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RiSEA Propulsion Indonesia

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PT. Citra Shipyard

05th January 2016
For the attention of:
Mr. Eby
General Manager

Copy to: Li Ting

Our Reference

: RP16102-01/BdW/PT Citra Shipyard

Your Reference

: Email received 30th December2015


: Bow Thruster System(s)

Dear Mr. Eby,

We have the pleasure of sending ourCOSTproposal RP16102-01 for two (2) shipsets. Eachshipset
consisting of one (1) electric 160 Kw Electric Bow Thruster System, Model BT150E with an electric
drive and full bridge controls.

Model BT150E
Electric Bow Thruster System
We remain at your service, and are
Yours faithfully,
Bert de Wijs

Manager Director

Proposal RP16102-01 continued

RiSEA Propulsion /PT. Citra Shipyard

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For the supply of two (2) Electric Podded Bow Thruster Systems Model BT150E


Each (1) Model BT150E Electric Podded Bow Thruster System rated at
160 Kw, delivering nominal 2440 kg-f Thrust. The Electric Pod thruster
is complete with electric drive and Vfdcontroller (400Vac, 50/3) one (1)
full bridge control panel and one (1) RemoteControl Station.

Each Electric Podded Bow Thruster system will be complete as required and includes the following

Electric Podded BT150E Bow Thruster Assembly


One (1) Model BT150E Electric Podrated at 160 kW, delivering 2440 kg-f of thrust and
consisting of the following.

One (1) Fixed Pitch Electric Pod Assembly, mounted in a tunnel section (steel) for
direct mounting to the vessels structure, the Electric Pod incorporates a brush-less ac
electric motor, designed as an integrated part of the pod housing, mounted directly to
the thruster drive shaft, includes radial/thrust bearings and mechanical seal assembly.

One (1) 4-bladed

thruster propeller, Kaplan Style, material- NAB construction
(Propeller diameter 924.0 mm).

One (1) 1500mm length steel tunnel section for transverse mounting into the ships
structure, 966.0 mm O.D. diameter with 12.0 mm wall.

Two (2) Sets of dimensional drawings (Auto Cad Format)

Two (2) Sets of operational/maintenance manuals.

Proposal RP16102-01 continued

RiSEA Propulsion /PT. Citra Shipyard

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The Electric Pod thrusters are designed to be installed in the fore or aft body of the vessel. The Thruster
gear unit(s) shall be housed in a motor case made of high strength material with sea water resistant
protection against corrosion. The fixed pitch propeller is fitted to a standard tapered stainless steel

2.0 Accessories
The Electric Pod Thruster System is provided with the following

One (1) Electric Brushless Motor, incorporated as part of the thruster hub.
Gear Unit (Thruster Pod + Propeller)
Tunnel Section (length as quoted extra length optional).
One (1) Proportional VFD Motor Starter/Controller system
Control Panel for (1) Main Bridge Fwd. Panel + (1) Remote Station
Installation material (such as nuts, bolts, washers etc.)
Cable Glands for Electrical Enclosures

3.0Testing & Certification

The equipment to be manufactured shall be shop tested in assembled form at our workshop. The test
performed shall be the manufactures standard test procedure and shall form part of the final test report.

4.0 Price Schedule

The total system price for the proposed equipment as described above shall be


Unit Cost

Total Cost

Model150BTE complete with:

Bow Thruster / Tunnel
VFD Drive
Bridge Control(s)

One (1) shipset price net


Two (2) Shipset price net ( discount price net )

@Rp1.050.000.000per unit x two (2) ships


The above quoted items are packed, Ex Works (Batam) but does not include any sales or import taxes
that might be required at destination.

Proposal RP16102-01 continued

RiSEA Propulsion /PT. Citra Shipyard

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The above quoted items are packed and delivered Ex Works our facility (Batam-Indonesia) but does not
include any sales or import taxes that might be required at destination.
Delivery: 5 months after receipt of your purchase order and any approved drawing requirements
Included in the price as above:

All spares for commissioning and startup are optional supply

All BKI Class requirements and Certificates are included at cost +15%

5.0 Commissioning Charges Please note for Batam Shipyards no Day Rates are
charged to the shipyard/customer.
We estimate that a total of 3 days are required for each shipset. (max 10h/day) Price per day, travel
expenses, board and stay are not included in our proposal.
Shipyard Required/Labor Rates - Field Service Equipment rework, customer changes, or
troubleshooting of customer equipment necessary to finalize start-up of the equipment, will be charged
under the standard rates and terms.
Field rates and charges are not and do not include taxes and surcharges which may be applicable in
locations where fieldwork is performed.

Rate Schedule

Engineer, Field Service

Electrician, Marine Class
Electrician Helper, Marine Class

Hourly Base Rates

$ 115. -- / hour
$ 90. -- / hour
$ 60. -- / hour

All the hours worked over the normal schedule work period will be at 1.4 times the hourly base rate. All
hours worked on the seventh day, and holidays, will be at 1.8 times the hourly base rate

6.0 Shipyard Responsibility

Provide continuous free and safe access to the equipment covered by this quotation. Provide location
and protection on-site of equipment prior to installation, warehouse space and security. Provide
temporary power and lighting.
Familiarize company personnel with safety regulations and practices in effect at work location. RiSEA
Propulsion shall be under no obligation to commence work unless safety practices are acceptable to the
employees. Class fees (inspection and review) by others.
This proposal is based upon the Companys interpretation of your plans and specifications and is
subject to correction for errors in such plans or specifications. This document and any other documents
specifically referred to as being a part hereof constitutes the entire agreement on the subject matter and
it shall not be modified except in writing signed by both parties.

Proposal RP16102-01 continued

RiSEA Propulsion /PT. Citra Shipyard

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7.0 Guarantee
The items covered in this proposal and specification shall be guaranteed against defect/damages due
to faulty design, poor workmanship and material for a period of 12 months from date of ship delivery
from citra shipyard to end client service or 18 months from date of pt risea shipment.

8.0 Documentation
The following documents, drawings and data shall be supplied in two (2) fold as part of any issued

Binding dimensional drawings & installation guides

Electrical drawings such as internal wiring diagrams, cable diagrams, schematic
drawing and terminal connections.
Technical Data
Material & Class Certificate (BKI)
Installation commissioning, operation & maintenance manuals with spare part

9.0Required Payments
9.1 Payment Terms


9.2. Insurance
9.3. Packing &


15% down payment by TT transfer payable against our invoice.

85% of the Contract Price payable upon notification of pending
The following documents will be sent on shipment of the goods:
a. Clean Bill of Lading.
b. Signed Commercial Invoice.
c. Certificate of Origin.
d. Detailed Packing List.
e. Test & Inspection Certificates.
Insurance for Shipboard value to be assigned to Buyers.
Insurance to be covered up to point of destination.
Seaworthy export packing that is to load the equipment into
containers with the top sections able to be removed for easy
crane access so as to withstand Sea and hard journey up to
Buyers Shipyard with identification marks according to
Incoterms 2010.

Yours faithfully,
PT. RiSEA Propulsion Indonesia
Bert de Wijs
Managing Director

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