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Adila handayani-Nickname dila
: a girl who is kind, friendly, humble which is get bullying by her ex
bestfriend because of it she commit suicide.
Ayustrisa Utami-nickname ayus , Devi Septania-nickname devi,
Himmatul Ulya-nickname ulya/uli, Nurmaya-nickname maya and Riris
: Dilas ex bestfriend who is kind, friendly, humble who is easily provoke,
turn out to be mean towards dila
Ruth debora-nickname debo: a new student who is provocator, envious,
and mean
Amalia : a teacher who is wise, kind, and care with her student
Cynthia fenedy
: dilas childhood friend who is kind, friendly and care to dila
Aprilia lestari-nickname april and lavenia Febriani-nickname lave:
cynthias bestfriend who is friendly, kind, and always suppport every
cynthia act
Small Lies in Friendshipis about six girls whose best friend Dila, told all
their deepest secrets to her ,but they are not close friend with her
anymore because a new student came and change everything. Dila
mysteriously disappeared at the end of their 9th grade year. After Dila's
disappearance, the girls go their separate ways. Four years later, dila's
body is found dead. Shortly afterwords, they start to get creepy text
messages from a person who calls them self "A". "A" brings back their

most unwanted memories of their past, threatening to tell their deepest

secrets. The girls thought that since dila was dead, at least their secrets
were safe. But It turns out that they were very wrong.
situation :
Devi Ulya Riris Maya Ayus and Dila walk around to their class happily, they
are being bestfriend almost 4 years, they are going through everything
together which is in saddest or happiest moment.
In the middle of their class teacher announce something.
Amalia : Good morning
Students : morning miss
Amalia : hows life ? well I have a good news for all of you, today ull have
1 new friend come on in Debo
*students whispering*
Debora :Hi guys, my name is Ruth Debora you can call me Debo for
short. I hope all of you can be friend with me
Amalia : okay.is there any question ?
Lavenia :where are you come from?
:I am from England
: do you have any experience in here?
: this is the first time im here, so Ill be glad if you can help me
Amalia : i think it is enough. You can ask her later. I hope all of you can
help her adapt here. Okay, now lets get starting class open ur book to
page 14

(break time)
Debo : hi girls can I sit with u ?
Ayus : sure here it is
Devi : so Debo, how can u move to here ?
Debo : my dad is a bussines man his job required him to go everything it
Ulya : that is suck like you know, when u actually had created ur life in
somewhere with someone special and then something happens break
Maya : I know youre feeling
Riris : It doesnt matter deb, youll enjoy your new life in here with us,
isnt it guys ?
Maya+Ulya+Devi+Ayus : cheers for debora
Riris : hi dila whats going on ? coming join with us cheers for debora
Dila : ekh..ok..okey girls, cheers (arguing inside : I dont like this girl idk
y? Huh)
Debo :
(class over)

As usual Devi Maya Ayus Riris Ulya Dila walking together back to their
home in the middle they are talking someone just tap their shoulder.
Ayus : hi deb u just made me a little heart attack
Debo : oh sorry for that u girls are going back to home can I join?
Riris : of course
Dila : why you are always following us ? just go and find the new girls for
u but not us
Maya : what are you talking about Dila?
Devi : Debo, let me clear it,Dila mean do u mind to join us this evening
going to Ririss house for doing the homework?
Debo : well, Dila u must be careful because your friend isnt
always with you
Ulya : what is that mean?
Debo : nothing,I just answer devis question with a quote that means, I
am in.
Riris : Dila, tell me someting that I dont know
Dila : I just too afraid to lose my girls
Riris : you know that itd never happen, right?
Dila : I hope so
Riris : you can trust me, we are together almost 4 years which is not a
short time
Dila : bestfriend forever ever
Riris : bestfriend forever ever"
Situation : debo never like if averyone have any happiness, she want all
the happiness for herslef. So, she is planning to break their relationship
(dila, devi, riris, himmatul, ayus, and maya) and she choose dila to be her
[Lesson begin]
amalia : morning all, show me ur homework what uve done for that. Ill
check it
(students are put outside their homework on the table while the teacher is
checking their homework each student)
Amalia : well maya, why I cant see your book here ?
Maya : I dont know miss, I think I brought it with me. Its impossible if I
left my homework in my bedroom
Amalia : aa stand up and get out, I dont want to see a lazy student in
front of my eyes
Maya : But miss.. Iam pretty sure I carry it, u have to trus..
Amalia : you just waste my time get out now!
Maya : ergh!
The truth is the one who took mayas book is debo and she put the book
in dilas bag.
Amalia : Dila, is this really your book ?
Dila : what do u mean miss? Of course its mine
Amalia : but it looks like Mayas book

Dila : what!? Let me see it

Suddenly debora: thats really sly. so, thats the way you took her
book so, that you didnt got a scolding because you're not doing your
Dila : STFU how do u know that I didnt finish my homework?
Debo : because you didnt with us to do the homework last evening at
Ririss house and it is impossible for you to do the homework by yourself
because you said that u didnt understand about the homework
Amalia : SHUT UP! Is that true dila ?
Dila : yes it is
Amalia : u dont have to ask me what you should do right?
Dila : okay. I got it
(riris ayus devi maya ulya are whispiring each other while Maya get in
back to the class )
Debo: ( in her deepest heart : its just beginning)
story line:
when the break time devi and her friends accuse Dila why she do that to
Nurmaya and Debo continue to make another evil plan. Because of
debos evil plan there is the time when dila almost make devi hurt but
that was all debo plan, she was set up that dila will be the one who hurt
her friend. Because of that they didnt trust dila anymore and and distand
themselves from her. So, dila become close to april, Cynthia, and lavenia.
With them dila told everything that happen to her.
Situation: dila, april and cynthia are walking pass dilas ex bestfriend.
Debo: hey, look the klepto girl is walking this way.
Ayus: did you mean a thief?
Maya: yeah, of course who else? She is queen of klepto!!
Cynthia: just ignore them dila, they arent important
Riris: what you mean with the word not important ?
lavenia : just think it by yourself. You dont know the truth. Look at that
girl beside you. She is the one who is evil
Riris : yeah. I know for sure. You mean dila right? I think you are the who
must becareful with her.
Cynthia : I know for sure dila isnt that kind of person.
Ulya :who the hell are you? We know everything about her, cause we are
bestfriend for 4 years.
lavenia: so, all of you must know what kind person dila is.
Devi : yeah,we know for sure that she is the one who stole her bestfriend
book, so that she didnt got a scolding because she isnt doing her
April : I told you! You didnt understand the real story , stupid!
Debo : are you picking a fight to us?

April : okay. If you insist!

Dila : hey guys come on. Fighting isnt a solution for this. Whatever they
say I dont care anymore. Lets go guys.
Debo : yeah. Just go. Like a loser usssualy do.

At Cynthia house sitting Cynthia, Dila , April, and Lavenia
Lavenia : I dont know what is in your mind dila?
Dila : what do you mean?
Lavenia : why did you let them insult yourself? But it is not a fact, that
actually happene
Dila : I also dont know why they do that to me? I was just in shock. So, I
dont want to make myself too depressed by fighting with them.
April :dila calm, you are not alone to bear all the pain youre going
through, we will be here for you
Cynthia : now that you can do is very simple, open to us everything you
want to us, we will always be here for you to hear.
Lavenia: and we will always support you and believe only in you, not like
your ex-bestfriend who is suck.
Dila : thank you so much friend, it means a world to me.

[story line]
After a few week dila got bullying from her ex bestfriend. they bullying
her cruelly. Like hiding her book, put an insect in her bag, mock her
everytime they see her, spread some gossip about her, so, almost all of
the student hate her now. After she got more bullying from her ex
bestfriend she become depressed. A few week later dilas body was found
out died in her summer house. When Cynthia know the fact that dila
already die, she didnt accept it, she cant believe dila to die that way. So,
she , april, and lavenia planning a plan to terror dilas ex bestfriend, like a
creepy messages, a prank , and leak their secret to all the student in their
Riris : I cant believe that adilla is already dead.
Ayus : me too, it feels like yesterday we might have a fight with her, but
now? She is gone
Amel : morning girls.
Maya , Ulya, Devi, Riris, Ayus : morning maam
Amel : I am really sorry for hear that one of your bestfriend, dila already
Ulya : actually, were all too shock because we really know her that she
never had a serious diseases, but why she passed away suddenly?
Amel : that is a secret of the almighty. What we can do? Allright, lets go
to class together this time is going to start at the first lesson
*phone rings*

Situation: maya checks her phone and she is very surprised with the mail
that she got from which decided herself as A. but not only Maya, Devi ,
Ayus, and the others got a creepy messages too. Some of their creepy
messages are like:
Ding Ding the bitch is dead. A
Dead girls is walking. A
I spy a liar. A
Kiss a bye bye to your B.F.F. A
Hey, Ayus ! You into sharing with your B.F.F? even your B.F? A
Theres only so much you can done with me yet. A
Breaking news Maya hastings is now a person of my interest my death. A
Heads up, BFFs. Its open season on liars and Im hunting. A
Lucky you ulya! Other girls have to do their homework. You get to do the
teacher.. A
Its not over until I say it is. Sleep tight while you still can, bitches. A
A is everywhere
A is for Adilla not Amateur Mona played with dolls, I play with my nody
parts. Game on bitches. A
Do it right now. Ill be waiting. Just like TOM SAWYER. A
Im still here bitches and I know everything. A
Because of it Riris, Ulya, Devi, Ayus, and Maya trying to find out who is
the one behind all of this.
Ayus : GOTCHA!
Ulya : I know right, the people who is playing with us is around us. Dont
let her go!
Devi : wait.. wait that sound similar to me
Maya : I agree with you dev.
Riris : lets find out who is behind all of this shit!
Riris, Ayus, Maya, Devi, Ulya: WHAT!? CNYTHIA?
Cynthia : yeap, this is me.
Devi : but how can? You? Creepy messages? All the secrets?
Cynthia : yeah, yeah, yeah, I am the one who sent all of the creepy
messages with all ayou secrets.
Riris: but why? You do this to us?
Cynthia: because YOU! Dilla commite suicide!
(Riris, Ayus, Maya, Devi, Ulya upset)
Lavenia : yeah, as you know, you all make her disappointed. She is really
depressed. She cant handle her pain by herself. WHERE ARE YOU WHEN
Debo : hey, damn! What the hell is going on right now? What am i
missing? Can you all get out of my way?
Lavenia :THIS GIRL! Is the mastermind behind all of this.
Debo : hey, becarefull with the words that you are saying!
Cynthia : we know everything debo, why you do that to dila?

Riris : what? Wait, do what? What did debo do to dila? Tell me something I
dont know
Lavenia : Debo is the person who stole mayas homework and put it to
dilas bag isnt it debo?
Maya : but why you do that debo? Why?
Debo : because you all suck! You guys picking friends, I rarely see you
join with the others. Thats what make me sick , see your togetherness
thats digusting.
Devi : but because of you dilla passed away and we never have a chance
anymore to apologize to her.
Ulya : you are a killer!
Debo : shut up! You should be ashamed of yourself because you are the
real cause dila suicide because you are too busy with themselves to each
of you.
Cynthia: STOP! The behavior you do is embarrass yourself dont judge an
event that has already happened because it isnt the best solution and it
will not return dila again right?
After they know what is the real story behind all of this they regret for
everything they did to dila. And they blaming for everything that happen
to debo, but it was too late. Dila will never be back and It already too late
to apologied to dila. So, they separate their way and continue their life
with regret.

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