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1. Why are you participating in the program?

2. What do you hope to learn from participating in the program? Why?

3. What are your expectations from the program? What do you expect from this
4. Why do you want to go to the USA?
5. What is the purpose of your visit the USA?
6. Have you previously visited the USA?
7. Do you have friends and/or family in the USA?
8. Where do you want to work (to go)in USA?
9. Where are you going to work in the USA?
10.Why do you want to work and live in the U.S during your summer vacation?
11.What job are you going to have in the USA?
12.How this experience will help you in your future?
13.Where are you going to stay in the USA?(Housing details, adress)
14.How much is your housing?
15.When do you want/need to start your job in the USA?
16.How long are you going to stay in the USA?
17.When will you leave the USA?
18.When will you come back to Moldova?
19.What will you do after you come back Moldova?
20.Do you plan on travelling in the USA after your Summer Work and Travel
Program? If yes, where?
21.What placement would you most enjoy? Why?
22.Tell me about yourself. (name, age,university and so on)
23.Can you describe yourself? How can you characterize yourself?
24.How would your friends describe you?
25.What are your main qualities and abilities?
26.What working and personal qualities can you bring to a work place?
27.Do you prefer working in a team or individually? And why?
28.How do you solve problems with people around you?
29.What are your personal and profesional goals in 5 years?
30.What work experience ( working with customers, cashier,server, etc.) and/or
other skills have you acquired which may help you succeed in your placement?
31.Give an example of a difficult situation you have dealt with in the past?
32.If things do not go the why you expected, how will you handle this?
33.What will you do if you have problems with your boss at work in the USA?(I'll
call my sponsor!!!)
34.Who is your sponsor? (Cultural Homestay International sau Spirit Cultural
35.What are your interests and hobbies?
36.What are your strengths and weaknesses?
37.What have you done in the last 5 years that your parents are proud of?
38.When is your birthdate? When were you born?
39.How old are you?
40.Where were you born?

41.Where you born in Moldova?

42.Do you live with your parents? Why?
43.Have you got brothers or sisters? Are they participating in any exchange
44.Have you ever been abroad? Where & When?What countries have you visited?
45.What were you doing there?
46.What is your favorite country? Why?
47.Do you have friends or relatives abroad?
48.What do your parents think about your participation in the program?
49.Who gives you money for the trip? Who pays for you trip?
50.What is your parents (annual)income? How much do you parents earn?(Puteti
raspunde - Enough to support me)
51.Where do your parents work?
52.Do you have a job? Do you work right now?(doar masteranzii mentioneaza locul
de munca din prezent)
53.If yes, where do you work and what's your job?
54.Is it a full-time employment?
55.What is your income?
56.Can you describe your home town?
57.Where do you study? What is the name of your university?
58.What is your faculty? What is your major? What is your speciality?
59.What is your future job?
60.What is your favorite subject at university?
61.Who is your teacher in Philosophy(sau de la orice alt obiect)?
62.What exams did you have last session?
63.How did you pass them?
64.Why have you chosen this faculty(this University)?
65.How are you doing at school?
66.What year are you in?
67.What is the average mark at your university?
68.When do you graduate the university?
69.When are you going to graduate?
70.How many years do you have to go?
71.If you put all your marks together, what is the average mark aut of 10?
72.What do you study?
73.What is your future profession? Where can you work?
74.Are you a full-time or a part-time student?
75.Will you have problems at university if you come back late?
76.Will you have any problems if you leave early?
77.What are you going to do after graduation?
78.What are your plans for the future?
79.How did you travel with? Did you travel alone or with your family or friends?
80.Are you the first-timer? Is it your first visit to the USA?
81.Have you ever been in the USA?
82.What job are you applying for? Where would you like to work? What position

would you like to work at?

83.Why have you chosen this job?
84.Have you searched (navugated) in the internet this job? What have you found out
about this place?
85.How many hours will you have per week?
86.What is the pay per hour?
87.What is the name (address) of your employer?
88.Why have you chosen this job?
89.What will be the duties of your job?
90.When can you come to the USA?
91.When should you be back to Moldova?
92.What are the program dates?
93.Can you work longer than 13th of september?
94.Do you check your email every day?
95.Tell me please your email.
96.Do you have a passport?
97.Do you drive a car? Do you have driving license? How long do you drive? Do
you have a car?
98.Tell me about your family. How many people are there in your family? What do
you parents do?
99.What time is it now Moldova?
Whats the weather like today?