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New Years Resolutions for teenagers


Get in shape

15. Read more

16. Find a significant other

2. Start eating healthier food, and less food overall

3. Stop procrastinating
4. Improve your concentration and mental skills

Meet new people

17. Become tidier

18. Learn how to dress with style
19. Spend more time with the people that matter
20. Start saving money
21. Learn a new language
22. Volunteer and give more to charity
23. Pick up useful skills or fun hobbies

6. Become more active

24. Become more organized


25. Travel more and see the world

Become more confident and take some chances

8. Earn more money

26. Learn to cook

9. Become more polite

27. Stop being late all the time

10. Reduce stress

28. Turn your hobby into a career

11. 11. Learn to be happier with your life

29. Start being more responsible

12. 12. Get more quality sleep

30. Spend less time on social media

13. 13. Give up cigarettes

31. Learn how to defend yourself

14. Watch less TV

32. Start being more creative