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Many people think of the past when dealing with situations, but what past achievements

did famous leaders go back to? The future is the consequence of actions. People constantly
made decisions and things in society always change. Ancient people chose to change their lives
by creating new things. For instance, the people of Ancient China, Greece, and Rome have
made some decisions that led to accomplishments that have impacted today's world.
Ancient China was a vast territory that brought many useful benefits to the world, such
as silk, gunpowder, and acupuncture. Silk was a very influential material for ancient China
because it was a valuable item many people sold. It is a very smooth and soft fabric harvested
from the cocoons of silkworms. It was also used for magnificent decoration in the times of
ancient China. Silk is still used today because it looks and feels luxurious and is firm. Even the
harvesting method is still the same, it is still obtained from silkworms! Another breathtaking
discovery was gunpowder, uncovered while trying to find the key to immortality. It was used to
fill bamboo sticks and then the explosive sticks were shot. Bamboo was also used for creating
dazzling fireworks and firecrackers. Today, a modified recipe of gunpowder is used in matches
and sometimes used for firearms. Finally, acupuncture is the practice of sticking needles into
certain points of the body to relieve pain. It was also commonly integrated with herbs for a better
experience. Today, it is used to relax people and is used by some doctors to help with surgery
and chronic illness. The Chinese have discovered many wondrous technologies such as silk,
gunpowder, and acupuncture that are significant to current society.
A later civilization that had a great effect on the modern world is ancient Greece.
Greece has made the most impact on modern culture with acting, The Olympics, and
democracy. For example, acting and theater started in Ancient Greece. Theater was popular in
ancient times for being dramatic. Actors wore costumes that could be easily seen. Theater and
acting have changed. Today there are million dollar movies with amazing stories derived from
ancient Greek theater. Schools now host plays for people to enjoy. Like acting, The Olympics
originate from Greece A great deal of people tune in to the quadrennial Olympics.The Olympics
was a festival of sports held in Olympia in honor of Zeus. There were many sports that were

honorable and entertaining to watch. Some men also trained for war with tough sports. Today,
the Olympics include recent sports as the largest sports contest in the world.Lastly, the idea of
democracy where the majority rules was thought of in Greece. It was a very powerful idea in the
times of ancient Greece because most civilizations had dynasties and unfair government. It
gave every individual a say in government with stable leaders. Today, there is a plethora of
governments each different from the other, but most people live in some form of democracy.
Many countries have elections or vote on laws and propositions. For instance, the United States
is a democratic republic because leaders are elected by the people and laws can be passed by
the people. Greeces great impact on present-day culture is everywhere from the Olympic
Games to theater to the widely accepted idea of democracy.
The latest civilization is ancient Rome. Although it is known for its vast military might it
also brought things that are seen often in modern society, such as republics, roads, and
coliseums. Greeces idea of democracy helped shape the concept of a republic. The reason why
a republic worked was due to the fact that it was easier than counting votes and since leaders
were chosen no one gained too much power. Since leaders are chosen by citizens the
government is stable. Today, republics are favored for the same reasons. An example of a
bountiful republic is the United States of America. Another iconic achievement for ancient Rome
is the coliseum. The coliseum was very popular because it was used for blood sport which was
a big form of entertainment. Many people enjoyed gladiator fights. They were intense and
interesting because the gladiators had different equipment for different fighting styles. Today,
coliseums are mainly used for sports. The design makes it easily accessible. An example of a
modern day coliseum is the Oakland Coliseum, home to the Raiders and Athletics. Another
advancement in civil engineering by Rome is the concept of roads. The construction of roads let
cities communicate more efficiently, and made trade and transportation easier. Roads are
important today because they are mainly utilized used for personal transportation and the
transportation of goods. Finally, Rome built on the idea of democracy to create the concept of a
republic, made roads, and designed coliseums, all taken for granted today.

The decisions of the people from Ancient China, Greece and Rome had a significant impact on
the world Without ancient China, the world modern civilization would have to do without the
luxury of silk, dazzling fireworks made of gunpowder wouldnt exist, and the calming gift of
acupuncture would be unheard of. Who knows what modern entertainment would be like if
ancient Greece hadnt created the Olympic Games and theater. The world would be less fair
without democracy, either. Finally, Romes idea of a republic, roads, and coliseums made lives
easier across the globe. Without the people and civilizations that crafted these concepts and
inventions, life high and low, across the globe, would be much harder.