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Chiled Water
Double-wall Air Handling Unit
2,000 - 8,000 CFM 50 Hz



Product Type
DW = Double Wall
(Cooling Only)

Fan Type
A = Standard Forward
Curve Centrifugal Fa
Mixing Box
0 = No Mixing Box

Airflow Configuration
H = Horizontal Installation
Insulation Thickness
A = 25-mm Insulation

Discharge Plenum
0 = No Discharge Plenum

A = Development Sequence

Unit Size / Nominal Airflow

20 = 2,000 CFM 50 = 5,000 CFM
25 = 2,500 CFM 60 = 6,000 CFM

Filter Type
1 = 2-in Washable Synthetic
3 = 2-in Washable Aluminium

Coil Connection
R = Right-Handed Connection
L = Left-Handed Connection

Minor Design Sequence

A = First Design

Motor Size
0 = Standard
1 = Oversized 1
2 = Oversized 2

Coil Row
1 = Standard
4 = Opitonal (4-Row)

Electrical Power Source

D = 380-415V/3PH/50Hz

Feature and Benets

Specialized Design


Trane DWHA Air Handlers are compact horizontal 1-inch, washable aluminium ter shall be
standardon air handlers. Filters shall be accessible
draw-through units for tight ceiling space.This is
the latest attractive commercial solution for new from theside coil panel.
and replacement buildings. And it is designed for
use inofces, department stores, schools, hospitals
and other applications where cooling is required in
thelimited space.

Fan Motor

DWHA with access door

Ease of Service

Motor bearings shall be permanently lubricated.

oversized motor shall be available as an option for
high static application.

Hinged doors allow easy access for fan(s), motor

and belt maintenance.

Oversized Motor
Air handler units shall be completely factory
assembled including coil, condensate drain pan,
fan motor(s), lters in an insulated casing
dedicated for horizontal application of DWHA
model. Unit shall be rated in accordance with ARI
Standard 210.

Field installed oversized motors shall be available

for hight static pressure applications.

Discharge Plenum
Accessory discharge plenum shall be available for
free blow.

Proportional Thermostat (Option)

Unit Casing
Unit casing shall be constructed of 25 mm double
-wall panels injected with polyurethane foam to
provide a rigid, sturdy and easily cleaned
enclosure.This double-wall construction keeps the
insulation out of the air stream and contributes to
improved.The panels shall be constructed of baked
polyesterpowder painted steel sheet on exterior
wall andgalvanizes sheet on the inner wall.

Trane Proportional Thermostat monitors the
adjustable control valve by 0-10 vdc signal, 15 C30 C temperature setting and connectable with
theecternal sensor.

TPICCV Valve (Option)

Trane Control Valve (Option)


TPICCV Trane Pressure Independent

Characterized Control Valves
(Option-5 Years Warranty) combines a

Fans are double width, double inlet, multiblade

centrifugal type. All fans statically and dynamically
balanced and tested after being installed on
properlysized hollow or solid shafts. Fan shafts do
not passthrough their rst critical speed as unit
comes up torated rpm.

differential pressure egulator with a 2-way

control valve which suppliesa specic constant
ow for each degree of valve opening regardless
of pressure variation in the system. Recommend
to use with
Trane Thermostatfor precise
temperature control.

Fan housings constructed with dieformed,

streamlinedinlets and side sheets. Fan bearings
are greasa lubricated ball bearings selected for
200,000 hours average life.

Congured aluminium n surface shall be
mechanically bonded to internally enhanced
coppertube and factory pressure and leak tested
at 380 psig. Coil is arranged for draw through
airow and shallprovide polyester powder painted
drain pan constructed of galvanized steel with
rubber insulator. All coil parts must stand inside
the drain pan to prevent any condensation out
of the drain pan.

Trane Control Valve controls the opening and

closing of the pipe in the HVAC system for room
temperature monitor. Recommend to use with
Trane Thermostat for precise temperature control.
*Control valve option cannot be factory installed inside
unit. It will be provided separately.

Trane AHU Starter Panel particularly controls

the HVAC system. Integrated with motor and
compressor protection system, reliable according
to UL/IEC/NEMA standard and easy to install.

AHU Starter Panel (Option)

Trane optimizes the performance of home and buildings around the world. A business of Ingersoll Rand, the leader in creating and sustaining safe, comfortable, and energy efficient environments, Trane offers a broad portfolio of advance controls and HVAC systems, comprehensive building services, and parts.
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