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l Gay Issues in Vallejo Just

Won’t Go Away--6/24/10
l Oakland City Council  
Approves Police Layoffs--
Editor's note: Many of you know Inigo Montoya as a blogger on VIB and the TH.  While he has submitted this under his pen
l Kenneth Brooks--President name his identity is well known to VIB and his background makes him an excellent researcher.   Inigo has uncovered some
Obama fires Gen. items we were aware of at VIB as well as several new items we had not discovered. 
Well done and thanks to Inigo for this excellent article. And remember, we always welcome your contributions.
l Oakland Chief  
Oh, can we get rid of Nic
and hire Chief Batts from
Oakland??? "T...
Peeling the Onion
l Retired_IBEW
Big City is right, and just
to clarify- industrial
retirement for public
safety is 50% of final c...
l Someone Else
Crime is down in Vallejo,
dispite police reductions  
Getting to know H Martin Foundation, one layer at a time 
l Sheriffs pensions By: Inigo Montoya
Today in the Contra Costa
Times, Sheriffs are
regretful about the The VIB editor and researchers have uncovered lots of information about HMF. What else is out there? Can an
"sweet" pension deal th... armchair researcher dig up some more facts? During a recent family visit to Los Angeles I found myself with some free
l Big City time, so I decided to do some more digging. Here are some findings that I believe have not yet been reported by VIB.
Here's another little
interesting fact that I
don't recall if I've pointed First stop was the IRS website, where I used the search engine for Publication 78, “Search for Charities”. No hits on
out before. A very lar... “H. Martin” and “Villapando” there.
Corporations and LLCs domiciled or doing business in California are required to register with the Secretary of State,
l The Whole Tamale--2007 which was my next website stop. Here’s what I found:
Earnings for All City of  
Vallejo Employees
l Lies of Legendary Corporation
Magnitude--The H. Martin
Foundation Returns to
Vallejo--8/10/09 Number: C2189516 Date Filed: 4/10/2000 Status: suspended
l The Gadfather--Election Jurisdiction: California  
Financing in Vallejo Address
l The Whole Tamale II--
2007 Earnings for all City
of Vallejo Employees 409 ISABEL ST  

l VIB Wants YOU!!! LOS ANGELES, CA 90065  

4/14/08   Agent for Service of Process
l City of Vallejo 2008 ROLANSO L VILLAPANDO  
l The GadFather - Fund
Accounting for Dummies
l A Word From the Editor  
l Kurt Henke--Why Should
Three things caught my eye, the “suspended” status, the name of the Agent for Service of Process, and the street
We Believe Him?
l Public Safety Salaries
On to the street address. A property records search with BlockShopper Los Angeles revealed the following about 409
Isabel St.:
It sold for $228,500 on October 31, 2003
Buyer: Nancy Anne W Lane

search... Seller: Ametes C Villapando and Rolando Villapando

We're on Facebook!
Note that the first name of the co-seller is “Rolando”, a fairly common Filipino name, and not “Rolanso” as listed in the
Agent for Service of Process.
Rolando Villapando
4510 Ellenwood Drive Phones: (323) 255-8047
Los Angeles CA 90041


Username Above name, address and phone number are also listed as a business under “Medical Examiner” and “Physicians-&-
Surgeon-Autopsy Service” headings on a couple of online yellow pages type listings. A search for Rolando Villapando
in the State Board of physicians did not result in any hits. Decided to suspend the “Rolando” thread there, unless
Password something else comes up. The phone number angle has been researched by VIB.
g Remember me
As to Rolando Villapando’s street address, here’s something interesting from VIB’s earlier report:
Lost Password?
“The H. Martin Foundation lists an address of 4510 Ellenwood Drive Los Angeles CA 90041. It appears this is a
No account yet? Register
residential neighborhood. It also seems that the house number 4510 does not exist on Ellenwood Drive.”
H. Martin Foundation Articles
Yes, indeed, my search for 4510 Ellenwood Dr in the LA County Assessor’s website didn’t result in any hits., which is
probably why VIB speculated that it doesn’t exist. However, 4506 shows up as a “multiple family residence”, and the
parcel map shows the next lot as 4516. 4510 must be in that “multiple family” compound.
Mapquest shows Ellenwood Dr to be in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles. What a coincidence! We were scheduled
to drop off a gift to a friend in Eagle Rock, so I decided to swing by and take a photo. Here’s what I took:

If you go to Google Maps and enter 4508 Ellenwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA, you’ll see a pretty much identical photo
under it’s street view feature. Our subject 4510 is behind 4508 and 4512, it’s that house with the TV antenna and brick
chimney. It is in a typical residential neighborhood, what strikes me is that 4512 is a very small cottage, maybe 1 to 2
bedrooms. Google Earth shows 4510 to be much bigger.
It was also mentioned in an earlier VIB report that HMF has a Nevada address. So, my next step was to search the
Nevada Secretary of State website. Here’s the hit:

Status: Expired File Date: 9/9/2005 10:16:01 AM

Type: Reserved Name Corp Number: E0600002005-5
Qualifying State:   List of Officers  
Managed By:   Expiration Date: 12/9/2005
Reservation Holder
Name: AVE EDPAO Address1: 13708 MOONSHADOW
Address 2:   City: CHINO HILLS
State: CA Zip Code: 91709
No Registered Agent associated with this company
It looks like the name was reserved in 2005, but the reservation expired. What’s interesting is the last name of the
reservation holder, “Edpao”. Wasn’t that last name mentioned in Part II of VIB’s report?
In the spirit of peeling the layers of an onion, I searched for “Edpao” as Officer/Director of any Nevada corporation. Holy
guacamole, here’s what came up:


Business Entity Information
Status: Default File Date: 6/2/2008 8:11:50 AM
Type: Domestic Corporation Corp Number: E0370442008-1
Qualifying State: NV List of Officers 6/30/2009
Managed By:   Expiration Date:  
Registered Agent Information
Address 2:   City: LAS VEGAS
State: NV Zip Code: 89109
Phone:   Fax:  

Mailing P O BOX 27740 Mailing  

Address 1: Address 2:
Mailing City: LAS VEGAS Mailing NV
Mailing Zip 89126    
Agent Type: Commercial Registered Agent- Corporation
Jurisdiction: NEVADA Status: Active

View all business entities under this registered agent

Financial Information
No Par Share 75,000.00 Capital Amount: $0
No stock records found for this company

Officers Include Inactive Officers
Treasurer- AVE E EDPAO
Address 1: PO BOX 27740 Address 2:  

City: LAS VEGAS State: NV

Zip Code: 89126 Country: USA
Status: Active Email:  



Address 1: PO BOX 27740 Address 2:  

City: LAS VEGAS State: NV

Zip Code: 89126 Country: USA
Status: Active Email:  


Address 1: PO BOX 27740 Address 2:  

City: LAS VEGAS State: NV

Zip Code: 89126 Country: USA
Status: Active Email:  


Address 1: PO BOX 27740 Address 2:  

City: LAS VEGAS State: NV

Zip Code: 89126 Country: USA
Status: Active Email:  
Click here to view 2 actions\amendments associated with this company
Ave E. Edpao is the Treasurer of Flor Lat Villapando, Inc., a fairly recent corporation (filed 6/2/2008) but is already in
Default status. Treasurer, Secretary, President and Director have identical addresses, a PO Box in Las Vegas, which
likely belongs to the “Registered Agent”. These are minimal positions required for incorporation. The President and
Director positions are filled by one and the same person, Flor Lat Villapando. The “Registered Agent” is a commercial
entity that provides incorporation services in the State of Nevada. Employing the services of such an entity is a fairly
common practice among non-resident incorporators. Online search on the secretary, Yasmin V. Ibrahim, did not reveal
anything interesting.
I wonder if our city leaders and staff did the same “due diligence” that VIB and others have done thus far. Did I uncover
anything suspicious? Not necessarily, unless you put these findings in the context of what HMF claims to have / own /
promises to provide. This whole thing reminds me of Elmer Fudd’ s “There’s something screwy going on around here”.
Hope we’re not heading for Looney Tunes time in Vallejo!

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Chino Hills Activity   |April.20.2010

The HMF has been active in Chino Hills for more than 10 years, operating out of Ave Edpao's residence at 13508
Moonshadow Place. The 'gatherings' at this residence have increased in volume and attendance over the past few years
and a group of residents are trying to gather more information about the local operation. Any additional information
anyone has specific to the Chino Hills clan would be appreciated.

Flor Lat Villapando   |February.27.2010

Flor Lat Villapando

Vice World Chairman, Treasurer & Controlling Officer of the
H. MARTIN FOUNDATION Far East Humanitarian Services

Mr. Garman, over the past several months, you have posted a number of unfounded allegations against me and more
importantly, the H. MARTIN FOUNDATION. Before you post another derogatory and defamatory accusation, which are
grounds for future legal action, I strongly advise you and your bloggers to visit ( or
( for my response to your baseless rhetoric.

henrylow   |January.18.2010

Small Business owners are largely forgotten. That

Alinea   |December.07.2009

Yasmin Ibrahim is the daughter of Flor. From what I gather, Flor was married to an Egyptian. Ave Edpao is one of her
cronies. I have had the pleasure to meet Flor and Ave at my aunts house in West Covinam, CA. My aunt was scammed
by Flor. She is a leach! She lived in my aunt's house for months, promising her that money will come her way once the
foundation releases the funds. Flor preys on the desperate.

Omniscient Observer   |November.13.2009

Flor Villapando is obviously something of a one-woman operation; and as either a Filipino or Indonesian (whichever she is),
she is almost certainly unwilling to trust anyone other than family to be officers in her corporation.

And we know there's a male named Rolando or Rolanso with her last name who co-owned the home, so I think we can
assume that that's her husband, and that Villapando is her married name.

It would pay, then, to learn what was her maiden name. It would not surprise me if it was Edpao, making Ave Edpao
perhaps her brother; and, if so, then perhaps Yasmin Ibrahim is Ave
Edpao's wife (going by her maiden name)... which, I from my considerable experience investigating Asian (specifically
Korean and Vietnamese) organized crime, is exactly how they tend to do things.

Were I being paid to investigate this matter (and I'm seriously considering just going ahead and doing it on my own
because now I'm kind of fascinated by all this), I'd be all over those other names in her corporation.

By the way, I could be completely wrong about those relationships. I'm not saying that I've got it right. I'm only saying
that that's the kind of thing that one should now
start investigating, because that's how Asian organized crime ALWAYS works. So, then, my suppositions about who's
related to whom are just mostly an example... although, wouldn't it be interesting if that's how it happened to be, eh?

Asians keep it in the family. Figure out, next, who are these others in her corporations, and you'll go far.

Dee Bunker   |October.17.2009

To "Two Cents Worth": Patience, grasshopper.

Two Cents Worth...   |October.15.2009

Was there actually a crime committed? I examined the evidence of everything presented here and have yet to find any
wrong doing. Am I missing something? I applaud the due diligence and investigation...certainly the gaps have created a
greater imagination of the conspiracy theorists here...In the end, if they are scam artists, it will show in time, but what if
you are all wrong and they are truly attempting to do what they say they want to do? Don't be deceived by your own
deceptions...Let's wait and see.

concerned   |September.02.2009

i hope the good people who attend the lord's fellowship church will stop walking around with blindfolds on and start
asking hard questions before their church ends up being drastically damaged by the hmf

VHS   |August.31.2009

Inigo, I spoke with a young woman at Safeway this evening and she told me some things about the 80K grant I had not
heard. This may be old news or perhaps incorrect but she told me to google the "GREEN FLAME PROGRAM" and it lead
me here:

She explained to me that the Green Flame program comes out of Oakland and has partnered with Camp Fire USA. She
also believes that the Green Flame people have likely partnered with the Global center and will run the solar program
there or be a part of the training program. When I read
attachment D: from the current staff report, see pdf page 57, my understanding is the 80K will not be used to fund a
fixed installation but rather a training program with some capital equipment purchases. If this is true I'm encouraged; it
would be great to get some educational benefit out of these federal dollars.

You ask "I wonder if the city has thoroughly reviewed this proposal?". The staff report uses the word "Solar" to describe
the nature of the expenditures and under normal circumstances would lead me to believe a fixed solar power system is
being proposed. Reading
attachment D, however, makes it clear that some solar equipment will be purchased as one part of the larger "green"
training program.

I could be off track here but this is the best I put together.

Inigo Montoya   |August.31.2009

Tomorrow the city council will consider allocating excess federal grant fund of $80,000 for "solar
technology for the Global Center for Success". I'm assuming that the Global Center for Success intends to
spend the money on a solar energy system.

I wonder if the city has thoroughly reviewed this proposal? Government incentives help make solar
projects financially viable. The biggest incentive comes from the Federal government as part of The
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, in the form of a 30% tax credit. Realizing that many
businesses have no profits to speak of,
pay no taxes, and therefore cannot enjoy the benefits of a tax credit, the government now allows an
outright grant of 30% of the installed cost of the system. What does it have to do with the Global Center
for Success?

As a registered non-profit organization, it is tax exempt. It therefore cannot avail of the 30% tax credit
OR the 30% grant, either. So what do tax exempt organizations do? Generally, they engage a 3rd party
into a PPA or Power Purchase Agreement. This 3rd party, a for profit organization, will own the solar
equipment, enjoy the benefits of tax credit OR grant, the rebate
from the California Solar Initiative, and accelerated depreciation granted by the IRS for solar equipment. It
signs a long term agreement renting roof space and selling back power to the non-profit at a fixed price.
The non profit organization enjoys the benefit of green energy at a reduced and guaranteed price, and
the owner organization earns a decent rate of return on its investment. A Church I know in the east bay
did this through a corporation formed by its members.

Call me paranoid, but I fear that the H Martin Foundation or worse, Flor Lat Villapando, Inc., which are
NOT registered
tax exempt organizations will eventually end up as owners of this solar system through a PPA with Global
Center for Success!

Inigo Montoya   |August.29.2009

Bingo, John K, funding for H Martin Global Community Center for Success is the crux of the matter. I could not care less
for scoundrels and scalawags, and for suckers, for that matter. One is born every minute. However, if their actions affect
my family, friends and my community, then I must take action.

According to the H. Martin Foundation Far East Humanitarian Services (HMF) brochure, (Yes, the one that the squad of
HMF security personnel tried very hard to separate from the grasp of Marc Garman..) there was there was “integration
and collaboration of” HMF and Global Center for
Success, Inc. A flow chart and write-up illustrates the resulting entity as H. Martin Global Community Center for Success.

The brochure further states that HMF “will collaborate with each and every Government and integrate (emphasis is mine)
with existing Faith-based Charitable Organizations, Humanitarian Agencies, … The purpose of this collaboration is to come
up with One Budget per One Model Project (emphasis is theirs) to simplify and standardize the funding process, the
policies and procedures, … with maximum effectiveness without disrupting the global financial market” (emphasis is

Another chart in the much coveted brochure shows $$$ flowing from Your Organization to HMFs One Budget One Model
Project, with its Humanitarian Financial Management Department approving outgoing $$$ to Humanitarian Organization.
One can only conclude that there is co-mingling of funds among HMF and these organizations.

HMF literature further states that a Memorandum of Agreement, also referred to in another section as Memorandum of
Understanding and/or Humanitarian Collaborative Agreement will be entered upon between HMF and the existing
organization. Based on given
evidence, I can only assume that this is fait accompli between HMF and Global Center for Success, Inc.

I wonder if the Board of Directors of Global Center for Success, Inc., has signed off on this agreement. Is it within the
corporate By Laws? Did the officers abide by their fiduciary duties by doing so? Is their Directors and Officers liability
insurance policy paid up?

Yes, as an outsider, I have lots of questions. Will H. Martin Global Community Center for Success still request funding from
the city? Will the city examine the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)? Will it affect the
original Global Center for Success, Inc., IRS filings and non-profit status?

Maybe these are moot questions, for the HMF website further states, “H. Martin Foundation will provide the funding and
projects will be carried out by existing organizations.”

Thank goodness for this windfall, the City of Vallejo can very well reallocate the $80,000 from the block grant to other
worthy causes. The H. Martin Global Community Center for Success has found a funding source in perpetuity.
Lastly, I have to express my appreciation for HMFs concern for the financial global markets. They
are stating that their vast assets can disrupt said global financial market, so they have to be very diligent in disbursing it.
This is a concern that not even the largest transparently operated private foundation in the world, the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation, has not expressed. As of October, 2008, it has an endowment of US $35.1 Billion, and is funded not
only by Bill and Melinda Gates, but by Warren Buffet, as well. Vallejo can only be thankful that it has now tapped into the
wealth of Mr. Martin Eddy Hornido Tirwatadinata, the son of the Sultan of Bogor, Indonesia.

John K   |August.28.2009

How could it be a dead issue while there's still an $80K block grant pointed towards the H. Martin Foundation's Global
Center For Success, Inc., situated on Mare Island? The Times Horrid ran a City announcement for a hearing on Tuesday,
September 1, 2009, after 7 p.m.... The Council of the City of Vallejo will hold a public hearing in the Council Chambers of
City Hall, 555 Santa Clara Street, Vallejo to receive comments on proposed amendments to the FY 2009/2010 CDBG
Program Budget. Of an estimated $300K left over from the Benson Avenue project, staff recommends that $80K go to
Center for Success, Inc. Green Technology Facility Rehabilitation Project.

Thanks, Inigo Montoya.

Puffmama   |August.27.2009

Great job! H Martin is not the only bogus cultish scam operation trying to get a foothold in the V. Keep up the goods
work spotting the snake oil!

Anonymous   |August.26.2009

Here's transparency:
YGTBK thinks this shoulod be DEAD. Its ALIVE -- its like JASON and its gonna HAUNT you Flor as it will haunt the council
members and citizens of Vallejo (Rey you too) who have been promoting the thieves that are hmf.

Anonymous   |August.26.2009

Inigo - thank you for your research/investigation/sleuthing (with photos!).

This is the gigantic NAIL in HMF coffin in the City of Vallejo. Will Davis denounce this? Will Hermie?

One correction: Elmer Fudd would say: "there's something SQUEWY around here"...

scamorama   |August.26.2009


You seem so insightful--what makes you think this is a dead issue unless your a HMF fan who wants to misdirect people.

Ya gotta be kidding   |August.26.2009

Why waste so much time on a dead issue?

I guess there are those who want to talk about stuff and those who want to make change.

Truth is, these knuckleheads have tried to run this scam in more countries that the USA... same old story ... a little blood
in the water and the sharks come out to feed.

I'd have a reason to respect you guys if you tried to do something for a positive end about HMF or any other bandwagon
you jump on than just tapping your keyboards...

g.manicotti   |August.26.2009

Actually when do they get arrested ?

g.manicotti   |August.26.2009

Bravo and ....ROFLMAO

Hysterical !
When do these loons get the bums rush ?
And when do the Dynamic Dolts on city council get the same treatment ?

Anonymous   |August.26.2009

"Heading" for Looney Tunes time in Vallejo? Too late, my friend. Good research, IM!

Scamorama   |August.26.2009

Did you still want to defend the HMF .

Be careful for what you wish.So far NOT one of your claims can be substaniated.

Hopefully those who have been blinded by your manipulation and misleading statements will wake up including the Mayor
and Vice Mayor.

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