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Consultancy Services
Capability statement


Engineering Consultancy Services | 2


Table of contents
1. Introduction3
2. Our capability 4
3. Relevant experience8
3.1. References/relevant experience8
4. ECS Team curriculum vitae14


Engineering Consultancy Services | 3

1. Introduction

In todays challenging economic environment, organisations are striving to stay ahead

ofcompetition and relying more on their data centre physical infrastructure (DCPI).
A data centre means business when it is available 24/7/365 and performs at the highest level at all
times. If your company is like most businesses, its needs are dynamic and can change throughout
the year. Perhaps it is enjoying an ever-expanding customer base or there are near-future plans
todouble staff and grow exponentially.
Such growth indicators can challenge your existing DCPI, which needs to be responsive, agile,
and easily scalable to be able to handle these up-to-the-minute business needs and/or technology
requirements. The complexity of this dynamic environment should be left to the experts so you can
focus on your main business.
Based on our customers input and our experience and expertise, we are pleased to introduce
our Schneider Electric specialised Data Centre Engineering Consultancy team. Our professional
services will assist customers in preventing DCPI down time, reduce time to recover, save energy,
enhance operational excellence, and provide recommendations for handling future growth.

Engineering Consultancy Services | 4


2. Our capability
Establish relationships with our customers so that the Schneider Electric
combined experience will generate new innovative solutions
Schneider Electric Engineering Consultancy Services (ECS) enhance your business performance
andoperational efficiency by taking a comprehensive approach to managing your critical infrastructure.
Our consulting engineers use proven methodologies to address your unique business requirements.
We leverage our extensive cross-industry expertise and highly qualified consultant engineers to be
the services partner you need.

Data centre life cycle engineering services

Our ECS Team will be your partner throughout the life cycle to help you achieve the next step in your
business performance.
For existing installations, we can perform a complete analysis of your assets, processes,
andsystems. This will help you identify risk areas and implement the most effective methods
toimprove performance.
For new projects, we will help plan and design your needs so your equipment can reach
its maximum potential from concept to completion. Our services will then continue to guide
you through your life cycle journey.




How do I
renew my

How do I
operate and




How do I
install and


Tier classification

Turnkey design

Risk analysis

Capacity expansion


Tier upgrades

Energy analysis




Business impact

Site engineering

Feasibility reviews

Commissioning engineers

Site selection

Integrated system testing

Future proofing

Failure mode analysis

How do I


Life cycle



What are
my options?



Engineering Consultancy Services | 5

Discover our Engineering Consultancy Services

Design and consulting services

Site assessments

Scope and requirements definition

Equipment audit

Third-party product integration

Energy assessment

System and solution design

Electrical and mechanical assessment

Capacity and resilience design upgrade

Automation and process assessment

Feasibility studies

Site and physical analysis

Strategic consulting services

Business consulting services

Executive and stakeholder workshops

Installed base mapping

Best practice, business case,

TCO, and ROI assessments

Discovery services study

Business technology review

Modernisation and technology migration

Specialty consulting services

Tier analysis and upgrade
Energy efficiency and facilities management
Asset utilisation studies
Energy optimisation
NABERS for data centre assessments
OEH energy saver










Schneider Electric Engineering Consultancy Services enhance

your business performance and operational efficiency by
taking a comprehensive approach to managing your
critical infrastructure.


Engineering Consultancy Services | 7

Critical infrastructure transformation methodology

1. Critical facilities

2. Assess and review

3. Critical facilities

4. Critical facilities


the current

infrastructure design


business strategy

critical infrastructure

and transition build



Customer technical benefits

1. Critical facilities transformation

business strategy

Discovery workshops
Understand business challenges
Development scope requirements

Business continuity planning

Business impact analysis
Business infrastructure strategy
Risk analysis
Migration gap analysis
Understand facility technical issues
Establish company energy aspirations

2. Assess and review

the current critical infrastructure

Comprehensive inspection
Infrastructure review
Assessment report

Health check of existing facilities

Comprehensive infrastructure risk assessment
Energy optimisation studies
Tier rating/classifications
Feasibility study

3. Critical facilities
infrastructure design

Detailed scope of work

Schematic and concept design
Statuary authority requirement compliance
Opinion of cost
Peer review

Conceptual planning
Site selection assessment and evaluation
Capacity expansion and design
Technology upgrades
Problem rectification design

4. Critical facilities transformation

and transition build

End-to-end solutions
Plant to plug
Reference design

Project engineering
Integrated system testing
The Green Grid Maturity Model
Uptime Institute Certification
Green DC Certifications (country based)
SS564/Green Mark/CEEDA/LEED

Above services will be offered by Schneider Electric ECS Team with members having following leading accreditations:

Engineering Consultancy Services | 8


3. Relevant experience
3.1 References/relevant experience
Schneider Electric has extensive data centre turnkey and/or fit-out projects. As part of the
Schneider family, Schneider Electric ITB has broadened its capabilities to be a truly end-to-end solution
provider. For consultancy services projects, the following are the project references in ASEAN
and the Pacific.

Schneider Electric partial list of references

CDC www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvyzJ1I6IGQ
NEXTDC www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCDB9GF0Hq8
Maxnet www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I_d4ObRtRA
University of NSW www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpv43IqMhbk
CSIRO Super Computers www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV5cSswg9uE
OntheNet www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipgiqxCZng4&list=PL5C55426167123F5D&index=20
Australian Rail Track Corporation www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW0tLuYtkKs&list=PL5C55426167123F5D&index=28
SwitchNAP www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYloYHigvrY&list=PL5C55426167123F5D&index=67



Hawkesbury City Council

Aurora Energy

Parliament of Victoria



DX Platforms

John Hunter Hospital

Perth Childrens Hospital


Macquarie Telecom


Best & Less

Manly Council


Animal Logic


Australian Government


Rail Corp

Main Roads Western Australia




Mater Health Service

North Queensland


CM Technology Group
City of Swan

Digital Sense
Fitness First

Tech Manindra
Australia Bureau of Statistics
Bank of PNG


Engineering Consultancy Services | 9

World-class data centre infrastructure

forCMTechnology Group
Project at a glance
Project type
Integrated DCPI

CM Technology Group

Data centres

Western Australia

Consultancy, mechanical
and electrical

Highly reliable, secure, and scalable data centre technology

56 racks

CM Technology Group is a leading IT provider based primarily in Western

Australia. Established in 1998, the company has grown rapidly in the
past 15 years, to the point where its existing facilities were no longer
meeting its needs. To increase its services, and meet the requirements
of its existing and new clients, CM Technology Group made the strategic
decision to build a new data centre.

Symmetra PX250 UPS



InRow chilled water

cooling units

Perimeter Uniflair chilled water

cooling units

Intelligent free-cooling and

hot-aisle containment design
StruxureWare for Data
Centres software

CM Technology Group contacted Schneider Electric Professional

Services to discuss its options. It wanted technology that was
both reliable and secure so it could attract high-caliber clients
to its business.
According to the group, its old data centre environment did not meet
thesecurity, backup power, and cooling requirements.
The company was also having problems maintaining precise temperature
in the old data centre, and was facing high electricity costs as a result,
socorrect cooling of equipment was a priority.

The CM Technology Group Tier 2+ data centre occupies 140 m of floor
space with a capacity to house 56 racks.

Working with Schneider Electric, the data centre has been designed
asascalable solution so that as CM Technology Groups clients grow
socanthe facilities.

Bottom line
Once we engaged Schneider Electric they were able to help us out with
everything we needed, said a company representative. Schneider Electric
had a holistic view of the build from the start to the finish, and their local
representation meant they were very involved throughout the entire
design process.

Customer benefits
Highly reliable, secure, and scalable
Intelligent and precision cooling
Reduced energy costs
Centralised data centre
infrastructure management

Engineering Consultancy Services | 10


Plan B gets smarter and wider with Schneider Electric

and its new SXDC Tier 2+ Data Centre in Tawa
Project at a glance
Project type
Integrated data centre solution

Plan B

Data centres

New Zealand

Consultancy, mechanical
and electrical

Unique service offers niche data centre network to safeguard data

and business

90 racks

Backup and business continuity services provider Plan B chose

Schneider Electric to build its new independent, connected data centre
network under the sub-brand Southern Cross Data Centres (SXDC)
designed to meet the needs of regional integrators and large enterprises.

EcoAisle containment system

Power distribution units

Uninterrupted power supply
MGE Galaxy 5500 system

Customer benefits
The challenge was to create highly efficient data centres that made the
most of existing real estate.
Careful planning and project management were required to map the
power availability in the area and advanced electrical design tools were
utilised to confirm appropriate power in the facility.

Schneider Electric provided a complete power and cooling solution that
included 90 racks, power distribution units, EcoAisle containment system,
uninterrupted power supply, and Galaxy G5500 systems.
The Schneider Electric project management experience and consultative
solutions meant that it could help us build an attractive and premium
facility that is one of the most efficient in the local market, said Scott
Lawson, Plan Bs infrastructure manager.

Energy efficiency
Flexibility, scalability, and reliability
Effective monitoring


Engineering Consultancy Services | 11

TasmaNet, Tasmania
Project at a glance
Project type
Integrated DCPI


DC3, TechnoPark, Dowsing Point, Tasmania

Consultancy, mechanical
and electrical
26 NetShelter SX racks with metered
rack power distribution units

Powerful energy management solutions for one of the most

advanced data centres

Schneider Electric 2.5 MVA

MGE Galaxy UPSs
APC by Schneider Electric Netbotz
access control

To build its new DC3 data centre in Hobart, Tasmania, TasmaNet

partnered with Schneider Electric to design and construct a data centre
that would meet the needs of enterprise and government clients for the
present and in the long term.

TasmaNet was looking to meet the growing demands of enterprise and
government for premium data centre space. They required a best-in-class
solution that would provide both maximum energy efficiency and security
features that would make it attractive for organisations with sensitive
information catalogues, such as the state police force.
The existing brownfields site also posed some challenges that required
close consulting services to ensure the project was built to a world-class
standard while being on time and on budget.


Large rack LCD monitoring panels

Six InRow cooling units for close coupled
cooling aisle containment
N+1 InRow cooling chilled water units
2N chilled water path from plant to
data centre
N+1 heat rejection free cooling chillers

Customer benefits
Increased energy efficiency
Energy cost savings
Remote system access
Open and highly scalable space


Premium security and access control

Schneider Electric heritage in energy efficient buildings and green data

centres was an important factor for TasmaNet when it approached the
company to design, build, and install electrical infrastructure, cooling
systems, critical power, and controls components for its new data centre.

Streamlined project execution

Bottom line
Commenting on the implementation process, Joel Harris, TasmaNet,
states: Having access to the knowledge and expertise proved valuable
for this project. We were able to leverage lessons from best practice
builds to create a data centre that is one of the best in Australia.
Harris comments: Operating an energy efficient data centre is business
critical for TasmaNet. Schneider Electric has a proven track record as a
world leader in energy management and its global and local expertise
in delivering green data centres provided useful insights into product
capabilities and how to tailor these to suit our local requirements. This
combined with its experienced engineering consultants helped us
achieve a target power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.3.

Engineering Consultancy Services | 12


Schneider Electric designs and builds Vocus Flagship

premium data centre
Project at a glance
Project type
Integrated DCPI

Vocus Communications

Data Centres

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Consultancy, mechanical
and electrical

One of the biggest and most efficient data centres in Melbourne

300 racks

Vocus partnered with Schneider Electric to design and build itsworld-class

data centre that would meet the needs of growing enterprises in
Melbourne CBD.

Intelligent free-cooling and hot-aisle

containment design N+1 InRow coolers


Symmetra MW UPS

The challenge with this project was to create a highly connected, efficient,
and secure data centre in the heart of Melbourne that would serve the
increasing demand for a premium data centre well-serviced with
fibre connections.

Customer benefits

Schneider Electric designed and built, in partnership with Vocus, a
co-location facility with a PUE of 1.3. It is one of the largest data centres
in Melbourne at 1280 square meters with capacity for 300 racks.
Matching the cooling to the heat load allows the facility to achieve a 30%
energy saving in comparison to traditional raised floor cooling methods
whilst still able to supply up to 30 kW of power and cooling per rack.
Schneider Electric intelligent free-cooling design means that the data
centre can achieve up to 75% free cooling annually.
The data centre solution has been designed in a modular and
scalable fashion.

Uniflair chillers and computer room air

conditioning unit

Highly reliable, scalable, and available

data centre
Flexible and sustainable co-location solution
with a PUE of 1.3
Increased energy efficiency
Well-connected in a central location
Highly secure and easily accessible

Partnering with you throughout your data centre life cycle.


Engineering Consultancy Services | 14

4. ECS Team curriculum vitae

ECS Team Manager

Hany Ghaly

Electrical Consultant
Anthony Ungless

Mechanical Consultant
Sivakumar Gurusamy

Quality Assurance Engineer

Salo Peter

Electrical Consultant
Farhad Azizian

Mechanical Consultant
Gary Bocarisa

Configuration Engineer
Kalpesh Chauhan

Electrical Consultant
Rawnee Ho

Assessment Engineer
Sam Lumley

Electrical Engineer/CAD
Negar Baseri

Engineering Consultancy Services | 15


Hany Ghaly
ECS Team Manager Sydney, NSW


years of experience

Hany is an industry expert with over 30 years experience in mission-critical facilities and data
centres with a proven track record in successful delivery of mission-critical facilities projects
andcomplex data centre projects.
Hanys consultancy experience spans from feasibility studies to implementation, design
management, project planning and execution, resource planning, and management ensuring
success in developing and implementing technical strategies and solutions.
Major projects: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Cisco, IBM, Melbourne University
Qualifications: Electrical engineer, FIEAust, NPER, member of Electrical & ITAA colleges
Skills: Design consultancy, feasibility studies, large projects delivery, IST/commissioning

Anthony Ungless
Electrical Consultant Melbourne, VIC


years of experience

Anthony has developed technical skills from working in a variety of industries including rail, industrial,
and building services within Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has more than 15 years experience in
the data centre and banking sectors undertaking design and operational management roles.
He has the experience to execute from concept through to the site phase and IST, along with
protection studies maintenance, technical management, and fault investigation skills.
Major projects: Telstra, Gen-I NZ, NextDC, Fujitsu, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley
Qualifications: Certificate of Electrical Trade Studies, Professional Certificate Power Systems
Protection, EEA High Voltage Master Class, A Grade electrical license (WA)
Skills: Design and consulting, protection studies, maintenance and management, IST
and site engineering


Engineering Consultancy Services | 16

Farhad Azizian
Electrical Consultant Sydney, NSW


years of experience

Farhad is a subject matter expert in consulting engineering practices and has extensive experience
in design, assessment, supervision, and commissioning of projects.
Farhads strong technical knowledge and experience with top tier companies and clients
consistently deliver sustainable, efficient, and innovative solutions for data centres
and infrastructures.
Major projects: Vodafone, Tasmanet, DX West, Interactive
Qualifications: Green Grid member, Uptime Accredited Tier Designer, NABERS Accredited
Assessor, NSW approved Energy Saver engineer, Electrical Engineer (MSc.)
Skills: Design and consulting, tier and risk analysis, IST and site supervision, innovative solutions

Rawnee Ho
Electrical Consultant Perth, WA


years of experience

Rawnee has extensive experience in design, specification, commissioning, and integrated system
testing of mechanical systems.
Rawnees consultancy experience provides industry-leading design and assessment skills
in commercial offices and data centres to meet the complex challenges faced by many
Australian businesses.
Major projects: DX West, Perth Mint, Fremantle Ports, Mains Road, City of Swan
Qualifications: Green Grid member, CPEng, NPER & RPEQ, EA, Chartered Engineer (UK),
Prof. Engineer (Malaysia), Electrical Engineer BEng (Hons) & MEng, Building Tech (MSc),
restrictedelectrical lic., Dip in proj. management
Skills: Design, consulting, IST/commissioning, energy assessments

Engineering Consultancy Services | 17


Negar Baseri
Electrical Engineer/CAD Sydney, NSW

years of experience

Negar is an electrical engineer with comprehensive experience in electrical design and producing
detailed and complex electrical and mechanical drafting. Negars knowledge and background help
to provide high-quality and accurate technical documentations.
Major projects: DX West, Animal Logic, Tamworth, Tafe Nirimba, CDC, Best & Less
Qualifications: Digital Electronics (MSc), Electrical Engineering (BSc), Instrumentation and Controls
(TAFE), MIEAust member of Engineer Australia
Skills: AutoCAD, electrical and control design, PLC & SCADA programming, documentation

Sivakumar Gurusamy
Mechanical Consultant Melbourne, VIC


years of experience

Siva has extensive experience in mission-critical facility life cycle stages like assessment, design,
development/expansion/modification, commissioning, validation, and sustainable operation.
Sivas strong technical knowledge and value engineering expertise consistently deliver innovative,
modular, scalable, and sustainable solutions for achieving best return on investment at optimum
total cost of operation.
Major projects: Aurora Energy, Tasmanet, DX West, Crown Casino
Qualifications: Certified energy manager, Green Grid member, Uptime Accredited Tier Specialist,
NABERS Trained Assessor, mechanical engineer
Skills: Sustainable and value engineer, design lead and coordination, precision and free cooling,
energy and risk assessments


Engineering Consultancy Services | 18

Gary Bocarisa
Mechanical Consultant Sydney, NSW


years of experience

Gary has extensive experience in design, specification, commissioning, and integrated system
testing of mechanical systems.
Garys consultancy experience provides industry-leading design and assessment skills
in commercial offices and data centres to meet the complex challenges faced by many
Australian businesses.
Major projects: HSBC, CCDHB, Vodafone, Tasmanet, DPS, Digital Sense
Qualifications: Mechanical engineer (BEng Hons), Uptime Accredited Tier Designer, NABERS
fordata centre, NSW approved Energy Saver engineer
Skills: HVAC, concept and detailed design, energy assessments, IST/commissioning

Sam Lumley
Assessment Engineer Canberra, ACT

years of experience

Sam has diverse experience in critical power and cooling assessments across a range of industries
including telecommunications, government, finance, transport, and defence.
He has a passion for energy efficiency and a goal to work with customers to meet their energy
efficiency objectives.
Major projects: Vodafone, Equinix, DPS, Dell Australia, Macq. Telecom, OEH
Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics & Robotics), Bachelor of Science (Computer
Science and Software Eng.), Grad. Cert. of Business Management (Project Management),
Accredited member of NSW Energy Saver Panel Auditor
Skills: Concept and detailed design, energy assessments, financial modelling, feasibility study

Engineering Consultancy Services | 19


Salo Peter
Quality Assurance Engineer Sydney, NSW


years of experience

Salo has extensive experience in critical power systems, data centre products, standards,
and compliances.
Salos product-based experience, technical, and analytical skills together with knowledge
of Australian standards provides optimisation and risk minimisation in data centre designs
and projects.
Major projects: Schneider Electric Enterprise customers Northern Region, Schneider Electric
Enterprise customers Southern Region
Qualifications: Electrical engineer (BE Electrical & Electronics), Engineering diploma
(Telecommunications), Electrical Installation, Standards Certificate 3, enterprise product
trainings at Schneider Electric Power Academy
Skills: Consulting, data centre products, critical power systems, standards and compliance

Kalpesh Chauhan
Configuration Engineer Sydney, NSW


years of experience

Kalpesh is an electrical engineer with extensive experience in critical power systems, data centre
products, and energy assessments. Kalpeshs product knowledge, technical, and analytical skills
together with technical expertise on data centre solutions provide risk mitigation and optimal
data centre designs.
Major projects: ARTC, Gen-I NZ, Vodafone, Roads and Maritime Services, DIBP
Qualifications: Masters in Information Systems, Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), member of
TheGreen Grid (TGG), MIEAust member of Engineer Australia
Skills: data centre design, critical power products, energy and risk assessments

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