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Judgement of Divorce Part - 4

A judgement of divorce is a form or legal document signed by a judge during the final hearing. This
document states that a couple is divorced. It is written according to the decree given in court or
according to terms agreed upon by both parties. Having a judgement of divorce written in court is a
very important process in a divorce case. It is written during the final judgement and it is among the first
steps to the end of a divorce. In most states a couple has to prove that there is no sign of reconciliation
and that both parties have agreed to the divorce. If there are no problems with your paperwork, the
judge will sign the judgement and it will be given to the court clerk for signing.

There are three different ways to how a judgement of divorce can be entered in court. The first way is
through a default judgement. Once a petitioner files for a divorce petition in court, and the respondent
is served with it and he or she does not file an answer, the court will enter a default judgement against
the respondent. Default judgements are one sided judgements. This means that a judgement of divorce
will be written favoring the petitioner. Everything the petitioner will ask for will be granted by the court.
In most cases the court will give the respondent a period of time to present before the court a reason as
to why he or she did not file an answer. If after this period of time the respondent still does not file for
an answer the judgement will be written and presented before the court.
The second way is through a contested divorce. A contested divorce is a divorce where both parties do
not agree to the terms of the divorce. A trial or hearing is held and the judge will listen to the arguments

and evidence presented by both parties and during the final judgement, the judge will issue a decree
stating the terms of the divorce. From the decree, a judgement of divorce will be written and then
presented before the judge for signing.
The third way is through an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is a divorce where both
parties agree to the terms of the divorce. Once both parties agree to the terms of a divorce, one of the
partys lawyers will write a judgement of divorce according to the terms agreed on and will present it
before a judge for signing.
In all the three ways, the judgement is given to the clerk for filling into records and after it is filed both
parties are issued with a copy. One can file for an appeal but most states give a limited period of time
after which you cannot file for an appeal. After receiving a copy both parties can then request for a
certificate of divorce which acts as prove that the divorce was finalized. Both parties can remarry after
being issued with a judgement of divorce copy.
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