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Mankind has always been trying to explore more sources of energy and recently

the focus has turned to non-polluting sources of energy. The specialists working
in this area have explored wind, waves and solar power as sources of energy.
However these sources are rarely available round the clock or on all days.
Geothermal energy is one such sources of non-polluting energy available round
the clock on all days.

Environmental impact of Energy varies from fossil fuels to non-renewable sources

of energy. While the fossil fuels produce a variety of effluents including Carbon
dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide and add to the pollution, there are no similar effects
for Nuclear or Geothermal energy. Whenever Energy is produced, it converts one
form of energy into another and the efficiency of this process is never 100%
resulting in the wasted energy contributing to environmental impacts such as
global warming or pollution. When the point of generation of energy and the
point of consumption is at a high distance, transmission losses occurs and
contributes a environmental impact.
While nuclear energy is seen as a solution to the energy needs, the risks due to it
is extremely high eventhough thr probability of this risk is very low. However we
can see examples in the recent history like Chernobyl, Fukitawa and threemile
island where nuclear energy generation lead to destruction as well.
The best advice in the field is always to conserve energy and the reduce its use.
While one need to understand that the need for energy cannot be eliminated, we
can go in for solution of reduced polluting energy sources like Solar, wind or
Geothermal energy.
New technologies like nuclear fusion is in research stage. In fusion, atoms such
as hydrogen is combined produce heavier atoms like Helium and the process
dies not produce radio activity. The currently available fusion reactors are in
experimental stage and is seen as a way to harness high energy quantities
without pollution. New technologies such as fuel cells are developed by scientists
so that energy can be stored and used at a later point of time. Currently the way
to store energy is to store it in a battery and the batteries are highly polluting.
The fuel cell on the other side can store energy without pollution.