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Grupa A

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1 Uzupenij kad luk tylko jednym wyrazem.

4 Pocz pocztki (15) z zakoczeniami (AJ), eby

utworzy poprawne zdania. Podano cztery dodatkowe

0 Its difficult to deal with my sisters moods.

1 Im fed _________ with my brother.

0 I need to regain Samanthas

2 Im sorry. I wasnt listening. Ive got a lot ______ my mind.

1 I hope my parents

what people

3 My parents are passionate _________ cycling.

are doing.

4 My boyfriend is indifferent _________ my feelings.

2 I take a keen

B sweat.

5 You should insist _______ having more time for yourself.

3 Im not in the

C head.

4 I had a bad dream

D confidence.

and woke up in a cold

E moon.

5 Success has gone to Phils

F temper.

G mind.

H eyebrows

I mood


2 Przetumacz sowa w nawiasach na jzyk angielski.

0 That man is wearing a (peleryn) cape .
1 Do you like my new (bransoletk) __________________?

A interest in

dont change their

2 Do you think this (grzywka) __________________ suits me?

3 (Z) __________________ your clothes nicely when you

pack them.

for a party.

J shoulders.

4 Do you think I should wear this (sukienk bez rkaww)

___________________________________ tonight?
5 Youre so (atwowierny) __________________. You believe
anything people say.

3 Uzupenij wyrazy. Kada kreska odpowiada jednej

How can I 0 e x p r e s s my individuality? I was thinking of
having a 1 p

somewhere maybe on my nose or

my lip but it might hurt. I could have 2 d

hair blond

but I like my natural colour. I thought about buying some

cool, 3 v

clothes from the 1950s or 1960s but

theyre too expensive. I know. Ill wear some 4 r

jeans with holes in them. Ive got a pair already! The

problem is that my parents 5 d

of old,

scruffy clothes. Its difficult!


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