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I can feel her desperation again, she starts engaging me in smalltalk and soon tries to sexualize our talk.

My head starts to freeze, I must not look at her now. I try to be as non-reactive as possible, super cold,
just answering in single sentences. It's like a T-Rex: As long as you don't move, it can't see you... I
wish it was that easy. She starts touching me now, trying to cuddle next to me while touching my
shoulders... I need to get out of here. Get your shit together, Max!
This happened April 2014, halfway through my assistantship. I live in LA now, Owen and me work
pretty much every day. Hard core. But I love it. I have fucked lots of tens before her, but still was the
hottest girls I ever had the pleasure to meet until then... Look-wise. Nowadays I give a lot more focus
to a girl's personality, simply out of abundance reasons. Traveling the world makes you realize that
perfect looking 10 are everywhere lol.
I kept these stories as pure and unedited as possible. - just like I wrote them back then. About some of
it my opinions differ now, some of it I would do differently now but I kept it to depict my inner change
Additional comments that I added now are kept in brackets [...]

Fucking the Highest Quality Girl I Could Ever Imagine, My Personal

Perfect Ten.
Just feel enough, It's Not Over Until I Win, I'm Entirely Free From Outcome. --> These are my 3 most
important mantras of HOW TO GET LAID. CONSTANTLY. (Sometimes also instantly haha). I pull
twice this night lol.
It took me years to establish it into my mind, to truly believe in it, to fully internalize it: Absolute
Sexworthiness. And yeah, it feels great, and yeah, THIS is all what being successful with women is
Owen is busy, which means: so am I. But it's awesome working with him, so inspirational, so
eyeopening. I get a day off, which only means ONE thing for me: Keep working. I need to seize the
opportunity and work on vblogs and infield footage for myself.
Gym, shower. Shoot daygame infield of mine and we get some truly killer shots.
Feet hurt, armpits sweat, return home, eat, 30mins to prepare for a vblog. No big deal, my head is full
with pick up content, I can instantly ramble about hours of material, just need to sum it up and organize
the idea to a nice and dense 10 minute block. I meet up with Michael, my buddy from Norway. Met

him at Tyler's Hot Seat in Miami, turns out he lives close by in Hollywood, been going out with him
couple times, always close to pulling, super nice to hit sets with him, very, very solid game. He's down
to help me with the vblog. The material is awesome, so psyched to release it as soon as I'm having
some hours off again! Stay tuned on my new Youtube channel (RSDMax)! [Haha, it was the first vid I
ever put out on my RSDMax channel!]
Bring cameras back, it's just after midnight, too late to hit the clubs, we hit the Roosevelt hotel. Tons of
hot chicks there, nice. I love LA. We approach, have fun, I'm already warmed up as fuck from 8h of
shooting. Night goes well, some blow outs, until I run into a Ukrainian beauty. It's fucking stunning
how the general quality of hot chicks is so much higher than anywhere I've been before. Many
"stunners" from Austria would merely be decently hot girls here in Hollywood. It's a huge advantage to
get used to stunners here. Ukrainian and me chat nonsense. I don't give a fuck, just stare into her eyes
blatantly. I can immediately feel the sexual tension. THIS is the chick I wanna pull tonight. She's down
and I'm looking forward to ripping her clothes off later tonight. We part ways and I'm planning on
reapproaching 10mins later with Michael as a wing.
She's the one, I love her. However, I run into an Austrian chick who is immediately down to fuck and
seems a lot more outgoing. Pull her away from the guy who's hitting on her. Babystep her outside, run
into Ukrainian who looks at me with big surprised eyes while we pass by her hand in hand. For fucks
sake, damn it! I guess I can forget pulling her... pull Austrian to the LJ720, "to drink Kombucha" sorry Owen for raiding your stash again, haha.
Sexy time yada yada, we both need to get back soon enough as the Roosevelt is about to close and she's
the driver in her group, also I want to keep pimping. Dump her. Tired as fuck, hungry, thirsty, best
decision would be calling it a night, day and night have both been intense. But there it is, my newest
mantra: IT'S. NOT. OVER. UNTIL. I. WIN. Also, I'm super pissed I most probably can't pull
Ukrainian girl anymore! Try to find her, now, make it two tonight!
Back to the Roosevelt, meet up with Michael. He's been tired for about an hour now, I kept pushing
him to keep going, keep moving. "One more sets bro, come on, I want more pussy!" More sets, the
venue is dead, only guys, and some ugly chicks. We head out, let's go home, it was a fun night and we
had a blast, but no, it's not over until I win. We walk around the corner and there they are:
The Approach
Surrounded by 15 dudes, most of them are taller and probably richer than me... two dime pieces of high
quality perfect tens. Both blond, both perfectly skinny, beautiful faces, miniskirts. I can tell the girls are
hooked to half of the guys, enjoying the attention, being about to be pulled to some rich guys' after
It's ridiculous, I can never penetrate the ring of dudes, let alone hook the girls. But my brain is too
entrenched in the pick up marinade I've been working on in the last couple weeks. There's No Reason
Why I'm Not Enough, It's Not Over Until I Win, I'm Entirely Free From Outcome. I simply make my
way through the countless courting guys, bend over to face the two hotties who are sitting, I grin, find it
I say some random shit and pull my personal hottie up (Both girls are tens. One, however, is a little
more my type), tell her to come party with us. In my head I sound like Tyler, haha. She asks me if I
have coke, in my head I remember how Tyler once mentioned that as a good excuse to pull, so I say
yes. Haha, funny. MyStunner sits down again, Michael is chatting up Stunner2, they get along well, I

get introduced, she seems very hooked too. What, so easily? Wtf. The guys are super passive, no one is
intervening, it's weird. I can feel how in my reality we're the most high value guys here. Michael is a
kick ass pimp tonight, charming, versatile, congruent as fuck.
Note: It's hard to describe and even harder to understand... even for myself. How does one get the
ultimate feeling of sexworthiness? It's all about the continuous work on oneself. Go out, approach, gain
reference experience MASSIVELY. Develop the killer instinct to do whatever it takes to get pussy.
BELIEVE that there is always a chance of you getting laid, as long as you take action and never give
up. I know it sounds so cliche, but that's the way I did it, and it works.
We chat a minute or two, I get MyStunner back up, "Let's go after party. Now." "Where do you live?"
Mmhhh, how I love that sentence, it's as close to a "Yes" as it gets. I tell her I live right around the
corner (I do), both hotties are down. I'm entirely indifferent to the situation, my body is not reacting
one single bit. Why? In my reality it's just too easy, there's probably gonna be more shit thrown at us,
so all I'm thinking of is "well, let's see how far we can get - I'm having a great night anyway". Stunners
are down - nice 2 on 2 situation right now, but they tell us they have one more friend and point up the
There I see it. A fatty is making out with some dude. Even by just looking at that scene I can see how
desperate she is. Poor fatty. Damn fatty, I smell so much cockblock coming from her, but whatever, we
gonna have to deal with it. The guy, luckily, is not coming with us. Still, I can't bring that many people
to the LJ720 - RSD policy, we have too much equipment stored there. So Michael suggests pulling the
two Stunners + fatty to his place. I guess since he's suggesting it he has good logistics (no roommate, a
cool party place etc.).
The Pull
I take mine by the hand, she refuses to hold mine, I call her out on it and joke around, we hold hands
and walk off.
Note: No hesitation now. Now uncertainty. You gotta lead hard now, straight into one direction. No
fucking around.
I have to lead, Michael is too easy-living for it, which is still great, as he keeps a chill vibe up, while
I'm leading hard, grabbing the first big taxi I see. We get in. Vibing with the cab driver and the girls.
MyStunner is complaining about her lack of sleep and that she's tired as fuck, hoping that we're gonna
have coke. Funny, it's pretty much how I expect a ten from Hollywood, she fulfills every cliche, but
ohhhh is she pretty!
I actually vibe more with Stunner2, MyStunner just seems way too tired, already sleeping in the cab. I
start thinking about laying Stunner2 - she's easier to talk to, we have a lot in common.
We get to Michael's place. Logistics turn out to be shit. A guy is crashing on his couch, we can't make
music, other roommate is sleeping, no private places to fuck. Damn it. MyStunner is crashing on the
blow up mattress, falling half asleep, complaining about the fact that there is no coke haha. Fatty passes
out immediately. Michael and me are lacking direction of how we would proceed. But again, Tyler's
voice in my head:
Note: Once you're at your place, TAKE YOUR TIME. CHILL. Make the girl(s) feel that the evening is
already awesome, no need to escalate quickly now. "Let it happen".

I'm so calm inside, get Stunner2 a drink and we end up on the sofa chatting. I have quarter a beer with
her - haven't tasted it in quite a while... Michael is chill as fuck too and it actually helps me a lot. He's a
fucking awesome wingman, has all of his skills down, just needs to be a little more aggressive. But
right now, being chill and social is all we need to be.
I connect very well with Stunner2 and really start thinking about fucking her right now. It was my set, I
initiated the pull and Michael didn't seem aggressive anyway. Still, I want both of us to get laid tonight.
Both girls deserve our dicks in their perfect little pussies.
I need to make a decision, we have to pull them somewhere else, I consult with Michael in the kitchen
real quick, the LJ720 it is. We convince the girls. They like the idea, we get an Uber-ride.
Roommate 2 gets up, brings a dog, which is actually cool as the little cutie ads up to the party and
wakes up MyStunner.
We get ready, I tell Michael to bring some booze - not that we need it, but just to be safe, the LJ720 is a
clean zone, no booze there.
Pull - Again
Get in the Uber, more complaining by MyStunner, so far I have barely talked much to her, let alone
touched her. She was simply "there" and I was simply "there". Most of the time it's just me and
Michael talking shit and Stunner2 participating every now and then. She's really cool, barely a sign of
arrogance, very easy going... very different to MyStunner who's just bitchy, short attention span,
typical party girl with the usual arrogance of a high value chick, but it's okay, I'm at a point where I'm
not judging hot girls any more.
Fatty wakes up, telling us that she has a big house with a fireplace and more cool stuff, they actually
convince us as it sounds a lot easier to fuck the girls there and I'm actually glad I don't have to bring 4
people to the LJ720.
We tell the driver to turn around and bring us to their place - it's fucking 40 minutes away. Damn it.
Veeeery, very dangerous, the mood can drop down to zero easily. However, me and Michael stay chill
and just chat casually. MyStunner is sitting in the front chair (damn it, didn't pay enough attention
while getting into the car) and just fell asleep. I'm sitting in the very back with Fatty. Stunner2 and
Michael in the row in front of us.
Fatty wakes up and suddenly it happens...
The Fatty Attack
I can feel her desperation again, she starts engaging me in smalltalk and soon tries to sexualize our talk.
My head starts to freeze, I must not look at her now. I try to be as non-reactive as possible, super cold,
just answering in single sentences. It's like a T-Rex: As long as you don't move, it can't see you... I
wish it was that easy. She starts touching me now, trying to cuddle next to me while touching my
shoulders... I need to get out of here. Get your shit together, Max! The ride is still taking forever... Fatty
getting more and more physical, it's gonna be so expensive too... It better be fucking worth it.
The Decision
I text Michael that we should induce a threesome with Stunner2, MyStunner just seems too tired and

will most probably go straight to bed.

For some reason I have to think of Jeffy though. The whole world is so ridiculous, things happen,
people do weird stuff, barely anything ever makes sense. Why not indulging in it? Why not embracing
ridiculousness? I mean... haven't we already been ridiculous by pulling these two stunners almost
instantly and away from all the guys?
The thought grows in my head... Doing everything it takes to still fuck MyStunner would be quite
ridiculous too, it would need the full range of ridiculousness... what would Jeffy do?
Exactly. He wouldn't give a damn, and quite frankly, I stopped giving a damn too... when? I guess it's
been a process... quitting College, choosing Pick Up over a job and thus getting fired, deciding to
become a poker pro, being hit up by RSD in order to come to the US, completely broke, without a
degree, without a job, to follow my dreams... I guess somewhere in between I must have stopped giving
a damn...
I'm gonna fuck this stunner tonight, whatever it takes. It's. Not. Over. Until. I Win. I will just go into
her room not giving a damn, lie next to her and initiate sex mode. THAT'S how I'm gonna do it,
The Mansion
We arrive. Fatty's place is fucking amazing. They're College students, but live in a 2 story house,
fireplace, huge garden in the back, 7 or 8 rooms, can't complain I guess...
A cat-like dog is greeting us, named Ivan, it's MyStunner's dog, completing the perfect cliche picture of
a Hollywood stunner. Damn it, I wanna bang this chick so badly. She goes straight into "her" room (I
got to know that she's only visiting, but about to move here), and closes the door. She's gone. Stunner2,
Michael and me chill at the couches in front of the fire place, Fatty passes out on one of the sofas.
We chat for 5 minutes and I decide to take my plan into action. "Hey, where's MyStunner at?"
Stunner2: "Ah, she already went to sleep... anyways, blahblahblah". Me: "What? It can't be, she should
party with us... I'm gonna go get her..." Stunner2 gives light protest, but off I go.
I enter the room, there she is, lying in the dark, I approach the bed, telling her she should come party
with us, almost killing the dog by stepping on it. She sounds super pissed, telling me that she just
fucking wants to sleep. I throw myself on the bed, next to her. And the magic escalation begins...
The Escalation - The Best Work I've Ever Done
To be honest, it was all about the right calibration. Any subtlety could have led to a freak out or the
friend zone. I had to find the perfect balance, had to calibrate the shit out of the situation.
Again, so far I haven't touched her (apart from holding hands when we approached the first cab), have
barely talked to her, not sure what her name is, she, however still knows my name (which surprises
me). It's pretty much a completely "cold" situation - but I'm about to turn it around...
I lie next to her, completely Free From Outcome. My whole mindset is still "Let's see where this
goes..." I tell her that I'm tired too and just wanna sleep, which aims at taking any pressure off her. This
guy just wants to sleep, it's all good... I take it further by putting a big pillow between me and her. I do
it in a playful manner, saying something like "Alright, just to be know." She's compliant,

doesn't question it, I guess she just wants to sleep.

I lie next to her for half a minute, just to show her that I'm really not a threat. I modulate my voice to a
deep rapport tonality. I sound very chill and relaxed, very quiet, lying next to her staring at the ceiling.
I decide to establish a role play: "Haha, hey this is almost like the perfect honeymoon," I say
sarcastically. "I'm a hardcore Christ, and don't believe in Sex, let's just lie next to each other how good
people do it." I can feel how she finds it amusing and I say: "Let's just sleep next to each other and hold
hands." I smile. We hold hands. So far so good, hahaha.
Again, a minute of chilling, to make her feel comfortable. "Ahhh good night, honey, it was a great
wedding... Let me just give you a good night kiss." I roll over the pillow, onto her, purposeful, no
resistance on her side. I kiss her lips, but she doesn't kiss back. "What the fuck girl, you can do so much
better." I touch her face, we make out. She kisses perfectly. It arouses me so much more than making
out with any random girl.
Cool, let's see how much further that can go. She complains. I'm getting on her nerves, she wants to
sleep now.
It's a matter of micro calibration. Every step I take forward will be followed by heavy complaining by
her. Her bitch shields are extremely high + she doesn't wanna come across as easy or slut.
Next Steps
She's under the blanket, I'm not + I'm still wearing everything. I need to get under that, as naked as
possible. "It's cold, gimme some blanket!" I take off my pants and shirt, only shorts stay on. I get under
the blanket with her.
She complains more, wants to sleep.
Here's how I deal with it: # Continuous temporary truths: "It's okay, just two seconds, I'll go right to
sleep." # Arguments that don't really make sense: "It's better that way, you're ruining the moment, it's
okay, it's fun!" # Excuses: "It will make you sleep better. I need this to be comfortable" # Countless
steps back: "Don't worry, I'm going to sleep now. Good night!" Followed by # Awesome rapport stuff
that makes her think and not fall asleep.
It's a fight and I constantly feel like being on the edge of her freaking out and kicking me out of the
room. She's lying on her belly, and having watched countless massage porn clips I know how to take
advantage of it. Again, an excuse: "I'll give you a back massage, it will make you sleep better." I start
touching her under the blanket. It's the first time I feel her body. It's incredible. Not many times have I
felt something as perfect before. Her skin is beyond smooth. I compliment her honestly. I massage her
back with one hand... "It does feel good..." - Her first verbal compliance. Her first sign that she actually
likes me. Not that I haven't been assuming that all night, but still a big step forward.
More rapport to keep her awake, she claims to have taken coke earlier that night... what a fucked up
live some of the girls here in Hollywood have...
After a minute or two I start massaging her legs. I pull down the blanket further, in the dim light I see
her tanned body, her 10/10 ass wearing tight panties. I can't believe's almost unreal... again that
ridiculousness... I massage her inner thighs, constantly looking for any signs of non-compliance. But
it's okay. I touch her pussy "by accident", no objection. I do it again, still everything okay. I do the
deliberate step back and start massaging her back again. more talking. She complains about wanting to

sleep again.
Back to her legs, going for the pussy now. She takes my hand away, token resistance, I can feel it and
get right back to her pussy. She moans now... "stop, you're making me horny and I wanna sleep."
BAM, next sign of compliance, keep doing it now. She starts moving her hips against it. Good. I start
massaging her tits, they're bigger than expected, absolutely perfect, just perfect.
Restraining Immediately
She stops me, "Okay, I'm going to sleep now, stop it, or I'll kick you out!" She sounds very stern now. I
immediately step back completely. "Okay, you're right, we shouldn't be doing it. Just hold my hand,
let's sleep." I turn away from her, stare up at the ceiling again. The door is half open, since her dog is
still somewhere in the bed. Stunner2 walks in on us... "just looking if everything is okay?" MyStunner:
"No, that guy tries to fuck me while I wanna sleep!"
A very, very delicate situation and I can feel how the slightest mistake can end everything. I need to be
a) non-apologetic b) humorous c) chill and non creepy. So I just say: "Totally... (non-apologetic), I'm
trying to sleep here and this girl won't stop touching me! (humorous - her hand is still holding mine and
it looks like she's touching me) But don't worry, I'm sober and cool (with a very sincere voice - chill
and non creepy)"
Stunner2 walks out again, door is still half open for the dog.
Ready For Round 2
Still feels ridiculous. I start massaging her again. Same spiel as before + more complaining on her side.
I'm constantly aware of her, the moment she would give me a clear no, stop this! I would back off
immediately and respect her decision. But she's horny, I can keep doing it and get away with more
now. "You're pretty wet already!" I take her hand and make her feel my dick. Full compliance, she
feels it, starts to moan, I get it out immediately, she jerks me off. I give her G-Spot action now, she
starts moving her hips a lot now. The first time she's actually moving noticeably haha. I'm glad she's
more awake now. More awake means more compliant and more horny.
I start gauging her sex drive but can't really tell how horny of a slut she usually is... not yet.
She stops me again, sounds really angry now. Wants to sleep. She actually gets up and leaves the room.
She goes to the bathroom to get rid of the residual coke in her nose, which she took hours earlier. I start
hoping that she might get ready for sex... even though it's still not really in my reality. Funny shit.
She comes back, closes off completely, sounds super angry at me. I initialize escalation again... Again,
the moment I would get a full No! I would back off immediately.
Honestly, I don't know how long it takes, how many steps back and forth I'm making, but all in all I
just keep being pushy while at the same time non-needy. It's just a fun game for me, pushing my own
comfort zone. And then it happens, I have to smile brightly while writing these lines.
The Almost Breakthrough
"Okay, just make your finger really wet and rub my clit until I cum... so I can fucking go to sleep." I
kinda love her dominant side and do as she pleases. However, under the excuse that I don't want to wet

my finger all the time I start licking her pussy. I pull her panties down. It's the best pussy I've ever
tasted. She complains but at the same time starts moaning... She stops me again, closes off, I lie next to
her chilling, until I hear the magic words...
The Breakthrough
"Ah, God, Max! Okay, fuck me now!" I'm completely non-reactive, just lying next to her, my hand
massaging her back. (She turned around again). "But it better be good, and it better be short, I really
wanna sleep now..." I say nothing. "Do you have a condom? Get a condom and fuck me now!" I still
can't believe the sudden change in her mind, but in retrospective I know it was the massive amount of
entitlement I was showing by being persistent, while at the same time keeping all my attraction by
keeping it light and smooth, never seeming desperate (why should I, the whole evening has already
been awesome). I slowly get up, tell her I'll be right back.
Condoms are in my wallet, which is outside, at the table where Stunner2 and Michael are (still)
chilling. They look at me with open eyes, obviously about to guess what I'm doing.
I find a nice excuse to get my wallet and passport by telling them that I can't sleep knowing that my
valuables are out there. I take it and get back into the room where my dream girl is lying. Wet, ready to
be fucked. I love her. I put on a condom, look how the street light shines through the window... onto
her gorgeous body. I penetrate her slowly.
The Sex
I start slowly, being grateful for the darkness, since otherwise I would most probably cum immediately.
No need for gauging her sex drive any more. She goes crazy almost instantly. "Ah that feels amazing,
Max." I've been jokingly telling her that I loved her before, and tell her again. I make her say it too, it
feels great. I fuck her faster, and I love it, she feels absolutely amazing. The moment I realize that I'm
actually fucking my absolute ten I'm struggling with cumming.
I fuck her hardcore now. "Oh God, it feels amazing, Max!" Yes, it does. She moans louder and louder
and I have to shut her up, the door is still half open and they can most probably hear us... not that I
would care, haha. "Come on, hurry up, I wanna go to sleep now, fucker!" Haha, I love that hatefuck.
I notice something on my back. It's that fucking dog, watching us silently... what a fucking perv.
Her pussy feels amazing and she dirty talks the shit out of me. I can barely hold it in - have only been
fucking her for some 5 minutes. A minute later she tells me to cum anyway, can't say no to that. I give
her everything I can and cum inside the condom while she's yelling that she's cumming too. Wow...
She wanted the whole thing to be super short and nice... I have no problem with that... instead of being
nice and full of rapport as usual I just jokingly sincere say: "That was the most boring fuck I've ever
had..." I get off of her, get my clothes back on, she says I should really let her sleep now, it was good,
but I could get the fuck out now... hahaha.
I get back out to Stunner2 and Michael, still sitting there talking...

Getting the D for Stunner2

I can see in her body language that she's completely into him. He, however, needs a kick in his ass...
Stunner2 looks away for a second and I fucking mimic him to fucking start escalating now! I enter the
kitchen to get some free food, they both follow me into the kitchen. Stunner2 leaves for thirty seconds
and I insist on Michael fucking her asap. I'm not leaving this house without HIM GETTING LAID
TOO. She comes back, I hide behind the curtains instructing Michael about how to escalate now: Lead
hard, assume that she loves you, plow through her excuses by being light and fun. The whole situation
is ridiculous... again. At one point she's standing literally one foot away from me, not noticing that I'm
hiding, hahaha.
Minutes later he pulls her upstairs. I grab the Ipod that is lying on the table, put on some music and
head out into the night... roaming the streets I listen to the most epic songs. Post coital hormones kick
in, the street lights intensify...
I get back to crash in an empty room, still awake... I get a text from Michael telling me that he just
"sealed the deal"... what a great night...

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