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July 5, 2016

Courtesy Notice on my C'est Moi que Vie Trust Challenge


Bishop Jos Horacio Gmez


Marc Boyer


Redeeming all debt in the world, except for the eternal debt of love for our fellowman.

1. This is a bold statement, but my back is to the wall, and when that feeling hits me, i ask how to
follow a path that never been followed, and this has lead me to contact you.
1. I hold the abnormal birth of 1Cor15, my Statement of Birth [attached] shows that my
abnormal birth landed in your Diocese in 1989 under Roger Mahony's trust.
1. I can prove to be the one called Abraham's Seed and i'm most definitely delivering the
new Covenant that augments this trust, [landing on water] 430 years after a duly
recognized human covenant with God [by challenging the Act of Supremacy of 1559]
2. The urgency to respond is great because at face value good first fruit is being rejected.
As i see it you administer my C'estui que Vie Trust, because my abnormal birth landed in
your diocese, and that burdens you with making the call on whether we enter the year of
our Lord's grace. Because, upon reviewing my latest filings to the speaker, you can only
conclude that they really are under a powerful delusion, and at face value, would rather
face a merciless death where only a remnant survives, than redeem all debt in the world.
3. As i see it, you are also my warehouseman, who can promptly deliver these files to an
Ecclesiastes Court, where i'll take a chance under a pure administrative trust law ruling.
4. By failing this challenge, i become the TPP case law precedent, for the return of slavery,
and it's not up to me what anyone or anybody decides to do with my Gentle Spirit offer.
1. As to Rom 8-9-10-11 By now, of course they know i'm pressing the stumbling block.



i'm sure the Vancouver Archdiocese can fill you in on a lot of details, and you can get the full
disclosure from the BC Supreme Court on file # CA 43509.
I was the original case law precedent for implementing Sec 279 CC [back then -in 2005] a nonpublished trust law called Trafficking in Person. Throughout the passed 10 years, this Sec 279
CC gag order was used as the reason for quashing any kind of court documents i pressed.
The slavery law is now published, and I obviously succeeded in proving my point that JP
Kingsley , and now Marc Mayrand were ultimately guilty of enforcing my enslavement, which
forced them to resign, and this time this filing comes with my C'estui que Vie Trust Challenge.
As to my Mandamus filed on June 26, 2016 onto Geoff Regan The Speaker of the House of
Commons results where they are in default of responding, or even offering any sign of caring.
With this default, means i now can serve this courtesy notice on you, and on Archbishop Miller.
I'm making claim that [as to Heb 10-11] those who trampled on me [which now includes you]
will face a merciless death by an agent of wrath for refusing the offer of good first fruit. [period]
and equally so, as to Rom 13, if you do good, you will be richly rewarded. [it's not my choice]

8. IN CONCLUSION: I take comfort that not even my guardian Archangel Michael does not
know how this offer goes down, let alone when this 'in that event occurs'. I wait in patient
anticipation for the irrevocable consequences that are contained in this C'estui que Vie Trust
Act accordingly and be on your best behaviour.
Marc Boyer