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VIYELLATEX group is a rapidly growing multi dimensional organization in Bangladesh.

a very short period of time, the organization has earned a solid reputation both locally and
globally in the textile and apparel sector. With a fully vertical integrated setup, the group has
since spread out to other ventures- tea production, logistics management services, engineering &
power and education.
With its state-of-the-art technology and a highly competent management team, the group has
successfully etched its brand name worldwide as a reliable manufacturer of textile products.
Products of VIYELLATEX group reach worldwide today.
While VIYELLATEX remains a 100% export-oriented organization, the company vision remains
focused towards uplifting Bangladesh on a global scale. The group has achieved numerous
awards for business, social and environmental performance over the years and remains strongly
committed towards the Millennium Development Goals. VIYELLATEX will soon be venturing
towards the energy and engineering sector.
The highest governance body is the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for setting the
plans and strategies of the company. These plans and strategies are implemented by the
Executive Board. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, directors, all business unit heads and Groupwide business function heads constitute the Executive Board. This helps in effective
communication and consultation of plans and strategies. The Executive Board has the freedom to
come up with suggestions to set new goals or plans or even change previous decisions upon
discussion. The decisions are then delegated to the respective concerned departments of each
business unit and business function for full implementation.
Industries & Companies

Over the last decade, VIYELLATEX has integrated its business into a complete composite setup
where production begins with the import of raw cotton. This cotton is converted to the
internationally branded apparels after undergoing the processes of knitting, dyeing, washing,
cutting, sewing and finishing. Apart from apparel and textile manufacturing, VIYELLATEX has
moved on to newer horizons in the form of logistics services, tea production and very recently,

the energy and engineering sector. At present, VIYELLATEX group comprises of 11 business

VIYELLATEX - Knit Apparel and Textile Manufacturing

Interfab Shirt Manufacturing - Woven Apparel and Textile Manufacturing
Fashion Plastic & Packaging - Textile Accessories Manufacturing
Gothic Design - Fabric Printing and Embroidery
VIYELLATEX Spinning - Spinning Mill
Logistic Management Services - Warehouse Service Provider
Eco Couture Knit Green Factory
Royal Valley Planters - Tea Manufacturing
Midland Power Energy and Engineering
Ecofab Woven Green Factory
PHIS Pledge Harbor International School

VIYELLATEX believes in being flexible to change. With time, the needs of stakeholders,
environment and the people change and so the group evolves to cope up with the change;
keeping the Vision, Mission and Values intact.
Human Capital Management
VIYELLATEX considers human resources as its greatest assets and so it strives to preserve,
nurture and develop the people to perform at their fullest potential.
VIYELLATEX focuses on diversification as much as it values the core business because it
believes that continuous improvement comes with continuous efforts to grow bigger; without
compromising the quality of the delivery.

Our goal is to be the efficient manufacturer and service provider in our customer industries,
collaborating with our customers to continuously improve their competitiveness. Technology is
one of the key success factors in achieving this goal, as well as in improving the profitability of
our own business.

VIYELLATEX uses state-of-the-art technology in its lines. The modern machinery used is aimed
at effectively reducing wastage and improve our efficiency. It has also integrated Information
Technology with its business process with the use of global software solutions such as Systems,
Applications and Products (SAP) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Fast React, General
Sewing Data (GSD), Orgatex, KORMEE etc.
Ensure growth, expansion and profit by being socially and environmentally responsible. This
is the VIYELLATEX approach to Corporate Sustainability.
The economic, social and environmental aspects of the business are commanded by the 3Ps
Profit, People and Planet. Corporate sustainability is taken as a business approach that creates
long-term consumer and employee value by not only being "green" and protecting the natural
environment, but also taking into consideration every dimension of how these initiatives profit
the business in economic terms as well.
The VIYELLATEX Sustainability Mission Statement
VIYELLATEX aims to conduct a profitable and respectable business in a manner that protects
the ecosystem and all stakeholders of the company. All efforts are focused on four key areas:

Constantly seeking newer ways to save energy

Continuously reducing waste from operations

Selling products that are safe to consumers and the environment

Sharing knowledge and resources with employees and communities to improve the
quality of life for both.

Sustainability Approach

Be efficient in the direct use of energy, material and water with objectives in line for
percentage needed to reduce.

Be carbon neutral, offsetting residual carbon emissions in demonstrably sustainable ways.

Be compliant with local and international regulations, including those with environmental
and social impact.

Encourage the use of sustainable products and services.

Work with customers and partners to define more environmentally and socially
sustainable ways of meeting objectives.

Encourage employees to live lifestyles with low environmental impact.

Encourage social involvement to help build more sustainable communities.

Set targets, reports and reviews and continuously improve performance.