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Some people think that space exploration is a waste of resources while others

think that it is essential for mankind to continue to explore the universe in which
we live.
Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

One part of the population widely believes that space exploration is a waste
of time and money, while other part thinks that if we continue to explore the
wilderness of the universe, the human mankind will largely improve. In the
following essay I will try to elaborate both sides.
To begin with, money invested in space research could be potentially used to
raise a fund for the treatment of sick children from all over the world.
Furthermore, we are witnessing constantly an increase in wide varieties of
children diseases, while some of them are curable, a large percent requires
expensive and special medical treatment. For instance, last year, over
35,000 youngsters died from complicated illnesses, and often one of the
crucial reasons was a lack of money resources for the treatment.
To continue with, a space exploration could lead us to a possible discovery of
a new lifeform. Also, we are small galaxy, surrounded by many unknown
planets . If scientist had agreed earlier to be more united about space
exploration, they would have discovered some extraordinary beings from
outerspace by now. For example, Rooswelt area 51, located in the American
desert, has been widely explored and protected as a high goverment secret
since 1951. It is believed that first UFO crashed there, but there are no
evidence yet.
To conclude, money could be invested in more important matters than in
space research, while on the other side space exploration could lead us to
new discoveries which could change human mankind as we know it.
I personally believe that space exploration is a waste of resources, because
there are much more important things to be aimed for.

In some societies, the number of crimes commited by teenagers is

growing. Some people think that regardless of , teenager who commit
major crimes should receive adult punishment. To what extent do you

It is widely speculated that the number of criminal offences with teenagers

involed is rising. One group of people believes that teenagers should be
punished in the same way as adults. I partially agree with the afformentioned
subject, and in the following text I will try to explain my thoughts.
To begin with, a punishment law for a teenager who commited a serious crime is
often weak and it can not prevent a youngster from repeting the same act. Also,
young criminal offenders are usually punished by spending a time in the juvenile
detention centres. For instance, in 2009, 40% of serious criminal acts were done by
the young people who escaped away from various detention centres in South
America. So, it is suspected that when a serious crime is commited it should be
treated in the same way as with adults.
To continue with, young people often go through a difficult childhood and
maturation, so they will commit various illegal acts which are not that harsh by
nature. Furthermore, If a goverement had had an idea how to deal with these silly
ofences in the past, it would have lowered a large number of younger people in the
prisons. For example, a famous actor Jim Carrey stated before, that he spent 20
days in detention centre for stealing a neighbourgh TV, and he mentioned this time
spent there changed his life completely in a positive way.
To conclude, not only do serious crime commited by teenagers need to be punished
as hardest as possible, but also there are smaller criminal offenses done by the
same group of people which should be sanctioned in a less tougher way.
I personally believe that only serious crimes commited by the teenagers shoud be
punished seriously.

It is widely believed that children who started indulging in books earlier in life could
possibly improve their performance in school during following years. I should
mention , that if young children start reading books during specific maturation
period, they will largely improve there academic skills later on. Also, some people
believe that young children should play different sports, and that this could
possitively affect their academic performance level in the future.
To begin with, it is impossible to develop some parts of the brain, if reading is not
implemented properly during certain phases of growth. Furthermore, intellectual
abillites are often developed during these specific periods of time, and some
parents follow this idea precisely. For instance, a study from 1998, done by
Neurology centre in Nebraska, discovered that younger people who started reading
books early on, developed 25% more of one part of the brain, which is responsible
for mathematical logic, than other children who played only sports.
To continue with, parents should send their children on various sport activities,
because these sports could lead to a better academic performance level in the
future. Needless to say, sport should positively influence the development of
specific brain areas which are responsible for problem solutions, and logical
thinking. For example, a neurobiology research from 2001, showed that top 10 elite
young ath

It is widely speculated by one group of people that art is a crucial subject for the
children in school, while other part of the group believes that art is a waste of time.
In the following text I will discuss both sides, and try to elaborate further.
To begin with, art as a subject in school, could be used as way to develop some
specific brain areas in children. Furthermore, if juveniles study various artistic
activities in school, they will develop special parts of the brain that are responsible
for metaphysical ways of thinking. For example, a study from 1999, showed that
children who indulge early on in painting or sculpting will often develop a passion
for a philosophy or religion studies later on.
To continue with, some children are not doing well with art subjects. Also, there are
children who are not capable to excel in different arts, but in spite of that, we
should aim as a society to change this, and to create a positive surrounding for
children who have problems with art. For instance, a famous Canadian NHL player
James Watson stated last year on interview for BBC, that eventhough he did not like
his painting classes in elementary schools early on, he admitted that his
coordination on field changed greatly because he used painting as a method for the
relaxation before important games.
To conclude, not only are art subjects in school necessary for children, but also in
spite of negative claims that art is a waste of time, society should provide a good
background in arts for everyone out there.
I personally believe that art could be used as a special form of meditation and a way
to express our emotions and believes.

Many children are encouraged by their parents to get a part time job in
their free time. Discuss advantages and disandvantages.

It is widely believed that children should find a part time job while they have
a lot of free time. Oftentime this idea is suggested to children by his parents.
In the following text I will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of the
aforementioned subject.
To begin with, children could earn extra money and help their parents
financialy by doing various part time jobs. Furthermore, not only are parents
satisfied to watch their children work part time, but also if they have ongoing
financial problems, their children will help them and support them. For
instance, a statistical data from 2015 showed, that Canadian households in
which children work part time during the year, have 0,5% higher incomes
than other families.
To continue with, some part time jobs are physically more demanding than
others. Also, If children become exhausted from part time profession, they
will stop doing other more important activities during the day. The parents
should understand fully what are the types of jobs appropriate for their
children according to their age, experience and other social factors. For
example, American actor Michael Douglas said in one interview 2 years ago ,
that he almost abandoned his college studies, because his part time job was
so physically and mentally demanding that he could not stand it.
To conclude, one important advantage from working part time is that children
could earn more money and use that money to support their familiy. Other
than that, part time job is useful unless it takes a toll on body and mind of
the children.
I personally believe that every juvenile in the world should try some form of
part time job, especially during important maturation periods.

It is widely speculated that one part of the children population does not get
enough positive affirmation from their families regarding school success,
while other part recieves more pressure from their demanding parents. I
should mention that parents who put a lot of pressure on their juveniles, are
often not satisfied with their own school performance in the past. Also,
parents need to support their children and to let them decide what is a
proper way of education.
To begin with, some parents had difficulties during early school days, so now
they want to change that through their children. Furthermore, if they require
that their juveniles need to be better than other children in school, they will
put a lot of pressure and stress by telling them what they need to do in order
to succeed. For example, a famous Serbian volleyball player Marko Ivanovic,
was usually pressured in the past by his parents to be a best student in his
To continue with, parents could positively influence their children
development, by letting them to decide what is a proper way of the
education for their own needs. Needless to say, some children are not
interested in a usual way regarding education and some of them

It has been widely advertised for the last few decades the picture of young fit
women as a something that is perfect and ideal. We could say that this idea
has produced a different psychological problems in women since the first
time it was mentioned. So, it is advisable for women to understand their
body fully and to follow individual diet, exercise and life regimen according to
their own needs.
To begin with, one part of the woman population often develops various
psychological issues as a result of the mentioned idea above. Furthermore,
many women are battling all sorts of eating disorders, and vaste of other
psychiatric ilnesses, like depression, anxiety and loneliness because of this
thinking. For example, a famous American actress Merlin Monroe, survived
dangerous anorexia disorder as a young girl, because of the mainstream
pressure in that time.
To continue with, women should put more attention into understanding their
own body needs and requirements. Needless to say, not only do women feel
better about their self image if they properly understand their body, but also
as a result of that they have less psychological problems. For instance, in
60s Merlin Monroe followed high carb/ low fat approach and she looked fitter
than other mainstream actresses. She also did resistance training 3 days per
week. Some people believe, that she found a perfect nutritional strategy for
her own ideal look.
To conclude, women have been battling a various psychiatric disorders since
the development of idea that every woman in the world needs to be slim and
fit. The majority of women should put their efforts into understanding what
could be a most optimal nutritional and excercise solution for their body. I

personally believe that women should regulary indulge in exercise, eat food
in smaller amounts, and not overly obsess about their bodies.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing you this letter because I saw yesterday an interesting ad for a
tennis course in England, but unfortunately I can not listen whole course
because I scheduled a one small occasion earlier.
Needless to say, tennis has been my favourite recreational sport since my
early highschool days, so If I sign up for this course, I will improve my tennis
technique a lot.
Also, in spite of my interest for this course, I will need to be with my uncle on
the last 2 days of this training because he will leave the country on that day.
Furthermore, I would like to know, If you could get me a refund for these last
2 days of course or what are the other possible solutions to that. Not only am
I happy to attend this course, but also I would not mind if I do not get money
back for these particular days.
I would be grateful if you could read this letter as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully,
Dejan Kanazir.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing you this letter to inform you that I will move to your city in a few
weeks. I am asking you for help when I arrive at the airport.
Also, I would like to know if you could help me with finding a place to stay.
Furthermore, it is widely believed that nature is a perfect place for living, so
I would like to find the flat located near some green park or a small river. So,
I suppose that apartment in the outter area of the city would be appropriate
for me.
Needless to say, not only do I need some financially affordable flat, but also
If you find me an apartment with windows facing the outdoor, I will repay you
for that .
I would be grateful if you could write me as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully,
Dejan Kanazir.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing you this letter because I ordered last week a new cheque book
from your bank and I have not received anything since then.
I should mention that services of your bank have been used by my
collegaues and me since the early 90s, and now all I could say that I am
deeply disappointed in your staff.
Furthermore, I ordered this cheque book 7 days ago using your online service
and If I had known that this would happen, I would have asked over the
phone for this book.
Also, time is often described as money, so I would like to know for how much
longer I would need to wait for this problem to be solved. Other than that, I
have known your manager since 1998, so I would need to talk with him as
soon as possible.
I would be grateful If you could write me tomorrow.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
Dejan Kanazir.

It is widely speculated that public libraries will soon no longer exist as a

space inside the building. Some people believe that all books will become
available online in the following years. In the upcoming essay I will discuss
possible advantages and disadvantages of the aforementioned ideas.
To begin with, library as a facility has a special meaning to one culture of
society, so moving libraries from the usual buildings will become one of the
possible dissandvantages in the future. Furthermore, many libraries have
been used as a historical sites since the birth of man. For instance, Sveti
Sava library located in municipality of Belgrade called Vracar is well known to
Serbian people, because this library posseses ancient scripts and books of
great historical value for Serbian culture.
To continue with, online access to books will largely improve the society in
the future. Also, if people have medical disabilities and do not have chance
to visit library because of that, they will easily find a book through the

system of online search. For example, a study from 1995 done by the
Pennsylvania State University, pointed out that 45% of the American readers
are usually lazy to visit library alone, other 30% of people who actively read
often want to have a companion when they go to library, and rest of the
readers visit library because they have various social obligations and needs.

To conclude, not only is a library an important building for many reasons in

one country, but also if a socitey decides to improve online book search,
many people will benefit from that. I personally believe that reading books
on papers should be a priority in one highly developed country.

It is widely speculated that marketing and advertising is a key to a successful

buisness. I completely agree with the aforementioned idea and in the
following essay I will try to prove my thoughts.
To begin with, some companies sell more products because they have better
marketing system than other firms. Furthermore, If manager of company
wants to increase a selling rate , he will use various marketing tricks and
beside that he will try to improve the quality of product. Needless to say,
marketing is often used as a first line of strategy that needs be improved. For
instance, Steve Jobs, had difficulties in early 80s, when he wanted to sell his
first Apple computer. So, he found a marketing expert who helped him, to
place the product on market in shortest time as possible, after that he
earned his first million.
To continue with, customer(s) brain is often deceived by a good advertising
strategy. Also, if marketing scientist had studied a value of promotion a lot

more in the past, many companies would not have disappeared now. For
instance, it is believed that good advertising, influences a one special part of
the brain called amygdala. Famous neurologist Mark Weber discovered that
fact back in the 90s.
To conclude, not only are companies successful because of their good
marketing politics, but also it is believed that advertising could possibly
change the way how customer thinks in critical moments of buying. I
personally believe that to succeed in buisness we need to learn more about
marketing and promotion, and to invest more money in science of marketing

Dear Marko,
I am writing you this letter because I was informed yesterday by our mutual
friend from college Milos, that you will move to my place in 2 weeks. I am
happy for that but unfortunately I will leave my flat in 10 days, so I must find
a way to give you my keys.
Needless to say, our friend Milos is ofen described as a good fellow by our
collegaues , so I could leave my keys to him, and I wil tell him to give you my
keys in two days.
Furthermore, not only is equipement in flat just bought, but also there are
few technical devices which are never used before. So if you need more
informations about them, I will explain you and send it on email.

Also, I would advise you to go and see a main town library, and If you could
find an extra time to watch NHL games in the following week, you would not
regret by doing so.
I would be grateful If you could answer me as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Dejan Kanazir.

Dear Mirjana,
I am writing you this letter because I was informed two days ago by local
authorities that winter storm destroyed half of your house last week.
Needless to say, I have been your good friend since we were children, so If
you want my help, I will put my bags in the van and I will travel to your place
as soon as I can. I understand how frustrating is this to you.
Furthermore, my house was destroyed last year by a great Tornado called
Tanya. I almost lost everything that day, but somehow I managed to survive
and save important items and documents.

Also, not only is winter storm a one of the most devastating nature
distasters, but also I believe that you would be much satisfied, If you could
find someone who is expert in winter storm damages.
I would be grateful If you wrote me as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Wish you good luck,
Dejan Kanazir

You are studying a short course in another country. Your accommodation

was arranged by the course provider. There is a major problem with the
Write a letter to the course provider. In your letter:

Say what the problem is.

Describe the accommodation you thought you were getting.

Ask the provider to solve the problem.

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I am writing you this letter because unfortunately I lost the contract about
the apartment that you provided me in the beginning of this course.

Needless to say, If I had been more careful during last two days, I would not
have lost this important accommodation agreement. I believe that If I do not
have this contract I will need to find illegal accommodation, and that would
totally ruin my plans.
Furthermore , other students were delighted when I asked few days ago
about the accommodation that your provided for them. I heard that flats are
large, with 2 main windows and filled with lot of flowers.
I should mention that not only is this paper a valuable document that
interferes with my course, but also I would like to know If you could possibly
find a copy of this contract.
I would be grateful if you wrote me as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincenerly,
Dejan Kanazir.

It is widely speculated that many people today travel more than ever before.
I should mention that a one of the main reasons behind that lies in the fact
that travelling has become more affordable since the last century. Also,
travelers are often amazed when they discover new interesting cultures or
social habits of the people in the different countries.
To begin with, organizing a trip is a lot cheaper today, so it is possible for
wide varieties of people to enjoy the various travelling expiriences.
Furthermore, If people want to scheudle a cheap accommodation or air ticket
for their trips, they will easily do that by using online service, especially
searching for the ongoing discounts. For example, If people in Serbia find

cheap airline ticket for Canada or America, they will book future trip few
months earlier.
To continue with, people learn about different cultures and social acts when
they visit other states. Needless to say, not only are different cultures
something that could positively influence people who travel often, but also
some people build foreign habits and they implement various international
rules when they return home. For instance, a famous Serbian scientist Nikola
Tesla said 70 years ago, that he learned a lot about his own culture by
visiting different historical monuments in Slovenia.
To conclude, If people want to travel today, they will have opportunity to do
that, because travelling is affordable today for everyone. Travelling is used as
a mind boogling experience, through which we learn about cultural and
social traits of different societies.
I personally believe that travelling in free time is something in which we relax
and learn at the same time.

Dear Marko,
I am writing you this letter because I have moved recently to my brothers
Needless to say, If I had been more careful about paying a rent for my
previous apartment, I would not have moved to this new place. But,

unfortunately I lost my job one month ago, so this is something I could not
surpass easily.
Futhermore, this house was renovated 2 years ago. So, now it is a completely
new building with beautiful flower garden on the side of the street. House
has 2 bathrooms, 3 main rooms, and 1 large kitchen, and If I require to put
my car in the garage, my brother will give me the keys in any time.
Also, not only are you my best friend and only one left, but also I would like
to see you, If you could find a free time in the following days.
I would be grateful If you wrote me tomorrow.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Dejan Kanazir