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Quill for Insurance: Claims Reporting

Quill automates claims analysis into narrative reports

A major insurance company was spending a signicant amount of time and
resources analyzing claims data and annotating visualizations with summaries of
the analysis to inform clients about claims trends and inform them about
premiums. This process was very manual and time consuming for the companys
analysts, and the output was inconsistent from one analyst to the next. The
company needed a more ecient, streamlined approach to communicating claims

Quill automates claims analysis and produces narrative reports to accompany their
existing visualizations, drastically lowering the resources necessary to summarize
ndings and annotate the visualizations. The resulting report is one that is more
consistent, consumable and ecient, freeing up the analysts time to focus on
higher-value tasks. Quill's narratives are integrated seamlessly into the company's
proprietary platform, enabling analysts to display the information easily to an
internal or external audience.

Quill Transformed Insurance Claims Data:

Data Points Included:
Product Line Data
Claims Data
Repair Costs
Claims Processing Data

and automatically generated the following report


Quill for Claims Report

Trends Overview
Claims have increased more than expected in October, reaching $3.2 million versus $2.7 million in
January and $2.8 million in October 2014.
This increase is predominantly driven by claims for $1,000 or less.
States with a larger than average increase include Mississippi, Kansas and Kentucky.

Claims Overview
Auto claims have been relatively steady, rising 0.4% month over month.
Major repairs have increased 1.1% which is in-line with past monthly variations.
Minor repairs decreased 2.4% which is a statistically significant reduction.
Home claims increased dramatically over 2.5% month over month, particularly driven by record levels
of wind and hail damage.
Flood claims remain below $100,000.

Claims Processing Overview

For auto claims, the average claim required 2.3 touchpoints with the customer, within our target level.
On average, 63% of claims are handled by a claims analyst.
Home claims have the best first call resolution, namely in regards to theft and burglary type claims.

Recent Trends
Carrier has 3.3% more policies in effect than last year and we have 0.8% fewer claims agents. As our
processing capacity has improved 5% we should have sufficient staff to handle typical claims volumes.
Our geographical mix has remained relatively consistent so we can expect to require the same shift
mix as past months.

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