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Zeta Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi at The University of Cincinnati V Winter 2017

Zeta Psi House Corporation Launches

New Alumni Relations Program

t is with great pleasure that we announce our

new Zeta Psi newsletter, The Bearcat Sig.
Our House Corporation hopes this newsletter
will strengthen our communication efforts
by reconnecting alumni of all decades and
rekindling the bonds of brotherhood we all
fondly share.
We will share news about the chapter, the
House Corporation, and updates from our
alumni brothers on a biannual basis. We are also
committed to communicating with you through
several different platforms. You will receive
a physical newsletter in the mail, a digital
version will be circulated via e-mail, and we
will post it on our Facebook group, Sigma Chi
Zeta Psi Alumni. So if you have not yet joined
the Facebook group, please take a minute to do
so. Please note that these newsletters will not
replace, but will be in addition to, the Cincinnati
Alumni Chapter communications, events, and
luncheons organized by Drew Harmon 14 and
Chris Sandker 12.
To connect alumni, we are working on updating
our alumni records, beginning with the
biographical update sent in November. Once a
year, will we send out this biographical update
that allows alumni to update the information
we have on record. These updates also provide

Zeta Psi celebrates

its 135th birthday
January 23, 2017.
the information for one of the most popular
features in the newsletters, the Alumni News
section. Altogether, the updates are a vital tool
in maintaining our records and our ties with one
We hope that through the Zeta Psi alumni
relations program our fraternal bonds of
brotherhood are renewed and strengthened. We
are always interested in hearing from you, so if
you have any suggestions, alumni news, or ideas
for articles, please submit them to Lincoln W.
Pavey Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 42605,

Blue Ash, OH 45242 or send us an e-mail at

In Hoc Signo Vinces,
Steve T. Knight 74
House Corporation President
Sean M. Lee 09
House Corporation Alumni Relations Chairman
and President-Elect

The Lifelong Value of Sigma Chi

Dan Parsons 08 Shares How Zeta Psi Helped Him Grow

an Parsonss 08 path to joining Sigma Chi was

paved by a broke college student staple: free pizza.
I wasnt that interested in joining a fraternity, but
my roommate, Adam Quantz 08, was going through
recruitment and he encouraged me to come along to enjoy
some free food and meet some guys, Dan recalled. The
brothers of Zeta Psi were fun, friendly, and they had a lot
in common. It didnt take long for him to realize Sigma
Chi was the unexpected part of college he was missing.
After graduating with a bachelors degree in finance
and business from the University of Cincinnati (UC),
Dan moved to Chicago. He worked for several years as a partner in Ora
Interactive, a digital design and development studio, before becoming
CEO. In January 2014, he left Ora Interactive to co-found DRYV, a

software platform giving users access to on-demand dry

cleaning and laundry delivery. DRYV is in Chicago,
Indianapolis, and Detroit and prides itself on a quick
turnaround and high-quality service from their cleaning
In thinking back on his time at UC, Dan articulated the
real challenge of the undergraduate experience. When
you think about it, he said, you start out in college just
a high school punk and you need to come out of it four
years later ready to take on the real world. Dan feels
thankful that his four years at the Sigma Chi chapter
house provided him with an opportunity to watch how older brothers were
handling everything. Some guys were really taking advantage of what the
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Zeta Psi Chapter


Its not Homecoming without the white Sigma Chi tent and Elliot
Hilsingers 69 super hot metts, and this year did not disappoint.
Hundreds of brothers and their families came out for our Homecoming
celebration outside of the UC Alumni Center on October 22. It was a
fantastic event and we hope to see everyone again in the fall of 2017!
Brothers reunite for the Sigma Chi Homecoming festivities.

Larry Ring 75, Ed Soergel 72, and John Waggoner 77.

Zach Jansen 14, Dennis Oltorik 86,

Drew Harmon 14, and Ryan Redleski 12.

Evan Clinkenbeard 10 and Troy Neat 90.

Alex Misali 17, Ike Misali 55, Anthony Monk 16, and Sean Lee 09.

The Lifelong Value of Sigma Chi

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fraternity and the school had to offer, and so they had exciting things lined
up after graduation. In such a transitional time in my life, it was great to
see to a lot of different outcomes in one place.
More than providing him with men to look up to, Sigma Chi helped Dan
build the skills he would use in his professional life, particularly the ability
to rally the troops. I learned how to motivate people, both within the
fraternity and outside of it, whether it was getting them to come to an event
or convincing them to donate their time or money, Dan said.
But its not just about the professional opportunities and experiences

through Sigma Chi that impacted his life, it was the friendships. Dans
friendships with his Zeta Psi brothers have remained an integral part of
his life. Whether standing up at a brothers wedding or doing business
with Sigma Chi brothers, the biggest impact we can have for the
undergraduates is to show them the lifelong value of being a Sigma Chi.
We need to find ways to give back what the house gave to us, he said.
Dan lives with his wife, Leah, in Chicago. In his free time, he enjoys
running and cycling, as well as spending time with his friends and family.
You can contact Dan at dan@dryv.com.

Sigma Chi

Building a Special
Place at Homecoming

Elliott Hilsinger 69 Remembers the

Start of a Zeta Psi Tradition

s an underclassman, Elliott Hilsinger 69 was looking to join the right fraternity

when he found the men of Sigma Chi. He was a very active member of the
chapter in his collegiate years, serving as recruitment chairman for five semesters,
vice president for a year, and living in the chapter house for three years. However,
Elliotts commitment to Sigma Chi didnt end after those four years; he has continued
to give back to the fraternity as an alumnus, creating a unique legacy at 2617
University Court.
After graduating from the University of Cincinnati (UC) with a bachelors degree
in business administration and a major in marketing, Elliott and Walt McBeath
69 started a furniture business. Over the years they grew the business, La-Z-Boy
Furniture Galleries, into a group of stores across the Ohio area with four stores in
Cincinnati, three in Columbus, and two in Dayton. They both retired four years ago
after 38 years in the furniture business.
When Elliott began what is now a Sigma Chi Homecoming tradition, he did not have
big plans in mind. In 1992, his son, Elliott Allan Hilsinger 95, and other active
chapter members had organized an alumni Homecoming event before the football
game, but only a handful of alumni attended. Elliott decided to try and help change that.
The first Sigma Chi Homecoming event that he organized featured a few trays of
frozen lasagna, but through sending out invitations to alumni they were able to
recruit 150 people to attend, as opposed to the 25 who had come the year before. It
didnt take long for the event to become a tradition; by the next year they had 200
people attending. As attendance continued to grow, they could no longer host the
event inside and they had to move to a large tent in the front yard of the chapter house.
Elliott isnt exactly sure how many people attended the event this year; he only
knows thatwith help from active chapter membershe grilled over 1,000 metts.
As Elliott described it, We just keep cooking and everyone has a good time. Active
members tell me its one of their favorite events of the year. But its more than
just the food that keeps brothers returning for this annual event. Guys bring their
wives, girlfriends, and families to the event so you can see their families change and
grow, he said. It also encourages people to come by and reconnect. Just this year
a guy showed up who I hadnt seen since college, Elliott said. The Sigma Chi
chapter house during Homecoming is a special place at the University of Cincinnati.
In addition to organizing the Homecoming tailgate event, Elliott has served on the
chapter House Corporation working to ensure the legacy of Sigma Chi at UC. We
have a beautiful house and we need to work to make sure it stays beautiful. In 1968
when the fraternity was struggling, it was the alumni who stepped up and helped out.
We have to make sure that the fraternity is here for another 100 years, he said.
Elliott has been recognized for his lifelong support to both UC and Sigma Chi. In
2006, he was inducted to the Order of the Black Blazer, which honors individuals
for their service to Bearcat Athletics. Then in 2011, he was given the Significant
Sig Award, one of the fraternitys highest honors, which recognizes alumni whose
achievements have brought honor and prestige to the name of Sigma Chi.
He and his wife, Carol, live in Cincinnati. They have three children and six
grandchildren. In his semi-retirement, Elliott engages in his favorite hobbies:
spending time with his family, fishing, racing sailboats, and gardening. You can
connect with Elliott at ehilsinger@cinci.rr.com.

Celebrating Sigma Chi

Cincy Sigs Holiday Party
Raises Funds and Recognizes
Outstanding Alumni

his years second annual Cincy Sigs holiday party

on December 9 was about more than just celebrating
the holiday season with Sigma Chi brothers. It was about
honoring brothers who have left a lasting impact on the
future of Zeta Psi. This year, Steve Knight 74, Dennis
Oltorik 86, and Kelly Nichols 97 were honored for their
years of selfless service. The White Cross of Sigma Chi
has surely gained more luster from their work.
Steve Knight was honored for his leadership of the
House Corporation over the last decade. His contributions
include moving ownership of our land from UC to our
House Corporation and moving our foundation from
the UC Foundation to the newly established Lincoln
W. Pavey Educational Foundation. Steve also oversaw
a capital project, which added a stone deck to the
front of the chapter house, championed ongoing annual
maintenance updates, and helped set the chapter up to
recruit the student of the future.
Dennis Oltorik has spent the last two years taking
the Cincinnati Alumni Chapter to the next level.
He strengthened the speaker lineup at their monthly
luncheons, which increased average attendance by 53%,
and added the Cincy Sigs holiday party and sporting clays
shoot to the yearly programming calendar. In addition, he
created a new logo, website, and online payment system,
leading to an increase in paid alumni membership to 150
brothers. This level of engagement and opportunity drove
the Cincinnati Alumni Chapter to be the only chapter in
the nation to be recognized for the 2015 Alumni Chapter
Excellence Award at Grand Chapter.
Kelly Nichols has been a pillar of stability for the
undergraduates over the past decade. He was a fearless
chapter advisor who helped students grow, and he is
considered a brother, friend, and mentor to so many. Kelly
put 110% into the undergraduate chapter and the results
reflect his selfless dedication, as the chapter has won
seven Peterson Awards during his tenure.
Beyond honoring the dedicated service of these three
brothers, the holiday party is a chance to give back to the
Lincoln W. Pavey Educational Foundation. Funds raised
from the event benefit the chapter through scholarships,
philanthropic pursuits, and educational opportunities, such
as helping members attend leadership conferences and
training workshops.

Zeta Psi Chapter

Brothers congratulate the chapter sweethearts for the upcoming year.

Over 80 undergraduate members attend the first chapter brotherhood

retreat led by collegians and young alumni.

Zeta Psi Raises over $20,000 at Derby Days

Chapter Committed to Development, Leadership, and Academic Success

ver the past year, the Zeta Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi at the University
of Cincinnati has continued to build on our strengths, especially in the
areas of academic achievement, professional development, and leadership.


As a chapter, we pride ourselves on our commitment to academics and the

quality of our membership. We attained a 3.307 GPA during the spring
2016 semester, ranking us third in grades among the 22 fraternities on
campus. In addition to our academic achievements, we welcomed 25 men
into our brotherhood on December 3, bringing our total membership to
100 brothers.


We hosted our annual philanthropic event, Derby Days, in October. All of

the funds raised from Derby Days benefits the Huntsman Cancer Institute
in Snowbird, Utah. To build off our national ranking as a top fundraising
chapter of Sigma Chi in 2015, we continued our success by focusing on the
spirit of the event, awareness of the work that Huntsman Cancer Institute
does, and by introducing new events. This was the third straight year that we
were able to raise more than $20,000. Additionally, this past spring semester
we rallied around Ben Shealeys 19 father, Wes, who was recently
diagnosed with ALS. Wes has a bucket list dream of visiting as many Major
League Baseball stadiums as possible. Ben wanted to make that dream a
reality, but knew he would need more help, and as a chapter we raised over
$10,000 in one week to fund a father-son bucket list dream trip.


Our brothers continue taking advantage of all that the University of

Cincinnati has to offer. We recently had four brothers return from study
abroad trips in Linz, Austria, and Cork, Ireland. In addition, several
brothers have returned or recently left for co-ops at SpaceX and Neutrogena
in California, Toyota in Michigan, Delta in Atlanta, JMP Securities in New
York City, and Kroger in Indianapolis. As a chapter, weve been extremely
proud of our members success after graduation. We have brothers who
have accepted full-time jobs for the end of the year with Amazon in Seattle,
JMP Securities in New York City, Red Ventures in Charlotte, Sevan in
Denver, and Toyota in various locations across the nation.


Zeta Psi has participated in several workshops and seminars designed to

encourage personal reflection, planning, and growth both for individual
members and the chapter. In November, a few brothers organized a
weekend chapter retreat at St. Annes Convent. Eighty-six brothers
attended the retreat, which featured speeches by young alumni on topics
such as personal reflection and leadership. Brothers have also participated
in the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, strategic visioning sessions
with our chapter advisor, Mission 365 with Sigma Chi Headquarters, and
a Greek community-wide diversity and inclusion seminar.


Connecting alumni and undergraduate brothers has been a focus point this
semester. We host monthly alumni luncheons at the Kenwood Country
Club, where brothers get the opportunity to mingle and to hear from a
keynote speaker on his experience in the Cincinnati community. In spring
2015, we launched an alumni big brother program, which is a mentoring
program pairing alumni brothers with undergraduate brothers. In April, we
hosted our annual parents weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo. The weekend
gives us the chance to tell our parents about the leadership opportunities,
philanthropic efforts, academic achievement, and personal development
we have experienced through Sigma Chi and to thank our parents for all
their support.
Zeta Psi continues to move upward by building on our strengths and
addressing our weaknesses. Our newly elected officers are eager to
improve our chapter house and bring honor to the name of Sigma Chi.
We cant thank our alumni enough for their continuous support. Please
stop by the chapter house the next time you are in town to see the physical
improvements and to connect with the undergraduate brothers.

Students and Zeta Psis raise more than $7,000 at the

first Night at the Races event. The event is part of the
chapters annual philanthropic event, Derby Days.

In Hoc,
Chris Groh 17
Outgoing Chapter President

Sigma Chi

Dr. Edward Bell 42 retired from his dental
practice in 1994 and lives in Cincinnati. He
enjoys politics, sports, and attending jazz music
concerts in the greater Cincinnati area. E-mail:
Charles Wharton 53 lives in Peachtree City,
Ga. He has four children, four grandchildren,
and spends his time playing golf. E-mail:
Charlie Gravenkemper 55 has lived in Seattle,
Wash., since 1961. He and his wife, Jeannie,
have three children. Charlie is retired and still
enjoys playing tennis, golf, and duplicate bridge.
E-mail: cfgseattle@comcast.net
Peter Clarke 56 is enjoying life with many
dear friends. He spends his time playing
golf, traveling, and volunteering. He lives in
Belvedere Tiburon, Calif., with his wife, Mimi.
E-mail: purebrain@aol.com
Carl Agsten 58 is still hard at work as president
of Agsten Construction Company in Charleston,
W.Va., where he lives with his wife, Mary Beth.
E-mail: cagsten@agstenconstruction.com
David Rodger 58 shares that his career was
spent in the software and services business. He
retired from his position as CEO at Infocel Inc.
in 1992. He and his wife, Diane, live in Raleigh,
N.C. E-mail: daverodger@nc.rr.com
Dr. Jack Strong 58 retired in 1991 from his
private dental practice, which he opened in 1965.
He and his wife, Mary, live in Cincinnati and
they have two children and five grandchildren.
E-mail: jackstrong@fuse.net
James Jay Dewitt 59 is retired and lives
in Cincinnati with his wife, Jackie. He spent
his 80th birthday skydiving from 12,000 feet.
E-mail: jaydewitt36@yahoo.com
Don Ruther 59 lives in Fayetteville, N.C., with
his wife, Sharon. He retired in 2001, and has
enjoyed playing golf, volunteering, and being
with his children and grandchildren. E-mail:
Daniel Duval 60 retired from his position as
president and CEO of Robbins and Myers in
1999 and worked as a director and business
consultant until 2012. He now spends
summers in Northern Michigan and winters

in South Florida with his wife, Sue. E-mail:

Robert Heitkamp 60 is retired and lives in
Longview, Texas. He spends his time visiting
his grandchildren, fishing, and volunteering.
E-mail: rfh1960@att.net
Michael Fulton 64 splits his year between
Cincinnati and Naples, Fla., where he has a
winter home. He retired from practicing law in
2010, and his wife, Susan, is a preeminent quilter.
They like to travel and have four children and 13
grandchildren. E-mail: fulton@mfitton.com
Lauren Hill 65 has been married to his wife,
Kathleen, for 50 years, and they live in Seabrook,
Texas. He shares that his son, Charles Hill
93, placed the White Cross on his grandson,
Matthew, at Texas State University in January
2016. It was a very emotional experience for all
of us. E-mail: lauren-hill@comcast.net
Robert Albrecht 66 and his son, Robert J.
Albrecht 98, both served as Consuls in their
respective senior years at UC. Robert 66 lives
in Hudson, Ohio, and is happily retired. E-mail:
John Russell 68 lives in Cincinnati and has
recently celebrated many fiftieshis 50-year
class reunion, 50 years as a Sigma Chi, and 50
years of marriage to his wife, Sandra. E-mail:
George Nickles 73 recently retired from his
part-time retirement job at Ace Hardware. He
and his wife, Kathy, live in Cincinnati. E-mail:
Frank Rizzo 74 lives in Richmond, Va.,
with his wife, Leslie, where he works as vice
president at ThyssenKrupp Materials NA. He
shares that he wishes all the best to my Cincy
Sigs. E-mail: fgrric@verizon.net
Frederic Licata 94 is living in south Florida,
where he works as a branch manager at SunTrust
Bank. He keeps busy with family and helping
raise his nieces and nephews. He says, Sigma
Chi is always in my thoughts with wonderful
memories. E-mail: licata76@bellsouth.net
Jay Ashmore 03 and his wife, Pamela, had
their first child in January 2016, a daughter,
Molly. They are enjoying staying active in

the communities they live and work in, East

Walnut Hills and East Hyde Park. E-mail:
Dennis Kennedy 05 and his wife, Casey, are
expecting their second child in July 2017. They
have one daughter, Reese, and live in Toledo,
Ohio. E-mail: dennis_kennedy@hotmail.com
Daniel McNear 07 is currently stationed at
MCRD Parris Island, where he is a company
commander. He and his family, including wife,
Julia, and daughter, Abigail, are looking forward
to being in the South Carolina Lowcountry
for the next year while he waits for his orders.
E-mail: mcnear.ds@gmail.com
Scott Reed 08 lives in Cincinnati, where he
works as a firefighter, paramedic, and SWAT
medic. E-mail: reeds@email.uc.edu
Erik Huber 09 recently moved to Navarre
Beach, Fla., and is stationed at Hurlburt Field
under AF Special Operations Command,
USSOCOM. He was promoted to technical
sergeant in July and has taken over as unit
training manager for his new squadron. He and
his wife, Katrina, recently purchased their first
home. Erik adds, We both are super excited
to be making the trip to NOLA in February as
part of the Zeta Psi/Soergel annual Mardi Gras
celebration! If anyone is down in the Destin/
Ft. Walton Beach/Pensacola area of Floridas
Emerald Coast, dont hesitate to contact us!
E-mail: erik.w.huber@gmail.com
Sean Lee 09 is working on launching a new
Procter and Gamble brand and has been enjoying
living in downtown Cincinnati with his wife,
Robin. He also stays busy traveling to China
and the United Kingdom and serving as a JDRF
board member. E-mail: seanleem@gmail.com
Jason Tedtman 12 just purchased a house
in the Oakley area of Cincinnati. In July, he
was promoted to senior designer in the design
department at Procter and Gamble. E-mail:
David Hebeler 16 is currently working with
American Electric Power (AEP) in Kalamazoo,
Mich. He works in substations to help protect
and control against potential power outages.
E-mail: davidhebeler5@gmail.com

Fall 2016 Initiates
Avery Abraham 21 Morrow, Ohio
Ryan Coffey 21 Mason, Ohio
Jack Dennehy 20 Mason, Ohio
Ryan Dertinger 21 Columbus, Ohio
Nicholas Heuker 20 Milford, Ohio
Michael Heyob 20 Wilmington, Ohio
Howard Hughes III 19 Cincinnati, Ohio
Will Jackson 20* Amberley Village, Ohio
(Father Dave Jackson, University of Utah 74)
Kareem Khouri 18 Cincinnati, Ohio
Robert Kindle 21 Cincinnati, Ohio
Donald Korman 21 Cincinnati, Ohio
Ben Lang 20 Mason, Ohio
Connor Martin 21* Cincinnati, Ohio
(Brother Alex Martin 16)
Jack Martinsen 21 Avon Lake, Ohio
Paul Messerly 20 Cincinnati, Ohio
Michael Musilli 21 Columbus, Ohio
Nicholas Naderhoff 20* Columbus, Ohio
(Uncle Brett Barthel, Ohio State University 92)
Jacob Nichols 20* Cincinnati, Ohio
(Father Kelly Nichols 97)
Evan Pascarella 21* Shaker Heights, Ohio
(Cousin Joseph Pascarella,
University of Memphis 17)
Kiefer Pottschmidt 21 Columbus, Ohio
Drew Schramm 21* Cincinnati, Ohio
(Brother Adam Schramm 16 and Cousins
Matthew Schramm 18 and Jason Schramm 14)
Joseph Schroeder 20 Cincinnati, Ohio
Matthew Shepherd 21* Cincinnati, Ohio
(Grandfather John Shepard)
Alan Shi 20 Columbus, Ohio
Kirby Slater 20 Mason, Ohio
*Legacy; relation in parentheses



Sigma Chi - University of Cincinnati



Sigma Chi Zeta Psi Alumni
Cincinnati Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter


Lincoln W. Pavey Educational Foundation
P.O. Box 42605
Blue Ash, OH 45242-0605
Address Service Requested

Attention: This newsletter is intended for alumni and parents. If your son is still
attending the University of Cincinnati, he will receive a copy at the chapter house. If he has
graduated, please send us his permanent address. Thank you.

Announcing the 2016-17 Executive Board

Welcome, Newly Elected Chapter Officers!

Zachary Allaben 18
Pro Consul
Ethan Fernandes 19
Daniel Tamanko 18
Michael Carlin 18
Recruitment Chairmen
Ethan Fernandes 19 and Mitchel Galvin 19

Daniel Cox 19
Jeremy Fernandes 17
Risk Manager
Colin Farrell 18
Scholarship Chairman
Dylan Bryan 19
Trevor Hogue 19
Grant Galvin 18

Alumni Relations Chairman

Tyler Creel 18
Community Service Chairman
Connor Bryan 20
Derby Days Chairmen
Jack Fitzgerald 17 and John Capannari 17
Chase LaVeer 19

Zeta Psi brothers chaperone 20 kids from Inner

City Youth Opportunities (ICYO) for their field
trip to the Cincinnati Nature Center in September.