pm. would be better fr me, ‘The problemis, have towaitfor Ok, that sounds tke a goodides, ‘someone at the airport. °o Group all the phrases inthe box in @) into he following. Suggesting atime/day b Making an alternative suggestion © Responding positively Responding negatively Giving an explanation PRE Book p.26-2 ‘Work in pairs. Inewo weeks’ time you are hoth going to be visiting two countries together for a week-long fact-finding tour related to your work/studies, 1 Decide which countries you are going tobe visiting and write down the itinerary/schedule forthe week, 2 Exchange the itinerary/schedule with another partner 3. Make three changes tothe other pairs itinerary/schedule, but do not write them on the paper. 4, Retuen the itinerary/schedule and talk the other pair through the changes. ‘There isan optional activity in File 5, units @ REVIEW UNIT C 70 @ REVIEW UNIT C AGENDA > Grammar @-@ > sitsto0 ©-O > Focus ontncions @-@ > Vocabulary @ ‘This unit reviews all the main language points from Units 5 and 6. Complete the exercises, using the Pocket Book for the areas that you need to review. © Narrative tenses: Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, Past Perfect Continuous ‘Complete the joke using the correct rense and form ofthe verb in brackets. ‘Two elderly couples ___" (enjoy) a friendly conversation when one of men (ask) the other, “Fred, how (be) the memory you —_____*(go) rolase month?” “Outstanding, Fred ceplied. I ______* (look) forward to it for months and {think} ir ____ (be) really effective. After they — give) us.a general introduction, they —___” (reach) us {atest psychological techniques like visualization and association. Ie (make) a huge difference ro me,” “That's great! What —___" (be) the name ofthe clinic? Fred thought and thought, but couldn't remember. After he —____" (thi for about five minutes, smile —___" (break) across his face and he (ask) ‘Whar do you call that red flower with the long stem and thorns?* © Being concise Rewrite these sentences to make them clearer and more precise. a Ieisessential that a check is made to ensure that the disk drive unit is switched o before the disk or disks are inserted into the drive unit. “The Following points should he borne in mind when dealing with communica problems Let us now tackle the problem of giving definition of X. was different from Q. The reason can be explained by the fact that P has hi value than Q. In this document an analysis is made of all the possible solutions. In the table the relevant amounts regarding X, Y, and Z.are shown: ‘The two cars were bought by our company last year. ‘The form should be completed in black ink, © Discriminating sounds All the words below contain the same initial vowel sound except one. Which one? 1 person, learn, circle, word, heart, journey, Thursday 2 feared, beard, heard, weird, cleared 3. psychology, physics, history, philosophy 4 method, measure, weather, friend, please © Chairing a meeting Work in pir. na meeting, what do you sy in these situations? 2 Senet b Refertoa document. €. Ask someone ro com Closes point © Move the: f sumup. f Close 3 mectng. ula on by introducing the next point. © Making arrangements 1. Complete the sentences with a suitable ver, a we say six forthe drink? Actually, 5.00 p.m, —___e better for me. © Could you _______ 4.00 p.m? 44 Pmnot sure about 4.00, rl __ to check the flight time. © fie OK with you, [think I'd prefer to __ it 5.00 pam, £ It___as though I'm going to be busy all morning & OK, that —_____ike a good idea. fh Would Wednesday morning at 9.00 ___ you? 2 Work in pairs and arrange a meeting, Student A: suggest a day, time and location. Student Bs refuse 4's frst suggestion, giving an explanation, Student A: make an alternative suggestion, Srudent B: accept A's alternative suggestion. 3. Repeat 2, changing roles. © Vocabulary 1 Which ofthese word cannot he preceded by self? absorprion awareness competence dedication { discipline extcem reliance 2 Write sentences that include at least four of the following: { faine-hearted frighten —_heart-searching —_heart-stopping (hype hyperactive megabucks 3 Decide whether the following have a postive (P) or negative (N) meaning. Then think how the ones you have marked negative could be positive on some occasions, and vice versa, cheating courage failure fearlessness pride _rule-breaking sportsmanship stereotyping __superconfidence REVIEW UNIT C @ 7) UNIT 7 se "Creativity jn, ReRIB ining ages ants Can you march the names of the designers with the designs? What do you i of the designs? Are Jacobsen Christian Dior Prank Lloyd Wright Alec Issigonis Philippe Starck What sort of creative design do you lik, for example, buildings, everyday objects, works of art, clothes? How can people develop thei creativity? Add your own ideas to thelist zad books, go to art galeries, lier every morning, _ ‘other creative people, managers wha encourage original ideas, 72 @ unit? The Metropod © 621 Linen this report about sleep and compare your eas. Do you think Sleeping at work isa good idea? What could the advantages or disadvantages be? Conditionals: Zero, 1st, 2nd Match the sentences with the type of conditional. 1 If your boss refuses to sanction offical snoozes, you'll have to find another way of napping at work, 2 Ifthe working day was made more flexible .., companies would reap the rewards. 3 If you sleep too long and too deep, it often takes a while o become fully alert again ‘a Zero conditional: if+ Present Simple + Present Simple b Aseconditional: f+ Present Simple + will © 2nd conditional: f+ Past Simple + would Describe the use ofeach type of conditional We use the —__t0 ‘a refer toa possible but les likely situation b refer 10a possible situation ‘¢ refer toa general truth Will and would can be replaced by a modal. If you don’t sleep enough, you might not fulfil your potential. If beds were installed in the workplace, people could rest and make up the time elsewhere in the day, ‘What is the difference in meaning berween: 1 Jfyou don’ sleep enough, you might not full your potential 2 ‘Ifyou don’t sleep enough, you will not fulfil your potential Qk 34 ‘Work in pairs. Which of these situations is possible or possible but unlikely for your partner i the coming year? + get promoted inthe next year + travel abroad + goon a business trip + be transferred abroad © move house ‘ havea vacation © go.ona training course Ask your partner a question depending on the likelihood ofthe event. For ‘example, If you get promoted this yeas, what difference will t make to you?" ‘Workin pairs. What would you do in the following situations? 1 You have a brilliant idea which you tell your colleagues. One of these colleagues presents your idea to your boss without acknowledging thatit was your idea. You notice that a colleague spends more time on the Internet than working. You see a colleague putting a couple of company pens and norepads in their briefease and then going home A colleague speaks very rudely at a meeting with clients. However, the colleague appears to he completely unconcerned. 5 Your boss asks you to do some overtime on an evening when you have an important family meeting, You are currently being considered for promotion. UNIT? @ 75 Practice o ‘Choose the best form to complete the sentences, 1 In what period of the day dofvould you mos like to work ifyou will hhaverhavethadfwould have the choice? 1) morning b) afternoon c) evening d) night If your companylorganization washverefvould be an animal, what animal twould it befwas it? a) snail b) eagle c) elephant d) shark e) lion f) swan g) ant h) other (you de If your company (or current project) can/could be compared to a human! what stage in ies life would it be living in? 1) habyhood b) childhood c) adolescence d) 20s e) 30s f) mide age g) dae What willédoes your boss say if you will belareftere late for work tomors 1) nothing at all b) nothing serious ) it depends how late Lam In elation o your jobvstudies, if you arelweresll be able wo have more of fone ofthe following, which woulduill you opt for? a) holidays b) responsibilty c) challenges d) money e) recognition In pairs of small groups ask and answer the questions. @ 22 Listen to seven short exchanges. Can you match the exchange with the function below? Giving advice b Making an offer € Asking permission 4 Reporting © Talking about a future possibility £ Making a request 8 Making a suggestion Functions using i Ifcan be used to perform a range of functions. Fill in the gaps for the sentences from listening script 72 and name the funct Pd be you could let me know by Wednesday. Wl fed have a few days of Ifyou any help, just et me know. Isie Tmake a phone call? Ifyou sign up by the 30% you save 20 per cent on your next pure Heasked we rcet at 2.00. Ifyou time, ou ‘the museum, In which ofthe sentences from listening sri 7.2 can we reverse the word ‘order? For example: If were you, P'é havea few days off Pd have a few days off if were you QRRiak ps Finish these exchanges. a ATdbegratefal ______(eaxi). B Certainly. Is thar to go from the hotel to the airport? b A Can you recommend somewhere o eat? B Tl were you, {noodle restaurant) They do an excellent Pho, A Isit your first rime in Ho Chi Minh City? B Yes, iis. A Well, (information), 4A Ist OK if____ bags here B I'mafraid Security will have to take care of those. lecide) being) te for € A Tve got a day free tomorrow. I'd be grateful for some (Giae Lam Pagoda). A. Are there any more lights today? Bi (quickly), — the last flight to Hanoi A Did you hear what he said; B I chink he ifwe where the hote is, What sort of thing can go wrong on a business erip~the weather, the fligh, bag -commodation, getting around, the company you are visiting? Read the text and compare your answers, The rstthing that can go wrong isthe weather. On stoim affected allthe Mights cut ofthe country. wentto ‘the information desk and discovered mine had been ‘cancelled, | asked tobe pu onthe next available fight- four hours later ‘When I gotonthe plane | found hada window seat venthough Id asked for aise seat Another problem was waiting at the othor end, had some samples for my cllent, and had asked to take them on board as carry-on luggage. The check-in assistant had refused and when | arsved at my destination the samples weren't thor. They'dbeputon the wrong fight: The best could do was to arrange forthem tobe sent to my hate. The hotelitself was petty bad. My fom faces a big square anlwas the focal point forthe entie transport system and nightie of thetown. When l asked, reception said there wereno atherrooms vacant ‘After a sleepless night | arrived at my clients office ‘empty-handed. There was a message from my boss asking meto telly clientthat production had been put backa month This put my clientina bad mood.To cheer him up fered him to take him for lunch buthe ‘auplained he had food poisoning, ‘Thelaststraw was when Itook the wrong train back tothehoteland ended up inthe countryside. The last stop wes nexttoa field full cows. The locale did their best to getme backto town, Naedless to say, missed my fight home. gine you were on this business trp. Make sentences using ‘if for Ask robe put on the next available light. by Ask to take your samples as carry-on Inggage © Ask tochange seats. dd. Ask ro change hotel rooms. You are asked to give a message to your client. unit7 @ Creative thinking. Phrasal verbs 1 © What doyou understand by ‘creative thinking”? How isi ferent rom: thinking? Which of he following isnt directly related to creative i + flexible inking = orginal * logical thinking * Yinscorming Tatra inking @ 1 Work in groups and try to solve the problems. 2 @ 73 Listen tothe solutions, Were they the same as yours? 70 @ UNIT? © Match the phrasal verbs in bold in A with their meanings in B. incorming i the est way to about the ‘Kare’ problem subdivided then you go through what you've come up with, examine, analyse a oltions di your group come up with? seerate formula, id ec ee ean rey cerennreal as: 'SUBgeSt, Propose ese ideas down into various areas ... nee ae ‘height of the buttons was eae ‘key. ie ke Sonia a ‘Many phrasal verbs have both a literal and a more abstract meaning. Replace the ‘verbs in bold with the phrasal verbs in the box. 1 The secret of problem solving is dismantling this block. 2. How did the policeman understand who to arrest? 3 Can you explain in a bit more derail what you mean by ‘mental blocks’? 4 The policeman enters the house. 5 The surgeon loses control and confesses everything. 6 ’m going down to the gym ro do some exercise. “The same phrasal verh may have several abstract meanings. Complete the sentences with about, into, or through. ‘Certain formalities have to be gone before you can emigrate Despite the threat of war, people went their business as usual He went —____ a long explanation of the affair. How should Igo finding a job? always starr the day by going my email. ‘More government money needs to go the project. She has gone teaching. She's heen going a bad patch recently. Source: Allyentence fom Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 7th edition, ‘5 Oxtord Univery Press 2008, © _ Work in groups. Discuss one or more topics 1-6 below. tis the best way to ... ? moe 2 break down: © stereotypes © defences in a sport © fears 4 come up with: 6 gothrough: © agood defi © anappraisal inteligence employee © acompany logo © fife © Ideas fora start-up © university ‘company unit? @ 7 73 @ UNIT? Building a relationship. Being less direct Work in pairs, Discuss the questions How do finda balance in my emails berwee social chatting and geting downto business? ‘When I send emails o people, Pm worried t aay be beng too direc and ud What can do 9 74 Listen to what the expert say and Compare it with your own answers In your country, how importants social charting ina work relationship? What do you do, ifanything, to promote these relationships? How direct do people in your country tend to be when giving criticism? Look at these phrases that the experts recommended using. Complete the sentences ‘with the words inthe box. bother flexible getting hope making things saved wondering 1 Thanks for — back tome so quickly, you really mea lot of time. 2 How are 3. Thanks for being so con this. 4 Sorry to ___ you with this but 5 Iwas ____if you could. 6 1__ everythings going well with you 7 Think we've been —__ a lor of progress together. Which phrases could you use a atthe beginning of an email? b) osay something positive? c) to make a request more indirect? Whar would you write toa friend who: 1 has juse come back from holida 2 has just been promoted? 3 has just bought a new house? 4 hhas just had a bal 2 @® 75 Listen and match the sentences you hear withthe four situations Read the email. How effective is it? How similar is iin tone to the type of em you write? How positive sounding are words like OK and quite? Bi Subject) English essons ‘The English lessons are OK but don't satisfy me forthe following reasons: 1) the timetable 2) the topics are quite interesting but are ‘not relevant. Moreover, [have a problem with the time of the lessons. Please try to change the time. Rgds © Compare this email withthe one in @. Hope you had a good weekend, ust wanted to give you bit of feedback on the English lessons, Basically lam realy enjoying them and find them very useful However there are a counle of things that I think could possibly be improved. \We seem tobe doing a ot of work on brainstorming and problem-solving activi. These are great for ou oc skl, but perhaps whet we actualy need practice on is. listening. Aloo, although | know you have a very busy schedule, please coud we do the lessons ‘ter lunch as lam very busy at 10.40? ‘Sort to bother you with this, nd.once again, thanks for helping me imarove my English PSDDid you see the match on Saturday? What disaster! ‘What do you notice about the beginning and ending? What isthe proportion of criical/negative sentences to postive sentences? How does the writer attempt to empathize withthe reader in paragraph 4 ? ‘Why does the writer express the request in the form of a question? Note the postion inthe phrase of just possibly, actualy, please and sorry in @, and bow the first ehtec help t0 soften the tone. Complete the sentences with one of the words in brackets. 1 [forgot to send the attachment. (please, sorry) 2 wanted to ask you a couple of things. just, possibly) 3. Could you tell me how to get to your office. (actually, possibly) 4 Could you do this by tomorrow: (just, please) 5. Dmatraid I don's know the answer to that question (actually, possibly) Imagine you are writing toa colleague. Use the phrases a-e ro make the sentences 1-5 sound less director less negative. Example Too direct: The document should be improved in the following areas: Less direct: The document is looking good. Thanks very much for all your hard work. Justa couple things might need changing. a. Givemearring if thats not convenient. bb However, there are some areas you might consider revising Tewas realy useful ~thank you. d Twas wondering whether Iemight bean idea to do X, what do you chink? 1 Ineed to change the time of the meeting t0 10.30. Rgds. Pete 2 The document is not bad. Please insert an introduction. 3 Ineed some help with a eranslation, Pls come to my office at 11.00, 4 saw your presentation on creativity tools yesterday. I thought it was OK. Please send me a copy of the handout. 5. Your report looks like a rough draft. You must make the following changes: ‘What changes would you lke to make to your work environment, eg. better lighting, larger desks? Write an email to your immediate boss or supervisor making suggestions for these changes, but trying to pur everything in a postive light. Begin and end with some chat. unit? @ 73 Clarifying The musicians and IntEx staff are about to arrive in Seoul atthe start of thet Pei Lins clarifying arrival areangements with che regional organizes, Hyun Read their email exchange. 1a What s Pei Lin worried abo bb What arrangements has Hyun-ji made? 2. What expressions do they use to 2 ask for clarification Bive clarification: respond to clarification? Subject | Travel arrangements rath weno et a oe Myre cna on tchenut A acter Shan ga Oreck ree eee Dear tying Frm ad tc hear eventing i anangea: | wonder you cua [ust olay wnat you mean bya he arangemerts lam Paria career about th rans srangerents “erp. because peop ar aring on several afer fignts Cue you gs some sponte normaton ‘As yousay, oumening Is Nay EM and arn iook formar to mee'ng you 00 Meri thanks Patn BIE, Teor arrangers Dear As Tao Tarver sory that didnt make earn my previo. ema To ‘cory. We have vanspor arranged to meet lie figh's x cofaing the schedse (copy attached) Fo your frther information, lean ao confirm that reght delnenies of ‘supment have artved and are toed securely at the concert Tope eveything snow dar, but please etme know ifyou rune luther ciation Deer Hyun ‘Many ars forthe soneaue: everyneg for ne aro trawlers row Sear Tamsomy tab 8 nuisance, bu can you azo eta know about the arangamonts at te hot? assume avervna s trang, ou ave’ aoe a inal bookng conimaton a rooms To pty min ales, cous you sends copy ‘As you Wow Lam Coming a day ey, so Lean be curd make eet chaskin goos amneats Reoarde Pain © © 26 Pei Lin and Frits are now in Seoul dealing withthe arrival ofthe tour party. However, there isa problem concerning Aleks’ arrival Listen to the extract from the phone conversation between Pei Lin and an airline operator. 1 Whatis che problem with Aleks? 2 What is Pei Lin trying to find out? 3. Complete the sentences beginning with the following Could you 2 Whatexactly ii So, if Not OK, Isee Soif 4 Check your answers with listening script 7.6 on page 128. @ 27 Listen to Pei Lin's conversation with Frit 1 What information is Frits checking or clarifying? 2. What information is Pei Lin unable to clarify? 1 @ 27 Find seven mistakes in the conversation below. Then listen to the conversation again and check your answers 2 What phrase does Pei Lin use when she is unable to clarify? Ws areally bad line. Can you just run that through me again? Basically ‘what are you saying is that Aleks is not going to make the meeting tonight? Exactly. ‘And, correct me whan I'm wrong, she might not even make itfor the ‘opening concert? It's hard say. 've asked Hyun-ji the local rep, to go down to the airport because the airport really couldn't tell me. She should call me any moment now. OK, I'd better get off the line. Before | go, | ust wanted to control your room number, in case | need to call you t's 623, Did you tell6-2-3? ‘That's right. l'llcall you when I get more news. 1 © 76,77 1 Listen to the conversations again, or look at listening scripts 7.6 and 77. Find examples of a asking for clanfcation by giving claifcation responding 0 carfcation 2 Compare the phrases with the ones from the email exchange in @). Which expressions are more common in wrimen/spoken communication PiwwK pa ‘Work in pairs. You are both attending a conference related to your work or study. Go to Informarion File 6 and write email exchanges using the notes and prompts. UNIT? @ 81 AGENDA Image Giving and reacting to bad news Proposing solutions © Look atthe photos. Which of the following words do you associate with them? Can you think of other images and ways to describe them? (chic conservative tre thre ‘) traditional stereotyp porary old-fashioned 1 The main colours in the traditional Burberry design arered, —[] blue, and camel 2 ews orginally an American product. oO Ope eee Gra o Audrey Hepburn, oO 5 The supermodel Naomi Campbell featured in the 1990s advertising campaign. F G OF re used during the First World War. os gq q Oo 6 Atthe ie of writing the company was worth morethan =] 22billion 22 @ unre Burberry’s journey through fashion Day, wht dsnctve re, lack and carl check has become a must-have slo bar Sas icing Madonna Kate Mos, and David Bctham have sported Barer godin boss Inge nj a ew yea that ts lhoned sts aed become a den haul and sling pete shes, nds alpina coats ana. Thebusness ae fanded by Thomas Burry n nln 156 Heinen a breathable and vatepoat arc calle ‘atrdn’and succes alowed hin open aston London Bury was Tr crmisiond ods ofc unos rhe rsh Ary daring ie Wor War, Bt Thomas Burbery ca ave own hw popular isis would ate become sane in the 1mswhen Humphrey Boar wore Burberymclinos in Casablanca, anthem e165 th AaceyHephum Beaks Tflny’sand Pee Sele The Pk Pater The check design bec fashion hen nthe 960s hen wat sed on unbrels,agne and ‘canes every Bran mage made Burbery atte Alan and US mates ste company exande ose Hower ales weet Hs crop ee Ala the 1950s an sage which had became increasing] coset In1907 Rose Mane avo was oughta hie sect Sat ith Avenue sree trad mat Ne ne ce a butshe redial oan pr (odes Tograncs dover push or cables and an serge sarin sped ate ws Buber ‘nvr el andonce pa became 2 shia aaa Rose ore Boole in 2008 tha pln anda £0 milion - tans orturingthe Company ina bal rap now woth ove i ea ‘money Ton aa have ame @ 8.1 This is an extract from a presentation about the Italian company DeCoro Which makes luxury leather sofas which are manufscrured in China, Before you listen, work in paits and discuss the questions. Then listen to check 1 Why do DeCoro describe their sofas as Made in Italy’? 2 Why did DeCoro set up production in China? 3. What other advanages are there to manufacturing in China? Discuss the questions. 1 Do you think DeCoro is right to brand its sofas as ‘Made in Italy"? 2 Do you think tha¢ ‘China-chic’ exists or will exist in the future? @ 82 Listen to this extract from the presentation and complete the sentences, Luca Ricci reckons that ifhe in aly, he charging at least 40% more for his handmade eather sofas. Infact, Twould say that if Luca Ricci _____' ro China for the actual production, then the traditional ‘Tralian’ production methods —______*. that —__* American customers oon traditional hhandmade sofas. Asa consequence, perhaps he's really hero and should be ‘congratulated for preserving "Made in raly" values. DeCoro fees tha it has revolutionized the markee by providing affordable luxury. But their sofas as “Made in Italy’ ot Made in China’? UNITS @ Past modal Read the examples and answer the questions. ‘Thomas Burberry can't have known how popular his fabries would later become, bb lemust have seemed like an awesome task. © Perhaps he should have said that chey were actually made in China, dd That's a sum of money Thomas Burberry could only have deeamed about 1. Which sentence criticizes a past action or situation? 2 Which sentences speculate about a past action or situation? ‘Complete the rule. Past modal sentences are formed by taking the _verb (et. ust, could, should, cam’, and adding have and the 3rd Conditional and Mixed Conditionals Look arthe examples and answer the questions. ‘© Tfhe'd told the distriburor thar, then he might have lost the contract. ‘© The had sec up in ray, he would now be charging atleast 40% more for his handmade leather sofas. «© Tf Luca Ricci hadn't gone to China forthe actual production, then the traditional ‘ealian’ production meth ‘would have been lost. 1 Whardo all ehree sentences have in common? They refer to the past/presentifuture. ‘They refer to a real/anreal situation. 2 Complete the rules. 3rd Conditional: If +had + —____, would(not) « have + past participle. If+ bad ++, mightlcould (not) + have +________. ‘Which example refers to a possible consequence; a definite consequence? Mixed Conditional: If + had + ____, would{not) + ___. present consequence) PGBs Practice @ Complete the sentences which describe an unreal past 1 Thomas Basher invented gaburdios bobs wer ables opes4 soy) in London iia fertery 2. The Burberry coat was wom by several famous Hollywood stars. This an increase in ts popularity Ifthe Burberry coat 3 The British image helped to make Burberry succes in Asa Burberry 4 Rose Marie Bravo was brought in as CEO. She turned the company ae If Rose Marie Bravo $. Rose Marie Bravo inicodaced new products and an advertising campaig company is now worth ovr £2 billion If Rose Marie Bravo Finish these exchanges by completing the responses 1 Pve lost my keys. Youlleave/at home. My laptop's been stolen Youslocklofice door. 3 She says she didn’e get my emai Youlsent/wrong address He doesn't know about the new office opening hours. Helread/memo. 5 Someone's opened my private email Yourelanyonelyour password. I've lost that document | was working on. Youlmake/back-up files & @ units Pur the verb in che appropriate form. 1 John sends his apologies. He (nor attend) chis meeting —he's on husiness in Birmingham, 2. We lost the contract because we rushed the preparation. IF(have) more time, we could have done a better jb, 3 You're stil here! Sorry I (tell) you ~ we finish at 4.30 on Fridays, 4 Why didn’t he ask me? If ask) me, I could have told him what to do, 5 Success is all about hard work. If (work) so hard, I wouldn't have been where Tam now. @ Complete the text using the core forms of the verbs in brackes je Marie Bravo's work for Burberry Rose Marie Bravo's time as CEO, Burberry faced a number of challenges. The asthe need to contol the vital overseas markets such as Spain, Japan and Asia alt _ (can/natvbe) more than a few weeks into the ob, she started renegotiating production and distribution licences, she ‘second challenge was that fr a while the brand image was ‘hijacked’ by of society that included football hooligans and ‘chavs. In some paces, —___*(g0)toa club wearing Burbery, you admitted). Some companies, concemed with preserving a pure image, *(mmightiworry) about the association with such groups, and many ein the fashion industry thought that Rose Marie Bravo ould /do) something about the negative image. But her reaction was diferent: ‘t's one thos trends that come and go. We can’t dictate who can wear i or how they will wear it’ However, the phenomenon ofthe chav’ brought to everyone's attention the problem of piracy and production of cheap counterfeit goods. Rose Mare Bravo saw this asa much bigger challenge tothe ‘pure’ image of y.fit_* (not be) forthe chay issue, the question of piracy "(not become) 0 ren. By working to control the legal production and import of cheap Burberry mitations, she ayslve) the chav image problem atthe same time, © Read she newspaper headline and afew extracts from the article 1 Workin pairs and decide: 4. what the company might have done wrong. b+ what the company should/shoulda’t have done € what would oF wouldn't have happened if they'd done thins diferent 2 Write the article Fashion company to go ut of 1 business as result of fire 500 employees have lost their jobs yo computer back-ups «fortunately no one was hurt ..."*!°'S of flammable materials ,._| fon all lost 2 ., ear’s Se _.. designs for next y socked Ee upbuattl +» faulty electrics Speedy arrival of firefighters .., 26 @ UNITS Images and brands. Compound adjectives 1 Match the words brand and image withthe definitions below. 8 Atype of product or group of products sold ysing a particular name, is often the name of the company that produces them. bb The impression that a person, an organization, or a product, te. gives ‘other people or tothe public. Soure: Oxford Busines Engl Dictionary for Learners of Engh ‘Complete the sentences with either brand\s) or image(s). a The advertisements are intended to improve the product's bb People tend to go on buying the same ___of breakfast ‘© He helped to build one ofthe world’s best known The industry suffers from a(n) ____ problem. © We are trying to convey a(n) __ of sae, reliable Which collocations ate possible? brand Choose four ofthe collocations and write a sentence for each. ‘Whar do you know abour the Japanese retailer Muji? ‘+ what is special about the design of their products? ‘what sort of materials do they use? + how do they use labels and signs? + who do they use to design their goods? Read che article opposite and check your answers. DESIGNERS. NO BRANDS the worlds top designers, reportedly including jasper Morrison, Enzo Mari, |Greic, belong to an exclusive club. Yel they never meet and don't ew for certain who else is a member. Those trendiseting designers create or Mujl. yisshort for Mujirushi Ryohin, Japanese for ‘no label, quality goods. Iie 320 yomed and licensed stores, most of them in japan, aim to carry as wide a Possible (6,000 last coun! of everyday items from bed linen to food to opencils Is design philosophy, however, means reducing these oducts to their essential form - like CD player with justarsingle dial, or that can be folded away. Shelving and drawersare made from x paperboard and industrial shipping tubes, and wastebaskets from ar n-stoe signs are cose to invisible; products are displayed in plain entainors or unpainted wicker bins, And once you take off the price tag, not thee products carries a labsl-noteven which designe nearly all is own produels, employing some IS designeractite ‘where cn ‘advisory council’ acts. as guardian of the Muli Fes iechitgh produce, tee CD player and icelle mck the eras big-name designers. Butit keeps the identities ofthese contributors “sve ask these designers not draw on their own creativity buton think a Mali design should be,’ saya Kei Suzuki, Mujt's European CEO. sdesigners individual brands (and egce) submito Maj, © How many compound adjectives can you find inthe article? Which nouns do they occur with? Example tremdsetting designers eas 1 Use the compound adjectives in the box to complete the sentences, hard-hitting a The comedy programme takes a look at office life hard-nosed b The antcsmoking campaign wed a series of ads Richard Branson typifies the entrepreneur: he started with nothing and got co the top with hard work, skill, and a bit of luck life-enhancing lighthearted rmoneymakin Josh was a ruthless, business person: he didn't care who hhe walked over to get the best deal groundbreaking self-made : Beautiful leather sofas at half the usual price! Walking in the Himalayas was truly cexperience:| discovered more about myself and where I wanted to be He was always coming up wit schemes, and ifjust one hhad been successful he might have been a millionaire Her rescarch into the treatment of neurological diseases earned her the Nobel Prize. 2 Why is there no hyphen in handmade, groundbreaking, and moneymaking? How can you check to see if compound adjective has a hyphen? Which product do you think this advert slogan was used for? jin’, motivat Think of a product that you know well and which has a definite image in your ‘mind, Make a similar slogan. You could use Muji, Burberry, ot DeCoro, units @ Connected speech 11 Work in pairs. Discuss the question, In what ways do native speakers swallow their words or link words t 2 @ 82 Listen to what the experts say. In your language do you pronoun every letter in every word? What technologies, have you used tol you improve your listening and pronunciation: Which ofthe following might affect a person's chance of employment ore eral physical appearance gender behaviour education social hackground ome aspects of physical appearance Match the photos with the names. « stubble smoker or non-smoker @ 84 Listen to this news programme. 1 What factors in © are mentioned? 2 What three things would executives consider doing to improve thee career prospects? @ 850 Listen to these phrases. Which of ther, d, and t sounds in bold do you snot hear? if they thought it would boost their carcer" “The survey found that most women would consider dying grey baie, though only about half of men would do i.” The vast majority of bosses say smoking at work “And almost as many men as women would goon a diet @ 85b Listen again to the first two phrases. This time you will hear an. American speaker. What do you notice about the sounds? Do people in different parts of your country pronounce sounds in very different ways? @ 86 Spoken English avoids clusters of consonants as they are hard to pronounce. Listen and practise the following without pronouncing the letters in bold. a ['mjustlooking bb rock and roll © you mustn't tell him two sandwiches © Wednesday next week: ‘Words often link together, for example, we say a quarterof, and dose in this sentence. When do we link words in this way? a quarter of executives would do it @ 87 Listen and chen practise saying the following using linking sounds. 2. anumberof people b aquarter of them © she wants to eat 4 lees doit then go out Work in groups. How important is personal image in your country? What are the ‘main starus symbols, for example, luxury eats, designer clothes, private education? UNITS @ 89 \g and reacting to bad news. Proposing solutions o but there is a problem. Read! 1 What crisis has occurred on the tour? 2 What possible solution does Pei Lin propose? 3. What two expressions does Pei Lin use to break the had news to Diego? 4 How does she present her solution? Is she confident about it? Subject) Tour protiems Deer Diego hope als wellback n London. sorry to have to el youths, but things are nt going wel here tm afraid we've got problem one tour Fits ha had some bad news fromhome ad he hasto goback- infect e's hing out tong Fesnothis fault ang bviousy he has toga but t does eae usin avery cou poston a mee stillgot nearly Pa ofthe tour to go, and weve nad one or wo outs wth some of the ‘musing nich wort go int re. Febeen thinking about what todo, and atthe moment tne aly solution can think ot isto see that Danish person we short sted Could you ok up is detais ana eortact ri fr me? iphone you when yeu inthe office to discuss, Best wahes PL @ _Lookeat the phrases and match them with the situations Lm sorry to have to tell you this, but a breaking bad news Ohno, what now? b reacting to bad news That’ terrific idea «giving good news Here’ something think you might lke, reacting to good news Pye thought of another solution, «© proposing a solution The only solution I ean thnk of is 0. Itsounds like you've got some real problems. BABA 2s Wow, thats bad news. Irsterrble news about. ‘That peat. Pmafraid we've gota problem. | don't know about how you'l fee about it, but here goes. How about if 1'vegot to tll you there’ been some more bad news 90 @ UNITS Diego Peitin Diego PoiLin Diego Peitin Diego @ 88 After reading Pei Lin’s email, Diego phones her immediately. Listen to his call 1 Whats his proposed solution to the Tour Manager crisis? 2 What new crisis has emerged with the band Los Vasos Llenos? 3 Whatis Diego's proposed solution? @ 88 Listen again 1 Which ofthe phrases in @) are used? 2. Whar other phrases does Diego use to propos a solution? Diego has spoken to the band. He is reporting his discussion to Pei Lin. Waite the dialogue using the notes below and the function prompts in the boxes. {ve spoken tothe band, [Sine] ail eplitting -three members going home. Rea) [Fore tana] one member is going out wth a member of another band, and she ‘wants 10.90 home too, [Resa] However... [Geodneis] persuaded band leader and guitarist to stay on But problem of concert organization, (Propose soliton] reorder running order for concerts, also have quest spot fr local musicians to perform alongside Latin bands, @ Work in groups of three. You are holding.a meeting to discus the situation and some problems you have withthe Latin Goes East our in one ofthe counties Student A: Member oft Ex staff Look at Information Fle 1 Student B: Regional organize foe the county. Look a Information File 12 Student C: Manager ofthe concert venue. Look a Information Fle 13 REVIEW coat UNIT D > sas ts > rocisonuncions Q-@ weber @ “This nievewsal th min ingunge points fom Units 7 and 8. Complete th eres, ug the Pocket Bok forthe tea that you teed ove. © Conditionals ‘Complete the email putting the verbs in brackets into the correct form. Dear Hyun Thankyou forthe schedule. | ___' (ust ke toad couple of pont. First of al, | really grateful yeu cou send me afew more detals about he locaton and then we can ad attach hese othe schedule The seconds, wanted to askif ______" (be pasineto arrange a bute dinner onthe night everyone is aring? Normally tnt the hte hes a separate dining room, we "(ute that. ust think his (Get everything off toa good start Sorry, would hav asked you about thiatefore tina abut Inany case thanks for ll your help | dont know what (do) fyouhadet been on the project yauve done ‘realy greatjob and you realy deserve that holiday. lam surethati everything (fo)toschedule we "have realy successful tour: Many thanks @ Pastmodals ‘Workin pairs, Look at the sentences. Discuss ifthe modal in brackets would be possible and if ir would change the meaning. a Hecan'thave read my email. (might not) 'b They must have lost their way ~that’s why they are late, (should) She should have warned him. (must) d_ We should have gone to the concert, (would) © We could have met earlier. (can) £ He might have just been joking. (can) Building a relationship 1. Wrice comments or questions for the start of an email for situations a-d. a The recipient has just come back from holiday. bb The recipient has just been promoted. <¢ The recipient has just moved house. 4. The recipient's favourite football team lost a big match on Wednesday. 2 Carl has just done 2 presentation. Rewrite the following email from his colles thac itis less ditect. Next time you do. presentation think about the yp Don'ts eid from your sides, Alsoyour presentation wat too long; ome people wer sleep. By the waya lat of people couldn understand your Engh Hope this helps. 92 @ REVIEW UNIT D