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Reduce, reuse and recycle are the three formulas of keeping our environment clean and healthy. If
these tools are used positively by everyone, soon we can change our world to a better place for
surviving in more pleasing way.
Pollution is making our environment not only dirty but also becoming harmful for the people.
The effect is posing threat on our survival. We can notice spread litters here and there on the roads,
parks and several other public places. These wastes are because of our unintelligent, careless and
thoughtless use of food products and other usable things. This makes the public places dirty as well as
bad looking for the visitors. Recent survey shows that use of packets food, water bottles have
increased at an alarming rate in many countries including India.
The word waste means to use or expend carelessly. There are predominantly two types of
wastes- Biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Biodegradable wastes can easily mix with soil
whereas non-biodegradable wastes do not mix with soil. Plastic is the best example of nonbiodegradable waste. The plastic and its related products do not mix with soil. So, we need to convert
it again in a reusable form to safeguard soil and animal which eat it because of its hunger. It will better
if we reduce the use of plastic products. Recent human lifestyle practice shows that for certain food
products its use is still unavoidable e.g. sweets, curd, junk food etc. In many countries including India
use of thin plastic bags are banned. But it is not completely discarded by our society. We have to work
out more in this direction to check land pollution. We have to reduce the use of pollutants of our daily
There are other options of using cloth, newspaper and jute bags to replace plastic bags. But
care should be taken to recycle newspaper otherwise it will badly impact trees. Recycle (or Recycling)
is only possible with the study of waste management. I think waste management is the today's utmost
demand that will save the Earth and generate employment. It is not simple and easy to make win-win
situation for waste management and employment generation. But we all need to do much research in
this direction. There must be new course in higher level in Engineering and management to boost this
as a trade. Social engineering is to be counted upon at highest level in professional course.
Government has to invest higher percentage of the yearly budget to generate employment in this field
and thus to make this branch of study lucrative. Then propensity towards waste management will
automatically catch the height.
Common list of material that can be recycled are plastic bags, newspaper, books, paper
cartoon, furniture, magazine, Lead acid batteries, florescent light bulbs, lamps, plastic bottles, pen
refill, keyboard, Printer Inkjet Cartridges etc. Besides these there are many industrial products that
can be recycled also. The list is big.
Only important thing is that we need to change our mindset for the wellbeing of our society.
Our (including school students) duty is also to aware people about recycle, reuse and reduce the
material, method and process of keeping our environment clean and healthy.

Ethics is the study of the characteristics of morals, and involves the moral choices made by
individuals as they interact with other persons. Engineers need to be aware of ethics as they make
choices during their professional practice of engineering. Engineering ethics will be defined as the
rules and standards governing the conduct of engineers in their roles as professionals. It is important
for engineering students to study engineering ethics so that they will be prepared to make (sometimes
difficult) ethical decisions during their professional careers.
Our project discusses on how far the 3R culture is being inculcated in Malaysia. We also discuss on
how the society play their part in the 3R. Besides, to develop sustainability in Malaysia, we also
discuss on suggestions on how to improve understanding and behaviour towards the 3R.

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