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Le clirecteur gdndral des dlecti,ons * 'fhc Chief Electoral Officer

ti\l'{r\ I t,t'

TlTe Honorable Mr. Geolf Regan, M.P,

Speaker of the }Iouse nf Commans

House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A.6

June 6, ?016

Subject: Resignation of the Chief Electoral Officer

Dear Mr. Speaker:

It is with mixed feelings that i ani infonnirrg you that I will step down as Chief Electoral

Oflicer on Decenrher 28,2A16,

For personal reasons, md after factoring in the electoral calendar for 2019, I have consluded that it would be preferable to leave my position at the end of the year to allow my successor the necessary time to assurne the responsibility and guide the future direction of Electicns Canada. Given Elections Canada's ambitious electoral services rnodernization plans and the gorrernment'-c consideration of fundamental reforms to our eleetoral systern, I beli*ve

the early appointment ol'a successor to lead Elections Canada well aheacl of the next general

election is essential and should not be de1ayeil.

It is my hope that this early notise will provide sufficient time for Memhers of the House of Commons to agree on the appointment of a new Chief Ele*toral Officer before I leave my positinn" I am confident that the appointment of my successor will proceed with the

unanimous approval of Members af the House, in accordance with Iongstanding tradition, In

my opinion, this support is critical to the success of the Chief Electoral Officer in the exercise rf his or her functinns.

Elections Canada is a first class institution that is ttre envy of many natians around the

world anrl a model for young democraciss. This reputation would not tre possible without the hard work and dedication oloutstanding staff in the pursuit af excellence.

I will leave rny functions hiunbled by the responsibilities entrusted to me but with

enormous pride in having served my fellorv citizens and their elected representatives.

Throughout my tenure as Chief Electoral Officer, I caried out rny duties with the snle purgose

of ensuring that all Canadians, regardless of tlisir life circumstancss; had the opportunity to vote

and to be oonfident that the rules rvere applied fairly and rvith the utmost impartiality in all

circumstances, thereby assuring the iegitirnacy of their elected representatives.

30. ru* Victoria J 3O Viculi;r Streelr, (larilt*arr. {-anadrt Idii\ 0h.{t-j *


S'}3-93?-i.St(i,/ 1-lr{iil-463"{i${i{l


Ea- i{ ,l iC V ( I O,'ll1 l

During the coming months, my priority will be to finalize my recommendations report ta Farliament for legislative change. These recammendations will seek to achieve the much-

needed rnodernization of our electoral process while preserving or enhancing its integrity anrl

fairness. I will be recommending changes that, in my respectful opinion, are essential tcr responding to Canadians' expectations, and will be designed tn be integrated easily into any electoral m.odel that Parliament may adopt ahead of the 2019 general election.

I would trike to conclude by thanking all parliarnentarians for the mandate they cnnferred on me nearly ten years ago. They can rest assured of my full cooperation, and that of Elections Canada's staff, tr: ellsurg a smooth and effpctive transiti*n.

Respeetfully and rnost sineerely,

* q*i:*



. S"_ r*



!e6\ {7w


Marc Mayrand

Canada's Chief Electoral Officer

c.c.: Mr. Marc Bosc, Acting Clerk ofthe Hause of Commons Mr. fJominic LeBlanc, Government House Leader

Mr. Andrew Scheer, Opptsition House Leader

Mr. Peter Julian, New Demomatic Party Flouse Leader Mr. Larry Bagrrell, Chair of Standing Committee on Procedures and House Affairs

Encl.: The letter to the Right Honorable Prime Minister




JUN 16 2016


Solicitor for

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Risk Management


6 2016



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JUF\I 16 201$

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