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Jan. 9th to 13th


Jan. 13
Jan. 20th
Jan. 27th
Feb. 10th

Up Coming Fifth Grade Events:

Museum (self-guided) Depart BNT 12:30 / Depart Museum 2:00
Art Specialist
A Children's Symphony (UAF)
Swimming at Hamme Pool

o Math:
o Spelling:

We will be working on Unit 8 which includes elements of algebra like

variables, order of operations, and evaluating expressions for the rest of the
week. For homework, spend a couple hours working on Khan.

o Writing:

Write the lamest excuse for a missing homework assignment you can
imagine. At least a long paragraph but not more than a page. Due Friday.

o Reading:

Students should be reading at least 2 hours a week.

Thank you!

Jeffrey Lesseig
Barnette Magnet School Room 211
Email: jeffrey.lesseig@k12northstar.org
Phone: 456-6072 ext. 20251
Website: lesseig.weebly.com