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SCRIPT 1. China boosts space programme with new heavy rocket launch

Beijing (BE News) - China has launched its new Long March-5 heavy rocket, state media said, sending
its payload into orbit in the countrys latest step in advancing its space exploration programme.
The launch comes after China began its longest manned space mission last month, sending two
astronauts to spend a month aboard a space laboratory that is part of a broader plan to have a
permanent manned space station in service around 2022.
The rocket, larger than previous versions of Chinas Long-March carrier rockets, blasted off on Thursday
night from a pad in the southern province of Hainan, state news agency Xinhua said, a launch intended
to verify its design and performance.
"Its successful launch has propelled China to the forefront of the world in terms of rocket carrying
capacity, and marks a milestone in Chinas transition from a major player in space to a major power in
space," Xinhua cited the ruling Communist Partys Central Committee and powerful Central Military
Commission as saying in a letter.
The two-stage rockets ability to put 25 tonnes of payload into low-Earth orbit and 14 tonnes to
geostationary transfer orbit gives it a carrying capacity 2.5 times larger than previous models, Xinhua
"With the heavy-lift carrier rocket, China can build a permanent manned space station and explore the
moon and Mars," the news agency said.
Advancing Chinas space programme is a priority for Beijing, which insists it is for peaceful purposes.
The U.S. Defense Department has highlighted Chinas increasing space capabilities, saying it was
pursuing activities aimed at preventing other nations using space-based assets in a crisis.
Despite its space programmes advancements for military, commercial and scientific purposes, China is
still playing catch-up to established space powers the United States and Russia.
Chinas Jade Rabbit moon rover landed on the moon in late 2013 to great national fanfare, but soon
suffered severe technical difficulties.
The rover and the Change 3 probe that carried it there were the first "soft landing" on the moon since
1976. Both the United States and the Soviet Union had accomplished the feat earlier.
U.S. companies, including SpaceX and Blue Origin, are now developing commercial space flight
capabilities. Both companies are developing reusable rockets, and SpaceX has put forward the
ambitious goal of a human mission to Mars as early as 2024.

SCRIPT 2. Indonesia to focus on sports tourism development

Jakarta (BE News) - Indonesia is developing its sports tourism through the launch of running, biking
and rock climbing events in tourism destinations, as part of its efforts to promote and advance its
tourism sector.
According to Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi, all of the 34 provinces in Indonesia are
encouraged to organize sports events in tourism resorts for the development of sports tourism
The Youth and Sports Ministry will encourage all provinces in the country, apart from the 10 provinces
being designed as primary tourist destinations, to organize sports events such as biking in tourism
destinations from next year.
For example, the provincial government of Central Java continues to organize the Borobudur Marathon
event around areas of the Borobudur Buddhist Temple, which is also a main tourist destination in the
The minister appreciated the Central Java provincial government for its success in organizing the
Bororbudur Marathon every year. This year, the marathon was attended by an extraordinary number of
However, the Central Java government still needs to intensively promote the Borobudur Marathon
abroad to attract more runners from foreign countries.
Besides the Borobudur Marathon, the Central Java government also organized various sports tourism
events in other attractive destinations such as in Wonosobo, in Dieng, that could further advance
Central Javas sports tourism.
In Dieng, in addition to the marathon, biking was also developed by organizing a Tour de Dieng.
In Batang District, the Central Java government also developed a rock climbing sports tourism event. In
this case, the Batang District government is ready to put its sports tourism event on market, particularly
rock climbing in the Prau Mountain slope of Bawang Sub-District.
The tourist destination is located at a height of 30 meters above the sea surface. It has a waterfall
which supports the region as a tourism destination. Visitors will be pampered by the rock hill cliffs and
the natural panorama of the Curug Si Pitung, the Curug Wanganwali, the Pancuran Poncowati and the
camping site.
With its various potential tourism objects in the area of the Prau Gountain, the local government will
transform the area into a main tourist destination apart from beach tourism. The trend of the natural
tourism with mountainous panorama is now becoming a prime destination for the youths. Therefore, the
local government of Batang is optimistic on the tourism objects in Mountain Prau. It is convinced that
the area would become a main site for tourists to visit. Therefore, the local government will soon draw
up a master plan for the development of the natural and sports tourism destination.
In the meantime, the Central Executive of the Indonesian Sport Bikers Association (PB ISSI) will
cooperate with the Tourism Ministry in carrying out its programs to help boost the countrys sports

Okto, as Raja Sapta Oktohari is popularly called, explained that his organization has discussed matters
relating to implementation of cycling races that involved the Ministry of Tourism.
Currently, the PB ISSI is focusing on developing all kinds of cycling races such as road race, track,
Bicycle Motor-Cross (BMX), cross country and downhill events. These events are focused not only to
attain achievements in cycling but also to develop sports tourism.
With the cooperation of the tourism ministry, the ISSI hopes that everything could be carried out in a
synergic manner. After all, the tourism ministry is the financial support of a number of cycling races both
in national and international scale.
Deputy for tourism marketing development of the Ministry of Tourism, Esthy Reko Atuti, hopes that
cooperation with the PB ISSI would run smoothly, so that the development of sport tourism, particularly
with regard to cycling events, would make further progress.
The Ministry of Tourism has three major tourism products which attract tourists, namely nature tourism,
culture tourism and man-made (object) tourism. Sports tourism is part of the man-made tourism.
Therefore, the tourism ministry hopes that its cooperation with the ISSI to handle technical would
For cycling races, for example, the ministry hopes its technical matters would be handled by the ISSI,
while the ministry will handle its destinations, promotions and branding to attract tourists.
The tourism ministry hopes it ISSI would also be involved in activity planning. The ministry has 10 main
tourist destinations that have been given development priority. The planned organizing of the Tour
dIndonesia 2017 was discussed in a meeting between the ministry and the PB ISSI officials.

SCRIPT 3. Minister Sri Mulyani to set up reform team for taxation directorate

Jakarta (BE News) - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani has said she will set up and announce a reform team
for the taxation directorate general.
The reform team is intended not only to deal with corruption but it would concern five strategic aspects,
the minister said here on Tuesday.
The first concerns human resources and product strategy that is to create more effective, competent
and professional methods of fighting corruption, she said.
"The second concerns information system and data base that will help us identify the obligation of tax
payers more objectively and to reduce the need for inter action between tax officers and tax payers that
could lead to illegal transactions such as the one just caught red handed by the Corruption Eradication
Commission (KPK)," Sri Muliyani said.
The minister referred to a middle ranking official at the taxation directorate caught red handed by KPN
on Monday night accepting bribe from a businessman.
The third is about the need to improve business and internal process of the taxation directorate general.
The fourth concerns the need to improve institutional structure including organizational structure of the
taxation directorate general and its regional offices.
She said implementation of five strategies of tax reform constitutes a commitment of the finance
ministry in a bid to regain the public confidence in the tax institution.
On Monday night, KPK arrested a middle ranking official of the taxation directorate general Handang
Soekarno (HS), who was caught red handed accepting a bribe from a businessman R. Rajamohanan
Nair (RRN).
RRN, Director of PT EK Prima Ekspor Indonesia (EKP) and three of his staff, were also arrested as well
HSs driver and adjutant.
RRN handed over the bribe money US$148,500 or around Rp1.9 billion in his house in Springhill
Residences in Kemayoran, Jakarta to Handang at 20.00 local time.
KPK grabbed HS, his driver and adjutant when they were about to leave that place. The KPK officers
then enter the house and arrested RRN.
The two staff of RRN were picked up from their respective houses in Pamulang, South Tangerang and
Pulomas, East Jakarta.
KPK chairman Agus Raharjo said the money received by HS was believed to be related to a number of
tax problems faced by PT EKP including its tax obligation of Rp78 billion.
After investigations 24 hours following the arrest, KPK named HS and RRN as suspects.

HS, if found guilty is facing a jail term of up to 20 years with a fine of up to Rp1 billion and RRN could
be sentenced to a maximum 5 years imprisonment with a fine of up to Rp50 million.

SCRIPT 4. 91 killed, over 150 injured in train accident in Northern India

New Delhi (BE News) - In one of the worst railway tragedies in India in recent years, at least 91 people
were killed and more than 150 others injured after an express train derailed in the northern state of
Uttar Pradesh early Sunday morning.
"The mishap took place around 3:30 a.m. (local time) near Pukhrayan, close to the town of Kanpur in
Uttar Pradesh. Some 14 coaches of the Indore-Patna Express ran off the tracks at a time when most of
the passengers were asleep," a senior railway official said.
While 91 bodies have been pulled out of mangled coaches so far, those injured were admitted to
hospitals across Kanpur, where the conditions of many are said to be serious, the official said, on
condition of anonymity.
The Indore-Patna Express, which is the only bi-weekly train that runs from the central state of Madhya
Pradesh to the eastern state of Bihars capital Patna, was on its way to Patna when the fatal accident
took place.
Local TV channels showed footage of mangled coaches piling up against each other on railway tracks
and rescuers trying to cut through the windows using gas-cutters to get through to rescue trapped
passengers, including the elderly and women.
Reports also said that Indian Army and Indian Air Force doctors have been pressed into service to
comfort and treat the injured passengers at the accident site, while private buses are being used to
ferry passengers and help them complete their journey.
Witnesses spoke of being woken up by a huge bang and being thrown around. "We woke up to a great
thud this morning. It was pitch dark and the noise was deafening. Luckily I survived," Sunil Rai, a
passenger, was quoted as saying.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condoled the deaths in the accident and said he spoke to
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, who was monitoring the situation closely.
"Anguished beyond words on the loss of lives due to the derailing of the Patna-Indore express. My
thoughts are with the bereaved families," he tweeted. On his own Twitter account, Prabhu warned that
"strictest possible action will be taken against those who could be responsible for accident."
Another senior Indian Railways official Vijay Kumar told the media in Delhi that the cause of the
accident was not known immediately, but a probe has been ordered. "An investigation will be carried
out soon to ascertain the exact reason for the mishap," he said.
The Indian Railways has also announced a compensation of 350,000 rupees (7,500 U.S. dollars) to the
families of those killed and 50,000 rupees (900 U.S. dollars) to those seriously injured in the train
The mishap has also severely affected movement of trains in the region as Kanpur town is a major
railway junction and hundreds of trains pass through it every day.
Indian Railways is one of the worlds largest railway networks, criss-crossing the country from north to
south and carrying over 23 million passengers daily. However, train accidents are common in India,

where much of the railway equipment is out of date, Xinhua reported.

Some six major train accidents have taken place in India till date this year, though this is the one that
recorded the highest number of casualties.

SCRIPT 5. Indonesian govt allocates Rp187.5 billion for lake rehabilitation

Denpasar (BE News) - The Directorate General of Water Resources of the Ministry of Public Works and
Public Housing has allocated Rp187.5 billion to finance seven lake rehabilitation projects in 2016.
"In 2016, we have allocated Rp187.5 billion for the restoration of seven lakes, namely Lake Toba in
North Sumatra, Lake Tempe in South Sulawesi, Lake Maninjau in West Sumatra, Lake Rawapening in
Central Java, Lake Tondano in North Sulawesi, Lake Limboto in Gorontalo, and Lake Singkarak in
West Sumatra," Lolly Martina Martief, the operation, maintenance affairs director of the Directorate
General of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, said here on
He said that the restoration works covered the dredging of lake sediment, the construction of lake dikes
and lake zoning.
"This is important, because with the zoning of lakes and its borders, the water level could be
determined and a spillway could be installed to adjust the height of the water level," he said.
Lolly said that the rehabilitation of the seven lakes will continue in 2017 with an additional fund
allocation of Rp330 billion. The restoration of the seven priority lakes is one of the initiatives carried out
by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing for the management of lakes in the country.
Lakes or reservoirs have many functions. Locals earn a living by cultivating fish and use the water for
their daily needs. These also provide hydro power, and are tourist destinations for locals and foreign
However, these functions are being threatened due to the degradation of the reservoirs surrounding
In order to ensure that reservoirs fulfill all their functions, the commitment of everyone, including the
regional government and the people, is needed.
Since 2009, an agreement reached by nine ministers has been in force to develop and manage
sustainable reservoirs.