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Madisen Liddell

Professor Dalton
November 10, 2016
Option B: Just one question how can parents deal with the conflicts of adolescence.

Parents play a major role during adolescence. When teenagers hit adolescence many
things are changing their bodies, their environments and their relationships, with others. It is a
very difficult transition to make alone, but with help from parents it can make this time a little
During adolescence girls and guys completely change. Height, size, body figure, breast
size, and hair. Many girls are very comfortable and open about their bodies while some remain
very shy., During adolescence many hormones are rushing throughout their bodies. All of these
changes can cause different emotions and thoughts. It has been proven that females are twice as
likely to become depressed.(Berger 2014. Pg 321) Depression is an increasing problem in our
nation. Depression can lead to suicide. Many people think that just because depression is more
likely found in women, that this means males normally do not come in contact with it. However
this is not true. Boys and girls alike are just as likely to fall victim to depression. It really doesnt
matter what gender, age or even social status, the truth is anyone can have depression. This is
why as a parents your role is huge in your adolescent's life. When you see your child
withdrawing from their usual-self, check in with them. Just because they are pushing away
from everyone else does not mean that they want to be left alone entirely. Everyone needs
someone, especially teenagers. Suicide and depression are tough subjects that are usually kept
hush, but i cannot stress how important it is to know the signs and symptoms. The best thing that
you can do for your child, as well as yourself is to become educated.

Another word of advice i would like to share with parents would be; do not be your
child's best friend. Lets face it, your little baby is growing up and is wanting to become more
independent. You many think that by setting boundaries or rules with your child will make you
seem unfair or uncool. Parents want to be liked by their child, but their should be a fine line
between parenting and being your child's friend. You are there to keep your child safe, to push
them to excel past their limitations and be the very best that they can possibly be. You are not
their to be their friend, and give them everything they want. Set rules and boundaries with your
child. Have trust in your child, we want to be trusted. You must give them opportunities to show
that they are worthy of your trust.
Remember that we are teenagers, you were also a teenager once. So yes, we are going to
make some really stupid decisions here and there. But we need to make them, this is how we
grow , this is how we develop and learn. We learn from the mistakes we make. Were learning
about everything so remember to love us. Help guide us, but do not hold our hands for us. We
want to be treated like adults, but we are not quite there yet. We are not ready for all of that
responsibility. Sometimes we just want a nice hug, and some help. Remember to love us even
when we don't deserve it, because that is when we are definitely going to need it the most.

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