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Name: Reyes, Alvin Glenn S.

Course/Major: BSED-Math

Social Dimensions of Education

4:00-5:30 TF

Chapter 3: Functions of Schools


Anticipatory Socialization & Training

Custodial Service while Parents Work
Social Control & Discipline


Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts, Transforming Lives. Not only the school
imparts knowledge to the students but also mold them into the best they
can be. Through socialization, they can also learn from one another. School
being the second home and teachers being the second parent, fulfill
something that their parents cannot provide. The school provides the
security whenever they leave their children in school. To mold their students
at their best, the teachers monitor their behavior. If teachers see something
wrong about their students, they do their best to help them become a better


Anticipatory Socialization & Training the school serves as a training

ground for their potentials that can occupy the social & occupational roles
they aspire in the future.
Political socialization refers to the role the school plays in instilling
values & norms that support the current structure of society.
Custodial Service while Parents Work the school serves as the second
home & teachers serve as the second parent. While the real custodians
(parents) engage in work, their child also engage in different activities
provided by professionally trained teachers.
Custodial service refers to the care of children during the day or
keeping them off the streets, while their parents work.

Social Control & Discipline the school does not only impart knowledge to
students but also monitor & control the students behavior.
Social control refers to the set of rules provided for individuals that act
contrary to the standards of proper conduct.
Discipline teachers have to exercise their authority in the best interest
of the students.


Essential Questions
1. How are you going to equip your student the skills needed to
apply in their chosen field?
2. Why teachers are called the second parent?
3. How are you going to monitor your students behavior &
Theory/Concept into Practice
a teacher - As future teachers, we must equip & mold our students
in the best they can be for them to be qualified for the job they
want to apply
b student Students must be responsible enough to learn the
knowledge & skills which will help them survive in everyday
c society The knowledge & skills learned in school should be
applied in order to cope up with the needs of todays society