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SL AG RAVE'S Introduction ASTROLOGY. In Thre PARTS. _ THE F LR SsT = Containing the Ue of an Ephemeris, and how to ereét a Figure of Heaven to any time propofed t alfo the fignification of the Houfes, Planets, Signsand Afpetts, the Explanation of all ufeful Terms of Art ; with Plain and Familiar inftrudti- ‘ons for the Refolution of all manner of Queftions, and Exemplified in every particular thercof, by Figures fet, and jndged, The SE COND ‘Treateth of Eleétions 5 thewing their Ue and Application, 4+ they are conftituted en the Twelve Celeftial Houiss, where ‘you are inabled to chule fch times as are proper and a to the perfedtion of any Matter or Bufinels what+ fever. Camprebendehan About Mahod for Reinga Ju rchendeth an Abfolure Method for Redtifying and Judge ‘ng Natvites, the Significacion and Porren's of Dred, with New and Experienced Rules touching Revolutions and Trans, dr. , By pg of Reading, Gent. Student in Aftrology and TOoEPH BLAGRAVE 9/ Reading stadoubin physi broly edie 2 a And God fui, let there be Lights tn the frmanent of the Hecven, fieldetneda fon ithe might: Let them be for figns, and for Jes fans, endfor days and yeart. Gen.t.19. LONDON, Grinted by E.tylem and R, Holt, for Obadiah Blagrave, at the Beat in S, Paal's Church-Yard, 168: ‘The Epiftle Dedicatory. this my Prefentation, give me leave té roclaim to the World my deep Re- fg — a of late Favors beftowed up- on me, thofe good Incouragements in TO THE my way of Livelyhood ; which, un- der God, I muft and ever fhall owe Courteous to your’ Goodnefs. And fing if Noble Sir, I know you expect Thanks |" . rather than Complements, let ho man R E A D BE R accufe me of Vanity, if I profefsagreat |, AN. 4 e fatisfaction to my felf in this ( that I Bout fix: Tears lat pall, Mr. Jol. Blagrave of Reading, inthe County of Berks, Prints hope ) Heaven hath given me a heart to be thankful, and ro take due notice td bis Book, called, The Aftrological Practice of Phyfick: 4nd he alfo then of fuch great Inflruments of Good to- wards me, Sir, my humble Prayers | Sisnified, that be bad other Books of Aftro- logy to be Printed. Now > Courteous fhall not be wanting therefore fot the ¢ontinuance of your days in Peace and ! i Reader, this Introdudtion to Aftrology, Profperity , to the Comfort of your | Self, Friends, and all that are obliged | toyou, whom I know to be not a few, among whom I alfo am glad to reckon my elf, Noble Sic, 22°) 6a Your moft Humble, And ever Obliged Servant Obadish Blagrave, is The Epiftle to the’ Reader.’ is the Genuine Of pring of Mr. Jol. Bla- grave, who was a man of great Experience, Induftry and Sagacity = be was a Praklie tioner in this Noble Art near forty years, Ido not doubt but you will find new Mate & ter inthis Art which hath not been com- Farewel. F amunicated to the World in Print before, 4 AN os INTRODUCTION Jupiter. “3S Mars, © sub ‘ S 8 Merch Lune Dragons Heads A ta the Tn velve Signs, with re of the ‘they by them fiifed’ “ondlos they are she whi cach osher. Yes, was a iS oon Ne fe ite, Renan oe T ip eee jie sey. $5 awaryy the be 5 Wie, he Fee B » Thele