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Kiss- Aathmanam

Start Kissing
If your girlfriend comes
when you are
forging ahead
in a rush
without any hesitation
clasp her tightly
and give her a
steady kiss
seeing you
let others too
kiss their
kiss is a symbol of freedom
after kissing
you would forget everything
and unite
in the bus stand
in the railway station
in the library
in the crowded parks
in the super markets
in the clamorous streets of
expanding cities
and narrowing houses
kissing is the only way
don't abandon the kiss
to express your love
to register your adventure
to prove your existence
in the few seconds that are yours
there is nothing better
than a kiss
rarely available
startright away
begin the work of kissing
this very moment
yes, quick
your next girlfriend
is waiting

advance fast
we are closing towards
the twenty first century
two thousand years
after the birth of Christ
discarding obscene body language
with just a clean kiss
planting a kiss
upon kiss
the epoch of kiss.
3 K.M-Isai
The signpost
Showing the distance to a town
As 3 k.m
Developed a desire
One day
To see that place
As the signpost
Walked on and on
With a yearning
The town
Withdrew further and further
Saying 3k.m and 3k.m
I-Piramil Dharmu Sivaram
Who begot me?
World begot in the world
World begot the living species
The root begot in the vacuum
Desolation filled with nothingness
All the revolving planets
Begot that day
My mom
Which is my home?
Dancing god in fiery eyes
Blinked and annihilated
Like the forest without the spirits
Void without anyone
Big space without base

Standing without roof

Is my nothingness
Who am I? Oh Oh
For the question who am I?
Why the voice diminishes?
Worthless thought
Left without forming
Searching for the forgotten answer
In the path with murmuring darkness
Loping around while being born and die
Was I
Too much about oneself-Nagulan
He was sharpening
The pencil
As if chopping someone's head
The Pencil was also
Silent like him
Had he been in its position
He would have tilted his head
At an angle more convenient to him
Thinking that he could handle even this situation
By his unseen prowess

A word called word-Ramesh Predhan

On glass chips embedded on
a parapet wall that lengthens without an end
a word called cat is walking perfectly.
Yes, a word.
If it is followed
it becomes a sentence.
In the long movement of the sentence
if a chip pierces through,
blood running down the side of the wall
it becomes a poem
if you think that its a poem on cat
you will be decieved.
Neon Sound-S.Shanmugam

Movement of the incomprehensible specks of the sound

Minuteness of second
None in the music
Composition of lapping colours
Spreading the designs
Origin was inverted
On the foot
Forgotten fathers
Mothers who remembered
Sons who were just guesses
Displaced limbs
In the presence of astonishment of face
Growing legs
Filling the canvas shoes
Head held high
Wandering mind
In the reflection
Thumb budding in the head
My previous face was a
Ways to prepare perfume-Yavanika Sriram
Hot fumes rising from a rock in noon
The desolate pond's algae
The prostitute's betel juice
The baby's refluxed mother's milk
A thumb sized burnt lime
Or two snail's shell
And camphor equal to that
A piece pigs gut added and smashed together
And filtered.
If you brew ten drops of this
For one drop dogs will follow
For two drops birds will sit on the roof of the house
For three drops girl will attain puberty before time
For four drops one who had incompatible sex
Will commit suicide
Shake up five drops
Cars will collide on the fly-over
Six drops spill and fall
The ground water will dry up
Seven drops exposed
None can stay at home
In cities because of the aroma
Eight drops shouldn't be used at all

The state minister will die

For nine drops the air would be scared
Women will divorce men
If ten drops were used completely
The universe will seethe and calamity will break
Human without nose
Bird without wings
Fields without bunds
Food without labour
Sex without fatigue
Would crop up

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