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Harender Singh Bisht

7+ years of IT Experience as Oracle Developer for System Analysis, Designing, Testing
Development & Support of Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g & 11g in Production, Staging, Development
Experience in financial, retail and telecom domain.
Expert in creating SQL Queries, PL/SQL package, function, stored procedure, triggers, and
Created database objects like tables, views, sequences, synonyms, indexes using Oracle tools
like SQL*Plus , SQL Developer and Toad.
Enforced data integrity using integrity constraint and database triggers.
Proficient in advance features of Oracle 11g for PL/SQL programming like Using Records and
Collections, Bulk Bind, Ref. Cursors, Nested tables and Dynamic SQL.
Experience in SQL and PL/SQL tuning and query optimization tools like SQL Trace, Explain Plan,
Strong knowledge in Oracle utilities like SQL*Loader, Export/Import and data pump utilities like
Extensively used package like DBMS_STATS, UTL_FILE, DBMS_SCHEDULER and UTL_SMTP.
Strong knowledge with PL/SQL Wrapper to protect the PL/SQL procedures or packages.
Extensively used Cubes & Rollups for making cross tabular reports.
Strong knowledge of Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema, Dimension and Fact table.
Expertise in handling errors using Exceptions.
Making structural changes to the database objects.
Transferred data using data transfer tools like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SFTP (Smart
Exposure & knowledge of designing logical & physical Data Model in Relational Database
Management System (RDBMS).
Experience in working high-transacted OLTP systems.
Extensive experience with all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle including analysis,
Resource Planning, code development, testing, implementing and maintenance.
Documentation of projects for Functional Requirement Spec (FRS), Use case Spec, ER-Diagram,
Test Plan, and Test Script & Test Cases.
Have worked in fast paced AGILE environment & attended daily scrum meeting.
Assisted QA Teams for bug testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) & System Integration
Highly motivated, excellent team player, enthusiastic, strong initiative and quick learner of new
Strong interpersonal and communication skills in dealing with customers.
Backend Oracle 11g/10g/9i Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle 10g/9i Application Server
Frontend Oracle Developer Suite 10g/9i/2000, SQL * Loader, SQL * Plus, FORMS Builder 6i,
REPORTS Builder 6i, XML ,Oracle XE 10g/11g
Programming ORACLE PL/SQL 10g/9i/8.0, UNIX K-Shell Scripting, C,C++, JAVA, J2EE, Servlets,
Java Script, Visual Basic, COBOL
RDBMS Oracle 9i/10g/11g, MS Access 2000/2002, MS-SQL Server 2005/2000/7.0/6.5
Third Party Tools PL/SQL Developer, TOAD 8.6/7.5/7.0, Putty, Workflows , ERWin
Operating System Windows 98/2000/XP/NT, UNIX (SunOS 5.7, Solaris 8, HP-UX), Redhat Linux
Others XML, HTML, SVN, Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), IBM Rational Clear Case and Clear
Quest, Caliber, CVS, Eclipse, Quality Center, Dimensions

Master's from University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India
MetLife Inc, Moosic, PA
Data Analyst / Pl/SQL Developer

(Feb 12- Present)

MetLife Inc, a fortune 100 company, has various lines of business and products. It has its IT
development in various parts of the country and worldwide. Customers and Customer service is
critical to all the lines of Business. The Customer relationship management application (MetCare)
ensures the existing customers or the potential customers queries are answered immediately.
Since Customers are critical to the Insurance Industry, this application played a critical role in
MetLife's growth. Enhancements to the application are a major factor in addressing the growing
customer needs.
Participated in Designing databases (schemas) to ensure that the relationship between data is
guided by tightly bound Key constraints.
Involved in Business Requirements, System analysis and Design of the Data warehouse
Data Analysis primarily Identifying Data Sets, Source Data, Source Meta Data, Data Definitions
and Data Formats.
Designed Physical and Logical Data model and Data flow diagrams.
Involved in the creation of database objects like Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions,
Packages, DB triggers, Indexes.
Worked on various tables to create Indexes to improve query performance. Also worked on
partitioning large Tables using Range Partitioning, creating Index Organized Table, Rollback
Involved in writing several Queries and Procedures.
Built database objects like Tables and Views.
Involved in the Database Design (Relational and Dimensional models) using ERwin.
Defined both logical views and physical data structure using ERwin.
Converted all Oracle ETL Packages to Informatica Mappings and created workflows/Sessions.
Developed Informatica Mappings using various Transformations and PL/SQL Packages to
extract, transformation and loading of data.
Filtered and Loaded data from different formats of data sources into Database Tables.
Extracted required data from the database tables and exported the data to different sources in
different formats.
Worked with several tools to access and perform several operations on database.
Experience in Generating Reports.
Developed Data entry, query and reports request screens and tuned the SQL queries.
Used joins, indexes effectively in where clauses for Query optimization.
Assisted in gathering requirements by performing system analysis of the requirements with the
technology teams.
Environment: Toad, SQL* Plus, SQL* Loader, Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server, Informatica 8.5, ERwin,
Windows XP, UNIX.
Citigroup, Edison, NJ
Oracle PL/SQL Developer


Description: Citi is a leading global financial services company. Citi provides its customers with a
broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate
and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management.
The project was to develop Master data management system for the investment banking and
asset management division of Citi group.
Involved in SDLC gathering requirements from end users.
Developed views to facilitate easy interface implementation and enforce security on critical
customer information.
Developed stored procedures and triggers to facilitate consistent data entry into the database.
Written Stored Procedures using PL/SQL and functions and procedure for common utilities.
Participated in system analysis and data modeling, which included creating tables, views,
indexes, synonyms, triggers, functions, procedures, cursors and packages.
Created programming code using advanced concepts of Records, Collections, and Dynamic
Developed Database Triggers for audit and validation purpose.
Used pipelined functions for faster data accessibility.
Writing validation packages using PL/SQL package.
Used PL/SQL to validate data and to populate billing tables.
Used advanced Bulk techniques (FOR ALL, BULK COLLECT) to improve performance.
Developed Installation scripts for all the deliverables.
Performed functional testing for the procedures and packages.
Created and manipulated stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers using TOAD.
Wrote heavy stored procedures using dynamic SQL to populate data into temp tables from fact
and dimensional tables for reporting purpose.
Involved in migrating database from oracle 9i to 10g database.
Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Toad, SQL*Loader, SQL Navigator, Caliber, CVS,
Eclipse, Quality Center, Dimensions, Windows 2000 server.
Comcast Corporation, Philadelphia, PA April 09 -- DEC 2010
Oracle Developer / PL/SQL Developer.
Description: Comcast Corporation is one of the world's leading media, entertainment and
communications companies. Comcast Cable is one of the nation's largest video, high-speed
Internet and phone providers to residential and business customers. Comcast is mostly involved
in the operation of cable systems through Comcast Cable and in the development, production
and distribution of entertainment, news, sports and other content for global audiences through
NBCUniversal. Comcast is the majority owner and manager of NBCUniversal, which owns and
operates entertainment and news cable networks, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks,
television production operations, a major motion picture company and theme parks.
Analyzed data to check for Data Integrity and Referential Integrity when loaded to sourcestaging tables.
Created tables to capture errors and data that failed Validation Checks.
Re-validated corrected data from source and re-processed to get them loaded to the oracle
Re-worked on the BAD Files that were generated by SQL Loader.
Used SED and AWK in UNIX Shell scripting to correct the data issues in the SQL-Loader data
Responsible to write scripts which identify the legacy data and the valid data.
Created Database Objects such as Tables, Views and Synonyms to provide data access to
subscribing parties.
Created/modified various Packages, Stored Procedure & Functions as part of the data validation

and cleansing process.

Pro-actively participated in SQL tuning, Used ANALYZE, DBMS_STATS, EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL
Used SQL hints and Indexes as needed to improve SQL performance.
Designed and Created Database objects and Written PL/SQL PROGRAMMING for data extraction
and transformation.
Wrote UNIX Shell scripts for performing development and DBA activities.
Tested the ETL process in testing environment and created test cases.
Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, SQL, PL/SQL, Redhat Linux 2.1/3.0, Windows 2000 server, TOAD,
Providence Health Care Systems, Portland, OR
Pl/SQL Developer and Data Migrations

(April 08 - March 09)

Providence is a leading health care provider in Oregon, Washington and California. Providence
Health & Services is a not-for-profit Catholic health care ministry committed to providing for the
needs of the communities it serves -- especially for those who are poor and vulnerable.
Providence continues a tradition of caring that the Sisters of Providence began more than 155
years ago. Providence's comprehensive scope of services includes 27 hospitals, 214 physician
clinics, senior services and supportive housing, a health plan, a liberal arts university, a high
school and many other health and educational services. The health system spans five states -Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon and Washington -- with its system office located in Renton,
Gathered the Requirement from the business user and prepared the program specification and
design document for the development of the CEMR Application.
Completely involved in migrating data to Epic applications in a text file format and transferring
the data onto the FTP Server which is accessible to the interface team.
Involved in analyzing the root cause for the missing data and providing the missing data from
the Extracts for Testing.
Extensively worked in providing updated records of the patients on weekly basis by comparing
the with the previously-Exported patients records.
Involved in keeping track of previously-Exported patients and archived them for future
reference purpose.
Created the PL/SQL packages, procedures, functions applying the business logic to update the
patients' database.
Created custom triggers to automatically populate different tables and also to restrict the data
being inserted to the timesheet tables.
Design and developed the scripts to create table, views, indexes and sequence.
Created the custom tables to import the Patient's data and insert into the database tables.
Developed the SQL*Loader scripts to load data into the staging tables from the flat files.
Extensively used DTS package in Migration of the data from the previous timesheet database in
SQL Server database to Oracle 10g.
Extensively involved in tuning the queries and applying hints for faster and better performance
of the SQL queries.
Used Perl Scripting in moving the files faster to the Archive folders.
Used FTP to transfer the files into different servers as per needed by the business users.
Involved in preparing BRD, functional document, user document, process flow diagram and
flow charts.
Created the test scripts and complex queries to test the application and to quality assurance of
the data.
Involved in preparing test plans, unit testing, System integration testing, implementation and

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, SQL Server, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, TOAD 10, FTP, DTS
package, MS- Office, UNIX (Putty), Perl Scripts, MS Office, MS Visio.
Reliance Communication Ltd, India
Jr Pl/SQL Server Developer

(Aug 2006 - March 2008)

Reliance communication is India's largest private telecomm provider; Reliance Communications

Limited is presently operating Cellular Phone Services in all over India, considered as one of the
best service providers of mobile telephony in India. I was involved maintaining database,
Handling Performance issues, Query Optimization, Locking Issue, creating DTS Package and
Developing packages, procedures, functions, and triggers for the application.
Using UNIX environment for performing the testing
Performing the tests on the newly coded procedures and documenting the same.
Writing technical documents using the functional specifications.
Writing PL/SQL code using the technical and functional specifications.
Creating Oracle objects like tables, types, packages, procedures and functions.
Automated sqlldr using shell scripting.
Automated data fetch using UNIX shell script.
Optimized the queries to improve the performance of the application.
Environment: Oracle 8.3, SQL * Plus, TOAD, SQL*Loader, Forms 4.5 & Reports3.0 and Windows
2000 professional, UNIX shell scripting.