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Xmaru ee) Pari Xmaru ENVIRC Imaging Centers Orthopedic Mobile Veterinary ©2013 Rayence Inc. Xmaru 1417PGA/PCA True 14x17 Cassette Sized Flat Pane! Detector The Rayence Xmaru 1417 Series is the latest in innovative e durable, ultrathin, and ight weight design makes i the most ideal 14"x7" flat panel detector. The 17 Series is desi e ISO 4090-complant cm x-ray cassettes, which paves the way for seamless and hassle free upgrades for any x-ay ation. Whether moving from film or CR to DR, upgrading existing technology or instaling a n DR system, the Rayence Xmaru 1417 Series isan economical choice for superior image quality. De ares combination of zed flat panel technology. T o be compatible with X-Ray systems that x43 copriety TF ‘lpi resolution, Trough ou ‘gbss paired with high Gigabit Ethernet interface, images can b ality scintilators wor 127 jm a viewed in as tle as 2 ‘equiremant of a gens 417 Sones delivers inturnd iovel po the length of exams while installations tke than an hour. Mora i ioe point without the tantly, the Xmaru ving pation x Flexibility, Portability, & Versatility Cresasinen 8mm) The Xmaru 1417 Sarias provides the ukimate in adaptability to its environments. Whether it is being used on tabletop, in universal stands, tables, upright buckys, the Xeraru 1417 Series can easily be retoftied into a wide range of radiography systems. It uses auto-vigger sir ng technology that does not reauire any xray generator. Tis ad solution for both Fixed and rmobilefporable xray applications Specification Xmaru1417PGA Xmarui417PCA Detection Area t4xi7in xin Dimensions (W xL x) 480417 x 15.8 mm 460.417 x 15.8 mm Active Area: 4.358 mm 428.358 mn Sensor Type ‘Amorphous Silicon with TFT Amorphous Sicon with TFT Seitaioe Gadolinium Oxysutlée (Gadox) jumlodide (Cesiua) Weight 3.2 kg (7.05 bs) 3.4kg (749 os) Active Piel Number 2268 % 278 2268 » 2756 pinels Piel Pte 121 um 27 ym Limiting Resolution: Max 3.9 ipa Max. 39 inimm Energy Range: 40 40- 150KV [AD Conversion: tabs ails Data Acquisition Tine < 20sec <20 Manutactures Rayoncs Reyence DR Configurations Configurations 1 >a i Dealer Information: @ Rayence @ By OOO Rayence Ine. 2200 Fletcher Avenue. Suite 705B Fort Lee, NJ 07024 T+201.585.0290 F + 201.585.0283 www.ayencousa.com