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By Jittawat (Mac)

Summary of my company and future plan

Maggy Corporation is the name of our
company. It is an international company of
which headquarters are located in Finland,
Mexico, and Ivory Coast. Firstly, we opened
the first office in Espoo, Finland. A store
named 7-11 1 was also constructed. When
we started to get a profit, we expanded the
business to Mexico in which the other office
in which is located in San Luis Potosi. There are store and restaurant there too.
Later on, we have an office in Abidjan, Ivory Coast because there is lots of
population but low tax. About on the starting point of second quarter, we
started getting profit. So, we opened a hospital and bakery factory additionally.
In the future, our company will be expanded to other countries like
Argentina and Cuba. Moreover, new types of subdivision such as fitness center
and animal farm will be opened soon too. There will be more investment in
Finland, Mexico, and Ivory Coast eventually.

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A comparison of company's assets and cash over time.

Asset structure
Assets : 23,178,401
Cash : 18,202,342.59
Equipment : 1,894,007.23
Inventory : 1,703,810.03
Buildings : 1,306,800.00
Trade mark : 126,313.28
Technologies : 128.18
Because of a large amount of cash, we are planning to invest
more money on different sectors to reduce the cash and might
make more profit.
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Company Overall Profit

From this line graph, Maggy Corporation always gets profit from
Q1 End to Q2 End. As for the expense, it can be seen that the
company raised more investment every time with the highest of
$ 2,515,086 in Q2 End. We are getting an increased revenue every
quarter. The revenue from Q2 Mid to Q2 End rises up significantly,
2,632,406 for Q2 Mid and 4,356,804 for Q2 End.
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Added revenue and expense

from Q1 End to Q2 End

According to this bar chart, the revenue from Q1 End to

Q2 End added together is 9,501,149; 4,491302 for expenses; and
5,009,847 for profit. The expenses of this business is mainly on
product purchases, and the second is on advertising. The
company aims to make a lot more profit in the following quarter.

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List of subdivisions and revenue

From the collection of of all 6 subdivisions excluding

offices, the revenue can be shown in the following
7-11 1 Store (Espoo, Finland) : $ 229,916
7-11 2 Store (Guadalajara, Mexico) : $ 91,788
7-11 3 Store (Abidijan, Ivory Coast) : $ 33,940
Mexicoco Restaurant (Guadalajara, Mexico) : $ 285,421
Mac Hospital (Turku, Finland) : $ 38,000
Coffee by Mac (Espoo, Finland) : $ 0

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Top 3 Most Profittable Subdivisions

Top 1 : 7-11 1 Store ($ 145,481.36)
Top 2 : 7-11 2 Store ($ 25,186.46)
Top 3 : 7-11 3 Store ($ 20,978)
It can be seen that 7-11 1 Store which is located in Espoo,
Finland gets the most profit. The reason why 7-11 3 Store in
Abijdan, Ivory Coast gets low profit is because it is a newly
opened store.

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My factory eats my profit

Looking at this this line graph, we can infer that Coffee by Mac
factory gets a huge losses continuously. This factory has $ 1,270,842
losses in Q2 Mid and $ 46,218 losses in Q2 End. To make it simple, the
factory gets $ 1,317,060 losses overall. This makes this factory being shut
down. The reason is because the prime cost of a product which is natural
coffee is extremely high. So, the sale price is a lot higher than which of city
average market.

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