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Maher 1

Mia Maher
Honors English 10
Mrs. Dietrich
14 November 2016
Journal 1
While the cyclops is not home, Odysseus and his men come across the cyclopss cave.
They enter and begin to look for food, then create an offering for the cyclops. When the cyclops
returns home, he rolls a boulder in front of the entrance and enters to find Odysseus and his men.
Odysseus speaks with the cyclops, explaining they were on a journey and they were lucky to
land there. He tells the Cyclops that Zeus wants them to be hospitable. The cyclops replies that
he does not care about Zeus, and angrily eats two of Odysseuss men. Odysseus then goes into
stab the cyclops. Before he can stab him, he realizes he needs a better plan, as the cyclops is the
only thing that can unblock their exit.
First, Odysseuss men carve a wooden stake sharpened with fire. Then, Odysseus gives
the cyclops wine to get him drunk. When asked his name, Odysseus replies, Cyclops, you ask
my honorable name? Remember/the gift you promised me, and I shall tell you,/ My name is
Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends,/everyone calls me Nohbdy, (9.272-275). After the Cyclops
falls asleep, Odysseuss men stab him in the eye to blind him. The cyclops screams for help,
when they ask who is attacking him the cyclops replies, Nohbdy. Nohbdys tricked me,
Nohbdys ruined me! (9.317). The Cyclops, Polyphemus, is left to suffer. He removes the stake
from his eye, then finishes his sleep. When he awakes to let the sheep out, Odysseus and men are
freed. They take the sheep and leave.