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I think Averroes in his writings was trying to bring together two different schools of
thought that of theology and philosophy. In his writings, he gave a lot of reverence
to the philosophical teachings of Aristotle in that the universe that we live and had
to be designed by an intelligent being. Averroes wrote that God could be proved by
reason independently of revelation. (Russell 426) Averroes held closer to Aristotles
belief that the soul is not immortal that only the intelligence of the individual is
actually immortal, believing that upon death the soul cease to exist, but the
intelligence went back into a kind of collective of universal knowledge. Averroes
seem to of also hold to the belief of intelligent design, meaning that the universe
itself was so finely tuned that it could only be designed by an intelligent being, as
an example the Earth is at the perfect distance from the sun to produce life.
Asserting that Random chance could not produce the correct conditions for life to
begin on our planet in such a precise manner. For a man that had to walk a fine line
between religion and philosophy during a time in history when one misstep could
mean your life Averroes did this very well by putting forth philosophical text that still
hold meaning to this day.
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I agree with Averroes because.
1. He was a philosopher in a very turbulent time in history that was trying to
bring together two very different schools of thought that of theology and that
of philosophy. Without losing his head in the process.
2. The other reason I tend to agree with Averroes is the concept he put forth
about the intelligent design. In the lecture Dr. Terry spoke about Cambridge
Astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle, stating that the odds of life appearing
spontaneously on earth are almost too difficult to grasp.
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