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Lesson Plan



a. Describe the vegetable delight;
b. Follow the right procedure in making vegetable delight; and
c. Value the benefits of vegetable delight.
Subject Matter


Learning Activities
Teachers Activity
a. Daily Routine and Motivation
Good Morning Class!

Students Activity
Good Morning Sir!

Before we start lets Pray first

(One of the students will lead the prayer)

Class Secretary please check and

monitor the attendance.

Yes Sir!

Anyone from the class wishes to be

a Chief someday?

Me sir!

Do you like cooking at your home?

Yes Sir!

Can you name some vegetable

viand that you like most to cook?

Pakbet and Buridibod Sir.

Aside from that, any other?

Ginataang gabi Sir.

Very good class, Excellent!

What do you think class is the best
benefit we can get from
Yes your correct, very good.
In addition to that vegetables are
likely to have reduced risk of some
chronic disease.
Most vegetables are naturally low
in fat and calories, none have
Vegetables are important source of
many nutrients and vitamins,
including potassium, dietary fiber,
folate (folic acid), vitamin A, C and
many more.

Vitamins and Nutrients Sir.

Yes sir!
Sounds interesting sir!

Did Understand Class?

b. Lesson Proper
With that class I am going to

present to you a new dish it is

Vegetable Tagliatelle.
The tools and equipments needed
Chopping Board
Pots and Pan
In using the tools and equipments
we must be careful for us not to
harm ourselves and others specially
in using knife.
We should always bring back the
tools and equipments in its proper
place of coursecit should be clean.

Yes, sir!

Yes, Sir!

Understood class?
450 grams zucchini, trimmed
450 grams carrots, peeled and
450 grams celery root, peeled
4 tbsp. butter

In the morning sir!

In getting our ingredients we shoul

select vegetables that are fresh.
What do you think is the best time
to buy vegetables?
Yes, your correct, very good. Its the
best time to buy vegetables
because the farmers is distributing
to the resellers the goods in the
morning fresh.
Always put in mind class we should
always wash our hand before and
after cooking class. Ok?
Cut the vegetables lenghtwiuse
into thin slices. About 1/8 inches
thick, cut into long thin strips to
resemble flat noodles.
Blanch each vegetable

Yes, Sir!

separately into boiling salted

water refresh under cold water
and drain.
Just before serving, heat butter
in saucepan over moderate
heat. Add vegetables and toss in
butter until hot.

Yes Sir!

Class, we should always fallow the

procedure for our dish to be cook
nicely and correctly.

The class will be grouped in to four in according to their sit plan. Each
group will be cooking Vegetable Tagliatelle. They will do it in just 1 hour.
Your performance will be rated using the scoring rubric below:
Folows correctly the procedure in baking/deep frying vegetables
and performs the skill very satisfactory without supervision and
with initiative and adaptability to problems situations
Follows correctly the procedure in baking/deep frying vegetables
and performs the skill very satisfactory without assistance or
Follows correctly the procedure in baking/deep frying vegetables
with minor errors and performs the skill very satisfactory with some
assistance or supervision
Was not able to follow the procedure in baking/deep frying
vegetables and perform the skill unsatisfactory.


The class will be having a 10 Points quiz.
1- 5. What are the tools and equipments needed in cooking vegetable
6- 8. what is the first procedure in cooking vegetable tagliatelle?
9. What is the best time to buy vegetables?
10. What is the first thing you will do before and after cooking?

For your assignment class research for
the Procedure of Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Yes, Sir!

Good Bye Class!

Good Bye Sir!