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Elijah Abram
Early American History
October 6th, 2016
Colonial America
Colonial america is much more different than present America. Slaves, men, and women
worked all day long. Men were treated very harsh and worked daily. Women were some what treated
harsh when it came down to their husbands. Children worked very hard and had many chores. This will
tell how the lives of women, slaves, and children were in Colonial times.
Women in Colonial America are less advantaged than women in present America. It all
depended on their wealth, religion, and status. They had numerous responsibilities. For example, they
had to cook meals, sew clothes, and keep the house in order. They received very little education, and
learned from their mothers to clean and take care. As far as rights, they could not vote, they could not
serve on juries, but they could buy and sell properties. Women in Colonial America had many jobs to
do, and had many things that they could not do.
Children in Colonial America were very different from the children in present America. Children
in Colonial America were monitored by their parents and had to wear a Pudding Cap. They also had to
wear leading strings. Both sexs, male and female wore gawns. They did not wear anything in the way of
underwear, so that going to the bathroom would be easier. When their mothers made dinner, they had to
eat as fast as possible, silently, and then leave the table as soon as they were done. They had various

chores. They had to shell corn, card cotton and wool, and cut sugar, etc. Children had many chores
they had to do, and many responsibilities.
Slaves in the southern colonies were treated harsh. There were a total of 235,000 slaves in
Colonial America. 85% of that population lived in the southern colonies. In spite of the brutal living
conditions, African and Irish slaves preserved many customs and beliefs from their homelands. These
included music, dances, stories, and, for a time, African religions-including Islam. African kinship
customs became the basis of African-American family culture. first slaves were brought by Dutch
traders to Jamestown. Slaves were treated very harsh, and were very hard-working.
In all, this proves how everything has changed compared to us in present day America.
Although, some things are the same depending on where you live, your gender, and your age. Colonial
America is very interesting about how people were treated, and what they could and couldn't do.

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