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Book Reminiscing

Throwback Time!
Hello Feader! (Fellow Reader courtesy from Dean Winchester for combining two
names of monster like werepire werewolf and vampire. Hahahahaha. Im
currently watching now season 11 of Supernatural what a long binged watching of
this series. Anyway back to my topic.)
Do you remember what you just read from last year or maybe some year ago (2 or
Have it implants some vivid memories in your mind, heart and soul?
Then, let me share to you my book reminiscence today. It is about my all time
favorite series and where I spend most of my time reading it.
Have you read it then maybe you can relate on what Im feeling right now?
It is a fantasy genre type with lots of creative imagination and exploration of myths.
It is a kind of world where humans meet their fantasy; gods and goddesses conflict,
monsters destroy, mythical creatures do help or lure, quest to accomplish, survival
to enhance and where demigod do choose to fight, choose their side for triumph or
failure in Greek or Roman version of their inheritance.
May I present to you
Percy Jackson and the Olympians & The Heroes of Olympus
I cant help myself since Ive always been captivated with every magical experience
upon reading every fantastical narration of it. I wonder if Im a demigod No, Im
always been a demigod and Im always be the son of Poseidon. Yup, Poseidon
claimed me .
The first series, PJO, revolves to the main character, Percy Jackson, obviously. In his
characterization, he was claimed by Poseidon so thats why I got the claiming also.
He is the seaweed brain. Someone named him like that. An adventure always been
destined to these demigods and they must fight the monsters destroying their camp
Camp Half Blood (my camp also hahahahaha). What I like here is the last book
since it is where the action takes on and where their fate must be decided (which I
think Fate her selves decided it to be) and the kiss.
The second series, THO, which is a sequel series to PJO revolve not only to Percy but
to the seven half blood whom bound to unite their selves for their epic long
adventure declared by the prophecy from the voice of the Oracle. This second series
has a multiple POV type of narration where in every book some characters do have
their own place to play in their perspective in the story. So I came to own each
character and what their weaknesses and strengths and thereby came to like them

not as much as I idol Percy . I just dont expect the confession here by Nico de
P.S. I dont spoil here. Or might be. Hahaha sorry if that the case.