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Published for the H onor and GIon} of God in obedience to the Blessed
Virgin Mary.
Queen of the Roly Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace
The author, Henry Swan

Henry Swan, in obedience to the Mother of God, has written rus

own story concerning the Apparitions of Necedah and his connection
with the Victim, Mary Ann Van Hoof. Much of the narrative is, of nec­
essity, overlapping but will serve the reader as a councerbalance for
Mary Ann's own account.

Henry Swan is a former High School History teacher; fatqer of

eight children and business man in and around Necedah, Wisconsin. He
has given up his family, home and business to attend Mary Ann day
and night as requested by Our Blessed Mother.

Perhaps the prayer, written by the author, will give the reader an
insight inco the soùl of the man so cho sen by Our Lady. It is a prayer
that all of those believing in and working for the Apparitions of the
Mother of God and Her pleas to save Christianity and our Country would
reiterate along with Henry Swan.


Oh God. please let me be instrumental in saving my Country and our

people [rom the [ate, the destruction into which their [olly has led them.
May 1 be an instrument, a tool in Your Hands, to be used to that end.

Oh God. may 1 have the wisdom and the grace" through You, and with
the help o[ others, like instruments unto mysel[, to con[ound and destroy
the plans o[ the de vil. Through Thy Power may we be given the power
to destroy or to isolate and make owerless those whom we cannot other­
wise save.

Oh God, 1 do not deserve su ch an honor and privilege [or, o[ myself

1 am nothing, and without the graces which are Thine to bestow, am
absolutely worthless and powerless.

May Thy all-power[ul Majesty, Thy Greatness. Goodness and Mercy

be recognized through all o[ the world and through Thy Justic.e may all
o[ T ine ~s be broughti;;to the dust [rom which the y were mad-Z
at Thy Feet ..

May 1 have the grace, Oh God, to accept Thy Holy Will and rlOt to
set my piti[ully weak will against Thine. May 1 have the grace to accept
the strength promised me and to recognize the guidance given me, [or 1
am weak.
May 1 be given the grace always to recognize my own weaknesses
and the power to overcome them that 1 may be to You a better servant.

In obedience to the decree of Pope Urban VIII and in
conformity with the Apostolic Constitution "Officiorum
ac munera" of Pope Leo XIII. l declare that l claim no
more than a purely human consideration for the extra­
ordinary graces reported in this book, and that 1
thereby submit at aIl times and unreservedly to the
j udgment of the Catholic Church.
The Author

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . *** • • • • • *** • • • • ** • • • •

Copyright 1959. AlI rights reserved.

No part of this may be reproduced in any
form without permission from the' author .
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Book II

Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . l

The Change the Apparitions Have Made in

Me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

MY Work With Necedah 3

Mary Ann's Experience With a Stranger .. 37

Vision of Horror....... 51

An Old Warehous e. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 52

Capture of .American and South Korean

Prisoners... . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 53

Range of Mountains.......... ......•.... 53

- Mary Ann' s Sufferings ;-. 57

The Youth for Whom Mary Ann suffers. . .. 59

The Victim Soul. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 72

Summary of 1951, 1952, 1953 and 1954 79

MY Daily Contacts with the Victim 82

MY Contacts with Our Lady 93

MY Rosary ·........... 105

MY Contact with the saints,: 105

Narration of the Last Supper 118

Narration of the Passion ; 127

Notes taken by Fr. Scheetz 164

Notes taken by Dr. DeWerth 172

Revelations on the Fridays of Lent and

Advent 180

Spiritually, the Apparitions of Our Lady of Necedah have made a
great change in me and brought to me a mue reater reat"ization of the
effect trule.God and His Church have on our daily lives.

>0 1 w"g;; born and rai sed as a Protestant. When l was a child 1 attend-
ed Sunday School 10 tfie Methodlst Church at Stevens Point, Wisconsin;
and as 1 grew up attended Church services and the other activities of
the Church.

~y Mother was an active Church memoer when she could be, and
my father hardly ever attended any church service at aIl. Like many, 'J
he was not ami-reE ious or irreli ious but was assive ta It. e con- J
sidered himself a Protestam having been raised as such as a child.
He was somewhat ami-Catholic, however, and 1 think with due cause, ,\\1
althou h the fault la . with the uman side of the Church. From what 1 JJII )
have heard from various Anti's allen away Catholics, that has in
the main been the reason.

/lly father was sent to the P hillipine Isl ands in about 1900, shortly
after the United States had acquired them. from Spain It was at the t!iEe
of the A uinaldo Insurrection. He found there that most ~e wealth
was in the hands of the Catholic Church and that the priests were liv'ing
ff of the fat of the land, like feudal barons exploitiE.g the natives whom ~
they ~l;>~~sem..lQ make Christians. He blamed the Church for that 1
condition and was always sour on the Catholic Church fr.Q1Il Jh§~ time}
o,n~ 1 have tmed to some fallen awa.l s who desÇIl~.---?iJ!l.ilar conditions
as having existed in Cem:œ.E;urope. ~
!\'!y wife is a Catholic and it was through her that 1 became one.
1 took instructions frorn Father Casey of Saint Stephen's Church in
Stevens Point, 'Wisconsin and became a Catholic Defore we were married
which was in 1929.

1 was a Catholic, but you ['light say a lukewarm one, 1 attended

i\lass regularly on Sundays and Holy Days and went to Confession and
Communion possibl a cou le times a ear. After we llloved to Necedah,
we lived as we do now right close to the Church. We became very close
ta F ather Lengowski who was our P astor; and l began to attend the
~~craments much more,often than previously. Ho.we:rer...since the ARR.ar-JI
ItIOns and ni conneCtlOn WIth them, and my belIef 10 them, 1 have trled
to follow those requests; and for the pa st three years at least, have
been a claily communicant.

1 must say tnat one of the easiest things for me ta accept in Cath-

olic teaching w ~ .. n a Our Heavenl Mother in the scheme of )J
things;; alwas had a reverenCe for er and a ealed to er.le seemed"
like logic to me in gaining an answer to my prayers, as at home when
Mother was on my side., the game was won;so "it sèemed to me if Our
Heavenly Mother was on my side I would have a much better chance
of my pr.ayeTs beiJlg answered. Therefore, I always prayed to Her first.

My contacts with the "many Catholics who came to Necedah and my

discussion wi th them, I suppose was also responsible for my interest
in the Church and things pertaining to it, because I coptacted so many
many people that were 0 uch better Catholics and Church goers than J)
I, that it made me realize and be somewhat ashamed of the smaH amOUJlt
of interest l had shown in the past in my religion. 1 also heard of the.
many things that had happened to others spiritually and from many ot'
them that they attribute it to Our Lady· of Necedah. "

My life also has been changed much in many other ways. I was
operating the Ford garage here in Necedah at the time of the Apparitions;
and was doing a very nice business. My interest in the Apparitions,
and the time l spene wi th them were largely responsible for the fact
that 1 am now broke, and the garage, while still in my name is not in
any way much of an asset to me. Sorne of my business dropped off be­
cause of my c~nnection with the Apparitions as _there was opposition
and disbelief on the part of many- Wc who bel jeyed i were raIl cd '~
~'; and were scoffed at and ridiculed, as wouldk patural under
the circumstances. 1 also VIaS up against opposition and disbelief in my
own family and rece iveçi plenty of criticism and persecution from them
as weIl.

That was the first part of the persecution as far as 1 was con­
cerned. because while 1 don't care so much what others think,.I do not
want to hurt my family; and would like to retain.their respect also, if
possible. Things, however, have been rough from that standpoint; and
they do not seem as though they will be much better until the picture
changes somewhat. The onlyone in my family who still thinks 1 am O.K.)
is my son Chuckie. Heis only four ears old.

Of course, we who have been chosen for this work and have been
close have been subject to Oluch criticism - also from the people who
çome to Necedah, as we had to sometimes put ourf"~lves in the way of
sorne things they wanted to do in order to follow out the advice and
instructions which we had to follow." I have even been refe~red to as a
w~g, and that by one who .is undoubtedly a bette! Christian than 1.

Things have not aIl been rosy by any manner of means but if the
cause of Our Lady is furthered even a little bit through my efforts - J\
then, it will be worth much more than aH it has cost in time, trouble, pain
heartaches or otherwise. .

My Connection with the Cause of Necedah

The first l heard of the Apparitions was on or about the first of

June in 1950; but l didn't pay any attention to iL The first attentio-;
l id pay was on the 16th of June 1950, on which day there was an
Apparition. My wife Florence and Mrs. Harold Round went out there;
but l ridiculed the ide~ and didn't o. l did get curious enough to drive
( ( out Highway 21, where l could see the cars and busse~e
parked in the fi~e side of the Van illi..l!9me; and l also saw
some of those cars and busses as they went over to our Church after­

My first actual connection in any way was when our Priest, Fr. 1\
S. R. Len owski aIL some men of our arish to ether to discuss it;
and to discuss what we would have to do if, as claimed. we might have
a very large crowd of people here on the next ap- âr"ition date which was 1
to be the 15th of Au ust. Present at this meeting were: Art Siegler,

George Siegler, Harold Round, Earl Meise, Stanley Schulz, myself and JI
Fr. Lengowski. The possibilities of there being a very large crowd ~
here, and the necessity of having some facilities for handling them
were discussed.

The fact that we must have some sort of organization to handle

them and possibly some money was also discussed - anqyo from rhat
group we had an election. Art Siegler was' elecred Treasurer, Stanley
(SC ur2WaS" t e Secretary and l, Henry Swan, was elected Chairman of

that group.

This group only had two meetings by ourselves. At the second

one, the same group was present, except for the fact that Mrs. H. Round
attended in place of her husband who had gone away on a job. By the

time~~cond meeting. we were be innin ra realize the imm~y
r of the job we would have to do because we were beginning ro get more
co~ence of the fact that there would be many many people

l was President of our local Chambec of Commerce at rhat cime; )

and we began ro get in many letters asking us to reserve rooms for them,
etc. These letters were from ail ovec rhe United Srates and even out­
We made a survey of available beds in Necedah - aIso in surround-
mg towns of New Lisbon, Mauston, Friendship and Adams. ln reply to
Out inquiries, we were even able to get a line on rooms and çabins at
Nekoosa. and Wisconsin Rapids. My bookkeeper, at the garage, was
working full time on the job. There was some humor in the deal also,
showing how little people realized what sort of territory they were cQm-
ing to. For instance, we received one·letter from a woman in New York
who wanted us to reserve a room for her in the best hotd in townj and
did oot want to be above the fifth floor ..

We had many other meetings b,ut after the first two meetings, out-
side groups came in and our groups were much enlarged. There was a
group from Milwaukee which included John Horning, Leonard Scbmidt,
Bob Schmidt, M,ooney and many others whose names 1 cannot now recall.

Thère was a group from Appleton which included Gus Keller, Ray
Schelfhout, Joe Engel, Ray Priezl and sorne others. There were also a.
couple from Madison - one was Matt Hack and the other, again, 1 can-
not recalL At these meetings the problems we were faced with were
discussed. They included man y things.

The construction of toilet facilities, di.e handling of traffic. Capt..

McEvoy of the State Highway P atrol was contacted and attended sorne
of our meetings. He lined up and handled aIl of the traHic problems;
and did a very remarkable job. The group from Mil waukee handled the
financing and building of the toilets.

Sorne labor wa's hired, but in the main, everyone volunteered their
services. Work was done at the farm. Loud speakers set up - a stand
was built and J uly 1st, .~ statue of Our Lady of Fatima was placed on
it. A crucifix was put up on the bluff and the Way of the Cross Stations
were placed on the trail up the hill to the Crucifix. Knee ling rails and
rail were put up around the Spot. Fences were changed to contain the
crowd. The material was aIl furnished by the Milwaukee group who also
furnished the Crucifix, Stations, and Our Lady' s statue. Also, inasmuch
as they were by far the largest group, they furnished most of the labor.

lt was determined that we would have to have food and drink facil-
ltles on the grounds. A concession or agreement was made with the
Ace F ood's in Mi 1waukee to take care 0 f that end. Another agreement
was made with Stemper Church Goods House of Milwaukee. Every effort)
w ~ to keep am alLc.o.mn1lliialism. There were many who wanted
CO get in and take advantage of thëlarge number of people who were
expected to be there. John Horning of Milwaukee bought a piece of \
~ next~e Van Hoof farm and tha~was open tor parking at no J
........ .
------ ------
charge to anyone. Stanley Schulz and Art Siegler .rented another or )
rat~two other pieces of property for the same purpose and they were
used for free parking facilities.

Captain McEvoy figured that the old bridge at Necedah across

the Yellow River would be our big traffic bottleneck. So we called the
Wisconsin Power and Light Company and received permIssion to use
( the top of theu dam for foo~ficiJ N.e_..NOU1Lp.ill up;ailings so that
it would be safe. This was done, ail with .volunteer help. 1 might say)
that ordwarily getting permission ra use company property like thedam
would require the goillg-rhmugh of lots of red tape, of being pushed
from one official to another, and then end up with â refusaI.

On the day 1 caIled Tomah, our --district o(fice, for permission, Mr.
SOderstrom the Superintendent said, 'Just a min me', and then came back
and said, 'Yes, you mal' use the top of the dam if l'ou wdI put up a
( rading and take precautions so no Olle can get hurt.' He then said that
tney were at that time holding a meeting at Tomah and aIl the officiaIs
of the \"isconsin Power and Light Company were there. A very stran.ge
coincidence, or did Our Lady have a hand in it?

During this time, there were many people vlsltlng I.n and out;
also many priests were around. Many of them 1 met, and sorne 1 can
remember. Some 1 can't, but Fr. Heithaus was here, Fr. Scheetz and Fr.
Kennedy From the Milwaukee Diocesan newspaper. Bob Broderick, who
did some writing for Father Kennedy' s paper, and Bob's wife were also
here. Another writer, Don Sharkey was also here, as weil as many
reporters from newspapers and news agencies were in and out looking
for news. \\lhen the reporters were not here, they were calling up and
asking for news and what was going on ... were many people present' etc.I
l, as president of the Chamber of Commerce received many of the se
caIls.1 suppose many others did also. The closer it got to August 15th,
the more visitors came and the greater the number of caIls.

During this time 1 had occasion to go to the farm many times and
had an opportunity to watch the people. Nlrs. Van Hoof was talking to
the people a good share of the time. 1 had chances to observe. It was
during this time that 1 began,. to believe that perhaps there was something
to the Apparitions. 1 watched Mrs. Van Hoof as she talked to the people
and answered their questions of which there were thousands. 1 didn't
know her very weil personally at that time. 1 had seen her in town and
in Church on occasion; and she and her husband had been in ml' place
of business. 1 knew she was a farm wife and of no great education. Our
children attended school with the Van Hoof children. Of course we
heard mention of them as we did of others they went to school with. 1
knew the family was very poor. My son, Gordon and Bernard Van Hoof
ohen served at Mas~ ragether for Fr.. Lengowski; and chummed around
together somewhat.
The thing that caused me to believe that there could be something
to the Apparitions was the direct answers which Mes. Van Hoof was
able to give to aU the questions asked by aU people, priests and oehers.
Many of these questions and particularly those of the priests were
designed to trip her up. Her answers were always simple, direct, and
apparently satisfactory. l felt that no uneducated "person without guid­
ance could give those answers day after day - 'especially to those of
priests with their years of theological training and study.

On the llth of July, Father Sig asked me if l would take a car

and drive over co La Crosse as Mrs. Van Hoof and her husband were to
go over and see the Bishop. l drove them over there, Father and Mt. and
Mrs. Van Hoof. l remained out in the car during the interview. We scopped
at Sparra; and had dinner on the way home, but as l recall, Mrs. Van
Hoof had only a cup of coffee as she was fasting. "

Our work" progressed. We had our meetings ùf on e group to iron

out and discuss details. On one of these occasions, Captain McEv~y
said we would have co get sorne ambulance service because it had been
his experience, as Captain of the State Police in charge of the State
Fair, that on a hot day with a large crowd, they sometimes had to make
as many as 15 or 16 ambulance caUs an hour. We managed to get two
ambulances to be present, although as it later developed, we did not
have any use for them.

As the 15th of August approached~ our problems increased already.

Many people were staying in town The handling of reservations, etc.
were rremendous. We knew by now, of many, many people who were
coming on special crains, _of busses from here and there .. Every day
many people were at the tarm praying and gathering here and there in
groups to talk of things." Here and there you "would see a priest - some­
times a group of Sisters. Everywhere there were people with cameras
taking pictures.

Ace Foods moved in and set up sorne stands where food and drink­
were co be served. Newsmen were everywhere and each one wanted to
scoop the other on coverage. We tried to provide for them aU as best
we could; and to maintain good relations with them.

Thousands and thousands of sheets containing the messages of.

Our Lady to Mrs. Van Hoof had been passed out. Most of them were
printed by the Milwaukee group; but there were others prinred in other
places. Some even tried to commercialize on that to a small extent .. We
called one woman, Ann Stuart from, Dubuque, Iowa, who was putting out
and selling sorne pamphlets with the Message, before the committee
ordered h"erto stop. She had implied- a sanction from the Church which

had not been given at aIl. Many commercial photographs were being
sold. Brown's Studio in Wisconsin Dells put out the biggest share of

On one occasion Mrs. Van Hoof called up and said someone was
causing a disturbance out there. George Siegler and l went out. It was
a woman who was screaming and cursing but the woman who brought
her out here in a car came for her, and she left -without any further dist­
urbance. That occurred during the latter part of June.

The work of the 15th of August was being divided as to responsib­

ili:ty. Sorne were to have charge of the gates. Joe" Engel haCl charge of
the parking of cars in the lots. Gus Keller was to handle the press and
press facilities, etc.
Everyone wanted to see and tall<: to Mrs. Van Hoof which of course
was not possible. She was following the advice of" F athf:r Lengowski.
She had quit touching rosaries, etc., on his advice; but everyone wanted
to see her and get into the house to talk to her. It aIl presented very
much of a problem. The priests, however, were handling that part ­
Father Kennedy, Fr. Heithaus, Fr. Valeri<ln Rykowski, Ft. Scheetz,etc:
There were many around also whom l did not know.

Parking on aIl the se days was a problem. With th.e help of the
Van Hoof boys and a fellow by the name of Eric, we put up sorne signs
to keep them in the parking lot. But signs did not do too much good.
They would park anywhere and snarl things all up - even run over .. No
Parking" signs.

Many wanting concessions of sorne kind or another tried to con­

tact anyone whom they thought might have any influence. They tried
to see Mrs. Van Hoof. They followed her husband Fred around and
tried to talk to him so he couldn't even get his work done. Mr. Ersepke,
a local man, tried to get a concession for a Church-goods outfit, the
boss of which was staying at his house. He talked to everyone he
could, even including me. The man rented sorne land from the Whites,
on the road out to Van Hoofs and set up his stand there. Later on he
brought in an old bus and put a display in there. He could move that
from place to place; and 1 guess he figured he would be able to get
it into the parking lot.

On August 4th 1 again had driven Me. and !vlrs. Van Hoof and
Father Lengowski to La Crosse for an int~rview with the Bishop, and
as before, l was just the driver; and waited outside until they were
ready to return. l recall that it was a very hot day. l killed time by
going into the Cathedral to pray and by wandering around up town
looking in store windows.

AIl during this time, things to me appeared to be in a very fine
state of confusion, as far as Mrs. Van Hoof; her family, -the pri~sts,
and aIl were concerned. There were many priests there. AIl appeared
to be of the opinion that they were chosen to run things. Mrs, Van
Hoof was badly confused by aIl the advice of one kind and another
that she was given. Then there were also lay people .·who were wane-'
ing to be on the inside of ev.erything; and aIl things were ronning like
a car with a steering wheel for each p assenger - or perhaps l should
have said a bus, as there were too many to haul in one car. Our own
priest, who was Mrs. Van Hoof's adviser was being pushed around,
influenced, over-ruled, etc., by many of these oider priests who, of
course, feh that they were much, much better fitted to give advice
than Father Sig.

l met some very wonderful priests out at the farm - some of God's
finest servanes ..... humble, religious, sincere, unworldly true servants
of Our Lady, whose Love for God and Our Lady stood our all over
them. Then l met some also who very evidenely had wonderfl.l1 bpIDions
of themselves and their very superior knowledge - who seemed bored
with the world because there was nothing further for them to learn -
who showed as much love for themselves as some of the others had
for God and Our Lady.

Morning .....The others had quit earlier, but the people were
still coming. When l went home l had to drive my car through the
neighbor's driveway and across their yard and mine. l parked it right
by my front door. There were people and cars wherever you looked.
Some were sleeping; some were walking around and some were pray-
ing in groups. The Church and the Church yard were both full because
it had beensaid that the Bishop was not going to allow any extra
Masses. It was a Holy Day of Obligation. That order was rescinded.
There were Masses said in both the Hall and the Church -starting at
4:30 in the morning. l don't know how many were said, but there were
nj.any priests present and Masses were continuous in both places.

l went to Mass in the Hall ac about 6:30. We had to stand up.

There were so many people, there would have been no room for pews
and seats. l ate my breakfast and went right out to the farm. l did not
go to Communion...

When l got out to the farm, there was a cremendous crowd there -
people all over. Many had been there all night praying, and Rosaries
were being said continuously. The weather was very warm. In fact,
it turned out to be the hotrest day we had all summer. People were
crowding in. They were all jockeying to get into position where they
couId see to the best advantage..

A place had been set aside for P riests and Sisters, and another
for those sick and crippled who could not stand the pressure of the
crowds. There also was a place for newsmen and photographers - of
which there were plenty.

There was a continuous stream of traffic of all kinds under Cap­

tain McEvoy who did a very remarkable job of getting them in and out
with very little confusion. I do not have any idea of how many officers
were on the job; but there were a great many. Many of the counties
had cooperated by sending over men.

The Telephone Company had installed some telephones in the

old house next to Van Hoof's farm on the property belonging to John
Homing. Newsmen and others were using them for their caUs. One of
my sons was riding back and forth for the newsmen on a motor bike
carrying dispatches to the Telegraph Office.

Members of our Committee and some officers were at the gates

to keep order and to keep people out of the special areas set aside
for cripples - and the dergy. Policemen were at both the front and
back doors the afternoon of the 14th - all night - and the afternoon
of the 15th. AIso, there was an officer stationed at the front and back
doors of the house aIl night of the 14th of August c and aU the next

On the moming of August 15th, I went to the Post Office and

brought out a mail pouch with the mail for the Van Hoof home. There
was sure plenty of mail at that time.

The officers experienc.ed very little trouble with the c~owd, as

chey were in the main. very cooperative. People were there to pray
and await the expected visit "of Our Lady - and pray they did - con­
stantly. Hundreds of thousands of Rosaries were said ..

Stephen Breen was present and gave his talk on, "Our Lady of
Fatima". It was given over the loud speaker system and was very good.

Father Lengowski had been forbidden to come out t~ the farm

that day; so he stayed in Church in town during that time.

At 12:00 noon Mrs. Van Hoof came out and knelt at the Spot.
She was accompanied by members of her family. Juliet Hughes had
also attached herself to the family and foIlowed them out. Mrs. Van
Hoof prayed at the Spot. Then, getting up, she wenc to the microphone
and gave Our Lady' s Message over the loud speaker to the people. It
was very impressive ..... and the airwas elecrric. Newsmen and came~s,
moving picture and Ite levision cameras, tape recorde rs - priests and

laymen ail over. 1 was kneeling near the railing so 1 had a fairly good
view. Mrs. Van Hoof had given a blessing to the crowd with a wooden
crucifix,when she first came out. After giving the message, Mrs. Van
Hoof weot back and knelt at the Spot a short time; and then walked ioto
the house. Many movies and pictures were taken. Many descriptions
were written up.

1 was very much impressed with the fact that Mrs. Van Hoof was
able to talk to that large crowd using a microphone. 1 was very much
impressed with the Message, and the sincerity with which it was given.
Also, the way it was received by most of the people. There were sorne
who had expected to see a miracle. When they didn't, they were dis­
appoioted and disbelieving ·but they were few and far betweeo.

After Mrs. Van Hoof returned into the house, we opened up a way
around in front of the Spot so that the crowd could move through there
as many people had not been able to get close enough co see anything.
It did not work out too weIl, however, because the people would gather
near the Spot; and then didn't want to move on. People were gathered
in groups all around talking - telling of what they had seen and heard.
Many, however, got into their carS and left. The loud speaker system
was used in caUiog groups together; and for announcing the departure
of busses and trains.

Mrs. Van Hoof had toid us on June 16 or shortly after, that wc

eould expeet a erowd of 100,000 on August 15.

The cro.wd was estimated by Captain McEvoy of the State Police

as being about 100,000 people. In addition to all the cars on that day,
there were seven special trains on the Nortbwestern and 102 busses.
Estimates as to the number of people present varied greatly, but with
his experience, 1 would accept the Captain's as the most likely one
to be correct or more nearly correct. At any rate, there was a very great
crowd of people.

The money from the concession on food and religious articles was
handled by the Milwaukee group who had entered into the agreements
in the first place, and was used to defray expenses which had been
iocurred in the building of the toilets, etc. 1 believe, however, that the
expenses were greater than the income and that those who had guaranteed
the bills were out money. They, however, have the records on that.·

The bulk of the traHic wai finaIly dispersed with no casualties

or accidents of any kind. Much credit is due to Captain McEvoy and aIl
of his crew; and aU the others who volunteered their services.

On the night preceding the 15th of August, there had been a press
conference. Gus Keller from Appleton had been in charge. Not much was
discussed other than ta let them know what provisions had been made
for them as to parking their cars and the location that had been set aside
for them near the Spot for photography, etc. A11 of them had·crecientials .
which would permit them ço enter the parking lot and theiX' particular

The 15th of August was over; and the next problem we were faced
with was beginning to prepare for the 7th of October which was to he
the next day when a large crowd was expected .... The next day when
Our Lady was to appear. With the 15th of August behind us, we did not
have as many things to do as before because we had the toilets and
and other facilities there.

Many people were still around, coming and going, visiting the farm
and the Church, talking to Mrs. Van Hoof, visi ting the Spot, praying, etc.

The Committee met at Fond du Lac at the Hotel Retlaw ta discuss

things in between the 15th of August and the 7th of Octaber shortly
after the 15th of August. We met there because that was about a central
point for a11 and no group would have to do all the driving. Art Siegler,
Stanley Schulz and I attended from here. It was agreed that we would
a11 get tagether at Necedah ta do the work necessary for the 7th about
a week before that date. This was done. The same concessions were
to be allowed. Theyalso hadmuchof theirwork done as the stands were
all ready to be used again.

Our fencing was changed because of sorne experience on August

15th. On the 15th of August we had set aside a place for the c1ergy and
for nuns. We decided it would be better if they mingled with the crowd
and found their own places. Another thing we had arranged so the fence
could be opened up to permit people to pass through and review the
Spot on the 15 th, an d a11 we had done was cr eate a huge traHic j am, as
people would get as close ta the Spot as they could and then refuse to
move on. We also found that we had to utilize more space for the sick
and crippled as there were many more than we had anticipated on the
15th of August.

I became better acquainted with the Van Hoofs between August

and October because as chairman of our local group, l had to .contact
them on nurnerous occasions to work out detail-s that had to be h~ndled;
and as October approached, there were more an cl more contaCts.

On October 2, 1950 I gave Mes. Van Hoof a ride home from Mass.
Somehow or other, we started to discuss Father Sig. We were both sorne­

what worried about him as it appeared to us that he was comporting in ~
manner which might leave him open to criticism· by sorne ·people who;
were looking for things to be critical about. We did not wanr anything
to happen to him as both of us thought a great deal of him. W·e compared
notes; and after our discussion, determined to call Father Valerian
Rykowski, who was Father Sig's confessor, and one of his best friends,
hoping that he could help him.

We went into town and Mrs. Van Hoof called using my telephone
as everything that was done out at the farm was being checked on so
closely at that time. There were always people around there to listen
to everything that wenr on. That was the first time that Mrs. Van Hoof
was in my home. Father Sig must have received his orders to leave here
at about chat same time, as he was moved out of here and sent to Wurtz­
burg o.n October 4th. His notice was very short. My two boys helped him
to move. Mrs. Van Hoor had previously told me of having seen a vision
of Father with a shadow crossing over him.

It was determined that someone would have to have definite author­

ity over the Van Hoof property during the 7th of October, and that author­
ity was delegated in an agreement drawn up by Father Heithatis to Gus
Keller of Appleton, Leonard Schmidt of Milwaukee, and myself, as co
chairmen. We each had a copy of the agreement with us should there be
an occasion to need it. To my knowledge, we did not have any occa­
sion to use it.
( Agreement)
September 16, 1950
To Whom It May Concern:
We wish the following instructions to be observed:
1. No one who is nol a member of our immediate family 1S to be admitted
to our house on October 6th or 7th.
2. We hereby appoint Mr. Henry Swan, ML Gustave Keller,·Mr. Leonarq
Schmidt as a committee in complete charge of aIl the arrangements
with regard to parking of cars and buses, patroling of grounds, placing
of crowds, placing of the press, care and plaClng of the sick, placing
of sound and recording equipment, and placing of photographers, and
all broadcasting over loud speaker equipmenr, distribution and sale
of literature, religious articles, food and drink.
3. If anyone causes a disturbance in the vicinity of our house on or
before Dctober 7th the above designated committee is authorized to
eject the oHender from the premises.

(signed) Henry H. Swan (signed) Mrs. Fred Van Hoof

Gustave J. Ke 11er Fred Van Hoof
Leonard F. Schmidt

On one occasion, in 1950, 1 drove Eva Griffin's car, and took her
and Mrs. Van Hoof to La Crosse to see a woman whose name was Selma
Vollmer who was supposed, according to her story, to converse with
Our Lord and Our Lady. We talked to her at her home. 1 couldn't give
any credence to her stary. We were there for several hours.

Our groups arrived shortly before the 7th of October and we had
cleanup work in preparation for the big day. The concession set up;
and everything was in readiness. We did not have too much to do because
most things were ready from August 15th. We did make a few changes;
and stiffened up the fence in a few places.

A Press Conference was held on the night of the 6th. Gus Keller
talked to the boys from the press. The re was very little to be given out
except to tell them what provisions we had made for them out at the
farm. There was a slight disagreement that nignt betwe en the members
of our Committee and those from the Milwaukee Diocesan newspapers,
principally with Bob Broderick. They were asked to limit the nwnber
inside of the inclosure; and to keep their recorder behind the fence so
as not to obstruct the view of too many people. They, however, felt
that as the Catholic Press, they deserved very preferential treatment ­
the old newspaper compe tition and desire for a personal scoop on any­
thing of importance. It also seemed to us that they issued press cards
to everyone in the organization including the janitor of the building.
The disagreemenr was ironed out and all was O.K.

F ather Kennedy was forbidden to be here on October 7, 1950 and

so after and during the apparition of October 7th, one ct Fr. Kennedy's
men tied up Van Hoof 's phone and gave Father a play-by-play descrip­
tion of everything that went on. The phone was tied up for over an hour
and a half.

As far as the crowd and so forth were concerned, the 7th of October
was very much the same as August 15th. The wea ther was very much
differenr, however. Ir was much colder. During the night and eady morn­
ing, it rained very hard. They prayed all during the night, many people
staying there a11 night even in the heavy downpour. Cars were po\,lring
_into the parking lots a11 night. Men were 01,1( there busy parking and
directing them. October 7th was :lot a Ho ly Day of Obligation, but as
. many as possible went to Mass. When 1 got up, 1 looked over at the
Church. It was j ammed and people were aIl over outside in the rain
waiting to get in. 1 didn't try to, as 1 had to get out ta the farm and

l picked up Van Hoof's mail at the Post Office and took it out
there to them. l drove out with a car, but l had an official sticker, and

\vas able to get past the barricade set up by the traHic department, and
ge tout fairly close to the farm. In fact, 1 parked my car near the house
on Horning's property so 1 would be able to' get it out should 1 need it
in a hurry.

F ather Lengowski, our P astor, had been removed from our parish
on very short notice. He had been transferred to Wurtzburg, the transfer
ta king place on the 4th of October. A young priest, Father Simonds,
had been sent in his place.

When 1 arrived at the farm, there was already a great crowd of

people there. It was wet but was not rainlng hard· as Ït. had been eaTl.
ier. 1 tQok the mail into the house and .then went back outside to
mingle with the crowd; and to help with whatever was necessary. 1
had been out to the parking lot and was returning through the Van
Hoof yard sometime around 8 o'dock in the morning. Ir had quit rain­
ing then, altogether, when 1 heard murmers and signs of excitement
in the crowd and then an announcement (8:39am) over the loud speaker
which a moment before was being used to lead the Rosary. "Look at
the sun, folks - Look at the sun." 1 looked at the sun. It was peeking
through the clouds which were then thinning out. To me, Ït looked
hazy; but 1 couldn 't see anything el se peculiar about iL 1 was right
by Van Hoof's door when Mrs. Van Hoof, attracted by the noise of the
crowd, stepped out to see what the cause of the excitement was. She
asked me what was going on. 1 told her that the' sun was supposed to.
be doing tricks. She looked at the sun and chen turned to me and·
asked, "What do you see?" 1 told her 1 didn'J see anything but the
sun. She said, "That's aU that 1 see," and went back into the house.

1 walked on around the front of the house and through the crowd.
There were sorne al work around the Spot hooking up wire and tape
recorders and doi ng other things in preparing their equipment - cameras
and what have you. 1 went through the gates outto the road; many people
were trying by one means or another to get inside to points of vantage
where they could see. 1 recall one priest, Monsignor Daley, who was
trying to work his way through the front gate into the sick bay or the
portion set aside for the sick. He was finally permitted to go in and be
with the sick as there was no priest in with them. He went right through
the sick bay to the other gate without stopping.

Whcn 1 had occasion to go back through there, he was Ut the other

gate trying to impresshis importance on the guards there, 90 as to get
still closer to the Spot. He wasn't nearly as interested in the sick as
he had represented himself to be when he was trying to get into the
sick bay.

l was at the front gate at about 10 minutes to 12: 00 o'clock when
when Father Sig came to the gate. l got him ioto the house in time to
have a word with Mrs. Van Hoof before she went OUt to the Spot at

One incident that amused me on the 7th of October took place at

about noon, just shortly before Mrs. Van Hoof was to come out to the
Spot. tried co crash the front gate into the house and the officer
would not let her pass. Boy, was she mad! She was rea11y trying to give
the officer in charge a rough time and he just stood there and smiled at
her. The more he smiled, the madder she got, and the madder she got,
the more he smiled until she finally gave up; but sure told him off.

P romptly at noon, Mrs. Van Hoof and her husband with other immed­
iate relatives following went out to the Spot. She biessed the people
with her crucifix and prayed for a while at the Spot; and then standing
up and talking through the loud speaker system gave the Message. During
the time that she was talking, l could bear very distinctly, a boom ing
of guns and whistling of projectiles. Many people reported hearing the
same things.

Many people also reported a phenomena of the sun, but that will
have to be their report as again, l did not see anything. The sun, how­
ever, during that period of time when Mrs. Van Hoof was out was except­
ionally hot and bright. That day after having given the message and
while at theSpot, Mrs. Van Hoof did pass out and fal! onto the ground.
Sorne men who were handy, an officer,Leonard Schmidt and her husband
helped her into the house. Father Val Rykowski and Father Scheetz
took Mary Aun's pulse. So did a Dr. Weber from Milwaukee.

During this period of time, 1 had stood at the side of the house
beside Father Sig and a Priest friend of his, who was from Elm Grove,
near Milwaukee (Father Jack Arens). We had a position from which we
could see and hear very well.

After Mrs. Van Hoof had gone back into the house) Icirculated
around in the crowd and listened in on sorne conversations. Many of the
pecple were talking of what they had seen. They were describing the
action of the sun .... the changing of colors, etc. Sorne asked me what l
had seen. When 1 told them Ihad seen nothing U11usual, they couldn't
believe it. A couple of reporters asked me the same question.

About three o'clock in the afternoon l was at the fann when all
went into the house- Joe Engel, Len Schmidt,Bob Schmidt,Gus Keller,
Bob Broderick and myself. Mary Ann Apparently could feel the fact
that there was a little di ssension in the group as she told us that we
were a11 working for the same Lady and there should be no jealousy.

There should be love and unit y in working for Our Lady. She could feel,
as she told me later, the pressure of the friction !\,hich had arisen from
our confab of the night before wi th Bob Broderick. We aIl shook hands
with Mary Ann and left.

1 had to make a trip into town and picked up four women who were
walking. They were excitedly talking ofwhat they had seen. When 1 told
them 1 hadn't seen anything unusual, Etta Mullens said, '1 am going to
pray for you.' 1 told her that would be a good idea as 1 was sure 1 needed
prayers .

After the 7th of October, things quieted down again, but there
were still many people coming and going, visiting the farm, praying and
trying to see Mrs. Van Hoof. Mrs. Van Hoof, however, was gone away
from October 7th until October 14th.

On the advice of her spiritual director, she was no longer touch­

ing rosaries to hers or giving people a blessing; and in trying to live as
near a normal life as possible, was not seeing or talking to nearly as
many people.

Clara Hermans was seeing and talking to most of the people for
her, and was also helping with her mail and in other ways. It was
arranged that people in order to see her would have to see either Clara
Hermans or myself. Then the hours were also limited in so- far as poss­
ible 50 that she could have sorne time to do her work and be with her
family. We had sorne trouble enforcing the regulations particularly with
sorne people who had been close and feh they should be especially
privileged. Clara was on the Spot from that standpoint much more than
1 was, because she was at the farm fCa ctically al! of the time. Many
accused us of making up the cules for our own benefit and for various
other selfish reasons; and 1 don't know wha t we could possibly gain
except criticism and grief. The fact was that anything which we did or
any rules set up were done at the request of Mr. and Mrs. Van Hoof and
on the advice of her spiritual director.
(See copy of Rules and Regulations on next page)

Mrs. Van Hoof, Clara, Mr. Van Hoof and myself had many meet­
ings at which various problems were discussed as they came up. 1 be­
came very weIl acquainted with the problems; and as Father Lengowski
had suggested, 1 served as a go-between, between Mrs. Van Hoof and
F athe r, beca use after he was transfe rred awa y from our p arish, she did
not have the oppor tunity to see him when she needed advice. He did
come back to Necedah on occasion; however, undl such a time as he
was forbidden to do 50. On Derober 16, 1950 Mary Ann went up to Wurz­
burg to see Father Sig. ~he went with Marie and Vince Wiora. When she


Mrs. V<ln Boot must lead a normal life and take care of her duties
co her husband and family. She cannot possibly do this and see or be
seen by all of the people who desire co see her.

We know that each of you have your own problems that are ail
important ta you but it i s not necessary co see her ta have her pray for
your intention s_ Just drop your petition in the box provided.

If y u have very important business with her she can be seen by

appointmenr only, (NO EXCEPTIONS) between the hours of 2 0' lock
and 4 o'dock in the aftemoon Mondays through Thursdays. Please do
not try to see her othetwise.

DO NOT g.éve candy, money or gifts of any kind co the children.

DO NOT leave any money or donations of any kind. When the proper
time cornes for donations you will be contacted.

DO NOT leave or send rosaries or religious articles to be couched or

blessed. They get lost and are the cause of much confusion.

DO NOT expect that Mrs. Van Hoof can answer yoilr letters. She can't
possibly do it and have time co perform her other duties.

APPOINTMENTS will be handled by Henry H. Swan, Necedah, Wisconsin

arrived up there Mae Fitzgerald was there. ft was on this occasion that
Father told Mary Ann if there was any trouble of any kind that she
should call on me for advice. From that time. on 1 became one of the
chosen ones and have been recognized as chat since, by Our Lady in
messages given.

ln November, on orders from their local church authorities, the

grQUp from Milw'aukee came and removed the statue of Our Lady of
Fatima that had stood in the yard over the Spot and the Sta tions ot the
Cross that had been installed on the way up the hill to the crucifix.
Len Schmidt was one of those who came and there were sorne other men
with him whose names 1 cannot recall now. After removing the Stations
we went out to the farm and talked to Mrs. Van Hoof. She felt very
baclly about the statue having to beremoved and went away with her
mother, Mrs. Bieber, in her mother's car to avoid being there when it
was removed.

Mrs. Van Hoof had been told by Our Lady that she was to suffer
on the Fridays during Advent and Lent. She was told she was to suffer
the first Friday after the 12th of November, and that sometimes the
suffering would continue over Saturday and Sunday. The suffering was
for the community and her husband's family and for her own. She did.
1 was in the house on sorne of those occasions; bue did not have a
chance to observe her suffering during Advent. 1 cannot recall all who
were ~n on those occasions, but 1 do know of sorne -- Father Lengowski
and Father Schulz were- also Clara Hermans - Joe Engel from Appleton­
Mrs. Bieber (who is Mrs. Van Hoof's mother)- FatherValerianRykowski.

1 believe Father Sig got Doctor DeWerth in on one of the Fridays

during Advent also. 1 know he was in on rnost of the occasions during
Lent. Joe Engel was invited in when he came in and l;>rought Christmas
presents. 1 was sitting in the kitchen at the time and hadn't been per­
mitted to witness so when Joe came in with Christmas presents and was
invited in, 1 decided it was time for me to go and so 1 left. Father Sig
and Father Val came in together to witness on one occasion. 1 believe
it was during deer hunting as Facher Val used to always come up for
that. Father Val, as 1 heard later, gave Mes. Van Hoof advice after the
suffering. He said she was to see no one. The advice was that Mrs.
Van Hoof should not open any mail or answer any. She.was to give her
mail to F amer Sig. She was not to answer the telephone. A couple came
to the door and Fred sent them ·away. Later, they came to the garage
and saw Father Sig there. He wrote a slip for them to see Mrs Van
Hoof. This reversaI of decision, as far as Mrs. Van Hoofwas concemed,
was looked upon as a change in the orders and so she continued to see
the sick, as she felt Father would want her to. Facher Sig was her
spiritual director anyway, and she was not obligated tO follow the

direction of other priests anyway. ln fact, it would have been an impos­
sibility as there were too many priests al1 of who m were passing out
orders and advice.

On about the Ist of December of 1950, 1 received a letter from

F ather Val asking me to see that the bearers got a chance to see Mrs.
Van Hoof. It was presented to me by John Homing. Along with him were·
Mrs Brabazon, Joe Markoe and Father Bier. 1 went out ta the fann with .
them. It seemed that Mrs. Brabazon was supposed to see Our Lord and'
Our Lady - was sorne kind of mystic and had told them that she was
supposed to work with Mr s. Van Hoof. Apparently, sorne of the boys
down at Milwaukee were taken in, but she impressed me very little and
1 guess impressed Mrs. Van Hoof about the same:

On the night of December 7, 1950 Stanley Schulz who had been one
of our local Committee men was killed when his car was hit by the mid­
night Milwaukee train. It was a bad blizzardy night. He had told his
wife that he felt he was going to see the Blessed Mother; and perhaps
he did. It must have been sorne kind of a premonition.

On December 8, '1950, the Feast of the Immaculate. Conception,

there was quite a crowd at the farm. The weather was rot}gh. Ir was
snowing, and there was a lot of heavy wet snow. Many cars were stuck.
Betty Wakershauser brought a bus-load of people from Portage. Mrs.
Brabazon had made sorne predictions that miracles would take place on
that day. Those predictions had circulated far and wide as' such things
do. Joe Engel had sent out telegrams of the miracles ta take place. 1
can recall sorne who were present, although there were a great many
that 1 did not know - Ray Schelfhollt, Joe Budai from Cincinnati, John
Dohn, Bob Broderick, and Mrs. Carroll from Appleton who reported a cure
that day in her legs. As a result of the publicity circulated with regard
to Brabazon's predicted miracles, there were telephone calls and tele­
grams asking for particulars from News Ag.encies and papers aU over
the country. There was nothing, of course, and that was that. .I;lut sorne
people assumed that the prediCtions had come from here and through
Mrs. Van Hoof because the predictions pertained to happenings supposed
ta occur here at Necedah.'lt was harmf~l ta an extent.

J oe Markoe who was from Minneapolis but who had been working
in a restaurant here since before August 15th due' to his interest in the
Apparitions, was very much taken in by the Brabazon deal. When that
went sour, he seemed ta go sour onNecedah also. He wa s a great believer.
in Father Heithaus. ,He went to Milwaukee shortly after the first of .
December and was down there foi about a week. He delivereda message'
.to Father Val from Fred Van Hoof as .to the impossibiliry of fol1owing
sorne of the advice that Father Val had given. Fred said, 'We have to
make a living; just today a phone call came about. 1 can't be running
in to answer phone. We have business mail, too, that needs attention.
No, that's out. f t When Joe Markoe came back to Necedah, 1 went out
to the farm with him to deliver a return message from Father Val to
the Van Hoofs. The message was to the effect that he was washing
his hands of the whole thing. Joe Markoe was off Necedah from there
on; and soon left here to return to Minneapolis. 1 have only seen him
once since that time.

- - - was a man who was given the concession to sell re­

ligious goods in the Church Hall by Father Lengowski. He was a
hale fellow, weIl met and became quite close to Father Sig. 1 don't
believe that was aIl to Father Sig's good. He seemed to be looking
out very much for his own interests, and here to grab what he could
that would make him sorne money, and was hoping to use F ather' s
influence in his own interests. Wh en that did not pan out, he also be­
came sour on Necedah. Haven 't seen him in a long time. He was told
to leave the P arish Hall before October 7th, that he couldn 't sell
religious goods there, which upset him very much.

ln January, 1951 Joe Budai who had been at Necedah on October

7th, 1950 and December 8th as a repr~sentative of the Cincinnati
Inquiror, and had taken sorne pictures and written up a story, came to
Necedah. He wanred to get a testimony from Mary Ann and from others.
1 spenr sorne time with him while he was here, and was with him when
he interviewed Mrs. Van Hoof. She requested me to be present at that
time. He took the interview down on a wÏIe recorder. 1 believe he also
interviewed our local doctor, Doctor H. C. Meyers. 1 wenr with him to
Appleton, and we spent an evening at the house of Joe Engel. At Joe's
home that evening were Joe, his wife and Ray Schelthout. Aiso Gus
Keller. J oe took down testimony on the wire recorder from all three
of them. They gave their personal stories and experiences; and an­
swered sorne questions Joe put to them. He also wanted to question
me and was going to do it larer after we got back to Necedah, but he
left for home without getting any testimony from me.

On J anuary 10th, 1951 Father Dominic from Marytown was at

Necedah, accompanied by John Horning and Len Schmidt of Milwau­
kee. 1 had a talk with Father Dominic that day and he gave us aIl his
blessing. He impressed me as a very sincere and humble priest. Father
also spoke of how much better he was feeling at that time. He even
spoke of being cured of cancer and that he was able to eat and do his
work, etc. During January of 1951 we made a trip to Wurtzburg to see
Father Lengowski. Vince and Marie Wiora, Mrs Van Hoof, my wife
Florence and mysdf. Mary Ann had rold me on the day before we wenr
up there what Father was going to say to us. When we talked to Father

in his office (she and 1 were present with him), he said just what she
said he was going to say before we went up there.

He advised us with regard co those co be permitted in to witness

the suffering of the Passion during Lent and of the other matters which
1 cannot recall at the present. One ponion of his advice was forgotten
and caused us sorne grief afterwards. Our advice from him had been
in aIl cases co keep things as quiet as possible. We did our best to
follow his advice, but it was a terrific problem because of the over­
enthusiasm of many of the people. Many rumors were circulated, and
still are for that matter. When one dies out, someone, somewhere man­
ages co stan another.

During this time, Mrs. Van Hoof was seeing and talking to fewer
and fewer people. On advice from Father, the gates were being closed
to more and more. It was very hard at first; but most people were able
to understand the necessity of it and were very nice about it. But
there were al ways a few who were resentful and caused sorne trouble.
Many seemed co think it was a good idea as applied to every.one el se,
( bill not to them. Sorne were resentful towards Clara and me, as we were
the ones who had co enforce the mIes. Also, sorne thought we were
making them, too. Clara got the worst of the persecution because she
was at the farm most of the time and so contacted many more people
than I.

The family had co change their way of life entirely; and it was
difficult also for them to m,ake the necessary adjustments. It was es­
pecially hard for the younger children as they could not understand.
People would question them when they couldn't question someone else.
They were sure seeking aIl the information they could get. 1 imagine
that what they got from the younger children was not too accurate.

During Lent 1 was present on all of the Fridays during the suf­
.fering. We were advised not co permit more than six or seven in the
room with Mrs. Van Hoof at a time. At the request of Fred and Mes.
Van Hoof, 1 was placed in charge of things. 1 cannot list aIl of those
who were present during the Lent in that first year, but most' of Fred's
relatives and Mary Ann's mother were there at sorne time or another.
They were aIl advised not to talk of what they had seen orheard.
Only a few were permitted in the room at a time; but after, there were
revelations given, there were very few permitted in and records were
kept complete. After the first week of Lent, a wire recorder was used
and aIl records were kept and recorded for the Church for such a time
as they are called for. Our Bishop' s Office already has the records
from the first of Lent. A number of priests and doctors were present
on sorne of the occasions and we have for the records their testimony

and records. Our local doctor; H. C. Meyers, was present on most of
the Fridays. We had a glass installed in the door so that those persons
who were not permitted in the room, but who were perIDitted ro wirness
could see through the door without hearing what was said in the room.

The following is a list of those who were permitted to wirness

the suffering:
Art Siegler Dr. Pizzutti
Father Dominic Marie and Vince Wiora
Tony Van Hoof and Martin Gloudeman
his four daughters Gus Keller
Father from LaCrosse Henry Van Hoof
F ather 5 from Slinger F ather Scheetz
George Collar and wife Marie and George Kemps
Betty Wakershauser Hub Irmieer
Mrs Dushek Ray Schelfhout
Harold Round Stephen Breen
John Horning Mt. & Mrs. Martin Van Hoof
Jack Van Hoof Mt. & Mrs Math Van Hoof
Mr. & Mrs. George Van Hoof Dr. Skemp
Father Spurlock Dr. De Worth
Father Rauch Elizabeth Bieber (Mary Ann's Mother)

l cannor describe my feelings the first time that l wirnessed the

suffering of the Passion. There was an air of suspense waiting for the
time ..... at twelve o'dock r.1rs. Van Hoof dosed her eyes and seemed
to stiffen right out and become rigid Her arms went out as Our Lord
was nailed to the Cross, as though jerked out very violently. The ex­
pressions of pain were hard tO watch; still you couldn't take YOUf
eyes away. Then the legs were stretched out as though jerked very
violently; and finally nailed into position with the left foot on top of
the right. All the movements were violent and the body was very rigid;
and remained in that position. At rimes, for long periods, there seemed
to be no breathing; and then violent convulsions caused by the spasms
of pain. Sometimes words were spoken, but co us, they were jUSt sounds
as they were not words we could understand. Of course, later we took
wires and tapes of all of the sounds 50 if there is an interpretatlon,
il can be made by someone who knows.
Father Spurlock of Kansas City wrote up a very good description.
He was present and observed on March 16, 1951. l recall also that
Father Dominic of Marytown, Stephen Breen and John Horning were
present on March 9, 1951. F ather Scheetz of Frankfort, Indiana was
there on several Fridays during Lent in 1951 and Dr. De Worth was,
l believe, there on all the Fridays during that Lent.

Hub Irmiter of Minneapolis was also in on one of the Fridays
during 1951. l believe it was the same time Father Spurlock was here,
although l am no! positive of the date. He wrote up a description aIso,
which he put out in the form of a pamphlet along with other of his per-
sonal experiences on Necedah.

We had sorne more outside interference and pressure also during

that time. ------ of Appleton who had been running. back andforth to
Chicago to Mrs. ------ and her Spiritual Director, F ather ------, decided
to take over and run things. ]oe, on the advice of F ather Norman, was
goin.g to take mov ing picrures of the Passion as suffered by Mrs Van
Hoof; and was also going to take charge of the wire recordings we
had taken. It was not permitted, however, as we followed the advic e
of Mary ·Ann's Spiritual Director. ---.-- went to Father Bofenkamp who
was our local Pastor at that time and tried to pressure or influence
bim. But it didn't work. F ather ------, it s'eemed, wanted to run things
here as weIl as in Chicago. He even called up Mrs. Van Hoof. He also
sent several messages by ------ to Mary Ann. He was very much put
out that he wasn't able to take over and run things. He. blamed me and
hasn't had too muc h use for me ever since.

----~- ------ from Mishicot came out to the farm on one of the Fri-.
days expecting to get ·in to witness. He had his wife and a couple
other women with him. l believe Ray had given him the idea that he
could get in, as Ray was apt to give sorne of those impressions once
in a while and then it caused us grief afterwards. l saw the group of
people in the restaurant after four o'clock and they gave ~e a rough
time because they hadn't been permitted to corne in.

Another lady from Detroit was here and was very insistant. She
made the rounds Mrs. Van Hoof, Fred, Clara and l, and really tried
to work her way in.

During March, 1951, Mrs. Van Hoof, Ray Schelfhout and· myself
made a trip to Milwaukee. We were going to see about having a statue
made of Our Lady of Necedah, as Our Lady had requested. While there,
we visited the St. Francis Convem and saw th.e picture of Our Lady
as drawn by Sister ------. We also visited a couple of arrists wtlO mad~
models for statues. We stayed one night in Elm Grove at the home of
a Mrs. ------ whose nickname was ------. We did not accomplish our Pur-
pose that of getting lined up on a statue. We wenr to Mass the one
morning we were there at Elm Grove. We also visited a convent there.
Ray showed sorne moving picrures to the nuns while we were at that

Mrs. Van Hoof went to Chicago April 19th with Ray Schelfhout

The author, Henry Swan

Ray Schelfhout, devoted lay apostle

of Our Lady of Necedah since 1950.
and George Siegler te see F ather Dominic who was very i11 at St.
Anthony's Hospital. l did not approve of sorne of these trips as they,
in my estimation, were not according co orders or advice.

Mr. and Mrs. ------ ------ from Chicago came up. Heworked in the
Center helping Ray sorne. Mrs.----helped out around the farm, but
again it wa s someone wanting co take hold and run things. It just added
co the confusion and ended up in misunderstanding. They went back
co Chicago, and then Mrs. o. came back again on May 26. Mrs. Van
Hoof, Fred and l sat in the car and talked CO her. She wa s quite radical
in her views. She wanted co have Father ...._- of Chicago appointed
Mary Ann's spiritual directer.

Father Dominic died on May 14, 1951. His funeral was held May
17, 1951. Many of the pilgrims were at his funer al. Mrs. Van Hoof wenc
CO his funeral. My son, Charles, was born on that same day. Mary Ann
went co the hospital with me co see my wife on May 19.

Mary Ann had it revealed co her on February 2, 1951 that someone

who was very close co the cause was going co turn against it. --.--- and)
------ had been quite close co the cause and co the Van Hoofs. Because
of complications, ~d 00 the advice.of her spiritual direccor, Mary Ann
had asked Them not co come to the house, but had teld them they were
welcome on the property and at the Spot at any time. They were ~y m
bitter and turned against the cause. l went with Mary Ann on May 18,
1951 and visited wlth ------. Things were talked over, and while --..-­
claimed to understand and that nothing could change her as co the cause, )
she could not hide her bitterness; and we knew when we leh chat nothing
g~d had been accomplished. She_had talked with John Dohn and Father
Heithaus before our trip, but she denied it. She gave Them testimony,
andyou can be sure it was nOt good, fi her state of mind.

Sorne time in May 1951, ------ was in rown. Mary Ann, Clara and l
had a good visit with him in Clara's room. .she was living upstairs then
in thehouse next to mine, which ac thattime wasowned byMary McInnes.
The downstairs was being used for St. Francis school and Clara was
caretaker. __
n __had been lecturing around the country on Our Lady of \ 1
[ F~. He was interesting, and gave us sorne interesting inf~rh;ahon N
and advice. It appeared to us, though that he had been primed for his
') t~k by sorne priest or priests from the advice he gave us.

On October 1951, ------, who was on his way home after pheasant
hunting, stopped in at the farm, ------ was with him. He was trying to gec
material for a book he was writing.

After Lent of 1951, the next thing that l can recall of real import­
ance were the three days in May -- the 28, 29 and 30, which were anniv­

ersaries of previous appantlons. There were quite a few· people about.
A statue had been placed out at the Spot on the stand (yom which the
original statue bad been removed.

On the 28th, four priests came to investigate the Apparitions.

They were Monsignor Hammes from our Bishop's office in La Crosse,
Father Heithaus, Father Fraser and Father Flaherty. They had John
Dohn, a salesman with them. Our Pastor brought them out tO the farm.
They were taking down testimon y for the next three days, the 28th, 29th
and 30th of May. 1 was given a letrer from the Bishop asking me to co­
operate with them. 1 wlshed to eeo the lett as it was âddressed to
) \ me, ut Monsignor Hammes said it was n ecessary that Father Heithaus
snould have it for bis records. l told him 1 would like to have it for my
records also. He promised faithfully that he would see that 1 had a copy.
l haven't received it yet though, so 1 can't consider his promise as
being mucb good.

The questioning by the four priests was car ried on in the Rectory
of our Church here in Necedah. It was quite extensive. 1 do not know
exactly how many hours of questioning Mes. Van Hoof was s.ubjected to, '
but it was a long time. 1 was questioned on the morning of the 29th. The
four priests were present, and also John Dohn, although 1 can't see
where he fit into the picture as an investigator. It was aIl taken down
on tape recorder. They have the testimony. Father Bofenkamp picked up
Mrs. Van Hoof and her husband each day for the questioning, but 1 took
Fred home on the 29th and took Mary Ann home also on the 28th.

Copies of the recordings we had taken during Lent were given to

Monsignor Hammes on May 31st.

Fred had wanted to see Hub and talk to him on May 30th, and the y
had a talk together. He advised Fred to cooperate with the priests which
1 thought was sound advice.

The people who were present on the farm on those days of quesc­
ioning were pretty mucb excited and upset about it a1l. However, that
was a11 just part of it, and could be expected. Orders were given to
bum literature, not to touch Rosaries, fence off the Spot and not leaTe
people near the Spot. Mary Ann was made to understand that she should
not talk to pilgrims - only to f riends and relatives.

Gt June 4, 1951, which was the anlliversary of Trinity Sunday

in 1950, there was juSt a small crowd present at the Spot. Some of them
had stayed over from the May days. Mary Ann did not go out (0 the Spot
on chis day, but stayed iD che house and prayed he fore the Lipa statue.
On chis day she saw a vision of a table over which appeared many heads
as if at a meeting. No faces wete visible. This is of significance now

as it was m_entioned now and idenrified as a meeting at P anmunJ um,

at which agteements were made in berrayal of our Country. Othet things

were shown her also in the nature of revelations, but as 1 am not attempt­

ing to include aIl of those things in my story, 1 am leaving them out.

They are aIl a matter of record.

Mes. ------ of Chicago caused a disturbance because of her dis­

like for Ray. She stareed to walk into town because she wouldn't ride

in Ray's car. Bernard had to take anothet car and picked her up on the

highway and took her to the depor.

Things quieted down aga in after that and went back rrore or less ta
normal. On orders chat were given by the P riests when they were invest­
gating, everything was removed, such as the kneelers and statue and
statue stand. AlI was taken down. That, howevter, didn 't stop people
from coming. They still carne in numbers and visiced the Spoc or got
as near to it as they could. So that the Van Hoofs could not be accused
of promocing, people, particularly on Anniversary days, were asked co
stay outside of the fence. They were then on railroad property, not
belonging to Van Hoofs. On Anniversary days, Mes. Van Hoof was not
seeing or talking co anyone outside of her family, and chose of us who
had been chosen to help. Most people went along with that very weIl,
excepc for jusc a few. On one occasion - June 16, 1951 - Father -----­
and his housekeeper walked into the house, which was against obed­
ience; and also on that occasion, a pilgrimwanted to go into the house.
He was a little nasty about it when he was not permitted to do so. He
was one who was of the opinion that Clara and 1 were making the cules
and were influencing Mes. Van Hoof and Fred. He was sour on us for
sorne time. On another occasion, 1 had to write him for disregarding a
request which was given by Mes. Van Hoof herse1f; and he was very
much upset over that also.

We tried ta fo11ow the advi ce of the ~i ri tual Di rectar, and also

the instructions fran OJr Lady, a11 of ~ich céJl1e through Mary Ann, and aIl
which called for keeping things as quiet as possible, and ta not let the
over enthusiasn of people carry lhffil away. We CXluldn' t always explain
things without revealing tO others those that were not to be revealed.
1 am sure many people were convinced that they could do a much better
job of running things than we were doing. Sometimes 1 myself wasn't
so sure but what they were right at that; and would have been glad to
give someone a chance to try. 1 never did like to have to hure people's
feelings, but sometimes had co appear a little hard boiled about things.
However, people who carne again and again came to know what co expect
and the word spread so sorne of the things that were problems at f irst
ceased to be problems, but new ones a1ways came along"to take their

As was to be expected, groups of people were always trying co get
into the bouse to see Mrs. Van Hoof; and sometimes chey preserrted a
problem. They wanted also to get into the house for the Rosary. A
group that stayed over after June 16th in 1951 did get in and were there
when l happened to come out there. 1 guess they could feel my dis­
approval as they soon left. To me, sorne of those things were problems.
1 could see that the people, however, were very fine and very much
interested; and wanted to know whateve r they could know. They were
very honest and sincere, very religious and most of them have worked
and prayed very hard for the cause. God. Bless them!

On July 20-22, 1951, Mary Ann and Clara went to Minneapolis for a

On August 15, 1951, a group of us who were present at the Van

Hoof home for the Rosary made the Consecration tO Our Lady. The
group was aIl local and had been saying the Rosary at Van Hoofs every
evening in the house. We had co give that up though, as most of the
time there were outsiders around, and they felt hure and offended if
not permilted to come in. It juSt gOt too big to handle.

As 1 look back ovec the time, 1 can recaIl many things, but cannot
place them on the certain days which they occurred. On August 15,
1951, thete were quite a few people present. It rained hard. A family
from Cuba was present. They had been up on the Apparition days in
August and October 7 in 1950 and were back again.

Mary Ann made another trip of which 1 did not approve; and that
was to Appleton in Septeni>er of 1951. She went to visit .---- . l advised
against that trip when l was asked. Jtseemed that about that time every­
one was trying to get Mary Ann alone 50 that they could pump her for
information, and 1 could see no good in it.

October 7, 1951 was a cold, cloudy day. There was a fairly large
ctowd as it was Sunday. So~e of Fred's relations were here and aIl of
Mary Ann 's. F ather Heithaus was hete and was checking up around. l
was out by the front gate at my usual stand until after Mary Ann weot
back ioto the house. Someone gave me a package then, and 1 took it
ioto the house for her.

Berta Alonzo from Cuba was present on the 7th of October, as she
also had been on the 15th of August. With her it was in thanksgiving
for a cure of a hernia. Her testimonial is present in the records, as is
the testimony of her Doctor.

On one occasion (Oct. 7, 19~1) ------ and then o. knowing that

Mrs. Van Hoof was not to see people on Anniversary days, came into
the yard from the back wayand entered the back door. When they came
out the front and were not permitted to go back in again, they were
angry; and on that occasion, 1 was referred to as a watch dog when
they were talking to Mary Ann. Sorne people always figured that they
were entitled to special consideration and privileges. Witb some, 1
believe, it was a matter of pride. It seemed to please them to get away
with something especia11y if someone el se was there tO see them do it.

Mts. Drozdy of Chicago died on November 29, 1951; and on St.

Andrews, the day Mary Ann was so sick. She vomited· a11 day long,
and from that on through Advent was able to take no solid food but a11
she could keep down was fruit juice or coffee.

Mary Ann suffered the Passion of Our Lord on the- Fridays as

before; and again we have a11 the records and recordings. One thing
that we found we could do that hadn't been done before was to ask Mary
Ann questions while she was suffer ing. Our Lady was with her, and
she would answer those questions. F ather Scheetz was the first one to
try that on December 14, 1951. le helped us because we could get dir-
ection then more easily and know we were doing what we were supposed
to do.

Mar Ann had eaten no solid food of an kind at ail durin Advent
(1 (24 days), but was a e at t e en of it to sit down and eat a regular
~ Christmas dinner with no i11 effects. Afcer Christmas Mrs. Van Hoof and
Clara made a trip to Appleton and stayed ~t Mrs. Carroll 's. While rhere,
they attended a Holy Hour at Sacred Heart Church. As 1 have said be-
fore, 1 didn't think the trips necessary, but that was only a matter of

Advent of 1951 ended and then the next major importance was Lent
of 1952. Our records are again complete except on Good Friday.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the week before Good Friday in 1952, we were forced by hiB..h

water over the road to walk out co the farm on the Northwestern .tracks
which are high. We carried the recorder out. Clara, Ray and my w1fe and
1. 1 believe there were sorne others who walked out there that day, too,

as there were sorne people out at the Spot.

On April 4, 1952, Father Bofenkamp and Father Agnew came out

to the farm with a message from the Bishop's office asking Mary Ann
to go to Milwaukee for observation during Holy Week. Fred and Mary
Ann were both somewhat upset about the request. l must admit that
l was too. l talked to them, and it was finally decided that she would
be entirely in the hands of Our Lady, and that She would see that no
harm befell her. Fred finally agreed to let her go if Clara could be with
her. That was agreed, but when she got te Milwaukee, Clara was not
aUowed to be with her. They left for Milwaukee on April 8th and came
home again on Holy Saturday. We never received an official report as
te what took place although one was promised.

We had much work to do as a result of Advent and Lent as to

keeping the records. Copies had te be made of aIl of the recordings and
it took lots of time. We had co check the written copies against the
recorder te make everyrhing al> complete as possible; and then every­
thing had to be typed, but that was Clara' s work and will be found in
her records and story.

On May 27, 1952, Mr. and Mrs. ------ arrived in Necedah with a
life size sti3,tue of Our Lady of Necedah as She had appeared to Mary
Ann. l was caUed tO the farm and helped to unload the statue from their
car and move it into the house and set it up in the Van Hoof bedroom
where Mr. and Mrs. Van Hoof sleep. The statue is very beauriful. l had
noc previously known anything about this particular statue, as arrange­
ments for its making had ail been carried on without my knowing any­
thing about it.

The last occasion that Mrs. Van Hoof had to see F ather Leng­
owski when she had an opportunity to talk with him and get advice was
in May of 1952 when my wife and l teok her to Belmont te see Father.
She had an opportunity to be alone with him in the kitchen in the Rect­
ory while the rest of us were in the living room with his mother. The
trip did Mary Ann a lot of good and must have cleared up many problems
for her.

May Days -- 28th, 29th and 30th of May, 1952, there was a large
crowd present. The weather was nice, but it got very close to frost in
the morning. In fact it did freeze and plants had to be covered to keep
them from f reezing. Mary Ann wenr out and covered plants. Ray was at
the Spot praying at the time as on ail these nights there was an aU­
night vigil. He went and got sorne rolls of paper and heIped with the job.

On the 30th bus loads of people arrived from Joliet, Minneapolis,

April 3. 1952

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Van Van Hoof

Necedah, Wisconsin

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fred Van Hoof:

Reports have reached me that Catholics in considerable numbers me receiving

mimeographed lellers in which i1 is alleged that Mrs. Fred Vcm. Hocf of Necedah
has been experiencing "stigmata of the crown of thorns", "the agony of Christ
on the Cross", and other mystical phenomena.

Since such claims are very extraordinary and as such are bound to cause a great
deal of comment and speculation about "miracles", "visions", "prophecies" and
related mallers, 1 have decided to have the alleged phenomena investigated
by a compentent board of experts.

If the alleged phenomena are genuine it will be to your advantage to have them
properly investigated. Without such an examination their characeter will always
remain under a cloud of doubt and suspicion.

Since you have absented yourself !rom your home on many occasions and visited
distant cities such as La Crosse, St. Paul, Appleton, Kenosha, Milwaukee and
Chicago during the pasttwo years, 1 expect you n~w, Mrs. Van Hoof. to cooperate
with your Bishop by carrying out the folowing instructions.

Notlater than 3 p.m.. Monday, April 7. you will report for examination at the
Marquette University Medical School, which is situated at 561 N. 15th St.,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There you will he met by my delegates. who will conduct
you to the hospital in which your examination is to take place. You will
remain in this hospital unlil you are dismissed by my delegates on Saturday,
April 12. 1952,

While in this hospital you will take ail the prescribed tests, answer ail
questions truthfully, fully and without reservation, and do whatever you are
told to do by the experts and nurses who are in charge of your case. 1 assure
you that you will not be required to do anything contrary to the Commandments
of God, but if you have any cornplaints to make about your treatment in the
hospital you may make them to me in writing at any time alter the examination.
Alter this leller has been read and explained to you by your pastor, Father
Andrew Bofencamp, 1 expect you, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Van Hoof, to tell him as my
delegate that you will compy with this letter, of which he will leave a copy
in your handa. He will then inform me of your decision.

Trusting that you will have the good sense to cornply with these instructions
from your Bishop. 1 am

Very sincerely in Christ

-;- C\~L ;-' -7~
~ / Bishop of La Crosse
Milwaukee, Fond du Lac and Manitowoc. Clara and 1 had the usual
problem of greeting people and talking to them. These days are al­
ways tough because everyone wanted to gec into che house co see
Mary Ann. Then che relacives come and are in che house, and all chis
adds co the confusion. 1 noticed our Pascor drive by in his car a couple
times and look over the crowd. Marguerice Alberts also drove by co

June 4, 1952 was cold and rather disagreeable. There were about
fifty or sixcy people presenc at the farm, mosc of whom had scayed
over from che May days.

Somecime in the monch of June after the 16ch, Mary Ann went co
Minneapolis for a recreat ac che Cenacle. Mes. Albrighc and Clara
Hermans wenc along wich her. Arrangemencs for che recreac had been
made through che Irmiters in Minneapolis and Hub, when che recreat
was over, picked up Mrs. Van Hoof and the other cwo and took them
co his home for dinner chac evening. Hub had made known chac Mes.
Van Hoof was going co be at his house, and about seventy five people
came over chere. Mrs. Van Hoof, according co orders, was noc co calk
co people and had co leave with Miss Hermans and Mrs. Albright. They
wenc over co che home of a Mes. ----- and from chere chey went co che
crain and came home.

Father Bofenkamp had missed Mary Ann ac Mass in the morning,

and 1 don't know where he chought she was, but he was very much
surprised co find sbe had been on recreac. 1 believe someone had cold
him she had gone co see Facher Sig.

Facher Bofenkamp was cransfered from our Parish JuIy 9, 1952.

On J uly lOch 1 had quice a calk with him before he IeEe. His advice
was very much che same as che advice we had been crying to follow.
Keep chings as quiet as possible. Don'c in any way do anything thac
could be looked upon as promotion, ecc. He also calked co R. and K.
who were in che Information Center (so called ac thac cime). Facher
advised ------ against che use of chac name as being in Necedah. The
name implied much and it was noc directiy connecced wich or auchor­
ized as an Information Center on the Apparitions. He also gave -----­
some ocher advice about writing and calking, etc.

On August 15, 1952 chere was a large crowd of people presenc

on chis day, che largesc since 1950. Mary Ann's brothers and mocher
were present. Some of Fred' s brothers were present also with their
wives. There were many more people chan che Church would hold for
Mass chac morning. 1 helped usher and direcc che crowd for Communion,
as che people gec into a grand scate of confusion if chey are noc di­
rected .. Nearly everyone went to Communion and all cry to get imo the
aisles at once as if they were afraid that there wouldn't be enough
Hosts to go around.

------ was presen t with a large group from Minneapolis. He wanted

to see Mary Ann and was much put out when not permitted to. He used as
an excuse that it was something about Bernard that he should see her
about, as Bernard was working for him in Minneapolis, and hadn 't come
along. Fred went out to the fence and talked to him, but that didn 't sat­
isfy him and he went into town and called up on the phone. We were
under obedience with regards to people talking to Mary Ann on the
Anniversary days and while most people agreed that the rules were O.K.
they also felt that they themselves shouldn 't be subject to them.

On that Apparition Anniversary, Mary Ann saw me in a vision. 1

was very disturbed as visioned by Mary Ann. She related to me she saw
me standing just as real as if 1 actually stood in front of her, about 6
or 8 inches tall. 1 had on a blue shirt, seemed grey pants and a very
disturbed expression. This was all very disturbing to Mary Ann.

October 7, 1952, Anniversary. Large crowd present. 1 had the

usual job with pilgrims trying to keep them where they were supposed
to be and out of where they weren 't. The Church on this morning was
jammed full, when 1 got there and l was there plemy of time before Mass
too. Many people had been out at the Spot praying all night and it had
been cold. 1 helped direct traffic in Church for Communion at early Mass.
1 walked around the parking lot that day and noticed many cars from
outside of the State as well as Wisconsin cars.

We went through 1952. On each Anniversary there were people

present. Many would keep vigil and pray all night. Sometimes busses
came loaded with people from different places. People in many parts of
the Coumry were praying harder and much more, and working hard to
promote prayer and devotion.

Our problems were much the same as always, trying mostly tO)J
keep those who were over-enthusiastic and over-anxious from grabbing
th~ and trying to take off withjt.

Advent of 1952 arrived and with it much the same as before .. 1

forgot co mention the fact but one of our big problems after 1951, par­
ticularly was the keeping out of people who wanted to witness M;:ry
Ann t s suffering of the Passion, but according to orders, it was not
permitted so we had to keep tlie doors closed. People there could not
understand the r eason; and the biggest part of the job of keeping them
out fell on me. 1 even had to ask sorne people to leavel That hurt their
feelings very much.
During Advent of 1952 on December 5, Clara and I received what
we always called page 5 and 6. It was a message to us from Our Lady,
and while spoken through the Eps Qf Mary Ann, she never knew what
the message was. It was directed to us as the chosen ones; the others
who were present were asked co leave the room. Part of it pertained CO
{ suffering which Mary Ann has already gone through; and was ereEaring
u~t. On the same day I received a message that we should be pre­
pared to write pn the next Friday; and that I should choose someone
co.-he~rh the writing. I chose my wife to help; and on the next Friday,
December 12, we had the first description of the Passion as Mary Ann
witnessed ït. It was raken down with pencil by three people. It was also
recorded on wire. We have since had other descriptions and partial des­
criptions. As before Mary Ann cook no solid food during Lent only jllice
and coffee.

According to Our Lady 's direction the d~scriptions of the PJ!ssio!1

( have been combined into one scory by Father L. Sël1éetz who w~s des·
ig~ated co do the work. . ~

Our Lady of Necedah prayer was given to us during Advent of

1952. On advice of Father Lengowski, we gave out for private use a
fe~ copie sI They were to be used for that only, but ·as usual, they we""ie
passed on in confidence until they finaily were pur on cards and sent
~er. The prayer foilows:
Hai 01 Math IMediatrGl of P~ce '5 .1 C. rt.,i..Lr, .$,~
e la etween Ihy Divine !lQ!l ~ [~"';'<-Cr~ s
an man, 1
Qeace for this afflicted world, .
I( Qeace for the home and family, the
sick, the dying, the for~o.llin and those
trampled u~ot by t e enemy.

a l\1e~S TheiMediatri~
of al

I3êstaw Thy~.DQ!l US,

5J~t we may perseverëta the end,

Ta live the life Gad wants us to:­

During Lent, March 13, 1953, we got·the second narration of the·
Passion which has been previously mentioned.

F ather ------ came to town on Jan uary 6, 1953, ~nd we were ail
invited out to the Albr ights where there would be no inrerference and
where we could talk. Florence, Clara, Mrs. Van Hoof and F ather -----­
were presenr besides the Albrights who left us alone in our discussion,
Mary Ann was suffering with the pain in her spine. Hub Irmiter and his
wife came from Minneapolis to town. Being told where we were, they
came out to Albrights and were included in on sorne of the discussion.
Father ------ went with my wife and me to our home, as l was going to
take him to the train from there. We were sitting at home talking when
the phone rang and they wanted me at the farm, so Father and l drove
out there. Mary Ann's pains had become more severe just after we had
lef t her off at home, and she was standing in the hallway against the
wall. She couldn't move or be moved on account of her rigidity and the
severe pain. We stayed there with her until l had to take Father to the
train Then 1 went back tO the farm until l was sure Mary Ann would be
?.ll r ight, and Fred would be able to care for her alone.
Mary Ann' s pains were occurring with greater regular ity then and
the suffering was greater. On ] anuary 10th, l saw her uptown in Betty
Wakershauser' s car. She was suff ering with them then. l talked to her
as she was w~iting for Betty who was in the bank, tending to sorne
On February 2, Father ------ was out again seeking information. l
was present although l don't think the Padre liked my being there.
On February 3,1953, we mailed to our Bishop's home in La Crosse
the records of Advent as we had been advîsed by our spiritual advisor
tOdô. On February 5, 1953, the y came back to us, having been refused
by the Bishop or sorne of his henchmen. They are still sealed and wait­
ing for the time when they are called....for. Those sent to~oly F ather)J
at tlie same time never came back, bill we got a return registered receipt,
so we know he receÎved them.
On February 13, 1953, l went out to the farm for sorne reason or
other. When l arrived there l found that Mary Ann had not as yet come
home from Mass. Fred was waiting for her and thought l was bringing
her. l went back to town looking for her, although l figured she would
be at Clara's, who was staying at the Divine home. Fred thought that
maybe sorne of the pilgrims who were then around had managed to get
her alone sorne place as they were often trying to do. She was at Divine's,
and there were sorne people there: ] ack Feeney, Mrs. Auler and Mrs.
Brodzeller. Mary Ann had stopped because she was not feeling too weIl
and did not feel she could walk much further. l took her home. She had
called the garage for me, but l did not know that because that had been
done while l was at the farm with Fred.

Mary Ann's suffering at the time was mostly from her spine <lOd
at times when it became severe, she would stiffen right out and become
very rigid. At those times if she was in the house, she would have to
stand and hold on to something solid. As the spasms of pain shot through
her spine, she would grip something as hard as she could. When she
was in the house and they occurred, her favorite spot, if she could get
to ie, was the washing machine ,which stands near the kitchen dom. )

It was som~ing solid ,to lean against and hang on to.

On April 7, 1953, Mary Ann was shown a vision which eftected her
very much. It was a vision of an 'H' bomb. The picture of the explosion
as describeJ to me was very terrible. She was at the inside of the ex-
plosion and experienced the feeling of terrific heat and the burning of
her throat and mouth. T_be taste ofJ.t was left in her moutb for days
alter. Of course, no second hand description can do any justice nor
could even a first hand one transfer the picture and the sensations to
anyone else. In the center she saw buildings and all simply disinteg-
rare belore her eyes. Structures of steel and cement, a large city. Cars
trains, people, the same happened tO all. As she was moved further
from this center, and sbe said the distance seemed miles, she could
still see gtear scenes of dearh and destruction and here it was even
much worse because sbe could see something left and witness the death
struggles of people and animaIs who were half burned to a crisp. This
became less severe as you moved futther away, but it meant thar she
could witness for a longer time like . pains of people and animaIs
and hear their screams and crie~.

1 can best judge of the effects of the vi.sion by the effect on Mary
Ann, especi.ally the mental suffering it caused her. She was very dep-
ressed mentally for a long. long time.

She called me ar the garage and had me come out on the morning
of April 8th as she felt sbe had to talk to someone. She needed someone
for support 1 told her to tell me the story that 1 would be able to take
it as she could not possibly describe it so that 1 could feel it as sne·
did. She told me the story as above described and then 1 told her 1
thought she should tell Fred and Clara that they would both be able to
take it as well as l, and thar she could not paint the picture so tpat
they would see it as sh e did.


( As wrille" by Mil")' A"". )

r: "And tben before me 1 saw a Ball-like object, say a ~olfball

size! benearh this a very large dt y with huge factor:y right below the
Ball. What or where the city was not shown.

This BalI had a very peculiar look that 1 cantt describe. Sudden-
ly this Ball bursts and stans bubbling. Watchi.ng mother make soap and
the soap bubbling is the best way 1 could say this Ball bubbled, .but it
got larger and larker. Suddenly it weot over me like Ils if my head 'Vas
suddenly stuck into a train locomotive smokestack going full steam ahead.
My head was hot, my moueh burned, and suddenly felt blistereddown ioto
my throar aU the way to my stomach, and the awful taste, the strangest

taste as l never casted before. Very nausearing--my eyes also smarted
and burned like 1 was sticking my head into a furnace of hot coal. The
hear was terrific, but 1 found myself in the strangest place. My own
feeling disappeared as 1 watched the HORROR unfold before my eyes.
1 can't describe it. Maybe someone would call it the center of a Volcano.
1 cannot say or put into words the HORROR of what 1 saw. It showed
a large factory, weIl built of steel. One flash this factory was before
m)4 eyes, and the next flash there was nothing, not even a speck of it.

It showed a train, locomotive and ail. This too disintegrated before

my eyes like the factory and other buildings. Then 1 seemed to move
away from the main center. It showed human bodies, animaIs, that is
cows, horses, dogs, also automobiles. AlI in a flash disentegrate before
my eyes, trees as weil.

Again we seemed co move farther out of chis awful heac and press­
ure; again 1 saw bodies, both animais as weIl as human, buc this time
half of the body burned tO a crisp, turned black, shriveled away, the
side towards the center or core of this awful inferno, but death was here
ac once. Homes burst into flames, cars melted, trees burned away.

And once again moved Jarther off. Saw bodies burned black on the
side towards the center, again both human as weIl as animaIs, but this
the opposite side stayed alive for a\\hile,it would squirm and twist in
pain and then lie still. Trees would be burned down to the ground. 1
felt 1 was many miles from the center or core of this blast, and dreadful
Inferno of Heat .

The terrible heat and pressure on my own physical body had less­
ened. But the sight before my eyes was more horrible than before, for
before it was mostly instantaneous death, but now it showed human
bodies as weIl as animaIs badly burned on side towards heat, but weIl
alive with terrible pain, also trees and vegetation burned black. Ic
showed a dog twisting' and barking, whining in pain. Aiso a man's eyes
just bulging with pain. The stare in his eyes was terrible, as weIl as
children's, women .

Again we went farther out. These were burned less, but ail were
suffering. And aIl vegetation brown, and trees brown and dead. No poss­
ible way of living. Again 1 was shown the center after the heat had left.
Do not know if this large crater was warer or melted sand and metal.
It was shining and sorne of the land further out had the strange look; it
seemed me lted together. Impo ssible to work or grow anything on ie. This
extended for many miles aIl around-- a horrible mess.

Worst of al! that man would make something as awful as this.

Now to tryand describe the core of this awful blast. There seemed
to be a bluish white blaze, and it raises, it tums sort of a purplish
pink and then red, and as this goes up, it turos brownish and then grey,
and above aIl finaIly a whitish grey. By this time it's many miles up in
the sky. This is not accurate, but the best 1 can describe."
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
On the evening of April ah, 1 attended a Knights of Columbus
meeting in Mauston and Joanne rode down there with me as the juniors·
were decorating for their promo When we returned, as 1 turned into the
Van Hoof yard, we sa w a flash of red and sol kept my lights on it.
We found Mary Ann in her red coat standing by the cree in front of the
trailer house. What she had seen had caused her such me ntal anguish
thar she was beside herself and was trying to do almost anything to
escape it............. ..... .... Of course, there was no escape be­
cause you cannot run away from a picture imprinted on your mind. After
much persuasion we got her ioto the house, and after staying with her
for a while, and trying to comfort her, and get her mind off things, she
agreed to do no more wandering around, so 1 IeEe her in Joanne's care
with instructions to Joanne not to leave her alone a minute until she
had gotten her in bed.

The effect of the VISIon remained with her for days, and she in
her efforts to get it off her mind wanted to go somewhere away from the
farm and visit relatives, but that would have been conttary to the orders
to wh ich she was co remain obedient. 1 told her to stay home and fight
it out as she couldn 't run away from a picture she carried in her mind.
She finally gave up the idea and stayed home.

On the 12th of February, 1953, as Mary Ann was doing some

writing in the kitchen, she heard the dogs making a disturbance and
barking. They seemed to be going around the house so she stepped to
the door and threw the switch on the outside lighe. What she saw was a
man walking by in front of the house. He did not even turn his head as
the light was turned on so she could not plainly see his face. He was
talI, of medium build and had on dark clothes and a black wide-brimmed
hat. He had a thin face and seemed to have a light complexion. He
walked on out of the yard and then she could hear a car motor start
and the car drive off, but no lights were turned on.

On Low Sunday, April 12, 1953, on hearing a noise at the door,

she went co the door and opened it. A voice told her not to turn on the
light and then threatened her and her family, particularly Fred and
Joanne, if she did not go co her Bishop and declare that the Apparitions
were a ooax. That she had seen the devil and not the Holy Virgin, and
that she had been lying aIl along for the sake of publicity and to make
Someone wants co kill the cause -and what good i.t is do inS' They
don't like the ptayers. What's behind it? 1 don'c knoVi aU is a matter
of supposition. She called me out the next morning and cold me about it.


As WriUen by Her.

In early February 12, 1953,1 was writing up sorne of:my work when
1 heard Queenie, our dog, bark, w:ith an angry !:rark. First it was East
of the house, and one of the puppies, just three months oId, was batk­
ing too. So 1 thought, there must be a stray dog around. Snapped on the
&or light, and there, co my asconishment, a tall man was walking rapid­
1y by the house, with Queenie at his heels, and the way her fur was
standing up, she looked vicious. Also the young black puppy came
angri1y after him. The man looked neither to the right or left, or did
sudden flashing on the 1ight make him turn his head.

A scrange feeling came over me. 1 drew back and watched from
behind the curtains of the door as he walked on pasto He was tall, about
medium buile, about six feet, thin face, light complexion. Wore a black
or navy blue coat and trousers, black hat and shoes. The hat had a
large brim.lHj resem:1et a PrJeijJHis behavior was very ~nge. Ir
seemed he ha a car y t e roa , Ior later 1 heard a car motor but saw no
lights. This was about 10 15 or 10:20 pm, a very dark night.

During Lent twice a car drove around the house without lights.
And then one night, it was Low Sunday, 1 heard a light rap, and this
night 1 did the most foolish thing. lnstead of switching on the door
light and then opening the door, 1 simply opened the door, and was
( reaching fot the door light when a voice said 'leave lights off.' And the
strangest thing was 1 just stood there where in ordinary circumstances
one would quickly close the door. At the sound of this voice 1 scood
like a 'person in a rrance. 1 wasn 't afrald. 1 could' seë this was the same
person that walked by in F ebruary.

The person continued _. 'do not be afraid 1 will not harm you now'
(in sarcastic- tone, then rudely) -- when are you going co stop this big
hoax? You know Y0)1 are only a faker, four flusher, a liar and a cheat
(said this very nasty ~e). 'Big faker, publicity see~er.' He called me
other names, sorne - very nasty, He seemed very angry at this point.
'Tell your Bishop, stop this hoax; do not tell anyone ùf chis, for you'll
be sorry' -(he sort of sneered). 'You cannot go to Rev. Lcngow-ski, as 1
hear he lS torbldden to come ro your rescue, to help you with all this

hoax (laughed). Do you hear, cell no one ;no law. Keep away from che
Sheriff or Police ..... underscand.· (1 donc know if 1 answered, rather
believe flOC.) 'You love your husband very much, don'c you? You have
a lovely daughcer. She means a loc co Y0J.l, doesn'c she? If you do noc)
cell your followers, fanacic. fools, sensation huncers chac ou are a
big Cake, chey Wl e urc very bad. Now you wouldn'c want chac co
happen (chis was said with an awCul cone). Don'c chink chis idle calk.
You will find ouc soon enough if you chink chis is only co scare you.
Jusc keep it up and see. Stop chose fanacic fools who have scarced off
differenc kind of groups. inscigaced by your hoax, hysceric allusions.
( If you don'c scop chis foolishness by May Isc, you will regrec it very
much. 1 am giving you co May Ise. 1 am sure you wouldn'c wane any·
ching co happen co your husband, now would you? Think it over, buc
fasc, for 1 give y~u a samDl~o~che same onl~ worse, for 1 mean busi-
ness. Tell your Bishop y~u5aw the Devil. 1;t's Sée how big you are
afcer chac. Tell him you saw che Devi J, not the Holy Virgin' (here he
sneered). 'So you help him' (che Devil) 'co fool che public and fanatics.
You needed money, 50 you cooked up chis scheme. Thac WJiS an easy
way co gec ic, boch money and publk!cy. Remember, keep your big),
mouch shuc, quiec. 1'11 be gone chree weeks. Al! papers should carry
che faker's scory by May Isc. 1 wanc to see chis in prine by chen, re-
member.' Wich ,chac he walked away, chen scopped.'Keep che door Iig1}.cs
off or l'il give you someching co chink abouc now.' WidlHus 1 c10sed
che dooc.

He walked away and disappeared. During che cime he calked, he

had his back co che door and hac pulled down low over his face. Afcer
closing che door 1 jusc stood chere. le jusc didn'c make sense. Whac
nexc? Who's behind chis? Thac voice, ic was familiar, buc dared 1 even
chink who ic could be resembling? Thac wouId be very wrong. J usc
pushed chac choughc ouc of my mind. Ic was noc for me to place ic on
anyone uneil 1 had more positive prool. True, 1 saw fair complexioned
cheek, nose and chin from che side; being dressed like a Priesc does
r(noc mean ic was a Priesc. This was probably done co confuse .me. The
more 1 choughc of che happening, che more puzzled 1 became. Why???
(Was it someone that did a loc of calking againsc chis and became
worried and tried co frighcen me, or was ic an enemy of God - "RED" -
was ic a fanacic? No, he spoke like an educaced person. By this 1 mean
noc the gangster way of speaking.

The nexc ching, 1 had anocher batde with myself. 1 knew 1 could
noc ce 11 ""F"red. He was very much discurbed as it was. Our lack of funds,
n.Qt.1'nough feed for the caUle and no money to buy it. Noc co be able
{ co gec enough accomplished. H~ was a worried ~an, 50 1 felc 1 could
not add this new developemenc upon him.

Ic was only a week before chac 1 had che Vision of che H-Bomb.
Then fe Ic 1 could noc cake any more. Yes, 1 scill had che bliscered
mouch and chroac wich nascy casce in my mouch from che H-Bomb ex­
\ perience. N~is.

1 knelc in fronc of Our Lady of Necedah scatue and asked Our

Lady co enlighcen me, buc ir seemed chere was no answer co my pleas.
Nexc only person 1 could chink of was co cell Hank, which 1 did. Joanne
had known abouc che car driving around che house; in facc, she heard )
ie. So chis evening when she came home from school, she-s1fid, 'Wë1I,

did you see your friend ..... dld you calk to hlm? ' and walked our of che

room co change cloches afcer school. 1 was scunned. 1 called her down

and asked her why she said, 'calk co him'. So 1 cold her, coo, buc didn'c

cell her of che chreac co her and Dad.

Afcer calking co Hank (Henry Swan), he said 1 should cell Fred.

1 disagreed for 1 knew how Fred would reacc; how croubled and angry

he would gec chac anyone would have che nerve co invade our premises

and above ail chreacen me.

Hank cried very much for me co commit myself, whom che v.Qice
sounded like. 1 cold him chac would be sinful for me co do. 1 have no
poS1tlve proof of anychlng. Hank had hlS cheory on thlS, am· s~ 1
guessed his cheor)" on one. Yes, chere was a very scrong mocive for
chis person, buc co chink ..... chac was ouc uncil 1 was sure. 1 know Hank
resenced ic very much because 1 did noc voice my opinion. A week.
laCer 1 did cell Fred which was a miscake we le~ed. He sure was
~c;~u -sec his siee was very discurbed ac nighr. 1 knew it was
, wrong, buc Hank choughc 1 should, so TcL ­
On che dayGur Friend as we nicknamed lif~reacened me,

May Isc, 1953, Dr. an \1rs. Albrighc, Clara,Hermans and~hélf.

~ came ouc co make a Vigil for .\1ay Ise. A-nd a~ chey drove. iq, theX

saw a car in our back yard WhlCh wenc ouc che bac ar encran~ and

disappear~d. Abouc cwo weeks lacer. on a mi scy anr..,ainy nighc'~l)

cried che door, buc it was locked. 1 was noc frighcene ac ail, i usc
wondering wh ac che cruch really was behind it ~l. One nigh( hè'lPushed
on che door hard enough co weaken che lock. Then 1 could al~ys hear
a car drive away wichouc lighcs.

Louie Hanson, our village and cown Police Officer, drove chrough

our yard every evening. Th~night Out Friend pushed che lock off on

one~ was righc ~ Louis Hanson drove chrough. He seemed co

wacch every move. Then coward s che end of May, he was in che house

[raTIer of my brochers. 1 saw a dim lighc.

May 29, 1953 in the evening, my son· Freddie came across him
hiding as Pilgrims were praying, and on May 30th, a Mrs. C. Boomer
encountered him. She saw him peeping into the hou~e, the window of
our living room east window.

The 29th Freddie chased him and he disappeared. One night, in

June, the boys came home from neighbors. They aiso saw him and he
disappeared. He never shows up only on a very dark night. Night of
June 8th Freddie heard him enterUhe shed out by the kit chen door.
This was a night the boy was 50 sick""so he couldn't take after him.

Then for sorne time it was quiet. One would not hear anything.
Till October 5, 1953. A group was making a nine day Vigil before
October 7, 1953. So 1 went out too while they were here. This night
one of the Pilgrim's car lights were just on dim and the large post
made a big shadow. When 1 noticed someone on the side of the fence
where the P ilgrims generally go, but this night being cold they drove
near the house and prayed in their c~s. Then 1 was interrupted with
((my prayers wtth thls strange, muffled voice, asking me sternly when 1
was going to stop thlS bunk..... this circus ground activity. 'Don't
think 1 am fooling, you'll fin .. ' then one of the Pilgrims switched on
their Iight, and he ducked into the shadows and then he was gone. 1
immediately went to tnehouse and gave my signal of three on and

!oft-with he door 19h!, meaning..I va.sh-.-for_one, of tpem....!2.Some tothe

~, bULOO one ansy(ere,d my signal. The
prised me very much.
had forg'?tten. This sur­

Then on October 13, 1953, Fatima Day, J~e was up tin about
9:45PM and she retired. 1 then thought 1 might as weIl put sorne apples
on to cook, 50 wenr in the shed to get sorne apples. 1 reached for the
lignt c~rd, w':-en suddenly something hit me forward on my f~e and
everythmg happened 50 fast before 1 could get a hold of my wits, there
was a foot on the small part of my back, and a belt Ot a cord around
my neck. 1.'hen a, uffin voi.ce said ...... rather ~ude, but still in a soft
spoken vOlce ..... So you thmk 1 ave been kJ mg you. ay e t is
Jr will teach you that 1 meM business!'

------ He struck several blows across my back, and 1 believe 1 said:

'I(~'I won 't deny Our Lady, go ahead and kill me. 'u That seemed to him,
maybe my voice was loud, 1 don't know, because he sa1d:-'shut that
yapping mouth!'..... and he pulled the belt or cord tight. Oh, it was a
horrible feeling. 1 couldn't breathe. My head seemed to burst, that
strange feeling in one's ears and e~s, and he spoke, but l never heard
/' what he w~s saying, for the sound of everything disappeared and my

L chest was tlght, and 1 thought to myself, 'This is it.'
Only thoughts 1 can remember flashed to my mind. 'Oh, God, for­
give him and protect my Fred and children.' And 1 must have struggled,
1 don't know, when suddenly 1 could breathe. Then 1 got s~veral blows
to my side. 1 trled to get a~ay, but as my back is in poor condition,
and 1 was lying, 1 was very helpless. 1 heard him say, 'Oh, 1 wont

kill YOll, but chis is ooly a sample of wfiât you will get. Go t~ur
Bishop' (Just when he said this 1 don't know), but that's what 1 heard
him say.

Then 1 was wondering how 1 would get away. He still had the
belt or cord around my neck, and then 1 knew if 1 made a sound ge
would ughten it.
Somehow, as 1 tried to move, a tub of jars were standing there
on an old table, and this fell over with a crash, and with this he re­
laxed his foot off my back. 1 mustëreaan-rnaclin me for a sudden move.
1 twisted around. Then 1 receiyed another blow with something bl~
hard in my abdomen, and something made an awful noise.

1 crawled into the -kitchen Q.!l. al! fours, pushed the door shut, and
went t~toff the Eght. Just as Lsh~t off the light 1 heard a car
motor. 1 went back and locked the door and listened to the car drive
a~ again:- 1 saw no lights. 1 went towards the sink and leaned against
it. 1 really don 't know how 1 got there, and as all this was sudden, it
left me in a daze. How long 1 stood by the sink 1 do not know. T~pain)
i!L.my abdomen was severe. 1 feh nauseated. My head- hurt, my neck
smarted and pained, as 1 tried to swallow my throat hurt.

Then 1 noticed car lights come in, and for the moment 1 didn't
even comprehend what the car lights meant, and 1 couldn 't even move.
Then the lights flickered; then 1 realized it was Dr. Albcights coming
tQ..l2.ffiY •

Oh yes, it's Our Lady of Fatima. 1 thought to myself, '1 better

pray.' It was 1O:30PM on our clock. lt was fast, but how much 1 don 't
know. Just stood there woozie. It was Il: 15PM, and 1 was getting sick­
er. All 1 could think was, 'l'd better lie down.' Then l happened to
think of all the stuff scattered, so l went out and had an awful time JI
stooping ovec to pick evecything !:!p, and nght lt for 1 didn 't want Fred
to know.

Fred was sick and the shock of my injuries and the attack would
be too much for him. So after l had things straightened back so it would
oot be notice able, came in and locked the door and went to bed. H~
sleepless night, puzzled oyec events. AIso, pain was so great. Next
morning l wanted to go to Mass. Couldn 't stand on my feet. l was dkzy
and could not stand srraight. The pain was severe in my abdomen, so

1 went back to bed. Aiso noticed my neck was burned and swollen.
Stayed in bed the rest of the week. The welt on my cheek passed as
sore tooth, little scratch on my arm was notice able. Noticed in the

mirror the welts on my back were numerous, very painful, but nothing
compared to the internaI pains. . .
~ .

' After this there seemed to be quiet until in Lent that 1 was aware
of the disturbance outside again. It didn't frighten me. rhen, ~ch
18th, 1 had washed and changed into clean clothes. Opened the door
to throw dirty clothes in the laundry box, when co my surprise, there
b~he freezer stood this tall figure. But before 1 coUld see his face,

'! he looked down. 1 quickly stepped back, slammed the door shut and
braced myself against it._oo.my f0.9Î at the bottom..

lt He came to the door and spoke tO me, this soft, sinister voice.
'Thank you for opening the doo!. Oh, you are not so bold tonight. Afraid')
are you? You're not only crazy, but stubborn as a mule. Your stubborn- J
ess won't do you no good. Your Bishop will be a few miles from r9u;
tell him that you saw the Devil' (meaning the Appariti9ns). When are YQU
going co come co your senses?' 1 dHfri't answer. 'The next time you
won't get off so easy. Oh, l'll.get you. Don't think you'll get by. 1'11
shut you off for good next time. You won't feel 50 smart.' Afrer that
there seemed to be a noise. He hesitated. 'Now remember, you'll be
sorry.' 1 could hear him leave, make sorne noise, then quiet. 1 held the
( door, then dared to reach up and get the key co lock it.

. The next week after, our Bishop was here on March 28, 1954 at
( Mauston for Confirmation, 1 was ironing sorne clothes when 1 fele sorne·
one was watching me. Heard a noise, then next heard footsteps, and
then the door knob turning. Kept iron ing, but fe lt very disturbed. Then
1 heard something hit the drainpipe, so 1 became frightened. Then went
to try the summer kit chen door. Found it unlocked so locke.d it and went
to wake Fred. 1 could not awaken· him, as Fred had been sick. The
night before he did not sleep, and he was dead to the world tonight.
Came back to the kitchen as my iron was hot; only had a few pieces
left co iron. T~n 1 heard noise in the summer kitchen or shed. Then 1
heard the door knob and pushing. 1 again tried co wake Fred; he only
turned over. 1 came back inco the kit chen and put off the light, pulled
out the iron cord and scood and listened. Then 1 heard the car drive off.
Il 1 could not finish two dresses and handkerchiefs.
Went to bed and never felt so jumpy before, even after the attack,
as 1 did tonight. Even felt someone was under the bed. Was going ta
grab my leg. So 1 just about bounced Into bed. Told Fred about it the
next clay. Oh, he was very upset. Oh, he did a lot of threatening and
he sure was disturbed.

Then during Passion Week, Freddie came down with pleurisy
and pneumonia. He was pretty sick. The Tuesday of Holy Week~
heard the Friend or Stranger work on the lock and a large freight train
came by; made a lot of noise. Said he woCk:ed harder, but 1 suppose

couldn 't get it open. 1 had gone to bed. This aIl Idt me frightened so
much 1 did not care t!Lstay.home alone, and that was Ju~at he w3s
workin for, 1 believe. Then, after Low Sunday, Iheard an awful bang.
went and called Fred. This time 1 was successful. Fred went out in
his llOderwear, saw nothing in the summer kitchen, then dressed and
r( went out. After Fred went out, 1 heard a car start on the road and drive
over the railroad track.

Fred was upseL 1 guess he didn't like the dim light he had, for
it was very dark tonight, and the dim flashlight didn't help ta see.

Since that night have heard no disturbance, nor was 1 aware of

anything, but on May 24, 1954, or sorne rime later, l discovered the
west window of ~e su~c:r kit chen or ~h~.4 broken. Window was part­
( ly raised.

June 12, 1954 - Heard raps ar about 12:30 midnight or 12:45 as l

was in the bathroom. After a few minutes of silence, again several
raps. It sounded like a bIllOt object was used to rap or knock with. l
paid no attention to it, later went to bed.

It seemed quiet for sorne time llOtil in July, in fact, it was the
same night l had discovered that a very dear friend of mine was suffer­

r ing greatly. He was llOder a mental serain, through this had let Satan
tempt him in doing something very foolish which later caused him con·
siderable physical suffering.

1 was slttlng in Fred's big chair tonight after just having Vision­
ed the above. Fele very upset, for 1 had been crying. 1 thought 1 heard
a noise but was not sure of it. Paid no attention tO it when Fred came
from his room and found me in tears and tald me 1 should come to ~ed.
1 told him, 'Not yet, but will come a little later.' 1 then looked at the
dock, it was Il:35PM. This helped me ta become conscious ~ my
surroundings. l tried to pray a Rosary on my Blue Rosary for this per­
son. l couldn 't, for what l had witnessed disturbed me too much, so 1 ))1
just prayed and begged Our Blessed Mother to help him. Then there
was a rap at the window and the same sOft, sinister voice speaking
to me .....

'When are you going to stop that foolishness? Keep away_ from
thar Editor. Trying to use her to promote your faking deception. She is
just fool enough to help you and your followers. Keep away from her.'.

(meaning the .fuli!gr of rhe MARQUEE, our weekly newspaper.) There
was a noise, then silence. Then it seemed he must have leEt. Felt very
upset and shaky for it had been a very rough evening, having both come
the same evening. 1 went ro hed, had a creepy feeling. 1 practi~ly
jumped into the bed as if 1 could feel his presence in the [Qom .. 1 know
it was because 1 was so upset.
After that it was quiet until August 20th. This evening being
Wednesday, Joanne had been given a farewell party at Me. and Mes.
William Wakershauser's - Betty (Mrs. Wakershauser) offered to do this
for Joanne because 1 had been ill since July 17, 1954, as Joanne was
leaving for St. Agnes Sc~ol of Nursing at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

1 had no encounter with my Friend since just before my illness in

July, after the Party, Richard had gone home on his bicycle, so he
arrived home ahead of us, as he came around the corner of the house
he saw our so-called Friend leaning (facing towards the East) against
ceJ!!ent blocks. his head down. Richard at first couldn't recognize who
would be standing there. When this person h'eard Richard, he wheeled
( Mound, ran swiftly past the large maple cree through a small gate ~d
disappeared inro the darkness. Richard felt frightened and hustled into
thebouse. He told us about him as soon as we arrived home - that is
Joanne, Freddie Jr. and myself. None of us could understand his reason
for heing here, particularly because 1 wasn't home and his main object
seemed always to get abold of me to do me harm. Unless he thought 1
( was home. For several nights after that 1 stayed up on account of my
hear t, but stayed in the darkness, light only coming from Vigil lights.
B ut as F east Days of Our Lady came up and 1 would have some wonder-
fuI things happen to me at the Sacred Spot, 1 would write these up for
the Records, so had co put on the lights, also had the radio on.

1 had several Feast Days and one Anoiversary Day to write up,
when there was a bang into the drain pipe leading from our sink in the
kitchen, also a loud raE at two west windows and then a noise and
ratrling of the door knob as if trying CO enter! 1 just sat still for some
time and listened. 1 knew the door was locked so 1 waso't afraid of him
gaining entrance. 1 had tried the door before. Alt~ugh just the ~ht)
be.fpre had tried the door before going to be d and found it unlocked.
[ so the danger, was it always locked? No. Satan would help see to it
that it wasn 't.

1 was writing this up on Labor Day in September, for school was

starting the next day and there would be school work. This would g.ive
me a later stare in the evening to do my work, for 1 had tl) be alone -
had a lot of drawing and sketching to do of Our Lady and otherwise
many nights. 1 was unable to concentrate so was unable to accomplish

Vision by Mary Ann Van Hoof, October 16, 1954
of a Nun p1eading for help.

Vision by Mary Ann Van Hoof, July 1, 1955

of the Blessed Mother in tears.
Then it was quiet again for several nights, 1 believe at least
three weeks. But now being close co Occober 7th, he became active
again. His usual trying of the doors. This one evening he crawled
through the window again, the window in the summer kitchen, ~
really tried bard co get the back door 0e..en. 1 went and called Fred, but
he-;as hard co wake and as 1 was leaving the bedroom, could hear the
car leaving the yard, he must have had it parked right by the window.
Fred Vias angrr for he hearc:f the noise hl..mself - 50 again the only thing
( 1 gained was co upser my husband, for he surely was very upsee.

He mingled with the crowd Occober 6th, Vigil of the Faithful

Pilgrims at the Sacred Spot. H~d done chis several times before.­

He then drove through the yard Occober Bth, where the year be­
fore he had attacked me. 1 had the house dark and the radio off this
evening as 1 planned on going to the Sacred Spot anyway. So started
to pray at 9pm, heard nothing of him after that till in December.

ln fact it was at 10:55 pm December 16, 1954 during my suEE ering

when 1 became conscious of sort of an Evil feeling, a spine tingling
feeling. Was it because 1 was 50 tired from aIl the suffering, or was he
wearing my n erves? -but at 10:55 this is what 1 said: 'My friend is )
outside -- he' s listening at the East window, he gave the dog sorne meat
(The dog's name was King, son of the dog mentioned in eady part of
the story) he just left the window - he was out there for 15 minutes,
he's inv6stiga~iggjJ1l!.QU!P yet, l'm afraid of him.'

Ha-nk asked me if they should get the boys up and go after him,
but during this period Marie got aIl excited, had gone to the kitchen
( and shut the light off, when she did this he immediately left for the
highway where he had filS car parked. 1 cold Hank. our Frlend had just
lôOked into his car (the Dodge)j he was ~lking towards the road
to get ioto his car. His car is parked on the highway without lights.

l'm afraid of him, for he gave me a very creepy and frightened

feeling .. He was watching the house for a few minutes. He had seen
Marie at the door. she shouldn't have changed anything, for he knew
now we werë looking for him . .Hank asked what kind of a car he had and
1 told him, it)ook~ like a bl~ck or a dar~ey - a big car. Oh, how 1 )
wish they could catdi hjm because-lle. ~s wearin& my n~es, 1 repeated
1 don't like him, am afraid of him, I~s.' Then 1 noticed he
turned his car around"he was coming back.

_ He went over the railroad track and stopped. It seemed he wjls

very determined for he came back and tried both the doors, the .!i.ving
( room and kitcben. Fred heard this which awakened him where he had
been sleeping and he was told by both Hank and Marie that our Friend
was out there. Marie had heard a knock at the door ID: 10 pm. Fred went
out and walked around the house, looked around but could see no one,

because a~n as the-y' stirred around inside the home, he ldt for the

car across the tr acks and drove away without lights.

Then for the next five days things were quiet as far as my Friend
is concerned. But on December 21 St about 10: IOpm. 1 again said: 'Our
Friend is juSt driving up again, he left his car in che road (King the
dog was barking.) 1 asked them not to tell Fred, for Fred was notfeeling
well and he would be unable to get him anyway, as the minute anyone 1
left the house he seemed co know it and was gone. He was jusc snoop- J
ing--around, CUtlOUS If 1 was up yet. He was waiting for me to get up it
seemed, for he had heard 1 was in bed.

Marie, as soon as 1 said our Friend is out there, got up nervously

and started fixing the curtains. 1 told her to sit down and behave her­
self. 'Please don't make any disturbance, for he'll be gone. This even­
ing he didn't come to the North East of the house where my room was
but stayed at South side of ic. He again looked into Hank's Dodge parked
south of the house by the kitchen door. He tried the front door again
and then left. All during this cime King cominued to bark. It seemed this
evening he didn't bring any meat along for the dog. Marie again was
frightened and nervous.

1 didn't notice him at all during the Christmas Season or during

the be ginning of the year 1955; not until in Lent again. 1 was toO weak
and cired co pay much attention to him. 1 was aware of him on February
15th about Il:30pm, and 1 thought 1 heard him walk around the house
on the morning of February 16th. Then 1 even forgot about him until the
evening of St. P atricks, he cried the fronc door and ldc and went around
co che back door where he scumbled over someching in che back, after

chac 1 didn'c hear any more of him until che Feasc of Our Lady of Sorrows
which was April Isc.

Thac evening 1 fdc very weak as 1 had gone chrough che usual
suffering, also the Passion ... 1 was rather tense chis night, as 1 felc
a censeness in Hank, for he was very cired. Hank was sleeping, it was
abouc 1 Q30 when 1 heard ~ e oucside che room where 1 was laying.
le Jelc as if he had been on che basement door stoop trying co see in che
window by my head. 1 didn'c wake Hank for 1 knew ic would be useless.
He would be gone before Hank could locace him in che darknes s. Hank
awakened abouc Il: 15pm, chen 1 cold him abouc ie. He said 1 should
have awakened him, 1 said whac's che use, he's gone ouc of sighc before
you can find him. He said chac' 5 probably crue.

Buc 1 would like co gec his car licffise or gec ahold of him, there
should be some way. Weil he's one fellow chat sure c an vanish. Ltold

hi.gl again how fast he'd disappear on the boys. After thar it was quiet
again, though 1 heard him Easter Monday, also had a feeling a"s if some-
one was outside. 1 again heard him as he tried the front door knob on
May Ist about midnight. He also tried the living room door, the Infant
of Prague Statue is in front of this door, 1 thought for a momen~s
gorng to push it over, of course it is a heavy Shrine. The oext day 1
told Hank, asked him to see if the door behind the Statue was barred,
when there is a strong wind the vibration unlocks this slip bar. He
foÙÏÏd it unbarred, 50 barred it. -

Again things seemed quiet until about May 12th and 13th he was,
around out doors. 1 didn 't pay any attention to him, he tried the door as
usual, but as 1 was suffering and 1 believe he heard me; 1 don't think)
he stayed very long. But the next night, F~ima night, he was here..

1 went to the Sacred Spot at 10:55, stayed out about 15 minutes. 1

could feel our Friend out there, told Hank about it as soon as 1 came
in; so Clara and Hank drove around after him. Hank told Henry Wessling
to go one way and he'd go another, but Henry could not get going be-
cause Marie had to get something out of Myrtle' 5 car and couldn't find
it, 50 it delayed them.

Clara and Hank sighted a car that seemed to be uncertain about

which way they were going. Hank' turned around with the car as soon
as he could and followed; saw tail lights in the distance and as quickly
as they saw them, the li ghts disappeared around the corner of the woods
road. They could see the dust in the air for the wood road is a gravel
road. They again had a glimpse of the car, and it was gone again. After
he had disappeared from Hank and Clara, he had come back and drove
through the yard, out the back v;:ay. He had parking hghts on when he
drove through the yard. 1 was hoping Hank would come, suddenly 1 saw
car lights coming. 50 1 put the door light on to signal H~--:-He took the
cue and drove in and 1 asked him if he had driven through with the
1parking lights on. He said, 'no'. Just then the Wesslings dro~d
they told of the e;nerience of seeing this car act strangely also. After
so.JIi]0flsëîl$siea wench.ome. One Ralf hour later he w~ back rapping
at the door. 1 paid no attention, stayed very quiet and after several
attempts of loud knocking finally gave up and was Q!liet. Probâbly even
( left for 1 wheeled myself to my room and went to bed. During this time
from Easter on 1 have been up, but in the wheel chair. 1 cannot walk.

The Friend again showed up May 17th, 18th and the 19th. He gave
me the feelin Iike he was oin to get his chance ar me. 1 had a sort
o fear these three days. Was it because 1 was 50 tued and aiso because
1 wa; in the wheelchair? For it was hard to have patience doing the

.. 47-
cooking while ln the wheelchair. Sc> it could have been this, 1 don't

On Ascension, 1 just made up my mind that 1 would not let him

bother me for 1 was falling into his clutches, for that's what he wanted,
to break me down. 1 prayed for strength to endure whatever happens.

During the Vigil of May 29th, he mingled with the praying Pilgrims.
Then things were quiet again, until the Vigil for Trinity Sunday June
5th, 1955 - he again was with the Pilgrims. His purpose of mingling
with the crowd; 1 don 't know.

June 9th, through my suffering came the words that • our Fri end l
would tr to burlïthe house to destro records. This again frighteÏÏëd

D me for the Work lost in this manner would be disastrous and impossible
to replace. Sc> planned on llQ.YL.tQ_pr.otecLthis. a.s--.lt was worrying me.

Again things were quiet un til about July 13, 1955. This night he
had been walking around the house, also bumped in_t() something laying
outside. Hank heard him also, but he said-h~ was un able ro d~arlything
because he had to hang on to me because of my throwing my body during
severe spasms of pain. The next night about 10:30 ~LI ~~denly had a

r:severe feeling of danger. Hank told me 1 suddenly screamed Fred's

name several times, that our Friend was out there.

First it seemed 1 could not locate the danger, then saw in Vision

where he had placed a ball-like thing into a paper box back In- the stor­


age room, this baIl was WIed with chemicals so when vou broke the

shell around it and let t it l a '

start a with inten
e 1t to e Iode a~d

....ïfLQnly_lLfew_minmes. Fred and F~

Jr. both went out to look for him. Fred Jr. said you could see where )

h~ had wheeled the Car around jn a hurr and drove off. The family was

very upset, they were unable to locate the ball-like thing it seemed.

They both retired, as there was no use staYlOg up ~

1 continued to sufter. Hank said, 1 ~uddenJY jumped up and ~id, \

our Friend is out there. He just took the ball-like thing :: it was a DUD,
in other words no good, He had his ha~d over the n~e of the manufact­
uring place. This sure frightened a11 of us. Fred nailed the windows
shut so he couldn 't open them. More precaution 'was taken that every
thing was locked at night. 1couldn 't understand why he was s.tiJl h.i!9g­
ing around now. Since illY Bjsho had condemned the daims, 1 felt 9tlre
now he would leave us alone.

Sorne nights he would just dei ve through or he would stand in th t'

machine shed. ~ o d whe~had a pile of cigarette but~s where

he had been standing and sm~ing, at times he would leave his car by
the Pines and walk in. Again he would stand and watch the house,
standing by the tree near the House Trailer t,hat belongs to my brothers­
Matthias and Richard.

On August 14th there :'!!...ere two of them mingling with the P ilgrims
again and then stopped into Clara' s yard, watching her place.

August 16th again two of them were here, they had their car park­
ed in our back drive-=-tnby tfie bIg maple tree. He, the Friend, stood
out here by the Maple tree, Fred with my brother Matt went out looking'
for them. The dog gave their movements away and he signaled with a
flash light - sa the other backed his car out and drave East on G then
South on Wood Raad, then curned in co come past our house. The Friend
met him on the railroad tracks and ther.. left, drave around and parked
theu car imo Virginia's driveway. The next night they had again park­
ed themselveS' in Virginia McLellan's driveway for a while, then came
through the back way OUt the from - drave out into the Wakershauser
yard - stood for ,a feJ'L..minu~~hen drave off, always without lights.

August 20th they bath made about the same stop here, this time
they drave inta the parking lot, stopped at the trailer house, then drave
oue and stopped again watching Clara's place on Highway21, then drave
down a dead end Street, drave south over the spur track, stopp:ed at the
North Western Railroad Warehouse and bath smoked cigarettes. l was l
unable ta watch this movemem at aIr times as l would suffer spasms
of pain~ 'during relaxation of spasms l would again view them.

l didn 't see them leave, only saw them as they drave past' Zuc­
iak's place straight north of us. There they threw their cigarette buets
,away, they stopped at the first dÙveway Iëaaingl:~Motel. ,ost,
them here. Through pain found them sorne time later driving past Bill'
and Betty Wakershauser's house back on highway heâding east as a car'
was approaching them. They put on parking lights undl the car went
by, again shut off the lights - then drave southeast on Power Line
Raad towards "G".

Again there were spasms of pain. Next saw them as they were
tuming south on "G" going past Joramby's. Again a spasm of pain.
Next l was aware of them driving~~astur.egate, then st~pping
by the railroasf tracks south of the house. Bath gOt out of the car and
walkecre;st on the track for a ways-;-then lost them again for another
spasm of pain.

Saw no more of them, don't know when they left that night.

One night 1 heard our· friend and so did Hank, in the summer kitch"
en. r had just come out of suffering. Hank asked me if 1 would be alright
as he said our Friend was out there and he wamed to wake Fred. 1 told
him it was O.K. Fred started co go north into the summer kitchen and
Hank wem south. JUSt then Bobbie, our twelve year old son, came down
co go to the bathroom and Fred heard the window drop just as he was
unlocking the door to go out. OurFriend was gone. he had the car parked
near the machine shed and he was gone in a flash. Becausehedisap­
pears so fast r feel it is useless to awaken Fred, as the only thing to
be gained would be for Fred to become very upset and· his rest disrurbed,
and he needs his rest badly.

Our Friend continues to show himself many times at night. Hank

would hear him at the side of the house as he bumped into the drain
pipe from the kitchen sink. Then again he would stand near the west
window and listen; 1 knew this as one night 1 could feel eyes watci}i.ng
me through this window and after that 1 made sure ii: was closed.

He' s been here off and on all F aIl. ] ust last night he was at the
west window between the hours of 1 AM and 2 AM. What he gains by it
1 don't know. At other times he would watch Hank drive a way for home
after the suff ering period, then he would try the door. Several times 1
heard him fall because of a loose plank on the porch which caused the
plank tO fly up wlth a bang.

Now 1 do not fear him, nor do 1 fear he will hure anyone else~e "
generally disappears verl' quickly if anyone else is arouJ1d. 1 am the ~
only one he wams.

He wanrs me co denounce the Cause; it seems that is his purpose.

Why? .... That is anyone's guess but r really don't know; as it is all just
questions marks to me????

* * * * *

\1ary Ann has already written IIp in ùetail in Volllme 1 ail that
transpireù on the Annivl'rsary days, so to avoid repetition 1 will
only record those visions she witncss('ù that she has not previollsly
dcscrilH'd. . .
JI The following is a narration of a vision Mary Ann haù on }lovem­
ber 13, 195:3 which she told to Clara, my wife F\ort'nce and myseIf on
Novemher 16th. Il is the gnll'some stury of what she was shown with
regards to tht' conditions of some of our soldiers and others who had
heen taken e,risoners in Korea,


"What 1 ha\(' set'n on Friùay, November 13, 195.'3 ùuring the
holll's of 12 noon to 3 p.rn. \!o\'l'Inent.s, going into hilly country which
s('('med to 1)(' the battldield. Ahalllloned helrncts anù eqllipment of
\·lIar stre\vn abOlit. 1 passeù ovcr this qllickly amI could sel' foxholes,
bom!> eraters, ùestroyt'ù cities. tn'nches and destroyed war matcrials."
"1 went towarc! a part of the Country, a ci-ty to one sicle, which
was mountainolls country..'\11 of a suddcn m'ar tht' \10untains, there
seemed to bt' trenches, tl1en as 1 was taken above it and looked clown,
this trcnch was 12 or 1.5 l'cet deep or deeper, ~nd then as l looked into
it, men \Vere stationed in h '1'. l' . .' of cards. One against the
ot wr, It was )IISt \Vi e enou~h for a man, so tig tly in there."
"Ahove this trench were four Guards with rifles, walking back
and forth. At the beginning of this pidure, these men were just normal
lookin~ soldiers, t~~r_~strippeù of everytbing exceQ.t their uni·
"The picture then changed and it showeù rats, many of them
running over the hoys. SOIne of the boys were sc~eâffiing wildly, sorne
pllnehing caeh other, tearing at each other, faces l@.unt, their cyes
wild, some wne trampled alive, while sorne prayeù with their l'yes
tllfned Heavenward. They were in moisture, ankle ùeep 111 water and'
body refuse. No fooù, no water was provided for (helll. 'Fhe~­
c<r water down in bottles with ropes, about one foot above the reaeh
of their hands. They lowerecl fooà, pieces of meat and bread just above
theirreach anù th en pulled it baek. During this time manv had lost
strength anù sa ed to the bottom and were tram led t~rneath.
Many were sti a ive, many were ying, t eir taces bloody hom eing'
seratehed and their clothing tom from fighting each other. Again the
guards lowered water just a httle closer to ll1elr fingers, then the
guarù shot the bottle pouring glass and water ail over them. Our boys)
would liek this water off each other, and fight over it.
By this time only one third were left, the l'est sitting, Iying tram­
pIed under in a wet soggy treneh. A few of these were still raising
their hands, praying to Cod.
Theil t Iw picture chang('cI ancl a large bulld'lzer or tank (not
('xacth' like tll(' AmerÎcan hllllclozn) came towafll this tn>nch, started
( at 011(: ('11(1 alld pllslH'd gl"Onnd and 1"O(.(s alld Imri('tf thelll a 11\'"e, wnik
the" screanwd, F nlally the la st \'01C(' died out.
"1 W;lS ta ken on a roall or alley and ('Ilt('r('cl into a dark passage'.
In front it set'nH'd lh('I'e w('n' bo\t's of things packed. 1 went tll1'ee or
fOllr stcps lown dowll to a con('J'etc or ~to!le floor whic h wOs....i:.!!ld.
dark oucl had a ml~ty ~11. \Vatel' was standing in pllddles. 1 en!<'red
into a Iar!!;e darkelled l"Oom. it had pwitions bllt the\' w('re not ~1."
"This was a scel1(' in ()ec('1ll1ll'r HJ50 alld Jallllary 19.51. ft was
H'rv colel. se\'erel" cold. I-kre 1 saw Ilot mllv soldiers but ci\'i1ians as
\Ver!. 1 fit' s111('11 in th('se qllartcrs was 1I111)('arabl(', enollgh lo "Î)Si.'t
one's stomach, 11allseating, Somp of tll(' prison ers wer(' cl:.Li~d
whirnpering like allimals."
"Then 1 was shown wh a )articular olle whim )l'red so ùes )cr­
ately. The p('rson 1 saw was a so ( ier, an Americ"an 10Y, H'caus·e there
\VlIS a U.S. 011 his shirt collar, which was a1l tom alld rippcd; therc
were son s over his hody. He was a blond hov, with bIlle ey(;s. ~rd
\Valkecl Il 1 to this bo , 'ahbed him wi h a ha ·onet. He whmipereù
and he whine( , not like a human, as he jabhed him lo arise. And then )
1 saw wh" he cÜlllùn't arise. 80th of his feet had b<'en frozen off at
hf.s anklcs~ '} 11(' gllard torced him ta arise and stand on tht> hones. "Rt'
stoojled (J\'('r alld !!;rahlH'd hnn h\' (tH' collar, and tJw hov scream('d,
not lik(, a IHunall.' H(' triecl to clâ\\' at th(' guarù, hut tht'fl' wef(' IlO
fingns. the\' also had l)('en hozen alld had (allen off. ÜH're was OIII\'
ra\~·. s\Voll(:n, d(>cayeù fics . The guard glïl('sollle!y pllllc(~s
fed and slamnl(> 1im into tll(' II1l1sh,"
".-\ guard hrought him wate'r, About <t pint of water was gin'n to
e<teh indi\'iduaJ. \Vhich llluSt fast for 24 hours, tOI' samtary purpose as
weil as drinklllg. 1he\' pli shed the \Vater in on a l'art. a tank or harr('1.
lt was weil slllTOlllHlc-d b" soldiers who plished forward for water. but
they Wt'J'(' jahb<'d hack with haY(lJlets."
''Theil 1 was taken Oll a tour to look a t the n'st of them ill the
rooln. \Iall" more had their legs off and were takillg l'are of them­
se]n's. \Vit hout lI1edicatioll or help, they tore their dothing for hand­
ages. SOIl\\' of the civilians dothing was ripped off. Thev had m:('n
beatt'Il and had welts Ol! their IHlcks: rats W('I'(' rtIllning over th('II1."
"Thl' OJiI\' food 1 had S(TU them haud out dicln't look Iik(' hreacl.
It was a clark'substanc(' Ihev hall(kd ollL and Ihos<' who couldn't come
f()J'ward. had il thrown to thel])."

"1 was shown a mountainside and a path leading up to where
about one hundred or pue buudred and fmy boys were marchiog up
this path, escorted by Jeeps. There were four soldiers in each Jeep
with machine guns. AlI equipment had been stripped from the boys,
except their uniforms. The guards sometimes shot behind their feet,
to make them walk faster and to urge them on. This was a cold trip
because it was winter and snowing."
"1 did not know the year as it was not given. They were traveling
up a mountainside alongside of a deep gorge, wheo suddenly they
halted because it seemed impossible for a Jeep to go on. So the guards
left the Jeeps to go further up on foot, about two or three miles they
walked on. They halted again, with their back to a deep gorge. The
guards walked up to sorne of the oys, accusmg t em 0 no being
dressed, and made them button up their uniforms. Many were too
weak to straighten up and they were jabbed with bayonets, which
drew blood. They offered the boys cigarettes, and would take them
back. The guards jabbed bayonets into their feet to make them jump.
Several boys faces were gashed because they got sassy and angry, and
talked back. One got so angry he kicked his tormentor, with the result
that the bayonet was run through his thigh."
"Then they were ordered on, only to be halt;d within the next
ten feet. During the movemenr the guards stoodillline, spaced about
equal and the boys were made to stand at attention. They started f!!
one end to shoot with the machine gun where each one met the others
flre. The faces of these men wore a shocked look that was horrible to
see. They toppled over after standing erect for a fcw seconds, some
of them rolled down the embankment, others feIl over trees and hung
there, some were caught by their belts and hung there suspended."
' "Several men did not fall down and were just kicked so they
rolled down. The guards laughingly turned around, brushed their
( hands, lighted cigarettes, as if nothing had happened and walked
l back to their Jeeps."

"1 was shown a citv in the distance but did not know the name.
There was sort of a ra~ine going into this place where the beginning
had an opening like a cave. 1 entered into a smail opening, walked
into this for a few turns, and then 1 seemed to be going downward,
where 1 entered a larger compartment which might have been about
twelve by twenty feet. There seemed to be small pocket caves around
this. At one end there seemed to be a drop inside where a very small
stream of water was running."
- .53­
"At first l just sa\V the location \Vith not a human soul in it, but
\Vhere the water was flo"ving there seemcd to he a crack or split in
the mountain. rd say the c]";l<;k \Vas about three fect long and one foot
wide. The rock aroulld this was very slllooth and shiny, impossihle
for anyone to c1imb. The sky was visible through this."
"At the entrance to this Iarger Cave steel hars hacl been put
across, with sharp prongs towanl the insiLie. V.Then l first enterecl
this room l \Vas hlinded hy the darknf:'ss and coulcln't see on account
of lack of light until illY eyes got accustomed to the darkness. The
only light was hom the little hole a!Jovc. This place was very clamp

and cold." ­
"The first thing that greeted me was the smell. The smell was a
mixture of decayed f1esh and an outdoor toile t, with a musty, moldY
smell mixed wlth It which was strong. Just to smell this room was
renough to make me sick, without listening to the inhuman sounc\s
echoing through these pockets or C<1 ves."
- "In seveml of these pockets 1 founcl what once were soldiers, their
c10thing decayed off, their hodies tcwn."
"five or six of these soldiers had chains or Sh,ICklèS on ~heir legs.
One man 111 particular, if l'ou could ca)] him a man, mllst have been
at least six foot at one time, he was Il( . l ' 1Ut a mad In."'-' c now,
there were times he even scree C le .! It was not a hUll1an voice. He
seemed to lau 'h and then he cned, none of this sounded hmnan. Both
o lis ankles had heen rubbed so t at the flesh had decayed hy tne
r shaC1<les. Next to him in another hole was a smaller man who could
h5Vel)een about five foot eight in~s. He tOOW<1S in the same con­
dition as the other with snow white hair. h 'arel at lookecl
red. The large man once la<. brown CY<'S. Thl:' littlc' man had )Iuc
( eyes. T};eir 'vvcight must ha\'c h<,'<,n ahout scventv-five or cighty
"ln this room there \Vere ahout men, some
of their hands l);lëlparfIU y ecayec

"A number of these men were chained clown or as clescrihed

before, lymg 111' flreirfi-Ith-:-Ttlose that wpre !Tee From chains couldn't
move becalJse the\! were too weak. A1\ thesc' nwn wen~ listed as c\<'acl,
this gronp had heen here since the heginninl! of tlw Kormn War."
"ln the center of this group was n hen]) of skeletons and bones.
The total number was once ;Çiun~ It seemed at one time there
must have been some straw in t ere, ut that was an rotted and gone."
"On leaving this place, 1 ~as shown up above the entrance was
a pile of rock which could be moved very easily and this TQ..MB

sealed forever."
On December 8, 1953, Mary Ann was given a message by Our
Lady for me which was the foIlowing:
"My Child, Convey this Message to Henry. l would like him to
be an Apostle to the little children, victims of the neglecting parent.
To speak to parents to awaken them to the facts. The cleansing oi
lives 0 chi n 's ver ur ent and in need 0 immediate action. F ollow
My previous Request. His Area would be your ome tate. Yes, My
Child, this will cause him much hardship and suffering. The greatest
persecution he has yet experienced."
"Do not grieve over this, Child, he has the ability. My Child,
withhold this Message until he has proven himself (also etc.) with
work he has undertaken."
"Had the laity followed My Request in year 1950, by the following
year when evil swept your schools by storm, most of this could have
been prevented, had My Request been Heeded. Since then it has
From Messages given at various times, it has been indicated that
part of my Work is to be cleaning up of the Juvenile Problem. 1 have
with the cooperation of others made a start in that work. A Juvenile
Committee was set up at the recommendation of the American Legion
through the County Board. We feel that we have so far accomplished
some good and the ground work has been laid for the accomplishment
of much more. Our problem in our Area is very severe and the biggest
problem from the standpoint of correction seems to be bringin
( realization of the problem to the *arents. We have succeeded, 1 e-
lieve, to an extent in this, but muc ,much more must be done.
It is easy to convince people, 1 have found, of something they
want to believe but when you are trying to convince them of some-
( thing they do not want to beheve. tbey bke to play ostri§!1 and bury
therr heads.
o 0 000

During Advent, after the events before mentioned on November

13th, 1953, it was largely routine and a matter of keeping Records.
However on the last Friday before Christmas as before Christmas in
1952 Mary Ann saw the Nativity Scene, much more completely than
she had the previous year. It was one day we an enjoyed, aIl those who
were present. And it must have been very beautiful, that which she
visioned. We could tell much from her expressions of joy and pleasure.
Lent started in 1954 on the 5th of March. During this Lent "le
were not bothered as much as in the past by outsiders trying ta get in.
Most of them had found out that it wasn't tO,be done. We did have
sorne requests. However in following our instructions we could not
comply with them. On the first Friday of Lent we were told ta be
prepared ta write the following Friday. We were ta have a trusted
persan in ta help with the writing. On that day we were given the
third Narration of the Passion. On March 26th, "le were given orders
ta have the Priest close ta this work combine the three Narrations of
the Passion into One. This has been done and is found in the begin­
ning of this volume.
On the Feast of Mt. Car!!)el, Mary Ann had a Message of warn­
ing for me and aIso for Father Sig, "Tell Henry ta be more careful Jl\
when ddvin , he's become ver careless, had a véR narrow e§.Çape. J
Also ta te teS iritua lrector ta e very cac_ u! when driving,
if not; e s a e involve in a very serious accident which will cause
grief and hardship for him."
On September 12, 1954 the FEAST OF THE HOLY NAME OF
MARY. Mary Ann told us she thought her heart would break from
the message Our Lady gave her.
"My Child, My Instructions are not impossible to follow as given.)
Had they been followed this pain would not have been necessary. r
This grieves you very much My Child, causes great pain to your
heart. Remember Faith, Hope, Charity, Love, Courage. Bless you My
Questions Mary Ann was requested ta ask Clara and md:~elf:

1. Do you know the full meaning of the Mass?

2. Do you know what Our Holy Mother means, Sacrifice and,
3. Do you know what Her Requests are here, Meaning Cause?
4. Do you know what Our Lady means being an example ta
your Community?
5. Do you know your position as the Chasen Om<§?
6. Do you know what is meant by 'stand by each other in this
7. Do you know why Our Holy Mother asks you ta read Her
Instructions at least once a week?
8. Do you know or fully realize the seriousness of the Cause?
9. What does Recompense mean? Obedience?



On October 21, 1954, Mary Ann went to Church in the Chapel at
Sacred Heart Convent as usual in the morning. l noticed she did not
appear to be feeling weIl and was kind of wobbly. She stayed in Church
until Communion and then walked out. Henry Wessling followed her
out so l didn't go. She went out and sat in Henry Wessling's car. 'When
l came out, l went over to the car and asked her if she was aIl right
and she answered. l thought she said she was O.K., but she later told
me she said she was cold. l walked over to my car and when l turned
around and glanced back she was not in sight so l went back over
to the car and she was slumped over in the seat. In the meantime
others were coming out hom Mass and Ray Schelfhout, Mes. Albright,
Henry Wessling and myself climbed into the car and rode with her
out to the farm leaving the rest of those who had ridden in with Henry
to ride with Dr. Albright. We drove around the house and right up to
the front doer. Mary Ann was suffering intensely by that time and her
body was very rigid.
Doctor Albright in the meantime had arrived, and Fred who had
been around the barn was there also. We finally got a blanket under
her and got her out of the car and then were able to carry her into
the house and get her into bed.
That was the beginning ofa period of very severe suHering. She
is a Victim Soul and her suffering has a purpose which is to clean up
and to compensate for the sins of the young people. Her body tossed
and arched in pain. It was an awful job fo keep her from throwing her­
self out of bed as the violent spasms of pain shot through her body.
Someone had to be with her and hold her aIl the time when she was in
that severe suffering. For the first week, she suffered~t
( _9_o'cl.Qfk.iJL!:...~or-4.J3.O.J.Dthe afterQoQn and then
it would abate and she would regain conscio~tostart again ­
at about 9 o'clock at night and l'lin through 12 or 1 o'clock in the
morning. It is impossible for me to describe the agony and suffering
that took place.
It seemed that 1 was the one chosen to hold her most of the time
and seemed to be able to do so better than anyone else, it must have'
been through Our Lady's guidance. This was part of the fulfillment
as mentioned before in which Clara and 1 received the message which
had foretold of Mary Ann's suffering and the fact that we would be
needed very badly and would have to stand by. We sure did.
People were very kind and volunteered to help with whatever
they could. A number of people who had been close to the Cause were
permitted to be in and observe and help in the room during that first
week. This was actually in disobedience to previous instructions and
was harmful to the purpose of the suHering as it generated too much
talk. It seems people can't help but tell ail they know. Sorne people,
in particular, but it seems to me to be ail people.
Marie Umhoefer from Appleton came on that first week end and
remained. She had always been a disciple of the Cause. She helped
in the house and in the room with Mary Ann and was very faithful
to the job. Mrs. Henry vVessling also helped as she was the one who,
by a sign which was later verified, was chosen by Our Lady to help
with the work.
1 have a rosary which Mary Ann kept in her hand during ail of
her suffering. It was given to me by Brother Leonard of Marytown
and was Blessed by Father Dominic. We al ways called it the Father
Dominic Rosary and you will find it referred to by that name where it
is mentioned in the Records. For sorne reason this Rosary seemed to
give MalY Ann more comfort than any other. It was a favorite of mine
and had been my pocket Rosary for a couple of years. Mary Ann, when
things were particularly rough, would kiss the Crucifix on this Rosary
and put it to my lips to kiss also, and even when she was in extreme
suffering she seemed to be conscious of me and wouId put the Rosary
right up to my lips. She had the Rosary in her hand on the night of
November 12th, which was the Anniversary of Our Lady's First Visit
to Mary Ann. At about 11 o'dock Mary Ann raised up in bed and got bn
her knees. Our Lady appeared to her and also on that occasion touched
my Father Dominic rosary. So that rosary 1 prize very highly and
would not want to part with it for anything. vVe had to replace the
Crucifix on it as the Corpus came loose and an arm was broken off
of it.
With the heginning of the second week the suffering changed
somewhat and at times during the suffering Mary Ann would talk
and we were able to know specifically what and who she was suffering
for. Records of ail this talk was written down and the material will
be used to dean up the Juvenile crime and sin situation in our ter­
ritory. That eliminated the possibility of any additional people being
in the room except those chosen to do the writing. Marie Umhoefer,
Ray Schelfhout, Clara Hermans, Joanna Van Hoof and Mrs. Henry
Wessling were the only ones who did any of the recording with Marie
doing the bulk of it. The time of the suffering had changed and except
for several occasions, there were no more alJ day sessions. However,
it usually started at about 7 :30 or 8 o'dock in the evening and ended
somewhere between 11 and 12 p.m. There was much suffering during
the day which did not require bedside attendance at ail times. The
hours of suffering are ail recorded in the write ups. Any unnecessary
talk in the room was forbidden and Mary Ann had to pay recompense
through additional suffering when there were violations.

The suHering of Mary Ann Van Hoof is primarily for the Youth

and especially the Youth in our own particular Area which is Juneau

County. Because there are sorne villages or cities in other counties so

close to that Area and there is so much of an intermingling of our

Youth with theirs, they are also included in our Area.

From October 21, 1954 until about New Year's Day, Mary Ann

by vision was able to see ail of the sins of the Youth in that Area and

to suffer for and battle against those sins as they actually took place.

ln many cases, by her battling, she was actually able to prevent

sin from taking place. Many were saved from sin without their knowl- .
edge. They wiII never know, at least on this earth, the manner in which,
or the suffering by which, they were saved. Perhaps they will know
in the next world.
Here is a night's work jus.t as it was taken down during the

suffering of Mary Ann \.vith notes of explanation which 1 hope will

help in clarification for the reader. In the main it is self-explanatory.

These are ail girls that have been involved in previous incidents.

Florence Ann and Eloise.

"Hank, we are going to have trouble with Eloise and Marian.

They have been chYu:u:ni.ug with Florence Ann. Those kids. Oh, those

kids, - - no, no." ('no' said repeatedly.)

"Florence Ann, she's made a date with that man, they are meeting
in that same cabin. She is trying ta blame pregnancy on him. She is
having a time blaming it onto bjm as there are so many Qf tbem.
He's the one she was with during deer hunting season and she figures
he's the one. They are arguing about it."
"He's giving her sorne whiskey now. Feels it's good for what ails
her. She claims it couldn't have been the soldier ·as he was protected.
He seems ta know about the soldier. One of her girl friends must have
told him."
"Hank, Eloise and Marian are on a date with two boys. They're
. going toward . Girls are worse than the bo s are the 're eg 'ng
them on. Boys act innocent. le boys are taking them to a irt aay
partY fôr one of the girls."
"Eloise and Mary were out with deer hunters one time, the ones
the Came Warden chased."
"Tbose dirty girls, no, no, hands off, hands of(.,.Thev're sbe-wol~es.
Hank, how bad can girls get? Eloise will be 14 next month. MarIan
will be 16 years oI<r in February."

"They arrived at the party."

"Hank l'm tired." (1 said 'Let's use the Father Dominic Rosary,
Father Dominic will help you when you are tired' and 1 gave her the
Father Dominic Rosary to kiss. This Rosary is in her hand much of
the time.) "Pray for us Father Dominic." (Then she gave it to me to
kiss. )
"Back at cabin. He's got Florence Ann drunk nOw. He told her he
isn't responsible for the baby. He has four of his own. Just had a
baby boy. Father Dominic pray for her. Chase tbe del/ils out of her.
Hank, 1 don't like this mess, 1 don't like this mess. Why, Oh why
must kids do those things?"
"No, No." (This is said again repeatedly.)
_ _ _ _teacher out with a high school girl. Hank
don't go away."
(Mary Ann is quiet for a short time.)
"Those kids. boys are drinking and smoking this junk.
There are four of them in a car. No, no, no, no, no, be careful, be
careful. They just knocked an old lady down, she isn't hurt. They
s~erved and knocked her down. They're going down #80 now. They
drove into a farm yard on #80, South." (Question by me, 'Could you
get their license number?') "1 know who the father is. The father of
the driver. She had a close shave like that once before. The old lady,
she is getting careless herself, she's so old."
"A girl in is baby sitting in one of the better residential
homes. She bas neT boy friend there. UGH. ~cking J2arty." (Mary
Ann puts Crucifix of Father Dominic Rosary to her lips.) "Pray for us,
pray for Hank, pray for those kids. Don't Father, don't let them full
~. Help them, Father. Help Hank and 1 to fIgEt for lfiem.
Help me." (Gave Crucifix to me to kiss, Mary Ann is praying.)
"Oh, you mustn't. Oh, you mustn't. No, no, Hank help me fight.
Baby is starting to cry. Broke up the mess. Two year old baby."
"Mary is another girl who was having a rough time with her
conscience. She also had been involved in a previous incident. She was
a Catholic."
"Oh Mary, Phew, Should talk to Mary. Oh Mary. Mary."
"An old womalJ who ran a Second Hand Store and who was buy~
ing stolen goods from the kids. No good. No good, that old ';Voman,
lying old thing. Kids bring things into the old woman. They steal them
from home and bring them to her for spending money. One kid stole
his dad's car battery and brought it to her. She shouldn't take t1}ose
things. That isn't helping those kids any."
- -60­

"A rotten Hellhole of a Tavern in our Area."
"Inn, - - UCH, - - Inn" - - (Action of disgust.)
_ _ _people in there." (Action of disgust.) "You know them
Hank." (disgust.)
"Why do they do those things Hank?"
(Note: Refer to Mary Ann's article on 'the Friend.')
"My Friend is outside. He's listening at the East window. He gave
the dog sorne meat. He just left. He was out there for 15 minutes.
He's investigating if l'm up yet." (Question by me, 'ShaH we get the
kids up and go after him?) "He's gone, has car parked on highway.
He looked in yonr car. He's walking toward the road now. He's gone.
His car is parked on the highway without lights. He's watching the
house for a few minutes now. Saw Marie at the door before. She
shouldn't have changed anything. Knows we're watching him then.
Black car or dark grey. Big car. Wish they could catch him. 1 don't
like him. 1 feel Evil. He turned around, he's coming back. He's over
the railroad track."
(Description of what transpired in the' home at this time.)
We thought we heard a knock so went to the door. Couldn't see
anything. Later when Mary Ann said "He is walking tm,vard the
highway:' Marie turned out the kitchen light so she could see, but
couldn't see him. The dog was barking frequently. She also heard a
knock at door.
Someone rattled the door in the living room by the statue. Fred
(Mary Ann's husband) walked around the house about 10: 10 p.m.
but could see no one. (After interruption Mary Ann continues in vision
with youth.)
"Florence Ano, she's dead drunk, they're leaving the cabin. Am 1
hurting you Hank? 1 can't fight if 1 hurt you. 1 can't fight tonight, are
you tired Hank?" (Action of disgust, gagging and struggling.)
'Tm tired Hank," (Mary Ann was given Relic Crucifix to kiss.)
"Oh Cod, Oh Cod." (gave Crucifix to me to kiss.) "Don't go away
Hank." (Mary Ann relaxes and awakens.)

1 have tried here in past pages to give you most of the changes in
suffering over a period of time. The words 1 have used to describe
the suffering such as 'rough' and. 'severe' are inadequate. 1 do not be­
lieve that the words have as et been coined which could be ûSed to
) \ (Yi " ~plctur~ 0 al! th~t Ma!:Lbnn su ers. nasmuch
as the suffering is of a supernatural nature suffice it to say that it
. -61­
would take supernatural words to describe it. 1 do not have them at my
commando 1 am convinced that no one without extra grace and
stren~h frorn Hea~ could stand the suffering and pain that Mary
Ann an Hoof has had to stand, in God's cause.
1 have been in constant daily, almost hourly contact with the
Victim for over a year in my capacity of (as Our Lady puts it) "the
protector." It has been my job to take down aB Revelations and WofdS

»spoken and III sorne cases to entar cuon {hem and itiake them uxrtter­
s an a e. is ave tried to do to the best of my abi ity.
The Victim has through God and His Holy Mother been given a
visionary power which is beyond natural explanation. She has on
several occasions witnessed and told me of incidents in which 1 was
involved and of which absolutely no one other than myself could
( possibly have had any knowledge. Her description was minute and
exact as only an eye witness could give it. She has visioned others who
have been close to her in the same manner. As 1 have written before,
she feels my bodily pains along with her own and has often told me
of aches and pains that were bothering me before 1 ever mentioned
them ta her.
On the Fridays of Advent which started early, as Mary Ann was
told they would, the additional suffering immediately foBowed the
suffering of the Passion and ended usually about 7 or 8 p.m.) and
again the records of the Passion will list the time. On those days (as
Marie was not present for the Passion) and also according ta instruc­
tions, when the Passion was over, the others were to leave the room
and Clara and 1 were ta remain right through during the remainder
of the suffering period, with Mary Ann.
The suffering continued on every day without letting up, from
October 21, 1954 through ta December 24th about 6 p.m. Then Mary
Ann was relieved of alI suffering; she enjoyed Christmas Eve with her
family, Fred played the accordion and the children sang sangs. M~
( Ann toId us {hey had never spent a -more enjoyable Christmas EYe.
HërSüIfering was TIfted until after dinner on Christmas, sa they had
a nice Christmas dinner together. Mary Ann ate with them after not
I} eating solid food since Octaber 21st.
On December 28th, there was a period of suffering as a matter
of recompense, as before mentioned. On December 31st, there was
another which lasted from about 3 o'clock until 6 o'clock as a matter
of recompense. And on January 8th, there was supposed to be another.
Clara and Marie were both to be present on that occasion, as they had
spoken unoecessarily during a suffering period and consequently they
were the cause for this recompense.
Joanne was home for Christmas. She came on the morning of the
24th of December. She had just had her tonsils out and was feeling
pretty ill. On December 29th, 1 drove Betty Wakershauser's car and
took Joanne back to the hospital where she is in training as a nurse at
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin at St. Agnes Hospital. Mary Ann and Betty
Wakershauser went along. It was the first time Mary Ann had been
on a trip of any distance in over a year or nearly two years. She took
the trip quite weIl.
The recompense paid on Decembet 31st, was for disobedience in
the matter of her not eating or even drinking coffee in a restaurant,
wbich she forgot as she did drink a cup of coffee on this trip.

On January 8, 1955 was another day of suffering and again it was

a matter of recompense, mentioned before. At 3:30 p.m. the suffering
became more intense and continued until about seven in the evening.
Things were bothering Mary Ann and it was one of the occasions
when she called for Father Sig during her suffering. Sbe called for
him again and again.
On January 10, 1955, Mary Ann called a friend ta get me ta come
out ta the farm. The friend said, "Mary Ann didn't sound good," and
when 1 got out 1 could appreciate why as Mary Ann was lying on the
floor near the sink. Sbe had been cleaning vegetables when she fell,
as there were sorne carrots on the floor.
She, in her suffering, must have thrashed around sorne as a milk
can was tipped over, also a chair and stool. Fred had gone ta ~1auston
that morning with a calf, he had questioned Mary Ann if she thought
it was ail right for him to go. Clara had aIsa gone ta Mamtan ta have
h!:r typewriter fixed, sa Mary Ann was alone. She had felt the Süf­
fering coming on and tried to cali Betty Wakershauser but hadn't been
able ta get her. 1 got a blanket and pillow under her, but could not
get her to bed by myself. 1 had been with her about tbirty minutes or
sa when Clara arrived and then not tao long after Fred came home.
We managed ta get her into bed. The suffering was rough and when
Mary Ann came to she was not able ta see.
Usually Mary Ann was able ta maintain some kind of contact with
me during her suffering, but on this day she was unable to do sa.
She said at one time, "Henry and Clara, those names go around
in my mind aIl the time,,, she seemed ail mixed up. 1 do not know if
this was caused by her fall or part of the suffering. She was unable ta
collect herself, 1 tried calling some of the children's names to bring
her mind back home. Mentioning Joanne's name finally did it. When
Mar Ann finall came ta and realized she couldn't see, she felt very'
bad about it and crjed. She had gone througa peno a in ness
( befOre and of course dreaded it very much. Her sight returned sa she
was able to see next morning.

January 12, 1955, Again on this day 1 was called to the farm, at
2:20 p.m. Mary Annhad fallen on the floor. Clara sent out a cal1 for
me and when 1 arrived, 1 found her there suffering very intensely.
Doc Albright was there also, as was Fred. When Doc. found out we
could handle the situation, he left. We got her into bed and the
suffering continued.
It was on this day that we got a message that Clara and 1 were
to venerate the Sacred Spot dail)', regardless of the weather. Also we
were to have the meeting that night regardless of her condition.
We had a meeting of the local group this night. This was one of
several meetings we had, as Our Lady said we were to have a meet­
ing at least once a month. The Group consists of those who have been
working for the Cause and have been close to it and inc1udes, Clara
Hermans Marie Umhoefer, Louise and Henry Wessling, Betty and
Bill Wakershauser, Ml'. and Mrs. Dr. Ray Albright, Ray Schelfhout,
my wife Florence Swan and Kathryn Bernard. Kathryn was not present
at the first meeting, nor was Ray Schelfhout as he was out of town at
the time.To date meetings had been held on January 12, 1955, Jan­
uary 31, 1955, February 21 and 28, 1955, March 21, 1955, April 18,
May 9th, June 6th, JuIy 11, August 10 and September 5, 1955.
1 served as Chairman of the Group and conducted these meetings.


Meeting started at 8:15 p.m. Mary Ann and Fred Van Hoof were
present. Ml'. and Mrs. Henry Swan, Ml'. and Mrs. Henry \iVessling,
Ml'. and Mrs. William Wakershauser, Dr. and Mrs. Ray Albright,
Marie Umhoefer and Clara Hermans.
For the seriousness of the work, there has been too much talk. We
are not making any accusations of this one or the other, but there has
been too much talking. There has been a little complaining. The things
bein done are not bein _ d Lumy one of us. It i ~ r
Ot~y. So it is not what one is doing or the other. It is a matter of
how much we can do. 1 had read the excerpts from the messages
received through Mary Ann.
The Work must be very imQortant or it would not have beenl})
given to us. Fifty percent of our work has been damaged ~se
of too much talk.
Mary Ann has visioned the Juv.e,nile prQblem in our Community
and somethin~ must be done about it. vVe have been told there has
been too much talk. We don't expect any deniaIs, we are not making
accusations. It is just that it must not happen any more.
Rev. A. J. Martins who did the architec­
tural drawing for the large shrine.

Standing, Henry and Louise Wessling,

very close to the Cause of Necedah; Henry
Swan. Mary Ann Van Hoof in wheel chair.
i\Iore of the ~;Iessa e was read here.
Now in re l1 ards to talkimr about people, ~me who come hele ln\
'( may seem mIel, hut maybe we \eem odd to them too. B.J.!t we are not ~
) to talk about o!:!:ers.
Some of 1\S are practicing too much selfwill. Anything that inter­
feres with the \.\fork does harm to the Calise.
1 read more of _~essjlge in regar t.Q.J:h.QSJ' v 'iting up their
experiences, .2I2.lritual and ot~erwise, also the part of the \Iessage
of January , 19.55.
"Hesl2.ect Ior Victim, the Work, Its Cause. For protector \Vas vcr y )
b"d durin r the t\Vû months of suHenng. Self pltv, true 1e pll1g hand \
\Vas not sincere. Se fish motives, wrong thoughts, not attcntive to cause
loss of wark because of carelessness, so bad. It must not happcn, m1\st
be corrected, fUlf affê'ntion given. I! ail depell.cls 00 VOII, Hank."
Ail who come here are fine people. There is some reason for them \
coming. 1 have talked to some ot the people who come here and--!.hcy
toIcLmej]:JiuguhaLLkl1OJ&'_SDJ one had told them w 10 was not sup­
posed to, and it was clistorted.
Then Mary Ann spoke, "1 gave my life for the children. Tb.e....s.i.ns
III oLthe.. .c hi n ail come back th arents."
"1 saw Cal vary, saw Christ just the way it was ot the time of thell'l
Crucifjxion. Then, ail of a sudden Our Lord fell off the Cross, ril1ht U
down III the mu an s llne. e 00 e li]) an OH, if YOll cou ( ave
seen a ace. ete modern people .pf today,..it showed immodest
1 dress, haH dressed, pettÎ1~K::Q.arti~ltel:X, ddnkiug and ~vhat goes
/ wit1ilt-:-The_Sill.S-o-.tfie _outh,_kjlling, robbing, st~ing wives, aCCI( ents
in~~ov~r J!le wrong-doings. Then it showed us mociern day people
'aising Our Lord back lIpon the Cross. vVe the Cathorcs have 1l1t
ur Lord back u on t h , -C' 1 if in er nn.
Mrs. Albright (Frances) asked if they eould question each othcr
about dates, etc., in regard 10 their own nanJ!ti.ollLthey were reC]uested
to-Write. The answer was ''Yes.''
Marie Umhoefer told about the Appleton The tu· 'eL.af!er
week having bad shows, not fit for children. It was announced from
the pu PltS, yef\vheo Mrs. P~~r~on C~C2.'ed slJe s,!'.v_ children waiting
il"!...line to get inULth how, they stood one and a haWblocks in line.
The Knights of Columbus have films that can he used to he
showniïl1he arish Halls. 1 said, "The suffcring. will~l1tiJllIe to gQ...(lI1
until Hesurrection and if our Area is not cleansed, the slIffering will
continue until it is cleansed."
The ~1eeting opened and closed with prayer.
On Tannary 13, 1955, Father Connolly celebrated Mass for Mary
Ann. Her sight had been paI·tially restored yesterday, but better this
rnorning, so she was able to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion.
l was called out in the morning to the farm, and when l arrived
Mary Ann was sitting in Fred's chair. Clara was helping to hold her in
the chair so she wouldn't slip out and fall OlltO the floor. l took over
Clara's job and when the suffering let up a bit, we got Mary Ann into
the bedroom on the bed.
In the afternoon the suffering had become very intense and at
.'3:00 p.rn., Mary Ann spoke, "This suffering is for the abuse of the
~~ ( Crucifix on the Bluff,.-ll~y- ha~. J~telY been abusing the CrucIfIx on
the Village Bluff."
On January 14, 1955, the regular schedule of suffering was re­
slImed. l took [Vrary Ann home from Mass, she had received Holy
Communion. She \Vas already snffering, so l stayed with her. At 9:20 )
p.m. the snffering became more intense and she went to bed.
Mary Ann's suffering was very severe and she called me to help
her on numerons occasions during the day. She was also having dif­
ficnlty ",vith her breathing, as her heart was bad. Her sufferin& ended)
at 4:m) ).m. and he 1 resumed at 9 .m. and las ed until 1 .m. l
left for home about 10:45 p.m.
The ~riods of sufferin.. continued da by day and a daily log 1
\Vas kept as a record. l am not attempting to give aIl contained in the
I:ecords here, but only a few of the ~ighlights or those things which l
teel should be part of my story. 0 course l was in on aIl of the
vic.till1S:;ilff~ringa na 111 t at sense it is aIl part Of my story. On sorne)
days, in fact on most clays, l was in attendance From 10 to 12 hours
and sometimes more.
The scheclule was v~r ' :!:~~gecl for ail of us, but nothing compared)\
to what 1 ar nn w~ . >oing ffirough. l ate most of my meals at the
farm and then sometimes on a rush schedule. Sometime5 sitting on
the.. . D.l.g.e_of the bed as Mar 1 Ann suffered. ­
Dl;rin> ail of this time, we :'Nere trying to get the records comPlet-JI
cl whÎle more and ,more llill1 s \Vere cornmg WhICh had fo lfe=:re­
ecrrded. -
Yon will notice also in the records that much recom12ense was paid
for the weakness, lack of c arit. too much ta~ etc., of aU the Group)
\V 10 we?'e close to the Cause. Mary Ann sufrerea-many extra hours for
sOl11e 0 us which were a extra hours of recompense. Sometimes there
\Vas a feeling of pressure from the Group, or even those workingjpr
l the Cause ~J:~jde QLNe.ce.da..h,.-W...bi.ch~d Mary A~ing
1 hlr 'one rP:JSOJ1_0r another. snch as lack of unity, jealousy, selfpity, etc.
Sometimes l could sense the pressure myself from my contact with ..lo
Mary Ann. Sometimes she could feel that kind of pressure but couIc!
not locate the source hom which it came. She could however, usually
place it if it crime From someone in the house. She can immediately
sense it if anything is bothering me, just as she senses or feels aTI of
my physical pains.
Thank Heaven 1 can't feel all of hers because 1 am sure 1 could
1not take it as she does.
" Mary Annwas now suffering several types of Qain. She had 10ng\t
suffered the spinal pains which traveled in spasms up and down her
spine. She said fhey seemed to start at her tailbone and travel up
into her head and there seeme ta explode. The)' made her arch her
baCl< an ecome er eet rigi
On January 14 th a new type of pain started, which we called
l the ife < ·ns. Mary Ann described the pains, saying it felt like a
knife 1 . ack with someone twisting it. She would cl~e
the nife out, Hank, pull IT OUT."
) On the 31st of January, 1955, another type of pain started "vhich
seemed to cause her !!1~e trouble and le ye her more fatigued than
any~tber. They were chol<ing pains, or pains of the respiratory sys­
tem. These pains lasted for an hour From 6 to 7 p.m. in the evening
and it usually took her IJearly an~r baJlr to reco~r fram -!hem.
A Message was given on February 2, 1955, which was:
"That would be our added respoosibility, Yes Blessed l\tlother.
Now Blessed Mother? Yes, Blessed Mother. Yes, Yes Blessed Mother.
That would be a very difficult decision for Henry to make. Yes, 1
understand, 1 will tell him. Yes."
"Henry, YœLlllus..t see that aIl work is accoinplished accurately."
"That the ~ F1er's Wgrk was to be sent ta Him before this ~
dE, ATso the BîS op's Wk given during the FridaYLoLAdvent, and
allother work as Our Lady reillJerted_heiore,--musLhe.J~TeoC'
"vVe are to calI the Group together at least once a month, and if
necessary oftener."
"Y ou are ta let two le a our Group in at a time ta witness 1]
one of the severest su enng, sa t_~gfiLCL..1Le.tœr -.1Jn erst(l!l.-1-n~f
what is takin&1!.!:Qce,..fPl1ithei.1:-Obligati011 towauls.JhB_Cause, aiso some
oRne 'QC!risnione1.S-WAiçh will he lef1 entirei u~ou. It shOUldbe
t ose who have thjs !ljork at heart, so that they will help more. That
toO: will he up to YOUT own decision(iffët~mayhe~
YC!.!! decide. BUf mostl!LJfL.your own deciSion. This will upsett e
Vic~im very much.. she does not favor to he ohs~rved an({looked tpon Il
dunng her Sttffermg. 1 h1S aiso lS your responSlbiltty. JV
- -67­

"There are a few <linon them who do not IIndersta osi­

l tion in t lis \to~. '011 art' also to e\plain~ tht' position (~f th~' c:hildrl'Il
as weil as Fred s. Ask them to )r<!' for F n,do as Fred IS close to the
\m'akillg )oiut."
"rOll are also ta give tht'm the mealling of hoth sl!fferiJw periods)1
alld also a lI1eallill r of the re~)t'ral. suffl·ring. Let thelT~ also ask <!l!esti(.lllS
so that none Jean' th!"' meetlllg Wlt out umlerstalldmg the \Vork. \ou
art' a so to 0 t at tonight wil t is roup.
"Ask St. Thcopholis !o help vou. Cali on ~atlier Th('o~lis t.!LhclI)
you alld kee) , ur t? out of thls. Onf' of t wm. 1 kllow
f W 0 il is, and it is not one 0 he pans lIOn ers group hut olle of our
()\\'n Group." ­
~hell o.!!.Sp aUo...lh.enl,_Y-Üu do Ihe talking fust and when you J
have f,~njshed. Jd them :l.sk questiolls. so there \\'Oll't Il(' allY c,Q.Jl- (
fllSlllll. ~ ­
"The Victim suffered more intensely today, because there were
not enough prayers said yesterday. On account of the pressure upon
her, hecallse of lack of prayers. So man of th.o.se who pray for her)
were out on leasure jaunts because it was Sunday and a nice day."
"There will be no Friday suffering on the Feast of the Annuncia­
tion. That was the reason for the advancement of the Fridays. There
will he a total of seven Fridays excluding the 25th, the Feast of the
(Annunciation. By that dax.- it will b~ proven how many have the
Cause an he Victim at heart."
o 0 • 0

The following description is of the pains the Victim suffers:

"The pains between 6 and 7 p.m. are pains of the throat and chest,
pains that have been inflicted upon Our Lord. The throat, the daily
offences against taking the name of Our Lord in vain. The chest
pains are the Piercing of His Heart for the sins of the parents, that
they commit daily, the sins they place upon them. Using Our Lord's
name in vain. Teaching the children the wrong way of life instead
of the right."
"These are the pains that are placed upon the Victiffi between
6 and 7 p.m., sins of Adultery, sins of delinquent children, stealing,
fornication, breaking Commandments, the Fourth, ail because the
parents are not good tarents Cod wants them to be. The parents fail
their children daily. T ey push those innocent Victims into the mouth
of the Serpent and he devours them."

"The pains through the stomach are those of man in his weak
moments, with the gleaming eyes of Satan looking at him, follows
him and slaps the dirty rag into Our Lord's Face and twists the Lance
into His Pierced He.art through the weakness of his own greed and of
his own human self, indulging in things that are both wrong and sinful.
The things man shows daily to the innocent children that are about
' "
h lm.

"In our area many adults have tau ht them, the innocent childrenJl
to commit the blac.kest of sins, talkin about rtaST~ it was a daily
poem-or rs.> as 1 there was no shame or wrong III w at e was
saying, Ihls is -MJY the innocent rnind gets g) twisted and confu3,ed,
because the a ergy tell thffil i t i s wrong; yet the parents see no
wrong in i t.
"The pains of 6 to 7 1'.00. will continue after the Resurrection if
oothing is done to stop il. The Vidim's body will be unable to bear
these pains unless something is done· to stop the sins of this area."
"The parents must stand up as parents and unite. Unt~arepts,
Schools and Church is one and work in unison, you cannot ind your
area eIeansed. It cannot be cleansed uoless uni~d. Without your
Church, without your School, without yourselves it cannot suceeed (
and be what Almi h God wants it to be. The three must stand tp­
et , to save those innocent chŒlren. To save them from being
pushed rigEt into the Serpent's mouth. and dragged into the slime of
"We need workers in this area, the sins are bearing me down, 1
can't battle tbem, 1'00 sinking under them, 1 seem so helpless. God
give me strength. Oh Blessed Mother help us. Oh Holy Mother help
us this day, the day of the Flight into Egypt, the day to protect yoUf
Son. You also have shown me today, we too should flee into Egypt,
to fl~~ from that which is today placed on the souls of the same chil·
''1 cao unàerstand, [kar M:>ther, ~y today has been such a day
of pressure. The weight pressed dom on my chest and head, that at
times beromes unbearable. Yes, Blessed M:>ther, 1 now understand
v.hy thi s day has been 50 severe."
"Thank You dear Mother for enlightening me and making me
understand that this day is one of sorrow for You. Sorrow for the ­
innocent children, their minùs, their souls are blackened."
"Yes, dear Mother, this is a very sorrowful day, a day many

of I\S never realize, we Catholics, the day that is so symbolic of what

happened many years ago." .

"y es we Catholics are so blinded to this day, to us it is just the

Flight ioto Egypt. The meaning behind it then, the meaning behind

it today, we do not meditate on. We Catholics are failing you dear

Mother, and through Our failure, are piercing Your Immaculate Heart."

"We fail Your Divine Son Who died on the Cross to redeem us."
"Oh Blessed Mother show us the way and the light guide us
Catholics to be true Catholics. It pains one to see Your sad face as the
sword pierces Your Immaculate Hearl. Where are the children of the
World to.Qay? We, the parents, are piercing Thy Immaculate Heart,)
because we are injuring YOUf Divine Son. We open His Wounds daily,
we Re-Crucify Him, we drive the nails in deeper, we use the tourni·
quet on His Crown of Thorns. We break His Heart and with that
pierce Your mmacu ate Heart."
"Oh, Merciful Mother, help us to become

us oenea our an e, gUi e us 0 e

o~en our eyes to Our R~mer Who died on that Cross. Remove theJ~l~
full, tear it away, so that e can . r that's CrucIIIed and U
understand wh He was Cruc' . d. and that we repent WIt a uue
eart. An e hose that are fallen by the wa ide and help
cleanse their eyes."
"Oh, Holy Motber lead us, help us for we are so weak, helpl pick
us up when we fal!. Help us cleanse our fingers when we get them
dirty, so that when our hands are clean, our hearts are clean and our
eyes are bright and clear with a pure love in our hearts and pure
thoughts in our minds and clean hands." .
"Yes, dear Mother, we vow we love You, with one breath we say
we love You and then with the next breath we insult Yom Divine
Son. Oh Holy Mother, hel us to become tIue children of Christ.
Guide Ils and give us grace to overcome our weaknesses. a p ease
help us, help ail of Ils that are in this r00111, Oh Holy Mother, help us
for we are weak. Please pick up and strengthen us so we can do the
things You request. Help me for 1 have failed sa many times. 1 have
been weak when it comes to facing the pains. Give me the strength
so 1 can do Thy Will and save those innocent children, those that are
on the brink of destruction, those 1 have vowed to save."
"1 have failed, every moment 1 know 1 have failed Your requests.
Help me, dear Mother, help me so 1 can be a true Apostle for the
sake of aU the innocent children that are being rnisguided daily. Oh,
Heavenly Mother, help me."
0. 0 0: 0

During the last period of suffering which started on January 14,

1955 and which still continues, due to the extreme straining during the
spasms of pain, Mary Ann has developed twelve ruptures. The
abdominal waU simply could not stand the pressure. We named
them aU as they appeared, as you would a baby. It helps, for a little
humor seems to relieve the strain and Mary Ann has kept her sense
of humor through aU of her suffering.
Dr. H. C. Meyer of Necedah has examined her and drops in and
calls quite regularly. He has known her case history for quite some
time, having been their family Doctor ever since they were around
this part of the country. He delivered three of their children.
Doctor John DeWerth was also here during the month of March,
but came at a time when he could not give an examination because
of Mary Ann's suffering. He stayed for a time to observe her suffering
and then left. He was supposed to come back for Good Friday, but
did not make it.
The following Message was given in regard to the two Doctors on
January 8, 1955.
"Yes Blessed Mother, Henry is to inform the two Doctors."
"Henry, get our family Doctor to give me an examination and
the Catholic Doctor who used to come here, to be present,"
"Blessed Mother would that be Dr. DeWerth? When do you wish
this to take place?"
"At the beginning of the suffering now, and then again at the
Resurrection. The two Chosen Ones, do You mean they are to be
present during the examination?"


l may say here that the periods of suffering have varied from
time to time. The periods during the earlier suffering have already­
been given. The suffering of recent date has aIl been during the
night time.
Mary Ann of course suffers aIl the time and never sleeps for more
than la or 15 minutes at a time, but l am speaking now of those periods
of violent suffering during which time l have to be with her and hold
Starting on May 19, 1955 the suffering was from la p.m. to 2 a.m.
and l must add here that from that day on, Mary Ann has spent aIl of
her time, night and day in a wheel chair, and has only been in bed
long enough for me to rewind her with the 21 yards of bandage which
is continually wrapped tightly around her abdomen over a pad of our
own design to hold the ruptures in. It is a most uncomfortable ar­
rangement especiaIly so in the extremely hot weather that we experi­
enced this summer. At times these ruptures would come out and
they wouId have to send for me at home. There were times, on April
9, 10, 11, for 3 days in a row, l was called out and had to spend as
much as three hours trying to get themall back in, and then rewind
her so they would stay in. vVe devised several systems using a girdle
and pads, sponges and haIves of rubber baIls, etc., to keep them in
place. We finally arrived at the system we now use which seems to
work the best, but still is not perfecto

After Trinity Sunday another hour of suffering was added and it

then l'an From 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. or later, depending on conditions
existing within our Group and area. From July 16th on it was From
8:30 p.m. until 2 or 3 a.m. Then starting on August 9th, it has been
From 8 p.m. until 2 or 3 a.m.
During Lent with the suffering of Our Lord's Passion on Fridays
from oon to 3:00 p.m. and also the other scheduled suffering, we
went through an a...vful tough period. In fact at times it was even
fJuestionahle if Mary Ann would be able ta make it or not. But with
the prayers of ail the Group and the Pilgrims to whom we had to
appeal at times for extra prayers, she made it.
Tllt're was no talk during the Suffering of the Passion as on other
years and no recordings were made. Messages were given during
the other work and Hevelations as before mentioned.
Starting on Holy Thursùay morning at about 1 o'dock in the
morning, 1 was with Mary Ann, and from then until Holy Saturday
nOOI1, m'ver Idt her side, grabbing a few winks of sleep whenever 1
cou Id.
Father Scheetz spellt the night of Holy Thursday and morning of
Good Friday with Mary Ann and me until about 3 a.m. And then he
was hack to witness the Passion of Gooù Friday.
On February 15th, Father was also here and went over the combi­
nation of the Narration of the Passion with the' three women who
were to check with him. Clara, ~hrie Umhoder :1nd Mrs. Albright
were the ones ta work with Father. 1 was \Vith Mary Ann eluring the'
tillle they worked on it.
~1arch 24, 1955, the suffering was very severe. Mary Ann's heart
on this occasion was very bud. A woman was present on this day and
~lary Ann mentioned the names of her two daughter.'l, for she knew
they were in trouble, knew they had been in an accident. The ac­
cident must have occurred at about that .'lame moment. The mother
got the cali late that jlight and her son carne after her in the morn­
ing. Both girls were in the hospital seriously injured in a car accident.
On that .'lame evening due to Mary Anll's condition, our Group was
calleel on to pray for 3 hoUTs from 9 until 12, which they did.
On March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation, we received the
following ~'Iessage through Mary Ann:
"A Message will be given Good Friday for ail Chosen Ones,
much depends on the faithful for outcome of Message."
"The Chosen Ones' Narrative has oilly the fraction of his ac­
cou nt, not the full percentage as requested. Tell them to fill in to
full account of experience be it spiritual and material, gain or loss.
Be it joy, sorrow, humiliation, no matter what the faction may be.
Full account must be given by the end of the Octave."
"To those Chosen, test of ability has been given and found
wantiIlg, faith and prayer. True love for Thy Lord anù you shaH
not be wanting, tell them this My Child. Faith, Courage Love in thy
Mission r-.ly Child."
"The suffering will continue From 5 to 6 to compensate the
damage they have done. Tell them 1 asked for their help, not their
pressure upon me, they are not ta judge, to leave that to Om Lord,
they cannot sweep their neigh hors doorstep and profess to love Our
"Be humble, be Christlike, love thy neighbor, not to be afraid
of sacrifice and penance. To say the nosary at least once a day. Go
ta the Sacraments frequently, if not every day. And above aIl ta
help cleanse the Youth. Clean out the sins placed before the Youth
and to do that for love of Gad and the innocent children."
On May 1955, a member of the group gave Mary Ann a shock
which caused her great pain, physical and mental and she From that
day on was unable to stay in hed at ail as it made her very il!.
On the 21st of May a message came through during the suf-
fering calling on this member to reconsider his action before June
6th. He did not and it has been the cause of great pain and suffering
to tvlary Ann.
May 28, 29 and 30th were Anniversary Days and there was
quite a group of Pilgrims present. The largest number being here
on May 30th, when several bus loads came From Minneapolis. There
was also a bus From Plymouth and Jackson, Michigan.
On those days the suffering from 5 ta 6 p.m. was lifted, Mary
Ann was relievecl of it. lt was resumed however on May 31st and on
that date there was also onehalf hour of recompense.
This year another day \Vas added ta our list, as May 31st \Vas
proclaimed the QUEENSHIP OF MAny. tvlary Ann on this day
saw Our Lady in Hel' Queenship, and Our Lady asked that the'
Queenship prayer be said daily if possible and especially on \tVednes-
day, Saturclay and Sunday.
1 was called out on the night of May 30th, at midnight because
of Mary Ann's suffering and stayed with her until 2:45 a.m.
June 4th "vas another Anniversary Day and there was a fair
group present. lt was my daughter Mary's \Vedding Day and 1 had
to leave the \Vedding dinner in arder ta be present and take Mary
Ann out to the Sacred Spot at noon.
June 5th of this year was Trinity Sunday, and again about the
same size crowù as the day before, only on this day 1 didn't have
to dodge a Wedding dinner ta take iVlary Ann to the Spot in her

. i
June 6th, there \Vas a Group \1 eeting and the Group was asked
ta stay and \Vitness the suffering which started at 9 0' dock. One of
the Group took Notes at this Meeting in shorthand.
June 16th and June 17th, Mary Ann attended Mass and re­
ceived Holy Communion in Mauston as our Pastor \Vas gone and we
bad no Mass here. 1 went with her in Ray's car. Hay and 1 took her
up the steps in the \-vheekhair. On one of these days she took ad­
vantage of the fact that there was a Priest hearing Confession be­
tween Masses and went ta Confession.
June 16th was anotber Anniversary Day with quite a group
present. On this day Myrtle SOlUmers was called from the crowd at
Our Lady's Request and made one of the Group. She was given a
Hosary which Mary Ann had in her band. Also Marie Umhoefer was
given a Hosary. And then Fred, ]Vlarie, Myrtle, Clara and myself
were aIl given individual B1essings by Mary Ann. This was aIl at
Our Lady's Request.
On luly 17th, 1955, the Proclamation with restr.ic i ns of Necedah
was given y tels op. IS 0 course caused great stir and confusion, \
as would be expected~ Many people called and wrote letters expressing
their opinions. However, it finally settled down and it séemed that more
people came ta the Sacred Spot daily after the restrictions, than be.fu.re.

Sorne of the Pilgrims of course were scared and gave up. But tlll;
true standbys were not affected at aIl. ­

Ta me the restriction was not a surprise as 1 had been expecting~1

that it would come evel' since 1!):5ô and 1 Ioaked U on it as a necessary· J
step a recognition....!!.. bas...o,.ÇcurW III most ImantIOns an lt IS a test
through which the people must win their way, if they are ever ta have
their Shrine ta Our Holy Math. ,'.

The suffering was very, very severe on the <r&:h of JU21eJ and
shortly after it started we called out for prayers. Betty \Vaker­
shauser was out in a car praying, and was ca lied in to do the
phoning. At a little after 10 p.m., Dr. Meyers and Father Connolly
\Vere called and both arrived shortly thereafter. Father Connolly
prayed over Mary Ann and gave her his Blessing. The heart con­
dition seemed to get better, and then physical suffering witlLits
violent action started.
Dr. Meyers wanted to know if he couId give her a hypodermic
and 1 gave my consent. although 1 had no faith in its effect. Doc
gave her the shot and for aIl the relief of pain it gave her, it might
as weIl have been water. lt clid however after ahollt 20 minutes or
so rnake her violently iII, and caused her ta gag and throw up. There
Taken in May, 1960. Left to right: Clara Hermans, Myrtle
Sommers, Mary Ann Van Hoof giving a message, with the
author, Henry Swan, holding a microphone.

Father Dickman and Mary Ann speaking with friends on

the Shrine grounds.
was no normal l'l'action to the shot whatever. Fnther Connolly and
Doc after staying until about 11:30, left for home. 1 bl'lieve ho\V­
ever that it was ~ood for both of them to witlless her suffering.
Also Doctor Mevers h:ul given \1ary AIlIl medicine to reduce
the s\Velling in her limbs but this also did not have the result that
would normally he expected. He also tried shots hut received the
same results.
A Message came through later explaining this Oll June 21, 1955.
"Henry, Many Tests have hcen given and more will he given. That
was a test that was permitted to he given the other night. I~s
given ta convince the Dodor and )lou that medication does not
( worl<. ThIs type of injection js very hard on the Victim and it ::ivill
"- taJ<ë" three da)ls for her ta l'l'caver from it."
"Other tests will be given. You must be present when the tests
are given and your permission will he necessary."
Mary Ann suffered much during these three days, there \vas
much gagging and retching. At the end of the third day it was ail
On the 19th of June, 1955 we had quite a session with a
Pilgrim, Vidor Holzgang From California. He was making a return
Pilgrimage with deep faith in the Apparitions and then someone
got hold of him and talked against the Cause. She had taken him
to LaCrosse and he was a very confused persan. It \Vas only after
several people had talked to him and he was pennitted to come in
to sel' Mary Ann that he began to sel' the light. His Faith is restored
and is now firmer than l'ver. He made a return trip and told us
that through the graces received 011 the previous Pilgrimage his
whole life has been changed. He is now interested in starting an
Information Center in the "Vest.
On the 2nd of .Tuly, ~vlary Ann fell ancl hurt her hip, but was able
with my help to go out to the Sacrecl Spot that night at 10:30 p.m.
Our Friend (the prowler) before mentioned, hacl been active and
prowling as usuaI. He has driven through the yard without lights on
his car. 1 have hearcl him on a numher of occasions around the
house during Mary Ann's suffering. She always feels his presence ancl
is aware of him, is l'ven able to trace his movements when he is
around. He has been in the summer kitchen at the back door. The
Devil must be with him for we have never been able to catch him,
though he has been seen on occasion by different members of the
family and outsiders.
On June 9th, during he!' suffering, ~Ilary Ann gave the Message,
"They are going. to try tn burn our house down to destroy the
On the 14th of July, our Friend, tried to do just this. In sorne
, rubbish in the summer kitchen, he placed a chemical fire bomb. But
Our Lady was with us and it proved to he a dud and did not work.
Mary Ann visioned him placing it there and screamed for Fred who
went out and looked for him. 1 heard him as the window slammed
shut. Later that night when aIl was quiet he returned and got the
dud. Again Mary Ann visioned him and 1 heard him. 1 was unable to
leave Mary Ann to look for him, as she was suffering, and would
have thrown hel'self out of her chair, without someone to hold her.
On July 14, 1955, A person calIed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
and said that Father Claude Heithaus was going to speak against
Necedah at Holy Angels Academy in Milwaukee. He did and also
played sorne of the recordings of the testimony taken at the Rectory
in Necedah during May 1951. This broke a promise given by Father
Heithaus and Monsignor Hammes that the testimony would never
be made public and was solely for the Bishop. They made the same
promise to me when 1 testified.
The next day the Editor of the towri paper came out to see Mary
Ann and brought a copy of the CAPITOL TIMES which contained
the talk by Father Heithaus. It was rank and harmful because of
coming from a Priest, from whom people do not expect lies and
slander, such as he was guilty of. It caused a great deal of talk and
confusion amongst both our town's people and the Pilgrims. It has
caused much persecution for us here working for the cause, but
again that is only part of it. A smear cam ai such as could only
be expected from the worst oliticians is bein carried on y sorne
Catholic Priests against Nececfah.
On the 16th of July 1 was asked by Mary Ann if 1 would like
to be released from sorne of my promises 1 had made to Our Lady.
Mary Ann was feeling bad for me hecause of the pressure 1 was
under and the persecution 1 was receiving. She said she would pray
to Our Lady for my release but 1 told her 1 would stick it out.
On that same night Mary Ann was unable to go out to the
Sacred Spot and it was the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. 1
went out in her place as she had requested me to do and said a
Rosary out at the Sacred Spot. There mllst have been about 18 or
20 persans there praying and keeping Vigil. As 1 knelt at the Spot in
the dark, and it was very dark, 1 heard someone whisper "it's a
man" and then 1 heard Clara explain ta them as she knew of Mary
Ann's request.
We had planned a Meeting for the 19th of July, but it was never
held. The Meeting was ta discuss the talk by Father Claude Heithaus
and answer questions of the Group if there was anything they would
like cleared up.
The local Editor came out that night in a big huff and stayed un­
til the Meeting had to be called off because Mary Ann was aIready
suffering severely. Her huff was brought on largely because of
jealousy between the two Newspapers jn town. One of which she
runs. She had also been agitated in this matter by sorne talk from
a member of our Group. A misunderstanding caused by things that
never should have been said.
We had been told that if our Group on Delinquency did not ac­
complish enough good that the respiratory pains (or the 6 to 7 p.m.
pains, as we called them), would return on the Feast of St. Henry,
July 15th. That good must have been accomplished to Our Lady's
satisfaction as Mary Ann was spared those pains.
On the 15th of August, 1955, there was a large crowd present,
estimated at from 650 to 800 people. They were as always orderly
and prayerful.
Many Rosaries were said both before, during and after the
time Mary Ann went out to the Sacred Spot. However according to
a write up by Father Claude Heithaus, a Church Investigator had
been insulted and ordered off the grounds. That was another lie
and part of the same smear campaign tacties that have been and
are being used.
Father Heithaus was present during the time that Mary Ann
was out at the Sacred Spot and 1 am sure that without lying he
can't say there was any disturbance of any kind. He certainly did
not like what he saw and the only thing he could accuse anyone
of was taking his picture. If he doesn't want his picture taken, he
shouldn't be so famous and popular.
The Investigator supposedly ordered off the property was Olive
Trumm, an assistant to Father Heithaus. She was not ordered off
by anyone, but she did prove herself to be very fOl'ward and im­
polite and certainly not a lady.
1 must say in closing that the problems we have encountered
have been many and varied. vVe have done the very best that we
could. We have aIl made mistakes, but they have certainly not been
intentional. We have tried very hard to follow the advice and the
guidance given us and have sometimes failed through human weak­
May God and Our Lady forgive us for our mistakes and help
and guide us in the future, giving us the grace, strength, wisdom and
courage to do Their Holy Will.
ln our problems with the people 1 know we have often been
critized and perhaps, justly so, and we have been forced to hurt
May we be forgiven, as it was not with intent, as the pcople who
come here are the fjnest in the world and may Cod Bless them aIl
and keep them in their work; for aIl who come here have a !\!fission
ta perfOl:m.

ln looking back on 1951 now ta summarize it and having the
knowledge of 1955 is rather odd in a sense. Many things occurred in
that year ancl they were aU new and very sh-ange "to us aIl.
It was my first experience in witnessing the Suffering of Our
Lord's Passion, and of course made a veTY great impression on me.
It brings a person much closer ta reality with regards ta those
things. 1 think we have a hard time in realizing the Suffering Our
Lord went through, without something to bririg it home to us. 1 had
said the Stations of the Cross, but to me it was a very unrealistic
thing and from pictures of the St:üions ancl statues of the Stations
in the Churches 1 believe they give people wrong impressions.
They are very unrealistic. Our Lord is shown in a bealltiflll robe,
painted beautifully as to calor, andis shawn carrying a dinky little
Cross, which makes you wonder why He neecled help from Simon
of Cyrene. There is nothing there to inclicate the suffering of Our
Lord on His journey ta Calvary.
vVe aIl have had to become acquaintecl \-vith restrictions, obed­
ience and changing our ways of life. Things that seemed remote ta
us becarne much closer. Creater changes oecurred in the lives of
the Van Hoofs, of course, than ta any of the rest of us, but \-ve were
aIl affected.
Spring brought the Investigation, the questioning by tJlOse ap­
pointed by our Bishop. It was lengthy and a strain on aIl involved.
Mary Ann submitted to questioning which totaled nine hours
during a three day period. Here again in the light of 195,5 knowledge
a person thinks back and wonders. 1 was questioned by the four
Priests of the so-callecl Investigating Committee. \Vhen 1 came in 1
was sworn ta cleepest secrecy, not to cliscuss anything that was saicl
or asked within the room, for as they saicl, what was gathered was
strictly for the Bishop's Office. Also anything 1 saie! woulcl be kcpt
in absolute secrecy and 1 couId talk freely with that assmance. 1
know that sa me assurance was given to the others who testifjed.
Still portions" of that which might be construecl to make things
sound bad against the Cause, portions of the tape recordings of the
testimony of ~·lary Ann have been playecl in public. They welT play ccl
by Father Heithaus, and 1 am sure" not without the knowledge of
~Ionsignor G~arge Hammes, which rnakes these two Priests at Icast,

de\'oid of honor. who wOlild \'iolah' an oath or a promis(·. A )('' '1111)
dOl" not e!,p~'d h~1.nor a.lnoH~'('s. hllt \VI' ha\"(' h('cn tan!! It to
expeet It among the Priests of (;od\; Church. ­

19.'51 was a great year and many things happened. \ly contact
was getting doser and doser to the Callse, and ] was spending morc
and more tim(' \Vith it. As ] ha\"(' said hd'ore, III ost of ollr prohlell1s
were in maintail1ing the regulations sct IIp and controlling the people.

Tlwre \Vere of course many more things tlIat lHlPP('lled in 1952
than 1 h;\\,e givcn here, howe\"('r. ] ha\"(' tried to 1)(' brid and factllal
in this write~llp.
Father Andrew Bofenkamp Jeft and Father Grassl C,111le, \Ve were
sorry to see Father Andy ka\'(" as W(' had corne to kno\\' and think a
lot of him, However, ] mllst .,a)' now in 100king hack that \V(' w('re
also sorry to S('(' Fatlwr Crass! ka\'(' "'!1('n the time came and for the
same reason.
It scems that sin{'(' Father Sig 1eft. W(' have had a Priest here on!y
long t'nongh to get weil acqllaint('d and lIndcrstam] him, wh(·n· Il(' is
taken away. It ,e('ms to nw tll;\t a Priest <:oll!d accol1lplish III Il ch
more if he were left for a while. As II(' jnst gets things organized and
going, then is ta ken Ollt. But of course this is Necedah and 1 know
the strain is great on our Priest.
Possihly thc most important e\'('nt in the whok year was !\lary
Ann's sojOUrJl in \lilwaukee, at the reqllest of the Bishop, during Holy
\Veek. There are two things that will always stick with ml'. Fred
agreed to \lary Ann's going providt'd Clara could stay with 1H'r. The
Priests agreed to that, ta get her ta go, hut Clara was not pcrmitted JI
to stay with Mary Ann when she got then.

The other was that we were promised a report of these examina­
tiOIlSwhich we never received. J)octor \1i11en of ~lilwaukec was the
Doctor at the head of this exarnination. and told \lary .'\nn sIl<' was
entitkd to this report.

Th<:,'se an' only a '( IJ..] 'ol.Jhe..1llllke )f())nises of the so-called

·Bish~Committee'. composed of FatlH'r HeithjHls and '\lolïSïgfior

1 had at this time mysE'lf heconH' 1l111ch c10ser connectee! with the
Apparitiolls and the Callse of Ol\r Lady of Necedah,

SU\1MARY OF 1953
ln reading over what 1 have for 1953 from a purely factual stand­
point, lI10st of the things of importance 1 believe are here. 1 am sure
ail of tlH-'m could be enlarged upon as there were daily events and con­
tacts, but as 1 did Ilot keep a daily cliary and must rely for my part
mostly on my memory as ta my connection, it is hard.
At that time 1 thought ail of the things would stick in my mem­
ory, but 1 hac! no idea of ail the number of contacts 1 would have
whieh are hound ta dim one's memory. It is only recently that 1
startec! <Iailv notes of thin s. 1 now realizelShould have done sa
from e )e'gmrung.
Now in 1955. the memory of the H BOMB episode seems ta he
as dear in \bry Ann's mind as at the time it occurred. lt seems ta
( cause her the same distress now, when brought ta mind, as it did at
1 mention also, that we (as a matter of recompense) had ta
straighten Ollt the second narration of the Passion.
" JIlst ta show how dosely our actions were watched, one of thel
• Necedah "Super Snoopers" used to get up on the bluff b~ of the
ouse and watch ta see what we were doing. Before 12 o'dock each

night we alwavs used ta drink sorne fruit 'uice or sorne ln so at
we cou stil go to Holy Communion the next morning.
Ttw story was circulated that we were having drinking parties
at Clara's apartment.
The Friend (prowler) as he is called is still with us. He puts in
his appearance, or rather, 1 should say his presence is still noticed,
particularly on dark nights.
The ground work fat the deaning IIp of the Juvenile Delinquency
problem was laid and ta date much progress has been made toward
deaning it up. lt is not to my satisfaction but a greater realization of
the situation is present and much has been accomplished by the

My personal connection with the cause of Necedah had by the
end of 1954 uecome so dose and took up so much of my time, that my
business was gone.
My family. particularly sorne of them, had become very antag­
onistic toward my participation. which didn't help at ail toward mak­
ing tFïings pfeasant.

1 took a temporary !l'achillg joh ill the Necl'dah lIigh Schoo]
which \astl'd for six \\'eeks. The ne\\' permanent teadH'r came 011 a
Frid'l~· and I was throngh \\'ith that joh.

The fo\lowing \...Tek on the 2lst of Octoher, ~Iary :\1I1l\ sllfferil1g

startl'd alld sim'(' that day l haH' had peJ'lnanent emp!oynwllt ill the
( senice 01 Olll' Lady of ;\l('cl'dah III caJ'lllg for \fary AIIII III hl'r sllf­
Our Lad 1 alld Ollr Lord \\'ork in strallge ways beyond the llllder­
stam IIlg of LIS poor (11111) iTlTll:lllS.
Clara alld 1 Wl'n' gi\'en orders to write np our stories on the
Feast of the Illlll1acn!a1<' Heart of \Iary. Silice that tinw deadlim's
ha\(' COIIl<' alld gOlle for ha\'illg them fillisJll'd and her<' I sit 011 this
sev('lIth day 01 SeptellllH'r, HJ55 facing allother deadlille and I l'l'ur
lllorC r('COIIII)('llse for Ilot ha\ing it fillished.
Those "ho ar<' skeptical or agaillst the Callsl' arc alwa)'s trying
to illsillllat(' that tlJillgs ar<' alwa~'s dOliC 101' the sake of sho\\'. Olle
illl'ilkllt th('\' l'der to \Vas whell \Iarv AI1I1 \Iad to Ill' 11<'lp('d to the

Saered Spot' 011 AlIglist 1.'), H).').t, J \y'ish that sOll1e of thos(' skepties
for jllst a Illillllt(' or so eOllld f('el tlll' sIlH('rill,\!; of \Iary AmI. 1 \\'onl<1
Ilot ,,'ish it for IOllger as 1 am SI 11'<' that ('\('11 slieh a short perio<l \\'ollld
cOIl\'in('(' th('Ill.


As pn'viollsly writtC'1l np in my story. ',fary Alln has hC'('n eOI1­
fi 11('(1 to Ill'r wheekhair day and lIi,ght sinc(' a yeur ago last Easlt'r.
Sim'(' the f('ast of St. Anne I ha\(' kept <lady Ilol<'s of those contacts and
tIlt' slll'fering periods.
l'Ill' sllH('ring periods ha\l' chang('d sornt'what from time to time
as sho\',:n hy my Ilotes. and has gradllally h('come more severe as
t iJlle goes oll.
(li) Jllly 2fi, 195.'5, which mad(' IIp a

Ali clay the heat was very extreme. It was one of those hot sticky
uncomfortable days when nO one knows how to find any relief. 1
didn't even attempt to sleep any as 1 usually do during the clay.
ln the afternoon Mary Ann was cheerful, and we sat around the
table and worked over the material that had come during the suffer­
ing the night before. Aftel' supper 1 rewound her and we took Freddy
along and took a short ride over to Joe Mays on Castle Rock Lake to
see if there was any breeze off the lake.
We got back at about 8::30 p.m. and prepared for the suffering
period which started promptly at 9 o'clock. It was what we ca lied
"Devils vVork" until 10: 15 p.m. at which time l'vfary Ann became con­
scious for about 15 minutes. H L H and B 4 were present (two
devils). At one time during the suffering l'vIary Ann laughed and said
that 1 had hit B 4 right across the back with Holy Water and he had
gone way up nearly out of sight.
About 10:30 p.m. the suffering resumed and soon after she put up
her arms and the expression on her face became very pleasant. 1 knew
(:she was seeing something pleasant, but of course couJd not tell what.
After a short period of time she spoke, "Henrl'l. Henry." And tbere
was a message given to me which 1 copied down. It came through
Good St. Anne, who said: "Mary asked me to give this Message to
You." ( Message omitted.) . _ (."!
After the message was given, SLAnne Jeft, at about 10:55 p.m.
Mary âm.l came to shortly after and we talked a while. There was no
severe suffering then unti) 11:30 p.m. at which time she spoke of"~ ?
frjmd," as we cali him, and of whom Mary Ann has told the story.
~ was present on the grounds outside the housé and his actions
were describecl.
There was an extremeJy rough period of suffering bct\.veen 12:45
and 1:45 a.m. After putting her feet up on a box, 1 Jeft for home to
get some sJeep at about 2:15 a.m.
The nightly suffering period at this time was running From about
8:45 or 9 o'clock until about 2 a.m. Sometimes we woulcl have an ad-)
ditional haH h u uL_b.oJlLoLre.comp.enw,iLGiëI€l:S ere not followed.
That was alwa ~.Jb.eJ...Qllgh~12e..of suffering.
On some of these nights much "riddle work, or Devils Work" was }~
<riven. 1< or msfance, on July 30th, 195'.5, ! look down M pages ( one
~ëlê) of writing. It was in this instance mostly Church Work. C. ~1.
and the F~ TV r-. Itt were present, which made things very diffietm.
On August 3rd, 1955, Mary Ann's suffering started with a ~.
Joanne and 1 were taJkin cr with Mary Ann when 1 a SüëIëTën, and
with no warning, Mary Ann \Vas thj'own about 10 feet by t e ~Js ~
and landed on the floor in front of the safe, 1 got Mary Ann back in
the c arr an en we too t e wor in riddles because of the devils.
Mary Ann was thrown trom the chair again by devils on August 5th.
On the night of August 8th, the suffering started at 8 instead of
9 o'dock, and 8 o'clock continued to be the starting time for the suf­
fering .
..-.. On August lOth we had nine devils present.
August llth, .1ary Ann's heart was very bad. 1 had Betty Waker­
shauser cali out for prayers. It was after 3 a.m. before 1 coulcl leave
for home.
August 15th was the Feast of the Assumption and an Anniversary
Day. A good crowd was present. Olive Trumm and Father Heithaus
( were present. J:gthr !!ejthflUs wrote up an articlf ~ling they hael([ll
to have oHce pro ectlOn olltsicle, etc. He woulcl iiï(U'ery much to
create incidents which would discredit the A aritions. In thi~ so
ar, 1e as een unsuccess u .
August 16th, Mary Ann's brother, Matt, "vas present cluring the
suffering. He was ver confused by the double talk anel ridelles. He
l asked if he shoulcl leave ecause e t oug t t e 1'1
count of his presence until it was explained to him.
es were on ac­

On this night the friend was outside so Fred and Matt went Ollt
to look for hirn but didn't see anything of him. He undoubtedly saw
them. On this occasion the friencl hacl someone with him who drove
the car away when he signaled.
On several occasions messages were given on the tape recorder
cluring these periods of suffering. They are ail to be used in the work.
One was on August 19, 1955.
August 22nd, a rvlessage came as to the marking of the Sacred
Spot as it now is and is to be kept. On the rnorning of August 23rd
the work of marking the Sacred Spot was done.

territory aIl have a definite bearing on the condition of the Victim
which accounts for the difference in the severity of her suffering. The
trend has been for it to become more severe às time went on.
The .m:p~e~ce of the devils causes her mental suff~ri f?, Il.to
which is as a or worse"'1'han the h sical. 1 am not sure whlch IS
actua y ar est for er to ear. en t~ls are rough she wants
to go out to the Sacred SpoLto-. TaWa nFOm them. When we re­
strain her, she doesn't like it.
There were. times when the suffer.ing w.as.....severe earl aIl day
and ni t too. Thenitwa5reall rough.
There were some of Our Lady's Feast days in this period, and
( Mary Ann went out to the Sacred Spot. Sbe has written them tlP, and
anything 1 would write would be superficial.
On September 9th, the suffering started at 7:30 instead of 8
0' clockand it has remained at 7 :30 p.m. as the starting time right up
until the present.
At 11: 15 p.m. on the night of October 4th 1 got a jolt when a Il(
man's voice spoke to me and there was no man around. It was ~. ij
Francis and is written u in "My Contacts with the Saints."
October 7th was Our Lady's Day and Anniversary.

Mary Ann visited the Sacred Spot briefly at noon. Father Heithaus )
.(investigator) and Olive Trumm, his friend were present. We plaYed
a recordin which was-iak.enJ2n the_nighLof October 6th.
On October lOth, about 11 0'clock (p.m.) St.....ÂDJle was with
Mary Ann for about 20 minutes. The suffering fünOWed the usual
pattern otherwise.
On October 12th, Father Scheetz and Fath~Joe were resent to
witness the suffering. Father Ioe chased two sk' evi s away. T ey)\
haven t een ac since. - - J
It became evident that on 0lU' Lad 's Da s and on a few of the
Saints' Days we would have no de0ls. -- - - -
Odober 21st was the Anniversary of the aay the suffering started.
in 1954. The starting of the period of severe suffering when Mary Ann
was bedridden. Sufferingfw-Ks as usual in the mornin r an . m., 11
at which time St. ~oan 0 _ tC a eare to er. It was beautiful as it
usraIlYa is when s e sees Gur Lady o! sorne of the-5ai1r s. t. .1.illln
re ieve -ner 0 tIïe suffel~i~g lIll!il 12 ogg::-c.EaLnignt, so 1 had a )
chance to.s eep, anaTdiô from 7:3~ to 12~!D I?idnight unt~l 2 a.m.
the suffenn \Illas ve severi agrtm. St. Ioar sald the suf enl!g was
relieved becaus~ so marïY-ciI t le pilgrims on t lat da-nad offereatIïeir
Masses or her. It just s ows ow muc 1 prayers help.
Shé did get out-G.f-he.l'-C-R-air ·a-nè-tr-y-t-e-gG-Outside.. .a Labout 3:30,
( ut re ained contr l f rself and crawled in the front room by me

at a out 4 a.m. he was very cold. Fred gQLy.p--ea.d}'...Jill.<Lsta}œ.d..with

h.er-.the-r.esLoLÙle.JnJ:>ming until everyone was up. When l got back

( from Mass in town she was already working arouud the kitchen in
her wheelchair.
Theee de'lils had been_Rresent ail during_the Qrevious night ~nd
h-<.'ld è'iïjJserl an the-tmuble. We had many similar incidents.
Nov.ember 5th, on this night l tried something different, inska-d)
oLrestraining-Ma.r..)LAnn.1rom oin outside d!JTiqg t~e
Ercl-and help~d her out t2:...the Sacred Sot. She ayê there tills
lYils' time,
9 o'dock, and 't seemed to .ive her much relief. While at the Sacred
Spot sqe sang a Germa? song. In English it is this:
Thank you Dearest Mother for the help You gave me today
Thank you My Mother Dearest to help me through pain and
Thank you Mother for the strength You gave me
Oh Mother, Oh Mother of Gad, help me to always understand
Thee, so l will never break Your Heart. That is in my heart.
Oh thank You Dearest Mother . - ­
Oh thank You Mother deaT:
November 7th, Father S_ _ came in about 7 p.m. and the

suffering started at 7 :30 p.m., as usuaI. Tbis ;vas llil.1ber ni ht of})

Devils WCJfk. l took down about six ~es of revelations on Interna­

tiona ork in riddles and double talk. There were eleven devils ffis­

lill!, includin the six who have been there to isrupt flle International

Work because the alwi!Ys -co.me durin that t e of revelations. We

cali them th International Devils.
Father stayed until 12:30. l was able to retire at 2:30 a.m.
On November 8th, Father S_ _ was present during the after­
noon suffering. The night suffering was much as last nighLL.!QQk
down sorne InternatIonal Work~Faffier et after 10:30.

NQvember 9, 1955, the suffering started at 7:30 p.m. We had)
seven devils resent includin C3 and C . They made it very Tough
tr81TI me beginning. Mary Ann was t rown to the lIoor and choked
tilTSfie assed out with her head under the washin machine which
stood 7 or 8 feet from her chair. This nigïlt~th~s we.@ successful
in disrupting our work. I~d nothing-.2~tD~II. l d~ff
in the chair and when l awoJœ1oun Ma!)' Ann_ had_cri!~le~nd
was ô"" fh~ treesat th.fS<\.crea SpoT-I ·lost out to the devils on is Il
nigFit and .-!~ey had their way.
This is not supposed to be a chronology of aIl events, but...tQ.give
you an idei!... 01.wJ:1at M~.rLAn.E ~nd l had to battle night aftelnight.
Saturday, November 12th, 1955 was one of Our Lady's Days and
the 7th niversary of O.llI:-Ladls first appearance to Mary Ann.
On this night the suffering started as usual at 7:30. There were a
d . s present but the were not ve active. The Pilgrims were Keep­
ing a vi il outsi e, as is the usual custom on Our Lady's nights. Cfara
came into t e house at about 10:40 p.m. At ]] n'dock Mary Ann ~ot

ut~ of her wheelch ir and ran into the hall. That in itself was a miraëe,
as lave had to assist her even as s e walked on crutches ta the bath­
room. She knelt in the hall a few minutes as Clara and l knelt behind
her. Then crawled and looked out of the window at the group pray­
ing at the Sacred Spot. She then crawled ta the door and knelt in the
doorway. The inside door was open, but there was a screen door. She
( Qrayed and sang the German song that she had sung before. About
11:30 she crawled back to her chair and l helped her into it.
Mary Ann insisted that Our Lady spoke ta me but l was not
aware of it.
November 14th.jhe..sufferi.n.g-w3s very severe and ·ls~e
pr~ncl))ding both Chur>h and.....ln..ternational Devils. e~as
sorne wQrk on the p3,.d and it_ conti!lue<i ta be rough aIl night. The
one written up in Mary Ann's story was a the friend outside,
(or prowler).
One thing noticeable is that the abdominal suffering seems to be
getting continuously more severe.
T~jls objected to our talking over the revelations during theJ\
èY, a~en we had much dISCUSSIOn we cO!1ld fi ure on more
deyil trOJJbl~ ~g-! i~~hon.
l have mentioned this on other occasions, but the mental suffer-"

Il i~ cause

y t
l~ures are mor
e evils and the revisioning of sorne of e
wearin 01 r A t an e ac ua
or .Jt
YSlCa suf­

November 23rd, 1955. On this night during her suffering Mary

Am1 said: "Gladys is dead. Gladys is dead. Mustn't die. Shocked
NOTE: This referred ta Cladys Millenbah, a friend and local
parishioner who was in the hospital. We later found out that she had
died about the time Mary Ann mentioned it.
l haven't mentioned in this write-up about the Fridays of Advent
as they are written up separately.
December lst was a notable occasion for on this day we had a
Group meeting and Qlaved for them a Message taken on the recorder .{
just r . Isl on November 30th. This message revealed the evilness
of . Tem le and its Yiddish com ections. In retaliation a
During so~e of these nights we had been c tacted b sorne of
the SJ1ints. These contacts are written up under "My Contacts with the
December 8th "vas Our Lady's Day. There were Pilgrims present

and a recording was played for them. Mary Ann's last message to the

( PilgriI[ls. There were about 8 ~ e n t and aH stood there in

the cold and listened to the recording.

[1 From these samples of days written up you can see that the

suffering-a.1 CâIOng..-was-gefting-.pr.Q.gres-s-i-vety-mOl'e-a-Rd-- more s~re.

The fight~J.g with thS gevils continued. The suffering was both m1@al

ana ph~a1.

December 15th, 1955 was one of the nights when enemy planes
went over and Freddie heard them. ~
NOTE: This was written up in "The Sword of Damocles."
December 16th was another Friday and they ar.e-always rough
with the Passion and regular suffering also. From 11 to 11: 15 St. 1)
'Ih.e.tese was here . lLa.-J~ctions. Mary Ann was 1
Dot ered with V,isions of our boys- destroyed ~ea. '] 11 '.JIS-
Mary Ann's heart bas been especially bad lately and the circula­
tion POOl'. It effects the use of her left siçle and bothers her aU day
as well as during the regular suffering periods.
December 23rd, 1955 was another Friday and the last before

( Christmas. Mary Ann witnessed the Nativity Scene and we received

Message of Instructions from Our Lady.

That night during the suffering, at 12 o'dock there was also a

message from StJ2~ for me.
NOTE: Written up in "My Contacts with the Saints."
1 must add here that conditions in our A~ea have a definite bear­
iJill o~ary- Ann:s-p_wslëal con ition and the Holiday periods Of)
Christmas and New Years with their parties, drinking, carrousing and
sin on the part of both grown-ups and youth make the suffering during
that period of time very~ugh.
January 2nd, 1956 was the Birthday of St. Thel]se. At 11:45 p.m.,11
( She ave u~ a Messa e..Qf encouragemenLand instructions. 'lhe suf- fi
fering on that night otherwise was as usual with 12 devils present.
1 had been permitting Mary Ann to crawl out to the Sacred Spot
t on several occasions of late. The devils didn't like it and tried to ~ke
it as rough as possible for us. Fred and l a ways helped her an went
wifhner. e snow and ice wereoad and her knees would bleed and

blister hom the ice and cold. It gave her sorne relief rom the persecu­

l( tion of the devils.

On January 13, 1956 th~ls came back in force after 1 had

gone to bed at 2 a.m. At abJ2J :45 a.m. i IWard a cIâsl1 III the kitchen
( an~ up. When 1 got there Mary nn was on t e f oor _ ail the
chairs and the footstool wërebottom side up, it looked like the path
of a tornado. The devils had reaBy been rough. I~ay
with Holy Wa.ter and then got thmgs straigntened up again. The same
lnight the "Friend" had been in the slImmer kitcben and at the kj~hen
t door. Tlie children had left the window unlocked after throwing in the
January 14, 1956 was the end of the Christmas Season and the
Auniversary of the previ.p-.lJS-}'JillL~---had-..he€ll.~readingthe..-.d.ay.
There was a 12 hour relief of suffering From 12 noon till 12 midnight.

ft It was because of the extra prayers of the Pilgrims in memory of the

tough time a year previous. !loy, cau prayers help!

January 15th was the regular pattern of suffering, but we had

an.other Message from GOQd St Ann.
From the middle of January on, tht:. deyiJs b~.aLY_Âpn
and 1 had to sta with her tQ fi ht them Q1FüÏ1til 4 Qr 5 in the morning.
1 (Many times 1 didn't go and lie down until Fred got u which was
• usuaBy around 5 o'clock.
On the night of Februar 3, 1956 an additional period of suffering
tarted and laste rom 2 to 3O~ëIock-iïLJEe mommg. was,.teuihle
n . . us for a Ion Ume; in fact from then Qn aB through
he St m er. It was a terrible eIjod. Thesuffering was internal.J!!.ld
ary Ann wou poun er ea against the table. 1 had to keep the'
table padded because she hit it so hard with her head that l wa
afraIaO: rea serious in ·ury.
February 17th, 1956 was the first Friday in Lent. Suff~ing of the 1)
Passion st~ted promptly at 12 o'cloc~on. NQW again there was the
-\ ... aaalfional suffering of the Passion as weB as the regular suffering
(from 7:30 p.m. to 3 o'clock in the moming.)
March llth was a Sunday ~!ld on this day we had a blizzard. It
had been blQwing and snowing ail night. Mary Ann didn't get to Mass
because we couldn't get out by car. The l'est of us walked on the rail- )
road tracks and did make it.
Suffering for the night started at 7 :30 p.m. as usual and was very
extreme during two periods in particular From 8 to 10 p.rn. and From
2 to 4 a.m. 1 don't know how she can take it. She was still suffering

when 1 went ta bed at 5 a.m.

March 19th we had another period of suffering added to what w,as
a terrific sched.!lle. When it seems im~ossible to take any
more then more is added, and she takes that a so. It is GQd's Will.
This period of su ering l'an from 10 to 11 0'dock and were pains of
the res~iratory or choking pains. Of all the physical pains thêVare
the har est. It is the straining durin those ains that is l'es onSible)
for aIl ru tures Mary Ann has, which are now fourteen . Hel'
abQominal wall is full of holes an she must be ept ound tightly
at ail times. This adds to the discomfort and suffering.
The periods of real severe suffering were now from 7:30 p.m. tilI)1
JJLJ2:...m., from 10 to 11 p.m. and from 2 to 3 a.m. with milder suffering
in between and then on to of aIl the ersecution fi the deyîls. 1
( truly don't believe 1 couId ast t oug 15 minutes of h ~to 11
periods not to mention an of the l'es.
During this period of time 1 invited the members of our lOCal)
Grou t~ resent and assi~Un(LdJ.!tin~the suffering. They were
permitted in one at a time. 1 thought it would give them a better
un erstanding which 1 believe it did. Itseemedto make a difference at
feast wit sorne 0 em.
As shown in the Records there were sometimes periods of relief
on Our Lady's special days and occasionally on the Feast Days or
speciaJdays sorne of the Saints would give Mary Ann sorne relief. It
was certainly always welcome.
( AlI of March had been terribly rough and particularly the last
half. Lent is alYïaYs very hard.
April l, 1956 was Easter Sunday. We went to Mass at 6:30 and
then back to the farm for brealdast. 1 then rested most of the day.
It w~_ lonesome daX-.--fuLme. 1 couldn't help thinking of my own
( family. .
The suffering that night started at 7:30 but was mild compared
l course
with the way it had been. The sufferin
that was no lopger on.-E.aster.
from 2 to 3 a.m. was l'ou h· of

There appeared to be sorne relief of suffering during the Octave

of Easter, but it was still plenty rough throughout.
On April 12th 1 was resting in the trailer waiting for the suffering
period when Donna came and said our church was on fjre. As there
was sorne time yet before sufferirig, 1 went to town"and looked. ~s
sure going then. 1 got back in time for the 7 :30 p.m. suffering. It was
very rough. Mary A::ïlllwas of course upset by the fire. On...this night
she had a Vision d e ' under . of "The Beast." It was
terrible. -
April 15th. 1956 Mary Ann received _a_~eJsage' that we ~IdWl
not he bothered with th~iIs unti after May 10th. That was a
blessed relief.
ln going over my daily notes 1 found many times where pressure
was mentioned. Any disturbance within the Grou or in the Area or
even in our Chancery Office where we are invo ve , puts a terri le
pressure on Mary Ann. She always feels it. At times it was so severe
that she could not accomplish the regular work; also there were times
( when she was so weakened by tbis pressure from outside that she was
unable to go through the regular suffering periods.
May 14, 1956 was the day after the Ascension when the suffering
~s ta become worse again, and it sure did. We had been dreading thiS)
day. Suffering started as usual at 7:30 p.m. and was very rough from
the beginning. A~ t~ls c~ck. They were more vicious
than usuaI. It seemed th~ were trying to make up for Iost time.
Tliere were seven ~i s present. The respuatory pams were back
from 10 to 11 p.m. &se pains because of their extreme severity were
alwa)':s dreaded by Mary Ann an myself. The 2 to 3 a.m. pains were
also more severe than usuaI. 1 don't know how any human can stand (
the suffering. Without God's hel of course she co lan t. At this time
we were havin an extra haU hour from 3 to 3:30 as a matter of re-
1111 comense for not ettin our or one as we s ould. Heaven ~n't
\pt pul any punches.
May 27th was Trinity Sunday and therefore an Anniversary. There
was quite a group of Pilgrims around. At noon Mary Ann was taken
to the Sacred Spot in the wheelchair and after she returned to the
hou se, a recording was la ed to the Pil rims the same one that Rad
( be p ayeël oODecember 8, 1955. T ere was su fering on the nig ts
of these Anmversary days, but there was partial relief. It was not
nt:arly as severe as the regular periods. This was so also during the May
Anniversary Days.
After the May Anniversary Days were over, the regular periods
of suffering took up again, but she was relieved of the 10 to 11 pains.
They came back again on June 5th.
July 3rd was a day off from the s.evere suffering. It was the An-
niversary of Mary Ann and Fred's wedding. Mary, Fred ana 1 to~aj'
tn clown thiough the Kicka 00 Valle to Prairie du Chien and then j
bac on e owa SI e 0 t e ISSiSSlppi River to LaCrosse and home.
This day it would have been nice if Fred and Mary Ann could
have gone alone, but Fred is not able physically to handle or help
Ma~ Ann in or out of the car, just as he is not strong enough to help
her uring the suffering p~iods, that is why the Instructions were
that 1 was to go along. The day was enjoyed by aU very much.
July 22nd was a Sunday and the Feast Day of St. Mary Mag­
dalen. 1 mention it here because she appeared to MaJY Ann and be­
cause we were given a Message by her. Mary Ann had of course seen
Mary Magdalen during the witnessing of the Passion, but tlUs was
the first message she had received from Her. Mary Ann suffered on
this day, but the suffering was milder and she did not have the regular
severe periods.
Jll.ly 26th, THE FEAST OF ST. ANNE. This was a memorable
day for Mary Ann and me, for St. Anne had appeared to us a year
before and was the first of the Saints to appear and give Messages of
encouragement and Instruction. She was the first of a series of Saints
to appear. They are aIl listed in "My Contact with the Saints" as writ­
ten up in the book.
On this night we received a long Message from St. Anne. She was­
with us giving us the Message from 11:20 p.m. to 12 o'dock midnight.
July 31 was a day off as far as the regular periods of suffering
were concerned. It was Mary Ann's birthday. We went for a ride with
the Wesslings and Wakershausers to Portage and then home by a
round about way. We saw much beautiful scenery and enjoyed it
August 15th was Our Lady's Day and an Anniversary Day at the
Sacred Spot. The main period of suffering was relieved for Mary Ann
on this day. There was present on this day at the Sacred Spot a size­
able group of Pilgrims who were very reverent and sincere in their
prayers which they poured forth constantly to Our Lord through His
Holy Mother. They were pleasing to Our Lady, but there were not
nearly enough of them.
On August 16th aIl the suffering periods were back with the usual
severity, and in addition Mary Ann had a severe headache which re­
mained with her with little relief for more than a month.


1 wish 1 had the gift of words that some people have and then
possibly 1 could describe what my contacts with Our Holy Mother, ­
through Mary Ann Van Hoof, have meant to me. 1 feel very unworthy
that the Mother of Cod should in any way recognize even the exist­
ence of one like me. 1 have however been recognized again and again
-as has Clara Hermans for some reason, unexplainable to us (or at least

1 should say to me.)

Our Hol Mother has dei ned to reco nize us the 'Chosen Ones:
to e p ary Ann, We were mentioned and recognized even uring
JI 1950. In the Message of Oct. 7, 1950 in a private revelation, this was))11
given, "My Chiid you will have ta depend on the Choser! One tC2.,E1'O- ~
t~u, that is the wishes of yom Spiritual Director. Pray for the
ChQsev Qn,e very much for he will need prayers." Here 1 did not know
who Our Lady referred to. Mary Ann, as the note following the state­
ment says, did not know who was referred to either. And if anyone
[ had mentioned at that time that 1 was to be that One, 1 would have
been sure they were crazy. .
When Father Lengowski left here on the 4th of October, 1950,
he told Mary Ann if she needed any help or anything bothered her,
( she should contact me and thus became It.

Our Lady on various occasions afterward referred to Clara and

me as t e'''ChQSeï!ODë$'=We were even glven pnvate messagtÎ of
dir ction.
vVhen Mary Ann narrated the Passion 1 was instructed to l'ouse
her if she passed out, which 1 did. She will respond to me when she
will not respond to others as has been proven on numerous occasions.
Once 1 left the room for a couple of minutes to go to the bathroom on
Friday during the Three Hours Passion, (it was the week before Cood
Friday) when 1 came back into the room Mary Ann was out and
( Ray, Fred and Marie were all trying to arouse her but to no avail. Sb..e
responded as soon as 1 spoke to-h.er. 1 should not have left the room
when 1 did and we still have recompense. to payas a result.
During the period of suffering From October 21, 1954 on to the
present time 1 have had to hold Mary Ann as she knelt during the
times that Our Lady appeared to her. 1 can't describe the feelin . 1
could feel th~ese!!ce of Our Lad buLml!.~ never saw any
( slgn 0 anYl<lnd. 1 amnot wort y. .
At one time 1 very nearly drQJ2ped off ta sleep during the SUffer-j

ing of the Passion and was called back by, "HENRY, PAY ATTEN­

TION"; spoken~~aJY Ann, hllt from Our Lady. 1 was not on the

job as 1 sMiiIëD1 been.

As 1 have said, reading this will not..give too IDIJch of an indica­

tion of how unworthy 1 know 1 am.

My Contacts with Our Lady have of course aIl been through }

Mary Ann Van Boof, but there have been many of them from 1951
until the present. .
Our first message of revelations from Our Lady came during the J
Suffering of the Passion during Lent in 1951. Mary Ann had of c.Q!Jrse
had.-P.Iivate messa es of instructions and ad 'e-oiLllie days of the
Apparitions, but t ey were prlvate in nature and pertained primarily li
ta 1refSëtf. Il
As time went on we, Mary Ann, Clara Hermans and myself )
(who ~ared were chosen ta run things), ~re in need of ugYice
and needed instructions ta foIlow. We were at a loss as everything
was' completely new ta us. We _wanted of course, ta do what waSJ
right for the Cause. At that lïme It wasn't that instructions and orders
Ilwere lacking, but it was more a case of tao man~le bath lay

and Priests, ail of whom were as much in the dark as was Ma LAnn.

Tney, in fact, with a t leir or ers, instructions and advice were just

contributing ta the confusion and darkness in which aIl of us were

I( struggling.
Sorne orders conflicted with other orders, sorne adv~e with Q!}1er
advice. Sorne or ers were of an impossible nature--:l\s an example,
Mary Ann was advised ta live as nearly a normal life as possible ac­
N/cording ta her state of lite, which of course was as a faIm wife and
JI mother of seven children. And then she was given orders not ta
answer the phone, not ta open her own majl and not ta talk ta people.
That was just an example of the type of orders and advice which was
You can see the impossibility of this situation. Another important
fact was that very few of these orders were given by her Spiritual
Director, who was at the time of the Apparitions, her Pastor, Eather
!-engowski. He was appointed her Spiritual Director by Our Holy
Mother. His orders Mary Ann did her best ta foIlow. His advice was
good. Asye was appointed b~ Om Lady, he was als~ided by Her.
The rest of the orders and a vice were given without any authority
The Priests who were passing out the orders were as much in the
~and as inexperienced in thi~gs of that nature as were the lay
~e. 1hey were, however passmg out or ~left. ­
Our Holy Mother undoubtedly recognized this condition and ta
supplement the advice of Father Sig, we were given sorne advice
during the Suffering of the Passion.

Il but usually
Sorne of the messages as they came were not understandable,

we would find that they would fit in place at a later date.

Father Lengowski was moved away from our Parish on the 4th
of October 1950 and then it became harder ta get the advice we needed
because he was not readily available. That became even more dif­
icult as time went on, because of additional restrictions which were))

Il laced on Father. He could not come ta Nece a as before, nor write

ta us here and sa it a 1 !>~~~_a one way eal. ­
As things became more diHicuIt Our Lady took a hand and more
messages of instruction came ta us directly from Her, through Mary
These Messages of instruction and advice are included in the
( records of the dail work, but ta make it much easier Clara has ty~
them in a little black notebook of loose leaf design, where we can get
aIl of them without looking through a lot of other material. W~re
sl!QQosed to read them over once ever week and follow them.
instructions copied in the Black Book are.Jrom December 1954 on
through to the pœs.enUime. 1 am asking that they be copied here, the
rest you will find throughout the work.
Instructions and Messages from the Little Black Note Book for the
No. 1. Passion, Lent and Advent. AlI Fridays also Revelations.
No. 2. Narrations of the Passion (Separate and Combination).
No. 3. Anniversaries and Feast Days of Our Lady.
No. 4. Delinquent Work.
No. 5. January 14th and continuing on D~quent Work and
No. 6. Mary Ann's Story, Copies of Recordings.
No. 7. Mary Ann's Private Story.
"Hank, Our Lady requests that you stand by. Be ready to come
when called, not to leave town without notifying this household,
leaving name of place where you can be reached if necessary."
"Go to see the Spiritual Director, which you have failed to do.
~re ta bring bim Hp ta date with e~ng."
"You are to take full charge o..t:.romn during Advent and Lent, that
is concerning the Work. If necessary, consult Fred QIÙy when neces­
~, otherwise you are on yOUf own. DurinlLthe period of Suffering
you are t e.e -that there is no dis.obe.dience. 6e a!ert at aIl times."
"Henry is to be the head of this Work at aIl times. 1 am to calI )
on yotr=('Henry) for protection. YouCHenry tare to protect ,me From
over enthused PIIgnms, there is great danger of harm coming From
this, if neglected."
"Henry, that My Child's wishes for seclusion be respected, which
was not during this Suffering with too much talking, harmed work
"1 (Mary Ann) do not wish to see anyone during my Suffering,
or to come to see me. For it is very embarrassing to know people are
watching aIl the facial expression during intense pain, it's far from
an attraction."
"Our Lady implied that 1 am not to be left alone. That the Chosen
Ones are to stand by me as close as possible, to leave ward where one
can reach if possible. From this to me it seems something will happen
that the family won't be able to handle. 1 ask that no outsiders are
called in to help with me, only to help with work for Joanne."
\tlessage given on February 16, 1955.
"Henry, You are to be alert when Lent starts. Yotlr Messages that
you call 5 and 6, the first one, also number two of 5 and 6 will be neces­
sary to put in effect by both of you. Also you will have need of your
own private Message. Read those Messages over and pray for guid­
ance to what portions of them you will be needing to follow. The
V ictim's perseverance will depend wholly upon what was given in
this Message."
Message given on February 17, 1955.
"It will depend on those who stand by the Cause to help the
V ictim, whether or not she will make the Resurrection, if they fail
her, they will lose her forever."
Message given on February 19, 1955.
"Hank, Will you see that our Pilgrims who come here so frequent­
ly are talked to in regarding the Youth Mission we do. Ray is doing
a lot at Appleton. We need many more Rays, ifs got to be done."
"Our Lady asked it in 1950, but they don't seem to care. Let us
save the souls of these youngsters, especially from 16 to 21. Cet
Stevens Point going too, Wisconsin Rapids, Marshfield, right under
the Bishop's nose, LaCrosse is another bad place. Superior, Mining
Town and Ashland are bad - even Milwaukee - sorne of the Boarding
Schools or Cirl's Schools, you'd be surprised at what goes on."
The following message was given on February 21, 1955.
"Henry, Do you know your part fully here? You know the Instruc­
tions, follow them to the fullest extent. Do not, by being careless, add
to the Victim's Suffering, for aIl of the Chosen Ones neglect bears on
the Victim."
"There will be no further Instructions than that have already been
given, no more will be said. It will be left entirely to the two of you
to see that the requests are made. It will become necessary for you,
Henry, to stand by her spouse, for he will need you very much. It will
also be necessary for you Henry to stand by the children. Follow your
instructions given, be sure to read them over so that you fulfill aIl the
requests, otherwise it will fall on the Victim, so it is up to you to see
that this does not happen. Recompense will be added as given before.
The one that caused it will be weIl aware they caused it and self pity
cannot enter as an excuse. No reason will be given."
Message given on February 27, 1955.
"Have Clara Hne up your instructions so you can follow them.
Sorne of your most crucial periods are lying right before you, ifs very
important you follow instructions. After your story is written there's
much work you must do which you'll find in your instructions, both
priva te and otherwise. l believe you'Il find in instructions that Our
Lady asked that records be kept accurately. We don't want any more
Message given on March 10, 1955.
"Write a Summary of the past messages that were given in 1950,
revelations as weIl as others. The things that have happened, messages
as weIl as revelations. The things that have come to pass."
l (meaning Hank) am also to write a Summary on the Delinquen­
cy set up and complete everything. That's what Our Lady meant by
a full account, the dollar as weIl as the fraction, which would be a
Full Summary of that account.
Mary Ann said: "To me, always looms before me, incomplete, in­
complete, incomplete, like a groove in a record. l haven't had word
on it yet, because l won't be able to talk until the 25th, tllat's quite a
wait. l think if you write that up and give it a title byitself, l think it
would be aIl right." .
"Check over Our Lady's Message of 1950 and check over the
revelations, the things that have already happened, will work on those
things between 12 noon and 3 p.m. on Monday, TuesdaYi Wednesday
and Thursday."
"Haven't seen the word recompense. l won't be able to give you
instructions Hank, you are the foreman of this Croup, YOll are re­
Message given on Monday, April 19, 1955.
"Recompense that was scheduled for distraction of Passion on
Friday will take place from 3 to 4 on 20th of this month, those that are
guilty must stand by. There will be a continuation of the 5 to 6 period."·
'Tou are to follow up on the work given you December 8, 1953
and also what was given you in the last year. It will be difficult work
for you to follow. Must pray for guidance, control yom temper, be on
alert. You will have to be especially alert on many instances which
you will recognize as you approach them."
"Remember control your temper. Don't let that he a better judge
than a clear mind. You will be requested to stand by the Victim. Many
times it will be very rough for you, but you will understand the
Victim's condition."
Message given on April 26, 1955, FEAST OF OUR LADY OF GOOD
"Tell Henry he has much work before him; work of great import­
ance concerning the Youth. He must line up Cl program ta take care
of it. Follow ail instructions given. Be cautious that the Evil Forces
d::> not destroy the good he tries to do."
"Also that it will be necessary for him to stand by here, at times
closer than before; which will cause persecution and heartache. That
my suffering will continue, that severity depends on condition of our
area; what amount of work is accomplished. Also the layaIty of the
Chosen Group, which Henry will have ta supervise; or if impossible
choose at times someone loyal ta the Cause ta take his place. When
it will become impossible for him ta take care of the Group account
of conditions here; which again will depend on loyalty and what is
being accomplished. In work that has been requested there is not time
for laxity or self pity."
"Henry will suffer greatly bath physically as weil as a great
mental strain upon him."
Message given on May 6, 1955.
"Hemy, You know what this period of recompense is for, do you
not? First haH hour for Henry and the Chosen One who failed to have
work accomplished at first given date."
"Second haH hour will be for second date given, February 28,
"Third will be for third period, this is for Henry alone with Holy
Saturday noon. Additional suffering for failure after the Octave and
during the Octave of Easter. Do not try to complete your work care­
lessly, it must be a full report. Work must be ail and fully completed
by given date which is the Ascension. If more help is needed ta get
records complete; you and the Chosen one must decide who of the
Group is lCapable."
"The Chosen one must have her Narrative complete before the
Anniversary Dates of this month and no carelessness to rush comple­
tion. If this request is again failed the Victim will start suffering at
1 p.m. on the Anniversary Date of June 16th and the suffering will
be of great severity, which will cause severe anguish and pain."
Message given on June 3, 1955,
"Hen:y, the hours from 3 ta 4 will be eliminated bath on the An­
niversary and Trinity Sunday if again requests are followed, if not,
they will ('ontinue. There will be the usual night suffering, that will
not be cl.anged."
"Hal1~', follow aH messages, see that others foHow them also."

"Hank, don't let me do anything wrong, too much has been done
already. 1. on't let me forget Our Lady's requests, Got to follow Her
requests, do what She wants us ta do. Things seem sa dark for bath
of us, Hank, they seem awfully dark."
"Hank, no good, l'Il have to tell you. 1'11 tell you the day l'm
supposed to. 1 can't tell you now. l'm a coward."
Message given June 9, 1955.
"~;y are going to try to bum our house down to destroy al!
"As the summer progresses and the heat becomes extreme you'll
find it very difficult for the Victim and yourself, Henry. You'll have
to use your better judgement what to do in those conditions. Also keep
unnecessary worry and strain From the members of the immediate
"There'll be numerous tests given to those closely connected to
the work and the Victim. Do not tum those tests into a failure for
the Victim."
"Ifs going to be severe for us, especially you and 1 Hank, per­
secution, tests. vVe shouldn't leave Satan confuse us Hank. Hc's going
to try awful hard to even throw us against each other, going to be
severe. Ifs coming From our Chancery Office, we were told before
but misinterpreted it at the time."
"Have to calI a Meeting in July. Repercussion for two of our
Group to desert us at a crucial time. St. Henry's is the deadline for
Delinquency Work. Our Lady has given us the message previollsly."
Message given Jllly 2, 1955.
"Things are going to get worse after the 4th. vVe'll have to see
that the Group have their meetings, and follow up on their Delinquen­
cy Work. And the ones that are absent are to come back immed­
"If the Group does not follow instructions it will add more hours
to the suffering. The hours will stay the same as now, after the 4th
there will be additional hours given, and if the Group does not ohey'
there will be more hours given. That includes aIl who vowed to stand
by. They are to determine what my condition will be, either reduc­
tion or increase of swelling of my body. it weakens my heart. Ail in­
structions have been given, they must be followed. You, also Clara and
Myrtle and Marie help me, Hank, so 1 can do as 1 am supposed tD.
l'ru just a big weakling."
"PersecutÏQn is going to increase by leaps and bounds. There's
going to be sorne more comin from the Chancery Office. It couId be
less Ifthe Pilgrims stood up for what they believe and for what they .
saw, and weren't ostriclles. They must stand !Ip for wbat thev be­ 1
.~;vE';" for God and Our Lady will protect them. This is the Greatest
~. TT1at's why 1 saw FIN 1 S over the S~)t. If they fnil Our Lady
as the Group has, 1 fear we have lost our Shrine. This is whut you
caH the 'CrisÎs' the Crucial Test."
Mary Ann Van Hoof. Upper picture taken
in 1950; lower one in July, 1960, with
her grandson. Note body swelling as
referred to in message of July 2, 1955.
"Are you afraid Hank" is Clara afraid'? You mushù be, Gad will
be with YOIJ, if we stand up for our rigbts. Pray for our Bishop, Hank.
he's suffering much since 1950. His condition became \Vorse a year
"Hank, We are going ta have to be strong, it's going to be
awfully tough on you, try not to get owly."
"On the Feast of Mt. Carmel 1 can't go to the Spot. We mustn't
hurt Our Lady. We've been hurting Her in the past too many times.
Are we going to continue to hurt Our Lady'? Are you'?"
"Hank, 1 don't understand it, what's ahead of us. Can you take it
"There's so much ta be clone, so mueh wroug thafs infiltr~d.
( They'gotta stand up for their rights, the mi ht be 111 of."
"That's the job of the Group, to see that people understancl their
duties in their localities. Talk to the people who come. They should
ta ta people who come From the large cities ta watch their chilclren,
where they go in Groups. Find out if priva te homes are respectable
or so caUed hideouts or clubs sorne cali them."
Message given July 5, 1955.
"Time is short Hank. The dock will strike. WeJ.L-J~ur
Work fjnis~d, we didn't heecl Our Lacly."
\1essage given July 9, 1955.
"Stand by 24hours a clay. Do }:'ou kn<nY..-llank ou are the ead!l
{( of alh \s ~r:ï no -hï~'S11~I!ld De done wit4gut oUl~proval and cor-
rcct.i.on.- N0W- AN!L~~ER 1 am gone. We are not to leave anything
or al}Y Worj<;_either materia or ot erwise e one n'lthesoaa-ows.
1 we know of such actions, we are to bring it into the li ht and let
( the li rht' . so we know the mit' 0 it. This refers to the
Group ancl us Hank. It doesn't mean just us ere." ,
Mary Ann was ta ask us these questions:
1. How much do you love Our Lady'?
2. I-Iow much cloes the Cause mean to you'?
3. How mueh Persecution cio you think ou coulcl take'?
4. To what exteEl~oulÈ-.you_goJoclefencl the Cause'?
5. Pt;secution, Woulcl you be willing to take chances, without
bemg sure how great it will he'?
Message given August 22, 1955.
"My Child, those Chosen to stand by you ta make Full Re ort of}l~
thcir Work here and )Iace in yom Hecords, omitting not ing.' Il
, -101-
"My Child, The combining of the Narrations is not yet as Re­
quested. Henry must make greater effort that Work is as Requested."
"Being an example to the Community. Both Chosen ones have fail­
ed to foIIow Instructions as given."
"Continuation of Suffering and a period much greater than just
past. Hem must stand b when needed, for rotection and comfort
for those in need. '
This troubled and puzzled me, but no clarification was given.
Message of Instruction given on September 2::i,~19:..:5:.:5:;.' _
"Go through work from }a;;-uary 14~ now. especiaIly till Resur­
rection, check, because ifs very confusing. Check out an~...elin~ency
WQrk thflX s riglÎt and should be În m}! files. Take out what cou...Q be
cIassified as State or International Work. You are to write a Summary
of al or given, with ~st, resent and hlture, also sorne cou be
classifie as CI'ilifël1()f~li~us Information."
ou were to a lÔÏJg bme ack thatyouaresupposed to write a
Summary of aIl Delin uenc Work from October 2lst on, supposed to
j'ffi[ e a fu;!rough--IDld..l1@lrate account of what happened and in it,
daily experience. Also auy ot er wor that belongs in with it, should
be complete from October 21st to now."
AlI those narratives and summaries, should be each in their own
chapter or account; also l should line up Mary Ann's story in proper
sequence, so that l would know just what part to take, for there will
probably come a time when l will need parts.
Message given September 7, 1955.
'Tm to be assisted to the Sacred Spot at Our Lady's appointed
time if possible."
September 8th. Nativity.
September 12th, Holy Name of Mary.
September 15th, Seven Dolors.
September 19th, Our ad La alette in 1950).
September 24th, Our Lady of H~m.
Other Feast Days.
September 17th, Stigmata of St. Francis.
September 29th, St. Michael the Archangel.
October 3rd, Little 10 er. October 4th, Feast of St. Francis.
October 7th, Ho~ary. October llth, Maternity of Our
October 13th, Fal:.iJ;ija. October 16th, Purity of Mary.
(;.1essage given September 19. 1955, FEAST OF OUR LADY OF
"This is Our Lady's night. She cried at LaSalette and She cried
here. She warned them at LaSalette, and She will be ivin us La­
Salette taO:- Yoi'i'"ëaïî't-fôrgeC 00 an â"tFia t'sw"fiit we are oing. T at s
what they did at LaSalette.'~ . ­
L.-­ "They must have regular meetings and reports of what each have
accomplished, of those who are members of the Delin uenc Group.
There is much ta be done in our area. . ere is tao much going wrong.
They should at least have theil' meetings two weeks after the Group
meeting and then they would have time ta get in their reports at the
next Group meeting."
"Delinquency Work is not only for children but also grownups.
Those who have fallen from the Church, etc."
"We need more Apostles like the Apostles of old, they are tao
worIdly today."
o o o o o

During this past year, 1 have been with Mary Ann during aIl of
her sufferings and during aIl of the contacts she has had with Our
1 wish that 1 had the gift of words to describe my feelings on
sorne of these occasions. 1 can only make a very pOOl' attempt at it.
During the Suffering of the Passion as Mary Ann is watching it,
you can always tell when she sees Our Lady. Hel' face will be ex­
pressing aIl the pain and sorrow, that of Our Lord, when suddenly
over her face will come the most beautiful smile of love and of
pleasure at what she beholds.
1 always ask her at that time, "What do you see Mary Ann?" The
question is not necessary for ail of us who have been with her during
those periods know the answer, before the question is asked. It must
be beautiful for Mary Ann's face becomes beautHul at that time.
It is the same also on other occasions, this lighting up of her face
as she sees Our Lady, however Mary Ann's expression may change as
she is given a message from Our Holy Mother, depending on the)
message. It !:!!.~y_express great joyorif ma ex ress honor or sadness
accorâmg ta the rnessage glvenor- ilie vision shawn el'. 1 can-peï1laps
better read her emotions than anyone eIse, as 1 have been with her
almost constantly during ail her suffering the past year.
1 wish 1 could paint with words the picture that 1 have in my
mind of those occasions.
On the occasions of Our Lady's Days when Our Holy Mother is ex­
pected to appear at a certain time there is always an electric feeling
of expectation in the air. And when Our Lady is present that feeling
is much more pronounced.
1 have never seen Our Lady but 1 have most certainly felt Her
Presence. Sure 1 know you can say that's a matter of imagination, but
1 am not the imaginative type or am lover emotional. 1 have been
honored by Our Lady in having been allowed to feel Her Presence
even though 1 have not been permitted to see Her. 1 feel that 1 am
very unworthy to even be allowed to be present and to feel Her
A very special day for Mary Ann, Clara and me was April 20, 1955.
This was a day of recompense. Clara and 1 had been guilty of
distraction during Mary Ann's Suffering of the Passion on Good Friday.
vVe were worried because recompense had on previous occasions
been very severe. The Suffering started but it was Dot so severe as it
had been in the pasto Clara and 1 watched Mary Ann anxiously ex­
pecting momentarily for the Suffering to become more severe, when
aIl of a Slldden the most beautiful expression came over Mary Ann's
face. 1 called Clara's attention to it, as she was praying and hadn't
noticed it. We know from long experience that she was seeing some­
thing very pleasant and we assumed it was Our Lady. In fact 1 might)J
sa~e'n f Our Lad 's Presence cornes over 0 le.
1 can't describe the feeling but it is like an electric shock. Some­
times you may-have experieiîëeâtlle fee il1(J of someone's presence
in-aTo-orrfWitn you t ough you saw or heard no one. That is the feeling
but It ISIDu1Tiplleël manytîmes.
Mary Ann reached for the rosaries that hung beside the bed on a
star-shapecl rosary rack and took hold of the rosaries. When she took
hold of the rosaries the rack came off the wall. With one hand she
picked up the star and with the other hand ran her fingers through the
rosaries, as if to hoId them for someone to touch, she then took a
Sorrowful Mother Rosary and slipped it around my neck and then she
took one and slipped it arouncl Clara's neck. Mary Ann then prayed for
sorne time with her hand on my head as 1 knelt beside the bed. 1 had)
tbe2~i)1g...duri.ngJ:hisperiod of tille aruLMaw Ann saicI1l1at
Ql.~ ed me on the head.
We we~e inllillcte.(Lt.o_.say_ th.e_SOJ:m.wfuLM.oth~y-~or­
rowful MQilis.:r.J?[~er,Jbe~i!an oL tllELSorrowful Mother and Med­
itation -Ef "MY J).~ily_W~ 2i the Cross." We were to sayt"Ï1em for
eigI1taays and to start so that we would finish up just before the suf­
fering started at four 0'dock.
The eight days would take us through the Feast of the Solemnity
of St. Joseph. It was being said to give us courage to persevere in
what was before us.
l have a Rosary which was Blessed by Father Dominic of Mary­
town and was given to me by Brother Leonard. l carried this Rosary
as my pocket Rosary for a long time for several reasons. It is small
and handy, and strong and does not tangle in my pocket as most
rosaries l have carried always do. l have said many rosaries on it be­
cause when l drove the school bus l very nearly always managed to
sayat least two rasaries a day on it, as l would say one on each trip
when the bus was empty. The chain _medals and crucifix on it ~ll
changed from an original silver color to a 0 d color.100n't know
w en IS too p ace ut l noticed one day that the change had taken
place and as time went on,.it became more and more pronounced.
l am not making any daims as to the change being anything other
than natural wear because l do not know.
l do know however that as Mary Ann Van Hoof held it during her
periods of suffering and she had done that ever since the twenty-first
of October, when her suffering started, that particular rosary always
seemed to have some particular power to give her comfort. She always)
reco nized it when it was given to her whether she was conscious or
unconscious of anythingor-anyoneïn tlle room. Sne would put it to her
lips and call on Father Dominic for help which she seemed to get. She
would put it to her lips and kiss it and then put it to my lips for me
to kiss. She was always able to put it right to my lips without groping
around even when she was not conscious of anything else in the room.
The crucifix on the Rosary is a small wooden one backed by
aluminum or sorne similar white metal and is of a type very com­
monly seen. The Corpus is of metal which had on the original crucifix
also turned golden in color. As Mary Ann held it during her suffering
and strugg Ing, it sometimes caught in her clothes or her hair and we
had to repair the crucifix several times as the Corpus came loose.
Finally an arm broke off and the pin on the feet of the Corpus broke
( and we were forced to put another crucifix on the Rosary. We saved
the original crucifix though, as a treasured relie, because it was touch­
ed by Our Lady on the 12th of November 1954.
The Crucifix now on the Rosary has also been touched by Our
Holy Mother on two occasions. To me it is beyond value and l will
[ treasure it always and pray that l may be always able to keep it and
never lose il.


Besides the Messages and Revelations given through Mary Ann
Van Hoo!, Heaven has~so given us other direction. l have listened}1
to messagesrrom the ~nts in Heayen. These messages were of di­
rection, encourage!l1ent and somefimes a little scolding for not getting
some of those things done which we were supposed to do. There were

times when we were given deadlines, or specific dates to meet some­

times we were able to meet those deadlines, sometimes through human

weakness we failed. When we faTIed we were checked up and called

on our failures.

The first of these Messages that came was on July 26, 1955 on the

Feast Day of St. Anne, the Grandmother of Our Lord.

It was about 10:30 p.m. when this message came through, the~
words came from the mouth of Mary Ann 5îlft e voiœ soundeàêiif­
"Henry, You are astonished, Henry. l'm a little old Henry. l am
Mary's Mother. Son, be a little more prudent, and tell the spouse of
this Victim Soul that during Our appearances to be quiet and in pray­
el'. He pa s no heed when W e arrive~oes if m Ignora~ e
"Mary wants to have Me give you a little message Henry."
"The Work that you received this evening, fill it into the last work

in proper sequence. Make a_ s~mmi!ry of alUh~s work, aD wor~ giv~n.

You find your memory lacking at many times, you could simplify this

_.!lliltteLb~.eping_a few notes of da~penings. You will be asked

for a summary."
"Mary asks for work to be accurate. Také My advice son, keep a.
few notes. You'll find it hard at first. Notes of your daily connection
wTIh the 'yictim which you should have been keeping at least this
last year.
"Son Henry, some things that seem ver small to you now, sorne
( day wîTl mean a ot. You can~~OJmt the simplicity-.Ol ~ôme thmgs
f: or you 0 not now their value. So try to put every smpU de1aïI into
your worI<,rOr1:1iat small detail may mean a lot sorne day." ­
"Ml::.. son, keep charity in your heJl.rt, control your anger. It's not
hard, you II try anô remember l am with you. Follow My advice son
and it will help you."
NOTE: This was an exceedingly hot night and Fred had been sitting around in
the kitchen as it was too hot to go to bed. Duting the time of St. Anne's ~t
Fred was not paying an:,;: attention and wa< <tifTing around in the.Jill.c.[en. red
was perfectly innocent of any wrong doing as he didn't know of St. Anne's pres­
ence. 1 should have told him, so the blame for any lack of reverence on his part
r should be laid to me.
On the 17th of August 1955 the following message from St. Anne
came through. l was more surprised at this message because this was
nOl' any dUy of St. Anne's.
"St. Anne is here Henry, She wants to talk to YOll Henry."
"Son Henry, you have much Work to be done, sorne of this Work
could have been finished.--.M.1!clùi.es-hefore YOIl ta be completçd. You
understand how to complete this Work, do you not?"
"The sh'ain is great son. 1 understand you are mentally and phys­
ically tire<.:T:Jftlt the strain that's before you will be still greater. ]Dr
My son to corn lete the work given_yolï: WEen yom wor lS complete
there is much more a ea for you to do. The filing of al! different types
f of work.Jnto-rec.or.d.nd sequences. Place al! Work in secure and
( l safe keeQ.ing." .
'~"M~ ~~~H~hter Mar/has gi~en you many insh·uctions. You have
faithfuly \ ; owed the reading of those instructions. Now put sorne
of those into action My son. Yau have become careless in sorne of
the instructions given by My Daughter Mary perta:iillng_to the Victim.
Read the warnings given, stay alert at ail times while in attendance.

Control your anger. When kee in notes. tvl son remember the~l
smallest and mos~ ni 1can t 1Ug now ml. t ecome t e reatest
at a later da1é:"
~ "Qaughter Marlhas asked that you recheck YOUf own NarratiVej
5.tory, You have hl! September 8th to do this task. Son try tothe best
of your ability to bring aU work to c..QI:QpJ~tio1LaLs.QQn as lliS.)ibJe.
KEEFYOURNOTES DAILY. You have mllch thaL)ffiu must sum­
manze mto one as given before. Son, many of these summaries are
entirelyaâlfferent summary. Place each in a summary by itseif as
you wouId a chaQter. In that way yon will find sorne that won't be
too difficnlt."
"Do not let outsiders. break the obedience of the Vistim as
has happened in the past. Take Qrecaution that yo!! do not ~ak
th_e obedience, that instructions are foUowed. Do not become care­
less with work. Accur~ is imQortant, There Îs no excuse for care­
11 lessness, once done it can't be undone."
'" "Ail 1 have given you now has at one time been given you by

Daughter Mary and son~ fol!ow this."

.:: - ­
"Had"Dçughter Mary's -'te uests been followed from a ear ago }II
till now, this WOI' would have een corn ete . The strain wOllld
Mo iiOt e so great to meet the e ine. Do not put off for tomorrow
.Jwnat you can 0 to y, F9r tomorrow rmgs aâdmonal tasks. Eacll
day a s to it, it will not lessen,"
"Hg~ Faith i~....M~.and in Thy Lord ana"" ~qghter MtfY: Who'
lo~es vou dearly.._~nd.~....b...eULt9 protect you. Pâce YOUfse f at Ber J'
Feet and beneath Hel' BIge ~1antle and you shall flnd peace and il
comfort. Peace 0 mind and peace of soul Do Dot let Satan te.ml?t
you, misguiâê you. Temptation of Satan is ~eat."
"Son Henry, follow these requests and advice daily and you
shall find the burden wiII be lifted. It must be done d~. Remem­
ber son, We love you. We are here to help you. CalI to us:-mess
( you son."


"Henry, St. Anne wants you to follow your instructions more
carefully. Sorne of those instructions pertaining to the Victim. There
has been a lack of cooperation. You have been given private mes­
sages containing sorne important matters, read them and follow
"From the beginning of next month at no time must the Victim
be left alone. The strain, son, is severe upon her and you. Do not add
ta this strain through carelessness. The strain wiII be greater
for the Victim which wiII make it greater for yourself."
"As Mary has previously said, it might become necessary on
your part for 24 hour vigil. Try to get your work completed as soon
as possible. You have been given a deadline to meet on a narrative.
Do not neglect to meet this deadline. You have another deadline to
meet. AlI other work must be done by October 7th. For other work
is to follow. Son, do not be careless with the notes. You wiII find
how important it will become."
"You are aware of her condition, you know that her condition
increases or decreases according to how those who are to help her
and give her strength, how they cause her to increase or decrease.
You have that in your instructions previously, have you not?"
"You might find it necessary son, to go on trips and in that
case, you have been told, it might necessitate the Victim's presence.
Follow those warnings. Try to impress the Group not to cause un­
necessary pressure and above aIl, no recompense!"
"Henry, don't make it necessary that We come continuously to
remind you of your instructions and duties here. You know them,
you are weIl aware of them. You know you are full guardian here,
so My son, stand guard and he alert at ail times. The necessary
stren th, when needed will be rovid You are also aware of
that, for it las been provided in the pasto For rem<illlber We love
you and will be with' 0 . And put your faith and trust in lÇ)ur
an Your Lord esus and in Me, son. We won't let
yôû down 'son. FAITH."

"Brother Hemy, brother Henry, awaken brother Henry. Do you
kno\'" who 1 am? (St. Therese) Why have you not followed Grand­
mother's instructions, Henry? You are not a !ittle child. Read over
Grandrnother's instructions and Mot.her Mary's. You are wonderin g )
WfÏclt ou did now are 'ou not? 1 answered, 'yes'). If it had not been
through i\/ly prayers and the Guardian Angels last night at 11:30,
the fall could have been very serious; had it not been for the
Guardian An 'el that softened the fall, cushioned it." . .
"Grandrnother asked you to be alert during the suffering, did
She not? You have failed brother. Yes, brother Henr we 'et tired.
1 used ta Tet so weary, but 1 learned unng My stay on eart1, th~t)
if ou as for stren !..J_~!ll<:l have FaIth in recelVing it, it wIll be
given. You have een PLomised that .strength, Henry." ­
- "Have ou ever read the Life of the Little Flower? Read it)Jl
brother, it -rnight help }'ou ta understand and accept it.".
"My name sake and sister, she has loved Me for many y~rs,
! would be with he!:-..!:na~L many times. She would be unaware of
t 1is, she has an old picture of me which she cheris es very much."
'J2.!:other, follow\\Mother Mart's instructio~~a!!..d_ ç~·an.dmother's
as given. Brother, 1 am wIth )'ou. wllI helj) you but you must have
.faith and courage, courage brother."
"My namesake, or the Victim, as Mother Mary calls her; Hel'
J pleas after you told her you wej'e leavinOnowing you did wrong,
l she was with ou continually,""~~iId~ing yom ï'iVë" and
her )ra ers were that you be forgi,ven. ne knew the answerb,ut
her love for you and her desire that you see your family, that you
missed sa Inuch, she wouJd not detain you. She prayed to us and the
Guardian Angels, that yom day wouJd be happy, that the old
friction would be down to a minimum. So brother, read àour in­
[1 structions an? folfOWtE~m. T ey are not impossible to un erstand .
as t ey are given to you.
"Have faith in Us here, have faith in Mother Mary. And above \11
ail, brother HenrY, have faithCin the LOfa) and The Holy Face and,.
the Blessed Trinity and Good St. Anne.~
:L- Good S~e, ~, S~cis, St. Henry, for
aIway~ Iov:d you, remember that Henry; Have faIilï1Îenry. (1 then
D said, huh). Then the words came. You have a S!!e way. of
D saying 'huh'."
• "You have failed brother." On the previous night 1 had dosed off and 11
Mary Ann threw herself From the chair and landed on the f100r on her 5ack.
o. n this da 1 left f l' Livin son, WiscQIlsin ta see m wife and fawijy.)
1 was wron in oin 1 because Mar Ann was not ta he left. However 1 felt 1 had
to see my ami y. Person, i es IlliVeno lace in Heaven's scheme of things sa
1 was gllllty of' disobedience. _

Of aIl my Contacts with the Saints 1 probably received my b~est
jolt at abouUeIL..IUinutes-tQ--€lev-en-OILUctQber 4, 1955. Agam t ough
J f was trying ta keep awake in accordance with instructions, and ta be
\ alert but must have dozed when suddenly ~ man's gruff v..Qiçe spoke
ca mg my name. tarITed is no name for the sensation that passed
over me.~he words IIp-I?arently came from the mouth of Mary Ann
bULthe vOJc.e-wa~y masculme an seemedroimreastight
I( brogue or twang to it.


"Brother Henry, brother Henry, You find yourself very tired, butj
remember the work you are doing is of greatest importance, you must
continue to push Y0J.1fself Jo complete ~rk as saon as posSi~le~y
... obstacles will come your way making it very iHicult t.o pus yourself.
We are with you. We will give }:.QU the strength you need. S~n will
try to stop vou in man ways. Do not cause Our sister any anxletY.
Keep hoeing yom ro w , n.o-mat-teI:--ho.w--diWcult or rou...gh, it musLbe
J1\l -
"Yom sister and my sister has a great love for you, sh~ will accept
( punishment ta help you accomplish your work.She knows the im-1I1
portanceorgettiug this wbrk fll1lsbed, she knows the hour will soonJM
"Tell your Spiritual Director that 1 am always with him, te!!..biP1
not to be so careless because he represents Christ Our Lora: Our
( Creator: here ~n ea~·th. There. is no greater position. a man can hold
( than t\.us. Remmd hm1 of t 1e nnpor ance 0 It-;-tOl'-l1ml not to lrecome
"Rememher Henry when you're tired and the row gets so rock Y)
and hoe gets so heavy and it seems impossible ta carry on, caH on me,
for 1 am alwavs with ou and love ou, and your Church is named
for me. St. Francis of Assisi PWsh). (This was the first tnnearr;an's
voicelJspolœtfirough Mary An~it startled me.)
~ - "
"Henry, Henry, Grandma is here Henry."
"Son Henry, you know there is only 11 days left ta the Anniver­
sary of a year aga. It will be much more severe this year at this present
time than a year aga. It will be necessary at aIl times for you ta be
at reach and you must arrange for your sleeping periods, and even
those at times will be necessary ta be interrupted."
"Fol!ow al! Instructions thoroughly, do not be careless with them
for your own convenien.ce sake, Son. They are understandable, do
not become careless as the situation was a year aga. Much harm cornes
-110 ­
froin heing care]ess and who you let in during the Victinù suHering.
Satan is very active e.'?pecially at this crucial period and he will put in
the weaker minds most anything he chooses' and even make them
think wrong sa confusion will he their guide."
"You have received warnings in the past that certain dangers
would be permitted, even though there has been warnings against
them. These things are p'ermitted because of carelessness or disobed­
ience, either hy you, son, or the daughter or those Chosen."
"Don't he careless, son, you knO\,v the weaker links in the chain,
guard against them and careless talk. So he careful,son. Do the hest
you can, sa much rests on your shoulders, son."
"You have hecome very weary the last few days, oHer it up ta
your Lord, son. Do not give in ta weariness. It is difficult, 1 know, son
Henry, the reward is great."
"Son Henry, certain things that you are doing and feel that are
necessary ta he done, other arrangements can he made ta lessen the
load From you, for here you know you have no jdle moments."
"Son, will you take My advice and do this daily unless the Vic­
tim's condition is sa it wan't he possible. After daily Mass and you
take nourishment, then son, this is My advice ta you, do it daily. Take
a walk, son, down ta what the Victim calls the Lake, back again, you
will find that this walk will help you and then when you return your
mind will he c1ear, also the work. Try it, son, and do your notes daily.
They must be done daily, or you will forget. You will leave out sorne
of the most important things, sa try it, son.
"The strain, son, on the Victim and you will be great. It will he
more severe on the Victim at this time as the Victim is physically and
mentally tired."
"Son, you are tired, hut ask and strength will he given you. Re­
memher, son, We are '111 with you. Mother Mary loves you. Gad Bless
you, son.


"Henry, Henry. You know who 1 am. 1 haven't shown Myself for
sorne time. 1 was watching you, son, to see how you follow My in­
structions. Son you have made a recording, it is ta be played Decemher
8th. The one played Octoher 7th may he played again Octoher 7, 1956.
You have a recording that has been made last Friday (Novemher 25,
1955) that may be played on the day the largest crowd is scheduled,
on the 3 days in May."
"Son, do not lose patience with the Victim, as Daughter Mary has
ca lied ·her. Her condition is serious, you know that. Much depends on
you in this matter, which you have been told. The strain is great on
both of you. You were informed of this before. But under conditions
\Ve find it necessary to permit this extra strain upon the Victim. Can
you not see the importance of this sacrifice? So restrain yourself, have
patience. Strength has been promised you. It will only be given if you
accept it. Don't fight aga in st it."
"\Ve tried to come through, St. Andrew and 1 last night. But the

mental condition of the Victim was such that we withdrew in hopes

that you \vould correct it. You have great influence in the Cause of the

Victim which you know. Use it, but it takes patience, son. Do not let

those on the rafters confuse you son, as you call them. Call Us, tru~t

Us and this period is the period of great Expectancy. The period of

joy and happiness. Do not fail Us son. COURAGE."

NOTE: "Those 011 the rafters" refers to the devils which plague

Mary Ann and try to destroy our work, many times attacking her.


"Brother Henry, You must continue to push yourself, brother, and
follow Grandma, as you call Her, Granchna Anne, follow Her instruc-)
tions pertaining ta your narratives and manuscriEt. Check .these cer­
tain pages and use From them. You are ta also, you have been told by
\'[other Mary and Grandma, yon are to ""rite np }Cour experienct;.s anç1
what it consists of From October 21st on. You have it in the book as
given. \Vrite up a chapter on just that. That, brother Henry, wouId
inc1ude the Victim's part in it also. There is no special part you are to
take, we'lI leave that up to you, but a considerable amount From
October 21st to December 24th. You d.id not take any not:ëSOf' an
accurate account of YO~12erieJ.lc.es with the Victim, November 18.1\(1
and.l9th,l955,AQ you understand? We know you are very tirea~nry
and it is a great strain on you, but \Ve have helped you. Continue 011
your work and ush ourself as much as poss.ible."
:}t is in:portant that you finish your work as soon as possible, ~~I
but do noΠca~ -e ess. e wan a-fUI DllULo a your wor . Do
nâfShorten it because of time."
"There should be printed copies made of the Message of October
7, 19.5.5, also of the one given December 8th. If Instructions are fol­
lowed, if things, instructions and messages are followed by ail con­
cerned, there's a possibility for reIease of suffering for the Victim
that day. The normal suffering will continue, much depends on this
of course. There also is a possibility and should be made possible,
but again much depends on those connected to follow their instruc­
tians. That during the Ochwe of Christmas, the Christmas season you
know ends .Tanuary 13th, the Octave is 8 days. The Suffering will re­
su me after the end of the Christmas season, January 14th."
"This year follow yom Instructions so there are no-SliP-ups. There
have been conside le sli -1.1 s in the ast, only thro~ neglect.
Patience, faith and courage are very much needed here. Uncharitable­
ness takes away, it cloes not help, brother Henry. Kindness and faith,
love thy neighbor, that helps. SA courage brother, for much depends
and much is expected of you, for My namesake's cause. She needs you
as you weil know. STAND BY, and she will stand by you. She is deep-
Iy concerned about you, which you know. Remember calI Us, We are
( \\~ith you. It takes courage and faith. 'Remember the Infant, the New
Born Babe. God bless you, brother."


"Henry, Henry, you failed to take notes November 18th and 19th.
Tbose two notes I1ertaiill;:~:1 ta the Victim's condition. Those ~he
things that .you will ne~d wn.en y0.11_ wpte up )WULllarxatiW-cl. your
relatIOns with tJïe Victim.\!\lhen you failed ta take notes tonight, you
\ fuilëdGrandma, as you call Hel', told you what to write down in JÜÜÎ'

notes. You are ta write. own w-ur.....conne.ctim.L.aIlLc.D1lJ lete nar­

Crative of..,..yollLcillllleëtj;n- \vJlli t le Victim. T at wou mc u e your

connection both through Advent and Lent as :I..vel1 as other connec­
tions, and yom connections are much closer from .Tuly 1954 until
"Grandma told you th is., brother Henry. She didn't explain just as
1 clic!, but She tolc! ou ta conti.nue to work at this, omitting nothing.
But still continue to ring it to campletian so it can b Jubli hed as
yoU were tolc:l.ffi-do, were you noffî)'o no et your weakness of ~sh
break d?WI~, yom working periocls. Continue and try to bring it to
f( completlOn.
"You have done splendidly with sorne of yom work, continue.
You were asked to use pages 126, 130, March 5th and 6th, use them.
You will find other pages in similar work. You were aisa asked ta
check January 14th ta the present. Grandma asked you ta do some­
thing, check Hel' instructions and follow them. Read over Hel' mes­
sé!g~J.Q.1ou, brother Henry."

"And brother Henry, your Novena has been answered but little
did you show your gratitude. Give your thanks to the Infant starting
December 17th, you will be able ta complete it by Christmas. And
stand by today, you failee! ta do this before. Hemember "\Té are with J
you, \!\le are right behind you. We have hel Jed you. We wiil continue
ta e p you 1 you WI co w lat is requeste 0 you. God Bless you.
Courage, hrother, don't lose faith in thyself."
_ _.....D....'4~cember 23rd, on this occasion there was a message fl~

JQH.N.v Again it was a man's voice but to me the shock was n:otas

great as it was in the case of St. Francis. This was given between the

hours of 12 noon to 3 p.m.

"Henry, after the Christmas season the condition of the Victim

will become very severe. You will see by the Victim's actions just what
you must do. It'lI exp!ain itself. Continue on your work, dQ_!!OL~t
Careless with it. If carelessness, why you might have to re-CIOtl1e
Work. Do not cause ourself to rewrite it, it..!l1ust be accurate. You
( know your instructions, follow them. ~<2.-complete wor]( as soon
as possible. Do not delay it unnecessarily~ror strength has been pro­
rr1Tsed you. Accept it under those conditions."
"Henry, You are tired, many of them are tired. But the dutv and
the work you are doing is very tremendous. Your part is very import­
ant, much more !han-you~to aC<;è~t. We are wIth ou, We wIll
help you."
"Explain to those that cause unhappiness, to the best of your
ability, use our own wa in our.own words of doing th~_ explaining.
In that way sorne 0 t 1e pressure can be i ted, Henry. Ali messages
were given to be followed, not to be neglected. Many of them have
been neglected in the past, have been read and disregarded. l know
this should be done, l know that should be done. But we do not do
them. They are important or they wouId not be given."
"Heed ALL messages for the two Chosen Ones as well as those
"HEED ALL MESSAGES, fulfill them first."
"Other things that will happen after the New Year will explain
itself. It is better that they are not known in advance for many con­
cerned. l only ask that ail of you stand by and fulfill your given
This part of the Message was ~en by~at
11 to 11:30 p.m.
"Henry, take notes, Henry. These are the conditions, make your
own decision, Our sister has offered recompense in your cause so that
you ma)' be with your family. Our Holy Mother will grant that re­
quest. Henry it would not he possible for her spouse to take care of
her in yom absence. The only ones capable of hanclling her would be
her own brothers. This will be left up to you to decide. l myself will \
help Henry. l myself will take care of her between noms of 12 till 2 J
through My FeastTIay. You must be bac in her presence at'the Fëast
of the Holy Innocents at 12 o'clock noon. She will not be released or
get freedom of suffering during the Octave."
"The Big Question is Why? Isn't it simple? The answer. The
answer is simple Henry, had St. Anne's Messages been followed as
given. Has Our Holy Mother's requests been followed as requested?
They have not been heeded."
"It has been explained to you who the Victim suffers for, that
should be your answer Henry. Selfwill, selfpJ.ry, neglect, carelessness,
those are the things that have entered mto the picture. You make your
own decision, but you have the details, you know the Victim's desires.
The extent she would go in your case. The rest we leave up to you,
Henry. Her requests will be granted according to your decision."
"God Bless YOD, Henry, it takes courage, courage, Henry, and



and your


This Message of St John's pertained to conditions under which l

( could be with my farilllYTor Christmas l tonk Mary Ann to her
b~s and was with my family. _
Message given on Januafu 2, 1956. This was a Message from ~

lHERf 'E, the httIe FIow.e~ on Her Birthday and given througb

Nfary nn. . ­
"Brother Henry, brother Henry, brother Henry, just a few wor~d
of encouragement, keep at your given work. You are not confused on
what you have to do, are you? You understand what you are to finish.
B~other Henq~ pu~h yoursel~as §.!:_~_ancis told you to do. We will be
wIt you. Your trIals and-tribulations liave not ended, you under­
stand do you not? Keep a close watch of Our sister. It is important \
that you do. Conditions as they are, are very u~setting to Our sister;
you know that do you not? That s w y l asked you to keep a close
watch. Ask the rest of them not to add any strain upon her but rather
to be of help and assistance. Last night at 8: 15 p.m., had it not been
for My assistance it would have been more serious than it was, but
it left her in a much weaker condition." )
"Brother Henry, did you realize how close the end was at that
period? You need her with you. Do not let unnecessary anxiety stra:J'n
her unnecessarily. We are with you. Your heart~been heavy but .
We are with you, c~. Good Night brother."
Message given on January 14, 1956, b St. ohanne of Arc at
1:05 to 1: 15 a.m. ...
"Hemy. you have been given a m('ssage bl' Our Holy \fother
pri\'akly ami aIso 5 and 6. rOll know what th('y contain, read them
again, follow tlwm."
"Henry, there will be a 12 hour relief today because ifs the An­
niversary of a year ago suHcring alld many are praying and will oHer
their \lasses and Communiolls. l'Il<' 12 hours will begin at 12 noon
till 12 midnight."
"Henry, ;.'On have bcen told previously of this date amI have in­
structions accordingly. rOll must watch her, the \,ictim very c1osel)',
you cannot lean' hcr alone. l'ou have been given instructions what to
do in this case. You might havc to he on 24 hOllr vigil, much depends
on conditions. rou failed to be a!ert, through this you lost instruc­
tiOIlS, beca usc you were weary."
"} too W,IS wearv n 011 l'arth. It takes faith· ) 1 . g{" Henry.
Faith, comage alld charity, rt'IIH'III!lt'r this. \Vith this, strength is given.
Faith with that and the Battit- is WOII. Onc can only win with truc
love and faith. That's how 1 won whcn the odds \Vere against me.
Take courage, Henry."
Message given on January 15, 1956, hom ST. ANNE.
"Son, son Henry. just a short note. rOll have becJ) given instruc­
tions, but this is olllv allother s11lall r<'milld('1'. l'ou havcn't been verv
alert, have YOII sOIl:,'\Ve unc!erstand l'ou are tired but we have givt';l
you a promise, but that takes faith and it takes courage. You have beell
told to lw with alld to watl'h thc \ïetim closdv. ;\;ot to leave her
alollc at aIl. YOII haH' l)('clI told what to do in (:ase ifs nccessary to
do otherwise.·'
"Daughter \Iary has chown l'ou as her Protector, you know that
or havc l'ou forgotten? \ful'h depcllds on you from this point, or it
would IlOt have heen madc. Do not oHer her any food. Cive her only
what she asks for, only if you sce it IIcccssary, then you aJone be the
judge. Cive her what she nceds. She must not he Jeft alone at any
time. l'ou understand l'our responsibility. rOll undcrstalld what work
thcre is J)l'fore you. Follow the rcquests and follow the instructions
givcn you. Help, We have oHel'cd and given you, :\11 requests and in­
structions failed to he followed, eithcr !Jy you or the Chosen one or
the Croup, will lwar hea\iJy UpOIl her. Then why let that weip;ht !Je
addt'dr It takes Faith, Faith anJ (.:ourage. lw charitable. \V e arc with
,. 1 sboulJ like to conclude the story of my contacts with tbe
Saints hy qlloting the waming of St. Anne gi\'en on Angust 30, 1956.

heeded. The world still swings on in self glory and greed and the
want of power, desires for pleasures, the worldly things and Thy Roly
Mother is pushed back and forgotten. Your Roly Mother has warned
in the past, 'if My requests are not heard', what would happen. The
wrath of Cod has fallen on many, the purge of your Country, of
Priests and Religious because the let Satan blind their eyes to t e
true road, the true path. They let wor y mgs, pri e, ust, greed, is
t e i m before their eyes."


Given by Mary Ann Van Hoof on

Good Friday, April 19, 1957

The first thing I see is a strange looking street

and buildings. I seem to be in a village. There are
people walking dressed strangely. AlI seem to be intent
on something. Then I see a person appear. This person
resembles Our Lord. Where He carne from I am not aware.
He is coming this way in the street while most others
are going the other way. Yes, it is Our Lord.
Out of a side street or alley between big buildings
appears a beautiful woman, Our Blessed Mother. Oh, how
beautiful She looks. She approaches Her Son. They rneet.
Our Lord embraces His Holy Mother with most wonderful
expression of devotion. Oh how beautiful the love
that is in their eyes. There are no words that I can
find or use to describe the love between them. He is
tall and powerful looking. She's so small. She looks at
Him. There can be no greater love than is bestowed ln
Their eyes. There's no words, Their eyes speak. So
beautiful, oh how beautiful.
My view is now obstructed with a mist, the reason
I know not. It must be too sacred for me to view. As
the view of the Lord and His Holy Mother is obstructed,
I see this large building and strangely dressed man
carrying a fIat woven basket filled with fruit, enter
into large building. As I was watching this man, Our
Lord and His Mother came back into view, the mist gone.
Now She bows Her head in sadness. She seems to
wish--Oh, I might say to help Him take part in what
Their eyes tell each other. She swiftly turns and goes
back the way She came. Our Lord turns and walks alone
into this huge building. His face is not of sadness,
rather I would say of expectation, of joy.
I then view the interior of this large building.
I cannot estimate the size. There are large pillars
there, the center of the building also beautiful tapes­
try and carpets along sorne of the pillars.
It is a huge room. There are tapestry, carpets, 1
wouldn't know, hung to coyer the windows. Strange look­
ing lights are burning, doesn't look like a lamp or a
candIe or could 1 calI it a lantern. It is burning from
a wick or similar. There's fluid in the strange contain­
There are several men busy in this room, seem to be
preparing for something. There's another group of men
in one corner of the room, they are talking together,
seem to be waiting for someone. They immediately turn
and walk toward Our Lord upon His entering, they could
be Our Lord's Apostles. There's twelve of them. He
speaks to them 1 know not what. lie seems to instruct
them for something of great importance. Our Lord then
walks toward a place near the end of this large room.
A huge table is being prepared by others within the
room. They do not seem to belong with the twelve that
are with Our Lord. At this end of the room it seems they
are getting ready to do something, preparedness is being
made for what 1 cannot tell. 1 cannot see, now oh yes,
some of the men that seem to be workers or helpers are
bringing in lambs. They are alive, four of them. Our
Lord is slaughtering them. So strange, and there is no
struggle within these animaIs. Most animaIs when life
is taken, there is reaction of bodily muscles. This is
lacking here. The lamb, the last one, now licked Our
Lord's Hand, looked up at Him. This is so strange, and
no muscle reaction, just peaceful and quiet, as if it
were a pleasure, as sleep, as if it did not give up its
life, it was only sleeping. The blood was caught in a
vessel, a strange looking vessel, by one of the men.
Now Our Lord takes this blood and walks towards the
door, makes a strange mark, yes He is also making the
Sign of the Cross above each door and on the latch. It
is a mark, 1 cannot recognize it or describe it, have
never seen this mark or sign before.
While Our Lord is doing this, others are busy work­
ing about, each one seems to know just what to do. While
in another part of the building, away and it seems on a
higher floor, women are gathering in another room, in a
large room. Amongst these women is Our Lord's Holy
Mother, and with lier is one with such beautiful hair,
such beautiful hair. She bows her head in such humility
as She follows around with Our Blessed Mother, who is
now asking themall -- yes, they're aIl going upon their
knees to pray. They are praying. Such devotion -- oh,
such devotion.
The Cenacle of Prayer. The sincerity.
Now we are back again with Our Lord and the Apos­
tles! twelve of them. that have something of importance
to dlSCUSS. .There are many others here, they 'seem to be
~ervants or,Just providing a meal, for the table is be­
l~g laden wlth ,strange dishes, earthen dishes, bowls or
l~ttle basket-llke of frult, grapes, ail kinds of fruits.
Llttle small loaves of bread, little earthen looking
Jars. What's within them 1 do not know.
, The ~stles seem to be gathered in one corner mur­
murlng, elther in meditation or prayer.
Our Lord now after instructing the servants turns
back to the Apost~es and joins them. The youngest one,
the youngest looklng one, he has no beard, he grabs His
arm and seems to anxiously question Him. ] do not under­
stand for the language lS strange to me. There is
another Apostle that too questions Our Lord. He has a
brown beard, rather middle aged. 1 would say. He seems
deeply concerned, but Our Lord seems just to wave him
aside as He seems to be instructing them ail.
In this other room, corner of the room, continually
preparation is being made of foods. A large tray is now
brought in, laden heavily with food, fruits and other
things, don't know what.
Our Lord -- yes, He's going towards it, He is bless­
ing it, and they are leaving through a side door with
tray. Another tray is being brought, this has one of the
lambs upon i t. It i s covered over. Our Lord li f ts the
lido It seems to have, it could be an apple, in its
mouth. I am not sure of this. Our Lord too blesses
this, and again this tray leaves the room. It is being
taken to the Mother, Our Lord's Mother. There, too a
table has been prepared. 80th trays have been delivered
here while the servants are retreating rapidly. A second
laœ~ is now being brought in, this is being placed upon
the table. Here the Apostles are slowly gathe~ing a­
bout. Again Our Lord blesses this tray also, .whlle be­
hind Him is a third tray wlth a lamb upon .lt. ~lS
tray, the third tray, after Our Lord's blesslng on lt,
is leaving also to a side room where there lS a table
prepared, 1 believe for the servants. It l5 for the
servants. .
The fourth lamb 1 do not know where or to whom thlS
lamb is going. There seems to be a special glow. comlng
from the fourth lamb. There seems to be a speclalness
about this lamb. What 1 do not understand. Our Lord
blesses this lamb. There seems a strange look in His
eyes, a tenderness, deepness, which is hard to explain.
Our Lord now leaves the fourth lamb. He walks to
the table where the Apostles are already surrounding it.
This is a long oblong table. Our Lord sits in the cen­
ter, not at the head, which seems rather strange, for He
is the Head. He should be at the head, but He is at the
center of the table. The youngest one is at the right
side of Him. The one with the brown beard or middle
~ged who 1 seem to be attracted to is at the left side
of Him. Next to Him is a younger one, who has a very
small--oh, just the beginning of a beard. 1 imagine he
could not be older than about twenty years of age, for
the youth is still there. The rest of them, there are
four of them, they have long, gray beards, and their
hair is also gray. They seem to be a poor class of
people. They do not seem to be of wealth, j ust humble
and hard working men, for their hands look like working
man's hands, calloused and knarled from labor. There is
one among them, he too draws my attention. 1 don't know
what there is about him. llis beard is dark, his hair
are dark. His eyes are not as kind and as humble as the
rest of them. There seems to be a sort of shiftiness in
his glances. At one moment he looks at Our Lord and his
eyes soften, a kindness, a love cornes into them, and
th en a flicker and it's gone. Such strangeness. He
gives one a strange feeling. Something is wrong. What 1
do not know.
While 1 was giving Vou a description of this darker
Apostle, Our Lord blesses the food before them; that is,
it looked l ike He did. 1 cannot see for sure, and 1 do
not understand Him. 1 can hear the voices, but 1 do not
understand the words. .
They are now beginning to·eat, but Our Lord is not
partaking of the food. The Apostle to the left seems
concerned of Our Lord's not eating. He smiles at him
kindly and seems to assure him of something 1 do not
understand. The younger Apostle, he lays his head
upon Our Lord's shoulder, and the love that is in his
eyes, the love that exchanges between them is so beauti­
fuI, so beautiful. Oh what a beautiful world we would be
1 i ving in today if such love was between man and Qu Lord.
Our Lord,was speaking to them aIl. What He said 1
must again repeat, 1 do not understand, but those about
Him seem concerned. They seem to be questioning Him, and
the one with t?e brown bea:d and hair seems to put his
hand be~ore h1m an~ plead~ngly looks into Our Lord's
eyes ~s 1f .to .say, 1S he gu1lty of something? l do not
know 1f th1s 1S correct, but that is the way he acts
and the one on the right reaches towards Our Lord and
seems to be very anxious. Others, reach toward Him from
around the table. ~ll of them excepting the one with the
brown beard and ha1r seems to put his hand before him
~nd plea~ingly looks in~o Our Lord's eyes as if to say,
1S he gU1lty of someth1ng? l do not know if this is
c~rrect, but that is the way he acts, and the one on the
r1g?t reaches towards Our Lord and seems to be very
anX10US. Others reach toward Him from around the table.
AlI of them, excepting the one with the dark beard and
th~ eyes that are not i~ sincerity and love. Yes, they
fl1cker and then they d1m. Our Lord looked at him, and
as Our Lord looks at him, this one with the dark hair
and the eyes of not true love, places his hand into a
dish, it looks like salado He partakes of this. Our
Lord puts His hand with a little crust of bread, He dips
it into this dish and He speaks. What He is saying l do
not know, and He seems concerned when He makes this re­
mark. If l could only understand it. For Our Lord says
it with compassion. The compassion and love that is in
His eyes. \Vhy the strange feeling about this one. Why?
It is so strange.
They again seem to be meditating, and now they are
dispersing, as the servants are .rapidly removing the
food and leftovers from the table. Others are drawing
tapestry or huge rugs, l cannot tell what it is, along
the pillars, making one room smaller than the rest, as
Our Lord and the Apostles again recline in the same
places where they were at first. Above their heads,
near the door, is a cross and strange mark from the
blood of the lamb.
Someone is bringing in a huge bowl and a pitcher
of water. The one in the brown beard seems to object.
Our Lord in a stern voice tells him to be seated, as
His action would indicate. The one that objects so
strenuously sits himself down in ?bedience. In ~umble­
ness he bows his head and clasps h1S arms before h1m, and
Our Lord kneels down on His left knee, places the right
foot of the Apostle into the bowl and ~ashes ?i~ feet,
while the Apostle has his head bow~d.1n hum111tr ~nd
humbleness. It is beautiful, the hum111ty, the hum11 1 ty
and humbleness that is here betrayed by aIl Eleven!
In the Cenacle of the Holy Women, there too their
meal is finished, and they again are gathering into
another room to pray. -Two of the women, that are with
the Mother of Our Lord seem to be at Her side continu-
ously. The one with the large, long, thick, beautiful
hair, she pleads with Our Lord's Mother as if to ask Her
what they can do. l do not know if that is what she
is saying--but the plea, her hand extended to Our Holy
Mother, seems to indicate that she is pleading to help,
and the eyes of Our Holy Mother are sad. There is such
a deep sadness about Her, such a hush and silence in
this room. AlI seem to be in prayer.
While my eyes were in the room with the Holy women,
the scene here has changed. The washing of the feet is
completed. They are now aIl going into a smaller room
where there, too, is a table with linens upon it, but it
is so strange. lt is strange. This table is just a
litt le higher than the oblong table, but this table is
not oblong or square, but it is rather in a V shape.
Our Lord walks to the head of this table. There seems to
be just enough room,oh you m-ight say it is about four
feet, l could be wrong, and then it spreads away from
Him like this--it forms a V. The Apos-tles are at the
side of this, reclining upon their left knee. There are
no stools or huge pillows as in the other place. There
are six on each side, while Our Lord is at the end of
the V, which makes Him head of them aIl. The one with
the brown beard, the one that seems to play an-important
part here, is again at the left side of Our Lord. The
youngest one with no beard or mustache, but has lovely
light brown hair similar to Our Lord's, a little lighter
than Our Lord's, is again at the right side, but on the
oblong, the part extending away from Our Lord. Next to
him is an older one, next to him is the dark haired one.
Next to him the other three, sorne are younger than
others. On the left side of Our Lord is the brown
haired one, second is the one that has just the start of
a beard-you might say, he too looks very young, and then
there is another dark brown haired one and older ones,
two of-them with gray beards, they have hard working
One of the Apostles, the one to the left of Him is
bringing a beautiful pear shaped, seems to be made of
gold, pear shaped vessel or sort of chalice. lt is very
beautiful. lt glows. Our Lord seems to bless it. Our
Lord speaks to them now, and now He seems to beblessing
aIl of them. No one seems to be s- k'

fseel~s to behalone with himself an~e~hltsg'upe{:gf~ge

ee Ing-- so eavenly beautiful.

Our Lord arises, His eyes turn upwards.
Iwo of the Apostles are going to the side of th
100~~ and they are ca~rying between them some strang:,
. 00, Ing
h earthenware
d ' 1 t seems to be',l's t' no t a Jar
l~.S ar to ~xpla~n. Over it there's a beautifui
w !te, looks hke hnen, c~oth. In it is a strange,
?val shaped loaf of bread WhlCh Our Lord is now breaking
ln half. ~e s~ems to be blessing it. He's taking the
half loaf ln HIS hands again, His eyes look Heavenward .
. OH!. Œi! How beautiful! 1 can' t find words to ex­
plaIn thlS beauty. How beautiful Our Lord looks seems
to gl~w, one feels like you are lifted right up. '1 can't
explaln. Oh, Oh, the beauty!
How beauti~ul Our Lord looked during this moment
when H~ hold~ thlS loaf of bread in His ~and. He says
somethlng WhlCh 1 do not understand. HIS whole being
seems to glow as though He seems transparent, as if He
wasn't there. Again when He holds the beautiful, golden
looking, pear shaped vessel or Chalice, He also touches
this small jug or crock. 1 don't know what it holds,
cou Id be wine. Holding up this golden vessel or Chalice,
the same beauty and glow that as before is again evi­
dent, just can't find the words to explain. 1 don't
know or understand the words that Our Lord spoke, but
the Apostles seemed awe stricken and their eyes seemed
to have such a heavenly expression of love, of devotion.
1 can't explain the feeling, oh as if one is lifted up-­
isn't here on earth.
Our Lord speaks to the Apostles, as they seemed to
arise still with this beautiful expression on their
faces - aIl except one, this dark looking one who has a
strange expression of uncertainty, a mixture of emo­
tions, of guilt, of awe and of fear.

At this time Mary Ann raised to sitting posture,

her expression capnot be fully de~cribed - shall.1
say out of this world, for surely It ~as not ?f thlS
world. Her arms are extended upward, whlle she lS look­
ing upward seeing something very, very beautiful. Then
she speaks the words, 1I~1y LDrd, My Gad". She speaks this
with such deep devotion and love. At the same time her
arms crisscross with right hand on left shoulder and left
hand on right shoulder. Then again her arms extend up­
ward and quietly, with deep emotion she repeats "My
Lord and My God."
lœr arms again crisscross, she smiles beautifully
and speaks: "1 am not worthy to describe the beauty, the
glory,· and repeats: "1 am no't worthy, 1 am not worthy,
1 am not worthy.- This is said in deep humbleness, with
much feeling.
Then she is crying, with tears streaming down
her cheeks and says quietly:
.My Lord and My God.·
Then in deep absorption she remains quiet with eYeS
closed for a short time, then continues to narrate what
she is viewing.
(One cannot express the feeling on being present,
the great privilege of witnessing these Sacred Moments,
nor can one describe the Victim's participation in
words that would be fitting. There are no such words).

• * * * • *

Now one Apostle at the right of Our Inrd and one

from the left of Our Lord, the same two that brought the
strange container from the side of the room, they kneel
down together and Our Lord gives them a piece of Bread
from the half loaf that Our Lord had blessed and broken
into twelve particles, pouring something from this
strange, pear shaped Vessel or Ülal ice, 1 shall cal! i t,
for it is hard to describe. What He pours 1 do not
know. 1t could be wine from this earthen jug-like ln­
to this smaller pear shaped Vessel. 1t's similar to the
one before Ihm, only smaller. Ile uses one for each one
of the Apostles.
Our Lord gives each a piece of Bread and then just
a sir of wine, or whatever it might be. The second two
Apostles go within the V shaped table, while the first
two Apostles kneel left of Our Lord. 'fhey continue to
go by twos until aIl have partaken, only ten of the
Apostles partake within the V of the table. But in the
third group from the right side of Our Lord, the dark
haired one whose face was similar to the rest, a little
sunburned, windburned, he too partakes. 1t seems im­
mediately when he does, his face turns dark, and Our Lord
looks down on him with pitY and sadness. This darkened
one, lt glves one, it gives one the feeling of evilness,
now since he has partaken of this, I get a feeling of
evil, of a betraying, of something so terribly wrong.
He slips back of the rest, but he does not slip back
into his place. He slips behind a pillar and he slowly
slips behind the partition of either carpet or tapestry
and leaves, while the other Eleven have their heads
bowed in de~p prayer.
Two of them are now removing the container within
which was placed the remaining half of the loaf of
bread and this with the strange container is taken to
the side where it previously was standing in prepared­
ness. Over this was a white linen clotho It is a
strange looking container. Before Our Lord is this
larger, pear shaped Vessel gleaming with such a bril­
liance of light. Golden, golden--it is shaped like this.
(Mary Ann holds her hands in cup shape) Oh, so beauti­
fuI. They aIl seem to he in prayer.
Now Our Lord speaks to them and they arise. They
retreat to the side and continue to pray.
In this one room where the third lamb was taken, the
servants too had been on their knees in prayer. They
too were praying.



Our Holy Mother is entering a large room, nine or ten holy women
are with Her. Oh, Holy Mother!. ...She looks so sad!. ... As if a weight is
pressing upon Her. She trembles as they enter a room where the rest -are
ail getting ready to pray. Two of the women are standing close by to
Our Holy Mother. One has such beautiful hair. She is crying to see Our
Holy Mother so sad.
Feeling of evilness ail about one. This one, he's Evil. He's one
of the disciples, the Twelfth One. He's sneaking through the darkness
behind shrubberies; (down a path) creeping through dark streets, go­
ing to talk te the priests. Oh, such Evilness!
He' s going in the back of a building; he' s entering through a back
door. They seem to expect him here.
One seems to be a High_ Official, High Priest, or something.
There are two other men with them. They are tàlking and planning
which is Evil.
Ir presses one way down. Oh, the dark, evil look in his eyes!
The greedy look!
He's talking to the three of them. One feels like a thief in the
dark. He continuously looks back like he feels he's doing wrong. But
oh, he has only the thought of receiving sorne favor granted from those
three, Oh, if he'd only know what he is doing to his Lord, his God, at
this moment!
Look back, you thief! You Evil one! ..... His florid face is darken­
ing. He does not look white like he did before. There is evilness aH
about him. God have mercy on him. Oh, God have mercy on him.
Our Lord is leaving this large building and entering inro an open­
ing with eleven of the Apostles. They are walking through the back,
narrow path leading to the Garden, a beautiful Garden. They are separ-.
ating. Eight of them seem to stop and linger behind, while three of them
and Our Lord walk on. The eight are dispersing inro the shrubbery. l
know not where.
Three are going with Him. They have entered a Garden, a beauti­
fuI Garden. It's beautiful here, but the feeling of sadness cornes over
one-....of deep sorrow as Our Lord is walking with heavy he art. .
walking and praying, .... feeEng heavy at heart .... Oh, God .... Oh, God ..
have Mercy. Our Lord is talking to the three. His Heart is heavy; which
makes the Three of them anxious and sad. They are asking Him questions
They are stopping now. They are kneeling down. It seems these were
the instructions of Our Lord: te To pray, praying to Our F ather in Heaven."
In the Garden back in the environment of happiness .... of sorrow.. :
Our Lord, He knows what is taking place and Oh how it hurts Him. How
sorrow it makes Him feel.. .. for He knows it is ail for Him to accept ....

He bows His Head in sorrow.... He prays, He seems to be praying, pray­
ing .... for Him who is doing Him wrong .... this very moment .... tears of
sorrow are going down His Face.
Our Lord walks on deeper into the Garden. Everything seems
quiet and still: a sort of heaviness bearing down on aIl of them. Our
Lord js looking heavenward; heavenly. His Eyes are sad. His Lips seem
to be praying. He raises His Arms toward Heaven as if to plead; ask­
ing for strengh. His Face is drawn with sadness and grief. There seems
to be a weight bearing down on His Shoulders which causes His Body
to lower. But His Eyes are still looking upward. His Arms are still
raised. He is sinking lower and lower. Now He is on His Knees. How
sad... how heavy .... the pressure seems unbearable .... there seems to be
a darkness aIl about.
The three are still praying in deep prayers. Their eyes are turning
heavy, - heavier, - heavier. They are closing their eyes. They seem to
have gone asleep.
And now back to Our Lord who has gone down on His Knees with a
most heavy heart .... His Eyes are looking towards the Heavens filled
with a grief, a deep grief. Ir seems to be cutting into Him deeper and
deeper. ...Oh!. .. howpenetrating it gets! He is praying, praying. Oh, the
sorrow on His Face' ... the agony, the anguish .... the pain that seems to
be reflected on His F ace. His beautiful Face has turned to one of an­
guish and sorrow. He is stooping lower and lower. The weight seems
heavier and heavier. His eyes seem to plead as He looks to the Heavens.
He looks towards the village; He turns His Eyes rowards the
large building; glancing toward the building where He knows His Mother
is praying. There seems to be a Light coming from the village. His
Eyes fil! with Love toward that Light. Oh, yes, in that Light is a Vision
of Our Holy Mother with twelve, or maybe more, women aIl about Her in
prayer, in deep prayer. But Our Mother! She, too, is in sorrow. She knows
Her Son is out in such anguish - in such agony - and She tries to lift it
from the One She so loves ... She pleads with Her Eyes towards Heaven....
and agaio He! Eyes turn towards the Garden, for She knows Her Divine
Son is suffering for something-the F ather in Heaven has so wished-so
willed upon Her Divine Son. She too feels the weight, the heaviness as
She is being pressed down. The tears are streaming from Her Eyes as
She glances towards the Garden where She knows Her Son is suffering;
Oh, how sad She looks! Such anguish and sorrow....She is pleading
Heavenly to help carry this weight. For it seems She wants so much to
help Her Son. She bows Her head down into Her lap and shakes with
gr ief.
(B ack to Our Lord)
Our Lord's Body seems to be trembling, and shaking with the
weight and anguish, the agony of aU. He again looks Heavenward and
prays and pleads.
He tries to rise, but the weight staggers Him .. He gets on His
Feet and staggers back the way He had come, Slowly with folded hands,
He approaches the Three Apostles whom He had left to pray with Him,
but that are so weak in flesh, that they turn their heads. It seems they,
in their weakness, have turned to slumber, and have forgonen Our
Lord's request for prayers with Him at this time.
He speaks to them but they are tOO tired. He looks at them so
pitiful, so sad. He looks to the Heavens, and looks down upon the Three
who are to be with Him, but left Him alone. He turns around slowly,
yes, He is alone with bowed Shoulders and Head- slowly He walks
back a little funher into the Garden, staggering,- stooped over from the
weight that's bearing down; sort of a darkness, a heaviness, a betrayal,
evilness helps weighing Him down.
He throws Himself on a huge rock, feeling left alone, seeming to
be crushed with the weight.
His Eyes turn to the Heavens. There seems co be a Light, a glow
upon Him. His Eyes, such beautiful Eyes, as they plead. His Arms
again extend towards Heaven. Oh- the anguish- the sU:ffering- His Face!
Oh, His Face, lt looks so pitiful!
He's dropped on His Face upon a rock ... quivering in every muscle
... in every fibre of His Body, is shaking.
He looks toward the Heavens. Again He pleads. His Lips are mov­
ing. His Eyes are so sorrowful- so much in agony. The pressure!
And now there seems to be a Light- a glow upon Him. He seems co
be seeing something. Oh! Oh! His F ace! Oh, the anguish! the pity! The
sorrow! Perspiration is pouring down from His Face. He clasps His Hands
Oh, GOO! Oh, God! Have mercy on Him! There seems to be a great open­
ing before Him. 1 can't see what it is He sees- bU! it is terrible.
(Yes, Holy Mother, l'Il carry on.)
He raises His Head from a large rock. He again glances towards
the building- as if pleading with His Mother to help Him He is shaking
and trembling- even His Hair are wet from prespiration there seems
to be something darker, than perspiration, on His Forehead.
His Holy Mother too seems to feel His anguish, the agony, that
Her Divine Son is enduring- for She seems to have fainced- and the two
women are lifting Her up. Oh, Her Beautiful Face! How sorrowShe looks!
..... And She is back up again now. She's turned so pale, so white, as
She too glances anxiously towards the Garden. A light seems to come
upon Her now. Yes, that Light seems to give Her sceength. And this same
Light seems to be shining around the Head of Our Lord- for He too seems
to have strength to rise on His Feet- trembling.
He staggers as He walks foriovard ..... He stumbles but He keeps
going. He again goes back towards the sleeping Apostles.. He looks
dO\\rl on the fonns of the three v.hp are asleep. He speaks ta thall. They
slumber on. Two of them seemed to have buried their heads-sound asleep
He looks at them, but the y are too tired, the y do not even stir. He again
speaks co them. They sleep on...
He looks to the Heavens again in prayer. And He bows over. He
seems to be turning sm aIler in the weight that is pressed upon Him. Oh,
so alone, so alone, He stands there. Slowly He turns again .... again He
walks back, shaking, trembling; stumbling, staggering.
His Hair are aIl matted cogether as if He had come out of a rain.
He is going back, deeper and deeper into the Garden. He faIls prostrat­
ed, right down on His Face. His Face, oh, it seems co be so- so griev­
ed- so weak. His beautiful Face, distorted with the agony of the sins
of the world. He shakes as if unable to accept what is given Him. He
tries to arise, but is too weak. He faIls back again.
He raises His Head in prayer, in a pleading prayer. He looks again
towards the Heavens and now when He does, a bright Light streams
down upon Him. His Face changes expression. His Face is so divine­
so full of Love and yet so full of sorrow. He arises- tired, weary­
so sor~owful- like one that has accepted what is pressed upon Him ....
what is given Him; prepared co meet whatever is wanted of Him with
Love, Oh, such wonderful Love is in His Heart.
It seems He is gathering strength. He is getting down upon His
knees, and His Eyes again are going Heavenward. And He is praying.
His prayers are getting more. powerful. Oh, the change that has come
over Him .... Sorrow, and still it seems like joy. His Face is calmer,
beautiful. Now He arises on His Feet, tired, weary, so sorrowful.
He brushes back His matted Hair. He has been given strength.
He' s walking back, a little weak, but His steps are firmer, to the sleep­
ing forrns on the ground.
He's walking cowards the Apostles. He speaks to them, and now
they stir in slumbe r. They rub their eyes. He speaks to them in a firm,
stern voice. They awaken quickly, startled. They hastily get up on their
feet. One of them seems to be pointing to the direction they came. Our
Lord shakes His Head, No.
He stans leaving the Garden. And now there's a noise towards
the front of the Garden, where there is a wide path leading. Oh, the
multitudes that are coming towards Him; the soldiers ta take Him. The
gate Hies open, and a group of soldiers and other men are coming'
The three Apostles seemed nervous and anxious; alarmed. They
seem co want to calI to the other e ight that are further on. Our Lord
rises a Hand as if to say "silent". Our Lord speaks co them, and they
follow Him as He approaches the soldiers.
Oh, at the head of these soldiers is the dark one, the Twelfth
one, the Evil one. He approaches with a smiling face, such a betraying
face, aIl smiles .... and speaks friendly towards Our Lord, and Our Lord
looks at him with pit y and sadness. The leader, it seems, of the soldiers
speaks to Our Lord. Our Lord ans'wers them. Sorne of the soldiers seem­
ed alarmed. They falTback as if they are frightened at what Our Lord

is saying te them, excepting the Twelfth one, and the Three others.
But the others in the group - and the Twelfth one - Oh, NO - they have
much more in their heart • they command, "ON". Now the soldiers
arise as if Our Lord commanded thern te arise. Again this Leader speaks
to Our Lord. Again Our Lord answets; and again they fall on their
faces. This seerns to anger the Twelfth one and the others with him.
Again the Evil one cornmands them forward. The soldiers are ail on
their feet again.
The Evil one is walking tewards Our Lord - smiling. But oh,
what a smile! Oui- Lord says something co him. He, --Oh, kisses Our
Lord, with a betraying face. Such a kiss of evilness' Oh, the sorrow
that is shown in the Face of Our Lord! He- looks at him with compas­
sion. Our Lord says something to him, but 1 cannot understand them.
Oh, the pity Our Lord gives the Twelfth one, but he doesn't seem te
feel that he has done wrong. He looks at his fellow Apostles with a
q ueer smile, a q ueer twitching of the corner of his mouth. He backs-­
It seems during ail this time the other Eight have arrived and
joined the Three, and they wanc to fly in defense it seems, at the
soldiers. But Our Lord puts up His Hand, and they fall back ... they
obey Him, but with sorrow, for they love Our Lord.
The soldiers are rushing forward now; swarm around Our Lord.
They have seized Him; grab His Arms. Again there is a commotion.
To one side there seems to be a scuffle with the Apostl es in the midst
of it. One of the Apostles jumps forward at this moment, draws his
sword--- Oh, Oh, an ear flies off! The right one' He has cut off an ear'
of one of the men. Our Lord looks at the Apostle. He does not seem to
like what he has clone. Our Lord speaks stern te him.
The soldiers that have grabbed Our Lord, with His Arms pinned
to His Side ... they seem to be watching, as Our Lord steps forward,
and then rises His Haod, and takes this ear inco His Hand and replaces
it.And it' s ail healed, as if nothing ever happened to it. And this man, .
he bows his head, and steps back, away from this angry group.
Some of the soldiers fall clown on their faces for such a miracle.
The others jerk Hirn, push Him, and sneer and laugh, including the
Twelfth one, but evilness drives them on. Oh, he could not see, he
could not believe it seerns that Our Lord is so great. He can't weaken.
Sa he steps forward and seems te shout something, and the multitudes
are rushing. Oh, the soldiers grab off the mande that Our Lord has
across His Shoulders alld cast it aside.
Oh, they're tying Him ur. They're purcing, 1 don't know, shackles,
or sOlT'ething, clamps around His Hands. There's a chain to this, and
a ring. They are tying His A.rms tight against His Body from His Elbows
urward around and around. They are crossing the rore from His right
Arm to His leff Shoulder, around His Neck across the right Shoulder
t0 His leff ArlT', then te' the back. They formed a loop. And this rope is

connecced co che back of His Neck, and chrough chis loop cwo ropes
are cied. And in fronc of Him, chey are cying cwo ropes co che large ring
Oh, che way chey are pushing Him! J erking Him, slapping Him
across His Face wich che ends of che rope.
Ic seems che Aposrles have all disappeared, excepring cwo.
There's a young man. He resembles one of che Aposrles. The guard
or soldier cried co grab him, buc chey only grabbed che garmencs as chis
young man ran away, scripped of ail cloching.
They are caking Him chrough a gace and down a rough pach; noc
che main pach.
Two le ad Him on ropes. Two pull back. Oh, chey jerk Him righc
off His Feer. ... righc on His Face.... They drag Him- now chey jerk Him
back up. His Face is bruised- sorne wi ch ends of ropes are slapping
Him in His Face- che knocs producing welcs. They jerk His Hair- chey
pull ic- chey spic ac Him- chey scratch His F ace- they hit Him in the
Mouth. le cuts His Lips- Blood is running down.
Down He goes again. They prod Him with spears. They jab His
Sides. They jerk Him, They knock Him down. They spic at Him. He
cries to gec up. They jer~ Himj make Him fall. The sharp rocks cut His
Face. His Hands are bleeding. They jerk Him back up on His Hair.
He walks on, but they don'c lec Him walk. They jerk Him sideways;
backwards, chen forwards, and laugh and sneer. Seem co say hateful
things to Him. He falls down again. They seem to be crossing a pool.
They chrow mud at Him- dirt in His Eyes- sticks- stones- dirty rags­
anyching chey could find. Oh, they are dragging Him. They won't let
Him get up. They jerk Him backwards. He gets up on His Feet. Oh,
His Forehead.... a big cut in ic from the rock. Blood is running in His
Eyes; in His Mouth. They spit at Him.
They seem to be encering a small village. Sorne people seem co
be waicing here with torches lit. Oh, what a mob! They are pushing
for ward to meet Our Lord. They are throwing rocks ac Him, - mud. They
slap His Face wich scicks. They chrow Him down again. Now chey're
dragging Him. They are heading for one of their leaders, seemingly a
But they don't let Him walk. They sIam Him down. Those sores!
The Wounds! The mud! The mire! His Eyes turn Heavenward. He only
prays -- in humility, and in love, while they spit upon Him, jab Him
with their swords. Such humility, such love, to save man in his sins ...
they inflict upon God and Our Lord.
Oh, chat beautiful Face! So disf igured! Oh, how pitiful, how piti­
fuI He looks. They are leading Him up sorne steps into a room. There
sits a High-Priesc. Oh, he's che same one the Evil one wenc to see.
He's an old man. Oh, the Evil one is there too. Oh, merc}'. They drag
Him in front of che High-Priesr. He looks wich disgusc ac che soldiers,
and at Our Lord. He seems co be scolding che soldiers, as he looks at
Our Lord. He seems not co like the looks of what stands before him.
Such a sorrowful mess! Such a piciful looking human! He is human. So
chey jerk Him ouc co anocher room. They chrow Him on His Face. Now
chey jerk Him back up.
Oh, buc chac chirscy, angry mob - chey walk up co Him again - and
slap Him - chey hoUer and shouc. Oh, No! One of chem chrows wacer in
His Face, dircy wacer. Oh horrible! To look ac Him! The wacer had
caken sorne of che mud off His Face, buc ic washed ic over His whice
They jerk Him back oue. They cake Him back co chis Councilor.
This Councilor is speaking co Him now, Our Lord answers him in a
firm, scern voice.
Oh, che anger and mockery in che eyes of che mob -- in che sold­
iers, in che chrong abouc chem. The lies! The look of hatred! They seem
to be accusing Him. They can't seem to come to an agreement here.
There seems to be dissatisfaction. So they seem to be sending Him on
somewhere else. Now He stops, and this older man, this High-Priest,
or whatever he is, speaks again to Our Lord, Our Lord answers Him in
a firm stern voice. Then the crowd flies forward in rage and anger. He
again speaks to Our Lord. Our Lord again answers him in the same
firm voice. Oh, they are not satisfied, so they are going on. I shouldn't
say; walking or going on. They are throwing Him down the steps; dragg­
ing Him down. He hits His Head to one of the pillars. He cuts His
Face, His Knees, His Hands, as He rolls down. They jab Him with
spears to make Him get up on His Feee. Now they are heading it seems
only a short way, to another place.
Oh, look at His Knees! The bone is protruding and the Blood is
running. He still has only love in His Eyes. Oh, man, here on earth, if
he could only see Him now! You would not sin. Oh, such love and com­
Oh, the hatred, the evilness - the vulgarness - and now they pick
up mud - dirt - they throw it at Him again.
The pain that' s shown on His Face - but He prays - He pray s ­
as they jerk Him on.... Oh.... they kick Him - they jerk His Hair - two
jerk forwards - the other two jerk backwards - till He looses His foot­
ing. He falls on His Knees which are so badly bruised - down on His
Face He goes - in the water - in the mud. They jab Him - they kick Him
- they push Him - they laugh - they scratch Him - they tug at His beau­
tiful Hair - they slap Him .... He tries to rise - they step on Him as He
tries to get on His Knees - they also sIam His Face....pulling one way
- pulling the other.
They don't even let Him walk up to the other Court. They pull
Him up the steps, bumping His Head, His knees are being bruised.
They kick Him as the y walk by Him. They jab Him wi th spears. They
step on Him as He tries to get on His Knees.
(His Eyes turn to Heaven. Oh .... I can see the Sorrowful Mother,
in a vision behind Him. She is wicnessing thisaU in a distance .... and
Her Heart breaks. Oh, Mother!)
He arises, and now they are gomg into another room, a large
place with large pillars.
This is another High-Priest or OfficiaL ...l don't know which ....
sits upon his high stool. He' s dressed in finery, in silks. They throw
Him in front of him. He stands up before him now. The other Council­
or has joined this one here. And this older man - High Priest, speaks
with the Younger one, and to sorne of the others. They are talking ( l
cannot understand) while they jeer - while they are throwing aIl the
accusations - aIl the lies - and everything they can think of at Him ­
while the soldiers are abusing Our Lord -- spitting at Him! .... puIling
His Beard!. ... poking His Eyes!. ... hitting His Mouth!
He makes no replies. He stands with bowed Head - in prayer. ...
a very.... Oh .... such a sorrowful.. .. such a bloody mess of Humanity ­
mire - mud.
There is a disagreement between them. The second Councilor
asks Our Lord a question. Again Our Lord answers with a firm, sincere
voice. Oh, NO, the crawd jeers and yells. They point at Him; accuse
Him of things. He stands. before them like the biggest criminal; the
most hated criminal! A thief, or a robber would get better treatment
than Our Lord is gettlng. The angry mob is picking up mud - throwing
it at Him.
They are jerki~ Him out of this room while the two Councilors
are talking .... while they seem to have a council b,etween themselves.
They jerk Him into another room and the mob follows Our Lord
into this next room. They hit Him across the Face with sticks. They
jab Him. They throw things at His Head. They dance in front of Him;
bowing in front of Him. Oh, now! They are crowning Him! They are
putting a crown on His Head; it's made of a mixture of briars, straws,
or sticks, twigs .... slapping at Him with sorne of the sticks. They are
spitting at Him. Oh, horrible! Again they pour a jar of water in His
Face: dirty water.
Now one of them brings a dirty cloak. They jerk off His cloak
which they have muddied. They put a red, dirty, short robe on Him;
right over the ropes, and fasten it by the Neck, by His Throat ....
while they dance and jump around Him. They bow before Him, and get
up and slap Him. They gouge at His Eyes. Now they are taking a dirty
rag and tying it around His Eyes.
There's two of the Apostles standing at the entrance. The young­
er one is shaking his head sadly as he looks towards Our Lord and
leaves for Our Holy Mother. They are still praying in the chamber.
The other one, tears streaming down his face, looks at Him too,
and tums and walks toward another door. And here he is met by a
woman who is carrying sorne water. She speaks tO him - points at him.
And the Apostle seems ,to deny something she is saying. He shakes
his head angrily and runs back the way he had come. First, he denied
a woman and then a rooster crowed. He looks toward Our Lord, Who
at this moment they are jerking the dirty rag from His Eyes. They slap
it across His Eyes, hurting His Eyes, as they are leading Him back
to the two Councilors, or High Priests, or whatever they are, through
the columns inco the Court. They jerk Him around, trying to make Him
dance - they hit His Feet. They are beating Him.
He, this Younger one, speaks to Him. Our Lord does not answer.
They strike at Him. They dance around Him, they bow before Him, and
they spit Him in His Face. They jerk Him down on His Knees. They
jerk Him back up again.
Again this Younger one angrily speaks to Him. But again Our
Lord does not answer.
Again the Apostle is shown, looking pitiful towards Our Lord
and crying. Oh, he feels so sorry, so sorry! He walks through one
chamber inco another. And there he sees Our Lord again. He peeks at
Him, tears streaming down his cheeks. He tums around in sadness to
go out a side encrance. Then he is confronced by a woman who speaks
to another man. They look at him. He shakes his head violently. He
denies what they accuse him of. The SECOND TIME he denied ta one
the men; and again a rooster crowed. But he seemed to have known
better. Oh, yes, he is .so ashamed. Again the Apostle shakes and runs
out, and glances back over his shoulder towards Our Lord. Oh, how it
stoops Him! How bad he feels as he looks at Our Lord. He tried to walk
out another door but his way was blocked by the mob.
As the Councilors cannot get satisfaction from Our Lord, or from
the mob, they are sending Him away again. They are jerking Our Lord
around. They seem to be sending Him somewheres. They throw Him
down. He strikes His Head on one of the pillars. They jerk Him. They
jab Him. They kick Him. They slap Him across His wounds. The blood
runs into His Eyes. They lead Him down some stairs. His Knees are
ripped and torn from the sharp ed,ges of the steps and rocks.
There is again the Apostle in back of the cro~, and one of the
mffl, the one that his ear had been renoved, looks at the Apostle, and
points his finger at him, and says sanething ta him. The Apostle
shakes his head violently; runs past the multitude there. And, it seems,
at the same moment, Our Lord is coming down the same steps; glances
at the Apostle. At this glance their eyes meet, he looks pitifully at Our
Lord, and the Apostle hangs his head.in shame, and rushes out crying
bitterly and disappears in the crowd, while they are leading Our Lord.
out. He looks back with fear and love at Our Lord. Oh, how sorry he is!
He is afraid. And now the rooster crows the third time. Oh, such sor­
Now they take Him down the rocky, stony street. It seems more
like cobble stones. They throw Him down. Oh! Now, where are they
taking Him?
Eight soldiers with spears lead Him in sort of a damp, cold,

musty, narrow dark corridor, pathway.... seems to be going down ­
down. They don't let Him walk .... seems co be wacer dripping from some­
where. They push Him and knock Him down. The mob stays behind
because they can't follow in chis narrow place. Sorne of chem siccing
down. Now chey are opening che door .... now chey are entering. They
push Him righc on His Face inco che slime. There's racs, skelecons
from ocher men; musc, mold, muck, scench. They jerk Him back up. He
is now leaning up againsc a pillar, while chey jab Him - mock Him, and
che slime drips from Him. Ic's dripping from His Hair, His Beard, His
Face. They laugh ac Him. They poke fun of Him.
They chrow Him down. He goes on His Knees. They poke with
cheir spears. They are.leaving now, excepcing cwo of chem, who seem
co scand guard. They fascen Him againsc che pillar. He' s on His Knees
praying. His Eyes are looking upward as He prays. They cantalize Him.
They sayevil chings co Him b uc He kneels down and prays... His Eyes
curn upward in prayer, while they jeer and mock Him. He prays for chem
and for aIl chose ochers chac have inj ured Him.
There is no light in chis room. Ic is dark. He looks co che Heavens
.... and a beam of Lighc seems co be coming from somewhere upon Him;
aIl around Him. Even che guards look asconished ac chis Lighc.
Even chrough aIl the mud, che slime, che muck, che dirt upon Him-
His F ace looks beauciful! The swollen eyes! The bleeding Mouch!
The hole in His Forehead where He had hic a rock! The matted slimy
Hair! Scill, He looks beauciful as He prays on -- Deus, Deus. He's noc
aware of anyone abouc Him. He's in deep prayer. Oh, His sad looking
Face - His swollen Eyes - che macced slimy Hair - buc beneach ic aIl
chere is beaucy. His Face s.eems te change during chese momen~s of
Now chere is a Lighc piercing chrough che lictle opening high above.
This seems co shine righc upon Our Lord. The guard ac che door has
faIlen asleep. The streak of dawn! More guards approaching, abouc
ten or cwelve, awaken Him and chey enter. Ic seems it's daylighc.
They are caking Him out. They don'c lead Him ouc in kindness.
They jerk Him up, spear Him, j ab Him ouc chrough che door. They sIam
Him againsc che side of chis narrow passage. Now ac che end of che hall
- corridor. ... now they stop! They are taking off those wer, muddy,filchy
mock cloches chey had on Him. They untie His hands 50 chac He can
dress Himself, which He does pucs on His Own muddy cloak caken off
before. They cake che crown off and now.... Oh, how pitiful He looks ..
.... how sad.
Now they are going on again. They aIl join in che same group.
They are going te a Higher - a larger place. The High-Priescs are wich
chem now. They walk ahead in cheir finery.
The mob, che soldiers, chey crowd and dance; chrow rocks, mud,
rags, scicks ac Our Lord. They chrow mud in His Face.
They are going over sort of a bridge. They push Him into it .­
there seems to be water. 1 don't know if it' 5 a river or just a pool. They
drag Him back out. They don't let Him on His F eet. They jerk Him up.
He tries to rise, but the two in the back pull Him down .... the others ....
but Oh, if they could only leave Him walk. If they could only leave
Him in peace. He's back on His Feet now. He's walking on....
The water has washed the grime off His Face, but it has drenched
His garments. Now, they drag Him through the dust and dirt. He's 50
weak from ail the torture, and torments! The Blood runs freshly. The
old wounds are opened; new ones inflicted. They kick Him as He lays
prostr'ated. Now they rise Him back up, and they walk on while He prays
for them. They pull hands full of hair out of His Head. They jerk at
His Beard. They don't let Him walk up the steps. They throw Him down.
He bumps His Head again. They haH drag 1 haH tear Him up the steps.
And now there's the young Apostle - he's with Our Holy Mother ­
and the two women are with Her ,- in the back there are other wo~en '
- they are crying - two of the women are supporting Our Holy Mother,
for She is 50 weak - 50 sad - for She feels aU the pàngs - ail the pains
that Her Divine Son suffered. She can feel ail that they inflicted upon
Him - the tortures.
Oh, Heavenly Mother! How sad You look! How sorrowful! So pale!
The tears streaming down Your Eyes. The Apostle is standing by Her.,
He is always near Her, and 50 are the two women. She could not bear
it alone if it was not for them.
She seems to slump into their arms; and the Apostle reaches out
to help support Her, as She watches Her Son being led by the building
where they had taken refuge to watch - 50 She could be near Her Son.
They are entering a large court yard. They are going up sorne
steps ta a large room. They drag Him up those steps. They don't let
Him walk. Now they jerk Him up on His Feet. They enter this room,
and in a large chair sits an Official of sorne kind, High Priest, or Gov­
ernor.... or someone of authority .... in ail his silk finery on a sort of a
beautiful throne higher up than ail the rest. They stop before him.This
Official looks down. There seems ta be a flicker of pit Y as he looks at
the figure before him: this human but horrible looking man; 50 disfigur­
ed, hardly recognizable. He seems to be scolding the accusers.
For THIS LARGE MAN before him is only a mockery of a man!
His Face? a mess of patter... mud ...dried Blood; a big gash on
forehead above the left Eye, which has penetrated 50 deeply ....
where He has been thrown against a rock.
His Hair? Sorne pulled out.... all rriatted mud .... dried Blood.
His Beard? J erked .... chunks out. mud Blood.
His Eyes? Swollen Eyes.... mud Blood His Eyes are only
His Eye-lashes ? FiUed with dried, crusted Blood.

His Lips? Lips that are parched ... Lips swollen ... and dried Blood.

Wet streams of Blood al! over Him!

He looks at Him with pity. And now he speaks to the accusers and
the High Priest that brought this so-called Criminal before him. He
does not like what he sees. Now they're bringing Him up doser.
The angry mob is pushing forward .... accusing, yelling, screaming.
He is opening His Eyes and looking up at His accuser. His accuser is
asking Him questions; accusing Him of things. He does not answer.
He bows His Head in such humility; in prayer. His Lips seem to
be always moving in prayer.
Now they take Him away from the jeering, sneering' multitude of...
Oh, such facesl Such looks!
But amongst them there are a few that do not like what they see;
that have pit Y in their hearrs. But they are only the minority. But the
majority over.rules. '
They take Him out of the room now, to a side room. They throw
water in His Face to wash off sorne of the grime and dirt. He is now
dripping wet.
They are returning back to this High Official. In the meantime
the High Official was having council with the two High priests, or
Officers that came wi th them. The High Official now speaks to Our Lord.
Our Lord answers him in a loud, firm, sincere voice.
The most Divine looking Face! A Light seems co shine on Him -­
from where? 1 cannot tell, but It is there.
The crowd screams -- they holler. Oh, the hatred .... the venom that
is coming from their lips.
The crowd sneers. The crowd screams a certain word aIl the time.
They are not satisfied. They want revenge.
Our Lord bows His Head - says nothing. They jerk Him about.
Sorne beat Him while He is standing there. Sorne poke Him with the
spears. ,
Again this High Official speaks to Our Lord. Again Our Lord an­
swers. Seems to say that He is justified in what He is doing, but they
do not believe Him. They can't come to adecision for the mob is scream­
ing. They slap Him ..... they spic upon Him.
So now the Official seems to say something to the other Coun­
cilors. They spea k. They seem co be dissatisfied. They have come to
another decision. They are sending Him on again.
They jerk Our Lord around. He half rolls down the stairs .... His
Head hits a big pillar again. The Blood squirtS from His Wounds ....
runs in His Eyes. He staggers. They drag Him down the street.
They don't let Him walk. He falls. They jerk Him up. They kick
Him. They beat Him. They spic upon Him. They step upon Him when
He is down. They kick Him. They put Him back on His Feet, and He
bends over.... and He sturrb le s on His soaked wet garments. He is back
up on His Feet now. They prod Him on.... they jab Him .... they pull Him.
And now they are entering another large room, coming to another
High Official And this Governor seems co be more of a Ruler. He seems
to have soldiers or an army of men beside him. He seems to look amused
at what they are bringing before him. Oh, so much hate .... disgust. ...
look .... he gives Our Lord. With laughter, and mockery in his eyes, he
seems to look at Our Lord. They are again in conference. They don't
seem to agree.
He speaks to Our Lord. But Our Lord does not answer. He jeers
Him on. He says things to Him in a jeering way. Our Lord does not
answer che accuser. The accuser throws chings ac Him. They slap Him.
They jeer Him in hace .... such hate .... Our Lord does not answer. He
stands before him with His Head bowed. The accuser throws accus­
ations at Him. The mob jabs Him; -- try to make Him answer. He does
not answer.
This angers the Official. He yells at Him angrily. Our Lord still
does not answer. He speaks to the mob as if to ask them a question.
Oh! There's about ten of them pushing forward ...... all screaming .....
accusing..... pointing ..... telling some story.
The Official turns again to Our Lord, and sternly asks Him another
question. But yet, Our Lord does not answer. At this, the mob gets
angrier. They pick up mud, rags, and bring it in. They throw it ac Him.
The Official gets angry, and sends Him into a side chamber, an­
other narrow room. He picks up a white cotton sack. He takes a large
knife. He cuts a hole into it. He strips that over Our Lord's Head, over
everything. They take a red piece of another garment, and put that around
His Neck, and tie it in back of Him. They cake a filthy rag, they blind­
fold Him. They spic at Him; bow before Him; slap His Face; jerk His
Beard; pull His Hair; jab Him in the Eyes with a cane-like stick. Now
they jerk Him back in front of this Governor or High Priest. They jab
at Him again ...... now they jerk Him ...... cry to make Him dance .... they
throw Him down on His Face. They pull Him back up .... they slap Him.
They lead Him out again. 1;'hey take His blindfolder off.... they remove
the sack .... and hit Him across the Face with it. They use the dirty
white cloth they had over His Eyes .... they hit Him across the Mouth ­
the ends slap inco His Eyes, causing more pain.
The crowd outside is getting wild, milling around. They are shout­
ing. They are shouting. They are angry. They seem to wanc sorne action.
They are not satisfied. This mob .... such villians! They are screaming
sorne words ..
They lead Him back inco a large room. This Official Governor
sticks a cane-like thing in His tied Hands, and sends them out.
They are going back the way they came to the other Governor or
High Official. This large Authoricy or whatever he is goes with them.
Again He is dragged out, chrown down the scone steps.
The mob is angrier. le 's screaming .... it' s screaming the same word
.... CRUC .... CRUC .... CRUClFy! They seem to want His Life ....
Now they are bringing Our Lord in front of this Official. But this
time, chis one seems to have a disturbed look, should 1 say. Yes, more
of a face of pity; even a look of fear in his eyes, now. Yes! He is afraid!
This Official seems worried. He talks to the other Councilors, but they
reach no agreement.
He takes Our Lord into a smaller chamber. He talks to Him there.
He asks Him a question. Our Lord answers in a firm, very sincere
voice. Again he asks Him a question. Again He answers in the same
firm voice.
The spouse of this High Dignitary pleads with him.
He walks out on a sort of balcony overlooking the crowd. They
scream the same. They holler. Oh, but the crowd cheers him on, and
his face hardens.
So he again speaks to Our Lord. And Our Lord - • He seems ta be
saying something in a humble, sweet voice of His. And His Eyes turn
Heavenward and then back to His Accuser.
His Accuser walks toward the crowd who are down below.... seems
to be in a large court yard, or as the Ancients seemed to have in those
days. lt is different than what l am accustomed to. But, oh, the look!
The look in their faces! They seem to be screaming. Only one word
seems ta ring out it sounds like: CRUC .... CRUCIFY HlM. l am not
sure though. Yes CRUC .... something.
Oh, they have reached some sort of a decision. He is being led
away. Oh, oh, where are the y taking Him? Oh! Oh! Oh, NO!
Now, there seems to be a vision of Our Holy Mother. Oh, the sor­
row in Her Eyes - the Love - the understanding. Her Face is turned....
so ghastly white. She is hanging onto one of the other women that is
with Her, who has been with Her. Oh, Dear Blessed Mother. The sorrow
is' so great.... as She visions .... yes, it's the Vision She has of Her own
Son. She seems to have fainted. Oh, Holy Mother! The Apostle has
picked Her up. Oh, how sad She looks .... as She hears the de ci sion
that they have made. She collapses.
Oh, Sorrowful Mother. ... You have witnessed this all .... You are in
the back seeing it aIl. Your Heart is heavy as You are ,leaning upon
two women, and the youngest Disciple is supporting You also. Your Eyes
are pleading with the Father in Heaven, to let You suffer, while Your
Son stands there in front of the Accuser, unrecognizable. He does not
look l ike Your Son.
His Eyes are closed with Matted Blood. His Beard has chunks of
Hair pulled from it. There is Ç;ashes all over His Face. His Knees ....
the Flesh is torn off.... the Bone is protruding. The ropes have cut into
His Flesh, where they have bound Him so tight. The water has tighten­
ed it. All this is causing Him anguish.
And You, Dear Mother, have witnessed it all. The Arrow has
pierced Your Heart. You are weakened with sorrow. The Ray of Light
that' s on You is giving You strength.
And this Official walks to the side of the balcony while they take
Our Lord to a pillar.
They are jerking Him down the stairs.... down on those Sore Knees
'" .on His Face.... they jerk Him back upon His F eet .... they are leading
Him out into a large court yard .
. And You, Holy Mother, are standing in the back . watching.
Even the Evil One, the TweIfth One, is in the crowd looking on.
But he stays in the back. He seem-s to be croubled ....
The pillar has a large ring in it on top. They are stopping here.
Our Lord is tired. He leans against the pillar. They are umying His
Hands now; they seem co be ordering Him to remove His clothing, His
garments. He scrips them off.... they angrily help jerk them off. Now
they are stripping everything off,_ unable to remove loin clotho They are
fastening ropes around His Hands again .... fastening ropes through this
large ring to the pillac. It is 50 high Our Lord barely can couch the
ground with His Toes .... as they stretch Him up.
Our Lord glance;; towards His Mother. She faims as the Apostle ...
No .... She didn't faim. She's only weakened from what She sees. Oh,
how pale She is! She seemed to have shrunk, becorne smaUer from the
weight that's on Her Chest. Her Heart is 50 heavy and bleeding.
There are sorne scourgers coming. Three husky men, big men, are
beating Him .... scourging Him. It's too horrible to describe! The welts
arising at each scroke. The crowds are laughing. Oh, how can they?
Sorne women ...... they are weeping.
Our Holy Mother is way back. Oh, every blow that faUs on Her Son,
seems to faU onto Her. She is 50 white, 50 pale! She seems to be plead­
ing in Her prayers. The Apostle is crying to turn Her away from it, but
She reaches out Her Arms towards Him .... Her Son.... to try to spare Him
They are using .... Oh.... sort of club with sorne funny things on....
strange looking, hard sticks-like, with leather bound on them, that's
what it looks like .... every blow brings out big .... blue welts.
The first three are tired. There are three more now. They got some­
thing else in their hands; knotty looking clubs; something fastened co
them. They are waiting their turn with impatience.
The second three start. Oh! The brutes! They are breaking His
Skin open with each blow. Each blow theytake, bursts the Skin.
The third group is now taking over. They are bre-akin~ the Flesh;
ripping It off. They have tong-like, tong-like queer looking things. They
are holding sort of cat-o-nine tails.... have little metal hook-like cor­
ners, points to them.
It's awful! Ripping off the Flesh! Every blow takes chunks of
Flesh out, clear to the Bones. 1 can see part of His Ribs.
Now they quit. Oh, they quit! Someone has cut Our Lord loose now .
He has fallen down to the bottom of the piUar.
The Blood sq uins aIl over the scourgers' face and arms; but it
didn't sta y there. It seemed to have disappeared.
They are putting Our Lord's garmems back on.... while another
group is preparing something else.
Now they are leading .... dragging Our Lord towards a stool. They
have sharp prongs, nails. pieces of thorns on this seat. They are push­
ing Our Lord on it -- Who is so exhausted.
Now the y are bringing sorne thorns. OOH! They are making a crown
out of it. They are puuing it on Our Lord's Head. One of the men is
sticking a reed-like object in the back, and twisting it tight. OOH! The
Blood is squirting forth, and runs al! over His Face; streaming into His
Eyes .... His already swollen Eyes.

And now....Ooh, l see the Evil One, the Twelfth One.... his face
has turned black with sin.
They are putting on.... no .... they are taking off the Garment, and
with it they jerked off the Crown. And now they are bringing another
dirty robe, too short for Him, a red blood-stained, purplish-Iooking,
reddish mantle-like Cloak.... putting it on Him around His Shoulders;
and fastening His Hands with a rope.
They are putting the Crown back on, jabbing ie. Oh, one of the
men took a cane-like reed, and is beating it over the thorns ... the Crown
.... sinking it deeper into His Head. They're sticking a reed into His
Now they are taking Him back co the High Official. They are bring­
ingHim in now on a balcony-like .... with His Hands tied before Him and
a reed stuck in His Hands. Oh, what a pitiful looking Man: the Blood
screaming down His Face. His beautiful Face!

Our Lord looks over the crowd with Love and Compassion.
They are pushing Him up - taking Him in front of this High-man,
this one that seems to have fear and still hatred for Him. He looks at
Him with piey .... yes, and even fear. He seems to be afraid - for what he
sees before him seems co frighten him.
He seems to feel sorry for Our Lord .... as He stands before him
.... such a pitiful sight. ... a purple robe too short for Him .... a rÇlpe around
His Hands .... a reed in His Hand .... a Crown of Thorns on His Head ....
and yet in the Eyes of Our Lord is only Love - Love for all of us.
Yes, the accuser feels sorcy for Him .... He·d like co change his
mind - so it seems - but, oh....
The mo(> is still screaming, screaming - screaming. They are not
satisfied with what they are shown.
But, oh - NO - he must show authority .... The High Official is
walking towaids the edge of the balcony, where he can see over the
court yard. He is talking to the mob where the multitude is screaming
.... Crucify .... it sounds like that. They seem to want His Life. There's
other prisoners there too .... they are releasing a prisoner: criminal,
thief, murderer.... but still they scream on.... they are not satisfied.
He only stands there with bowed Head; and His P rayers are al-
ways on His Lips. He is praying. Such a sorrowful, pitiful looking MAN!
If we people here on earth could see Him now, we would quit
sinning. We could not sin and look at Him .... and know that He is suf-
fering for us. Oh, if man here on earth would only try te look at Him -
te know that He has suffered so much humiliation - every kind of abuse.


There's a basin of water and a pitcher. He is now washing his

hands, after release of thief. He goes to the balcony and pours water
from a pitcher and washes his hands.
But the evil forces, they are not satisfied. They want more ....
more! The sickening crowd.... they are screaming: Cruci/y! Cruci/y!
Cruci/y, on and on. They seem to want His Life. It looks like they are
winning. They have won again.
This High Official LETS THEM GO - - He consents. He also
leaves while they are taking Our Lord out.
He does never walk. He falls .... and they jerk Him up. He stumbles
and they jerk Him up .... jabbing Him .... pushing Him. They don't give
Him a chance to walk. They kick Him. The ropes jerk Him one way and
the other. They push Him. Now they jerk Him back down into the court
yard. They push Him down on the Stool. They spit on Him. They jerk
His garments off, the mock garmems, and with that the y jerk off the
Crown of Thorns. They have to Recrown Him again. New wounds seem
to be afflicted. They put back His Own clothing.


What' s that coming? There' s five men coming. They are carrying
something very heavy. l cannot see what it is yet.
Oh, yes, a Huge Cross! There's five men carrying a large Cross.
They are walking towards where Our Lord is standing.... as the group
is returning the Crown back on Our Lord's Head. They're leading Our
Lord to iL They are pointing at it. They are drop?ing the Cross in front
of Our Lord. There seems to be an expression of Happiness, of ] oy,
in Our Lord's Face as He drops down on His Knees and adores :it.
OUGH! The Evil One! He does not like what he has done. He has
lost the friends that he thought were friends. He has found out that he
has made a mistak~ He has turned on His Master.... Our Lord. He has
joined Satan.
He's afraid. He's lefi. He seems full of pity; full of sorrow; full
of fear. Oh .... still walkingin thedark shadows! Alone he is all alone!
He disappeared behind sorne buildings. He's gone down the back.
He's headed toward the back of the City. OUGH! He's running out of the
City towards the mountaÎns ....Satan is riding on his shoulders. He's
gone. The betrayer! He's lost forever.
(Now back to Our Lord.) This astonishes the soldiers about Him
.... momentarily, for He kisses the Cross. But the soldiers can't stand
that. They jerk Him back and up on His Feet.... and tell Him to pick
up the Cross. He tries. It's so heavy. It took five men to carry it, and
they expect Our Lord to pick it up aione. He picks it up. Oh, but the
weight of it. He staggers! He goes back down! They jab Him with
spears. They seem to be in a hurry. He tries again. He places the heavy
Cross on His right Shoulder. He is trembling .... He is staggering as He
tries to rise. He stoops over, under the tremendous weight of the Cross.
He gets up. The cross-bearns are tied on with a rope. They have not
finished it as yet.
They are bringing two other criminals, or unwanted men. They are
pushing them next to Our Lord. They are giving them blocks to carry.
A young boy is carrying a sign, or an inscription .... I. ... they are moving
in my way .... seems to be .... then N.... then R ... and an I. ... other words
too. They seem to he in a strange language.
They are leaving the court yard. They seem to be starting down a
narrow street. The High OfficiaIs are riding ahead on horses, while
the mob is gathered a1l around, the soldiers next to Our Lord, with every­
one f01l0wing .... weeping women .... sneering soldiers.
There seem to be two different kinds of soldiers dressed so queer;
with short coats, or dress up to their lcnees; with sat of sandals on
their feet; bare legs; sort of helmf"ts, spears in their hands.
There is others on horses; others on foot; different dress.
Sorne dressed like the Apostles.
Oh yes, the Apostles are lingering in the back. One of the Apostl­
es is crying.
They have fasten~d a rope to the bottom of the Cross. They are
supposed to help carry it, but instead they pull back and forth on it.
They jerk and make the load more heavier. There' s two ahead, that is,
the scourgers, pulling forward; two behind pulling back which causes
the arm of the Cross to bang against the thorns, and causing - causing
so much pain. Jabbing and pushing .... He staggers under the load. They
are jerlcing Him forward. He stumbles, but the backward jerk keeps Him
from falling. His garments.... they trip Him .... as He is bended over with
the weight of the. Cross causing Him to stumble, and fall on His Knees
- which They are so sore. The Knee Bone is protruding. The weight of
the Cross, as they jerk it back and forth, cuts into His Shoulder. He
trembles, fi.e qui vers with the weight! And now.... oh .... now He ....


They jab Him.... they spiC at Him. They slap His Face. They kick
Him in His Face, puil His Hair. They poke Him in His Eyes. They even
put their feet upon His Head, as He tries ta rise. They pull Him up;
they jerk Him back down. He's back up on His Feet now,trying to
carry the heavy load. As they jerk Him, the Cross causes gceat pain
on His Shouldec - which causes Him great anguish, and weakens His
strength. He is getting weariec and wearier. He walks on as they pcod
Him with their spears • tocmene Him. They jerk and they push. They
pull on the ropes. He' s walking on. He's so weary, so weak. He' s ticed . .
The blood streaming down His Face blinds His Eyes. And ....


Oh, Our Holy Mother.... She is waiting foc Him ... to the side street.
Oh, how sad She looks!
Oh, Holy Mother. The holy women are with Her - the young Apostle
is by Her side. He' s got his arm about Her - co support Her. As Our Locd
approaches, She runs forwacd with Her Anus extended • Their Eyes
meeL Oh - such Love! Such Love! They seem to speak .... but Their Eyes
speak moce than Theic Lips. Oh, what gceatec Love can exchange in
a human eye - as that of Our Blessed Mother and Our Locd - Our God
and Redeemer. The greatest Love one ever can see is shown in the
Eyes of Our Lord and His Holy Mother.. She in Her Heart would like to
take ail the suffering away fcom Her Son - and He knows this is in His
Mother's Heart.... and He looks at Her with Kindness and Love - and
thanks Hec for offering Hecself co take His place.
Oh, Our Holy Mother.... how sorrowfuJ.. .. how sad.... the tears are
streaming down Her Face. She drops Herself on Her.Knees in front of
Her Son. .
It ail seems co cake the soldiers by surprise .... for they only seem
to look .... and now, a soldier grabs Hec (The soldiers can 't stand
this). They rudely shove Her backward and She falls back into the
arms of che Apostle .... who quickly supports Her. ... tenderly cakes Hec.
.... and leads Her away.
The Apostle and the two women and Our Holy Mother go back the
way they came - down the side street. They go on. She looks so sad.
She i s so weak - to see Her Afflicted Son.
Oh, what anguish is more great than to have a Mother stand a~d
look at Her Son Who is so bcuised, so torn of Flesh, so weak with the
weight of the sins upon His Shoulders. For She knows He is not carry­
ing jusc the Cross that seems to be befoce Her.... but He is caccying
the Cross, the sins of the world that we people inflict upon Him. Yes,
evecy stumble He has made seems to be a stumble that we make in ouc
daily lives - in our sins. Yes, che spits and the kicks, and the abuses
.... yes, ace what we give Him daily. So He carties them for us: to
cJeanse us when we need Him mosL ...Yes .... Ouc Lord .... The Son of God.
And the Mother stands with a bleeding Heact, a Heart pierced with

an arrow .... a Heart .... so heavy, so sad! Oh, Holy Mother, how sad ....
how heavy Your Heare is!
They go on .... Our Lord goes on.
This scene has angered sorne of the mob. 50 now they fer­
ociously pounce upon Him again. They strike at Him. No! They must
push Him. They must throw Him, so He must with aIl His effort keep on
His Feet. Oh, yes .... the Cross cuts inco His Shoulder.... oh .... so deep
.... oh, so deep!
Our Lord goes on. They strike across the Crown of Thorns .... for
they know that. ... that hurts Him. They gouge at His Face. They slap
Him across His Mouth. They pull His Hair. They throw dusi and dirt in
His Face. They jab at His Feet. They trip Him. He goes down on His
Knees .... And the Crown that's on His Head .... as they jerk Him .... the
Thorns sink deeper, and deeper inco His Head. He is growing weaker,
and weaker, and weaker. He again arises, but. His garmencs trip Him ....
He is stooped over so low with the weight of the Cross and the loss of
Blood. The abuse .... the lack of sleep .... all has taken a great tolI.
The sins that are inflicted on His Shoulders - that we men on
earth cause Him to carry.... the sins of the worId are heavy .... every
time we sin, we inÉlict one of these Wounds that have been inflicted
on Him. Oh, the sorrowful - pitiful looking Man .... Our Lord .... Our God
.... suffered for man's sin.
He is so weak! He is not oilly sweating perspiration, but there
seems to be Blood mingled with it. Oh, His Eyes are blinded with
Blood, that is running into His Eyes .... they are matting His Face ....
they are dosing with the aches .... the swelling. Oh .... how battered is
His Face.... and yet every jab, every jeer. ... He whispers prayers ....
prayers are always on His Lips.
Yes, now theyare goiog. There seems te be a wearied look among
sorne of the ev il ones. They are gecting frightened - alarmed ... .for He
trembles. His Knees buckle, but He walks on .... the tremendolls weight
upon Him. Yes, but oh, what are they doing now?
Oh, there's a large man. They are pushing him forward out of the
crowd .... shoving him towards Our Lord. He hesitates for a moment ....
draws back. He seems frightened .... afraid. But they push him forward
and he looks at Our Lord with love and pit y in his heart. He feels sorry
for Our Lord. He walks up .... yes, he's going to help Our Lord shoulder
the Cross. He shoulders the Cross with Our Lord .... but Our Lord is
still carrying most of the weight. ... for this man would have to be five
men to carry the Cross alone .... he would have to be five more .... for the
weight is so tremendous Jhis Cross is 50 heavy .... for they make it
heavier by their pushing by their jerking.
They push on. Our Lord falls on His Knees. The man helps Him
up .... he gently rises Him .... helps Him up. For His weakened condition
is showing on Him very much. Our Lord still carries the heaviest parr,
as they push Him. The mob is anxious to get going. They seem to be

afraid that Our Lord is weakening, and He cannot carry ie. For the y
have q uite a ways to go. The steepest part of the Hill is still Idt.
The Hill is not far before Him. Oh, if they wouldn't always trip Him!
And jab Him! He's so weak. He'a so tired. He's so thirsty. His Mouth
is so dry. The only liquid He had was His Own Blood. Oh, He is cremb­
ling. The weight is bearing Him down. He trips on His Own garmencs.
He tries co hold it up with His left Hand, but He stumbles .... and now ....
And now .... there seems to come a woman from the side of the
hornes .... coming from one of the houses. Yes, a woman with Love in her
eyes and hearc. Oh, yes, she has a large shawl or sort of a rowel, on
her arm. She throws it over her arm .... no .... she quickly changes her
lT'ind .... and puts it over her head like a shawl or veil. She runs quickly,
pushed through the crowd right out to Our Lord. Oh! How beautiful!
She wipes His sorrowful face, His Bloody Face, with the cowel or
shawl. The mud .... the Blood .... she wipes Ît clean .... to the seemingly
astonishmenc of the soldiers. This is aIl taken place so quickly ....
that the soldiers only stand momentarily looking on, ... as if surprised.
They don't seem co get a grip on themselves co incerfere. How beauti­
fuI' She smiles at Our Lord, and He looks back down at her with Com­
passion .... and the most beautifuJ Face of Love!
She quickly tucks this shawl or toweJ under her mantle .... as the
soldiers, after their moment of astonishmenc, come to life .... surge for­
ward, and rudely push her aside. That is coo much for them to see this
kindness. She quickly disappears in the crowd .... runs away .... and heads
back to the house.
But Oh' How Beautiful! Oh God' He has rewarded her' She does
not know ie. She is not aware of it, 1 do not think. She did not look at
ie. But chere is an Imprinc! On this veil is the same Beautiful Face ­
che same compassionate look Our Lord gave co chis woman, at the cime
she wiped Our Lord's Face' God has rewarded her for her kindness.
The Holy Face, HIS 1I0LY FACE' le's so beautiful! How Beautiful!
Oh, no .... how cruel! This act of kindness was coo rnuch for thi.s
mob. They push Hirn now .... they jerk Hirn. Ooh .... llis Shoulder seems
to pain so. He goes on .... the Sweae. ... the Blood that is inflicted as the
Crown seerns to be banging against the Cross chat He is carrying, which
causes the thorns to go in deeper - and cause more anguish to Him,
Oh, No! Oh, NOl He didn't fall. They jerked Hirn back.
They shove their spears .... one sticks a prong right inco che gash
on Our Lord's Forehead, which causes Him so much pain. The dried
Blood breaks open again .... with fresh Blood, and runs inco His Eyes ....
They have to always kick Him .... to slap Him .... jerk on His
Hair. They jerk the Cross back and forth, back and forch; forwards,
sideways, backwards. They throw Him. With each jerk it jabs against·
che Crown, presses the thorns just a litde deeper. le saws inco His
already sore Shoulder. Ir has sawed the ~feac right CC' the Bone. Ir is rid­
ing on His Bone. Oh, how painful! How agonizlng' How ail this weakens

Our Lord!
If man here on Earth would only know what their Lord, their God
has suffered for them, they could not continue to fire sins at Him daily.
Oh! Lo de at Him! He did aIl this for us! And what do we give in retum
.... but more sins! Oh, Lord, my God! Look at His Eyes .... His Face....
the Wounds .... all over His Body! His garments has stuck to the Wounds.
It's dried on. Each movement, each jerk, renews the bleeding, the
anguish .


He falls again .... right on His Face, in the dust and din. They
kick Him. They step on Him. They pull Him. They prod Him with their
feet. They prod Him with their spears .... with clubs and sticks. He tries
to rise. But He's so weak! He's growing weaker. He trembles and shakes
.... Perspiration and Blood run into His Eyes ..... Almost blinding Him ..
.. besides the swelling.... the matted Blood.
The man that's helping Him carry the Cross, puts his arrn beneath
His left Shoulder, and helps Him rise to His Feet. He staggers with
the weight. He trembles as He trie s to walk on. So tired, so weary,
with His heavy burden! They push Him. They pull Him.
Experiencing abuse everything imagin;;.ble .... the spitting .
the kicking .... He is back up but He is getting so weak .... so heavy ..
but He is continuing, winding through the streets. They seem co be still
in the streets - narrow streets. Oh, how cruel can they get? How cruel?
They are nearing the edge of the city now. They are coming to a
large opening - a Gate. Our Lord' s steps are faltering. They are get­
ting weaker and weaker 0- as He approaches this gate.
There' s a group of women. They are crying they are lamenting.
They are speaking to Him. Sorne are holding children they are reaching
their hands towards Our Lord. They are pleading to Him. He looks at
them with compassion, great sorrow and compassion.... and in aIl His
weakness .... and in aIl His exhaustion.... His voice seems to come firm
and clear. He seems to be either saying something to them - or He is
praying He SPEAKS to them and sorne of them stare crying ..... they
car ry on .... as they push Him on they push Him on.
They cannot' see any sign of love given CO Our Lord, so they push
in front of these women, and push Him on. They do not take the path
that leads straight forward. They are going to the side path --a rough,
rocky, thorny path. A path that's hard tO climb; that makes every step
that much harder to take. He goes on carrying the heavy burden tired.
.... wearier. ... wearier.... èhe road is getting steeper and steeper but
He continues to pray as they siam Him and the y jerk.... as the Cross
cuts deeper inco His Shoulder ....deeper and deeper.... as they are ripp­
ing it back and forth on His Shoulder.... as the stumbling causes frict­
ion on His Shoulder from the weight of the Cross.
He's stooping over... .Iower and 10wer. ... Oh .... NO ....

And the evilness, the cruelness .... of sorne of the mob; they throw
briars right in His path. He's fallen with His Face right in them .


His already bruised Face. The rocks jab open -the Wounds .... His
Knees .... they·re so sore. He falls on rocks with the Bone bare.
Oh, let them let Him alone don'L ...don't kick the thorns .... the
pain it caused .... the suffering. Oh Ooh!
He is laying there as if He were dead. There seems to be no life
left in Him. Sorne of the crowd seems to look afraid. They are 100 king
at one another. They are pushing back the abusers, the toementors.
He tries to rise He tries to rise .... but He is so weak .... He's
unable to make it. ... Yes .


He falls on His Face again right in the mud .... into the rocks and
dirt. They jerk on Him .... they prod Him .... they poke at Him .... they try
to, it seems.... they want Him to get up on His F eet they seem to want
to make Him go .... but He is so weak .... He is so weak .look at Him ....
His Whole Body - It's just trembling - It's quivering - It's shaking.
The man is helping Our Lord Who is so weak. He rises on one
Knee .... He seems unable co rise agai-n. Yes, but He's coming up, shak­
ing - trembling. They pull on the ropes, and now.... He looks up towards
the top of the HiIL .. and from this Hill there seems co be a Light shin­
ing on Him, which gives Our Lord strength.
He seems to smile as He gathers up every ounce of His Muscle
and Strength. And He gets back up on His F eet. He slowly stares co
walk .... He -is stooped so low as the steep hill is before Him.
Slow slow.... oh, so slow Oh, No, don't faIl, Lord! He has
made it He is bowed very low bowed very low His Face juSt
about touches His Knees .... He is way down ....down down with the
weight of the Cross .... with the weight of the persecution.... with the
mockery. Yes, they are stepping on Him .... they are kicking Him .... to go
.... co go .... to go, it seems like they are saying, but l don't understand
them. If l could understand them, No - but l don't. Yes .... and the weak­
ness of .... the steepness of the hill that they are slowly crawling, climb-'
Oh.... Our weary Lord as He walks on. Oh, it seems impossible
that He could rise one Foot ahead of the other. ... Yes, the hill that Our
Lord glances upward at. ... and knows .... seems co know. Where? Yes,
the top of the hil!. He seems to be satisfied.... Yes .... He smiles .. :.but
there seems co be a glow of Light on top of that Hill that shines on
Him. Yes - He seems to be so weak .... it looks like He cannoc walk on ..
.. Ioo.ks like He is ready to collapse. Thereare worried glances amongst
them aIl.. .. they are afraid .... so they are sore of letting up ....on their
jabbing.... their kicking .... their jerking on the ropes .... for He is very
weak. Yes - His ~ips are dry ....oh.... so dry .... He is so dazed .... stagg­
ering.... so haggard .... oh .... so haggard .... che Blood seems to be thick­
ening ail over His Face. Oh - to look ac Him - you would say - thac
could not be Our Lord, who should be wichouc such suffering. Yes, but
Ir is Our Lord. Yes, He is suffering - suffering for us - the morrals -the
people on earth. Yes - His Lips are uccering prayers.
As the Light seems co be invisible co che resc of chem.... they do
not seem to see thaL ... yes .... but it is a Lighc that is shining on Him ­
yes, giving Him srrength in His weakened condition for He seems to
be on the verge of collapse. As He climbs on up - up .... He goes down ­
down! But the Light seems to pull up -up - up - on Him. There seems
to be anxiety in the group. They are calling to Him; chey are jeering
Him, but they are not jabbing Him; torturing ,Him . only with words ­
and with anger -wi th cursing - wi th swea ring - urging Him on.
The ones in front are slightly pulling forward; but the ones in
back are not pulling backwards now. For He has grown .... so weak ....
in weakness with the weight .... shaking .... trembling.
oh .... Yes as the y are reaching the cop .... there seems to be a
change in Our Lord's Face. One would think it would be fear! But it is
not. He seems to have a Face - Oh, such a Face of Longing! It seems
to be.... a grear. ...oh, like one that seems to be expecting something.
Yeso There seems to be a calmness about Him! It seems to be of happ­
iness, as His Footsteps falter; as He Stoops lower and lower. But the
Light, as He stoops lower, seems to turo brightèr, as if co give Him
more strength to rise Him .... to bring Him up with the weight of the Cross.
Yes, they have reached the top of Calvary.
The two thieves are walking with Him. They are carrying parrs
of the Cross; one of them is carrying the Inscription, or plate wich letc­
ers INRI. There~s more wriuen but 1 can't see it - can'c make it out.
They leave them at the side. The soldiers are taking the blocks and
sticks, and whatever it is, away from them. Two of the guards are stay­
ing with the thieves, while Our Lord walks on co the very spot··a higher
place than the rest -- THE HIGHEST OF ALL.
They take the Cross from Him, they drop It down. And when
they jerk the Cross off, they siam His Crown, and sunk it deeper. ..
Our Holy Mother seems to be in the crCllVd also. She is back to
che side, qui te far badc Yes, oh ,oh, how She has aged! Oh, how Her
Face shows suffering .... such suffering! She is as white- like there was
no drop of Blood in Her Veins! Oh, Holy Mother! 0 Mother of God! How
. You suffer for us al! as You are looking at Thy Son standing before
Thee! How great must be Thy suffering' Yes, how great for now She is
wavering .... Oh....She is going to .... no .... it looked like She was going
to fall. But the Apostle, who is always by Her side, supports Her....
and two other women seem ta stay more close by Her. There are others,
but they stay more back. They are weeping, and their hearts seem heavy.
They are lamenting. Yes, they are praying.
Our Holy Mother, She looks at Her Son Who is now being rudely
pushed upon a rock nearby. He drops down with exhaustion.
As they jerk the Cross off of Him, they throw It on the ground;
and there is a group of men seem to fall over Ir. ... they seem ta be
doing something to Ir. Yes they are nailing sorne pieces to It. Yes ....
now 1 see a block of wood near the bottom .... yes .... and they are hewing
out some hollows .... dents-like. 1 don't know what for .... yes .... it looks
.... for the thickness of Our Lord's Body, so that Ir would fit close to'
the Cross ....yes.... for His Shoulders .... yes .... and now they seem to be
hammering ·the cross-arms onto it.
And now....oh ... .look at this other group .... such ....ooh .... such ....
they are ripping His garments off.... first the Cloak .... three of them seem
to .... battling over it.
Now, what are they doing? Oh .... they are taking Our Lord to this
Cross.... He lays Himself on it. ... yes, they measure the Cross.... they
take Him back .... off to the side of the rock.
UGH! One of them offers Him a drink .... ooh .... UGH .... they took a
sponge of gal!. ... I believe it's gall and vinegar, or sorne stuff.... try to
get Out Lord ta drink. It must be bitter.... for Our Lord makes an awful
face .... and pushes it from Him .... He turned His Face away .... and prayed.
And now.... they are jerking off HIS GARMENT.... that has always
been the Garment of Our Lord ... that He has al ways worn .... that is al ways
with Him .... that is ficted to His Body His Holy Mother gave that to
Him. There is no opening to this .... oh oh, so cruel.. .. they have no ....
so they rudely jerk it off over His Head the Crown of Thorns with it. ..
breaking open all the Wound.s that the Crown has made. The Wounds on
His Body, the Wounds on His Shoulder.... the Garment has adhered ta
it.... they jerk it loose .... and Blood squirts forth .... increases the pain
and anguish.
The Crown of Thorns jeeringly they pick it up and shove the
Crown back on His Head inflicting new Wounds .... reopening all the
Wounds that have sort of dried, and the Blood thickened, and stapped
bleeding..... and starting another stream of Blood over His Face and
Shoulders .
Our Holy Mother sees all this and reaches towards Her Son ....
but the soldiers push Her back. Oh, Holy Mother don't ... no ... The horse­
man ride between Her and Her Son. They won't let Her come near. Her
Arms are reaching with sorrow as She sees the Body of Her Son
Oh Blessed Mother! She sways ....She was about to faint. She fell
on Her Knees .... and the Apostle quickly puts his arms about Her and
picks Her up.
Oh ....She looks so aged .... so aged.·... but benea th aU this age ....
is still the beauty. For, anyone wi th the love that' s in the Heart of Our
Holy Mother, and Her Divine Son, cannot erase the beauty off Their
Face. "­
The Blood has thiokened in the Eyes of Our Lord.... and dried ....
but beneath it aU one can see His former beauty ... the former Self. Buc
to look ac Him now! He is unrecognizable.
He is not the MAN He was before He went into the Garden .... for
part of His Hair have been puUed out. ... chunks of Beard have been
pulled out. Oh, piciful Man!
Oh, but those scourgers, executioners, three of them .... they are
quarreUing over the garments, casting lots, over which is going to have
which part.
They are aU grouped around they have everything scripped from
Our Lord, excepting the Loin Cloth and one of.the scourgers reaches
for it....but wait .... what's this happening .... Oh, No! Don't do that. ... Our
Blessed Mother is looking. Her Eyes seem to look wich such sorrow. Oq
.... No .... they are trying to remove che last garment of Our Lord off of
Whac's chat? A Light? Yes, there seems co be a Lighc shining.
And when this Light flicks across the Loin Cloth, the scourger jerks
back with asconishment. Ah, he couldn 't get it. That feels becter.
Hmmmm .... the second one steps forward and cries che same. He
thinks he is better. Yes ... again he sceps back wich asconishment. There
is a Light streams to that Cloth -- as Our Lord stands there with bowed
Head. Ah .... you could not cake it eicher! And now the third one tries it
also. The same happens co hlÏn.
Through aU this Our Lady, Our Holy Mother, watched from the
side. With Her Arms reaching towards Him .... cowards Her Divine Son ....
with prayers continuaUy for Him and the Apostle is always at Her
side .... and those same two women that were with chem from the be­
ginning. There are a few other women there also,but they are not as close
as those two.
And it pleases Her co spare Her Son this humiliation before chis
crowd, this mob. For many different Nations or Councries, ic seems,
have gathered here .... soldiers.... different dress whomever they were
.... some of them had been with Our Lord before were lamenting .... and
crying .... and pleading.... and the angry mob surge past, and in fronc of
And now anocher scourger, the fourth one, seems to motion them
back and say, it seems thac way: "leave it alone" .... cause he pushes
him away, "it's not important. leave it on Him". He seems to be im­
patient co get going with what they have co do.
During chis time chos e working on the Cross have compleced their
work -- fastening in?cription on the Cross. And now Our Holy Mocher
seems to be saying a prayer in Her Heart ... as She looks on Her afflicted
They are coming for Our Lord now.·
They have replaced the Crown, jabbing it down tightly, causing
more Blood to flow over His Face.
He walks tawards the Cross. Oh.... can't you do it more gendy ....
they halfways throw Him down upon the Cross. He lies Himself on i t
as if He was glad to do so.
They are jerking His right Arm down ta the Cross. They are taking
His right Hand and they are nailing it to the Cross. Ooh! That big, huge
ugly nail! (Mary Ann points to the bones at the bottom of the wrist
and the beginning of the hand as the piace the nail entered; called the
five carpal bones and, or lunat bone by M.D.)
They are dri ving it (nail) inta the already prepared hole in the
Cross: 1-2-3-4-5 blows of the hammer. Ooh!
Oh! Oh! They purposely put the hole too far apart. His left Arm
don't reach .... is too short. They put a rope around it to stretch-like.
They are bracing their feet against the Cross .... oh.... they· are pulling
His Arm. It seems to stretch out of the sockets. 1-2~3-4-5 blows of the
The block they placed on the Cross to help support the weight of
the Body is far too low for the length of Our Lord. They measured the
Cross too long intentionally. So they had to dismember Our Lord's Body
....They are fastening ropes to Him above the Knees. Two men are pull­
ing them, down to position.... oh ....His Body seems ta be dislocating ....
stretching .... aIl out of forrn. And now they are jerking down His right
Leg.... pulled it down 'til He was disjoinred. It's over one foot or so too
But one of them is using a sort of spear to make a hole through
the right Foot, now - in His Left. Now they are putting the right Foot -­
and now the Left on top of the Right. And they have got a long, huge
nail, as thick as a large man's thumb, about eighteen inches long. It
took eighteen blows for His F eet -- a big heavy iron hammer -1-2-3-4-5-6
-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15- --three blowsto fasten: (clinch)--18.
Our Holy Mother fell inro the arms of the Apostle as She seemed to
have gone limp. She seems to have fainted. 0 Heavenly Mother! She is
being lifted up by the Apostle. She's conscious, but She is so weak.
A light seems to shine on Her.... and has again given Her strength.
They are now putting up the two thieves .... while several men are
fastening ropes around the Cross to rise it. Six men are bracing it, using
a rope, fastening one end to another old cross (stake) on the hill for a
support, -- that way they are pulling, rising the Crucifix, the Cross
where He is nailed upon. Six men, scourgers are pulling.... and the way.
they are pulling! The vibration is jerking the Wounds of Our Lord ....
It's bringing anguish and torture to His already afflicted Body! They
are jerking It.... they are jerking It.... and now It is partly up .... while
sorne of the soldiers with spears are pushing; one spear slipped and
jabbed Our Lord in His Thigh. It seems difficult to raise It. Ooh....
they drop It .... and wi th the jar. ... the aIready sore and anguish of Our
Lord's Wounds!
And now they stare aU over.... and Oh, the anguish and ail the pain
that Our Lord is ,suffering. They are puiling, pushing Him back up
again. Now they are making it. It is coming up! It is coming up! There
seems to be a Light from the Heavens. It seems to come up .... they are
getting It up. And now they are sliding, guiding the end into an al­
ready prepared hole. Oh, the jar and the thud as It slides inco the
hole! It is in place with such a terrifie faU that Our Lord's Body seems
to be jerked.... His Wounds seem to squirt Blood His Thoms.... there
are streams of Blood coming from His Wrists and from His Feet....
and as It sways ... .It jerks on the Wounds .... causing streams of Blood
to flowdown. With the jar, the Bloodgushes forth, but the Blood doesn't
go to the ground. It stops. 1 don't know where It's gone to ....lt gushes
forth and ends in the mid-air. It just disappears
And Our Holy Mother. Oh, She just about fainted. She is lying
coUapsed in the arms of the Apostle, and two of the women are help­
ing Her. No, one of them is also coUapsing, she is failing on the ground
--seems to be in a faint .
Yes, they want to go up to the foot of the Cross. But the soldiers
are pushing them back. Our Holy Mother is pleading; is extending Her
Arms to Her Son ....She tums Her Eyes to the Heavens pleading to
help Him .... to help Her Son, to help Her Son. She prays and the women
with Her pray .... and cry.
Many of the holy women are weeping and crying, and cailing,
while sorne of the soldiers yeU at them; and go back to Our Lord to
mock Him; ta scream at Him; spit at Him; jab Him with spears. Sorne
of the others that are looking on with anxiety and anguish, feel sorry
for Him; the way He hangs there disfigured; His Body misformed;
puUed out of place; dislocated bones. Oh, what a pitiful sight was Our
Lord on Mount Calvary as the Cross was lirst planted.
Oh.... now.... some of the workers are driving in stakes - five of
them· wedges-like, and rocks around the bottom of the Cross.... fasten­
ing the Cross. Yes, five blows to each stake. Each blow, each pound­
ing is another jerk, sorne more torture to the aIready painful Wounds
of Our Lord.
While aU this was going on, sorne soldiers put up the crosses
and tied the thieves. But they were not nailed. They were tied with
their arms above the cross. They tied them with ropes, there completed
the hanging of the thieves; one on the right and one on the left.
He seems co be hanging quietly in prayer. And Our Heavenly
Mother is near the foot. But.... Oh ... .look at the sky! It has blacken­
ed.... the sun has changed color to a red glow .... it's turned to a bloody
red. The sky is dark as at night. The air has a purplish hue. There
seems to be a rumbling; a terrifie flash, like lightning flashes. Sorne
of the people are frightened. Some cremble in fear. With chis fear in
che mob, che soldiers Stir up the crowd and holler on.
Ic broughc cerror co sorne of chem. Ochers were vicious. Sorne drop
down ; are frighcened; puc cheir hands co cheir face. Sorne
are leaving. Th~y are going down che Hill. Others are standing there.
wich mockery .... with sneers.... wich - oh, such ugly words jeering at
Him .... mocking Him .... laughing ac Him .... rnotioning to Him yes. as
if co say, gec off che Cross, as if co cali Him off if He was able ....
yes, chey are making motions as if co say: "If you .are the King. if you
are so greac, why don'c you come off chac Cross?" Buc chey are laugh-
ing ac Him .... chey say He is not King.... chac is why He can'c save Him-
self.... chey are laughing.... chey are jeering.... such.... such .... oh.
such up;ly ... :
They are chrowing scones; mud; yeUing ac Him; screaming ac Him;
lPocking Him .... while sorne of che holy people are crying and pleading .
.. .. Some go before Our Lord and bow co Him, wich oh. such ugly words!
Horsemen ride by and jab Him wich spears....
While Our Lord looks Heavenward and caUs out aloud, in a loud
( He is saying someching 1 cannoc underscand.)
Our Lord through aU che anguish and aU che pain, continues to
pray.. there are always prayers on His Lips ... :as He looks down upon
those chac have picy in their hearts for Him ..•. and those chat are tor-
curing and cormencing Him.
They've completed che hanging of the two thieves. Oh, liscen to
che chief on che left orOur Lord. He is cursing Him .... lte is screaming
ac Our Lord. Oh, che hatred and che anger in one of them. the vicious-
ness in che chief on che left of Our Lord! He seems co have che black-
esc, ugliesc, che vile sc, che mosc vicious look of hacred towards Our
Lord. Oh! Out Our Lord only looks ac him wich pity!
And che ocher on che righc of Him, he also looks with anger. Buc
chen someching seems to scop him. And his eyes tom from anger to
picy. He lamenrs .... yes. But now his face softens as he looks at Our
Lord Who is being more cortured chan chey are. They are only tied and
He is nailed; che Blood gushing forth from che Wounds. He looks at
Our Lord; ac His Wounds on His Forehead; che Crown of Thorns; His
beacen Body; the Wounds all over che Body. There is noc one spot on
chac whole Body wichouc a break, only where Our Lady has intervened.
and che loin cloch is proceccing Him. Oucside of thac, chere is not one
place where you could even place a pin, without bursced skin. 50 this
chief seems to be looking ac Him wich greac wondermenr in his eyes....
wich greac compassion.
In tbe meamime, che other one is stiU ugly black: keeps swear-
ing, cursing .... black face of anger. The one on tbe righc speaks CO the
one on che left .... he looks ac him and back again co Our Lord.... and he
seems co be saying something to the thief on the left.
And now sorne soldiers are pushing forward, laughing, mocking,
spit~ing on Him, pcodding with spears. Their motions and actions seem
like theyare telling Him: "If He were King, come off the Cross. If He
were God ta come off the Cross." That is their actions, their motions.
They bow before Him, then get up and jeer and laugh. They spit at Him
... they ride arQund on horses. They throw thing-s at Him .... mock Him ....
make fun of Hl!Tl .... and He turos His Eyes Heavenwards and prays.
During all this time the two thieves are speaking. The thief on
the right leans over ta speak ta the thief on the left of Our Lord. The
thief on the right is scolding the thief co the left of Our Lord.
Through it aIl His Lips are praying. His Eyes are looking Heaven­
ward. Our Lord' sLips never cease in prayer. The only time one does
not see His Lips move is during the time He is in convulsion. His
Body twists, turns, jerks, His Tangue protrudes .... then goes back....
and He continues ta pray .... and He is calm and peaceful.. .. then again
convulses.... and He prays when it ceases.
The soldiers are still riding around on horses; sorne walking;
sorne throwing rocks; sorne bowing before Him, screaming mocking
The thief on the right now speaks co Our Lord in a kind, pIe ad­
ing way .... with such a Ioving way .... such sincerity! And he looks over
the crowd and back again ta Our Lord .... and Our Lord looks at him in
a compassionate way, and prays for him. On His cortured Lips there
seems ta be a smile as He speaks ta the thief on the right. ... answers
him with love and compassion.
And then tums His Eyes cowards Heaven, while the other one
is still in anger.
Our Holy Mother ....She tries co come forth, again, with Her Arms
reaching towards Her Son.

Oh Holy Mother
Make us worthy of Thy anguish!
Show us the way:
The way to love Thy Son, as Thou lovest Him.
OpeTt our hearts!
As Your Heart has been opened with pain and sorrow,
Open ours with love
For Thy Son, Our Lord - Our God Who is hanging there
Nailed to the Cross.
Every bit of Blood gushing forth from His Body
AU for us
So unworthy, so faithless, so thoughtless, so heartless.

The film of greed, and sin,

A"d worldliness is in Iront 01 our eyes.

Oh Blessed Mother pierce that lilm

Tear it away

So that we too can see Thy Son the way Thou hast seen Him.

0l'en Thy Arms, and take us to Thy Bosom.

Show us the Way, the Light!

Oh, God have mercy on us!

Oh _..- Sorrowlul and Holy Mother

Pray lor us; guide us.

Protect us with Thy Blue Mantle

Lead us on the road to Thy Divine Son.

Make us worthy 01 Him.

Our Holy Mother has come back to the foot of the Cross. The -two
women are with Hec. She walks forward .... Her Arms outstretched....
She .... Oh, She's so sorrowful.. .. so weak from ail the anxiety and an­
guish. She leans heavily on one of the women, and the Apostle .... as
they go forward. And as they step nearer the Cross .... the Apostle is
supporting Her.... for She looks so pale, so broken, so sad; as if She
had not scrength to stand. She leans against the arm of the Apostle.
Our Lord's Body would rack in pain .... as He convulsed His
Tongue would protrude .... His Eyes would rise to the Heaven but
His Lips never stopped in prayer. His Holy Mother suffered aIl the
pangs that Her Holy Son did .... Her Divine Son. You could see that on
the anguish on Her Face .... Oh the difference between the time of the
Agony in the Garden to the Crucifixion .... Her Face aged. Oh, not with
beauty .... Oh, No! Her Beauty .... Her Radiance .... it was always there.
But the Sorrow! Oh, the Sorrow., .. so deeply inflicted upon Her Heart
.... the Arrows that pierced Her. Yes, God in Heaven, the Eternal
Father, must of gave this Mother the scrength co witness what Our Holy
Mother had to witness. She looked like She would faint any moment ....
but no ....She would always receive strength to come back and face
Her Divine Son. She seemed to .... with Her Arms extended, reaching
towards Her Son .... seemed to ask to take His place .... but the Compas­
sion Her Son on the Cross looked down upon Her. Our Lord looks at
His Holy Mother.... oh, with such Love! He knew that His Etemal
"Father had chosen Him. And He thanked - His Dear Mother . for Her
thoughts of trying to exchange places .... yes .... that was the sorrow
Our Blessed Mother witnessed and endured during the Crucifixion of
Our Lord - Our God.
And now Our Holy Mother is throwing Herself at the foot of the
Cross. Our Lord smiles at His Mother and the Apostle. She is reach­
ing up to Him with Love in Her Eyes, with Love in Her Heart. ... and
Our Lord is looking down upon Her. Oh Their Eyes meet in such Love!
Such Compassion and Love! Such beautiful Love! He speaks to Her....
She does not answer, but Her Eyes speak for Her. Her Eyes plead
for Mercy for Him.
He looks upon His Apostle. He now speaks to the Apostle with
the same Love in His Eyes as He gave His Mother. And the Apostle!
Such Love in his eyes, as they look at one another. He speaks to him:
He gave us His Holy Mother. My Lord and My God!
And now He looks back at His Mocher, and He looks at the two
wOll'en. The one with the long hair has such great pity and sorrow in
h~eart for the Lord that she loves that she falls at His Feet. He
turos to His Holy Mother with His Eyes, and then back tO His Apostle,
and then His Eyes glance over the people: those that are weeping;
those that are still in the same evil thoulilits. And now His Eyes turo
This young Apostle has never once left His Mother's side.
Through ail the sorrow and hardship! The Way of the Cross, he has
never once failed Her.
The soldiers can't witness th's Q.JLe too lon~~~id­
ing their horses between them, and are forcin' this beautiful scene
apar~TIieypush Her back. And She ~ back -;ith sorrow and L~e
in1fer Eyes, as they meet again.
Our Lord' 5 Body would rack in pain as He convulsed, His tongue }
protrude:-oh, t e wa 15 Bo 15 convulsmg. he Blood streaming
from His Arms, from the Wounds. ne won ers where it is al! coming
from. t seems to e no en to t. ut t e str-angest thing to me is:
you don't see none of It on the ground. Where does It go? 1 do not know,
but you can see It leave the Wounds and go about half way 5 to the
ground, and then It stopS; or a screen pulled in front .... you cannot see
It.... I cannot see where It is going. It disappears as if someone is
catching It -- catching the Blood in a Chalice.
Our Lord now prays as His Eyes tums rowards the Heavens.
They 5 ear Hi;:; again. T ey strl e across His Le,.gs. Oh, ~ean­
ness! Such ugliness, such hatred! Such a millin an crowd'
-rners-aresfi11 making mockery; screaming, while many are weep-
Ing. Such lamenting from the women .... and weeping!
Eli. Eli . Lamma Sabachtani.
Oh, but look at Our Lord's Face! The matted Blood.... His beauti­
fui Haïr ail macced .... partly torn out! His Beard ripped in SpotS, where
they tried to rip out sorne of the Beard. His Eyes filled with Blood.
His Lips parched and swollen. His Tongue - thick, as it extends in His
Agony, and in moments of convulsion .... and then again He cornes
right back~ut of it .... and His Eyes turned rowards Heaven.
Our Lord's Mouth is 50 dry and parched. His Tongue is out. Our
Lord's Lips parched and dry .... He <;t"t"fl'S ro indicate that He is thirsrv:
And now one of che soldiers walks up co Him; has dipped a
sponge [0 a jar; and sticking ic on che end of a reed he is pushing it
[ co the Lips of Our Lord .... a sponge chat seems (0 be filled wich some­
t in ver distasteful ta Our Lord for He seemed ta wanted - or indi­
cated thac He wanted wacer.... and this is what chey gave Him.

OUG! UGH! Oh, The Face! The ugliness!

They laugh; chey sneer.

Our Holy Mother! She witnessed aIl chis. Her Heart goes out for
Her Son. Oh, No! le looked like She was going to faint, but She doesn't.
She falls in the arms of the Apostle, as he tenderly hol~s Her. Oh,
Holy Mother!
Thy Heart too has been pierced with every Nail, and every Thorn.
"l'ou have tasted the bittemess of a Sponge on "l'our Lips. Oh - the
( ~ounds are great in "l'our Heart. "l'ou have aged.... not in years .... but
'ln Sorrow.
, And now Our Lord's Form is getting weaker and weaker.... some
of the multitude that's there .... some of them have gone back inca the
city....others are still making mockery .... scre~ing.... while many ~e
weeping. '
Oh, the Body of Our Lord' seems to be getting smaIler; His Body
seems to have shrunken. Eve ounce of Blood seems to have leh His
Body. A strange~comes over His Body. He is so pale. He's weak­
ening so....Oh, such a pitiful sight!
He turns His Eyes to the Heavens and prays Dells .
(foreign words).
Our Lord's Body seems to rise up His Chest. Now He jerks; and
1.( quivers. _His Body is stiffening. And now....Our Lord's Eyes are tumed
~ towards Heaven. And His Head drops to che right side.... and His Body
collapses ....
And with this .... the words leave His Mouth in a LOUD VOICE.
But 1 cannot understand them. And He rops ....
Our Lord? He bas expired.
The same moment Our Lord's Body sank or died, the earrh has)
blackened. And now lt seems everyt ing is ripping....ob, but the sky
is turning black .... a flash the sun di~ ears ....chere is a ru~bling
all over. The people scream sounds 'hke a cremendous e 10slOn....
a ~tin forth .... the noise! The douds! The darkness. Everything
seems to be shaking.
The people are running, screarning.... and frightened - runoin g)
away in fear .... ruoniog in terror.: .. some, falling on their faces, just
ay t ere 10 terror .... some are,rolhng. ' .
Oh, look at the frig t. ... Women have faioted. Those chat were}JJ
bold .... they starced to fear. They started to wonder - al!
about. - ,
~ Sorne of the soldiers are trying to calm sorne of them. Their horses
are frightened; they are leaving.

Ob Sorrowful Mother. make us worthy 01 Thy Divin~ Son.

WhoWl Thou hast witnessed to the bitter end.

Ali Agony lrom the Garden to Calvary!

Oh Sorrowlul Mother. open our hearts with Love

lor Thy Divine Son!

Yes, that was the Sorrow Our Blessed Mother witnessed and en­
dured during the Crucifixion of Our Lord and God.
And now Our Holy Mother is throwing Herselt weeping at the
foot of the Cross. And so does one of the other women. The others
only look up with compassion. One of the women has fainced at the
foot of the Cross. The one with the beautiful hair. Oh, it's such a
sorrowful picture to see Our B1essed Mother kissing the Feet of Her
Divine Son, embracing the Cross.
Oh, She clings so desperately at the Cross and looks up at Her
Son, Who looks so white beneath aIl the dried Blood and Wounds. Oh,
the sorrowful sight to see how heavy is the Heart of Our Lord's Mother
as She gazes upon Her Divine Son Who has JUSt died upon [he Cross
for the sins of man .... while the Aposde is trying to revive the one who
had fainted. She too rises now. She is now throwing her arms about
the Cross, kissing Our Lord's Feet .... with tears .... wiping sorne of the
Blood with her beautiful hair from His Feec.
There' s only a "few scartered there now. A calmness begins to
sertIe near the Cross. Our Holy Mother, the Aposde, and the tWo
Women are praying.
There's three men approaching the Hill from the City. One, a
large man, is riding a horse. The other two, smaller, are walking.
They are approaching the Cross of Our Lord. He gives orders to the
twomen with him. They seem to be looking: "il the three on the crosses
are dead. " Two of them are looking after the two thieves.
They are still alive on the crosses, but in a very weakened con­
dition .... OOH, they are clubbing [he thieves; breaking their arms;­
twisting their legs.... breaking their legs, while ....
The large man on the horse, is riding up to Our Lord, examines
Him and finds He is dead.
He putS the spear inco Our Lord; into His Side after He has
expired. lt is not co the extreme right, nor is it to the extreme left.
But, I shall say, in the center of [he Breast, a little bit to the right;
the soft part, where there is no bone. lt wenc inco His Heart and out
the left side, just above the third rib, inflicting a small wound the size
of the nail that was used for Our Lord's Crucifixion. Again the Blood
and Fluid gush forth, as he releases the spear from Our Lord's Body.
But again the Blood does not fall to the ground. lt stops halt way co
the ground .... lt seems to disappear inco something .... inco the Chalice.
Through all this, the Apostle, Our Holy Mother, and the two
women have steadfastly stayed there. Our Holy Mother, She i5 kneeling
nearby .... with Her Arms folded on Her Breast, praying. The Apostle
has turned the Head of Our Holy Mother to his bosom while the spear
entered Our Lord's Body. While the one with the longhair again passed
out on the gtound from seeing the Blood gush forth from the Wounds.
The Aposde again revives her. And Our Holy Mother, the Apostle, and
the two other women are praying.
The three soldiers are leaving.
Two more men have just arrived. One of them is carrying a ladder.
One of them, a talI man, is carrying a large lin en cloth, walking to
Our Lord.
There's sorne women coming also. They are carrying something.
But they are staying in the background.
Our Holy Mother is now coming back to the· foot of the Cross.
She is on Her Knees praying, looking up at Her Son.... while the tall
man seems to tell the other what to do. They are placing a ladder be­
hind the Cross of Our Lord. They are climbing up the ladder. One of
them hands the other a large linen clotho
He is wrapping it around the Body under the Arm-pits, and fast­
ening it around the Cross above, to suppo.rt the weight of His Body.
The one is handing him a hammer.
Oh, with pincers-like they are loosening the nail from the Right
Hand. One drives it back from the opposite side with the hammer. ...
while the other pulls with the pincers-tong-like instrument.
He hands the nail from the Right Hand to Our Holy Mother, Who
takes it, kisses it and pressed it to Her Bosom.
Now, he is moving the ladder to the Left Arm. He's again 1005­
ening the nail; also removing it with the pincer: gently, 50 gently. He
hands this nail to Our Blessed Mother. She kisses it too.
The Body of the Lord slowly slumps down into the weight of the
cloth that's holding Him. Oh, how gently they are supporting the Body!
He's gone down the ladder to free the Feet of Our Lord. They
have a very difficult time .... they have to pound hard .... to loosen that
large nail, as thick as a large man' s thumb. They are very gently un­
clenching it in the back .... now they are pulling it out. He' 5 trying to
be very gentle.... although it's difficult to do it gently, for the nail is
about eighteen inches long.
They are handing the nail also to Our Blessed Mother, Who
kisses it also.
Now the one is climbing back up the ladder removing the Crown
of Thorns. Many of the thorns have broken off while being 50 rudely
He hands the Crown afso to Our Holy Mother. Our Lady kisses
the Crown and lays it aside.
Now the one is climbing back up the ladder. He's unfastening
the clotho Now, they gently release the Body.
Ooh.... Ooh .... Blessed Mother, how hard this must be for· You!
The Apostle is reaching upward also to help support the Body, as it' s
being gently lowered.
Our Holy Mother has seared Herselt against a large rock with
Her right Knee in a position, in such a way, to form a pillow to support
the Head of Our Lord.
The Apostle has laid a long linen cloth on the ground; one end
over the Knee of Our Mother. Our Lord is being placed gently onto the
linen cloth with His Head and Shoulders nestled in the Arms and Lap
of Our Blessed Mother. Our Lady kisses the Forehead of Her Divine
Son. She is quickly removing a veil from Her Head; beneath Her blue
one. With this She wipes the F ace of Her Son; the Bloody F orehead.
They have removed the Crown.... oh .... so many thorns have broken off;
embedded in His Head. Our Lady kisses the Crown and lays it aside
.... as She wipes the Bloody Forehead of Her Son. Oh, She tries to re­
move the Thorns. The Apostle is helping Her. She wipes the Blood
from His Eyes; tears of sorrow running down Her Face.... while the
other women, that stayed in the back, are now coming forward with
jars and cloths and sponges; with sorne kind of herbs, or leaves or
spices, l don't know .... salve, ointments l guess .... some other things.
They are helping to cleanse Our Lord's Body with ointments and herbs:
His Arms, His Feet, His Head, His Face ....
While the one with the beautiful hair has thrown herselt pros­
trate at the Feet of Our Lord. And with her tears .... and her hair ....
has cleansed the Wounds of both Feet. and has wiped Them clean
with her hair. Oh, she loves Him so the te ars that have streamed
from her face and eyes .... have washed clean the Feet .... of her Dear
Our Lady, Our Holy Mothet is cleansing the Hair that have been
so matted with Blood .... grime and dirt .... and pieces of Thorns .... pieces
of rocks ....oh, what a dirty mess .... but She so gently cleanses it ail.
His Hair looks so clean now. She gently lies Them and arranges
Them neatly next to His Face. She kisses each Eye His Forehead
and His Lips .... in the form of a Cross.
Now She takes a clean cloth From beneath Her mantle and gently
folds it, and places it across .... and places it gently over His Face....
While the other women and the Apostle, and the two other men,
take a clean linen cloth, and wrap His Body around and around; start­
ing From His Feet upwards 'til under His Arms. They are now lowering
His Arms, and crossing Them (at the Wrists: left over right.)
Now they take the large linen cloth, folding it lengthwise, right
straight from His F eet upward, over His Body, back over His Head,
and again from His Head down.
It is getting near darkness now, so they are hurrying to complete
this work before the sun goes down.
Now they pick up His Body: The Apostle and the two men who
lowered Him From the Cross, and another man that has arri ved in the
Now they are gently carrying Him, heading as in a procession
towards the City, but not the way they have come, but to the side,
down the Hill.
The Holy Mother and the two holy women that are always so
close to Her, are by Her side .... follow right behind as they start to
walk .... as in a procession .... down the Hill. AlI the other women,
there' s about eight or ten of them, are following close behind like in
a procession .... as they are gently walking. Sorne of them are staying
further back; sorne of the holy women that were there during the Three
One of the women is gathering flowers. She has left the' proces-
sion. Now they are cOfl'ing to the side of the village.
They have come, not to the Main Gate of the City, but a side
gate, to a place where there seems to be a large Cave or Tomb that
has been prepared.
There' s two guards there at the outside.
The four men have entered into this. Oh.... they are laying the
Body of Our Lord on what is formed like a bed, we would calI it the
size of a cot; it is not a cot....(but that' s what it resembles).... which
seems to have already been prepared.... how gently they are laying Him
down upon this.
The two women and the Holy Mother have entered also. They
have gone down on theit knees, as if in prayer.
But the guards are coming in and ordering them out.
One of the eight women came with a big armful of flowers, which
the one with the beautiful hait, quickly gathers into her arms, runs
back in, and quickly strews them over the tomb and the Body of Our
Lord and God. She quickly runs out.
The soldiers shoved a huge flat rock against the entrance of this
Cave, which seals the Tomb.
The rest aIl leave. And the Apostle He supports Our Holy
Mother, who is walking away .... oh .... so sadly. Neither of them turn
to look back .
The two women are going with them; slowly walking away.
The men also leave now, excepting the two guards, who stand
at both sides of the Rock and watch.

The rest are vanishing in the distance .



About two minutes before twelve on my watch 1 entered the bed­

room of Mary Ann. Her huspand was there and one or two other persons,
perhaps Hank Swan and/or Miss Hermans. As 1 entered 1 noticed Mary
Ann Iying in or on the bed with the spread pulled to cover her entire
body with arms and shoulders uncovered. The left hand was Iying limp
upon her waist or chest; theright hand extended up 50 that the palm
of the hand was over her mouth, while the fingers draped over her nose,
with her eyes c1osed, as if in prayer, breathing normally. Almost a half
minute, perhaps more or less - 1 did not actually time it - she lay there,
when she opened her eyes, hand down, and looked intently up at the
Crucifix upon the south wall for about a half minute, and with an in­
creasing sort of anxiety when suddenly she threw her right arm straight
out at right angles to her body. In about ten seconds she threw the
left arm straight out at right angles to her body. (I stated "she threw",
perhaps that is a misnomer, at least the arms flew out, whether under
her personal control or not 1 had no way of knowing. It had the appear­
an ce as if someone unseen might have taken them and ruggedly cast
or pulled them out. It was a most strange phenomenon to me.) Almost
immediately after the left arm went out the chest heaved or elevated
itself. In about ten seconds the left foot was seen to clamp itself
upon the right. Then both arms went up in the air, very rigid, at a 45
degree, and remained for what was about two minutes actually timing.
AlI the while the eyes were in a fixed gaze, with never a wink of the
eyelids, pupils enlarged. While the arms were up there was consider­
able head movement and mouth agonizing as if trying ta "get loose".
Arms came down flat on bed, at right angles to body forming perfect
cross, aIl the while stiff and rigid. Then as quick as it took to write
the notes the following actions took place. Writhing, arms up at 45
degree angle; then rolled head round with movement of shoulders also
involved; then arms at right angles; sorne murmuring. Then raised up in
bed with arms fast to matress, and feet and legs immovable, heavy
breathing. The fingers stuck out in ail directions still most rigid. Then
more head movement from si de to side with mouth agonizing, etc. Then
arms at 45 degree angle; chest heaved way up; chin movement up and
down; arms back to right angles. Then person calm; swallowed; slight
relaxation for a few seconds. Then rolling of head back and forth.
Heavy breathing, raised up in bed two feet and banged right down;
Still heavy breathing; head side to side, then head raised up and bang­
ed down. Mouth now open and shut, rolling of tongue. Then quiet or
calm with no breathing for a slow count of seventy eight during which



Mrs. Mary Ann Van Hocf with wounds of crown

of thorns which became visible between
2:00 and 3:00pm on a Friday of Lent in
1951. These wounds were visible in Lent
1951 and Lent 1952. Since that time they
have been suffered inwardly on1y.
rime she swallowed three times. Then head movement began again,
back and forth sideways, chest began to elevate, arms up at 45 de­
grees, then chest up still more, chest up,' up, up where it remained for
a few moments, signs of a swallowing, a, second or two of quiet, then
audible breaxhing, with a quick mbvement of the head and shoulders
back and forth, raised entire body from waist up about three feet off
the matress, with indistinguishable talk, then bang down on matœss,
then head turned under so top of head was resting on the pil1ow, chest
way up, and deep breathing, then raised up to almost sitting position
wi'th hands riveted to matress, and almost as quickly banged back down
again. Then short breaths way up in top of neck; then flattened out and
rather placid for a few seconds, with breath now and then.
Then chest jerked up suddenly. (Dr. Meyer came in, tried to flex
fingers, then arm at elbow with no success; then withdrew coversIrom
over feet, and left foot would not respond as he tried to rai se it from on
tQP t):le right foot. This was at 12:15 Noon.) During a calm spell the
Doctor did his examining, which included what was just stated together
with the eye flash-light test.
There was more action as above described when suddenlya word
or two which sounded plainly like, "Aloi, Aloi"; then the head went
way over to the left and layon the side, then up, then back to the left
side; then heavy breathing, fast breathing, real fast breathing; a swal­
lowing was observed with 1T'0uth open, then fifteen heavy, fast breaths,
then quiet - as head rolled back to normal position; then chest up, head
back, still, with tracheal squeak or sigh; a swallowing,mouth wide
open, chest heaving, jerky, arms almost straight up, sighing, heaving
of the ches.r; arms at right angles, then up at 45 degrees, then down
and a re laxation of sorne note for a few seconds. Then the heaviest of
chest breathing with a convulsion of the arms from elbows down to the
hands, a sort of quivering or palsied action, mouth opened and a sort
of choking sound. Then raising up in bed three times and batting right
down, head especially. Eyes still wide opened, and mouth with tongue
low in throat. A sort of calm or quiet for the count of 46 with one in­
voluntary swallowing, as were all the other swallowing attempts after
the saliva had run way down the throat. With face weIl up, mouth closed
there was sorne more whispering and Ep movement which could not be
deciphered. Then there was more writhing, twisting and tuming, but
thepalms of the hands always remained rigid and without movemenr,
even though there was the appearance of great discomfort, or a trying
to "get loose" might de scribe it better, although l would not want to
say that is what was going on.
It was now 12:30 and no more notes were taken undl 12:45 because
there seemed to be a constant repetition of what went on before in
varying degrees.
12:45 There was a violent shaking of the head, sort of rebellion like
appearance, with sorne indistinguishable gibberish. Then rather
distinctly, "Dominus Meus -- Deus -- meus". Then much action

of arms and head, with heavy breathing. Then most heavy breathing
through mouth or rather exhaling for one-half minute. Then raise up two
and one-half feet, and plunked back down.
1:00 Sorne gibberish, then, "Deus". Then sat up and back down,
al way s for as long as it cook co perform the action.
1:03 Convulsion of hands only, a rapid qui vering, not pronounced
as in paIsy.
1: 17 Writhing, head shaking, with head wa y over to the left, lying
flat on side of face.
1:25 Terrific writhing, shaking of head ... , .mouth opened wide. Then
quiet again with repitition of the same.
1:30 Laud gibberish not understandable, chest heaving, congue pro­
truding on lower lip, when final1y for once only, tongue protruded
out and back as if to taste or couch something.
1:35 Arms rigidly up, extended and backward, hands or fingers tangl­
ing in bedstead, but never freeing, and when after much prolonged
encanglement, fingers made the iron rods of the bed sing.
1:40 A smile on face midst the agony and anguish after a spell of
writhing, and after the arms had been elevated high above the
head almost scraight up. Then quiet.
1:50 More violent carrying on as herecofore, with an audible cry.
1:55 First naticeable violent rubbing of left eye (the side 1 was now
on) wi th faint v.ords - nat understandable.
2:00 . Deep staring up toward ceiling with great frown and reddened eyes.
2: 10 Convulsions of arms and hands.
2: 12 Raised way up in bed, sitting up position and bang down.
2:15 Clear as a hell she said, "Deus-Deus". Then raised up in sicr·
ing position again with heavy rolling or swaying. (With a11 the
movemencs of the body it was notice able that the hips nor legs
never lost their original position).
2:27 Arching the body in back through chest only, which was sudden,
with top of head down on pil10ws (body warm; arms and hands
cold). Then convulsions of the che st.
2:40 Shook head as if to say,"No," repeatedly and quickly.
2:41 Raised self through back region up and down three or four times.
2:42 EYES SHUT for the first time since noon.
2:45 Eyes opened, quiet, calm, looking ceilingward.
2:51 Eyes closed, hands at wrist scraight up, while arms were lying
flat at right angle from body with slight resting on elbows. Rest­
ing calmly with slight tremor at extremity of hands.
3:02 Hands at wrists lay flat on bed in straight out position at right
angles to body. Then each is folded at elbow with hands coming
upon che st as she started out at noon. She seemed to sleep tiU
3: 15 when 1 left room.
Later, 1 heard someone say she awoke at 3:20 shortly aEter mur­
muring something about "Pope", but 1 had left the ·room by that time.

(The above statements are merely a briefed account of what act­
ual1y took place as 1 took notes at the time things were happening.
There has been no attempt to establish nor to dramatize what 1 saw,
nor to read anythi ng into the actions and agonies as they transprred.
If one were to witness what J saw Mary Ann Van Hoof go through from
twel ve to three at sorne one' s death bed it would frighten them sick,
but knowing that this was but the seventh reoccurance of a similar
thing, one could rest secure that she was not about to die; otherwise,
it would have been too much to take. There remains for her to state
what she saw and went through visual1y or mentaIly during that time in'
arder to give meaning to so much apparent agony, pain, and what not.)
AIl of the above was typed February 26, 1951 in Frankfort,
Indiana from my notes taken F ebruary 16, 1951 and is as accurate as
ic is pos sible for one to make.


FEBRUARY 23, 1951 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.
At 11:58 on my watch, 1 entered the bed room. Dr. Meyers, the
family physician was at the bed side, holding the hand of the out­
stretched arm, or taking pulse. The left arm was arched natural1y up and
over so the index finger touched the shoulder. The eyes were closed;
patient in relaxed composure. Suddenly chin came up, head back, eyes
opened and up, a groan, hands went out in a cruciform (t), left foot went
over right, and the chest was heaving upward. It was 12:00 Iloon sharp.
Arms elevated to a 45 degree. Then down and a calm for counc of ten
seconds. Then suddenly chest heaved upward, heavy breathing, anus
waived up at 45 degrees again, and back slightly. Quiet - - audible
swal1owing. Arms up off pil10w and down again; jaw down; sigh audible.
Raised head up, then from sicle to side, and down. Then head, only six
inches, down again, always with facial agony. Mouth closed for a second,
then opened; eyes al ways opened, with pupils dilated (distended).
Then chest up, wcithing, with movement of head and shoulders back and
forch sideways. Then a calm for a few seconds. Then quite clearly, "Deus,
Deus, Deus". Then chin drawn up as head went back and its top stuck down
into pillow. There were words muttered, but not clear. From the "Deus" ep­
isode to this point the arms were almost straight out (t). Then there was more
wcithing, head back and forch sideways, chest went way up with top of head
dOM} deep into pillow while exhalation was heavy. Then there was a change
in head position, which had movement back and forth to sides carrying shoul­
ders with it. Chest was up, and arms at about 45 degrees.
12:07 A few seconds of calm with snoring like rest, which was followed with
rolling of head in slight circular motion that increased to take in a
larger circumference, then a slight calm with words clear and distinct:
"Hosea-Hosea" with accent on the letter "0". Then distinct quiet.

Then arms up at 45 degree, chest UP, uP with head in top of pillow,
then still for a moment when the arms were brought up into the head of
bed stead, always rigid and making the roos of the bed sing when the
stiff fingers were pulled through them, and back down to the mattress.
Then there was a squirming to the right and then she raised almost to
complete sitting position and banged down again. This time the hands
and arms did n ot remain fixed to the mattress.as they 50 often did before,
(both today and last Friday).
12: 10 There was a brief spell of quiet with the calm broken by some gibberish.
There was some tearing, nurse wiped face and Doctor looked into eyes,
while hands waved a little.
12: 12 Writhing mostly to right, with a whisper, then head down into pillow
and chest uP as hands raised about 2 inches off mattress, with con­
tinued writhing of head up and to left side. Then anus up at 45 degree
and back into bed, head and back down. There was quiet again for a
short time; jaw down; tongue against inside of lower teeth. ]aw dropped
still lower, then up, then loud breathing with chest movement, then sub­
siding with normal breathing. Then writhing back and forth sideways
three or four times, then quiet.
12: 15 Then again heavy breathing with chest up but head not down so low in
pilIow. Raised right hand off pilIow or matress. Head rolIs right to left
then quiet, with anus at 45 degrees and face straight up.
12: 17 Terrific head movement sideways, then down into pilIow with top of
head again, chest uP, grief sighs three or four tÎmes with chest still
arched and arms at 45 degrees ~) then quiet and normal breathing but
slow and almost imperceptible for a count of 42.
12: 18 Roll s head, chest up, hands and amIs at 45 degrees and down with
eight sighs of grief, then head movement back and forth sideways,
squirmings with whole body from waist line up, then hands up slightly.
12:20 Sorne gibberish; then it was not clear but sounded like, "Deus· Deus",
Quiet again for a few moments, head only up and around in circular
motion with gibberish of sorne seconds duration.
12:20 There were ten heavy breathing heaves, quick and jerky like then no .
breathing with chest still up and chin raised, and a larynx slight squeal;
then head back and forth and hands went off mattess with arms about
18 inches and right back and down to cross t) position. Then quiet for
a few seconds, jaw sags down and back three times, then heavy breath­
ing. Pupils of eyes still dilated, chest went way up, up, head down into
pillow again, then some head and shoulder movement, or better,
12:25 Quiet, with exhaust of larynx. After a few seconds fast breathing again;
head up and off pillow 4 inches, then bang down on pillow again.
Raises up with back (net hips) and head straight and stiff, and flattens
out again with sound of choking, like swallowing of tongue.
Larynx squeak, as if it were DEATH. Remained absolutely quiet for a
fairly fast count of about 155 times. The heavy breathing preceding
this simulated death Dr. De Werth {Catholic Dr) called the Choin­
Stokes breathing which often precedes accual deach.
12:29 Sorne gibberish, and chen sorne more gibberish, indistinguishable. Then
quiet, chin up and mouth closed and anns ar right angles and quiet for a
few seconds. Then writhing stans in again, three or four heavy breaths
followed by quiet, with chest up sorne, then t\\Q sighs, head down in
pillow, che St. up, with tremendous exhaust sigh, then four breaths, mouth
open and saliva noticeable on tongue and inside mouth a:; arms went up
about ten inches and down. Quiet again slow normal breathing. Then
chest up again, harïds and arms up ten inches. Wriching again with head
and shoulder movernent notable, while arms ace fixed at 45 degrees to
matress. Then a couple of sighs. Then chest up, and quiet.
12:35 Tongue slipped off upper teeth.
12:37 Mter ten audible breachs chest went up and down wich acms at about 45
àegrees for three cimes. Then heavy rising up and clown of shoulders
with head, and back and forch and around for several cirnes, with grear
wrearhes of wrinkles and grimaces in face.
12:38 A new posture; the body stiffened from waist line up raising back and
head on an even plane two inches off matress and pillow chen down ~.
Then arms went up at 45 degree angle, chest up mer about five quick
breaths (audible). Then quiet, and no perceptible breathing for a fast
count of 145. Then more "tearing" and slight movernent or signs of
life. (Nurse wipes face).
12: 40 Then heavier squirming than ever; gibberish which sounded like,
"Iesos, lesos, lesos. lesos" , chen quiet. Head movement around again
arms off bed and back down, chest up. Quiet for two minutes.
12:44 Raised up. Head and shoulder movernent mostly in left shoulder, not
right. (Pulse faine and as fast as 1 could count 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - etc.
12:47 lt sounded like she said, "Dominus Deus, Deus Meus", not suee though.
Then both arms up like a big 'U', chest and back up; arms down; back
down; che st, down. Quiet.
12:49 Writhing shoulders, then head writhing; arms up ac 45 degrees and down;
convulsions at arm extremicies and hands, very fast quivering; chin
then took part also in convulsion or shaking up and down (much faster
than 1 can do it IlOW). Then jerks; chest up; now jerks of chest. Quiet.
Breathing slow but heavy 14 times. Quiet. One big exhaust, quiet.
1ben jerk of whole body. Head movement back and farth sideways. Quiet
husky whisper like; 'Hose, Hose. Hose'-nor sure though •
12:54 Quiet. Could see beat in neck. (cal1ed Dr. De Werth's attention to
heart beat. 1 think he said it was about 90, but 1 thought by counting
for a ten second period he was about right).
12:57 Raisedup about two thirdsof sitting posture and bang down. Quick exhal­
ations very audible for about 9 times. Writhing with head and shouiders,
left, still favoring right shoulder. Flattened out; q illet. Arros boch up
into bed head, then cracked down. Chest up; quiet.
!:OO J ibberish, then sorne more jibberish. Was it 'Dominus meus et Deus
meus' ? 1 could not be sure. Then head and face to left in a fixed stare
for 15 seconds.

1:03whispered; 'Deus. Deus, Deus'. Then flat, still. Now hands up, down.
Pronounced movement back and forth Raised up 18 inches; gave express-
ive endearing look. Down at once. Quiet.
1:05 Hands and arms up at 45 degrees, with thumb carching in iron bed head;
..............................bang, cornes off. Quiet. Face to left, back up to ceiling.
Rolling movement of head and left shoulder off pil1ow. Flattens out.
Then says unmistakenly 'Deus, Deus, Deus, Deus': with first Deus,
loud and each subsequent Deus dying away until the last was a whisper.
1:07 Quiet; lips articulating but inaudible and imperceptible. Still quiet; hands
cold; fingers slightly relaxed. When l flexed the index finger of the left
hand, it stiffened back up. Quiet..
1: 10 Head rolled again; raised head 10 inches off pil1ow, and back down.
Now face is tutned te right with stare-Iook (before it was left). Breathing
1: 12 Head up and around again with bath shoulders now. Arms jerked up 2 times.
1;14 Convulsions of hands for about 10 seconds. Chest up, up, head back
and down into pillow. Arros up (no indication in my notes of arm pos-
ture); larynx squeak exhaust. Quiet. Eyes straight up; deep sunken,
1: 15Y2 Sat up, hands down on mattress. Then back down. Flat Quiet for less
than a minute (%); heavy breathing 4 or 5 times.
1:17 Squirming head and shoulders; chest up. Quiet. Arms up at 45 degree
for a short time. Quiet. Chest movement. Head around, as if riveted
through chest te bed; mouth open, sighing, guttural and nasal sound of
sighing; chest out.
1:19 Quiet. Then quick exhausts, short ones for 9 times; now faster, faster
for about 20 times; chest up or out. Quiet.
1:20 Tongue action only down throat; terrible look in red eyes, and great
frown and wrinkli ng of a vertical nature.
1:24 Writhing again, head elevated off piUow and shoulder movement again of
both shoulders as previously, sorne more gibberish. Quiet. More jibber-
ish. Quiet. More jibberish; more jibberish..Real quiet.
1:28 Arms up for 5 seconds, then down. No other movement. Very little action
other than appearance of facial suffering or anguished appearance with
stare straight up.
1: 30 Raised self up not quite to sitting position, chen bang down; wich re-
peated writhing and tossing of head. Quiet.
1:35 . More roUing of head and shoulders. (Here l must state there was a red
spot on Mary Ann's forehead when l arrived at the house that morning at
10: 15 or so. l asked no questions about it, but was teld lacer by Clara
that she first saw it on Thursday, or the day before). The 'red' spot on
the forehead seemed te have spread laterally to the lef t and a little up-
ward, about 12 inch. (1 spoke te Dr. DeWerch about it and heconcurred).
Now writhing of head and shoulders.
1:37 Quiet. Really flattened out; relaxed; looking te right.
1:40 Jaw moving.
1:41 Writhing back and forch; sat straight up in bed, falls back (Notes do no!

say if hand stayed fixed to bed) then some more jibberish. Quiet.
Head up a little as if to look, then hands up and down. Quiet.
1:44 Action again. Sat up, banged right down again. Hands up more
than a 45 degree angle for 10 seconds, then down. Quiet. A little
action, not much of hands and head. Quiet, calm, staring into
space a little to the right of center.
1:49 Head way over to the left 2 times then back to the right.
1:50 Great shoulder movement with head back and forth. Sat straight
up, and back down, then head movement.
1:51 Jibberish not at aIl distinct, but sounded like 'Deus'as before.
Flat; looking straight up to ceiling. Quiet... for about 8 minutes. _
1:59 Closed eyes.
2:00 Or a little before, opened eyes. Hands took a new posture also
arms. Whereas the eotire length had been straight oUt at right
angles, the forearms came up and toward the body at about 45
degree angle with the hands draping on over farther sic; tp
2:00 A few s.econds past, (or maybe exactly at two, I had no stop watch)
EYES CLOSED (and remained closed until 2: 11 see farther down).
Breathing; quiet.
2:05 J ibberish , like one talking in their sleep.
2:07 Came these clear words wruch faded ioto a mumble: Instructions
from the ".
2: 10 Left hand almost against face but in same position as described
above. 'Instructions from Kremlin!' Then the bed shook, but no
words: 'NO, NO' as face screwed up.­
2;11 Eyes opened.
2: 13 Eyes closed.
2:14 Eyes opened, then came the words; '..l\laska' (no mistake on that)
t?en soun~~d Eke '~' ~o some of us, w.hile. to others it. sounded
llke Hawau, and to me wlth my poor heanng It sounded l1ke 'w,hy'.
(Later in the day when Mary Ann heard the notes read to her she
said it should be 'July'), Continuing with eyes opened and every

one now gathered before her, she did not bat an eye but said:
'Destruction from KreJYin'.
2:15 Then It sounded to Clara as if she said 'Three oclock'.
2:16 Sounded like 'Ivoe'
2' :17
Sounded like 'evil' r----------------_
Without a doubt I heard her sa"- 'PQPO' Cruci{ied Betra.Y~
_____ .. .(then lip movement which if I read righdy pronounced b-s-h-e.)
2:19 Came clearly 'Island buried': 'God' s children spared- ;v"iT'ères­
stroyed' very plainli:; heard. (Eyes Still Opened) more wor~not
ro;; understandable:Fire; destruction; flood; mockery; crucifixion.
Priest$,' Sisters; Protect them..... evil.'
2:20 Eyes Closeâ
Then there Vias a ternfic shaking of the head as if in disapproval,
a screaming like, perhaps biting at lower Ep CI say perhaps,
because it aIl went so f~st, I write this late note from memory

about the lips; it matters little) more head shaking, then in ang­
uish, with much screwed up facial expression; 'GOD.· GOD ....
Porgive them.· . ­
2:23 .Ey-e";;;s-c-'rr-"o-s-ed. Then relaxed condition; hands came together in
prayerful posture at tips of fingers onl y, much like a fat priest
that can't span his tummy, but higher and over chest. Then these
words; 'Pray. Pray, Pray' (eyes shut). Sounded like 'MarlJ!!s'.
2 :25 Eyes opened, stares straight up: Whispers 'Evtl: disbelieve:
adultery (very plain); 'murdered; Pater Pio: Martyred; Engtand
destroyed...England Destroyed. '(both very plain, so as no doubt):
'Cause of destruction': Spare them' then s cunded like 'Please
Please', 1 can't be sure; later on- Repentance; then later: Decem­
ber, 1952.'
2:36 Sounded like 'Pather Pio', then sorne other 'Pather •.. ' (with a
long name no one could make out); chen another word sounded like
2:38 ((TWiCe .r~ther loud and distinct: 'Water poison, w~ter oison"I'IU
C2,mmumsm; Destroy water; estroy n ge; on uston; Innocent;JJJI
Convicted: Truman--attempt of life;-Eisenhower.' Then cried fit­
fully with head shaking and saying; 'NO, NO' as hands came up
over face, t.hen 'Have Mercy. Have Mercy'.
2:40 Then, 'GOD'--Hands still on face and crying. Rolls on right side;
twisted up in bed; shook head; curled up with head buried in arms
and sighs of deep sorrow.
2:45 Awakened, grabbed Clara smiling. (That was aIl). To the right
a~~lef~~re~ot were spots, r~çj~eaa:-:--



12:00 Closed eyes. Breathing slow. Arms folded in front of chesL

12:03 Extends head. Right arm extended laterally. Left arm extended
lateral..Left foot crosses right.
12:04 Eyes open. Looking up. Deep stertorous breathing. Fingers hyper­
12:05 Deep respiration. Rolls head to left side. Very labored breathing.
12:06 Head tilted to the right. Looking up. Head in midline of body
and face looking up. Spoke .. 'Hosia'. Head rolls from si de to side.
12:07 Head tilted to right. Looking up. Arms spastic. Rolls head from
side to side. Hyperextension of the head. Long inspirations and
short expirations. Spoke?
12:08 Arms spastic. Fingers clawed. Head hyperextended. Long inspir­
ation and short expirations. Rolls head from side to side. Pain­
fuI expression on face. Very deep inspirations and expirations.
12:09 Sirs up. Falls back onto bed with force. Spoke? Fingers clawed.
Looking up. Arms strike the back of the bed with force.
12: 10 Long inspirations and short forced expirations. RoUs head from
sicle ta side. Head tilted to the right. Breathing labored. Arms
strike the back of the bed with force.
12: 11 Head hyperextended. RoUs head from side co side. Sits up. Falls
back onto bed with force.
12: 12 Short stertorous inspirations and shore expirations. Looking up.
Short forced inspirations and expirations. Head hyperextended.
Noisy inspirations.
12:13 Spoke? Rolls head from side to side. Painful expression on face.
Strikes arms against the back of bed.
12: 14 Looking to the left. Silent. Rolls head from side to side and head
rests tilted to the righr. Looks forward. Tearing...
12:16 RoUs head from side to side. Sirs up. Falls back omo bed. Deep
inspirations and short forced expirations. Expirations were so
forced the bed shook.
12:17 Very noisy inspirations(loud). Head extended. Arms outstretched
12:18 Very rapid breathing foUowed by silence. Sirs up 4-5 times and
falls back omo bed with force. Struggling. Spoke? Rolls head
from side to side. Arms extended above head and spastic.
12: 19 Arms elevated above head at 45 degree angle. Spastic. Strike
back of bed with force.
12:20 Arms strike back of bed with force. Spoke? Head tilted to the
r.ighr and face looking up.
12:21 Deep rapid inspirations. Head tilted co the right. Looking up.
Arms lateral.
12:22 Ro11s head from side to side. Head resting on left side of face.
12:23 Arms elevated above head. And spastic. RoUs head from si de to
side. Looking to right and upward. Opens and closes mouth.
Breathing very labored. Tosses herself wildly on bed. Head hyper­
extended. Arms outstretched lateraUy from body.
12:24 Quiet. Head hyperextended. Arms outstretched laterally. Slow
deep stertorous breathing.
12: 25 Spoke? Head hyperextended. Arms extended laterally at right
12:26 Arms elevated above head and spastic at 45 degree angle. Fing­
ers clawed. Strikes hand on back of bed wirh force.
12:27 Short noisy respirations. Head extended. Arms fall to bed wirh
force. Convulsions of the chest muscles. Short noisy inspirations.
Ro11s head from side to side.
12: 28 Head tilted to righr. Quiet. Opens and closes mouth. Looking up
12:29 Spoke? SwaUowing hard. Tearing. Painful expression on face.

12:30 Opeas and closes mouth. P ainful expression on face. Arms spas­
tic. Rolls head from side to side. Deep inspirations artdexpir­
arions. Looking to die ldt and upward.
12:31 Rolls head from side to side. Sits up. Falls back onto bed. Freq-'
uent short forced expirations. Struggling violently lifting left
shoulder and head off bed. Very loud noisy breathing.
12:33 Lifts head off pillow. Lifts head and shoulders off bed-struggling.
12:34 Painful expression on face. Head tilted to right. Looking up. Arms
spastic and extended upward at right angles. Breathing labored.
Spoke? ­
12:35 Arms spastic. Head tilted to the right. Looking up. Rolls hea d
from left to right. Lifts shoulder off bed.
12:36 Head tilted to right. Looking up. Painful expression on face.
12:37 Face resting on ldt side. Frequent short inspirations. Convul­
sions of both arms. Looking to left.
12:38 Strikes back of bed with arms. Looking up and to the left. SwalI­
ows hard. Opens and closes mouth. P ainful expression on face.
Fingers extended. Head extended and looking to the left.
12:39 Open and closes mouth. Spoke? Looking to the ldt and upward.
Arms spastic and extended upward at 45 degree angles.
12:40 Spastic arms strike back of bed 3 times. Looking up. Deep inspi­
ratory crow.
12:41 Forced expiration. Short forced inspiration and expiration.
12:42 Rolls head from si de ta side. Looking to ldt and looking to the
right. Lifts head off pillow. Rolls head from side to side.
12:43 Spoke? Looking up. Head in midline. Arms outstretched at right
angles --mouth open--open and closes mouth.
12:44 Looking up and to the right. F ingers slightly flexed.
12:45 Open and closes mouth. Respirations deep. Head extended. Deep
forced respirations which become very rapid.
12:46 Inspiratory crow. Mouth open.
12:47 Arms extended above head at 45 degree angle. Slow noisy breath­
ing. Arms fall down onto bed. Forced expirations. Force of expir­
ations causes bed to shake.
12:48 Looking up and to right. Slow stertorous breathing. Arms spastic
and extended upward.
12:49 Tongue extends beyond teeth. Slowly noisy breathing.
12:51 Loud noisy breathing. Arms extended above head. Tearing. Sits
up 3-4 times. Struggling.
12:52 Spoke? Looking up. Fingers extended.
12:53 Looking up. Open and closes mouth. Arms extended at right angles
. to body. Tearing. Open and closes mouth.
12:55 Painful expression on face. Slow deep respiration. Looking up.
12:57 Deep inspiratory crow. Loud-Iooking up. Arms spastic and extend­
ed above head. Head extended. Convulsion of chest 3 time.s-­
bed shakes-­
1:00 Head extended. Spasm of shoulders and torso.
1:01 Inspiracory crow. Looking up. Spasm arms extended above head.
Head extended. Arms strike back of bed.
1:02 Forced expirations. Struggling. Loud inspiration and forced expir­
ation. Head tilted to the right and upward.
1 :03 Fingers flexed. Head extended and tilted to lefe.
1:04 Spoke? 'DIOS'. RoUs head From side to side.
1:05 Sirs up. Falls back omo bed. Head tilted to right and upward.
Spoke? Extends head.
1:06 Shoulders elevated off bed; alternately. Convul sion of encIre 'body
(arms, legs and trunk). Head extended.
1:07 Looking up. Fingers flexed. Head extended... Spoke?
1:08 Inspiratory crow. Head extended. Arms at right angles From body.
1:09 Arches b ack. Head extended. Forced noisy expirations. Shore
inspirations .... Gasping.
1:10 Force-d expirations. Loucl inspiratory crow. Stfuggling. .liEting
shoulders and head off bed violently.
1:11 Sirs up. Falls back omo bed. Looking up and head tilted to right.
1:13 Opens and closes mouth. Rolls head From side to side. Painful
expression on face. Looking to the left.... face res.ting on left
1: 14 Spoke? Looking to the left and upward. Ro! ls head From side to
side. Sits up. Falls back onto bed with force.
1 :15 Arms spastic and elevated above head at 45 degree angle. Head
tilted to right. Looking upward. Painful expression on face.
1:16 Opens and closes mo"Uth. Spoke? Arms extended laterally at
right angles. Head tilted co right.
1:18 Arms spastic and extended above head. Forced expirations.
Looking to the right and upward. Inspiratory crow.
1:'19 Very deep labored breathing and very rapid. Head tilted to right
and upward. Opens and closes mouth. Arms extended laterally
at right angles.
1:20 Arms spastic and at right angles co the body. Lifts head off
pillow. Seems co be searching or watching a scene with difficulty.
Rolls head From si de co side. Head resting on left and looks co
the left.
1:22 Painful expression on face. Looking to left.Stertorous inspirations.
1:23 Struggling..... lifting head and shoulders off bed alternately.
Looking co leEt and face rests on left side. Tongue extends be­
yond teeth margin.
1:24 Lifts shoulders off bed three ... four times. Rests weight on back
of head. Throws shoulders ooto bed with force. Arms lateral wards.
1:25 Arms extended above head at right angles. Looks up Spoke?
1:26 Arms spastic and extended lateralward. Looking up. Head tilted

to left . Looking upward...Spoke?

1:27 Rests head on right side. Looks up. Rolls head from side t 0
side. Arms spastic. Rests head on left side. Looks straight up.
Arms spastic.
1:28 Sits up slowly. Falls back slowly. Head tilted to right. Looks up.
1:29 Inspiratory crow. Convulsion of che st. Head tilted to right. Looks
up. Mouth open.
1:30 Inspiratory crow. Short, loud inspirations.
1:32 Lifts head and shoulders off bed. Struggles eight •• nine times,
lifting head and shoulders off bed violently. Head tilted tO the
right and looks up.
1:33 Spoke? Painful expression on face. Head tilted to right. Arms
1:34 Spoke? Painful expression on face. Looks up and to the left.
Inspiratory crowing. Arms extended lateralward.
1:36 Arms extended above head at 45 degree angle. Looks up. Spoke?
1:38 Rolls head from side to side. Head tilted to right and looks up
Arms extended upward at 45 degree angle. Spoke?
1:39 RoUs head to left side. Looks up and to the left. Open and
closes mouth. Extends tongue beyond teeth margin.
1:40 Extends head. Arms lateralward. Fingers slightly flexed.
1:41 Swallows hard. Loud inspirations and silent expirations.
1:42 Convulsions of chest. Arms spastic and extended above head
Looks up.
1:43 Convulsions of chest. Loud inspiratory crow. Looking up. Loud
1:44 Opens and closes mouth. Loud expiration. Looking up.
1:45 Loud noisy respiration. Difficulty in swaUowing. Looking up.
1:46 Convulsions of both shoulders. Throws self on bed four· . five
times. Head tilted to the right. Looks up.
1:47 RoU s head from side to side. Attempts to lift shoulder off bed.
Looking to the right. Seems to be pleading.
1:48 Painful expression on face. Looking to the left.
1:49 Spoke? Looking to left. Arms spastic and elevated above he ad.
1:50 Rolls head from side to side. Arms spastic and elevated above
head. Head tilted to left, but looking to the right. Turns head
to right slowly. Looking to right. Breathing labored. Rolls head
from left to right. Lifts shoulders off bed. Head tilted to left.
Looking upward. Loud stertuous breathing.
1:51 Sits up. Falls back onto bed. Arms extended lateralward. Head
tilted to right. Looking up.
1:52 Arms extended above head. Head tilted to right. Looks up. Rolls
head from left to right. Seems to be searching, turns head slowly
to left. Head tilted to left.
1: 53 Short rapid in spirations. Loud expirations approximately sixty
per minute.
1:54 Convulsions of lower jaw and both arms. Head tilted to left and

looks forward. Convulsions extend over entire body.
1:55 Arms extended laterally. Eyes 100 king up. Head tilted ta left.
Arms spastic and elevated above head. Face looking directly
1:56 Spoke?
1: 57 Spoke?' Hosia - Hosia'. Looking straight upward.
1:59 Loud inspiratory crow. Looks up. Opens and closes mouth.
2:00 Lifts head off pillow. Searches. Spoke?
2:01 Head hyperextended. Convulsion of body. Arms extended at
right angles ta body. Head tilted ta right. Looking upward. Fing­
ers slightly flexed.
2:03 Arms spastic. Looking up and to the right.
2:04 Convulsions of shoulders and arms. Arms extended laterally.
2:05 Rapid, shallow respirations.
2:07 Hefld tilted ta right.
2:08 Spoke? Head tilted to right and looking up. Rolls head from
side to side. Head rests on right side. Convulsion, generalized.
Looking left.
2:09 Looking up. Spoke? 'Dios'.
2:10 Convulsion of left shoulder. Sits up. Falls back with force.
Spasm of shoulder girdles. Looking straight up.
2: 11 Short inspirations and deep forced expirations. Breathing ster­
tuous. Arms extended laterally.
2: 12 Forced expirations. Bed shakes from force of the expiration.
Head tilted to right and upward. Tangue extended beyond teeth.
2: 13 Loud, deep respirations. Head tilted to right. Forced expirations.
2: 14 Loud, stertuous inspirations. Spoke? Respirations deep and
labored. Become very rapid.
2: 15 Tearing. Seems to be observ ing something. Sits up. Seems to be
following a scene. Falls back onto the bed slowly. Seems re­
2: 16 Closes eyes. Spoke? Arms spastic and elevated above head.
Looking directly upward. Spoke?
2:17 Closes eyes. Arms spastic and elevated above head. Falls to bed.
2:18 Looking up and to the right. Arms spastic. Head resting on its
right side. Painful expression on face. Spoke?
2:20 Shook head. Arms spastic and elevated above head - - falls to
bed. Tangue extends beyond teeth margin. Closes !ipso
2:21 Painful expression on face. Looking up and to the right. Lifts
he ad off pillow. Searching.
2:22 Head tilted to left. Arms spastic and elevated above head. Falls
ta bed. Looking up.
2:23 Lifts, head off pillow. Searching. Rests head on pillow. Seems
to be talking. Mouth open.
2:24 Lifts head off pillow. Searching. Rolls head from side to side.
Violently lifts right shoulder off bed several times. Spoke?
Deep respirations.
2:25 Looking to the left and upward. Painful expression on face.
Arms spastic and elevated above head - . faU to bed. Rolls
head from side to side. Severe convulsion of entire body.
2: 26 Head tilted to right and looking up. Spoke. F ingers slightly flexed.
2:27 Loud inspiratory crow. Head tilted to right and upward. Loud
inspiratory crow • - arms outstretched laterally.
2:28 Spoke? Head tilted to right and looking upward.
2:30 Head resting on left side of face. Lifts head off pillow. RoUs
head from left to right. Sighing respirations. Head tilted to left.
Loud re-spirations (inspirations and expirations). Convulsion of
shoulders. Looking to left.
2:32 . Rolls head from side to side. Lifts head off piIJo-w. Rolls head
from side to side. Arms spastic and elevated above head; faIls
omo bed.
2:34 Arms at right angles to body. Head hyperenended. Swallows
with difficulty. .
2:35 Very deep rapid respirations. Lifts head off pillow. Searching.
Sits up.
2:36 Rests on right sicle. Loud inspiratory crow. Arms lateral to body.
Deep breathing. Looking up.
2:37 Lifts head off pillow. Searching. Rolls Iiead from side to side.
Looking to left - - then to right. Inspiratory crow.
2:38 Head tilted to right. Closes eyes. Tearing. Arms spastic and
elevated. Looking scraight up. .
2:40 Arms lateral to body. Looking directly upward. Arms spastic
and elevated. FaU to bed. Breathing deep and slow. Forehead
2:42 Lifts head off pillow. Breathing labored.
Çhurch persecuted Church persecuted. FtU4Its al- Hierqr.chy /J
..... Fau/ts Greed ?--------Oh Mercy ..... Oh Mêrcy.
Persecution :;;;;;;;g doing. Must do right. Must do right.
Persecution severe Nations wi ed out.
2:45 Sha es head. Oh God Ob God. Looks up. Have mercy on them
..... give them another chance. Have mercy on them ..... Perse·
cution ..... pries ts ..... sis ters.
2:46 Shook head. Looks up. Cried. Destruction. Shook head. Evi/
..... se/lishness. Hatred..... Greed Want 01 power. Eng/and .
destroyed. Europe. Asia. jerusa/em, Philippines persecuted ..
destroyed..... Lack 01 Love lor the Divine. Much destruction .
Western Hemisphere. Assassination death 01 senator not
to natura/ causes-::: .. Vanden6urg deatb. Not to nature. but
ewl. Admintstered into bis medicine.
Watch . yoursell. it starts without notice. Watch yourse/I (some­
thing el se was addèd to last reveJation). Stay in the state 01
Grace and lear not. The good will be sal'ed..... but must suller.
The good will be spared, but 'must suffer, t'vi/..... destroyed?

Fr. !If ateo.... Padre Pio.... M!f!:lY.!..-ed.... E arthquake floods .... mysterious
fires Man win destroy himself for want of greed Evilness .... Corrup.
tion Adultery.... S chool adulteryism.... viciousness .... clean them outl
WAKE UPI .... SAVE THE YOUTH .. for they are INNOCENTI They are
( innocent. Have mercy on them .... They need your protection. They must
do these things NOWI The time is RIGHT NOWI .... There shall be no
extension .. lt is NOW .... NOW .... with prayers, with prayers .... Love for
GOD .... LOVE GOD, not the Almighty dollarl Love thy neighbor not
1 thyself·
Quiet Love thy neighbor ..
The Way of the Cross .... l0 Commandments ... thou shall not perish but
live in Etemity .....
2:53 Relaxed. Head extended .... arms lateral to body ... .looking up.
Arms spastic--very deep breathing ..... Eyes open.
2:56 Convulsion both arms.... deep breathing .... Feet crossed.

2:''58 Arms spastic. Closes eyes .... HOSIA .... Looking up.

2:59 Looking up .. Arms outstretched.... not breathing.

3:00 Relaxed.... arms folded in front of chest.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1:45 Stepenac ...... Morocco
2: 45 S tepenac .•... S tepenac
Destruction..... Destruction
Denver ......
Handbills--.-H andbills .
2: 55 Beautiful smile Had seen the Infant.


DECEMBER 14, 1951 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.

Save us.
12:25 Pray for them ..... They thirst ...... Pray for them.
They are prisoners of Devils .. You must aIl pray, they are suffer-
ing so much .... not in warfare .... spare them as much as you cano
More Priests needed to help- you must do it now.
Sibe ria is the camping ground .... war is only a stalmate of what
is to come after the closing of the Door. They are weIl prepared •
We aren·t .
AIl this can be stopped if prayers are said -- man y many prayers-
sacrifices .....Give up IlL'curies, think of the boys in war - tortured
thirsty, hungry ... _. You have comforts but they have not - hun.ser
is hard - spare them by pra-xing.... One of the Allies of your
Country - supposedly; will join the enemy to help themselves
to spare themselves - betraying you - destroying you.
Priests , Get more Priests to help the boys ..... Parents pray for
your sons .....Give up comforts for them - they don't have them.
Get into the mountains of Russia and you will see much prepared-
ness, which you have not - prepare with prayers - and Satan will
be conquered. Conversion of Russia and you will be saved ......
F ill the House of God with devotion, be pleasing to God - LOVE
HlM ! GaD LOVES YOU ! (the tone of voice when these words
were said was beautiful).
Repay Him with the Rosary not once a day - many times a day -
'52 - The year of suffering - torture for many, many - bombing -
if you have pains accept them - 52 . will bring many more pains,
sorrow, bloodshed . will just flow .... It is not too late - God loves
you - don't despair, but PRAY, PRAY - with Love, sincerity -
not just your Eps - with the depths of your heart, your souls must
be in it.
Pray so God knows you Love Him.
Take care of your children in schools - many places the schools
ar e so-called 'cleaned out' - but is carried on more sneakingly

get wise - must be taken care of now or drastic destruction of many
Convents. Christmas is close - Priests must try hard - w()rk hard
to show their flock how important it is now to pray to bring Peace
on earth ......Without LOVE there cannot be Peace on Earth .....
Hatred toward own parents, teachers, P riests - not only disobeying
the 6th Commandment but aIl the Commandments .....Satan loves
death - destruction - evilness, children's minds filled with evil
and destruction of their own parents. Don't bring that kind of
future on your children -- Spare them.
Show God you Love Him!
Show Satan you Hate him!

Questions asked by Priest present....

answered by Mrs. Van Hoof while in ecstacy.
Will the Bishops star t a Crusade of prayer?

Not enough prayers said for the Clergy.

Who will the next Pope be? .....Not to be said yet.

Will the next Pope be the second last Pope? ..... No.

When in 1951 will the attempt be made on Pres. Truman's life? - In 52?


Will Tito give Stepenac his complete freedom?

God will give him his freedom.

Will England (Our Ally) betray the United States? .. Not to be said.

Will Franco take the Rock of Gibraltor?- No , God will take care of that.

Will there be a United States of Europe?

Many changes will take place after the destruction ..

Is there anything we should be doing?

Not praying enough in aIl places - greediness and selfishness.

Will Lutheranism be destroyed?

God's children will rise above - one Religion will be Supreme.

Will Archduke Otto be one of the Emperors of Europe? - No.

Will he be one of the Rulers?

That' s to be seen - cannot be answered.

What month and ye~l.r will we have the Shrine?

When sufficient prayers have been said and love thy neighbor.

Is the Bishop of LaCrosse to be the Archbishop of Milwaukee?

Pray for the Bishop - he has done much good - He needs prayers.

Will Fulton Sheen be selected to preach Necedah?

He has his duties.

Will F ather Heithaus be converted to Necedah soon?

God will take care of him. Father will suffer much persecution both

physical and mental -pray for him - do not hate him.

Whatwas the name of the Priest who gave me my First Holy Communion?

(Repeated 3 times.)

No answer. ... Is he living? -No answer.

How long is Clara going to stay with you Mary Ann? - No answer-(but

a tear was seen at this time. )

When will F ather Mateo be martyred? - No answer.

When will Father P io be marryred? - No answer.

Will you describe whac you see now Mary Ann? - Do you see che Infanc

Jesus in the Crib? -- No answer.

Facher ldt for home· following questions asked by Clara.

What do you see Mary Ann? - Hanging, hanging, hangjng.

(Another assassination - by hanging.)
Whac do you see Mary Ann? - Deach.
Mary Ann do you see chis deach in the United Scate-s?
Question repeated before answered.
Our boys .- Fjendish De~ch.
Can chis be scopped in any nacural way? ­
P rayer can stop chis ploccing - P locting for wealch -­
Ploccing for Po~er.
Scalemace for preparedness - Deach co che besc of our boys. When chey are
gone che enemy will scrike. The sick will have co fighc, che babes in
che wood will have co fighc - thac is whac che enemy plots - they will

succeed unless you pray - you just can'c pray, you have to have a good

time first. Ic' s awful chose poor boys, look ac chem - chey are so cold,

so much confusion in camps - among OfficiaIs - in your Government, your

Church - yes, your Clergy.

Will acomic energy be used in chis warfare?

le will descroy you.

Will ic be used? ~

IC is already used -chemicals --poison in foods.

Are chese foods on che markec now with poison in chem? _

Ye s - slow poi 500 - fi JJ s your blood with poison- gradually works up ­

accs like hearc crouble.

How do we recognize chis poison food?

Guidance - Pray for Guidance.

Is chere any parricular cype of food we should not eac due co this ?

Pray for Guidance.

( Whac did you see Mary Ann? ..... Asked 3 cimes. - Repeaced 3 times ..
noc audible.
Mary Ann whac are we co do wirh the Revelations we are re-ceiving?
y ou will be cold.
Whac abouc che many people who come co che home, are you to continue
co see chem? Obedience.
Whac abouc che people coming during che Three Hours, are we co refuse
chem? - Yeso - Unlessocherwise scated -Again Obedience, al~s
Obedience. -------:--- ­

(Due to having to write very fast, 1 mentioned to Mt. Swan- 1 will never
be able to read what 1 have wrinen - had not put this in the form of
a question. But Mary Ann answered without my asking for it, the answer
was - Pray for Guidance. -Guidance.)

What can we do to make people understand that they must pray

more? - Keep praying for them, keep relling them, don 't be afraid of per ­
Secution for yourself, stand up and face it. Work harder - Watch for evil)
f(doers - smooth ralk.ing - evil underneath - Organization in Chicago, New
York Cincinnati, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco -vader fal;:;e
pretenses working for Christ.
Do we have any of the se people coming here? - Yes - Definitely - Yeso
How are we to recognize them? - Pray for Guidance- Deep P..layer­
Meditation ... Some ot.}'..oJlLci.o..se.s.t-iriel'lds are iovolyed but don't know it­
( Pray for rhem.
Would that be men or women involved? - Both - Even Priests that do not
know - G~ is Qne of rhem - he is only a dummy, he is ~tthe leader ..
(But he thillks he is does he not ?)... Proudn~ss.


DECEMBER 21, 1951 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.,M.

12:30 (Mouth open - Eps move)

Help them
Hunger Lack of clothing ... shelter •.. help them ... they are
innocent victims of ~ed.
Our (or other) Nations fighting. Asia and Korea - (a tear) .....
Vicrims of gre:iand power· you Americans must help them NOW!
Ssnd them P ri ests for sr j rit!!al he1r - teach...1h.e.m the Love of God.
What do you see Mary Ann?

Suffering in Korea - They are so hungry and cold. e~eciaULthe

( Ettle ones, give them Peace on earth, clothing, give them food ­
Pray for them. help them, they need your help. - Save here and
give it 'ro them - don't desrroy food and clothing carelessly - you
have abundance - give it to them. - Give, give in prayer - in Love
- Help them - they need you.
12:45 What do you see Mary Ann?
Suffering for the whole world - everyone - unless we change our
ways and Love God - prayer - pray - those things must be done
NOW - ar once - MUCH is in store - MUCH Bloodshed - terrible

persecution - confusion - this all can be prevented - but must be acted
upon it NOW, with prayer - loving thy neighbor - living the Commandments
- practise the Love of God - instead of love of money!~,po~er • desires
for e:a.rthly things.
Help the Pagans - bring them back - sh<;>w them the way of Truth­
Love for My Divine Son - bring Peace on earth to their hearts - make
next Christmas a Peaceful Christmas - instead of horror - destructi on ­
crucifixion of many - floods - terror to all Nations - hungèr - don't let
those things happen - prevent them now, with prayers - not wars - Pray,
Pray, Pray much - help the Clergy - when they do wrong, do not condemn
them - pray for them, for they are in the midst of this confusion. ~ s
the time of the greatest confusion - it can be saved - it can be straight­
enëël only through p~er.

Is this the time when the prophecies of the Apocal ypse are coming true?
Not all of them but many.

Who is inspiring l'our answers Mary Ann?

Our Moth~d - A sorrowful Mother, whose Heart is wounded deeply

- who suffers much, for the Love for Her Divine S on, and for us here on

earth, who seem to forget Them both.

Mary Ann, are war materials still reaching the enemy from here?

l( Definitely Yes, definitely l'es - have been for many years gathering up
their stock piles - ~ending them back to murder Y0ll[ boys and yom Country.

Could this be stopped mainly through laws set up or should people them­

selves take an active part to stop it?

P rayer will stop many things - My Divine Son can stop it at once, if

er:.ough prayers are said - P rayer for l'our Government - Clean up l'our

overnment - destroy the Enemy in l'our Government - He is deeply in­
f~d..in.-}wur Counrry, warc.hins-exet:y-.lllo.:lœ.-Y-0u are making - some one
{ is very blind - conv.eniendy - Pray hard - pray hard and much - sacrifice
much and l'ou shall conquer.

Are these Investigations going to bring the enemy out into the open, and

the corruptness?

This is only to confuse many - if it was only done with truthfulness ­

( th;;Iack of truth is al waysthe greatest issue - Now ~ed comes first ­

Love of God covered over - blackened with Greed - Selfishness.

Will an evening Mass, Mary Ann, whereby the people who work and go
early to work permit them to go to Mass regularly and receive Communion
daily if possible, if it were at 7 o'dock in the evening?
That is up to the Guidan'èe of the Hierarchy - They know the Spiritual
[ wants of their people - they know Ch_~j,,_"!..W§ of the Church. It is up to
Could this be the right time to stare work on the large Cross on the
top of the Bluff and would it be well to have the pattern made after the
Good Friday Crucifix?
1 have spoken on this once before -now it is through prayer - sacrifices
- Love for thy neighbor, and Stop this bickering between yourselves.

What do you see Mary Ann?

Seems CO be smiling, she almost laughed a little bit there, her lips
seemed to move in conversation that seemed to be pleasanc.

Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?

Another tear in spite of the smile on her face.

What do you see Mary Ann?

Pope suffers much -- suffers in agony -spare him the suffering - He is in
grave danger.

Has the Holy Father.had a sign on Necedah?


At Bethlehem ... Hilly Country - rather cold - travel is slow.

What do you see Mary Ann?

Traveling to the Cave - the Cave is very direy - the skill of St. Joseph
cleans it very rapidly - Now they are eating supper, both very happy ­
So peaceful, beautiful - the animaIs are very conteoted - seemingly
waiting in expectation GLOR y .



FEBRUARY 29, 1952 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.

Suffering .


1s it our soldiers or is it the civilian people who are suffering?


Has the Bishop 's program in Asia helped them sorne over there?

Onl>: a drop in the bucket • Much is needed - Much is needed .....

Is it more food or clothing that they need over there?

Everything .....

P eace is needed - more aid - more help - ~piritual- food - medical, eVEY

thing is oeeded.

More words not audible.

Will you cell us what you see Mary Ann?

Deception '(ou are being deceiyed.

In what ways Mary Ann, are we being deceived?

l G6vernment - There is noPeace before you now othis is onlyquietness

before the storm - Unless you PRAY MUCH.

A little louder, Mary Ann.

More prayers are needed - Many prayers have been said, but not enough.

You, in this room - give this message ta your Bishop.

l asked for the schools ta be cleaned out - sorne has been done, but

not enough. You need immediate action. You have tao much corruption

in your schools, Universities, Colleges. There must be immediate steps

caken before it 1S tao late - parents must cooperace with sc hool auehor­

icies - wich che Clergy - you musc unice againsc evil immediacely - NOW!

T~ enemy is using your children co gec ac you - Prevenc ic - by turn­

ing co Gad. Your cheacres, your news stands, your bookscores, all

filch and evilness - clean ic, don'c jusc shake your head when you see

ic - clean ic - burn ic up - descroy it - Oh, ic will cake courage, bue

pray for help and you will receive ie. Gad will procecc you - Gad is

always wich chose thac help Him-

Clean ouc your Governmenc - Pray and pray much - F ill your Churches

on Sundays, and chose chac can, every day.

Sacrifice for Gad! Remember, He died for you! Lec's noc forgec Him!


MARCH 7, 1952 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.

12:08 JYacch Russia - Scay firm - Pray - Don'c let chose chings happen.

Suffering, suffering, sa much suffering!

You in che free Councries - Help chose depressed - Pray for chem -llie

e~emy is sa creacherous, sa deceitful - Pray much - Help chem.

Pray 0r che Mission Priescs, Nuns - They are suffering much - OH! Help


Gec afcer your Governmenc sa you do noc face che same as chey do.

Scay obedient co your Church-

What do you see, Mary Ann?

B~k, sinning World - Heavy wich sin - Which brings much suffer­

ing - destruction, evilness cree in into your lives.

Help your CleraY the lait must work - Bring them back to the fold

Dont be afraid to clean up - it is so important that aIl unite - unite

together. -­
Save thyself, all of you - Much, much must be done, much - The wrath)
~f God will strike upon you :,it~ many f~oods, earthquakes, storms -He
lS Just - You must treat Hlm Just - Wlthout God, you are lost - You.

cannot forget Him. -

Think of Him first every day, every minute of the day.

These things you must do and then you will have P eace.

ou in this Country, in America, you have a Bill i our House now -ID~
to take your children and lace t em un er t eH ontro - If you give
into triât, you wIll lose control of your own chi ren - our own boys ­
FIGHI Il - Wnte to them - NOW - Before it is passed by the law, by

your Government.

Is that UMT, Mary Ann?


There is another Bill* coming up - Fight it also - Watch your Govern- "1

ment - You know it is evil - how evil! You will End out rater. JU

Wh~s other Bill, Mary Ann?

Tolcontro1) you all - Ir has not been named - But you will !Lear :.!2..

control you - watch yourselves - Write your Government.

Could that be in connection with World Government?

Yes, that is part ;:;f it - and another thing wîll be this fake One Re- J11

ligion - Not the True Religion - which Our Lord has lfistltuted. ~t \li

istile only RelIgion. ThIs other lS of Satan - Don't lE'f't them deceive

you - Wake: up your brethern - Wake them up before it is too late - You

that believe in the only Religion - Help them {Fight for Our Lord l~r~1

God and His HoIr Mother. H~ou: Clergy - DO'"not tàll<: aga!"§[ them ­

P"ëây for them - MUCH - Follow t e mes'tage glven to you before. DO IT!

ShaH we ask for an audience with the Bishop, on last week's Message?

You have been told - Be obedient.

Mary Ann, has the Bishop received the Message that was sent to him

through the mail?

Should we wait then just to hear from the Bishop, Mary Ann, or should

we try to see him?

You have been told - He shall contact vou if he wisbes to see Y2u,

and when he does, don't be afraid - Pray for help, strength and perse­
verance - That is all that one needs • Prayer, Faith in God • Do not

troubled - Have Faith. '

(* The Bill re erred to is the MENTAL HEAL TH Legislation backed by Worl

Health Organization of the U.N.O':1

Remember, ou must be obedient to our Church at aIl cimes· co the

Clergy - Say the Rosary, acrifIces, Penances . AIl those t ings must
be done - And My other Message, l have given you, must be followed
up and you shall be able to fulfill the wishes of Our Lord - ~e
main thing is to remember Obedience - Love thy neighbor - Charitable ­
( Have Falth - When that is obeyed, and done daily - you will win Peace,
Freedom, and you will have love among yourselves, instead of bick­

ering and quarreling, gossiping, which is painful co Our Lord.

Those of you who enter this home must stay obediem to Gottfred and

your Spiritual Adviser.


MARCH 14, 1952 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.

12: la Can you te Il us what you see, Mary Ann?

Spare the Nuns • Pray for them - They are being conured day and night ­
Pray for them 50 they can persevere - Officers, Priests and Nuns - They
are getting it now in China, Africa - Don't let that come co your Country.
Don't feel assured it can't come here - The Enemy is planning to come
here, is preparing to come here - Only your prayers can Stop them ­
Many prayers, sacrifices - Give up your luxuries, give it to those that
need it • Oh, if you in America could see the suffering and torture ­
You would open your heans a little more· Send them Priests, Nuns;
they need them.

Your Nation is being tricked - You, the people, are being deceived ­

Keep your eyes and ears open - Pray, Pray.

15 Our Sorrowful Mother with you?


Can you describe Her appearance to us?

She is old looking, very sorry for us sinners, 50 depres-sed and grieved.

How is She dressed?

Blue and son of a rose gown.

15 the 1mmaculate Hean of Mary of the Sorrowful Mother visible?


Do you witness the suffering of Christ, Our Lord, now?


Do you see Our Lord?

Not now.

Can you tell us what the Blessed Mother is doing?

She is sitting down - 15 very sorrowfu~.

Is there anyone e Ise that you see?
Not now. 1 have seen the suffering of many people.

Are you conscious of who is here in the room with you?


Do you witness the suffering of Our Lord?


Are you witnessing His Trial?




MARCH 21, 1952 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.

Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?

Revolution in Italy - Rome - Persecution for the Holy Father - Pray,

Pray for him. Suffering, suffering, much suffering - Man made diseases ­

Starvation for many - Want of food in many places • The warning of \

[i,aSaleu"êJwil! come true again, and in 1952 - Unless you do as 1 ask ­

Diseases will spread through humanity, through livestock, through your
crops, fruit, vegetables - Canadian disease of caule will come to your
Country also, and when it strikes, remember 1 have warned you - Pray
Now - Not when it is too late.
If you could only see the starving and hungry in Asia and Africa - Give
up the nonsense - It isn't worthwhile - Think of My Son, and He will JJ
stop it all - Only then - Prayer, Sacrifice - Fil! your Churches daily if
p~sible - Sacrifice te go there.
Why do you let Satan confuse you? Follow the way of Christ - There
is no confusion there - Satan has confused you all • Follo" God - Be
Cbrist-like, and your road is straight and clear of obstacles - No con­
fusion - With prayer, your Rosary, Ten Commandments - Pray daily for
those in the Mission Fields - Oh, they are suffering much - The prisooers
of War - Pray for them, sacrifice for them, for they are being tortured
for information - Priests, Army OfficiaIs - Pray much for them, don't
forget them daily - Pray for them.
Your wrecks in your country here, they are not accidents - 1 have warn­
ed you of those before - Prevent them - There are many more to come
unless you prevent them - By more prayer - Investigate them - Stop the
Enemy - It is through the Enemy that you have them - Clean out the
Serpent -. ft is crawling right thro~gh the center of your Country - Evil­
ness - And when he will strike, he will strike like a volcano, in the
center of your Country - Stop it - Pray. pray and pray much - Again 1
say, fill your Churches with true Devotion - Love - and the Serpent

will shrivel co nothing.
Your Nation - You Americans - AlI other Nations are looking upon you
to help them - To show them the truth - You have been protected for
just that - Now you are trying to throw it aIl away - You have been
spared much - Your chance is still within you - Don't throw it away ­
Don't let the Serpent destroy you - These are My last warnings to you
aIl - The rest is up co you - 1 have told you before - Follow through.
You have had signs in the sky to show you your danger - But you laugh
at them.

Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?

The answer to our prayers if we are goo<:! children it is not hopeless ­

Heaven loves us - Let's reward Them - Let us show Them our Love

It' is so beautiful.

Can you tell us what you see?

aür Blessed Mother, smiling.

How is She dressed?

In blue - Dog't des12air, She says, but do as She asks - Obedience at

aIl times - Help your Priests - Work with them - Cooperate together ­

Un ire in one - UNIT Y - The si gn of Unity


It can be so beautiful - OH, SO BEAUTIFULl But OH, it can be horrible

if we fail - The cam ai n for f 'lure is on r'~w - Let's turn it
around· Campaign for Peace.
Gather aIl the informat' received - Keep ir pre ared for y~r ,
Bishop - When he asks for it, give if to . - - on't be afraid -III
The days dore you might seem very dark - But if you follow MY.le­
quests, there is a bright side - You will win - You must also help the
rest of the world - It lies on your shoulders - AlI depends on you - But
My re quests must be followed - Unless they are followed you will re­
ceive the same as they, and much worse. This is aIl of My Message ­
There will be no more.



Present: Mary Ann Van Hoof, Fred Van Hoof her husband, Henry Swan,
Ray Schelfhout, and Clara Hermans

Do not have overconfidence - overconfidence brings lack of prayer - .

You must have faith in many, many prayers.

Work harder. harder to save souls - That is the most important right

now - Those that. do not understand, overconfidence brings slowness

to respond to prayers.

Have faith, My children, have faith - Pray hard, very hard
The Anniversary of your destruction is close at hand - Pray hard, pray
much - much.
Remember the Immaculate Conception - Do not despair - but pray. Much
progress has been made, but far, far from enough.
Pray for the pr isoners of war - The Clergy - The Nuns in this prisoner
of war bloodshed.
It is not ceasing - -Do not let them confuse you - deceive you - They
are trying to - Do not let that happen.
You must prepare yourself ! Watch your childttn - Do not let Satan fill

r their minds and hearts with evilness - Watch them close, guard them,
p rotect them - They are in.nocent.
Sti.!}' in the State of Grace - The Ro..sary - Pennance and Sacrifices.
Do not forget The Infant - The Lord thy God - The Blessed Trinity ­
Pray to Them daily Ask Them to see you through. Help others - Love
thy neighbor - Pray for Priests.
Pray for your P astor very much - Do not condemn him - Do not let
others talk evil against him - Pray for him, that is the only thing to do.
Being uncharitable only makes matters worse.
You must remember aIl Priests, aIl religious are human like your­
( selves, and Satan tempts them - And do not condemn them, but pray

for them.

Pray much - Sorrow and hardship is before-al.l..o.Lxçu.


Tell your fighcing Senator to turo tA-Ehe Sp;rjtJJalz:::iP~ a little mo:e ­

he is neglecting his besc weaQon - He will MC succeed if he forgets

[ the most ImpOrtant thing in life --GOD.

TEe Crisis Îs heavy for him as weIl as others, but he must not forget
hlS duues to GOD - Tell him that.
AIl Senators who are for the good must na.L1oIget cheir God - They
cannot win wlthout Hlm. -­
( Clean out the UN - It is aIl Evil.
Pray for your Govemment - ISray for your Priests, here in this Country,
. .in America, oc chey too will face what chey have faced in China, RussiaJl
'llpand aU other purged countries - Being disrobed, beaten, starved, toe­
tured with fire, humiliated to the lowest degree.

Pray for aU chose that have suffered much - Pray for cheir pers.everance

There were many more Martyrs - God loves them.

Stop the instrument. ( 1: 0 0 PM)

Henry, take pencil and paper - The others leave the eoom, except the


The others may come back .

• What is it that you see, Mary Ann?


What do you see Mary Ann?
You may start the instrument - (Have merc:y_ on us)
His headquarters - Where is the mustache (or perhaps - wears a mustache)

What do ou see Mary Ann?

THE EVIL ONE -shiny h-a""ir---m-u-s~t-a-c'rh-e--""'iS-'1-ëet, 3 lOcnes1 HORRQR--
No, No --
l will tell Henry - Yeso

Necedah, Wisconsin
December 10, 1952
Senator Joseph McCarthy (Wis.)
United States Senate
Washington, Maryland

Dear Senator McCar thy:

In 1950 Mrs. Fred Van Hoof, was chosen by(the Blessed Virgi"';J
to give a me ssage to the public.
She now suffers the Three Hours Agony on Fridays, during Advent
and Lent, at which times words are spoken, messages given and quest-
ions answered.
The following is a message given through her, with the request
that it be given to you.
Following is as it was given:
Te U your fighting Senator to turo to the spiritual side a little more
- he is neglecting his best weapon - he will not succeed if he forgets
the most important thing in life - GOD.
The Crisis is heavy for him as well as for others, but he must not
forget his duties to GOD - Tell him that.
AU Senators who are for the good, must not forget God - they can-
not win without Him.

You are to be congratulated on your work against the evil of

Communism, but you must be wamed, as you are neglecting the use of
your Greatest, Most Powerful Ally, GOD.
Keep yourself in the state of grace and call on Him, as it is im--
possible to win any fight wi thout H 15 help.
You have been neglecting Him and His Spiritual Guidance, which
is yours for the asking, if you are His friend.
He is on your side, let Him know you are on His.

Henry Swan

On December 12, 1952 Mary Ann Van Hoof narrated the Passion as she
veiwed and suffered it.
This was done on three occasions - Decemher 12, 1952- Mar.13,'53­
Mar. 12, 1954
According to Our Lady's instructions these three were to be combined
imo one Narration which was approved by Our Lady
This combined Narration of the Passion will be found in another place
in this Book.

* * * * * *

DECEMBER 12, 1952 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P .M.









o MERCIFU --..

dl} GRA CE,





Words spoken by me (Clara) 1 hope we have this correct

Pray for Guidance----was spoken in answer through Mary Ann-­

AlI of you write - This will be the suffering - Henry will ask questions
in between times - when she sinks - you will have to rouse her out of
it - it is up to you to ask the questions ..•..


DECEMBER 19, 1952 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.


Can you cell us whac you see Mary Ann?
Blessed Mocher - Yes-

Can you cell us whac you see Macy Ann?

(words noc audible)

12:20 - (deep sighs) (suffering)

They muscn'c - - 0 - - Lord have mercy on us -

Is it coo lace?
Blessed Mother - don't let it be too late - What must
No - They won't let me - (crying)
(1 can't see him -- yes oyes -- Pray for him ­
yes -- (crying) 1'11 try - yes 1 will ~ (crying) (suffering - frowns chen
smiles) Our Blessed Mother ­

Do we have the prayer correct? ---- Yes ­

12:30 - 1'11 try - 1'11 do my best - they won't let us - OH - NO ­
Are we to face it too? - But they ace our future - What can be done about
it? (Suffering - words not audible) - They won't listen to me - Give them
a sign then Blessed Mother - they won't listen to me - Oh - 1 have­
1 am sure he loves children - yes (Sinks)

That - that will ha ppen here? - OH NO -- OH NO -- (Would seem as if she

saw a terrible sight) ----Bombs - Because of lack of Love for God - Be­
cause they can't give up their own desires for pleasure - Because they
fo;get the Birth of Christ - Because of I.lreed ani. want for power - OH NO

The answer is only destruction? (Suffers - great grief) Won't you help
us - Please - - No - Your requests are not heeded ois that why Blessed
Mother? But many are heeding Your requests - Mother - (Sorrow) Yes -rIl
r do as You sa - no matter what happens - yes - 1 promise - 1 will not
l fail You, rhi.s...ti.me - as 1 have done in the ast - even if the worst ha ens
- that's my promise to You. ­

12:55 - (Staces -grips bed clothing with hands at the sight she seems tO]
be seeing) NOT THE VA TlCAN? Ooh - (Great anguish and feac and )
sorrow) NOT THE HOLY FATHER - Ooh - (Screamed - shakes her .
head - no - great sorrow continues)

Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? ­

No answer - (Great sorrow - lapses as if in a faint)

1 PM -The Communist are not th ain Enem)::? - The are chiefly bla~ed

- yes- but they ace nouhe whole strength and force of evil - mey are An

combination with the lacger one -chis eyj J force uses che Communisc for

Are chese becrayers mosdy of a certain race?

T~ey are whice men - onl in color - wich;he and evilesc

}It can you cell us which Ally has becrayed us?

oU will soon know - it will soon be common knowledge all over .3.he
world - chey are a Powerful NaClOn - Ihey have never been a Nat109. co

- ove God - There is much in score in youe New Year .

Mary Ann, has chis becrayal caken place since December?

Ic was planned lasc )uly and ic will be in effecc shordy ; (Greac Grief)

1:30 - Can you cell us whac you see Mary Ann?

He is racher cuce - (laughs) ; jusc a licde old donkey - so small .. ciny -­
mouse colored licde fellow - big long, shaggy ears - likes co have his
ears scracched - Sc. ] oseph sure loves him - so q uiec and so peaceful ­
aU che scars in Heaven are ouc, cwinkling, as che litde donkey goes
plodding along - with che Mosc Beauti fuI bueden co carry - Oh, how
beauciful She looks· Her Eyes are like scars - so brighc, so happy ­
chey had been refused encrance into che inn, buc chey don'c seem co mind
- chey are jusc as happy - plodding along - che rocky, rough liccle pach ­
made by che animaIs - racher hilly rough country - cold nighc - very cold­
buc peaceful - now chey are scopping ac a dircy cave - Hm, chey are going
inside - looks like chey are scaying here - well - She is jusc like aU
women - wants co do Her share - buc he doesn 'c want Her co. Oh, whac a
messy place - rocky, rough - a scable or caule shelcer for sheep - for che
animaIs for proceccion - ouc of che cold -

To one side chere is a manger - can he work - everyching he couches seems

co be complece - it's ceansformed into a mosc beautiful looking place ­
mosc peaceful -ic seems a miracle - it was filchy and now look ac it ­
and She like all women buscles along wi ch him -.oh - wich such a Heavenly
smile on Her face - such radiance - and now - he is making a litde fire ­
for che nighc is cold - chey are warming chemselves up - while che liccle
old donkey is eacing sorne hay - co che side - buc he seems co cake
interest in whac chey are doing • he is wacching them - and C!ow, chey
are preparing co eac - ic seems She is noc hungry - buc he insiscs upon
Hereacing - so She looks ac him cenderly and obeys him - and She
also eats. Oh, buc that smile and beaucy in Her Face - and he is so
kind and gende, so concerned - and chey boch - seem so wrapped up
with their prayers - and with their doings - they are both praying - but
to look upon them, and see them praying - Oh, what deep Devotion and
Love in their prayers - and now, they are through with their prayers,
and She is going towards the manger with Her bundle She has brought
with Her and laying it out. She goes back to him - he speaks to Her so
tenderly - and they both turn their eyes heavenly. She crosses Her Arms
upon Her Breast - with such Love and Devotion - and looks towards
the Heavens.

She now again speaks to him - he is leaving Her now - for the side of
the cave - near the entrance - he is going down on his knees in prayer •
and She goes back to the manger - it's a place where the animaIs could
eat out of - to the one end of it • She fixes sorne straw.

The whole cave inside seems to have a special glow to it - a light

that 1 can 't say cornes from the fire - nor does it come from the stars ­
for chey cannot penetrate it - but such a brilliance of light - for She
is in deep prayer. Her Eyes raised upward to the Heavens with such
a beauty on Her Face - one cannot desribe - such love - such tender­
ness - such a rapture of joy and happiness. Her Lips are continually
moving in prayer, for there seems to be a ray of Light upon Her - and
now She disappears.

She is gone. The only one visible is he - slumped over in deep prayer
in meditations. He seems to be like someone asleep - he does not see
or hear anything about him - but he is not asleep, for his lips are mov­
ing in prayer. Oh, in a distance you can hear singing - yes - singing
the most beautiful • Oh, such beautiful voices - and still one cannot
see the manger - it is still in a brilliant - in a burst of brilliance of
Light. 1 can't express it - it does not hurt one's eyes - and y,et it is
so bright. And now, there seems to be a form showing through the
Light. Oh yes, it is She - you can see Her back - like in a fog - yes,
and now it i s getting clearer - but the brilliant Light is still there ­
But one can penetrate i t - one can see inta i t - Cbh - (Mary Ann' s
expression is one of delight and happiness>'

She is holding an Infant in Her Arms - covering Him with Her Mantle ­
and what an Infant - He looks up at Her - He seems to be speaking to
Her and She speaks to Him - Oh, such Love - They seem to be talking
to One Another - for both of Their Lips are moving - 1 cannot -hear
anything at aH - but Their Lipsare moving - and Their Eyes are also
speaking with Love - such Divine Love.

The singing still continues - 1 cannot see who is singing - or where

it is coming from. He is still sleeping or shall 1 say, praying - he is
unaware of what's in the cave ~ or stable with them. She is so wrapped
up with the Infant in Her Arms - She holds Him closely to Her Breast,
while His Eyes keep looking right inco Hers. He doesn't look like our
babies - He looks with Intelligence and Knowledge.

And now, She twps and She calls - he awakens - as one in a stupor,
rubbing his eyes - and now - he falls on his knees next to Her - pray­
ing - with his hands before him in prayer. He stoops over - 1 do nOt
know, but 1 believe he kissed Him - su ch Love that he shows for this
little Infant - cannet be feund anywhere. He hands Her sorne garments,
where now She is wrapping Him up - She wraps Him, starting at the'
Feet - upward - till under the Armpits - and now She lays Him into a
shawl-like garment - and then they both kneel down and pray.

The singing is geuing louder and louder - the voices seem to increase.
There seems to be many, man y voices - the whole stable is so bright
with Light - it looks more like floodlights turned upon it - the little
donkey has his ears pointed forward, looking at the Infant. The an­
ima1s outside are stirring - an old ox is coming towards the stable ­
you should see the old ox - he is coming right in - he' s going down
on his knees - looking at the Infant. The sheep are also coming in,
as if they understood what this is all about - not like dumb animais.
If they were human, l'd say they were praying. They are on their knees ­
and the singing goes on - while outside above is one star that is so
much brighter than the rest. It seems to throw a bright ray - down upon
the stable.

The stable is in sort of a side of a hill - sort of a natural cave - into

the rocks. In the front, supports have been put there - in an opening ­
for the caule and the sheep to get out of the cold - and that is where
the little Babe was born - while the stars above are all in the greatest
brilliance and voices are so beautifully singing - and inside - this
beautiful Lady and young man bring their eyes continually upon the
Baby - in deep Devotion and prayer. MARY AN" SMILES.





Oh - from such Peace and Love - one has to come back to this troubled
world - if one could only stay with such Love and Peace!

But here in our time we have destroyed that beautiful night where such
Love - Divine Love and Peace - was bestowed on this earth - and we
have destroyed it completely - with our greed - with our love for ot:her
things - useless things - the rnost important One has been fo!goaen .

-197 ­
the One that should mean the most to aIl - the only One that can bring
Peace to man - for without Him - that little Babe in the manger - there
can never be Peace - they have forgotten that. Oh, it's so long ago, so
they have forgotten. And what have we got? Wat - murder - aduhryness ­
stealing. AlI the Commandments that God gave you have bee.n broken ­
just because you have forgotten that one little Babe - those many years.

P eace - you are looking for P eace - but you are not looking in the
right direction - you are looking for Peace in the material things ­
Peace that you cannot have - unless you turn >to the little Babe in the
manger - yes, today - that night is remembered in what manner? Drunk­
eness, wickedness, evilness - the real evening is completely for­
gotte>n - it' s only remembered by a few - and it' s that few that must
work hard, very hard, to remind the others of that same Peace - that
can come to them - that they find on this night • they found so many
years ago.

If My requests would have been heard - that Peace could have been
with you - but My requests have not been heard • so that Peace is out
of reach for you - the evil must be cleared - and then - Peace can come
to your hearts. There is many a son in the battlefields that have found
Peace - yes, Peace - that only God can give them - there is many more
sons that is going to join these same- boys - and will break the hearts
of many parents - at their homes. 1 have warned you of that before - it
is not over - it is still continuing on and on - >but those boys that
have gone as martyrs - they have found Peace.


Thanks, Mother.

Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?

Saint Therese.

Can you describe her?


Have you seen any of the other Saints, Mary Ann?


Blessed Mother.


My Lord - My God.

Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?

>Only Sorrow.
Note: Dec. 19, 1952 Revel ations taken from 12 noon to 3 P .M. are to be found
in Volume III under "Miscellaneous Revelations" because they pertain
l specifically to the International Work.


FEBRUARY 20, 1953 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.

Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?

Our Blessed Mother.

How does She look?


Leave the machine turned off.

Those of you in this room, bring Peace amongst your workers.


Be examples to others - above aIl, be charitable.

Reme mber, Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Pray for the President of your Country.

Pray for the Holy Father, who needs your prayers very much - Pray

for the Holy Father many times during the day. Without yo~yers

he can't bear the burden .that is upon his shoulders.

Much has been done - but much more, much more must be done.


MARCH 20, 1953 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.

AI Form Study Clubs to teach the people the Mass - 75% of the peoe.leJ
"do not understand the Mass. By dôing this, if possible, get the consent
of the Priests - where the Priest does not consent - the lait mUSt
do the work - but try to get t e riest's consent and have him wot
with you - the Mass is not understood br the people.
Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?

The Evil One.

f2:18 The Path to the Garden. DE E P BR E AT H IN G.

12:22 Oh Blessed Mother.


What do you see, Mary Ann?

12:27 Soldiers

12:29 The Betrayal.
12:31 They have siezed Him.
12:35 The first Counsel.
12:38 On the way to' the second Counselor.

!2:43 First DeniaI,

12:44 Second DeniaI.
12:45 Third DeniaI.

12:47 Dungeon.
12:49 SIN K IN G.

- --- - - Mary Ann - - - - - - CAL LIN G H E R T 0 A ROU SET 0 CON TIN U E

12:50 Dawn.
12:52 Water.
12:54 High Priest.
12:56 Blessed Mother.

12:59 Leaving the second Ruler or Priest.


1:03 Going back first Priest - Oh, Blessed Mother.
Praying, praying.
1:04 Holy Mother.
1:08 Blessed Mother.

Stripping Him.

Are they scourging Him, Mary Ann?

1: 12 First Scourgers.
1:13 Second Scourgers.

1: 14 Third Scourgers.

- - - - - Mary Ann - Mary Ann . CALLING HER TO AROUSE TO CON


1:17 Blessed Mother - praying.

1: 18 Drops to the ground.
1:19 The Twelfth One - EviI.

1:22 Crowning.

1: 25 Release of criminal.
1:26 Condemned.
1:27 Recrowning.


1:30 Twelfth one - the Evil one - he is lost forever - Satan is rid-
ing on his shoulder.
1: 31 P icking up the Cross.

1:32 First FaU.


1:38 He helps with the Cross.

S MIL 1 N G. Oh. 1 N A W E •

1:41 Face of Our Lord.

1:43 Second FaU.
1:44 Meets the women.

1:46 Third Fall.


1:50 Cal vary.

1:51 Measure the size of the Cross.
1:52 Stripping the Garments.
1:53 Dividing His Garments.
1:54 Oh Holy Mother - Oh Merciful Mother.





2:00 They have planted the Cross.


2:03 First Words.


2:06 Second Words.




2: 13 Holy Mother - Oh Blessed Mother.

2: 16 Woman, behold Thy Son - Behold Thy Mother.




2: 28 Oh Sorrowful Mother • Pray for us - Have Mercy on us.

2:29 Yes - Holy Mother - Pray for us.
2:31 LIPS MOVING AS IF IN PRAYER. Oh Sorrowful Mother

SaVa"AL .ENTENCE. NOT AUDIBLE W1TH) Mediateix of Peace.







3:00 The sky is black at the Death of Our Lord - the people are
I(frightened . running in terror... Our Holy Mother . the Apostle and~
women are falling down at the""1'oot of the-Cross . the multitudes are
~g back ioto the city - sorne have fallen on theu laces - fo.r,Ae
sky _~eems like man..Y_eJmloWill burstin u on the earth - the soldiers
( are als~leavin - fri htened.

Our Hoi ~other kisses the F cet of Her Divine Son - and one of the
ot er women has fainted at the foot of the Cross • the Apostle i s tey-
ing to revive the one who has faioted. She is now throwing her arms
about the foot of the Cross - kissing Our Lord's Feet - wiping ~ o d
with her beautiful haie. Her tearsare streaming onto IS Feet - Oh -
how heavy is che Heart of Our l.ord's Mocher as She gazes up'on Her
Divine Son, Who has juSt died uron che Cross for the sins of man:

There are three of them approaching the hill from the city - one' is rid-
ing a horse - two are walking. Two of them are looking after che two
thieves .- they are still alive - on the cross - they are c1ubbing the
thieves - breaking their arms • their legs - while che one on che horse
is ridin,g Uf' ta Our Lord - examines Him . and finds Him dead - he
thrusts the spear into CÀJr Lord' s ~bcly - ""hile the Blood and Il,ater

gush farth as he releases from Hi s Ebcly - but again the

the spear

1:3100d lIoes not fall ro che ground - Ir swps half way co che ground -
Our Hall' Mother • She is kneeling near by - with Her Arms folded on
Her Breast - praying - while the woman has again passed out from
seeing the Blood gush forth from the \\'ounds - while the Apostle again
revIves her.

Two more men have just arrived - one of them is carrving a ladder -
one of them is carrying a large linen cIoth - walking to Our Lord chey
are rlacing the ladder behind the Cross - Our Holl' Mother is now com-
ing back to the foot of the Cross - She is on Her Knees - praying -
looking up at Her Son - while the two men· one of them is c1imbing
up the ladder - he is wrapping a linen c10th around the BoJy of Our
Lord - around the Cross to hold Him ur - under His .'\rms - and now-
he is handing the one son o·f a pincer and hammer - he is loosening

the nail that is holding Our Lord's right Hand • so gently - he's UA­
fasteDÎng from the back - and now - he is pulling the nail from the
right Hand.

He hands the nail from the right Hand to Our Blessed Mother Who takes
it and presses it to Her Bosom. And now, they are moving over to the
l..eft Arm - removing the nail from the back - gently - so very gently ­
from the left Hand - and now - the Body of Our Lord- slumps down into
the w~ight of the c10th that's holding Him.

And now they are going down to His Feet - it is very difficult to re­
move the nail from His Feet . but they are very gently unclenching it
ln the back - now they are pulling it out - a huge, long nail • they are
handing that to Our Holy Mother.

And now they are removing the Crown of Thorns - many of the Thorns
have broken off while being so rudely abused - they are handing the
Crown also to Our Holy Mother.

And now they gently release and so gently taking His Body down - in
the Arms of Our Holy Mother. Our Holy Mother is sitting with Her Back
agaÎnst a huge stone. She makes a cushion with Her right Knee for,
and rests His Head upon it - while She kisses His bloody Forehead ­
and gently rubs Her Hands over the Wounds. She wipes out the Blood
from His Eyes - while te ars of Sorrow are running down Her Face. The
other woman with the beautiful hair chrows herse If at the Feet of Our
Lord - she has proscrated herself - while the other woman seems to
be bringing something to help cleanse the Wounds of Our Lord .
•••• ** ••••
Pray much for the Holy Father and the President of your Country and
do not forget the Priests and Nuns and those in the Mission Fields ­
the hungry and starving in the war-torn Countries - remember them
daily in your prayers.


MARCH 27, 1953 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.

Yes, 1 will try.

12: 10 Seven Stations of the Sorrowful Mother.

First Station of Sorrowful Mother - Presentation in the Temple.

Second Station· Flight into Egypt - They are going on the same donkey

as the Nativity.

Third Station - Looked for the lost Son for three days - of anguish and


Fourth Station - She meets Her Son carryÎng the Cross - Oh, the

anguish and sorrow.
Fifth Station _~ Her Divine Son dies on the Cross - whiIe the arrow
pierces Her Heart - with sorrow and anguish for Her Son.
Sixth Station - Her Son is removed from the Cross and placed in Her
Arms - whiIe they place the Crown and the three naiIs in Her Hands.
She kisses the Wounds that the Thorns have made - and the bruises
on His Forehead.
Seventh Station· They take Her Divine Son to the tomb and place Him
gently into it - as She. is led away from the tomb - with sorrow and
anguish - by the support of the Apostle and the two companions - there
are eight other women with them also. They aIl feel the sorrow of Our
Holy Mother with them.

Oh Holy Mother

Oh Sorrowfui Mother - Pray for us.

tan you tell us what you see, M~ry Ann?

Our Holy Mother - as She prays for Her Divine Son - as He IS in the


12:25 Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?

The Agony in the Garden.

What do you see, Mary Ann?

Removai of the ear.

What do you see, Mary Ann?

On the way to the first Counselor

The second Counselor.

. First DeniaI.
Second DeniaI.
Third DeniaI.

Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?

They just stripped the mock clothes off of Him.

Heading for the High Priest.

- - - - -. - Oh, Lord . - - - - -

Taking to the second Official.

Going back to the first High Priest.

Oh Holy Mother.. sPoKEN IN SORROW.

Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?

Our Blessed Mother.

Stripping Him.

Oh Holy Mother
Tying Him to the P illar ­
SINKING - Mary Ann - Mary Ann -Mary Ann· TRYING TO AR OUSE HER

What are they doing to Him, Mary Ann?

First Scourgers -­
. Second Scourgers -

What do you see Mary Ann?

Evil One -

Third Scourgers ­

Blessed Mother -Blessed Mother

Yes ·l'U try ­

F aUs to the Ground ­

Crowning -

Dressing Him in mock clothes - .

• ---ECCE HOMO···--­
Condemned -
Remove His Garments ­

P icks up Cross - Falls

Oh Holy Mother pray for us ­
The fourth arrow has pierced Her Hean -

Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?

Wipes Our Lord's Face ­
F ace on cloth -­
Falls the second time - Meets the women ­

-Goes through the gares to Calvary-­

Falls the third time ­


Oh Sorrowful Mother, pray for us

SMILED - Oh Holy Mother - Thank you Mother-

Mount Calvary - Stripping His Garments ­

Sorrowful Mother -Holy Mother ­

~ ---------~-~--~~~====-

Raising the Cross ­


Blessed Mother - Oh Holy Mother -­

Foreign Words - More foreign words ­


Foreign Words ---(sourrds like Eli - Eli --y

Foreign Words
P raying ; Have mercy on us - Pray for us ­
Falls in the arms of the Apos.tle .­

Foreign Words -.

Foreign Words - P raying

DE EPS 1 G H - REL A X E D -.····3 PM


APRIL 3, 1953 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.
12:05 Mary Ann Smiles ­
12: 10 Appears to be praying ­
12: 12 Evil One ­
12: 13 So cowardly ­
12:15 The Holy Mother praying with the Holy Women ­
12: 16 Dispersing - departing away from Our Lord - eight of them­
three of them are going with Him into the back path into the
into the Garden ­
12: 18 Asleep
.12: 20 Still asleep ­
12:22 Blessed Mother ­
12: 23 She sees and feels al! ­
12:25 'Meets the eight Disciples ­
12:27 Kisses Our Lord ­

12:29 -Tying Him ­


12: 30 On the way to the High Priest ­


12:35 Leav~ng the first Priest ­


12:38 First Denial­

12:39 Second DeniaI ­
12: 40 Third DeniaI ­

12:40 The rooster crows ­
12:41 Our Holy Mother - they are still praying in the chamber.
12:44 The dungeon ­
12 :47 Leaving the dungeon ­
su F FER 1NG'T 0 SS 1NG· GR 1E F
12:49 Heading for the High Priest or Governor ­
12: 51 ---·in the water ----­
12:55 Sending Him to another High Official Governor or Official
12 :56 P utting white sack over His Head ­
12:57 Dissatisfied - going back to the first Dignitary or High Priest ­
12:58 Oh Blessed Mother ­
1:03 Releasing the thief - the murderer­
1:05 Taking into Court Yard ­
1:06 Stripping His Garments


1:07 Tied Him to a P iIlar ­

Oh Holy Mother --Blessed Mother-


1:09 F irst Scourgers •

Mary Ann - Mary Ann- -- CAL LED T 0 AR 0 USE TOC 0 NTIN UE
1:11 Second Scourgers. GREAT SUFFERING • TOSSING
1:14 The evil one ­
1:15 The third set of Scourgers - GRE AT GR lE F -:;u F FER IN co


1:18 He faIls to the ground- ACTION AS OF WITNESSING A HORRIBLE

1:20 Crowning
1:21 Putting on mock clothes­
1:23 -----ECCE HOMO----- HORROR -GRIEF
1:24 Condemned •
1:25 Releasing the prisoner ­
1 :26 Removing the mock garments ­
1:28 The Betrayer -he's lost ­
1:30 Picks up the Cross ­
1:34 Meets His Mother L 1P S MO VIN G ft. S 1FIN P R ft. YER
~'hat Station is it, Mary Ann?
1:36 Fifth - ...... RY "'NN S"ILES
1:38 His Holy Face - GRE"'T GRIEF _ SUFFERINCi
1:40 Second FaU ­
1 :42 Our Lord meets the women ­
1:43 Now the y are Ieaving the city through the gares ­

1:46 Third FaU ­

1:47 On Calvary

ING "'S IF IN PR ... YER ..... RY "'NN S"ILED

What do you see, Mary Ann?

Our Holy Mother­
1:53 Stripping His Garments ­
1:54 Recrowning - GRIEF .SUFFERING
1:55 Taking measuremems of the Cross with Our Lord placed upon it.
1:56 Quarre1ing over who gets the ga rments ­
l' 57 Oh Blessed Mother - HO R R OR- sc R E ..... s
2:00 L E FT'" R M G 0 E SOU T TOT H E Si D E



2:03 They drop the Cross.

2:04 They planted the Cross.
2:05 Crucifying the two thieves.
2:07 Deus· Deus. FOREIGN WORDS.
Oh Sorrowfui Mother.

Cao you tell us what you see. Mary Ann?

2: 15 Third Words.


2:20 E1i - E1i. "'ORE FOREIGN WORDS.






2: 29 CCl U 1 E T · TON GUE PRO TRU DES • S H 0 R T GAS P S )






2: 38 Oh Sorrowful Mother
2: 39 • FOR E 1 G N W 0 R D S





2: 53 • FOR E 1 G N W 0 R D S

2:54 . She falls into the arms of the Apostle




3:00 B 0 D Y DR 0 P S

Pray much. Pray for the Holy Father. Pray for your President - the
prayers for him are falling off - when they should be increasing - do not
let the Evil One guide him • instead of your prayers. The Serpen t is
coiled in your coun try, ready ta strike unless you pray, pray much.

3:00 • The sky is black at the death of Our Lord· the people are fright­
ened running in terror - Our Holy Mother - the Aposrle and the two wo­
men are falling down at the foot of the Cross - the multitudes are flee­
ing back into the city - sorne have fallen on rheir faces· for the sky
seems like many explosions bursting upon the earth - the soldiers also
are leaving • frightened - Our Holy Mother kisses the feet of Her Divine
Son - and one of the other women has fainted at the foot of the Cross ­
the Apostle is trying to revive the one who has fainted - she is now
throwing her arms about the Cross - Kissing Our Lord's feet - wiping
the blood with her beautiful hair • her tears are streaming onto His feet
• Oh, how heavy is the Heart of Our Lord's Mother as She gazes upon
Her Divine Son - Who has just died upon the Cross for the 'sins of man.
There are three of them approaching the hill from the city - one is
riding a horse - two are walking - two of them are looking after the
two thieves • they are still alive on the Cross - they are clubbing
the thieves • breaking their arms • their legs - while the one on the
horse is riding up to Our Lord - examines Him • and finds that He is
dead • he thrusts Othe spear into Our Lord's Body - while the Blood
and Water gush forth • as he releases the sword from His body - but
again the blood does not faH to the ground • it stops haH way to the
ground. Our Holy Mother, She is knee ling nearby • with her arms folded on
Her Breas.r - praying - while the woman has again passed out from see­
ing the b100d gush forth from the Wounds - while the Apostle again
revives her - two more men have just arrived - one of them is carrying
a ladder - one of them is carrying a large linen cloth - walking to Our
Lord - severai women are also following - but are st·aying in the back­
ground - they are placing the Iadder behind the Cross - Our Holy Mother
is now coming backto the foot of the Cross - She is on Her Knees
praying • 100king up at Her Son - while the two men - one of them is
climbing up the ladder - he is wrapping a linen cloth around the Body
of Our Lord - around the Cross to hold Him up - tUlder His Arms to
support the weight of His Body ; and now - he is handing the one sort
of a pincer and hammer - tong like instrument - he is loosening the nai!
that is holding Our Lord' s right hand • so gently - he's tUlfastening
from the back - and now - he is pulling the nail from the right hand ­
he hands the na il from the right Hand to Our Blessed Mother· Who kisses
it and presses it to Her Bosom ­



and now - they are moving over to the Ieft arm - removing the naii from
the back - gently - so very gently from the left hand ­


he hands this nail also to Our Holy Mother - he's gone down the.ladder.
to the Feet of Our Lord -he has a very difficult time to loosen ·that"
large nail - but they are very gently unclenching it in che back - he is
so kind - so gentle while doing it - he now pulls che naii ouc - chis is a
large nail abouc 18 inches long - he hands chis co Our Holy Mocher ­
who again kisses ic - and now chey are removing che Crown of Thorns ­
many of che chorns have broken off while being so rudely abused - chac
are lefc in Our Lord's Head - he hands che Crown of Thorns to Our Holy
Mocher -- .

They now go back up che ladder - he gently releases che linen cloch ­
chac supports Our Lord's Body - so gently taking His Body down - che
Apostle chac has been wich Our Holy Mocher - helps here chey lay che
large linen cloch on che ground - while Our HoIy Mocher is seaced againsc
a large rock - che righc knee of Our BIessed Mocher is raised - forming a
pillow - wich chis co supporc che Head of Our Lord - as He is being
placed on che Iinen cloch -rescing on che Iap and che knee - in the Arros
of Our Holy Mocher- while She kisses His bIoody Forehead - and gently
rubs Her Hands over che Wounds - She wipes che bIood from His Eyes ­
while cears of Sorrow are running down Her Face, while the woman
wich che beaucifuI hair - has prostrated herself - ac che Feec of Our
Lord - using her cears co wipe che blood off His Feec. The women chac
stayed in the back are now comint; forward - with jars and cloths and
sponges - wich sorne kinds of herbs - or leaves or spices. Our Lady
kisses che Forehead of Her Divine Son - chere are many broken off
Thorns chac are embedded in His Head - che Aposde is helping Her
remove che se broken Thorns.

They are now cleansing Our Lord's Body wich oincmenc and herbs ­
His Arms - His Feec - His Head - Our Holy Mocher is caking care of
His Face - and OH - so carefully - so gend}· - cleansing the macted
Blood out of His once so oeautiful Hair - which are so terribly macted ­
pulled out - His Beard in spots has been pulled out.

They are now wrapping a linen cloth - scarting from His Feet - and
wrapping it around upward till under His Arms - they are now lowering
His Arms and crossing Them( SHOWS HOW ARIlAS ARE CROSSED AT

They're placing a large linen cloth - lengthwise folding ic - folding it

from His Feet upward - over His Body - and again from His Head down.
It is gecting near darkness now - so they are hurrying to complete
this work - before the sun goes down. The two men chac lowered Him
off the Cross - and the ftpostle and another man have arri ved and are in
tbe group - they are carrying Him towards the ci ty - to the side gate ­
not the main gate - but a side gate - where there seems to be a large
cave - rocks. They are heading as in a procession - the four men carry­
ing Our Lord - while His Holy Mocher and the cwo women that were
always so close with Her are by Her Side. Eighc ocher women are
following close behind - sorne of them are staying further oack - sorne
of the Holy Women that were there during che Three Hours are follow­
ing also.

They have now come co a place - ic looks like a cave or tomb - chat
has been prepared - they are carrying Him into thi s - it is sort of
formed like a bed - a cot - they are lying Him upon chis. The three
women are entering also - chey have gone down on their knees - as if
in prayer.

Now a soldier 1S com1Og 10 - telling the women and Our Blessed

Mother they must leave. One of the eight women has gathered a big
armfull of flowers - which the woman with the beautiful hair quickly
gathers inco her arms - and runs back into the tomb - and scauers them
all over the inside of che tomb - she quickly runs out - as the soldier
rolls a huge flat rock in fronc - which seals the tomb - while the rest
all leave - and the Apostle is supporting Our Holy Mochet - and the
two women are going with them - slowly walking away withour once
rurning to look back.
NOVEMBER 13, 1953 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.


Korean Battlefileds.... Lack of prayers.... Horror


Oh, No ....
WHAT DO YOU SEE MARY ANN? , __ .., 11\
Inside prisoner of War Camp..... ~."'t. ~

North Korea ....



':Yhy don't they investigate? ..Such treachery ... truth unknown ...propagaoda
.. hes.... nothing but lies. More prayers needed; many more prayers .. ~...
I\'lany mothers wÜ} n"ëver know what happened ta their sons; the truth
will never be brought forth .... Deception ici your Top Officials .... Many
a,re left behind like animaIs; officially recorded as lost in âction. The
cruth:-::.:rottlOg holes .... n;;~ne.... ey.e::_!>ne.... stre~ gon~.

Oh, have mercy on them . pray for them - many more boys will go in
the same way - unless more effort is made to follow the right way -
P rayer - the Rosat Y - the Sacrifice - but that is cast aside - too hard -
too much quarreling and bickering over useless things - wgile the bOls
( are decaying in the most filthiest holes-

Religious - How much they suffer -How much they struggle - many of
them temove their Religious Garb - they sacrifice that - for the sake
( of souls - so they can work without being detected - which is the great-
er Sacrifice - for those who have made the vow to wear it - .

But here in this beauciful America; it is too much work to go down the
street - and speak ta a sinner - and bring this sinner back - from the
lost path - it's too mu.ch work- Luxuries - televisions - movies - beau-
tiful cars -silken lined garments - beautiful things - beautiful -

While those in the Mission F!!.!ds drink tea maybe once a day for nour-
ishment- no steak dinners - no beautiful, delicious cakes and pies -
J no comfort of a warm mansion or home - the cold -anything to huddle
~ther to keep wa..!:m - and yet they are a11 called to do the same worl;.
fof saving souls - not enough effort made -not enough -

But those in the Mission Fields - who have given their li ves in the most
brutal and horrible way - God will reward chem -buc God haye pic)/:. on
chose chat can 'c follow che sceps of their br.ocb.crs. in Chrisc - and che
Nuns in cheir Siscerhood -

Quarreling amongst che Religious must end - che cime is being so fool- \

ishly wasted - oyer foolishness - selfish~s :...there is no sncb cjme now- )

Your Vicar of Christ cannot carry the burden alone - He pleads and

prays for help - wich the ochers - ic is not heeded - and He is part of

you - He has f1esh like you - He bas blood like you - you can see Him ­

Dut you can't follow Him - His heare is warm - He loves the children ­

the poor ~ the needy -

Much has been done for Him - but noc enough - not enough for what the

Evilness of War tears down - the hunger - the hunger not of body alone­

but the hunger and want of Spiritual Aid - "

The laity must work harder than they have ever worked before -

When the A BOMB stares dropping - and leaves nothing but ashes and
molten rocks - it is too late -

Your Enemy is weil equipped to destroy you - -Pray --Pray ­

Don 't say you are too tired "- Pray and strength will be gi ven you ­

If you looked inco the pits and dungeons of many of the soldiers of
these last three years - you would never say - 1'01 too tired - you couldn 'c-·

1:00 Whac do you see Mary Ann?


Thank you Mocher ;

Deo Gracias ­
Oh Sorrowful Mocher

Do you see Our Sorrowful lI.!other, Mary Ann?

Risc - SIN KIN G


Mary Ann, do you see Veronica's Veil? --Yeso

2:00 Foreign Words ­
2:03 Foreign Words­
2:08 Foreign Words-
Holy Mocher - Blessed Mocher ­

2:23 Foreign Words ­

2:26 Fore.ign Words ­

2: 30 More foreign words ­
2:32 More foreign words ­
2: 35 More foreign words ­

Do you see Our Blessed Morher, Mary Ann? - Yes ­

Practice Penance -.

There will be no Friday sufferings on the Feast of the Miracuhus Medal

In all there will be five Fridays before Christmas ­

3: 11 Righr arm relaxes ­

3'i2 Left arm relaxes ­
3':13 Fe et uncross - Body relaxes-


NOVEMBER 20, 1953 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.


12: 10 C LOS E S E Y ES AND FR 0 W N S

12: 14Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? --No answer.
12:20 Oh No ­
12:40 Have mercy on us - Have mercy on us ­
12:41 Pilate
~2:47 High Priest
12:50 DeniaI
12:55 Day break ­
1:05 High Priest ­
1:09 Sham King .

1:17 Court Yard ­


1:22 Is it the Scourglng Mary Ann? - Yes

1:25 Evil One ­

1:29 Crowning­
1:30 - - - ECCE HOMO - - ­
1:33 Bringing the Cross ­



1:35 Picks up the Cross ­


1:48 Eighth Station


1:49 GRE A T G RIE F

1: 50 Leaving the ninth Station ­


1: 59 LOU 0 NOl SES A S 0 F H 0 R R 0 R
2:00 Stripping of the Garments ­
2:01 Blessed Mother-­
2:06 ~ E FT AR M GO ES 0 U T
Foreign words - (perhaps - Hosi a - Hosia)
Foreign words ­


Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?
2: 19 Suffering
2;23 Foreign words - "LOUD THROAT NOiSE
2: 25 More Foreign words ­
2:26 More Foreign words
2:27 More Foreign words ­

Foreign Words ---(perhaps- Eloi· Eloi)

2:34 Foreign Word
2:35 Foreign words ­
2:37 More Foreign words ­

--- You in this room ---- My instructions have not been followed ­
the Message of Lent - Feb. 29, 1952 - Follow it through ­
The Message 1 have given you in 1950 - especially June 16th­

Who art thou afraid of --Man?

GOD is aIl man needs to fear -

Had thou worked as 1 requested - three infants would not have lost their
lIves - through the breaking of the Sixth Commandment ­
one you know weIl where it was disposed of -­
One found its fate in your large dam ­
The other in an adjoining river in your next village ­
Parents wake up protect your children ­
"These three girls OUt of wedlock come From your own Community.

Donot blame them but the parents for neglect ­
they are only the innocent victims of you, the eIders -

Why are you afraid of persecution? - Why are you afraid?

Or is it only self-will? 1 have warned you - but you heed not ­

thou fearest man - when thou should only fear thy Lord Thy God­

and He'lI protect you -

Much must be done in your surrounding Communities -

Unless this is done -the suffering of My Chosen One will not lessen­

but increase ­
Ir is the duty of all of you - not just the chosen few ­

The Vicar of Christ has made the coming year - the Marian Year -­

wruch is so Beautiful - but do not destroy it by Commercializing ­

by Glorification of one's self ­

In only what it stands for can much persecution be taken from your Churcb

Cease the bickering - quarreling -j ealousy between you.







12:05 (Seems to be praying)

12:06 (Mary Ann smiles)
"Urge the people to do asGiie Fighting SenatoiJasks them to
do, it is very important for your Country's sake that you do this
at once. Write your President of your Country, plead with him
to do right to save this Nation, your America."
"The Enemy is weIl prepared to strike on you, the hour is at
hand, no time to waste, time has been wasted. Pray - Pray".
"Follow My Message l have given you, es ec' ly the two
(chosen ones, Jollow every e aI , I l S nee ed now more tlian
ever. Guide your children."
"The Rosary daily, Sacraments daily wherever possible to do
so. Do not neglect Y0l,lf children, why be careless of their

welfare? Parents be parents. Fathers be fathers, be the head
of the house, they are ignorant, the Evdness about them ~is
di1iwing them with it, you must protect the!ll."

"When saying the Rosary, have them kneei and pray, fOllOW
die beads, which they neglect to do, those are smaIl things
ut they are important. Pray, pray much."
12: 15 (Seems to be praying)
12:29 "Do not delay this work,

"Sorne of YOUI Cenerals could not swallow the pill of evil, so
they left. Oh yes, giving the reason of iII health. The truth the
pill was tao bitter to swallow. Thank Cod they had a ittIe­ t
respect of decency left In their hearts for their own Country
and Hurnanity."
"CLEAN OUT THE UN - There is no COD there, but
SJJiiw.1 UN is nti Christ, not Christ. You can measure
your Peace with e
"ZERO -{frite}o YOUI President, your Senators, your Con­
gressrnan. ou should have written long agol The hour of
decision has past, the dock has struck 12:00. So now children
pray, pray rnuch. Keep thyself in sanctiEying grace, that's your
only salvation."
12:50 (Question, Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?) (No
12:58 (Question, Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Beginning the Agony in the Carden. Cenacle of praying
1:00 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)

"Agony in the Carden."

1:05 (Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)

"Prostration in the Carden."

1:10 (Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)


1:15 ( Foreign words)

1: 17. (Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)

."First DeniaI."

1:22 (Question: What do you see Mary. Ann?)

"In the Dungeon."

1:25 "High Priest."

1:30 (Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)

''Take Him to the Covemor."

1:37 (Mary Ann, Mary Ann, calling to arouse her. What do YOIl see
Mary Ann?)
(Is it the Scourging Mary Ann?)
1:41 (Foreign words)
1: 42 ( Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)

"The Holy Women."

1:44 (Facial expression as of disgust or unbearable sight)

1:46 (Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)


1:48 (Foreign words)

1:50 (Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)

"Bringing the Cross."

1:51 (Rises tt> sitting posture with arms outstretched as if reach­

ing for someone or something, and falls back onto the bed.)
1:56 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"The Face on the Vei!."
2:00 ( Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Holy Women."
2:02 (Seems to be praying.)
2:08 ( Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Stripping His garments."
2:10 (Foreign words), (Loud noises.)
2:12 (Right arm goes out to right side of the bed), (Much tossing,
heavy breathing, suffering.)
2:13 (Left arm goes out), (Much tossing, heavy breathing, suffer­
2:15 (Body stretches and feet cross), (Much tossing, suffering.)
2:16 (Foreign words), (Perhaps, 'Deus, Deus')

2:19 (Foreign words)

2:20 (Severe tossing)

2:22 (Foreign words)

2:23 (Foreign words)

2:25 (Severe tossing)

2:26 (Foreign words)

2:30 (Severe tossing)

2:31 (Foreign words)

2:32 (Question: Can you tell us what you see

Mary Ann?)
"Our Lord giving us His Mother."

2:36 (Foreign words), (Perhaps 'Eli - Eli')

2:42 (Foreign words)

2:43 (More foreign words)

2:44 (More foreign words)

2:45 (Severe tossing)

(Foreign words)

2:49 (Birds began singing outside of her room

window so beauti­

2:50 (Foreign words)

2:52 (Short gasps)

2:53 (Foreign words)

3:00 (Foreign words)

3:06 (Right arm relaxes)

3:07 (Left arm relaxes)

(Question. Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?

3:08 "Removing nail from the Feet." (Feet relax and uncross)

"Pray for the Holy Father."

"Remember the Immaculate Conception."

"Pray daily."

"Yes, l'Il remember."

"NO, NO" (Shakes head)

"On Christmas Day, Yes, l'Il remember. Make a Novena to the

Child Jesus."

"Pray, pray much for the Vicar of Christ. The heaviest Cross
is before Him now."
"Forget material things of life. Return to COb. For He is the
only One to protect you. Save as many souls as you can before
it's tao !ate. Remember have courage. Cod Loves you."


"The Enemy, they have themselves weil supplied. The Enemy
in our own Country is supplying their bases with supplies to
strike. The betrayal talk of Peace is confusing to many of
the people."
"Your biggest Enemy, they are weil supplied with everything,
men as weil as warfare. They are flying supplies to bases in
Africa, Australia, Russia, Iran as weil as Europe and the
Brifish Isles. While you at home are being told they are work­
ing for Peace, but there is no Peace in their minds, but want
of Power."
"Each one trying to outsmart the other, one of your known
Enemies who seems triendly to your Country, agrees with the
large Enemy. To offset this would take many, many prayers,
Rosaries, which are not forthcoming at this time. Which they
have not heeded since 1 warned them in the year 1917. They
laughed then, as they are laughing now. Material things of
life are more important, than true Peace and love for the
Divine Son."
12: 18 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"The are i be r ain Switzerland, Por­
[{ 19a, W as we as sorne 0 t e sma er Countries.
'1Ife ETYin4fgive them sugar coated pills. Pray for them that

the do not let h ve et mvolved w' " orces

who would destroy them, as ey ave estroye 0 le)
other smaller Nations; as weIl as Poland, tJl<i:aTrl, Rumania,
Czecho-Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary."
"Many of the Priests and Nuns and Bishops in this Country
are sufferi~L~uch, much persecution, mental as weil as phys­
ical harm. Pray for perseverance."
12:25 "Much trouble is brewing over the large Canal and who is
going to have the right of the Rock."
12:29 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
" ttin and schemin how to strike at the H ly
orne t e ahcan. v a )lannin to stn e for
EAR THIS e ce i t at s wlped
12::35 "GOD LOVES YOD."
(Question: Mary Ann, in rnaking this rv\('ssagt' knmvn shall
we make known \vhcre it came from"?)
"Follow yom Aclvisor's direction."
(First hme 1 recall Of f'ver seeing the Sun shinillg OIl an)' of
these Fridays. Clara).
(Question: Can you tell us what YOIl see Mary Ann?)

"The picture of what will happell if \Iy reCIlIests are not


12:4G (Mary Ann is smilillg) (Question: Can you tell us what you
see Mary Ann?)
':Qur Hal)' Motber."
(Question: Can you tell liS what YOIl see Mary Alln? No
answer. )

(Question: What do you sec now Mary Ann? No answer.)

(Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Alln?)

"Iliessed Motber."

"Yes T will, y~s Blessed Mothe!", ThoQk Yeu, Th:mUou."

12:59 (Question: Can you tell us what you sec Mary Ann? No
answer, hut agonized expression)
1:08 (Severe tossing of heacl from sicle to sicle)
1:12 (Agonized suffering, tossing)
1: 15 (Seems to be praying)
1:22 (Anguishecl suffering, tossing)
1 ::31 (Seems ta he praying, and is smiling, as if seeing something
1:37 (Severe tossing of head from side to sicle, great suHering,
1:39 (Severe tossing from sicle ta sicle)
1:44 (Great agony)
1:50 (Rises to sitting posture with arms outstreatched as if ta em­
brace someone or something)
1:52 (Severe tossing, suffering)
1:53 (Smiled)
2:00 (Seems to be praying)
2:02 (Severe tossing)
2:04 (Sinking)
2:05 (Seems to be praying)
2:09 "Blessed Mother."
2:10 (Right arm goes out to right side of bed) (Severe tossing,
great suffering)
2:11 (Left arm goes out to left side of bed) (Severe tossing, great
2:13 (Body stretches and feet cross) (Suffering)
2:15 ( Raising the head and dropping back on pillow with tossing)
2:17 ( Perhaps) 'Deus, Deus'
2:19 (Severe tossing)
2:20 (Seems to be praying)
2:23 (Seems to be praying)
2:27 (Seems to be praying)
2:30 (Smiles, speaking, words not audible)
2:40 (Short gasps)
2:42 (Eyes Heavenward, seems to be praying)
2:45 (Severe tossing of head)
2:47 (Severe tossing of head)
2:50 ( Perhaps ), 'Eloi'
2:51 (Foreign words) (Seems to be praying)
2:53 (Foreign words)
2:55 (Body sags)
3:05 (Loud deep throat noises)
(Both arms relax and come together at the chest at the same
"Parents of this Community, guard your children. A numher Of)
our vill hildren are commi in some of the bl'âëkest sins,
two of your children, girls, are in grave <!D~r. Parents wake
up! Why do you neglect thost' youngsters so badly"? YOli have
five Dens of Satan about you."
"CLÈAN THEM OUT! CLEAN THEMüUT! Cleanse vour vil­
lage and surrounding areas. sin, blackest sin. Cod is f~rgotten,
Satan is their companion. protect them, it lies on your should­
ers. Be the example for yom Community. Talk ta yom Parish
Priest, your teachers, your village leaders. cleanse your Com­
"Pray for the Reli iOlls
above all fOI; the Vicar 0 rist Pray for Y0uf Pastor, he needs
many prayers, many prayers, and the Spiritual Director, pray
for him."
\ "Yes, Yes, 1 will."

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 195.'3 FRO\f 12 NOON TO 3 P.\!.

12:07 (\1ary Ann smilt's, eyes <:!oscd, scems to h(' speaking. worc!s
not audible)
12: 10 (Eyes open she i s startl ecl)
(Question: Can you tell us what \'OU see \Iary AI\ll'~)
"Peace, Peace, there is goill~ to be no Pea<:e, Peace (1I1 earth.
good will toward mell, but where is the good wilr:> ~'lt
them in the War tom Countries, where is theil' Christmas'~
Whert' is their comfort? Nl2..~ht'ltt'r, 110 food, cold, in South
( Korea, North Korea and China, Itunger, hunger, thafs their
"\Vhile you herf' in Am<'l'ica squander, destroy, whej'e so many
( hungrv and needy ones collid lise what you destroy recklessly,
rllthlessly, give it to those that need it. Look at them. theil'
wrackcd thin bodies of the children, they are unkempt,"
"~'ferry Christmas, yes for a few, but millions have no Merry
Christmas, there is no Christ Child there, the Enemy of Cod
has taken that away from them."
"YOll in this Country shollid bring the Christ Child back to
them, instead of sqllandering, destroying, give to those that
need il. Much has been done through the Churches, but Oh,
so much more is needed, give them Nuns and Priest.s also.
Pray for this."
12:22 (Question: Can YOll tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Sadness, suifer' '1 abies."
12:27 ary nn closes her eyes, lips moving as if in prayer)
12:31 (Opens her eyes)
12:35 (Question: Can you tell us what YOll see Mary Ann?)
(Question: Are they going to start dropping them soon Mary
"Right now one is trying to outsrnart the otber, J.bcir-Big
M ti i ot be for the ood of the pie. There'll be
one that will win, but it wi not e for the good."
12:40 "Pray, Pray."
"Yes." (Eyes close, seems to be praying)
12:43 (Mary Ann's eyes open)
12:45 (\Iary Ann srniles, expression as of seein~ sornething beauti­
fuI, speaking but words not audible.)
12:46 (Eyes closed, seems to be praying)
12:48 (Her eyes open)
12:50 (Question: Can you tell us what you set' \lary Ann? No
12:53 (Mary Ann seerns to be praying)
12:54 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? No
12:58 (Mary Ann's eyes close)
1:00 (She shudders)
1:01 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? No
answer. )
1:03 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)

"The Expectation of Mary."

(.Ëxpression of rapture, of seeing beauty.)

1:08 (As of being absorbed in the beauty of what is shawn her.)

(Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Many of thern traveling."
"Beautiful Lady on a donkey, with Her spouse alongside, they
are going on a long journey. There's rnany others with thern,
sorne are walking, sorne are riding. They aIl seern ta be going
sornewhere, t1lf:re seems ta he an air of éxpectatiQ,n. Sorne are
praying, sorne are Singing~OSe beautiful eyes, such a
-bealltjful Lady, sncb beau . s, sncb heanfiftrlÎ1mr."
"Her face seerns like Heaven itseIf, they are h'aveling through
a rich valley, abundance of everything, sorne stop ta rest,
others keep going."
"~ow kind, how gentle, baw cOllcerned tbe spouse is of this

l beautiful Lady. Several of those traveling wJ.0 thern, tliey

are watching Her. Sorne of thern are hurnrning tunes, sorne
of1'Flern are just talking, but the littIe Lady on the donkey is
not aware of anyone about Her."
"She srniles at Her spouse who seerns sa concerned about Her.
With Her srnile She assures hirn everything is all right with
Her. They are aIl resting, they have settled down for the night,
this night its cloudy. The beautiful Lady seerns ta be praying
Hel' spouse is watching Hel', they are praying, sa peacefuI."
"They are starting up again, another day of journey is ahead
of thern, traveling still through the beautiful valley. Many,
rnany crops of wheat, cattle, fruit, grapes."
"They are passing through a little village, sorne of the travelers
are tired but the beautiful Lady always has that sweet srniIe.
as the little grey donkey plods along with the beautiful burden.
He tao seerns ta know that She is not just a cornrnon burden,
but beautifuI."
"They are leaving this fertile valley. They are starting ta go
into more rougher land, there's another little village they will
pass by. They are now cIirnbing ta hilly country, rocky, sandy
and barren in places. The productive soils have been left be­
hind. The road they are traveling is a weil traveled road, many
have gone before them, many are following behind."
"Ifs getting dark now, the stars are out this night, the clear
beautiful cloudless sky. The sky is luminous with stars, millions
of them, all sparkling like diamonds, while the spouse looks
upon the beautiful Lady, concerned, She assuredly smiles back
at him."
1:30 "Oh, such a beautiful smile. They are arriving at a large vil­
lage now. This village is very crowded with travelers, more
seem to be coming. The spouse, he seems to love the little
grey donkey, he pets him on the neck."
"The spouse is stopping now inquiring. Something is not agree­
able here, he goes on, again he stops, again he seems to be
refllsed. But this man here points on, seems to give him some
direction. The spouse doesn't like this but She smiles again
and assures him it is an right. He smiles back at Hel' and
seems to be shrugging his shoulder and goes on. He scratches
the ear of the little donkey who plods along with the beautiful
1:35 (Mary Ann seems to be watching something VeIY beautiful)
1:42 (Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)
1:45 (Expression as of watching something beautiful)
1:46 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
(Mary Ann is aB taken up with what she is seeing)
1: 49 (Raises open hands to sides of face, sort of in restrained
pleasure. )
1:50 (Hands crossed at chest, still has the expression as of viewing
unusual beauty.)
1:52 "Blessed Mother."
1:54 "No, No."
1:55 (Arms extended for ward as if to accept something.)
1:56 (Hands folded reverently - as if in prayer or praise.)
"Mother, I am not worthy."
1:59 (Eyes close with deep sigh - seems to be praying)
2:03 (Eyes open)
2:10 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? No
answer. )
2:15 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? No
answer. )
2:19 (Looks up and smiles)
2:34 (Seems to be praying)
2: 45 ( W ords spoken but could not be understood)
2:46 (More words spoken that could not be understood)
2:47 (More words spoken that could not be understood)
2:49 (Sinking)
NOTE: On January l~the Victim visioned the Vicar of Christ in
great danger. She has Jjeen unable to this day to place this vision. This
vision took place in the Basilica, where the Vicar of Christ, on Dec':B,
~53, pronounced the opening day of the Marian ~ar. ­
In her vision she saw him standing by a large pillar, large pillars on both
sides of this building, to her this was an opening. The Rays she saw were
t1~e Rays of Hope that the Marian Year would bring to the World.

It"But by doin this He laced Himself in reat dan er for the

~Euemy wants ta estrQY Him aiJd what He stan s for. n y if
the people wiII stand by the Vicar, but whieh they fail ta do.
T.b.s;y must stand by Him, without Him. 1 repeat, they are Lost."
2:55 "Pray, Pray much for Pope Pius XII. In your next four months
your love for Him will be proven. After the four months are
passed, you will prave if you love Him, or if you love yourseJf
only. Gad will take care of Him, for Gad loves Hm1. But if you
fail, you will fail yourself. SA pray children, pray."
"Many tests have been given you, these tests seem ta be wrong,
but ta Gad they were right. Pray, stay in the state of Sanctify­
ing Grace. For et the material side of life and ou will have
nothing ta ear or Gad loves those t at ove im an WIl!
rotect them. fIelp the wayward brethem ta see the LigFit,
bring him ta the Fold."


FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 1954 FROM 12 NOON TO 3:10 P.M.

"Pray, pray for the Vicar of Christ, pray for Him, He is very iIl.
He is in great danger, more than the World realizes. The
weight of the World is pressing Him down and will take Him
from you if not enough prayers are sent ta Him. The sins, the
wrongs, the hate, the greed are causing His illness. Pray, pray
much for Him, do as He asks, say His prayer daily. Help Him,
give Him strength."
"Peace for the World is not at hand, only a stalemate at pres­
ent. This year has been dedicated ta My Immaculate Concep­
tion, tum it into a year of prayer, into a year of saving destruc­
tion. But there is always tao little, tao late. W~y 10veLworld-))
ly goods, desires, comforts of the flesh cornes first. Do not tum
this beautifui year into a yéar of horrol-, destruction, commer­
cialism, self glorification, greed, death for many who are in­
nocent victims of the hatef))l w.1:uLdo.-..tbaJJidding of Satan."
(Question: Can you tel! us what you see Mary Ann?)
"The Month of April, much, much will happen. Easter makes
it a joyful month. The meeting of the Evil Forces makes it a Id
VERY SAD month, for the plans are already made, the de- ~
ciSlOn has been made a long time aga."
"The four months will be up also in April, which 1 have
spoken about before. Show yom love before this periad ex­
pires. It takes the effort of everyone of you, child, up ta the
F ACING? Can you not pictm~(Lyou the suffering, the
C horror, that will be inflicted uRon yom world XQur Country.
YOULlargesLtr..oub1 w.ill-alise from_within. It will spread
further. Be on guard."
"Pray for those that are fighting for the right. Do not let them
be weakened by self glorification, pride for themseh:es. Sim­
[ ulicjty, hJJwility, that should be everyone's way." ­
"Fill your Churches claily. Many of you can if a !ittle effort is
only made, a little sacrifice. How much good can come from
that !ittle sacrifice asked of you daily. Most of ail, the Sacra­
ments ta give you strength, for vou snre will need tbem before
( the end of this era. PRAY, PRAY MUCH. Ail 1 ask is Penance,
Sacrifice, the Rosary, Consecration ta My Immaculate .Heart
and ta the Sacred Heart."


(Question: Mary Ann, shoula that have been November 13,
"One of the victims wbo is listed 'Lost 'n .Â~tion', cornes from

yàiïr Dioéëse~ Diocese 'Vêry c ose ta here." - .

(Question: His name?)

(Mary Ann smiles) Hl!' in Heaven, he loved bis countrY'~JJ
21'Z.. would not hetray it. Sa he died the most brutal torturous death.
'U ~ Ris description was given ta vou aIsa he is one of the viCtims
in the small cave described."

(Quesbon: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? No

answer. )

( Question: Mary Ann, can you tell us what you see? No

answer. )

(Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? No


(QlIl'stion: Can YOli tell liS ",hat YOli sel' \Iary Ami!)

"A picture of things that will happen if Om Lady's Picas are

not heard."

1: 14 (r-.lary Ann smilt·,s)

(GrieL agonizing, sliffering.)

1: 15 "The Agony in the Garden."

1:29 (Question: Can YOli tell us what YOll see \Ia:y Ann?)

"Seizing Our Lord'"

1:35 (Question: \\'here are they now 1\lary Ann?)

"Second High Priest."

1:42 (\Iary Ann seems to he praying)

1:45 (Question: \Vhat are they doing now \Iary Ann?)
1:.50 (Great suffering) (Sinking) (\lary Ann calleù to continue)
1:53 (Question: What is happening now \Iary Ann'r)
"Scourging. "

1:5.'5 (\fary Ann seems ta he praying)

2:00 "ECCE HO\1O."

2:03 (Arms extended as if to l'mhracc someone "r something.)

(Question: What do you sel' \fary Ann?)

"Veronica's Veil."

;2: 12 (Questio11: What Station \Iary Am"))


2: 15 (Sinking) (SCI:'Il1S to he prayin.g)

2:20 (Question: \\'IIat do you S(T \Iary Ann? \

"Casting Lots'"

2:21 (Right arm goes Ollt to th<, right side of the \)('d)
2:22 ( Left arm go('s out to the Idt side of the 1><:d.)
2:24 ( 130dv strdches and fcd cross.)
2:30 (l\'oisy 1>reathing) (Jerky gasps of hrcathing. 1
2:42 (Question: "'ha t do you sec now \ 1ar~' Annn

"The .-\postle and the w011wn."

:1:04 (\Iary ,-\1111 closes )I('r ('y(·s. s('cms to he praying.)

"Cet woman to comc here ncxt six Frida \'s to 1ra\'. \\,))('r<, the
( Statue of :'\(ffiGhT,l)(~I1l': kept now. she is to pra~' ()Ill~'. Have
pendl and papn rcady for I!l'xt Frida~. PH.-\ Y. PH.-\ Y \IlTCH'"
( 130<1)' relaxes. alïns come tn rest on clwst. fl'<'t In](TOss.)


FHlDA Y, MAnCH 19. H)::54 FHO\I 12 l\OON TO 3 P.\!.

12:04 (\Iary .-\1111 smilcs. ('xpressioll as of S('('Îllg heaut~,)

"l'es. l will, yes."
12: 10 (Mary Ann's eyes close. spems ta hl' prayinc;)
()IIt'~tioll: Cali YOll tell Ils what )'ou st-'e \Iary Annn
"\ïcar of Christ. TIl(> Vicar of Christ, Ile is in the Garden of )
GethwlIlalli. The da\' Ile hecame tlH:' Vicar He entered this
Garùen. For the World From that da' on has be<'n ai strife
an( ar. e as not st-'en a dav 0 Peace, not man\' e ore
lTiii1lh'1d to walk in this Garden-. like Ill' has, nght tram the
start and to is en .
"His Heart is ïH:'avy. the agony of sufft-'rillg of ail the people
and chilùrl'n on earth weigh heavily upon Him. At times Hf'
is exhausted and tao feels He cannot ra on h 1 en e
~Nt in s 0 whom He is ta rep"esent, ail( t roug 1 Ils glves k
JIIIHim strength.
"Oh, look at Hilll now, how He gri<'\Ts. how Ile suHers. _Eill'J
/Ie knows that the evilness and the EIH'm\' is destroving th;'
t[ most Innocent of aIl the chJ1Jren the a red. HIS Heart' bl~
n'ry (e('p y w en our oun r ,. .' , . \' \'ictil . that
wt-'re inllocent, and could have h('en avoided. The one Country lIf.,
that so much hope and help was expecteù from would too fall~
into the hands of the Enemy and follow the pa th of the
Enem)'. \Vhat anguish and what sorrow, ta sel' the sheep
5catter the lambs into rl.lbble, briars. rocks and ravines. The
sheep ffiüt shoulëlheJp to keep the Jambs together, scattcr them
into danger."
"He knows ail these thin s. He as tlH:' She )herù He knows. He
has spo ('n an e as warned, He praye an e p eaded
hut they try not to heee! His warnings. Yes. He had mOïiïëiitsJ/1tn
01 ov when at Fatima the .. atnered millions and ra êù. tlll}
wn in vour 0 1 ' ra V ousandsJJ
to pray, a' t )fOU h the effort of 0 'p, one Sheep who
\Vor 1:'( very ar to ote WI 0 rd and God."
"Those wt-'re moments of joy, but the sonow, the anguish of
those that failed ta do as He asked, of those that knew better.
Just look at Him. His eyes are l~ing up to Heaven and
pll:'ading, pleading as He tao withers away. His illness is not of
plaill physical illness, they are all part of the World, the pain
ancl anguish. His ph\'sica! body fails to function unùer this
tremendous strain." ­
"He is one of the \ïcar of Christ that has been in the Gar en
of 1:' semani ail of His Reign. n ere IS no l'ace, no)
sun. me or g ory or lm ere on earth, unless the sheep
gather th.eÜ:..-.la-I+H3S aHcl briT-lf,--th{..m-back into the _Foie!. Dh
pray for Him. pray mllch fol' Him for now He too lies prostratt'
as His Lord and Gad lies prostrate, knowmg the wrong thats {
being done. HIS Reart is heavy for He Loves little children,
He loves the aged, the helpless, the sick. But He alone cannot
comfort them without the help of the rest of the Flock."
12:30 (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
"Why, Why?"
12:40 (Question: Can you tell us what you see May Ann?)
~ "What 1 'ust saw 1 cannot reveal f . ' fri hten ou aIl sick."
"w 10 s a I give it to. Who shall 1 trust with - 1 can t trust
him, he's too weak, he'd give in."
12:45 (Sl1akmg her head as one would in saying 'no, no')
"Yes, Yeso How can they protect themselves? Follow Mes­
sage of Lent 1952, warnings 'were given them. Have mercy
on them, Have mercy on them."
]2:49 (Eyes close) (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
12:51 (Mary Ann's eyes open with a starf)
12:52 "In the Garden." .
(Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)
(Tossing her head from side to side, suffering)
12:59 (Question: What do you see May Ann?)
"In the Garden."
1:00 (Mary Ann smiles, seems to be praying)
1:01 (Tossing head from side to side)
1:09 (Question: What do you see now Mary Ann?)

"On way to the High Priest."

1:18 (Severe tossing, great suffering)

1:19 (Mary Ann seems to be praying)

(Question: What do you see now Mary Ann?)

"Leaving the Dungeon."

1:21 "Oh Blessed Mother."

(Mary Ann seems to be praying)

1:27 (Grief, Suffering)

1:30 (Question: What are they doing now Mary Ann?)

"Leaving the Governor."

1:32 (Severe tossing, Agony, Suffering)

1:33 (Mary Ann is sinking)
1:34 (Tossing the body severely)
1:36 (Question: It is the Scourging Mary Ann?)


1:37 (Great Grief - Suffering )

1:39 (Sinking)
1:41 "Blessed Mother." (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
1:45 "ECCE HOMO."
1:48 ,~Severe tossi~~g of head from side to side)
1:49 Condemned.
1:50 (Mary Ann raises to haH sitting posture with arms extended
as if ta embrace someone or something)
"Blessed Mother."
1:53 (Question: What Station \.fary Ann?)

"Meets His Mother,"

1:55 "Ht, helps Him carry the Cross."

(~Iary Ann smiles)

1:58 "Woman wipes His face,"

1:59 (Severt> tossing, Suffering) .
2:00 "\Ieds the women,"
2:01 (Severe tassing of heaù, suffering)
2:03 (Qut-'stioll: What ÙO you see ~lary Ann?)
(Sinking). (\lary Ann seems to be praying)
2:06 "Stripping the Garments,"
2:08 "Blessed \lother, pray for-"
2: 10 "Casting Lots,"
2: 12 (Great suffering, tossing heaù fram side ta side)
2: 13 (Loucl scream)
(Hight arm goes out to right sicle of the bed, great suffering.
ton gue protruùes.)
2: 14 ( Left arm goes out to the left siùe of the bed, great suffering.
2: 16 (Body stretches and f('('t cross, great suffering)
2:1ï "Deus. Deus" (\lore foreign worùs)
2:20 "Oh Blessed \lother"
2:21 (\fore foreign words)
2:25 (\1ary Ann seems to be praying)
2:26 (Foreign worùs)
2:30 (Rody tossing, chest rising anù falling)
2:31 (Severe tossing of head from siùe to side, noisy gasps)
(Mary Ann smiles)
2:,'3.5 "Our Lord gives us His \lother"
2:.'39 (Great Suffering)
2:40 "Deus," (More foreign \Yorùs)
2:41 (\lore foreign worùs')
2:42 (More foreign words)
2:43 (Severe suffering)
( Foreign words)
2:44 (Tossing of body)
2:45 (Foreign words)
2:48 (Foreign words)
2:.'):') (Foreign words)
2:5.5 (Arms are quivering)
2:5ï (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
2: 58 (Short noisy gasps)
2: 59 (Foreign words, perhaps "Deus - Deus")
3:00 (Eyes looking upward)
(\lary Ann's arms relax and come to l'est at ehest. feet uncross)

FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 1954 FROM 12 NOON to 3 P.M.
12:05 (\farv Ann spems to hl' praving. she smiles.)
12:06 (The snile broadens and her expression changes ta surprise and
.i?y. ) .
12:10 (Vuestion: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Our Holy Mother"
"Have Priest close to this work, at the end of Lent, c.o.rnQ:i.ne
three narrations of Passion into one..... At thaLtime it will be
completed for this year."
(Question: Would that be Father Sheetz?).
"Yes, pray for him, he needs many prayers. Pray for Spiritual
Director, for your own Pastor, do not neglect him."
(Question: \fary Ann, should Father - be permitted in on a
Friday as he asked?)
No answer
12: 16 (Mary Ann seems to he praying)
(Question: \fary Ann, may Father - be in on a Friday during
Lent? )
'\ ( "The decision must be made by the head of the house."
. ,~Mary ~,nn shakes her head, expression of fear)

"Red China is one of the Nation~" J

(Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)

"They will he calling this new disease a new sort of cancer.
lt will spring up in many Countries including the United
States. Ifs not cancer, ifs man made cançer, iD] destroy mlUlY,
that is whv - PHA Y LI E Y U HAVE NEVEn PRAYED
BEFÛRE, 'only-prayel-_will averL!. is and make it a lesser
illness."'--- - -- - --
"The picture is shown ta me of sorne of the victims suffering
under this condition. lt makes ones stomach sick to look
at them and to think man himselL caused this, used for evil
insteacl or gOOd. !VIueh good cou â come trom this but tTïey
càn only turn it to evil u.~s. 'l'ou have sorne of this disease al-
ready in your western part of your Country, it is not cancer,
rememher thàt'Jhave warned you of this in the year 1951
durin Lent, !ittle heed has heen taken."
"More, more prayers are needed. The laity must wor to open
their hearts and their minds to God, instead of destruction.
Ûnly the Rosa_Œ the Sacramepts..J!..nd Love for each other will
ringPeace." -
"Now - - - - - - - - - - - - - Message?"
12:37 (Mary Ann's eyes close)
12:38 (Hel' eyes open)
(Question: How can we get this message out to the peo~e?
INll We have been sto )ed b Obedience at
, - a s e qlles IOn us 1'0 ask'
. urn?)
The answer is prayers."
(Question: Holy Father?)
"Yes, send Message to Vicar of Christ He sh~ed
woat to do and not to do. Many prayers are needed for Him
to speed HIS recovery for He is badly needed at this very
moment. Again 1 say do not forget to pray for aIl Religious."
12:44 (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
12:45 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"The Evil One."
12:58 (QUestion: What do you see now Mary Ann?)
"In the Garden."
1: 12 "Second High Priest"
1: 13 "DeniaI"
1:15 "Mock"
1: 16 "DeniaI"
1:19 (Question: Dungeon, Mary Ann?)


1:22 "They are stripping the mock garment."

1:23 (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
1:24 "Oh Blessed Mother, Sorrowful Mother."
1:26 ::High Of~~ciaI"
1:30 Governor
1 :32 "Sack"
1:37 "Back again to High Official"
1:38 "Blessed Mother" (Mary Ann seems to be praying)

"Oh Sorrowful Mother, pray for us"

"Oh Sorrowful Mother"

1:40 "Stripping His garments"

1: 42 (Loud scream, severe tossing, suffering)
1:44 (Sinking)
1: 45 (Severe tossing, great suffering)
1:47 (Great suffering, agony)
1:49 ( Question: Crowning, Mary Ann?)


1:52 "ECCE HOMO"

1:55 "Stripping His mock garments off, again dressing Him back
to His own garments."
1: 57 (Body l'aises with arms extended as if to embrace)
1:58 "Picks up the Cross"
2:01 "Blessed Mother"
2:08 "God has rewarded her for her love and kindness"

"The Sixth Station"

2: 10 "The Eighth Station"

2: 11 (Severe tossing and suffering)
2: 20 (Loud noise, sort of a smothered scream)
(Right arm goes out to the right side of hed) - (Great suf­
fering, tossing)
2:21 (Left arm goes out to the left side of bed), (Great suffering,
tossing, loud noisy brea thing)
2:23 (Body stretches and feet cross)
2:25 (Foreign words)
2:28 (Foreign words)
2:29 "Our Holy Mother"
2:30 (Foreign words), (Arms jerking)
2:37 (Severe suffering), (Chest rising and falling)
2:40 "Oh Blessed \1other"
2:43 (Severe tossing, arms jerking)
2:44 (Sounded like "Eli. Eli" \1ore foreign words, Severe tossing
of head)
2: 47 (Shakes head as if something distasteful)
2:48 (Foreign words, Severe tossing)
2:50 (Foreign words)
2:52 (Noisy loud gasps)
2:58 (Mary Ann seems to he praying), (Arms are quivering)
3:00 (Eyes look upward. a loud gasp)
( \1ary Ann closes her eyes) (Arms come to rest at chest and
feet uncross.) .


FRIDA Y, APRIL 2, 1954 FRO\1 12 NOON TO 3:30 P.M.

12:07 (\1ary Ann seems to he praying)

12:08 (Her eyes open and she smiles)
"Oh Blessed \1other, Prav for us, Pray for us.
12: 17 (Question: Can you tell us what ydu see \1ary Ann? No
12:22 "Pray for us, Pray for us."
"Whom have 1 condemned, Oh, Thy Lord Thy God was con­
demned for the sins of ail of us.
"Whom ha ve 1 condemned?
"Or do 1 feel condemned?
"Pick up Thy Cross and Follow Me, follow Christ.
( "His Cross was heavy for the sins beared heavy upon Him.
"Pick up thine own li ttle Cross and follow Him.

"Oh, what thoughts have gone through your mind today?

"What ('vilness have you thought of?

"Whom you have offellded?

"Wh Y have you offended?

"Thest:' thoughts, these failures, make your heart cross and heart

get heavy.

"Oh, you feel you cannot go on,

"l'our pains they are too much, so you fall down with your


"But Thy Lord fell too with the Cross that you helped to bear


"You helped to make heavy.

"Pick up Thy Cross and follow \fe.

"Pray ta Thy Heavenly Mother, intercede to 11er, She will pro­

tect you with Hel' Mantle,

"If you too remember Thy Lord and Cod.

"\Vho carried His Cross for you.

"Pray ta Hel', for Hel' Heart was heavy making the \Vay of the

Cross with Hel' Son

"Wham have you helped ta carry His Cross?

"Or 'Nas it tao mnch bother to give a helping hand to some

afflicted sick?

"Have you helped thy neighbor in a prayer, if not in a deed?

"Have you helped ta lighten the Cross?

"Have YOU reached out and wiped the face of afflicted ones,

"If only in a prayer or in an act of kindness,

"As the woman reached out and wiped the face of Hel' Lord

and Cod?

"She 'Nas rewarded.

"1 tao must reach out and help someone, no matter how hard

or how dirty,

"Or how discouraging it might be ta me.

"1 still must help and cleanse and do the right ta help carry

that Cross.

"Am 1 able, or have 1 fallen down again? It takes too much


"1 haven't got the time, l'm tao tired, can't someone else do it?

"Ah, but just a little prayer, Oh, 1 cannat.

"But remember Thy Lord Thy Cod bas carried a Cross so

much heavier than yours.

"50 you pick it up again and you start ta follow Him.

"What deed have you done to help thy Community, to help

the little children?

"Oh, what ad of kindness have you cleansed their way?

"Or have you felt that it is not my concern?

"Have you fallen way down and left the child, either your

own or in the Community go astray?

"Have you felt someone else could do it, why me?

"Have you refused the help you could have given?

"Have you refused them, a little child, the innocent, the aged?

"Or have you fallen down completely?

"Have you thought of sinful things, pushed away Y0uf helping


"Given in to weakness of YOUfself?

"Oh, you feel its none of my concern, but remember

"YOuf Lord Your God fell too. But who caused Him to fall?

"Your neglect, your lack of love, your sinful ways.

"Reach out and help whomever you cano

"And pick up Y0uf Cross and follow Me. That is the wish of

Your Lord.

"No matter how rocky, how steep the hill seems to be to

climb, follow Him.

"Your Cross will be lightened if you follow Him without com­


"Do you feel that you have been stripped of Y0uf rights?

Rour LO!d'lThy God too was stripped, for whom? For you.

l.ëleanse ~self, strip thyself of aIl sin, pray ta Him

"And He shall cleanse YOU. ­
"Upon retiring have you looked at the Cross, the Crucifix

"Where the Lord Thy God died upon to save you?

"Have you thanked Him in an ad of kindness, in meditation,

in prayer?

"Have you knelt down in prayer and cleansed yourself, cleansed

the sins away?

"Have you asked Him to help you? Have you felt sorry for

those sins?

"Or have you thought you were hopeless?

"Thy Lord, Thy God's Wounds were cleansed, an ointment

put upon them.

"Open your Heart to Him in full love and sincerity

"And your wounds will be cleansed. Cleanse before you re­

tire to thy bed

"For you do not know if you will awaken in the morning.
But if you clean thyself
"And wrap yourself in the cloth of Love and devotion for
Thy God
"You can go to sleep and feel sure that if death cornes
"There will be a Resurrection for you."
12:54 (Mary Ann smiles)
12:59 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"The Evil One"
1:10 (Question: What do you see now Mary Ann?)

"The Garden."

1:14 "Kiss"
1:20 "First High Priest"
1:22 "Oh Blessed Mother" (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
1:23 (Severe tossing of head, great suffering)
1:24 "Second Priest"
1:25 "Mock Crowning"

"First DeniaI" (Grief-suffering)

1:27 "Second DeniaI"

"Third DeniaI" (Severe tossing, great suf{ering)

1:31 "Dungeon"
1:32 (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
1:36 "Removing mock garments"
1:38 "High Official"
1:44 "Governor"
1:45 "Sack"
1:46 "Leaving the Governor"
1:47 (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
1:51 "Stripping His garments"
1:53 (Mary Ann screams, severe tossing, great suffering)
1:54 (Sinking) , (Severe tossing from side to side)
1:57 (Question: What group are scourging Him now Mary Ann)
1:59 (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
2:00 "The Evil One"
2:02 "Setting Him on spikes or nails" (Great grief, suffering tossing)
2:04 "Mock clothes"
2:06 "ECCE HOMO."
2:07 "Releasing the thief"
2:08 "Washes his hands"
2:09 "Condemned"
2:10 (Mary Ann raises with arms extended as if to embrace)

"Picks up the Cross"


2:15 (Question: What Station now Mary Ann?)


2: 18 "God has rewarded her for her kindness"
2:23 "A light shining on Him giving Him strength."
2:27 "Re-crowning Him"
2: 29 (Loud Scream)
(Right arm goes out to the right side of bed, great suffering)
"1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5" (Severe agonizing, great suffering)
2:30 "1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5" (Left arm goes out to left sideof bed)
(Severe suffering)
(Body stretches )
2:32 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 -----18
"They're lifting up the Cross"
"They're using a rope, tying it to a stake for a support. Soldiers
are pushing it with spears. They jab into Our Lord, they
dropped Him. They're pushing, pulling Him back up. They
are now sliding it into the already prepared hole. Oh, the jar
and the jerk! Oh, the pain and the anguish! Oh, the Blood
squirting forth!"
"Ooh, the sky has turned black, the rumbling, the Sun has
turned red. The air has a purplish hue, some of the people
are frightened but the soldiers ride around Him in anger and
mocking while some of the workers are fastening the Cross with
stakes, wedges like and rocks."
"Each blow jars the Cross and brings more pain and anguish to
the already painful Wounds of Our Lord. While His Holy
Mother has collapsed into the arms of the Apostle.
"Many of the Holy W omen are weeping and crying and call­
ing while some of the soldiers yell at them and go back towards
Our Lord and mock Him, to scream at Him, spit at Him, jab
Him with spears."
"He raises His eyes towards the Heavens, Deus - Deus ­
Deus" - - - (More foreign words)
"They have now hung the thieves, the one on the right and one
on the left. They tied them with ropes. One of them is scream­
and yellin~ and swearing at Our Lord. The other one looks
angry too but now his face softens as he looks at Our Lord
who is being more tortured than they are and through it aIl
His lips are praying, His eyes are looking Heavenward, while
they only are tied and He is nailed."
"But the Blood ~ushing forth from the Wounds,but they never
touch the ground, they disappear in mid-air. The Blood streams
and then stops as if someone is catching it, or a screen is pulled
in front, you cannot see it. . .
"The thief on the right now speaks ta Our Lord in a kind
way. Our Lord looks at him sa compassionately and prays for
him. The thief on the right is scoldiJ;lg the thief on the left
while Our Lord prays. And the soldiers are still riding around,
sorne walking, sorne on horses, sorne throwing rocks, sorne
bowing before Him screaming mocking words. Our Lord's
Body convulses."
(Foreign words)
"Now Our Lord speaks very compassionatoly, on His tortured
lips there seems ta be a smile as He speaks ta the thief on the
right and then tums His eyes towards Heaven."
"Our Holy Mother has come back ta the foot of the Cross.
The two women are with Her, the Apostle is supporting Her
for She looks so pale, sa sad, sa broken, as if She has not the
strength ta stand. She leans against the arm of the Apostle."
"Our Lord looks down at His Mother. Oh, Their eyes meet in
such love. He speaks ta Her, She does not answer but Her
Eyes speak for Her. He now speaks ta the Apostle with the
same love in His eyes as He gave His Mother. He speaks ta
him and now He looks back at His Mother and He looks
at the two women. The one with the long hair has such great
pitY and sorrow in her heart for the Lord that she Loves that
she falls at His feet."
"Our Lord now prays as His Eyes turn towards the Heavens.
The soldiers cannat see this love between, so they push between
them, they push back, they spear Him again, they strike across
His Legs. Oh, such meanness, such ugliness, hatred, such a
milling angry crowd, such lamenting From the women and
"EH - Eli - lamma saba"
"Our Lord's mouth is sa dry and parched. His tongue is out.
Oh, one of the soldiers is dipping a sponge ta a jar and stick­
ing it on the end of a reed, he is pushing it ta the lips of Our
"Ugh" (Expression as of a horrible taste)
"Oh, the face, the ugliness, they laugh, they sneer."
"Our Holy Mother, She witnessed aIl this, Her Heart goes
out for Her Son. OH NO, it looked like She was going ta
faint but She doesn't. She falls in the arms of the Apostle as
he tenderly hoIds Her."
"Oh Holy Mother, Thy Heart too has been pierced with every
nail and every thorn. You too have tasted the bitterness of a
sponge on Your lips. Oh, the Wounds are great in Your Heart.
You have aged, not in years but in Sorrow."
"Oh Sorrowful Mother make us worthy of Thy Divine Son
Whom Thou hast witnessed to the bitter end. Ali Agony from
the Garden to Calvary. Oh, Sorrowful Mother, open our hearts
with love for Thy Divine Son."
"The body of Our Lord seems to be getting smaller, a strange
look cornes over His body, Oh, such a pitiful sight."

"The angry mob is still screaming at Him, a few are leaving.

Oh, such, such hatred, such, such evilness."
"He turns His Eyes to the Heavens and prays, His Lips are
always praying. the only time one does not see His Lips pray
is when His Tongue cornes forth in anguish and convulsion,
otherwise He is always praying."
(Foreign words) ... "Deus".
"Oh, His body is stiffening, His Eyes are turned towards
Heaven, now He jerks and quivers, AS HE DIED ...
"Oh, the sky turned black a flash t . e l's. The

leo e scream sorne a on their faces. Oh, ifs like a terrtlC

explosiQn. Everything seems to be s aking, they are leaving,
running in terror, sorne falling, sorne are rolling."
"Oh, look at the fright, women have fainted, sorne of the sold­
iers are trying to calm sorne of them. Theil' horses are frighten­
ed, they are leaving. A calmness begins to settle near the
Cross, as the Apostle, Our Holy Mother and the two women J
come tarth to the Cross. Oh, the one with the long hair, she
kisses Our Lord's Feet and wipes the Wounds with her haïr.
Now she faints, the Apostle is trying to revive her."
"Oh, !loly Mother, how sad You look as You grasp the Cross
by Our Lord's Feet. Oh, She clings so desperately at the Cross
and looks up at Hel' Son Who looks so white beneath ail the
dried blood and Wounds."
"Oh, the Sorrowful Sight to see!"
"There's a soldier coming on a horse, two of them are walking,
one is carrying a ladder, no, the one carrying the ladder is
not a soldier, he is just another man. He's behind the other
three. They are riding up to Our Lord, examining Him and
the thieves. They are still alive but in a very weakened con­
), dition. Oogh, they are beating the thieves and twistin~ their

legs and breaking them."

"The soldier on the horse looks at Our Lord and now - Ooh,
put a spear into His Side, in the center of the Breast. the SOft)
part where there is no bope. It went through the left SiOe,
justabove the third rib. The Blood and Fluid is gushing forth,
but again it does not go to the ground, it seems to disappear
into something."
fJ "Through aIl this the Apostle, Our Holy Mother. and the two
women have steadfastlv stayed there. The one with the long
hair, collapsed on the ground and the Apostle has turned the
( Head of Our Holy Mother to his bosom whi!e the sword
entered Our Lord's Body."
"The soldiers are leaving and the man with the ladder has ar­
rived whi!e two others are coming. Oh, there are sorne women
coming also, they are carrying something. There's a tall man,
he seems to tell the others, the other what to do. They are
placing the ladder behind the Cross of Our Lord."
"One of them hands the other a large linen clotho They are
putting it around Our Lord's Body, beneath the Arms and
fastening it to the Cross above, sort of ta support the weight
of the Body. The one is handing him a hammer. Oh, they are
loosening the nail From the right Hand. Now he's handing him
sort of a pincer to pull out the nail. He has pulled out the .!9il
!rom the right hand. n

(Mary Ann's right hand cornes to rest on chest.)

"They are handin )t to)he Blessed Mother. Now he is moving
the lâdder to the ~ eft Arm. He's again loosening the nail, also
removing it with the pincer, (Mary Aun's left hand cornes to
rest on her chest.) ~d handing the nail ta Üùr It>l y M:>t~r. !
Now theya re romi ng ck:>\\I1. Il
"Oh, how gently they are supporting the Body. Now they are )
going to His Feet. They seem to have a difficult time to loosen
the nail. UGH, what a ugly 100 king nai!. He's pulling the nai!
out. He's trying to be very gentle, although ifs difficult to do
( it gently, for tlîe nal 1S about elgfiteen mches long."
- - ---_. - .­
(Mary Ann's feet uncross.)

"They are handing the nai! also to Our Blessed Mother. Now (
the one is cIiltlbing baeR up the iaader, he s unfastening the
clotho The Apostle is reaching upward also to help support
11 the Body as Ifs gently belng taken clown.
"Our Holy Mother has seated . ar e rock,
with Her right Knee 1 a position in such a way to form a
{ pillow for the Head of Our Lord. The Apostle has laid a Ion!!
linen cloth, one end of it, over the knee of Our Mother. They
are placing the Body of Our ~ord gently upon this, with Hi~

l Head and shoulders nestled In the Arms and Lap of Our

Blessed Mother."

"She is quickly r§moving a veil from H~d, beneath Her

{ Blue One. With this She WI es thiCF.Jlce-ot---.HeLSon. They
·have removed the rown, Oh, so many Thorns broke off in His
Sacred Head. Ou~y_.J<isses the Crown and lays it aside
~~.œ..es the b!ood Fo~ehead ~r Son.
( "Oh, She tried to remove the Thorns. While the other women
that lIaveariivea come witfîlâTs of Oh, 1 don't know, salve,
ointments 1 guess, some other thillgs. They are helping to
cleanse Our Lord's Body. While the one with the beautift:l

hair, has thrown herse!f p..msb:ate....aUh.e...fut of Our Lord, ai;ù
with her tears and her hair, has cleansed the Wounds of both
the Feet and has wiped them clean with her hair. Oh, she Loves
Him so, the tears that have streamed from her fac/-' and e;i..es
hav washed clean the Feet of her Dear Lord."
"Our Lady, Our Holy \10ther; is cleaning the Hair that have
been so matted with blood, grime and dirt, and pil'ccS of
thorns, pieces of rocks. Oh, what a dirty mess, but She so
gently cleanses it aIl. His Hair looks so clean n(JW, as She]
gent! lies them and. arran-'es thelll-ne ··'ta HIS Face.
She kisses eac ye His Forehea an His Ups in the orm
of a Cross. N ow Sfie takes a clean cloth from beneatflFTer
Mantle and gently folds it anù places it across, and places it
gently over His Face."
"While the other women, and the Apostle, and the two other
men, Jake a clean linen cloth and wrap the Body of Our Lord.
They fold His arms like this, (\1ary Ann shows how His
arms are folded, left hand over th(' right) and \\Ll]l His
Body around and around. Now they take the large cloth and
fold that right straight from His feet over His Heaù."
I<Now they pick up His Body, the Apostle, the tv.o men, and
another who came forth. Now they are gently carrying
r Him. e Holy \fotllt'r, and the two Ho! Women, follow
right behin as thf'Y sart to wa . as in a procession down the
hill, but not the \Vay tlwy ha\"(' come, but to the siÙe."

I'l gently
"Ali the other women are followl!1~' Oh. there'~ about eight or
J Il ten ot them. They are gOIng hke In a processIOn as thf'Y are
walling. !\(JW the)" are comillg ta the sicle of the
village." .
"One of the women is gathering flowers. She has left the pro­
cession, for they have come ta, Oh yes, it's like a huge Cave.
The men have entered into this. Oh, they are layi!!g the Body
of Our Lord, which seems ta have already been prepared, we
( would call it the size of a cot. It is not a cot, but that's what it
resembles. How gently they are laying Him down upon this.
There's two guards there at the outside."
"The two women and the Holy Mother have entered also. But
the guards are coming in and ordering them out. And one of
the women came with a big armful of flowers, the one "{!.th

l the beautiful hair grabs them and-'l-uick}y strews them over

the Body of Our Lord and Gad, while the soldier rudely pushes
her out."
"And the Apostle, he supports Om Roly Mother, Who)s w~k­
~ away, Oh, so sadly. Neither of them tum to look back, as the
soldiers shoved a hllge fiat rock against the entrance oTthis
ave sort of closin the Tomb. The men also leave now.
excepting the two guaI' s, w a stand at both side of the rock,
and watch. The l'est are vanishing in the distance,"

"Finish all the work by the end of Lent and have it prepared

when needed."

"Pray for Spiritual Director."

"Yes, Mother . . . . l'Il tell Henry."

"Yes, Mother."

"Till the end of the period of cleansing? ... Ooh."

"What should be done?"



FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 1954 FROM 12 NOON TO 3:07 P.M.

12:05 (Mary Ann smiles)

"Pray for us, Pray for us."
"Sorrowful Mother, pray for us."
The First Station: "Oh the Sorrow and pain that pierced Hel' Holy
Heart when told that Hel' Son would die for man, the anguish
and Sorrow and grief."
The Second Station: "The flight ta save their Child. Again the Heart
was pierced, for not only was Hel' Son in danger, but many
other mother's sons also."
The Third Station: "For three days Thy Heart hled with grief and
sorrow looking for Thy Son."
The Fourth Station: "Oh Sorrowflll Mother, how painful, how great
your angllish and sorrow at this moment when You meet Thy
Son carrying the Cross of ail mankind."
The Fifth Station: "Oh Sorrowful Mother, how painful, the anguish,
the grief, to see Thy Divine Son, Who has just died upon the
Cross for the Redemption of man. The grief was so great had
it not been for the Apostle, You would have fallen."
The Sixth Station: "They have now placed Your Son into Thy arms,
the pain, the sorrow as it pierced You. To see the broken
Thorns in the Head of Thy Son, to see the bruises, the blood
as Thy hands gently deansed it, no grief can be greater than

The Seventh Station: "As the procession cornes to the Tomb, and they
lay Yom Son into it, and the guards rudely push You out of
the Tomb and close it. This pierced Thy Heart greatly, as they
walked away from the Tomb."
12: 16 "Oh Sorrowful Mother, pray for us."
"Oh Sorrowful, Oh Heavenly Mother, Thy Heart was pierced
through when YOLI stood beneath the Cross of Thy Divine Son
Who died ta redeem man, the anguish, the pain and sorrow,
YOLI suffered for man."
"Oh Sorrowful, Oh Heavenly Mother, again Thy Heart is
pierced with angllish and sorrow for man has forgotten the
Crucifixion, the Death of their Lord and what it stands for.
They continue on their wayward ways while Thy Heart is
pierced for the love of them."
"Oh Sorrowful, Oh Heavenly Mother, pierce my Heart of stone
and fill its veins with pure blood of love for My Lord and My
God Whom 1 have neglected. Whose Wounds 1 have renewed.
Take me beneath Thy Mantle, Oh Heavenly Mother. Protect
me, guide me so 1 cannot go astray and hurt Thy Divine SOIl,
and p~,erce Thy Heart with Sorrow, Oh Heavenly Mother.
12:22 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Grief and Sorrow."
"~b!l is not satisfied with the harmfu.lRombs that are already
made, the A Born , then the H Bomb. Now he is Planning,..O~1
making on>, thev will substitute with poison in it, and when it
talls upon the earth, whatever it touches will die, aIl living
things. The only thing that will keep them from üSing this on
is fear of destroying theirselves."
"P.IaY-..Q[lilçlren, prayt4.~.t~Q.d's_ hand will reach out and pro­

tect you before man goes comffetelf: mad wiili greed and Wânt
of Power. t"ùi muSé ih com ~I 0- L"Is think they are God,
tfiere is no GOëI."
"Pray much, there is a little hope today. The Vicar of Christ
has improved very much, continue to pray for Him."
12:27 "He needs you and you need Him."
12:30 "l'lave Mercy, 0 God have mercy on them."
(Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Only the Evilness of man. Those that have no God, no Love
for no one but themselves. They do not even care for their own
~r, i,!}st theirselves."
"Pray for those in the Mission Fields, pray much for them,
their lives are daily tortme now and what's before th-fml."

"Pray, Pray, Pray for aIl Religious."

"Pray for one another and when you work for Christ, work for
Christ, not for your self Glorification. Work with love, do not
envy thy neighbor, but put love in thy Heart, as aIl your ef­
forts are needed with a pure dean heart and bring those that
are stumbling in the darkness, bring them to you."
"Help YOI!!' prjests, your Reli ious ring hose in the dark­

lness lI1to the Cl~ht. Many of them are innocent, so very in­
nocent of what t ey are doing. Just a heiping hand will show
1 them the way."
"Oh, 1 know the Serpent is coiled and ready ta strike but prayer
can keep him from striking, it depends only on prayer. No"A
Bomb, no H Bomb, will bring your Peace, onI)' i:9ur Rosary,
your daily prayers and above aIl, those that can, 1 l:epeat, those
t at can must make a little sacrifice, a little effort, ta goto
))J your ure es al y, recelve
glve you strengtli':"
y or y 9 and He will

12: 40 (Mary Ann smiles)

12:43 "The Evil One."
12:44 "In the Garden."
12:45 "The Holy Women praying.
(Suffering, grief, agony)
12:50 "Blessed Mother."
12:53 "The Agony in the Garden."
(Suffering, tossing head from side to side)
12:59 "Falling on their faces."
1:00 "Kiss."
1:05 (Severe tossing of head)
(Suffering, tossing, agony)
1:06 "They are binding Him."
"There's a young man, he resembles one of the Apostles. The
guard or soldier tried to grab him but they only grabbed the
garments and this young man ran away stripped of ail clothing."
LOO "On the Way to the High Priest."
1:09 "First High Priest."
(Severe tossing and suffering)
1:12 "Leaving the High Priest."
1:13 "Second Priest."
1:14 "First Denia!."
1:15 "Mock King . . . Crowning."
(Severe suffering, tossing, great grief)
1:16 "Second DeniaI."
1:17 "Third Denia!."
(Severe tossing, great suffering)
1:18 (Question: Dungeon, Mary Ann?)
(Mary Ann seems to be praying, eyes looking upward)
1:21 "Leaving the Dungeon."
L23 "Stripping the Mock Garment, putting on His Own."
1:24 "Oh Blessed Mother, Oh Holy Mother."
(Severe suffering, tossing, grief)
1:26 "Before a High Dignitary" - (Great suffering)
1:30 "Governor, High Official."
1:32 "Sack, Cloth."
1:34 "Blessed Mother, Sorrowful Mother, Oh Holy Mother."
(Mary Ann seems to be praying)
1:37 "Back to High Official."
(Expression as of disgust)
1:38 ",The Evil One."
1:40 "Stripped Him."
1:41 (Loud Scream, severe tossing of head from side to side, also
tossing of shoulders)
L42 (Sinking) (Great Suffering)
1:45 "Oh Sorrowful Mother."
(Question: Where are they now Mary Ann?)

1:46 "Unfastening Him from the pillar."

1:47 "Setting Him on a stool of nails."

1:48 (Loud noise, sort of a smothered scream, grief)

1:50 "Crowning." .

1:53 "ECCE HOMO"

1:54 "Release of thief."

"He washes his hands."

1:55 "Condemned."

(Rises to haH sitting position,

arms extended as if to em­

1:56 "Picks up the Cross."

1:58 "Falls."

2:00 "Blessed Mother."

2:04 "Fifth Station."

2:05 "God has rewarded her."

2:07 "Second Fall."

2:09 "Meets the \iVomen."

(Question: What Station, Mary Ann?)

"The Eighth."

2:10 "Falls the Third Time."

2:11 "A Light shines on Him."

2:15 "They strip Garments."

2:16 "They Re-crown Him."

2:18 "Trying to remove the loin cloth."

2:19 "Casting Lots."

(Loud Scream)

2:20 (Right arm goes out to right side of bed) (Severe tossing,
tongue protrudes)
2:21 (Left arm goes out to left side of bed) (Severe suffering,
(Body stretches)
2:23 (Feet cross, left over right) (Severe suffering)
2:24 (Foreign words) (Severe tossing of head from side to side)
2:27 "The Sorrowful Mother" (Tossing of head)
2:32 (Foreign words)
2:34 (Foreign words)
(Mary Ann seems to be praying)
2:37 "EH, Eli" (More foreign words)
2:38 (Foreign word)
2:45 "Oh Sorrowful Mother."
2:46 (Severe tossing) (very severe)
2:48 (Noisy gasps)
2:49 (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
2:52 (Foreign words)
2:53 (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
2:54 (Chest rises )

(Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Beginning to rem ove Him from the Cross."
3:03 (Right arm cornes dmvn to side of body)
3:04 (Left arm cornes down to side of body)
3 :06 (Feet un cross ) (Mary Ann seems to be praying)
3:07 (Arms cross at chest, eyes close, appears to be sleeping)
"Yes Mother, complete j\lly work by Ascension Day, Yes 1 will
Holy Mother. Thank you, Holy Mother."


FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1954 FROM 12 NOON TO 3:35 P.M.

Good Friday, those present in the room pesides Mrs. Van Hoof
are her husband, Ml'. Fred Van Hoof, Miss Clara Hermans,
Mrs. Henry Swan, Joanne Van Hoof (daughter), Mrs. Ray
Albright, Ray Schelfhout and myself, (Henry Swan).
12:00 Angelus was said also the Mediatrix of Peace prayer.
12:00 S. Mary Ann seems to be praying) (her eyes are closed)
12:07 (Hel' eyes open)
12:09 ,,( She smi~~s)

Yes, Yeso

12:12 (Mary Ann smiles)

12:13 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)

"Our Lord embracing His Holy Mother."

"Vision of the Last Supper, Our Lord dipping bread with the
"A Vision of Our Lord washing their feet, the feet of the one
who later denies Him."
"A Vision, Oh so beautiful, Our Lord is aIl aglow with Rad-.
iance, He is raising sorne Bread, Our Lord My God."
"A Vision, Ali of them sitting about, while Our Lord seems to
give them instruction." .
"Our Holy Mother entering a large room with many Holy
Women with Hel', and two of them that are always by Hel'
side, are the closest with Her. They are aIl praying. Our Lord
is leaving this large building and entering into an opening
with eleven of the Apostles. The twelfth one is sneaking
through the gardens like a thief in the night, such an evil face."
"The Agony in the Garden."
12:31 "Blessed Mother pray for us."
12:34 "His second time in the Garden to pray."
12:37 "Still sleeping."
12:38 "Third bme to pray."
12:40 "A Light shines upon Him."
12:42 "Still sleeping, awakens them."
12:43 "FaU on their faces."
(Expression as of disgust)
12:45 "Kiss."
"Cuts off ear" (Suffering)
12:46 "Apostles aIl vanish into the dark."
12:47 "He runs away without his clothing"
"Holy Mother pray for us."
12:49 "Pray for us" (Mary Ann seems to he praying) (suffering,
tossing of head)
12:53 "Delivering to the First High Priest." (suffering, grief, tossing
of head)
12:58 "Second Official" (great suffering)
12:59 "Pouring a jar full of water in His Face."
1:00 "First DeniaI"
1:01 "Mock King"

"Tying dir!>, rags over His face"


"Second Deniai"

1:02 "Third Deniai"

1:03 "Young Apostle leaving for the Holy Women"

(great suffering, agony)

1:06 "Dungeon"

(Mary Ann seems to he praying)

1:08 "Light shining upon Him"

1:09 "Leaving the Dungeon"
1:10 "Stripping off mock garments, putting on His Own."

<suffering, grief, agony, tossing)

1:14 "Two High Priests leading way to a Higher Dignitary"

"Blessed Mother"

1:15 (Mary Ann seems to he praying)

1:19 "Arriving at the Governor"
1:21 "Governor puts sack over Our Lord's Head."

(Severe tossing of head, severe suffering)

1:25 "Back to high Dignitary"

1:26 "Brmging forth a prisoner"
1:27 "Blessed Mother, SOITowful Mother"
"Oh Sorrowful Mother" (Mary Ann seems to he praying)
1:28 "The spouse of the high Dignitary pleads with him."
1:29 "Entering the Court Yard"
1:30 " Stripping of Gannents"
" Light shines from The Blessed ~ther ta Our Lord"
1:31 "Tying Him to the pillar."
(Loud scream, severe tossing of ht'ad and shoulders, great
1:33 (Sinking)
1:34 "Second Scourging," (Severe Suffering)
1:35 "Third Scourging," (Severe suffering and tossing)

(exhaustive breathing), (sinking)

1:38 "Oh Holy Mother"

1:40 "The Evil One"
1:41 "His face has turned black with sin"
1:42 "Sitting Him on staal of briars," (Great suffering, severe
1:44 "Crowning"
1:45 "Ecce Homo"
1:46 "Release of prisoner"

"Washes his hands"

1:47 "Condemned"

"Removing mock garments"

1:48 "Recrowning Him"

1 :49 "Bringing out two thieves"
1:50 (Mary Ann rises ta haIf sitting posture with arms extended
ta embrace)
1:51 "Picks up the Cross" (Great suffering, grief, agony)
1:52 "Falls"
1:54 "Oh Blessed Mother" (Expression as if seeing something
1:56 "Fifth Station"
(Mary Ann smiles)
"Oh," (Expression as if startled at seeing something beautiful)
2:00 "He has given her a reward"
2:01 "Second Fall" (Great suffering)
2:04 "Gates of the City"

(Mary Ann seems ta be praying)

2:0.'5 "Meets the women"

(Mary Ann seems ta be praying)
2:08 'Falls the Third Time"
2:09 "A Light shines upon Him"
2:10 (Mary Ann's eyes close, seems ta be praying the Litany of
2: 13 ,~Mary ~,nn's eyes open)
2:14 Calvary
2: 15 "Preparing the Cross"
2: 16 "Stripping His Garments"
2:17 "Recrowning Him"
2: 18 "Unable ta remove loin cloth"
2: 19 "Casting Lots"
"Pray for us Holy Mother"
2:20 "Fastening inscription on the Cross"
(Laud sort of smothered noise)
2:22 (Right arm goes out ta right side of bed, Great suffering,
agony, severe tossing)
"1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5"
2:23 (Left arm goes out to left side of bed) (Great suffering)
"1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5" (Great suffering)
2:25 (Body stretches, feet cross left over right)

"Deus, Deus, Deus," (More foreign words)

2:27 "Raising the Cross" (Great suffering)

• - - - - - "the Cross"

2:28 "Driving stakes, five blows to each stake jars the body."
2:29 "Darkness, Bloody Sun"
2:30 "Planting the two thieves"

(Mary Ann seems to be praying)

2:32 (Foreign words)

2:36 (Foreign words)
(Eyes look upwards, Mary Ann seems to be praying, arms
2:40 "Blessed Mother, pray for us."

"He gave us His Holy Mother, My Lord and My God,"

2:43 (Foreign words)

(Chest rises, short gaspy breaths, arrns jerking)

"EH, EH, Lamma sabacthani"

2:46 (Very severe tossing of body)

2:48 " Si tseo"

(Severe tossing, great suffering, agony)

2:50 (Arms jerking)

2:51 (Foreign words), "Deus, Deus"

(Severe tossing of head, noisy gaspy breathing)

2:55 (Chest rises, short gasps of breathing)


2:58 (Arms jerking)

2:59 (Foreign words)

(Eyes look upward)

(A deep sigb Or intake of breath)

3:03 (Eyes Close)

3:04 (Eyes Open)
3:07 "Holy Mother weeping at the foot of the Cross"
3:10 "Catching the Blood in the Chalice"
3:15 (Right arm cornes down to side of body)
"Removing the second nail"
3:16 (Left arm cornes down to side of body)
3:18 (Feet uncross)
3:20 (Feet move together but do not cross)
(Hands cross, left over right)
3:21 "Starting the Procession"
3:24 "Flowers"
3:25 (Mary Ann's hands relax at chest, appears to he sleeping)
"Pray, Pray, Pray"
"Pray for the Vicar of Christ"
"Gather ail work From Lent and send ta the Vicar of Christ.
Also your Bishop, prepare it and have it ready for when he
calls for it."
"Those Chosen follow the messages l have given you, read
them over frequently. You have failed ta use the message l
gave the two of you when it was badly needed."
"Say the two prayers l have given you daily and follow the
Meditation 'My Daily Way of the Cross' with the regular
Way of the Cross."
(Question asked by Henry: Shall those prayers and Medita­

tions be given out?)

"Follow the directions of yom Director."


FR1DAY, NOVEi\/lBEH. 5, 1954 FH.OM 12 NOON TO. 3 P.M.

"Pray for us."

(Mary Ann smiles)
12:20 (Question: What do you see Mary Ann? No Answer)
12:29 (Mary Ann's lips are moving as if in prayer)
12:35 (Mary Ann shudders as if something is disagreeable), (Hel'
eyes close)
12:40 (Mary Ann opens her eyes)
12:45 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? No
12:47 1s it the passion, Mary Ann? "Yes."
12:57 (Question: Where are they now, Mary Ann?)
1:03 (Question: What are they doing now Mary Ann?)

"First Dignitary"

1:12 (Question: Where are they now Mary Ann?)

"Leaving the Second"

1:16 (Question: ,,"Vhere are they now Mary Ann?)

"Narrow passage"

1:17 (She is wretching, expression of horror, great suffering)

1:23 "Oh Blessed Mother"
1:27 (Question: Where are we now Mary Ann?)

"High Priest"

1:35 "Sack"
1:37 "Blessed Mother" (Mary Ann smiles), (Ups moving as if in
1:41 "They strip Him"
1:44 (Question: Scourging Mary Ann? No answer)
1:4.5 (Loud Scream, heavy breathing, sinking)
1:46 "Blessed Mother"
1:47 (Question: What do you see?)

"Our Blessed Mother"

1:50 ( Loud scream, great suffering, mouth noises)

1:51 (What's happening Mary Ann? ""'hat is it?)


1:54 (Question: What is it Mary Ann? What do you see Mary Ann?)
"Evil One"
1:55 "ECCE HOMO"
1:59 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? No
(\·Iary Ann raises to sitting posture with arms extended as if
to embract' someone or something)
2:04 (Question: What Station \lary Alln?)·
2:05 "Blt'ssecl ~Iothcr" (Mary Ann smiles)
2:08 (Question: What Station \1 ary Ann?)


2:10 (Mary Ann smiles as if she is seeing something beautiful)

2: 12 "Second Fa Il"
2:16 "Third"
2:18 "Stripping"
2:22 (Question:. What do you see Mary Ann?)
(Loud noise)
2:24 (Right arm goes out to side of bed) (Loud noise, great suf­
fering, hody tossing and raising)
2:26 (Left arm goes out to the left side of the bed), (Extreme
tossing and suffering, difficlllt hreathing)
2:27 (Feet Crossed) (Extreme sllffering, difficult heavy breath­
ing, short gaspy breaths)
2:30 "Raising the Cross"
2:31 "Planting the thieves"
2:32 (Foreign Words)
(Noisy gasps of breathing)
2:34 (Difficult breathing, tossing of head from side to side, noisy
gasps of brea thing)
2:37 (Question: What do you see Mary Ann? No answer)
2:37 (\lary Ann's lips moving as if in prayer)
2:38 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann? No
(Head tossing. noisy breathing, gasping)
2:42 (Question: What do you see Mary Ann?)
"Blessed r-.Iother"
2:43 "Ht' gave us His Blessed Mother" (Mary Ann's expression
changés, face is rt'Iaxed, shows 110 suffering)
2:44 (\Iouth opellS, tongue showing, difficult breathing)
2:45 (Foreign Words)
2:46 (Foreign Words)
2:48 (Difficult breathing, short noisy gasps)
2:49 (Foreign Words), (Tossing of head in circular motion, then
from side to side, diffjcl~t breathing)
2:51 (Foreign Words)
2:52 (Very loud breathing, tossing of head)
2:54 (Short gaspy breathing, tongue showing)
2:57 (Agonized breathing, body quivering)
3:00 (Eyes looking Heavenward)
(Mary Ann's eyes close, both arms come to rest at the ehest,
feet uneross, body relaxed)


FRIOAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1954, FROM 12 NOON TO 3: 12 P.M.
Those present in the room besicles Mary Ann, were her husband,
Fred, Clara Hermans. Mrs. WessIing, Mrs. Henry Swan, Ray
Sehelfhout and 'myself, (Henry Swan).
At 12 Noon the Angelus was said, also the ~1ediatrix of Peaee

lprayer, "Our Father," "Hail Mary" and "Clory Be" for Our
Holy Father.
(Mary Ann appears to be praying)
"You in the United States, your people have been asleep. )
You will he destrwd, your Senators will he helpless. your
Congress will he helpless. You....1lay...e-no.L.paid attention to
what the Evil Forces are dojng."
"1 have warned you but you heeded not. You ean boast of
}rom freedom of speech whieh is nothing, you have let them
destrov our Consti ·on. You are falling in the footstéps-uf
the oreIgn a Ions.
"MiIitarism, One Man Covernment, one Voice, not we the
people, that is gone. Even the F'reedom of ReTi ion is moving 1"1
. Qll1. the are workin ver har to destrov that. Mue more"
effort is nee e t an as een ma e in the past to pray, fight
for your rights."
. "Once your Religion is taken awa from ou ou are eom­
l?letely losf.
"You have seen the pieture before you in Foreign countries'J~
t.hey startedAi~ the Youth the ehildren. Can vou not ..see
the same met 0 as been used lll~rei? Are your ehildren not
tellin~ you ~hat vou sho~ld do, jnsteaè gf you gllîW~ tf.~.?
ExamIne theIr books, thelr texts, no matter whât c 00, ~s
aIl t ere be ore you..can you 'not see it? Oon't ding to tne
oak of

(Question asked hy Henry Swan: Should Dr. Fortney he pel'­

mitted in here on a Friday?)

"Follow your Director's advice."

12:27 (Question hy Henry Swan: Can you tell us what yon see
Mar Ann?
"The Enemy the Serpent in your midst. Ifs adde the
former U I:4 which isas fa . ers. It is not
an organizatlOn,but y!
on veryfew. Ifs the most poisonous
Serpent you've e~ liai' I[ thP_1md st of the United States of
A " -. "

12:30 '''Your~, youCioh~ you(Frankf~s,~ they })
are the~hat are controlling it."

"Have ercy on us, 0 God, have mercy on us."

"- - - - - - - a~to~:es"

(Mary An;(ud s as of great horror)

"Oh Blessed Mother help us, help us. What about ail those

innocent good people? Our Lady help us."

12:35 (Mary Ann seems to be praying, tears are visible)

12:36 (Mary Ann smiles)

(Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)

"The Blessed Mother," (Mary Ann holds up her Rosary as she

glances upward)

(Later Mary Ann told us Our Sorrowful Mother touched her

Rosary, the one given and Blessed by Father Dominic)

12:40 "Thank You Heavenly Mother ... Yes."

12:43 (Mary Ann's expressIOn as of dlsgust)

(Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)

"The Eyil One."

12:45 ( ary nn? Said in question form.)
"In the Garden."
12:50 (Question: What is it Mary Ann?)
"Finding them asIeep."
12:51 "Blessed Mother, Holy Mother, pray for us."
12:53 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"Finds them asleep the second time."
12:55 (Mary Ann? in question tone)
"Wakes the Apostles."
12:58 "The Kiss."
12:59 (Mary Ann? in question tone)
"They seize Our Lord."
1:04 (Mary Ann? in question tone)
"Going ta First Counsellor."
1:06 (Mary Ann?)
"Heading for the Second, Ieaving the First."
1:07 (Severe tossing, agonizing, heavy breathing)
1:08 "First Denia!."
1:09 "Second Denia!."
1:10 "Third Denia!." (Expression of disgust, struggling, great suf­
fering, difficult noisy breathing)
1:13 (Question: Dungeon, Mary Ann?)
1:14 (Mary Ann?) (eyes looking upward, she is calm)
"A Light of strength shining upon Om Lord."
1:17 (Mary Ann?)
"Putting on His Own garment."
1:18 "On way to High Priest."
1: 19 (\Iary AllId)

"Before H igh Priest" (Severe tossiug from siùe to side)

1:2:1 ( \ lary Ann?)

"Heading for the Coverllor."

1:24 "Bdon" tht' Cm'emor," (SlIffering, agonizing)

1:2.5 "The Sac:k." (Tossing, sllffering, hl:':l\'Y breathing)

1:26 "Hetuming to High Priest."

1:2ï "Oh Blessed \1othl"r" (\fary Ann shrinks hack, tOSSl"S her heaù

as if to get away trom horrihle sight,) ~

1::11 (\fary Ann?)

"Leaving the Court Yard,"

1::12 "Stripping His Carments."
1::14 (Lolld scr('am) (Extreme tossing and throwing the hody, dif­
ficlllt noisy breathing.)
1::18 (Question: Cau you tell us what yon sec \bry Ann?)
"The ùisappeHrance of the Blood."

"Oh Precious Blood save us."

"Hemoving Him from the Pillar."

"Oh Blessed \Iothl"r, Oh You" - (Mary Ann ,('reams, st'\ere

tossing. det-'p throat noi.ses.)

1:42 " Crowned Our Lord." (Expression is one of disgust, scorn

and contempt.)

1:43 "The Evil One.

1:44 "ECCE HO\IO."

1:46 "Condemned." (Severe agonizing, sllffering.)


1:4ï ( \1 ary Ann raises to haH sitting posture with arms ex­
tended as if to emhrace someone or something) (Throat
noises, severe tossing of hody.)
1:49 "He Falls." (Severe tossing, sllffering, heavy breathing.)
(Quiet, Expression as of seeing something heautifuL)
1:.50 "Oh Holy \1other."
1:52 "Fifth Station." (St-'vere tossing)
(Expression of seeing heal1ty, \1ary Ann smiles.)
1:.54 (\Iary Ann? Hank ca Ils )
"Wipes Our Lord's Face."
1:5.5 "He rewards her for her kinùness."
1:56 "Second FaIL" (Severe tossing, throat noises.)
1:57 "Coing through the Gates. He meets the women." (severe

1:59 "Final FaIL" (Severe suffering)

2:00 (\1ary Ann? in question form.)

"A Ray of Light."

2:01 "ON CALVARY."

2:02 "Stripping Our Lord."

2:03 "Casting Lots."

2:04 "Blessed Mother."

2:05 "Tying the thieves." (Loud scream)
2:06 (Right arm goes out to right side of bed, severe suffer­

(Five heavy breaths as for the number of blows.)

2:07 (Left arm goes out to left side of bed, severe suffering.)

(Five heavy breaths as for the number of blows.)

2:09 (Feet crossed) (Fifteen heavy breaths, a pause, then three

heavy breaths.)
2: 10 (Foreign words.)
2: 11 (Severe tossing of head from side ta side.)

(Mary Ann? in question form.)

2: 13 "Planting the thieves."

2: 17 (Raises her body forward with expression of calm) (diffi­
cult breathing, tongue shows and protrudes.)

(Head l'aises off pillow.)

2: 19 "Oh Blessed Mother."

2:21 "Our Lord gives us His Mother."
2:24 (Mary Ann's chest rises and drops, noisy gaspy breathing.)
2:26 (Arms striking upward toward head of bed.) ­
2:27 (Foreign words) (Mary Ann's lips moving as if in prayer.)
2:28 (Tossing head, tangue protruding.)
2:29 (Head ta left side, quiet for one minute.)
2:31 (Severe tossing of head from side to side.)
2:32 (Foreign word or words)
2:33 (Head brought forward.)
2:35 (Loud gaspy breathing, deep throat noises, tossing of
head. )
2:40 (Mary Ann's lips moving as if in prayer.)
2:41 (Foreign words.)
2:45 (Eyes looking upward, noisy gaspy breathing, tossing.)
2:48 (Foreign word.)
2:50 (Short noisy breaths, head tossing.)
2:55 (Foreign words, lips moving as if in prayer.)
2:58 (Mary Ann gives a long heavy breath and closes her eyes)
3:01 (Mary Ann reopens her eyes, lips moving as if in prayer.)
3:05 (Right arm cornes down and bends at elbow.)
3:06 (Left arm cames down, bends at elbow.)
3:07 (Feet uncross.)
3:08 (Hands cross, left over right.)
3:10 (Mary Ann's lips moving as if in prayer.)
3: 12 (Mary Ann smiles and closes her eyes, relaxes, her hands
resting separately on her chest.)



Present in the room besides Mrs. Van Hoof were her husband
Fred, Clara Hermans, Mrs. \Vessling, Mrs. Henry Swan and
myself, (Henry Swan).
The Angelus was said at 12 noon and also the Mediatrix of
Peace Prayer.
12: 15 (Question: Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"1 see the Secret Leaders of Countries, Canada, S.outh America, ~
Central America, Mexico, as weil aun theï!asts:m Hem~h.ere. l\
They are ail schooled in secrecy, when t e r~ht time cornes,
they'll act together ta striI<ê at our Country, merica, U.S.A."
"vVhile the Agents within the United States are working on the
very Message that was given ta us for 1952; poisoning Qf food.
w~r, feed for stock and Boul!ry, chemif?J in =G1@llng ~
~e. At me saÏlIe Hum they are drummmgPêace, Peace,
bYthëefforts they are making to save this Country from any
further hardships. They are winding that into your minds like
a record in one groove, sa ail believe that every effort is made
to do good and just. While the Evil Forces are quietly agd
sec.re t ])' gaiuing ground."
"If many of the Clergy would only speak more of the need of
prayer at the most Crucial time in History, ma~e,
but the majority are not eH ious, must also, especially
the teaching ones, h children ra and t l ,h these
children urge others Q..12ray. eac nem not to be jealous of
one anothe l', teach them to love thy ne~Q.l· ~~_ !:,~ell ~s their­
selves. Teach them the importance of saving t eir soul, place
ove, and then only can they see their way clear, w en the time
cornes of the st;Yerest Persecution, the Country, the Nahon and
\1 the Church has evel seeII.
"Must live the Way of Christ, be like Christ live up ta all God's
Commandments, jealousy, hatre , on y rings destruction."
'1\1 "Follow ail the Revelations iv c r uO'h them and see
~l t e an er at les efore vou. SA pray, have faith in one an­
a el', or t ose o. ou at Love ust stick with one)\
another an elp ot ers to ind the Way, t.he Truth an the 1)
LigEt, ta Eternal Happiness."
12:27 (Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?) (repeated)
12:29 "Oh No, No, Can't ut on rint ifs too awful - he won't hel

no one, es on y goo ta destroy, he s even worse t an t e one
(Mary Ann is suffering greatly.)

12:33 "It mustn't be that way. We are unprotecœd, they have seen to

(Action as of horror and cbsgust) ­
12:34 (Mary Ann appears to be praying.)
12:38 (Mary Ann smiles.)
(Question asked by Hank, Can you tell us what you see Mary
'Our Blessed Mothel Oh Holy Mother; Yes, Holy Motller.
~ . n 11.' Thv~iI1 not 1l·1e."

(Question asked by Hank, Can you tell ns what you set' tvf ary
12:4:3 "The Hol Women."
12:47 ( ! lary nn. ca ing 1er to spea k. )
"Dispersing in the Garden."
12:53 (Mary Ann?)
"Second time entering the Garden."
12:56 "The Apostles are still sleeping, He goes back for the thinl
12:59 "Light shining From His Mother ta Him."

1:01 "He awakens the Apostles". (Action as of disgnst and horror,

seems ta want to shrink away from what s]w sees.)

1:05 "The Kiss."

1:10 ::T?e disrobing" of the youth."

1: 12 Flrst Counse!.
1:13 (Severe suffering, agonizing, grief.)
1:14 "First DeniaI, Mock King."
1:16 "Second Denia!."
1:17 "Third DeniaI". (Body tossing, grief, agonizing.)
1:20 (Throat noises, great slIffering.)
1:22 (Mary Ann is so calm, seems to be praying.)
1:26 "Disrobing, mock garments."
1:28 (Severe tossing, sllffering.)
1:30 "High Priest." •
1:32 ,~Body tos~!ng severely, agol1izing.)
1:33 Governor.
1:35 "The Sack."
1:37 "High Priest."
1::3~) "Oh BJessed \lotl1l'r, Oh Sorron'ful \1other, Blessed \lotl1l'r
pray for us."
1:42 "Leading Him to the Court Yard."
1:45 (Loud scream, severe tossillg of body. great sufkring,

sinking. )

1:46 ('\ilary Ann, \lary Ann', IIank calls 11('1' to arouse her to
continue. )
1:47 (Severe tossing continues. deep jwavy hreathing.)
1:50 "No Blood on the PiIlar, or the Scourgers, or the grollnd."
(Shaking hcad as if not wishing to sel' the horror she is
witncssing. )
1:,52 "Sitting on a stool of thorns and na ·Is."
1:5:3 "Oh B1essed ~10ther, pray for us."
1:54 "Evil One."

L55 (Laud noises, agonizing, suffering.)

L58 "The thief rele:1sed."

1:.59 "ECCE HO\IO". (\lary Ann !owcrs her anns. hands

crossed as Olll' Lord is sho\Vn in the 'ECCE HO\IO.')

1:()() "Condellll1ed."
2:02 (Mary Alln raises ta sitting pas turc \Vith arms extcnc!ed as
if to embracc somcol1c or sonwthing.)
2:04 (Great suffering. difficult loud IlI'l'athing, hody tossing.)
2:05 "Falls the First time."
2:06 "Blessed Mothcr."
2:07 (Severe suffering)
(Mary Ann smiles, is calm.)
(Mary Ann?)
2:09 "!\lipes Our Lord's Face."
2: 10 "Our Lord rewarded her for her kindness." .
(Great suffering, severe tossing of body, deep heavy dif­
ficult breathing.)
2: 11 "Second FaU."
2:13 "Meets the Wornen."
2: 15 "Third Fal!." (Great suffering)
(Mary Ann is calm, appears to be seeing something.)
2:16 "Light shines upon Him ta give Him strength."
2:17 "ON CALVARY."
(Action as if something distasteful to palate.)
2: 18 "Offered Our Lord sorne wine and gal!."
"Stripping His garrnents."
2: 19 "Re-crowning Hirn."
2:20 "Measuring for size."
2:21 "Oh, Sorrowful Mother, Oh Heavenly Mother."
2:22 "Casting Lots."
2:23 "Tying the thieves."
2: 24 (Laud Scream, right arm goes out ta right side of becl,
loud breathing as if counting - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - )
2:25 (Left arm goes out to left side of bed, great suffering,

agonizing. 5 breaths.)

2:26 (Body stretches and feet cross, 15 heavy breaths as if

counting the blows, 3 more.)
Severe suffering, agony, tongue protrudes, difficult breath­
iog. )
2:27 "Raising the Cross."
2:28 "It Falls". (Extreme suffering, agonizing.)
2:29 "Planting the Cross."
"Deus, Deus." (Foreign words)
2:30 "Planting the thieves."
2:31 (Arms striking the head of bed, head tossing, severe s\lf­
fering. )

2:33 (Foreign words) (Tossing of head from side ta side.)

2:35 "Our Lord gives us His Mother."

2:36 "Oh Blessed Mother, pray for us, pray for us."

2:38 (Foreign words) (Severe tossing of body, raising body off

the bed and back down.)

2:40 (Deep, noisy gaspy breathing.)

2:43 (Short, noisy gaspy breathing, throat noises, tangue pro­

trudes. )

2:44 (Foreign 'Nord) (Mary Amù lips appear ta be moving in

prayer. )

2:46 (Tangue protrudes, gaspy breathing, throat noises.)

2:49 (Chest rises, short noisy gaspy breaths.)

2:51 (Severe tossing, difficult breathing, tossing of body.)

(Tangue protrudes, tossing.)

2:53 (Foreign words)
2:54 (Drawn out gasp, tangue shows.)
(Body is quiet, minor action.)
2:56 (Foreign words.)
(Deep breath, Mary Ann leans her head ta right side. )
2:58 (Closes her eyes.)
2:59 (Arms come ta rest and feet uncross.)


12: 11 (Mary Ann shudders and shakes her head.)
12: 12 (Mary Ann closes her eyes and shakec; her head, as 'no,
12:14 (Opens her eyes.)
12:15 (Mary Ann smiles.)
12:27 (Eyes close.)
12:28 (Mary Ann's eyes open.)
"The Agony."
(Question: Can you tell us what you see, Mary Ann?)
12:54 "Counsel."
1:03 (Question, Dungeon Mary Ann?) (Suffering is severe)
''Yes.'' (action as of something disagreeable as of making
one sick.)
1:05 (Mary Ann appears to be praying, eyes looking upward.)
1: 18 "Blessed Mother." (Mary Ann appears to be praying.)
1:27 (Loud scream, very severe tossing of body, great suffering,
loud diHicult breathing.)
1:36 "ECCE HOMO." (Mary Ann lowers her folded hands as

Our Lord's hands were tied before Him.)

1:39 (Mary Ann l'aises to sitting posture with arms extended as

if to embrace someone or something.)
1:41 (Mary Ann appears to be praying.)
1:42 (Body tosses, great suffering, difficult breathing.)
1:52 (Arms go out to sides of bed and back at once to folded
position. )
1:56 (Right ann goes out to rig_hi siae of bed, five heavy
breaths as if to count ~ive blows, great suffering.)
1:57 (Left arm goes out to side of bed, five loud breaths as
of five blows, great suffering.)
2:01 (Mary Ann seems to be praying.)
2:02 (Foreign wards) (quite a number of words spoken, body
tossing severely, difficult breathing.)
2:05 (Tongue shows difficult breathing, body tossing.)
2:06 (Difficult loud breathing, very extreme.)
2:08 (Extreme tossing of body, diHicult breathing.)
2: 15 "Our Lord gives us His Mother."
2: 19 (Mary Ann digs her head back into the pillow, great suf­
fering, difficult breathing.)
2: 20 (Foreign words)
2: 21 (Foreign words)
2:22 (Foreign words)

"Henry, The Marian Year is coming to a close. The V.icar of
Christ's i n of this beautiful Year has not been
nee ed in many Churches, or are t ey 0 owing t e wlshes
and the requests to make this Novena, ending on the Feast of
the Immaculate Conception. They are not obedient to their
Superior, the Highest on earth wnose re uests and orders must
fll alwa s .
"HOW can Peace come to YOll if vou are not obedient to ~our
({Shepherd? Your Country is to be the helping hand, the gui [ng
Iight ta the Pagan COllntries, to the purged but you are falling,
falling into the pit of sin, the blackest sms. 'f'ës, you have a
beautiful Country, but you are darkening it with sin. Sin is
going to destroy you, only sin of you that know the ngfif."
"The misguided and innoÇ.fnt, the confused, whom l'OU could
help ta lighten, ta straighten out their lives, ta show them the
Light, instead of that l'OU darken l'ourseIves with sin. Your
Youth, l'our Government, the Capital of l'our Nation is black
with sin. On the day that l'OU cleanse l'our Government, the
caPitol of l'our Nation, on that day 1 will aPE.ear on the Monu­
ment of your First President, the one tha~a filS CounJjy,
(/ 10000d his people and loved puritv, and respect of his feIlowman
and he loved .Q.od. Vntil l'ou have a Leader like that l'our Na­
tiOn will not win. 1 will appear above this Monument, holding
The Christ Child.and He will hold-the-World in His Hand."
"My Child is ta draw what she now Visions."
:Children do not forget the Christ Child, l'our only hope and
salvabon, c!eanse yourselves, cleanse the road for the children
whom l'ou parents have sa badly neglected and thrown into
the pit of sin. Sin is l'our own destruction, Purity ancl Love will
bring l'ou Peace. Without Gad, without the Christ Child l'ou
cannat have peace."
"Prayer, the Bosary, the mightest weapon against sin, the

1 Rosary, any child can say the
A the adults? - . it in our
. . the Rosar i
Rosary in one nana, an
Rosary, why not l'ou, the parents,
. can­
. You 'cannot sin wiili the
iltli in the othel'. Keep the Rosary
always with l'ou, onIl' prayer, the Rosary, Sacrifice, Penance,
1the Sacraments ancl l'our Church and then Peace."
2:32 (Suffering continues.)
2:35 (Foreign word.)
2:37 (Tangue shows, bocly is quiet, eyes looking upwarcl.)
2:40 (Body tossing forward and back, head from sicle ta sicle.)
2:42 (Mary Ann appears ta be praying.)
2:48 (Laud raspy choking noises, tangue protrudes.)
2:50 (Heacl tosses from side ta sicle.)
2:51 (Eyes looking upwarcl, quiet.)
2: 54 (Foreign words)
2:55 (Heacl raised off pillow, goes back down on pillow.)
2: 58 (Foreign words) (Eyes looking upwarcl)
3:00 (Eyes closed, head cornes forward ta right side.)
3:01 (Eyes open.)
3:05 (Right arm cornes down ta side of body, arm bends at
3:06 (Left arm cornes clown ta left side of body, arm bends at
elbow. )
3:07 (Feet uncross.)
"Sorrowful Mother, Sorrowful Mother have mercy on us."
3: 09 (Arms lowered, hands crossed below waist, left over the
right. )
3: 13 (Arms come ta l'est over chest, Mary Ann closes her eyes
and appears relaxed.)

Present in the room this day besides Mary Ann Van Hoof, were

her husband Fred, Mrs. Wessling, Clara Hermans, Ray Schel­

fhout and myself, (Henry Swan).


FRIDAY, DEC. 10, 1954 FROM 12 NOON TO 3 P.M.
Those present in the r00111 besides Mrs. Van Hoof were her
husband Fred, Clara Hermans, Mrs. Wessling, Ray Schelfhout
and myself, (Henry Swan). The Angelus w.2.S said, also the
Mediatrix of Peace prayer and prayers for our Holy Father.
12: 12 (Question asked by Henry Swan: Can you tell us what you
s e r Ann?
"Henry, UGH, Secret Agents. Five different Nations will meet
in a smail hamlet east of Berlin in the Russian Terrifory. They
are not known to the Nations, known only by a very few.
ReRresents England, Russia, I.ff ChiGI' Israel and one trom
our own Country. Ihe~ are nown as the Secret Five, no
names are exchanged, 0en the nead of these have plans of
their own."? •

"Oh Blessed Mother help us ta bring the innocent children
beneath Your Mantle for protection. Help us, that Love You,
t dece. tion. Heù;L.uuake tlwm
away from the c1utches of Satan an ring them beneath Your
Mantle, heHeatb the CrQSs of 0))[ Lord Om C!'JJCi~Lord,
Who Loves liS, Who died for JJS, Whom we now re-Crucify."

"Oh Blessed Mother pray for us." ­
12: 56 (Question by Henry: Can YOll tell us what you see Many.
"In the Garden"
1:05 (Mary Ann?)
"Th; Light of Love Shines from Our Blessed Mother to Her
1: 13 "Oh Blessed Mother"
1:15 "Kiss"
1: 17 "Seizure"
1 :20 (Mary Ann suffers greatly)
1: 22 "Counsellor"
1:25 (Shaking head from side to side rapidIy, suffering)
1: 26 "First DeniaI"
1:27 "Mock King"
1:28 "Second DeniaI"
1:29 "Third DeniaI"

"Ugh, Ugh" (expression of horror, great suffering)

1:31 (Agonizing as of seeing a horrible sight)

1:32 (Mary Ann seems to be praying, is quiet for two minutes)
1:38 (Severe tossing of body, suffering, agonizing) (Laud noise,
sort of a scream)
1:39 "High Priest"
1:42 (Shaking her head as if 'no, no', suffering, body tossing)
1:43 "Governor"
1:44 "Sack" (Laud noise, great suffering)
1:46 "Oh Blessed Mother - - - UGH"
(Laud scream, very severe tossing of body, severe suffering)
1:54 (Laud scream, very severe tossing of body, difficult breathing)
1:57 (Expression of disgust, sort of a gagging)
2:00 "ECCE HOMO"
2:005 (Raises ta sitting posture with arms extended as if ta embrace)
2:08 "Blessed Mother"
2:09 (Body tossing severely)
2:10 "Gad Rewarded her"
2: 12 (Suffering, tossing of body, loud noise, diHicult breathing)
2:15 "Meets the Women"
2:16 "Calvary"
2:17 "Stripping Him"
2:18 (Both arms go out to sides of bed and return at once to folded
2: 19 "Casting Lots"
2:20 (Loud noise, sort of a scream, tossing of head from side to
side, tossing body, difficult breathing)
2:21 (Right arm goes out to right side of bed, Five deep loud
breaths as of counting blows), (great suffering)
2:22 (Left arm goes out to left side of bed, Five deep loud breaths
as of cOllnting blows, great suffering)
2:24 (Feet cross, 1.5 loud breaths as of counting blows of hammer,
then 3 more)
2: 25 "Raising the Cross"
2:26 "Second Raising"

"Planting the Cross"

2:27 (Severe tossing of the body forward and back from waist up)
2: 28 ( Foreign words)
2:30 (Tongue shows)
2:34 (Head tossing from side to side, then body is quiet for a
short time)
2:36 "Our Lord gives us His Mother"
2:40 (Tongue protrudes, immediately goes back, this is repeated)
2:41 (Choking like noises, quite loud)
2:42 (Foreign words)
2:43 (Mary Ann appears to be praying)
2:44 (Foreign words)
2:45 (Tangue protrudes, arms strike lIpward, body tosses forward
and back)
2:49 (Tongue protrudes, noisy breaths, action as of choking)
2:51 (Mary Ann's lips moving as in prayer)
2:52 (Foreign words)
2:53 (Short gaspy breathing, chest rises, arms strike upward)
2: 55 (Digs head back into pillow, gaspy loud breathing)
2:58 (Foreign word or words)
3:00 (Mary Ann closes her eyes, bath arms come to rest, feet
uncross) .


Present in the room besides Mrs. Van Hoof are her husband
Fred, Clara Hermans, Mrs. Wessling, Ray Schelfhout, and
myself (Henry Swan).
Angelus was said, also the Mediatrix of Peace prayer and
prayers for Our Holy Father.
12: 1.5 (Mary Ann shakes her head as a 'no, no')
12: 19 "Pray"
12:20 (Mary Ann smiles, expression as of seeing beauty)
"Blessed Mother, Mother, will it stay standing in the back­
ground? Blessed Mother it seems sa helpless. Not enough
prayers are being said for Him."
"- - - - - - - - - Hesurrection."
"Have mercy on them, have mercy on them, but the people
won't pray, they want ta have good times."
"More Sacrifices"

"Thank You Mother"

12:23 (Question: Mary Ann may the \Vesslings go ta Kansas for
Chirstmas? )
"Our Lady gave the instructions. That's ail that needs to be said
on the subject."
(Question by Henry: Can ~!ou tell us what you see Mary


"Sins of our Youth" CSufferin~tly)

"Henry, l was just shown the sins of our Youth, New York,

Chicago, Cincinnatti, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver,

St. Louis, New Orleans, San Antonio, Houston, Detroit,

Michigan, Minneapolis, St. Paul, those are the breeding places

f for ail EvilJoison ta am Youth and this is led by adults."

"Th, are taugPt how ta kill, how ta rape, how ta steal, how ta
infiR!"' wounBs sa they hurt, they are taught how to handle
weapons, knives, besides guns, s~, right here in America.
Ifs worse than in foreign CountrîëS oecause here we dis uise
it with lambs in sheeps c a mg.
'Why hasn't Our Lady's Message been heeded in 1950, this
could have been destroyed this Organization. In 1917 -O~
Câdy warned us of aIl this coming, nothing was done. Now
look at those kids, they are ipst vjctims....of the cryel, siii1'ù1
WorId, that we, the adults have brought upon them:-wè
Il1 parents are the fault of it aIl."
"No respect for EIders, no respect for parents or Clergy;..th~e
are the thin t t are tau ht into their minds. Somethingii'imt
n , ere as e c delay, waiting for
the next fellow ta start, neither one wants ta face the ~ersecu­
tian. Nobod wants ta be pointed al. he s a craëkor, he's
cr . t Isn t t at a. 0 an 00 an see, It s terrI e, 1 's
anima - 1 e, not uman, e a on rIS Ian.

"We will be guilty for their souls if they are lost. They were
innocent, we failed them. But still we think we have done
much when we have done so !ittle."
"The Qrganizations in New York, in Chicago and St. Louis,
New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles they are the main
( Headquarters. Aiso Cincinnatti and Detroit, the other are
1/ branches. One branch, it's very small in Milwaukee, the clean
J city of Wisconsin. Co and look and clean It out, see wnat you11
find. Bragging of tIle clean cities when behind their doors
IN Hell is displayed, Hell, destruction of1lïe chHdren, the minâs
of the innocent. While tlle parents gaHy go on, lack of ail sense
alÎd we of the True Faith are less on guard than those that are
innocent. ;
"It can't happen to our children, that is their thou~hts. Open
your minds and your eyes and your ears and get to work. And
your stomach will tum at what you will find. It's the souls of
{ those children that are weighing on your shoulders. Let them
down and you're lost with the rest of them."
"It takes Courage and Will and Prayers, the Sacraments for
strength and the Love for Our Lord, Who died for you . ..l.f
you will help those children He will give you the stren th
( for e oves . s sm. e WI give
you the strength. The road will be tough but Eternal Happiness
is ail Clory. Choose your path, Eternal Happiness or the 10ss
of those innocent children on YoUl:' sou1 and in the 10ss, HeU
Fire. There is no more waiting."
"Man ears have passed. Everyone waits for someone else
fil to ta ete whee . at Ime IS gone, on t walt h 1 S 1 es
and tfie souls are 10st, you have a chance yet, get to workl"
12:461 (Mary Ann cries bitterly, tears are falling)
l "B1essed Mother,

Cod have mercy"

12:48 "111 keep rily promise to You, B1essed Mother"

12:50 (Mary Ann is re1axed, eyes closed, hands folded as in prayer)
1:00 (Mary Ann smiles)
1:01 (Expression as of disgust, seeing something horrible)
1:03 "In the Carden"
1:10 "Blessed Mother"

(Mary Ann? Henry addresses her in question form)

1:12 "The 3rd time finding them sleeping"

1:14 "Light streaming on Our Lord giving Him strength"
1:17 "The Kiss"
1:20 (Severe suffering, agonizing)
1:22 "First Counsellor"
1:26 "Second Counsellor"
"First DeniaI"
1:27 "Mock Crowning"

"Second DeniaI"

1:28 "Third DeniaI"

1:29 "The Young Apostle Ieaving for the Holy Women"
(Expression as of disgust, as of horror, severe tossing of b0dy,
noisy gasping)
1:32 "Dungeon" (Very severe suffering)
1:33 (Mary Ann appears to be praying, is quiet for about five
minutes) ,"
1:38 "Removing mock garments"
1:40 "High Priest"
1:47 "Blessed Mother"
1:52 (Loud scream, very severe tossing of body from side to side)
(Mary Ann? is called to continue)
1:53 "The Second Scourgers" (Body continues to toss severeIy,
difficult breathing)
1:54 "Third" (Body tossing severeIy)
1:55 "Disappearing of the Blood"
1:56 "Blessed Mother, Mother, Mother," - - - "UGH" (Mary Ann is
shaking her head at what she witnesses)
2:03 "ECCE HOMO" (Iowers arms with hands folded as Our
Lord is shown at the 'ECCE HOMO', immediately raises her
2:04 "The Re-Crowning"
2:07 (Mary Ann raises to sitting posture with arms extended as if
to embrace)
2:12 (Severe tossing of body, suffering)
2:14 "Our Lord, He rewarded her"
2:16 "The Women"
2:17 (Difficult noisy breathing)
2:21 (Both arms go out to both sides of bed, return at once)
2:22 "Casting Lots"
2:23 (Mary Ann appears to be praying)
(Loud noise, sort of a scream)
2:24 (Right arm goes out to right side of bed, suffering, difficult
breathing, tossing, 5 Ioud breaths as of 5 blows with the
2:25 (Left arm goes out to left side of bed, suffering, difficult
breathing, tossing, 5 Ioud breaths as of 5 blows of the hammer)
2:27 (Feet cross - 15 Ioud breaths as of blows, 3 follow)
2:28 (Head tossing, severe suffering, difficult breathing)
2:29 "Raising the Cross"
"The Falling of the Cross" (Difficult noisy breathing)
2:30 "Planting the Cross"
2:31 "Oh Blessed Mother"

(Body tossing forward and back on pillows repeatedly)

2:32 "Deus, Deus" (mor~ foreign words)

2:33 "Hanging of the thieves"
2:34 (Tongue shows, head tosses, severe suffering)
2:3.5 (Foreign words), (Short gaspy noisy breathing)
2:37 (Tongue shows, noisy gaspy breathing)
2:42 (Mary Ann smiles)
2:43 "Our Lord gives us His Mother"
2:45 (Foreign words)
2:47 (Tongue shows, head cornes forward to the left)
2:48 (Noisy gasps, head tosses from side to sicle)
2:49 (Foreign words)
2:52 (Mary Ann appears to be praying)
2:55 (Tongue shows, head cornes forward, head falls back on
2: 56 (Arms jerking toward top of bed, body jerks)
2:58 (Body seems ta lower or sink down)
3:00 (A deep sigh and Mary Ann's eyes close)

"Blessed Mother"

(Both arms come to rest at chest at one time)


Present in the room besides Mrs. Van Hoof are her husband
Fred, Clara Hermans, Mrs. Wessling, Joanne Van Hoof (her
daughter), Hay Schelfhout and myself (Henry Swan).
The Angelus was said, also the Mediatrix of Peace prayer and
prayer for Our Holy Father.
12:10 (Mary Ann's eyes are open, appears to be viewing something
12:11 (Her eyes close)
12:12 (Her eyes open)
12:13 (Mary Ann smiles)
12:32 "No, No" (Mary Ann is crying)
12:34 (Question by Henry: Can you tell us what yon see Mary
"Misery in foreign Countrws, no Christmas, only hun~er? cold.
No Christmas materiall as weil as S i ·itu lly, nothmg, sorne
100 an cuddled together li e animaIs, for they haveno
shelter. The ravin , mad, reed Conntries have destroyed
( an thi v e e. ey are not concerne 1 ey ave
foo or if they have een sheltered. They are cnddled up in
the ruins, what we have helped to destroy."
"In Korea, in Red China, in Afriea, in Europe, no Christ
1( Chlld, no Christmas. We have taken away trom tnem any hope
of seeing or knowing the meaning of the Christ Child. The
Missionaries have been handicapped in their work, they are
sa badly needed. They saw ta it that they are unable ta draw
them and show them the way to the Crib."
"If we here in America could only see them. If we could only
see their thin legs, their hol!ow eyes, the cheeks, the eyes
sunken clown. The children with the ages of 2 and 3 look
like shrunken old men and women, not Just a chlld. We m
Amenca should have that shown m front of lis on al! the
billboarels in the Nation to show them that there are humans
that need help and they too would like a Christmas. Oh, but
we have splendor, the more we have the more we want, the
more we waste and destroy."
"lvlany families in this Country destroy in one week theJg.od
that woulcl feed a Korean for a whole month. Ach, 1 don't
like this, out it goes. You can eat anything and everything if its
"Cocl provided food for you al!, not to waste and clestroy, to
laugh at it, while rare starving in Asia and Africa
lli especial!v in Red China where t e enemy IS pressmg em
Il ..dQfu1. Look at--rhe poor mother holding her infant to her,
she is starved and she is to nurse the child. From \vhat? Look
at her. Oh, if yon could only see the picture, those greedy
hearts would turn and give some ûf the accumtÏlTIeéiwealth,
why do you squander it foolishly, why don't you give it t?
I( those pOOl' Missions? Help them so they ean do their Codly
"Oh Cod have mercy on them, Oh Cod have mercy on them"
"The Religious, the Nuns and Priests, yes, and cven the
Bishops they have very little, many of them eat but one meal J
a day. That is not in our Country here, the splendor, the plenty,
share it with those that need it. Cive and you shal! be Civen."
"Christmas, Christmas of fil th, dust, rubble, starvation. Christ­
mas - Where is it? What have we done to those Nations?
What have we done?"
"Why are the innocent sitting there like this? We are spend­
millions and millions and millions of dollars for ammunition
( t~y them mstead of glvmg--niëin food, lIITtead of Bombs
giving them c10thing and something to look forward to. We
are only planning how to Bomb them, how to destroythem."
12:44 (Mary Ann appears to be praying)
12:45 (Mary Ann smiles)
"Blessed Mother"

12:47 "How Beautiful"
12:55 (Mary Ann's expression has been one of seeing beauty, her
lips are moving as if in prayer)
1:05 (Mary Ann shakes her head as if viewing something un­
1:07 (Hel' eyes close)
1:08 (Hel' eyes open)
"Henry, THE JOURNEY, but how different that journey is
today, the journey of drunkeness, wild parties, estruction of
Youth's minds, the journey. How different than t e ourney
of the ..First Night of Christmas with Our Lady on the little
donkey. Hel' Burden of Beauty, of Love, a Love that reach~s
over the whole World. A Love that, that Night readîed every­
wnere but yet that Love is not accepted. For the Journey of
today is not Love, the pure, the dean Love. There is no love
for one another, there is no Love for the fel1owman, there's
only Love for ones self."
"The night was cold, the stars were bright as they traveled
on with the Beautiful Burden. Today the World is cold beneath
the same bright stars, beneath the same Heavenly Beauty. But
ifs cold and hearts are frozen. The Journey is a speeding auto­
mobile rolling over a life snuffed out, drinking, petty parties,
how different than that Night of our First Christmas."
"How Beautiful She sits there, how humble, how kind, how
considerate of Hel' spouse. The coldness, the sacrifice She had
to make this Night was not too much, it was accepted with
Joy in Hel' Heart."
"But today how different, nagging, no love but for one's
~ The families do not stick together in one unison, ttlêy ai'e
scattered, scattered not of necessity, scattered because Christ­
mas has not the full meaning. Each one, each individual goes
its seIfish way. We have the same stars, the same countryside,
the same earth we had that Night but where is that Love of
this Little Burden on the donkey?"
"What have we done to Her? What have we clone to accept the
right spirit of that Love? It has been pushed aside."
"y es, They were refused shelter in the Inn but there was no
ranting, no raving, no condemnation, no, it was all taken in
humility, in humbleness and in sacrifice."
"Yes, even to go into an animal stable, a cave in the hillside
but today how different are we this night to be refused shelter,
anger flares up. The reason must be given, the if, the why and
what for, no kindness, no consideration, how different, under
these same bright, brilliaot stars. The same love that shines
on us now shone then. There was a coldness of Covernment
then as there is a coldness of your Covernment now but it
was accepted that Night in ail humbleness."
"The Beauty of that First Night, the love, the radiance is still
there, as was then, if we would only open our hearts, our eyes
and our minds, we too can see and receive. That same love
that same radiance that showered the earth the Night the
Christ Child was born, for that same Christ Child is here today.
But we cannot see Him, we do not want to see Him, we do not
care to see Him, it would spoil Our fun. We do not want to
go as the Three Kings did and adoré the Child."
"Co to the Crib and adore Him, to praise Him, we want to
go on parties, have good times. That's a waste of time to go to
the Crib, that's not for me. That's old humbug, that isn't for
the World today. That's something for the old ancient times,
that's not us now. We are living in a fast world, we gotta go,
we gotta go, speed, even the Christmas Night has to be speed,
everything fast."
"Even the Masses that are being offered up at many Churches,

lspeed. Why the speed? Speed will not bring you to Heaven,
speed will only destroy you."
"Where is Peace on Earth, Cood Will unto men of goodwill,
where is that? Where is the goodwill that man should have for
the fellowman? Where is that good will? lt's drowned out in
speed, in the fast movement of everything. They cannot stop
and take out the time to oHer goodwill to their fellowmen."
"Yes, the same stars, the same Clorious Night, but how dif­
ferent, ho\", different tonight."
"May Cod the Father, Cod the Son, the Christ Child, have
mercy on us who forget Him, for the speed of today's world."
1:30 "Blessed Mother, Oh Blessed Mother, how sad You look. Oh
Holy Mother, what have we done to You? You are bent over
with the weight we are putting on Your shoulders. The tears,
Oh Holy Mother, that we are causing You."
"How Happy You should be tonight, and yet You sit there SOI)
sa ith the t ar f i down Your Face tears of s ra n
anguish, that we place upon You. e the weaklings, we the
~s, the .bard hearted, we that only think of oJlTselves."
"Oh Blessed Mother don't look so sad. Your arms are empty,
there is no Infant. Why, because they don't want to accept the
Infant? Yes, Blessed Mother, our television, our radio, have
no Infant in them, He's pushed out. The Christmas Eve Cele­
brations, they push Him out. The true spirit of Christmas,
they have taken out of Your Arms, they have cast Him aside."
"Oh Heavenly Queen, how cruel we can he to You, even those
of us that daim we love You, we do not or we could not hurt
You. We could not disobey You. Your words to us are meaning­
less, they do not penetrate our hearts, that's why You sit there
sa sad, the tears streaming out of the beautiful Eyes, the Eyes
dimmed that we have dimmed. That beautiful smile has been
wiped away in sorrow that we too, that know better, have
caused You."
"Oh Sorrowful Mother, Oh Dearest Mother of God, may this
world change and bring back that Infant into Your Arms, place
Him there forever, with the true love. We have sa many means
to spread the Message of the Christ chTIaJhe...F. mt Christmas.
so many, but wc aon't use them. Oh help us Blessed Mother."
"If the world could only see You the way 1 see You right now,
maybe those hard hearts would soften just a !ittle bit. 1 know
we have failed You so many times. 1 myself have failea You
o~nd ovel and ovel aga1Ii. 'vVe are weak, we make promises
b'tn we do flot keep {hem. We'll always say, tomorrow l'II start,
but not today, tomorrow 1 Il ao more, but not today. When
there is no tomorrow, but only today, we must show our Love
for You today, and continue into tomorrow."
"Oh Sorrowful, Oh Heavenly Mother, take me beneath Your
Mantle, take me and hold me so that 1 cannot go astray, into
forgetfulness, into the weakness of my selfish f1esh. Keep me
there so 1 can help the others and bring them to You."
1:42 (Mary Ann covers her face with her hands and is crying)
1:43 (Mary Ann smiles)
1:48 "Holy Father."
1:49 "Beautiful Lady."
1:53 ( Mary Ann smiles)
1:57 "The stars are beautiful."
"Beautiful Lady."
2:ff7 "Blessed Mother."
2:12 "Such Peace and Happiness."
(Mary Ann l'aises her hands and her expression is as of seeing
Heavenly Beauty)
2:21 (Question asked by Henry. What do you see Mary Ann?)
"Birth of Our Savior." .
2:26 "Shepherds leaving theil' Flocks."
2:30 (Mary Ann again raises her hands, lowers them, but quickly
puts them up again on each sicle of her head.)
2:35 (Question by Henry. Can you tell us what you see Mary Ann?)
"1 am not worthy."
2:36 (Mary Ann sits up in bed with arms extended, reaches out as
if to touch and immediately shrinks back and falls back on
pillow. this was repeated.)
l (When questioned later, she told us she was asked to toucb
the Infant, but she felt she was not worthy.)
2:37 (Mary Ann's lips are moving as if in prayer)
2:55 (Mary Ann relaxes, eyes closed, hands crossed on chest.)




Present at 12 Noon were Henry Swan, Marie Umhoefer, Louise

Wessling, Clara Hermans and Ray Schelfhout.
Angelus, Mediatrix of Peace prayer and Prayer for the Holy
Father were said, also prayer for Mary Ann and for ail in the
home and the children.
12:09 "Tbe Evil One."
"The Cenacle of the Holy Women."
12:12 "On the path to the Garden."
12:13 "The dispersing of the Apostles."
12:15 "Instructions given to the three that remained with Him."
12:17 "Agony in the Garden."
(Suffering, very difficult breathing, agonizing.)
12:21 "Our Lord finds the Apostles asleep."
12:27 "The second time Our Lord finds the Apostles asleep."
12:30 "Blessed Mother, A light shines from His Mother to Him."
( Great suffering, agonizing)
12:34 "A light from the Heavens gives Our Lord strength."
12:35 "Our Lord finds the Apostles asleep the 3rd time,"
"He awakens them."
12:36 (Mary Ann shudders as of seeing something horrible.)
12:37 "They fall on their faces."
12:38 "Again they fall."
(Action as of disgust, of horror.)
12:39 "The Kiss."
12:40 "The Miracle of the ear."
12:41 "The seizing of Our Lord."
12:42 "The removal of the Robe."
12:43 "Binding of Our Lord."
(Severe suffering, tossing, difficult breathing)
12:48 "Dragging Him before the First Counsellor."
12:52 "The second Counsellor."
12:53 "First Denial."
12:55 "Second Denial."
"The dirty rag across His Mouth and Eyes."
12:57 "The Third DeniaI and the rooster crows."
(Loud noises, great suffering, severe tossing of body)
1:00 "Dungeon."

(Mary Ann's lips are moving as in prayer, eyes looking

Heavenward. )

1:06 "Removing the Mock Garments."

1:07 "Putting on His Own wet and muddy garments."
1:08 "The Multitudes, they are gathering about Him."

(Severe suffering, agonizing, body tossing.)

1:12 "Bringing Him before the High Priest."

1:13 "The throwing of a pitcher of water into His Face."
1:20 "Before the Governor or High Priest."
1:23 "The Sack."

(Severe suffering.)

1:26 "Back before the High Priest."

1:27 "Oh Blessed Mother." (Mary Ann seems to pray.)
1:31 "Inner Chamber."
1:33 "Screaming Multitude."

(Mary Ann shakes her head violently.)

1:36 "Stripping His Garments."

(Difficult breathing, loud scream, violent tossing of body)
(Sinking) (Mary Ann returns to suffering.)
1:38 "First scourgers."
1:39 "Second scourgers." (Violent tossing, suffering.)
1:40 "Third scourgers." (Violent tvssing, suffering.)
1:41 ''Yes, Blessed Mother."
1:42 "Vanishing of Our Lord's Blood, Scourgers aIl covered, It's
aIl gone, It does not fall to the ground, seems to vanish."
"Oh Blessed Mother."
1:44 "Sitting Our Wounded Lord on a stool of briars and nails."
1:45 "Evil One."

"His cowardly exit from the Court Yard."

1:46 "His evil face is turned to blackness as he stands at the

top of the precipice."

(Severe body tossing, loud deep throat noise.)

1:47 "Crowning."
1:48 "Tightening of the Crown."

(Very deep diHicult breathing.)

1:50 "Putting on the dirty red purplish Robe."

1:52 ,:'Bringing Hi;,n back to the High Priest."

Ecce Homo.

1:53 "The screaming Mob."

"Releasing of the thief, prisoner."

1:54 "CONDE\1NED."

"High Priest washes his hancls."

1:55 "Putting on Our Lord's OWIl Carments."

"Recrowning Him."
(\1ary Ann raises to sitting posture with arms extended as
to embrace.)
1 :57 "Picks up the Cross."
1 :58 "He staggers with the Huge Cross on His right Shoulder."
(Severe suffering, severe tossing of body.)
2:00 "First Fall."

"Oh Blessed Mother." (Mary Ann's expression changes

when she sees Our Sorrowful Mother.)

2:02 "Our Blessed Mother, the Apostles and 2 Roly Women

with ~ome of the Holy Women from the Cenacle behind


2:06 "A large man, he's pulled out of the crowd and pushed to
Our Lord to help carry the Cross."
2:07 "Our Lord's condition seems at a very weak pe:nt."
2:09 "A woman takes off her veil and wipes the face of Our
Lord, as the astonished soldiers look on. They rudely
push her from Him."
2: 10 "Cod has rewarded her, she has the imprint of Our Lord's
Face on the veil she used to wipe that marred and bruised
and bloody Face."
2: 12 "Our Lord falls the Second Time."
(Severe ']ffering, difficult noisy breathing.)
2: 14 "Our Lord meets the lamenting women, as He looks. upon
them with compassion He speaks to them."
2: 16 "The Third Fall."
2: 17 "A Light shines upon our Exhausted Lord, and ifs giving
Him strength."
2:18 "CALVARY."
2:20 "Stripping His garments, reopening ail of the Wounds."
2:21 (Arms go out to sides of bed and return at once.)
2:22 "Casting of Lots."
"A Light's upon the Loin Cloth. Oh Blessed Mother."
(Loud scream.)
2:25 (Right arm goes out to the side of bed, 5 heavy deep difficult
breaths as of 5 blows.)
2:26 (Left arm goes out to left sic;le of bed, 5 heavy breaths as of
5 blows.)
2:27 (Body stretches, feet cross) (15 heavy breaths, then 3 as of
blows) (Severe tossing, noisy difficult breathing, tongue pro­
trudes, then returns.) .
2:28 "Raising of the Cross."
"The Fall of the Cross." (Very difficult suffering.)
2:30 "Planting of the Cross, driving in .'5 stakes ta fasten the Cross
in the hale."
2:31 "Oh Holv Mother."
2:32 "Deus, Deus."
"Planting of the 2 thieves upon the crosses. They are being
tied onto the Crosses, one on the right and one on the left of
Our Lord."
(Body tossing severely forward half sitting posture and then
back. )
2:37 "Our Lord speaks to the thieves, the one to the right of Him."
(Mary Ann seems to he praying) (Tongue protrudes.)
(Tossing, difficult breathing.)
2:41 (Mary Ann smiles, aises her head forward)
"Our Lord gives us His Mother." (Mary Ann continues ta smile
for a moment) (then back ta suffering.)
(Very noisy breathing, arms strike toward head of bed, short
noisy gasps of breath.)
2:45 "EH Eli Sabba."
2:47 "Zita". (Mary Ann's lips are moving as if in prayer.)
(Tangue protrudes, short gasps, noisy, eyes looking upward.)
2:51 "Oh Blessed Mother."
(Mary Ann raises her head off the pillow, short noisy gasps.)
(Foreign word or words.) (Head drops back on pillow. )
2:55 (Noisy gaspy breaths.)

(Head drops forward ta the left then back on pillow.)

(Body is quiet.)

2:59 (Chest rises.)

(Foreign words) (Mary Ann's eyes close, head forward to
3:00 (Arms come ta rest at chest at side of face.)



12:00 The Angelus was said, a]so Mediatrix of Peace prayer, Prayer
for Our Holy Father, Prayer for Mary Ann, Prayer for an who
enter the house and the children.
Present were: Henry Swan, Ray Schelfhout, Fred Van Hoof,
Louise Wessling, Marie Umhoefer, Betty Kubane, and Clara
Suffering of the Passion begins:
12:20 "Oh Holy Mother, Oh Blessed Mother." (Mary Ann's expres­
sion as of seeing something beautiful.) (Her lips moving as
if in prayer.)
12:48 (Severe tossing of body, difficult noisy breathing.)
12:49 (Eyes looking upward, is quiet, appears to be prayiog for
about 3 minutes.)
12:57 (Severe tossing of body from side to side.)
L03 (Severe tossing of body, difficult heavy breathing.)
LlO "Oh Blessed Mother."
1:16 (Very severe tossing of body from side to side, sinking,

Hank calls her to continue.)

(More severe tossing, during this time Mary Ann's hands

remained cIasped as one does in prayer, but the body
tosses violently.)
1:18 (Sinking, Hank calls her to continue.)
1: 19 "Oh Sorrowful Mother."
1:25 "Ach." (Expression as of disgust, Mary Ann shudders.).
1:28 "Ecce Homo." (Mary Ann lowers her arms with hands

folded as Our Lord during the "Ecce Homo.")

1:32 (Mary Ann raises to haU-sitting posture, with arms extend­

ed as if to embrace.)

L35 (Severe tossing of body from side to side.)

1:41 "Blessed Mother, Blessed Mother."

1:45 (Severe tossing of body, short gaspy heavy breaths.)
1:50 (Mary Ann smiIes, her expression as of seeing something

beautifuI. )

1:52 (Severe tossing from side to side, noisy breathing.)

1:59 "Henry, pay attention."
2:03 (Arms go out ta sides of bed and return at once.)
2:05 "Blessed Mother, Blessed Mother."
2:08 (Laud scream, right arm goes out ta right side of bed.)

(Five heavy breaths as of five blows.)

2:09 (Left arm goes out ta left side of bed, five heavy breaths
as of five blows.)
2:10 (Body stretches, feet cross, fifteen heavy breaths as of blows,
three to foIlow.)
2:12 (Head tossing from side ta sicle, forward and back.)
2:17 "DEUS DEUS." (More foreign words.)
2:20 (Violent tossing of body, semi-sitting posture, back and

forth. )

2:22 (Noisy gaspy breathing, tangue protrudes back and forth.)

2:26 (Head falls ta the left and back up, is repeated.)
2:27 (Eyes looking upward, short noisy gasps, head tossing

rapidly from side ta side.)

2:31 (Foreign words.)

(Mary Ann smiIes.)

2:32 "Our Lord gave us His Holy Mother."

2:35 (Laud noisy gasps.)
2:37 "EU, EU, SABBA."
2:40 "Blessed Mother." (Lips seem to be moving in prayer for
about three minutes.)
2:43 "ZITa."
2:44 (Noisy gasps of breath.)
2:45 (Foreign word or words.)
2:48 (Deep sigh and head falls forward to the right, eyes

closed. )

2:49 (Eyes open.)

2:50 (Right arm comes to rest at side.)
2:51 (Left arm comes to rest at side.)
2:52 (Feet uncross, body relaxes.)
2:53 (Feet, side by side, hands crossed below waist.)
3:00 (Knife pain suffering begins.)
(Hank and Marie are in attendance and those witnessing are:
Louise, Betty, Clara, Ray Schelfhout, and Fred.)
3: 29 "Hank, your stomach is hurting."

(Suffering this hour is very severe.)

4:00 (Knife pain suffering over, other suffering continues.)

4: 17 'Tm tired Hank, l' m tired Hank."
4: 26 "y our tummy hurts bad." (Hank: "A !ittle bit.")

"No, bad, Hank, you're sick today."

4:29 "You fell asleep, Our Lady didn't !ike that."

"Our Lady told me you weren't alert, were you?"

(Hank: '1 guess not if She told you.")

4:30 "vVhy did you eat something you weren't supposed to at

(Hank: "It's my kidney that's causing it.")
"1 had awful pains in my kidney yesterday, l knew you would
have it today. Take some sulfax, that'll help you. It helped me
when l had puss on my kidney."
4 :35 (Lift to eat.)
4:40 (Came out.)
5:00 (Suffering begins.)
6:00 - 7:00 (Suffering of chest and throat pains, very severe.)
7 :00 (Other suffering began, very severe also.)
7:55 (Still suffering) (Marie left)
8:00 (Came out for about 5 minutes and right back to suffering.)
11 :30 (Came out.)


FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 1955 FROM 12 NOON Ta 3 P.M.

Present in the room besides Mary Ann were: Fred Van Hoof,
Henry Swan, Ray Schelfhout, Marie Umhoefer, Loùise Wessl­
ing, Clara Hermans. Betty Kubane was present for the Angelus
and prayers only.
The Angelus was said, also Mediatrix of Peace prayer, Prayer
for the Holy Father, Prayer for Mary Ann so she can persevere
in her suHering, Prayer for aIl who enter the home and the
12:00 (SuHering of the Passion.)
1:05 (Mary Ann appears to be praying for about 3 minutes.)
1:38 (Scream, very severe tossing of body, needs to be watched
or body would not stay on the bed.)
1:40 (Sinking, Hank caBs her to continue.)
1:41 (Sin king, Hank caBs her to continue.)
1:42 (Sinking, Hank caIls her to continue.)
1:44 "Our Blessed Mother."
1:47 "Ach, Ach." (Action of disgust.)
1:52 "Ecce Homo."
1:55 "Condemned."
1:58 (Mary Ann raises to sitting posture with arms extended as
if to embrace.)
2:02 "The Leader of the Soldiers is wearing Our Lord's Robe

while he's riding on a horse." .

2:03 (Severe tossing of body, short heavy noisy gasp of breath)

2:07 "Blessed Mother."
2:08 "Here say the Sorrowfu\ Mother Prayer that was given you
ail in the room."
(The Prayer was said.)
2:12 (Severe tossing of head from side to side.)
2:14 (Mary Ann seems to see something beautiful.)
2:15 "Our Lord has rewarded her."
2:18 (Severe tossing of head and shoulders.)
2:22 "A Light."
2:25 (Arms go out to sides of bed and retum at once.)
2:31 (Right arm goes out to the side of bed, 5 heavy breaths.

as of 5 blows of the hammer.)

2:31 (Left arm goes out to the Ieft side of bed, 5 heavy breaths.

as of 5 blows of the hammer.)

2:33 (Body stretches, fcet cross, 15 heavy breaths, then 3 as of

blows of the hammer.)
2:35 "Lowering of the Cross."
2:37 "Planting of the Cross."
2:40 (Foreign words, perhaps) "Deus, Deus."
2:43 "Sorrowful Mother."
2:45 (Tongue protrudes, noisy gaspy breathing.)
2:47 (Words spoken but not audible.)
2:48 (Mary Ann smiles.)
2:49 "Our Lord gave us His Mother."
2:50 (Loud gaspy breathing.)
2:52 "Eli Eli Lamma sabacthani."
"Blessed Mother. Here say the other prayer that was given
to you." (Prayer was said by aIl.)
2:54 "Zito."
2:55 (Foreign words.)
2:57 (Body is quiet, eyes looking upward, mouth open, tongue
showing. )
3: DO ( Foreign words, head drops forward to the right.)

(Knife pain suffering begins.)



The Angelus was said, also Mediatrix of Peace prayer, Prayer

for the Holy Father, Prayer for Mary Ann, Prayer for aIl those
that enter the home and the children.
Present: Henry Swan, Ray Schelfhout, Louise Wessling, Marie
Umhoefer, Betty Kubane, and Clara Hermans. AIl remained
for the Three Hours Suffering of the Passion except Betty who
returned during the period of 3 to 4 p.m. Fred left at 3 p.m.
12:00 (Suffering of the Passion.)
12:13 (Mary AnrÎ smiles, expression of Joy. )
12:30 "Blessed Mother." (Mary Ann appears to be praying.)
12:39 "Ach, Ach." (Action as of disgust.)
1:05 (Severe tossing, throat noises, great suffering.)
1:06 (Mary Ann's eyes looking Heavenward, appears to be

praying for about 4 minutes.)

1:33 "Blessed Mother."

1:44 (Body tossing severely from side to side, sinking, Mary Ann
has to be called to continue.)
1:45 (Sinking, has to be called to continue, Body continues to toss
severely, Loud noise like a scream. Sinking, again bas to be
caIled to continue, very diHicult noisy gaspy breathing.)
1:48 "Ecce Homo."
1:57 (Mary Ann raises to sitting posture with arms outstretched
as if to embrace.) .
2:05 "Blessed Mother." (Sorrowful Mother Prayer was said as

requested. )

2:12 (Mary Ann smiles, her expression as of seeing something

beautiful. )

2:24 (Arms go out to sides of bed and immediately return.)

2:32 (Laud scream, Right arm goes out to right side of bed.)

(Five loud heavy breaths as of five blows.)

2:33 (Left arm goes out to left side of bed.)

(Five loud heavy breaths as of five blows.)

2:34 (Body stretches, feet cross, Fifteen loud heavy breaths as

of blows, three to foIlow.)
2:35 (Five deep loud breaths as of five blows.)
2:36 "Deus, Deus, Reus Meus."
2:40 (Foreign words.)
2:43 (Chest rises and falls back, repeated.)
2:44 (Foreign words.)
2:45 "Our Lord gives us His Holy Mother."
2:50 "Eli, Eli, Lamma, Sab."

(Prayer: 'Oh Holy Mother' was said as requested.)

2:52 "Zita."
2:53 (Foreign words.)
2:57 (Mouth open, tangue showing.)
2:58 (Head faIls forward ta right, eyes closed.)
2:59 (Anns come ta rest at chest.)
3:00 ta 4:00 (Suffering of knife pains.)
6:00 ta 7:00 p.m. (Suffering of chest and throat pains.)

(Other suffering into the night.)



12:00 Angelus was said, also Mediah'ix of Peaee prayer, Prayer for
the Holy Father, Prayer for Mary Ann, Prayer for aIl who en­
ter the home and the children.
Present: Fred Van Hoof, Henry Swan, Marie Umhoefer, Louise
Wessling, Betty Kubane, Ray Schelfhout and Clara Hermans.
AlI except Betty remained for Three Hours Suffering of the
12:32 (Sinking, had ta be called ta continue.)
12:54 "First DeniaI."
12:56 "Second Denia!."
1:06 (Sinking, had ta be calIed ta continue.)
1:07 (Appears ta be praying for about 5 minutes.)
1:33 (Seems ta be praying, lips moving as if in prayer.)
1:47 (Sinking, had ta be called ta continue.)

(Severe tossing of body from side ta side.)

1:53 (Mary Ann appears ta he praying.)

1:55 "Ecce Homo." (Folded hands come down below waist as
Our Lord is shawn at the "Ecce Homo.")
2:00 (Mary Ann raises ta sitting posture with arms extended as
if ta embrace something.)
2:08 "Blessed Mother."

(Sorrowful Mother Prayer was said by aIl present.)

2: 13 (Expression as of surprise, she smiles.)

2:14 "Our Lord has rewarded her."
2:21 "A Light."
2:26 (Arms go out to sides of bed and return immediately as of
measuring the Cross. Loud scream, right arm goes out ta side
of bed.)
2: 28 (Sinking, had to be called to continue.)
(Left arm goes out to left side of bed.)
2:30 (Sinking, had to be calied to continue.)
(Feet crossed.)
(Sinking, had to be called to continue.)
2:33 (Sinking, had to be calied to continue.)
(Five heavy breaths as of blows or five strikes.)
2:35 (Foreign words.)
2:40 (Foreign words.)
2:41 (Mary Ann appears to be praying.)
2:43 (Foreign words.)
2:44 "Our Lord gave us His Holy Mother."
2:46 "Eli, Eli, Lamma, Sa."
2: 47 (Prayer, "Oh Holy Mother" was said by all present.)
(Severe tossing of body forward and then back onto the
2:50 "Zito."
2:52 (Foreign words.)
3:00 (Head falls forward to the right.)


12:00 The Angelus was said, also Mediatrix of Peace Prayer, Prayel'
for Our Holy Father, Prayer for Mary Ann, Prayer for ail who
enter the home and the children.
Present: Fred Van Hoof, Henry Swan, Ray Schelfhout, Marie
Umhoefer, Louise Wessling, Clara Hermans. (Betty was only
present for the Angelus and prayers.)
12:07 "Henry, say the Sorrowful Mother Prayer and Litany.'"
"Henry, the group is to say the Sorrowful Mother Prayer daily
until the end of Lent."
"Henry, you may lead the Rosary of Seven Sorrows."
"Henry, this Rosary is to be said every day of Lent and Good
Friday. It is to be said before the hOUT of 12 and to be followed
by the Angelus and other prayers."
"Henry, you are to lead this Rosary."
12:40 (Suffering of the Passion begins.)
12:43 (Loud noise, sort of a scream, repeated but not so loud.)
"Instructions given Dec. 12, 1952 to you Henry must be follow-
ed through during this period."
12:50 "The Evil One."
12:52 (Mary Ann smiles.)
12: 5.'3 "Our Lord and Eleven Disciples entering the Garden."
12:54 "Dispersing of the Eight."
12:55 "Entering the inner Sanetuary of the Garden."
12:57 "The Agony in the Garden."
1:00 "Finding of the Three, Our Lord much depended upon to
stand by, asleep."
1:05 "The second time He returns to those to stand by Him, at this
most crucial hour, to have fallen asleep, through the wea)mess
of their flesh."
1:10 "Again He returns to find those who promised with full Heart
and true Love to pray with Him at this period but who have
fallen as human flesh will fall into darkness, forgetting their
promises to Our Lord and now He awakens them."
1:13 "The Kiss of Betrayal given by one of the Twelve."
1:18 "The Journey led by His accusers."
1:20 "The Breaking of the bone in the knee cap."
1:23 "Before the Second Official, for one of those three that pro­
fessed to love Him with true heart denies that he ever saw
1:25 'Again he denies of ever knowing Him."
1:28 "Again while he gazes at the One he loves standing before the
multitudes in mockery, he again, he denies th