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Knock-Off Monday 14 July 2014

Ashida Acoustics is the worlds foremost manufacturer of aural cybernetics. Based out of Kyoto City, Japan, Ashida maintains
strong ties with the Shi Yuriko, Anascan and Takata Corporations. Since Ashidas incorporation in 2489, it has consistently
provided top quality products for Shi Yuriko, The UIG and other corporations the world over.
CEO Isamu Ashida (Rank 10)
Isamu Ashida is a former Shi Yuriko Agent honored for past service as field commander of the Kyoto Counterinsurgency
Division by backing his endeavor to start up the Ashida Acoustic Augments Corporation in 2485. Ashida is a brilliant
cyberneticist with a mind for business and marketing. Specializing in microsurgery and sensory related augmentations,
Ashida turned down lucrative offers from Anascan and Takata to start up his own company (with his former employers
Since his companys incorporation, Ashida has pushed the boundaries of cutting edge augmentations such as the popular
Ashida Frequency-Hopping, Multi-Sonic Transceiver and Yautja Lockdown Chip. Ashida is currently in a partnership with
Takata to create a cross-platform gaming system based on Ashidas Duo/Omniphonic Synthesizer systems and Takatas
holographic expertise.
Shadow CEO Masashi Okamura (Rank 9)
Okamura is an accomplished attorney and public affairs specialist with extensive contacts among the UIG, various media
outlets and a myriad of cutting edge, high tech companies both on and off Earth. Okamura is slavishly loyal to Ashida and
works to ensure that nothing occurs within the company that would bring dishonor to his Daimyo.
Okamura has a dark side, however; he has secretly become somewhat of a voyeur of individuals engaged in Fleshal; an
obscene and semi-illegal sex-practice found in seedier parts of the city. In particular, Okamura has become infatuated with
Momoko, a young, heavily cybernetized girl he recently met. Accepting her attentions in return for additional augmentations
he brings her, Okamura has started to question why Momokos eyes only light up when he reveals her latest cybernetic gift.
Although faithful to Ashida, Okamura has recently been approached by unknown parties stating they know his secret and
will out the Shadow CEO unless he cooperates with them after all, they are just asking for the same cybernetic
augmentations he has given his friend Momoko. Torn with uncertainty, Okamura has reasoned that providing a few pieces of
inventory to mitigate his impetuousness is a small price to pay to maintain his honor.
Chief of Security Natsu Hisamatsu (Rank 7)
Hisamatsu has a long, checkered past operating as a former Shi Yuriko and contract Agent. A former division mate of CEO
Ashida, Hisamatsu was known for her steadfast devotion to her teammates, risking her life on multiple occasions to ensure
her colleagues safety and success of the mission.
As a Shi Yuriko Agent, Hisamatsus one instance of indiscretion occurred when, as a mid-ranking Agent she secretly courted
the daughter of a prominent Al-Jinn official posted in Japan as diplomatic envoy. When the girls father discovered the illicit
affair, he demanded Hisamatsus head. To avoid further scandal Hisamatsu was dismissed from the Agent program, stripped
of rank and title and declared ronin.
An embittered Hisamatsu accepted her fate to avoid further shaming her lover. Wandering for several years as an Agent-forhire, Hisamatsu was offered a second chance when she was contacted by Ashida who offered her the job as Chief of
Security for the Ashida Acoustics Corporation.
Authors Note
The following cybernetic series was originally assigned to the Takata Corporation but as they didnt really fit in, I decided to
create a new Cybernetics manufacturer Ashida Acoustic Augments.


Complex, 4 Hours
Anascan PSE

This augmentation is conducted on both ears improving your hearing by enhancing acoustic sensitivity.
You gain +1 Perception and your range of hearing is quintupled.
Normal Hearing
As a general rule of thumb, you can hear sounds up to 20m away for normal chatting, 100m for shouts and 10m for whispers.
Hearing with Aural Enhancement installed
With Aural Enhancement you can hear someone having a normal conversation at 100m, a shout at 500m and low voices at 50m.


Simple, 2 Hours
Ashida Aural Enhancement
Popular among factory and airport workers, this device automatically protects you against constant and unexpected loud
noise levels. As a side benefit, it also defends against the effects of sonic based weaponry providing a +2 AV vs. such
attacks and increases human pain thresholds for noise/sound by 100dB.
Decibel Scale
Noise Example
Soft Whisper
Quiet Conversation
Normal Conversation
Typical Home Stereo Volume
Power Tools
Planes on Runway
Rock Concert
Jet Engine Up Close
Hearing In-laws at your front door

Decibel Range
140dB HPT*

*HPT Human Pain Threshold

The HPT is the subjective point at which pain begins to be felt prompting an individual to move away from the source of pain.
Examples include Sound, Heat, Cold, Electric Shock, etc. HPT often varies between individuals.
Example 1: Standing next to a Jet Engine equals 160dB. Installing a Sound Attenuation device reduces the noise level to 60dB which
equals the noise level of a normal conversation.
Example 2: Listening to your sister-in-law speaking equals 210dB, far above the Human Pain Threshold for sound. ASHIDAs Sound
Attenuation reduces this to 110; which is better, but still grates on your nerves, thereby prompting you to move away from the source of


Complex, 4 Hours
Ashida Aural Enhancement
The Spatial Boost augmentation enhances your equilibrium by increasing spatial awareness through subtle changes made
to the inner ear.
You gain a +3 bonus to all balance-related Athletics skill checks including abilities such as acrobatics, climbing and dodging
(This includes the Full and Active dodge evasive maneuvers in the Core Rules page 144).
When falling, providing you are conscious, you may make an Agility + Perception check and reduce any fall damage* by
the XS rolled + 2 metres.
*See Core Rules page 148


Simple, 4 Hours
3,000 / 5,000
Ashida Aural Enhancement, Internal A. I.
Storage Drive (If you wish to store different sound effects and voice patterns.)
Ever wanted to sing a duet all by yourself? Well now you can!
Ashidas Duophonic Synthesizer installs a second larynx and makes all necessary adjustments to your voice and auditory
Installing the Duophonic Synthesizer allows you to speak with two, entirely different voices simultaneously. In addition, you
gain a +2 bonus to any Arts & Culture (Performance) skill checks.
For an extra 2,000 you can upgrade to the Omniphonic 3.0 version which allows you to program a different voice or sound
effect into the Synthesizer allowing for a wide range of sound effects and vocalizations (Switching between effects takes up
your free action for the round). Using the Omniphonic 3.0 provides a +4 bonus to any Arts & Culture (Performance) skill
For 300 and a week of downtime working with a voice trainer, you can hold two, relatively simple conversations at the
same time.
Example: While verbally explaining to a couple of UIG CROs why you are in a restricted area; you simultaneously use your SMEAKER to tell
your division team-mates that you need help NOW!


Complex, 4 Hours
Ashida Aural Enhancement, Ashida Sound Attenuation, Sub Vocal Communicator
This advanced SVC add-on allows you to transmit and receive sound frequencies above and below the normal human range
of 20 20,000 Hz in both ultra and infrasonic frequencies.
When using a smeaker, planetary communication range is effectively unlimited and signal integrity is maintained regardless
of distance or intervening obstacles.
Communications can still be compromised due to EMP Fields, localized electromagnetic activity, inclement weather patterns
and intra-solar events such as sun spots and magnetic storms.
Counts as an Elite system at all ranges in regards to hacking attempts made to intercept communications (See Core Rules
page 150). When attempting intercept hacks of your own, you gain a +3 bonus to the action check.
Similar to the Anascan Third Eye Imager, you gain a +3 bonus on attempts to diagnose injuries and illnesses.
Like many animal species, by using infrasonic frequencies, the MS-SVC can effectively predict earthquakes and related
phenomena (80% chance) within 2D4 minutes of the event at a range of 30 miles.
Properly calibrated you may tune in to the high and low frequencies used by animals (bats, whales and elephants, etc.) for
communications purposes; but, the lack of effective interpretation techniques leaves this mostly a novelty feature.
Sound Frequencies
Infrasound is sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz (Hertz) or cycles per second, the "normal" low limit of human hearing.
Infrasound is characterized by an ability to cover long distances and get around obstacles with little dissipation
Many animals such as elephants, alligators and whales communicate through infrasound, often over hundreds of miles.
This frequency range is utilized for monitoring earthquakes and charting rock and petroleum formations below the earth.
Ultrasonic frequencies
Ultrasound is a cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing (20,000Hz).

Many animals, such as dogs, cats, dolphins, bats, and mice, have an upper frequency limit that is higher than that of the human ear and
thus can hear ultrasound. This is why dog whistles can be heard by canines.


Complex, 3 Hours
Ashida Aural Enhancement, Anascan Inner Vision GUI, Internal A. I.
This device allows you to accurately triangulate the point of origin of all perceived sound waves within the users range of
The Yautja Lockdown Chip retroactively projects the trajectories of all sound effects, including ranged and thrown weapons
deployed within the past 2 rounds (6 seconds), by analyzing ambient sound wave patterns. The data is portrayed in your
GUI allowing you to determine the attacks point of origin. This provides a +2 bonus to your attack rolls when targeting
these locations.
You may triangulate a number of attacks or sound effects equal to your Internal A. I. level, with the closest point of origin
displayed first.
Range is 300 metres. If you have an Anascan Linear Audio System installed, the range increases to 1,000 metres.
Simple, 30 minutes
500 each ear
Ashida Aural Enhancement
A simple augmentation, Auricle Valve Inserts link with the Aural Enhancement augmentation to equalize pressure within the
patients middle and inner ear and sinus cavities.
You are immune to the effects of rapid pressure changes within the sinuses and ears. When diving this allows you to
descend or ascend up to 400 meters. This does not confer the ability to breath under water.
Simple, 30 minutes
Anascan Inner Vision GUI, Ashida Frequency-Hopping Multi-Sonic Transceiver, Sub Vocal Communicator.
This implant replaces the forehead and top of the patients skull with a rugged (2 AV), ultrasonic scanner array.
Using your Sub Vocal Communicator to generate an ultrasonic sonar ping you are able to create an accurate B&W digital
recreation of your immediate area linked to your Inner Vision GUI. In areas where vision is limited or your sight is obscured
this allows you to see all objects and general layout of adjoining passages, rooms, etc., within the area of effect. Objects in
motion, such as vehicles, enemies on foot, etc., are also detected.
Range 50 meter radius centered on you.

Copyright Iam Nobody, Brutal Games (Knock-off) 2014

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