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June 24, 2016



Marc Boyer, on behalf of the Radical Parti Marijuana Party


The Honourable Geoff Regan M. P. - Speaker of the House of Commons Mr. Yves Côté, Q.C. – Commissioner of Canada Elections

RE: On starting the process to seek remedy to eventually settle any warehouse receipt claims.

1. As i understand your trust obligations: Now that my claim [of June 6, 2016] is served onto Geoff Regan means that i should open negotiations by directing an order on how things can proceed in an orderly manner. As i see it, this undertaking should seek a series of 7 remedies under this C'estui que Vie Trust /Usufruct Remedy [that Marc Mayrand dropped at Mr. Geoff Regan's feet]. This results where [under pure trust law] i'm now in the position, where i should start directing Geoff Regan, to undertake the burden of welding the power of the Sceptre, in order to not hold back from an opportunity to fulfill good first fruit thru the Gentle Spirit, in order to offer everyone a chance to benefit from what's been called: the year of my Lord's Grace.

2. In order to effect this end, let's first start with [what at face value] is easy to undertake:

Which is by fixing the mess originally created by Marc Boyer adding a caveat /contract to our Vancouver Quadra /2005 campaign deposit, which resulted in Jean Pierre Kingsley refusing to deliver my $1,000. refund for that 2005 election campaign. Since Marc Mayrand holds mixed feelings on this subject, results where the duty falls on your watch to uphold the public trust; this means Geoff Regan, with the power of the Sceptre, is responsible to act righteously, now that he is engaged to act accordingly, in order to effectively initiate the year of my Lord's grace.

1. As we see it, there is no excuse to not comply with the following first undertaking:

Marc Boyer is directing Geoff Regan to order Mr. Yves Côté, Q.C, under Sec 337 CC, to immediately comply with the caveat that was attached to my $1000. deposit for the 2005 electoral campaign, by tabling this letter as a publicly posted notice in the Gazette, and then address the options available, before delivering our society any monetary settlement.

2. This notice shall in effect be a Sec 39 CCC contractual agreement with Marc Boyer, and all officers agents and members acting under this declaration, to actually hold a claim of right to trespass on the Crown's Domain while in peaceful possessing the articles of our belief, in order to protect our commercial common law premises from trespass by anyone acting on an assumption /presumption that Maritime /Admiralty Rule can encroach on our guarantees to protect our RUBRIC, by stipulating that any victim of abuse of our common law rights can find civil remedy under Sec 39 CCC as being applicable for minor offences, and that provisions under Sec 279 CC –Trafficking in Person apply to aggravated offences.

3. As we see it: (1) From this initial good deed, our membership will be fairly compensated, and

we can move on, by closing this BC Appeals Case file No. CA 45309, and proceed quickly to fulfill the greater good (2) of appearing in a pure administrative court, and seek remedy to my

enslavement that Marc Mayrand was subjecting onto me.

with the power of the Sceptre, can pay the ransom held by 7 wicked sisters, where (3) in that day a metanoia occurs thru the Gentle Spirit, where everything is beautiful, where we proceed to (4) create a form of currency that will never topple [as to Isaiah 40-on] by following a path that has never been followed, which is created by (5) bringing the dead to life thru human means [as to 1Cor15] which is created by changing the Law Societies oath from 'serving the Sovereign's interest', to 'upholding God's creation', where (6) we inherit the earth as sons, where (7) Jesus Christ returns to bring life to the dead once and or all. Where we all shine on like the moon the stars and the son, where 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 all good children inherit Heaven on earth as sons, to the glorious freedom of all mankind, in the year of my Lord's grace.

[As to Isaiah 3-4], Geoff Regan,


As we see it: This remedy can be dismissed by Geoff Regan as my fanciful illusion, which means he can hold back from undertaking point (1), which will quash this good first fruit initiative in the bud, and that's just the way it is when dealing with any pure trust law ruling.

1. This daunting prophecy of only a remnant of the House that Albert Pike built will survive is knocking at your door; whereas, if Geoff Regan refuses to respect the fact that there is no way my case can loose, when pressed in a pure administrative trust ruling, means there is no honour. It's called tyranny: taking what nobody doth have a right to take.

2. But then, Paul throughout Galatians contends that if God's grace cannot be achieved by the righteousness thru the law, [with this challenge], then Christ died for nothing.

4. As we see it. The entire value of the C'estui que Vie Trust in 1951/52 [before King George VI died] is expressed in the filigree that borders my Birth Statement, which is an ancient Sumerian way to tabulate this total sum on deposit in this C'estui que Vie Trust account; whereas,

1. Under the Warehouse Receipts Act, this bearer bond's total value plus interest for 64 years, can be delivered by the trustees, who administer this C'estui que Vie Trust, and under Sec 336 CC, a court of competent jurisdiction can disburse funds to fix the liability created by Queen Elizabeth II's broken trust. As i read trust law: under Sec 8 CC – Territories Act - the one with the deepest pocket wins every time in a pure trust ruling, so let's proceed.

1. Either way, the men of the Nineveh are being summoned to rise in indignation.

2. As to the ancient Sumerian lore attached to this trust, i've achieved the impossible of working thru a gauntlet of obstacles, so that [as to Romans 3] good can result from the evil that this loathsome Sumerian trust spawned on humanity; i say this to the shame of you all.

3. As i see it, the good tidings contained in Shalom – Let's all meet again on the other side of an Isaiah metanoia [called God's grace] is actually being pressed.

5. As i see it, it's not up to me what you do with this offer. Never make me leader of people.

1. All i can do is prepare the way to have the Son of the Living God return to earth; He casts off the wages of sin; all the angels combined cannot do that. Just initiate good first fruit, in order to return to the order of things, back to when we were caretakers of the Garden.

6. I ask: why do you resist initiating an opportunity to create this Promised Land as our new Covenant, instead of this demonic New World Order? Do you not accept that the chaos

created by this offer will create this benevolent end?

been doing is sidestepping this issue, so actually no one has refused this offer, yet.

Well, frankly [up to now] all everyone has

1. In conclusion:

i wait in patient anticipation for the irrevocable consequences that are

contained in the Act, in order to liberate the creation itself from its bondage to decay.

Act accordingly, and with a good conscience,

Marc Boyer