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My Forbidden Face Analysis

ExpositionThe exposition to this book is when the Taliban take over and execute the president.

The people begin panicking

It is alluded to that they will soon be heavily oppressed; Latifa remembers clips
shes seen on TV of women in chadris being beaten
Latifas mother, who is a doctor, becomes increasingly sad affecting her entire
As a result, Latifa begins staying in her room with her sister all day

Rising ActionThe rising action in this novel is built off of small rebellions Latifa creates and the
oppression her and everyone around her face due to the Taliban.

Latifa creates a secret school, to teach children the truth.

With the help of Daoud and Saber, Latifa makes an illegal newspaper called
The Taliban restricts everyone, but women especially, so they cannot look into
the faces of men, show their faces at all, walk outside without a man or be in
the same room as unrelated men.
No one is allowed to use a TV or listen to any radio station other than Radio
Sharia, nor are they allowed photos.

ClimaxWhen the book was at the peak, as a result of her career, Latifas mother gets
correspondence from another doctor who was invited to go to France and speak on
the behalf of women about the oppression in Afghanistan.

As she is needed in Afghanistan, the doctor invites Latifas mother to go

instead and bring a few people, including Latifa.
While they are there they speak out about the oppression the Taliban pushes
onto the people.

Falling ActionThe falling action in this novel was when the Taliban reacted to their stories of
being oppressed.

A fatwa is launched against them; their house is invaded by the Taliban, and if
they go back to Afghanistan they will be killed.
They are labeled as liars
They become trapped in France

ResolutionThe book made its full circle with an afterword by Latifa.

She prays that one day her country will be peaceful.

She prays women in Afghanistan will gain a voice someday.
She no longer knows where her family left in Afghanistan is.
She clarifies that one day, when the kites that symbolize freedom fly again in
Kabuls skies, she will return.

Primary CharactersThe primary characters to this book are

Latifa- who was the author and main character in the novel; she created the underground
school for other young kids

Dauod- Latifas younger brother

Soraya- Latifas sister (older)

Mama- mother of five; gynecologist; very emotionally weak

Father- leader of the house...father

Secondary CharactersThe secondary characters in this book are

Saber- Latifas friend

Farida- Latifas friend; Sabers sister

Najibullah- former democratic president of Afghanistan

Mrs. Fawzia- a school teacher that helped Latifa with the underground school

Mullah Omar- leader of the Taliban

ThemeThe first universal theme that is found in this book is hope and fear drive human
behavior. Found on the last paragraph and first paragraph on pages 92-93.
Hope and Fear- And were even more aghast when Dauod tells us that instead of
soccer he so loved, theres a new sport in the stadium of Kabul. Now the Taliban use
the place as a public execution ground: They hang their prisoners from the
goalposts, cut off the hands of thieves, put a bullet in the back of the heads of
women accused of adultery. A monstrous spectacle, periodically interrupted for
obligatory prayers. They force people to watch by beating them with whips. I cant
take it. I dont want to hear any more about the horrors in our city. I wont leave the
apartment again.

ThemeThe second theme that is present in this novel is difficult choices are a part of
growing up. Found on the 3rd paragraph on page 18.
Difficult Choices- Theres a knock at the door. Its the landlords agent, following
the Talibans orders, coming to warn my father that he must take his weapons to the
local mosque. We have no weapons, aside from the two relics hanging on the wall.
Papa looks at the old gun, an antique from the 1920s, a souvenir from his fathers
military service during the struggle against the British. After my grandfather died,
Papa carefully hung his gun on our living room wall, and now it is just a decoration.
A saber hangs beside it. What use would the Taliban have for such a weapon?
Tears well up in my fathers eyes, and I can see that he hesitates to part with these

SettingThe setting of this novel is set in Kabul, Afghanistan in the beginning of the novel.
Kabul was a democratic city, then the Taliban took over the city and enforced a type
of dictatorship.

Conflict- The Taliban taking over Kabul and enforcing their laws and ways of life
on the formerly democratic country.

Man vs. Self- Latifa vs. Herself; trapped inside her bedroom with her thoughts leading her into
Man vs. Man- Group of women yelled/protested they wouldnt leave until the Taliban realised the
woman. Taliban torturing Afghan people on the streets.
Man vs. Society- Woman vs Taliban; women being treated unjustly by the Taliban organization.
Man vs. Nature- Hot and dry climate

ApplicationMy Forbdden Face relates to the real world because it is a real issue that is actually
happening in Afghanistan, and has been an ongoing conflict for years and years.

Literary Elements
My Forbdden Face has many examples of literary elements

Symbolism-- Latifa relates the sky to freedom. She sets her canary free, later
stating she is the canary trapped in a cage. She tells stories of colorful kites in
the skies, even stating only when they fly she will return.
Mood-- Her mood in the book is usually negative. At first she is afraid and
angry and depressed, but she slowly transitions into not caring and taking risks.
Allusion-- She alludes to the oppression they will face, remembering how
women in chadris were beaten on T.V.