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Jhanus Fugoso
10 Estrda
Mr. Delgado


A nne is ri ding a horse w hich is ti ed to a

pol e wi th a 3. 5 m pi ec e of rope and her
f riend Laura i s ri di ng a donkey w hi ch is 2
m f rom the same center poi nt. C al culate
the di stance t ravell ed by each w hen they
have rotated 5 0 ti mes around the centr e.


Find the area of a cir cular se ctor whose

chord is the si de of the square inscri be d
i n a ci rcl e w ith a 4 cm radi us.

3. Calculate the shaded area, knowing that the

side of the outer square is 6 cm and the radius of

the circle is 3 cm.


In a circular park with a radius of 250

m there are 7 lamps whose bases are
circles with a radius of 1 m. The entire
area of the park has grass with the
exception of the bases for the lamps.
Calculate the lawn area.


Two radii (plural for radius) OA and OB

form an angle of 60 for two concentric
circles with 8 and 5 cm radii. Calculate
the area of thecircular
trapezoid formed by the radii and
concentric circles.


A circular fountain of 5 m radius lies

alone in the centre of a circular park of
700 m radius. Calculate the total
walking area available to pedestrians
visiting the park.

7. A central angle of 60 is plotted on a circle with

a 4 cm radius. Calculate the area of the circular
segment between the chord joining the ends of
the two radii and its corresponding arc.


A chord of 48 cm is 7 cm from the center of

a circle. Calculate the area of the circle.


Calculate the area enclosed by the inscribed

and circumscribed circles to a square with a
diagonal of 8 m in length.