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also open during the summer, during school breaks and on

some holidays. Please call 763-504-5320 for more

information, or visit ced.rdale.org under the K-12 Youth
tab, and select Adventure Club School-Age Care.


Early Entrance to Kindergarten

A very small number of students are both academically

and socially ready to begin kindergarten before their fifth
birthday. Children who will turn five years old in early fall
are eligible for consideration for the early entrance to
kindergarten process. Children will be required to
demonstrate well-above-average performance and
development in academic skills, as well as social and
emotional development. Standards for early entrance to
kindergarten are very high to ensure that children do not
get frustrated with their advanced grade placement.
For more information on early entrance to kindergarten,
please contact your attendance area school, or visit
www.rdale.org. At the top of the home page, click About
Us, select Academics in the dropdown menu, then
Gifted Services. On this page, select Early Entrance to
Kindergarten in the column on the left side of the page.

Adventure Club School-Age Program

Community Education offers Adventure Club before and

after school for all elementary school students, providing
enriching experiences in a respectful and nurturing
environment. This fee-based program is open five days
a week from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and is located in all
Robbinsdale area elementary schools. Adventure Club is


Education Service Center........................763-504-8000
4148 Winnetka Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55427
Adventure Club Office..............................763-504-5320
2400 Sandburg Lane N., Golden Valley, MN 55427
Creative Play Preschool..........................763-504-5330
8301 47th Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55428
Early Adventures Office...........................763-504-5320
2400 Sandburg Lane N., Golden Valley, MN 55427
Early Childhood Family Education.........763-504-4170
8301 47th Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55427

FAIR Primary School at Pilgrim Lane........ 763-504-____

(magnet school)
3725 Pilgrim Lane N., Plymouth, MN 55441
FAIR School Crystal.................................... 763-971-4500
(magnet school)
3915 Adair Ave. N., Crystal, MN 55422
Forest Elementary....................................... 763-504-4500
6800 47th Ave. N., Crystal, MN 55428
Lakeview Elementary.................................. 763-504-4100
4110 Lake Drive N., Robbinsdale, MN 55422
Meadow Lake Elementary........................... 763-504-7700
8525 62nd Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55428
Neill Elementary.......................................... 763-504-7400
6600 Medicine Lake Road, Crystal, MN 55427
Noble Elementary........................................ 763-504-4000
2601 Noble Ave. N., Golden Valley, MN 55422
Northport Elementary.................................. 763-504-7800
5421 Brooklyn Blvd., Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School.. 763-504-4400
(magnet school)
8808 Medicine Lake Road, New Hope, MN 55427
School of Engineering and Arts................. 763-504-7200
(magnet school)
1751 Kelly Drive, Golden Valley, MN 55427
Sonnesyn Elementary................................. 763-504-7600
3421 Boone Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55427
Zachary Lane Elementary........................... 763-504-7300
4350 Zachary Lane, Plymouth, MN 55442

Early Childhood Screening Center.........763-504-4180

8301 47th Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55427
Early Childhood Special Education........763-504-4160
8301 47th Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55427
Resource and Welcome Center...............763-504-7680
305 Willow Bend, Crystal, MN 55428
Transportation Office...............................763-504-8107
4148 Winnetka Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55427


The following are skills students should know and be able to do by the end of kindergarten:

Reading - Literature

Comprehends a variety of literature through the use of the following strategies and skills:
Asks and answers questions about key details in a text
Retells stories and includes important details
Names characters, setting and major events in a story
Names the author and illustrator of a book and explains each of the roles in telling the story
Asks and answers questions about unknown words in a story
Chooses good fit books to read for fun, interest and to learn

Reading - Informational Text

Comprehends a variety of informational text (non-fiction) through the use of the following
strategies and skills:
Asks and answers questions about key details in a text
Determines the main topic of a text, with help
Retells important details of a text, with help
Describes the connection between two people, events or ideas in a text
Names the author and illustrator of a book and explains each of their roles
Identifies the reasons for an authors opinion
Chooses good fit books to read for fun, interest and to learn

Reading - Foundational Skills


Prints upper- and lower-case letters

Uses nouns and verbs in speaking and writing
Understands and uses question words (e.g., who, what, where, why, when and how) in
speaking and writing
Capitalizes the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I
Recognizes and names end punctuation (e.g., period, question mark, exclamation mark)
Uses sound spelling to write words

Speaking, Viewing, Listening

& Media Literacy


Writing Standards

Uses words and/or pictures to share ideas, facts and opinions

Participates in group writing projects and research


Number & Operation

Recognizes whole numbers in many different ways, including objects in a set or position in a
Reads, writes and represents whole numbers from 0 to at least 31 in many different ways
Counts forward and backward to at least 20
Finds a number that is 1 more or less than a given number
Compares and orders whole numbers up to 20
Finds sums and differences for numbers between 0 and 10 by drawing pictures and using
Compose (puts together) and decompose (takes apart) numbers up to 10 with objects and


Identifies, creates, completes, and extends simple patterns using shape, color, size, number,
sounds and movements and explains thinking

Geometry and Measurement

Recognizes basic two- and three-dimensional shapes such as squares, circles, triangles,
rectangles, trapezoids, hexagons, cubes, cones, cylinders and spheres
Sorts objects using characteristics such as shape, size, color and thickness
Uses basic shapes and spatial reasoning to model objects in the real world.
Uses words to compare objects according to length, size, weight and position
Orders 2 or 3 objects using measurable attributes, such as length and weight

Nature of Science &


Compares observations with the observations of others

Sorts objects into two groups from nature and human made and explains reasoning

Physical Science

Sorts objects in terms of color, size, shape and texture, and communicates reasoning for the
sorting system

Earth Science

Observes and records daily weather events over time

Uses observations and records to summarize what happens in nature when the seasons
Identifies where the earth gets heat and light

Life Science

Observes and compares plants and animals

Identifies and names the outside parts of plants and animals

Citizenship & Government

Identifies symbols, songs, and traditions specific to Minnesota and the United States
Explains why rules are important


Explains how people learn about the past

Compares and contrasts traditions in a family with those of other families


Describes the purpose of maps and globes

Describes characteristics of read and imagined places


Explains the difference between needs and wants

Explains what goods and services are



Identifies and produces rhyming words

Breaks words into syllables
Blends sounds into words
Segments words into sounds
Produces letter sounds for consonant sounds
Produces letter sounds for short and long vowel sounds
Reads common high-frequency words

Participates in conversations with peers and adults

Follows rules for discussions
Listens to others
Follows directions



Sonnesyn and Zachary Lane elementaries will host their

informative evenings for incoming kindergartners and their
parents February 9, 2017. At this event, parents and their
incoming kindergartners will tour the school, meet the
principal, kindergarten teachers and other staff, and learn
about a typical kindergarten day (see diagram at right).
Children will spend time in a kindergarten classroom with
the teachers while parents have the opportunity to ask
questions and learn more about what to expect from
kindergarten. Interpreters will be available for
Spanish-speaking families by appointment. Please contact
the Resource and Welcome Center at 763-504-7680 to
request an appointment with an interpreter.


Research shows that quality preschool programs help

improve math, literacy and social skills, putting children
on track for success in kindergarten and beyond.
Discover Robbinsdale Area Schools Community
Education early childhood programs to help prepare
your child for kindergarten.

Creative Play Preschool

Creative Play Preschool, a Robbinsdale Area Schools

Community Education program, provides early
education classes for children ages 3 to 5 years in
schools throughout the district and provides excellent
preparation for kindergarten.

Great Start Preschool

Get your child off to a great start in learning! Great Start

Preschool offers early education for children age 4.
This program provides free 2-1/2 hour preschool
classes, five days a week for children who meet the
following criteria:
Your child must be 4 years old by September 1, 2016,
and not age-eligible for kindergarten.
Your child must live within the attendance boundary
of one of the following elementary schools: Forest,
Lakeview, Meadow Lake, Neill, Noble, Northport or
Sonnesyn. If your child attends daycare, it must also
be within your elementary boundary. Children cannot
attend a Great Start class at a school outside their
home elementary boundary.
Your household must be eligible for free or reduced
price lunch and/or the child must be an English
Language learner. A household is described as all
related and unrelated people sharing a home and/or

Early Adventures Full Day Preschool

Early Adventures is the full-day preschool option of

Robbinsdale Area schools. By combining high quality
childcare with the districts preschool curriculum, this
program offers an opportunity for students to prepare
for Kindergarten in a safe, nurturing setting with adults
who are especially trained to work with pre-school
Staff with a combination of education and experience
especially suited to preschool aged children will lead
curriculum focused on social, emotional, physical and
creative development skills through out the day.
A district teacher will provide students with a preschool
experience centered around language and literacy,
as well as mathematical thinking each day. A formal
assessment of each student will be conducted at least

twice a year to ensure the needs of each child are

being met.
Early Adventures is open to any student who is
eligible for Kindergarten the following school year.
(We take students 1 year before kindergarten)
All students must be toilet trained before beginning the
program. Students who have completed Early
Adventures are guaranteed registration in Summer
Adventure Club.

Early Childhood Family Education Preschool

ECFE Preschool offers a high quality early education

experience for children two to three days per week.
Children work to develop their social, emotional,
physical and cognitive skills. One day per week,
parents meet with a licensed parent educator to
address strategies and skills for effective parenting.
We offer the perfect opportunity for you and your child
to develop skills, interact with other parents and
children, and work with trained, licensed early
childhood professionals.


Minnesota State Law requires all children to complete

early childhood screening before they begin
kindergarten. Screening is preferred at age three, but
can be done at age four or five. The process includes
vision and hearing, speech, development, general
health, growth and immunization information.
Call 763-504-4180 to schedule an appointment for a
free screening, or go to www.ced.rdale.org for more
information. At the top of the page, click on Early
Childhood, then select Early Childhood Screening
from the drop down menu. To make an appointment
with a Spanish-speaking screener, please call



Help your child get ready for school during the summer!
Our Summer Learning Kits are beautiful,
professionally-designed games and activity books
created by our district Parent Educators and Childrens
Teachers. These will be available in May.
Please sign up for our monthly Kindergarten Parent
Newsletter at any kindergarten information
registration night, or call 763-504-4170. From March
through August youll receive an email with practical,
playful ways to teach your child over the summer, along
with updates and reminders.


December 1, 2016

Magnet school applications are available.

January 19, 2017... 6

Fine Arts InterdisciplinaryResource (FAIR) School

Crystal information night.

January 24, 2017

School of Engineering and Arts (SEA) information night.

January 26, 2017

Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School (RSIS)

information night.

February 9, 2017

Kindergarten Information and Registration Night at

attendance area schools.

February 24, 2017

Application deadline for magnet school lotteries.



Robbinsdale Area Schools is pleased to offer tuition-free,

full-day kindergarten to all students. However, half-day
placements are available to parents designating such
placement on the K-5 registration form. All half-day
requests will be placed in the morning session. If you have
any questions about the half-day placement option, please
contact your attendance area school.


Children who reach their fifth birthday on or before

September 1 are eligible to enroll in kindergarten for the
coming school year. For more information on readiness or
eligibility, please contact your attendance area elementary
school. See the complete list of schools and telephone
numbers in this brochure.



Week of February 27, 2017

Parents can find their attendance area school by going to

www.rdale.org, then hovering over Schools and clicking
on the School Finder.

March 8, 2017


Magnet school lottery occurs.

Families are notified whether or not their name was
drawn in the lotteries.

August 2017

Kindergarten registration for the coming year will be

accepted at all Robbinsdale Area Schools attendance area
elementary schools beginning in January of the current
school year. You will also be able to register your child
at the information night for your attendance area school.
Registration forms are available at all school offices, the
Early Childhood Screening office, the Resource and
Welcome Center, the Education Service Center and online
at www.rdale.org. For more information, please contact
your attendance area school, or the Education Service
Center at 763-504-8000.

August-September 2017



March 14, 2017

Deadline for families to notify a magnet school whether

or not they are accepting the opportunity to attend that

July 2017

Elementary school offices and Early Childhood

screening offices are closed.
Final kindergarten registrations accepted at schools.
Bus stop information postcards are sent to families.
Open houses at all elementary schools to visit
classrooms and meet teachers.

Information meetings for parents of prospective

kindergarten students at FAIR, RSIS and SEA will be held
in January (see information at left).
Forest, Lakeview, Meadow Lake, Neill, Noble, Northport,

If you reside within the Robbinsdale Area Schools district

boundaries and would like to send your child to a
Robbinsdale district school other than your attendance
area school, you may submit a school transfer form.
According to Board policy, all transfer requests are
subject to space availability and considered in order of
date received withing designated priority categories.
Magnet school waiting lists remain in effect for one year.
Interested families who remain on the waiting list through
the school year must reapply for the following school year.
For more information, please visit www.rdale.org and
click on the About Us tab at the top of the home page.
Then, click on New Families in the drop down menu, and
School Transfer and Open Enrollment Information in the
next window.


Open enrollment refers to the process for students who

live outside the distrct and wish to attend a Robbinsdale
Area Schools district school. According to Board policy,
when space is available, open enrollment requests are
approved in the order they are received and on a priority

basis. For more information, please visit www.rdale.org

and click on the About Us tab at the top of the home
page. Then, click on New Families in the drop down
menu, and School Transfer and Open Enrollment
Information in the next window.


Children are provided transportation if:

they are enrolled at their attendance area school and
live outside of the half-mile radius of that school
they live in the district attendance area and will be
enrolled at FAIR, RSIS or SEA. Transportation is
provided to students attending magnet schools and
programs who reside within Robbinsdale Area Schools
district boundaries. However, because students come
from across the district to attend magnet school
programs, the bus ride to and from your magnet
school will be longer than that of your attendance area


All children attending school must be in compliance with

Minnesota Immunization Law (MS 121A.15) requiring
immunizations for:
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (DTap, DTP, DT)
Polio (IPV, OPV)
Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
Hepatitis B (hep B)
Varicella (chickenpox)
Your child will not be allowed to attend school until he
or she meets the requirements of this law.
Parents/guardians may get a legal exemption for medical
reasons or conscientiously held beliefs. See the enclosed
Student Immunization Form for details. Please note: two
Varicella immunizations are required for kindergarten


Birth Certificate
Proof of Address
Completed K-5 Registration Form
Completion of Early Childhood Screening
Immunization/Health Forms