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Starred by the students of 5th semester of English Language teaching degree.

Adapted by ELT Edel Albarran

SCENE 1 The principal of the school w elcomes the students and the new class,
they all are met at the yard of the school listening the principals speech.
(Ss clapping)
PRINCIPAL: thank you. I ts my pleasure at this time to w elcome you to EPNSBJ. I m
sure this year youll do your best and youll make the effort to get the best grades
ev er. So all the teachers and I w ish you a great year, lets start and enjoy the
(Here the song We go together is played and everybody dances)
------------------------------------------------------------SCENE 2 Ss at school where boys meet in a part of the yard and girls in another,
here all ss are chilling out.
Girls talk
JAN: I w ish it w as still summer. Gosh! I ts only a quarter after tw elv e and I feel like
I v e been here a w hole year already.
MARTY: yeah! What the hell! Hey! You w anna sit here?
JAN: yeah! Rizzo and Frenchy are coming!
RIZZO: hey! Hey! Hey! So w ell, here w e are again. This time w e're seniors. We're
gonna rule the school!
JAN: girls, guess w hat? Frenchy is bringing a new chick! Her names sandy. She
seems pretty cool. Maybe w e can let her in the pink ladies.
RIZZO: just w hat w e need! Another chick hanging around!
----------------------------------------------------------SANDY: I 'm really nerv ous.
FRENCHY: you look terrific, honey!
SANDY: Thanks dear.
FRENCHY: Come on! Let me introduce you my friends. Hey, you guys! This is Sandy
Olsson. That's Jan and Marty, and this here's Rizzo. She mov ed here from Australia.
Come on! Sit dow n.
RIZZO: how long hav e you been liv ing around here?

SANDY: since July, my father just got transferred here

MARTY: how do you like school so far, sandy?
SANDY: w ell, it's different. I missed my old school.
---------------------------------------------------------Boys Talk
SONNY: hey, aint that Danny ov er there? Danny! Hey, Danny! How you doing?
DANNY: hey guys! Good to see you.
KENICKIE: you seen any new girls ov er there?
DANNY: Nah. Just the same old chicks.
DOODY: so, w hat did you do all summer, Danny?
DANNY: w ell, I spent a lot of time dow n at the beach.
KENICKIE: hey, did you meet any new chick?
DANNY: nah!
EVERYBODY: come on, Zucco!
DANNY: all right! All right!... I met one chick. She w as sort of cool.
KENICKIE: so, tell us about her
DANNY: I w ont tell you anything
EVERYBODY: oh! Come on!...
-------------------------------------------------------------Girls and boys talk
FRENCHY: w hat did you do this summer, Sandy?
SANDY: oh! I spent most of it at the beach. I met a boy there.
JAN: how w as that guy?
SANDY: he w as sort of special.
RIZZO: are you kidding? There isnt such a thing.
DANNY: ok, ok, you guys, you w anna know w hat happened?
SANDY: Girls, you w anna know how he w as?
EVERYBODY: Yeeees! (Excited shout)

(Danny rises and sings "Summer Nights" to the guys, while SANDY sings her version to
the girls)
--------------------------------------------------------SCENE 3 When everybody at the fair. SANDY now is wearing like a rude girl, all
girls are around her. DANNY enters wearing innocently; the other guys immediately
crowd around him.

DANNY: Hey, you guys!

DOODY: Woo, look at this!
SONNY: Whats up Danny!
KENICKIE: What happened to you?
DANNY: What do you mean? I look cool, right?
PUTZY: Hey, w e w ere just goin ov er to my house to w atch the Mickey Mouse Club.
(He starts laughing)
DANNY: Yeah? (Going tow ards Putzy)
PATTY: Danny! You look w onderful!
RIZZO: Hey Zucco! I v e got a surprise for you!
(The pink ladies and Sandy enter)
DANNY: Sandy! Wow , w hat a total! Wick-ed!
SANDY: (Tough and cool) Whats it to you, Zucco?
Sandy and Danny sing You are the one that I want meanwhile the all the girls
and boys dance around them.