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STR 581 Capstone Final

Exam Part 2
Find entire STR 581
Capstone Final Examination,
Part Two with STR 581 Week
4 Capstone Final Exam Part
2, STR 581 Capstone Final
Examination Part 2,
Capstone Final Examination
Part 2 BUS-475 and STR 581
Capstone Final Examination
Part 2 Answers in Uop E

1. Internal reports that review the

actual impact of decisions are
prepared by:
the controller
department heads
factory workers
management accountants
2. Horizontal analysis is also known
trend analysis
vertical analysis
linear analysis
common size analysis

3. Which of the following is an

advantage of corporations relative
to partnerships and sole
most common form of
reduced legal liability for
lower taxes
harder to transfer ownership
4. Serox stock was selling for $20
two years ago. The stock sold for
$25 one year ago, and it is
currently selling for $28. Serox
pays a $1.10 dividend per year.
What was the rate of return for

owning Serox in the most recent

year? (Round to the nearest
5. External financing needed:
Jockey Company has total assets
worth $4,417,665. At year-end it
will have net income of $2,771,342
and pay out 60 percent as
dividends. If the firm wants no
external financing, what is the
growth rate it can support?

6. An unrealistic budget is more
likely to result when it:
has been developed by all levels
of management.
has been developed in a top
down fashion.
has been developed in a bottom
up fashion.
is developed with performance
appraisal usages in mind.

7. Which of the following financial

statements is concerned with the
company at a point in time?
balance sheet
retained earnings
statement of cash flows
income statement
8. Next year Jenkins Traders will
pay a dividend of $3.00. It expects
to increase its dividend by $0.25 in
each of the following three years.
If their required rate of return if 14
percent, what is the present value
of their dividends over the next
four years?

9. An activity that has a direct
cause-effect relationship with the
resources consumed is a(n):
product activity
cost driver
cost pool
overhead rate
10. The major element in
budgetary control is:

the approval of the budget by

the stockholders
the valuation of inventories
the preparation of long-term
the comparison of actual results
with planned objectives.
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STR 581 Capstone Final

Exam Part 2
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