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Big Spender Words by Dorothy Fields & Music by Cy Coleman ‘Stripper’ Tempo (2-7) N.C. .C. Dm mf x The min -ute you walked in the joint, 1 could see youwere a B P v Dm man of dis-tinc-tion, A real bigspend-er, good look-ing,— so _re-fined.— Say, Bp? Neug would-n't you like to know what’s go -ing on in my mind? So let me get Dm BP P right to the point: 1 don't pop my cork for ev-’ry guy | see.— To Coda Dm Be a Dm Hey! Big spen-der,— spend alit-tle time—with me. nya. ey aaa ens set el en oe pena i a as aera “ov vn mt yn 18 Sige eer nenatorl open Se NC. D Fn Bm D Would-n’t you like tohave fun, — fun, fun? How's a-bout a few Em Baug En? Be laughs, laughs? 1 can show you @ good time, D. & al Coda a BP? a’ N.C. — Let me show you a good time. The min-ute you cova Eom Dm Hey, big spen - der!_ Hey, big spen- der!— Bb? a’ Dm iad a” Spend lit - tle time_with me. Spend a lit - tle time—with Dm Be a Dm 6? Dm me, Spend a lit - tle time— with me. 19