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C. Fagan
Cadent 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses in a natal chart.
Cadent Houses 3, 6, 9 and 12. Generally planets herein become weak.
Cadents Apoklima, 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses.
Calendar A table of days, months or seasons; an almanac; register of year.
Calendar Year Is the mean length of the year Its duration is 365 days 5 hours 49 minutes
12 seconds i.e. 365.24 days.
Campano Born in the early part of the 13th century at Novara, Italy, and author of the
Campanus System of House Division.

Campanus System
Campanus System According to E. H. Bailey: The Campanus system is based upon the
tri-sections of quadrants of the Prime Vertical by great circles intersecting at the north and
south points of the horizon. The cusps are the points on the ecliptic midway between the
defining circles and not on the defining circles.
Caput Dracoins Dragons head, Rahu.
Caput Draconis Rahu, the north node of Moon.
Cardinal House Kendra Bhava, Houses 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th.
Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The Suns declination gets changed.
Therefore, seasons also change.
Cardinal Signs Movable signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Categorical Imperative The force which is the cause of the formulation of a moral
judgment. The term states: Act only in accordance with that maxim which you can at the
same time will to be a universal law. Which is to say that an action that everyone without
exception can perform without self-contradiction is a right action.
Cauda Dracoins Dragons tail, Ketu.
Caudad Draconis Kethu the south node of Moon.
Cazimi A planet within 17` of the Sun and is said to be in the heart of Sun and well
Celestial Heavenly.
Celestial Equator The great circle on the celestial sphere whose plane is at right angles
to the direction of celestial pole.
Celestial Geo-Centric Sun is the center of solar system and is celestial geocentric.
Celestial Latitude It is the angular distance measured from ecliptic to an arc
perpendicular to the celestial equator (the ecliptic poles). The angular distance between north
or south of ecliptic and the heavenly body and goes up to 90 towards north or south of
ecliptic. Suns latitude is always 0 because it is always on the ecliptic.
Celestial Longitude The angular distance measured from the vernal equinox along the
ecliptic up to the point where the meridian drawn from the north ecliptic pole cuts the ecliptic
through the heavenly body. Here ecliptic and ecliptic poles are chosen as circles of reference.
The measurements of celestial longitude of planet is in one direction only from the reference
point so these go up to 360.
Celestial Meridian Is the great circle passing through the celestial poles and zenith of a

Celestial Poles Are the poles where the axis of earth if extended infinitely cuts the
celestial sphere.

Celestial Sphere Imaginary sphere of infinite radius in the space surrounding our entire
solar system.

Centiped Sign Scorpio.

Chaalana Difference between Ishta Kaala and Mishra Kaala.
Chaalana Difference between the ishta kaala and mishrakaala.
Chaamara Designation of 4 vargas in shadvarga.
Chaamara Designation of a planet when it attains 4 benefic vargas in shadvarga or
saptavarga scheme.
Chaitra Name of a lunar month.
Chakra A cycle.

Chakra Dasa
Chakra Dasa This dasa relates to the signs and not to the planets. For night borns, this
dasa commences from the sign of lagna and for day borns from the sign where lagnesh is
posited. For sandhya borns, dasa commences from the sign of the 2nd house. Each dasa of a
sign is of 10 years duration.
Chakra Dasha It is a method of calcualating planetary rulership. For a day born the
sequence of rulership is from the ascendant, for a nigth born it is from the Moon sign, if born
in afternoon, than from ninth sign. Lords of these signs enjoy rulership for ten years which is
followed by the lords of subsequent signs, duration of each being ten years.
Chakra Yoga An auspicious combination when all the planets are posited in houses 1, 3,
5, 7, 9 and 11.
Chakra Yoga Rahu in 10th, 10th lord in lagna and lagnesh in 9 th makes the native
administrator or commander of Army.
Chakranta Portion of the Zodiac containing signs Libra to Pisces.
Chakrardha Portion of the Zodiac containing signs Aries to Virgo.
Chala Nakshatra Another name for Movable nakshatras.
Chaldean Philosophy The Chaldean philosophy started from the indisputable fact that
states, its rulers and average mans life and happiness are largely dependent upon certain
striking celestial phenomena out of which shall follow the effects. Chaldeans identified the
planets with gods and grounded their astrology upon the aspects of the planets, and the
qualities of the men and women to whom they were dedicated.
Chamar Yoga An auspicious combination when the lord of ascendant is exalted and
posited in an angle and under aspect of Jupiter. Or, when two benefics conjoin in the
ascendant or the 7th or the 9th or the 10th house.
Chamatkar Chintamani A classical work of astrology by Narayan Bhatt.
Champakaa Name of 27th Naadiamsa of movable, of 124th of fixed and of 102nd of dual
Chanda Name of 9th nocturnal muhurta.
Chandanavana Designation of 8 vargas in shodasavarga.
Chandanavana Designation of a planet when it attains 8 benefic vargas in shodasavarga
Chander Panchaka See Panchaka.
Chandika Yoga If the lord of the navamsa occupied by the lord of 6th and the lord of the
navamsa occupies by the lord of the 9th combine with the Sun and if the ascendant be a fixed

sign, aspected by the lord of the 6th. The native shall be aggressive, charitable, wealthy,
minister or an equal to him, will have a long and happy life and fame.
Chandra Luna, planet Moon.
Chandra bala Strength of the planet Moon.
Chandra Bela Same as chandravela.
Chandra Darshan When a small portion of Moon is visible in west after pratipada or
dwiteeya of shukla paksha.
Chandra Grahan Lunar eclipse.
Chandra Kaalaanala Chakra A circular chakra representing womb of chandra on
which transit Moons Nakshatra is marked on the upper pole with remaining 27
Nakshatras (including Abhijit ) are marked in order in clockwise fashion. The transit
study is made by identifying natives birth Nakshatra to assess gains, losses, comforts or
misries on a particular day.
Chandra Lagna The sign where Moon is posited in a horoscope considered as lagna.
Chandra Maas Lunar month, lunation.
Chandra Mangala Yoga If Mars conjoins the Moon. There shall be earnings through
unscrupulous means, a seller of women, unkind to ones own mother and mischievous towars
Chandra Nivasa Moon in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius resides in East, in Taurus, Virgo
and Capricorn resides in South in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius resides in West in Cancer,
Scorpio and Pisces it resides in North direction. Moon in any rasi is considered benefic or
malefic for journey in a particular direction.
Chandra Panchaka It takes place when Moon transits through Aquarius and Pisces
signs. This panchaka has a tendency to repeat 5 times any mishap occurred during this period.
It is avoided for auspicious muhurtas. If a death occurs in a family during this panchaka, then
5 deaths occur in that family within a span of one year. Avoid it for cremation. If death occurs
in a family and cremation cannot be avoided, then at the time of cremation 4 putlaas of pusha
grass may also be cremated along with the dead body. Avoid start of house construction,
cremation and travels towards south in this panchak. In case of death, Panchaka shaanti be
Chandra Shuddha In Electional astrology the solemnising of marriage is auspicious
when Moon is shuddha for both the bride and the bridegroom. Moon in transit at the time of
marriage is ensured in a benefic house from the janma rasis of both the girl and the boy. It is
called chandra shuddhi (or favourable position of Moon). Moon to be shuddha should be in
houses 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 from the natal rasis of both the boy and the girl.
Chandra Shuddhi The muhurta moment is made auspicious by ensuring that there is
chandra shuddhi, i.e. transit Moon is favourable. If the Moon at the chosen instant is in the
3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th, 1st or 7th sign from the natal Moon of the native, it is favourable. In the 2 nd, 5th
or 9th position from the natal Moon it is neutral and may be selected if other factors are strong.
In the 4th, 8th and 12th from the natal Moon, it is unfavourable and should be avoided. chandra
shuddhi is very important and is preferred over taara shuddhi when the Moon is strong. Taara
shuddhi is opted for when the Moon is weak.
Chandra Varsha a Lunar year.
Chandra Yoga (Nabhas Akriti Yoga) When all the planets occupy the 1 st, 3, 5, 7, 9 and
11th houses. The native shall be a high ruler, command respect and submission from others
and earn and spend well.

Chandrabala The position of Moon is of much importance in Muhurta. In shukla paksha

strength of Moon is given high weightage, while in krishna paksha, tarabala is to be given
more weightage. Moon should not occupy in the election chart, a position that happens to
represent the 6th, 8th or 12th from the persons janma rasi.
Chandra-Grahan Lunar eclipse.
Chandrakriya 60th part of a constellation is equal to the value of one chandrakriya.
Thus, there are 60 kriya in one nakshatra. In horary astrology the position of Moon in a
particular kriya gives indications of the result of the query.
Chandralekha Name of 60th Shashtiamsa in an odd and 1st in an even sign.
Chandrashtama An inauspicious period when Moon transit 8th rasi from natal Moon.
Chandrashtama Transit Moon in 8th house from natal Moon sign.
Chandrasta Moon in combustion.
Chandravastha 12th part of a constellation is equal to the value of one chandravastha.
Thus, there are 12 avastha in one nakshatra. In horary astrology the position of Moon in a
particular avastha gives indications of the result of the query.
Chandravela 36th part of a constellation is equal to the value of one chandravela. Thus,
there are 36 vela in one nakshatra. In horary astrology the position of Moon in a particular
vela gives indications of the result of the query.
Chandrmukhi Name of 49th Shashtiamsa in an odd sign and of 12th in even.
Chandrodaya Moon-rise.
Chapa Arc.
Chapa Yoga If the Ascendant lord is exalted and the 4th and 10th lords have interchanged
houses. The native shall grace a Kings Council, be wealthy and full of strength and an
Exchequer or a Comptroller of treasury.
Chara A planet in retrogression when it is ahead of mid-planet.
Chara A planet is known as such if he is ahead of a madhyama graha. The strength
allotted to such a planet is 45 virupas.
Chara Movable, diurnal difference.
Chara Period of Oblique Ascension of a rasi.
Chara Bala A term used in Jaimini Astrololgy. This is the strength of a rasi which
depends upon the nature of sign. Balas are assigned on the basis of nature of the sign. A dual
sign gets a bala of 60 Shashtiamsas. A fixed sign gets 30 Shashtiamsas and a movable sign
gets 15 Shashtiamsas.
Chara Bala strength of a sign due to its nature being in Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable.
Chara Constellation See movable constellations.
Chara Dasha A system of dasa used in Jaimini Astrololgy. The dashas are of rasis and
not of nakshatras. Therefore, we speak of dasha of Areis, Taurus, Gemini.Pisces. Similar is
the nomenclature of the sub-periods in the dasha. The 9 th house from lagna if belongs to direct
group, dasha order will be forward otherwise backwards. The maximum period of dasha of a
sign is 12 years at the minimum is of one year. The 1st dasha will be that of lagna sign.
Chara khand Ascensional difference.
Chara Nakshatras Another name for Movable nakshatras.
Chara Rasis Movable signs.
Chara Signs Same as movable signs.

Chara Yoga An auspicious yoga in Electional astrology formed by nakshatra-day

combination, viz. Poorvabhadra-Sunday; Bharni-Monday; Aridra-Tuesday; MaghaWednesday; Chitra-Thursday; Jyestha-Friday; Abhijit-Saturday.
Character The psychological phenomena exhibited by human beings. Although it be
analytically divisible into three abstractions viz Temperament, Personality and Individuality, it
is, in fact, one. And it is precisely this fact which makes the task of character delineation so
extremely difficult, especially as in the case with some people, when the three parts are
apparently in constant conflict.
Character is Destiny from the astrological viewpoint of the dictum, it is evident that
character as a deterministic factor is envisaged. The stellar forces present at his birth act
upon him invariably throughout his life, providing him with impulses, desires, emotions
and appetites of a sharply defined type which will (assuming the non-existence of a
moral self and free will) induce him to adopt a pre4-determined course of action that
will shape his destiny conclusively.
Charakhanda Ascensionla difference.
Charan Phase, Pada, one-fourth of a Nakshatra, which is equal to 3 20`.
Charkhanda Determination of ascensional values at various places.
Chart Kundli, nativity.
Chathurthamsa (7.30') shows fortunes, luck of native, assets and liabilities. Lordship
of 4 parts commences from 1, 4, 7, 10th houses from the planet itself.
Chathurthamsa A sign is divided into 4 equal parts 7.30' arc each, shows fortunes, luck
of native, assets and liabilities. Lordship of 4 parts commences from 1, 4, 7, 10th houses from
the planet itself.
Chaturashiti Sama Dasa Nakshatra based dasa system covering a span cycle of 84
years among seven planets in the order Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn
assigning 12 years to each planet. This dasa is considered to be applicable when 10 th lord is in
Chaturasras 4th and 8th houses.
Chaturastra Bhavas 4, 8;
Chaturdashi 14th tithi, difference in longitude of Moon and Sun is 156 to 168 in bright
half and 336 to 348, Rikta tithi, nature is Ugra prada, ruler is Shiva.
Chaturdasi Fourteenth lunar day.
Chaturghatika A table indicating the various periods in day time or in night time which
are auspicious or inauspicious to start any journey or to commence any good deed. The
periods known as amrit, shubha, laabha and chara are auspicious and the periods known as
kaal, udwega and roga are inauspicious.
Chaturmukhi The name of bhadra of the first half of 7th tithi.
Chaturtha Bala with context to Tajik, see Dina-ratri bala.
Chaturthamsa One-fourth part of a sign.
Chaturthi 4th tithi, difference in longitude of Moon and Sun is 36 to 48 in bright half
and 216 to 228, Rikta tithi, nature is Khala prada, ruler is Ganesha.
Chaturvimsamsa (1.15') shows academic achievement, education, knowledge,
learning. Lordship of each part commences from sign Leo and Cancer for odd and even signs
Chaturvimsamsa A sign is divided into 24 equal parts 1.15' arc each, shows academic
achievement, education, knowledge, learning. Lordship of each part commences from sign
Leo and Cancer for odd and even signs respectively.

Chatushpad Signs Aries, Taurus, Leo, the second half of Sagittarius and first half of

Chatushpada A fixed karana whose ruler or deity is bull or Vrishabha. It is an important

limb of panchanga and is used in electional astrology. It falls on first half of amavasya.
The period of this karana is good for any thing concerning government or pitris, brahmin,
cow, swearing in ceremony, ruling the country, favourable for destroying enemies through
tantric methods, all works related to four footed animals, for shradha karma.
Chatushpada Four legged living beings, quadruped.
Chatushpada Drekkana 1stand 2nd drekanna of Aries, 1st, 2nd and 3rd drekanna of
Taurus, 1st drekanna of Gemini, 1st drekanna of Cancer, 1st and 3rd drekanna of Leo, 3rd
drekanna of Libra, 3rd drekanna of Scorpio, 1st, 2nd and 3rd drekanna of Capricorn.
Chatushtaya Angular houses.
Chatuspada Fixed karana (one half of a tithi).
Chatussagara Yoga If all the angles are occupied by the planets. The native shall earn
good wide spread reputation, be equal to a ruler, have a long and prosperous life, be blessed
with good children and robust health.
Chatvarimsamsa Same as khavedamsa.
Chaugharia See Chaturghatika.
Cheshta Bala A component of Shadabalas. Chesta means Vakri or Retrograde. All planets
are subjected to retrogression except Sun & Moon. When the longitudinal distance of a planet
exceeds certain limits from sun it gets a state of retrogression & starts moving backward. Thus
the strength or potency is gained by a planet due to its retrograde motion is known as Chesta
Bala. Sun & Moon are strong when they are uttarayana or in northerly course i.e. passing from
Capricorn to Gemini signs. Other planets get this strength (1) when they are retrograde or (2)
when they are conjunct with Moon within 12 degrees on either side.

Cheshta Rashmi
Chesta Kendra Arc of retrogression.
Chesta-Bala It is one of the six shadabalas (source of strength) of a planet. It has 5 subdivisions - Sun & Moon are strong when they are uttarayan or in northerly course i.e. passing
through Capricorn to Gemini signs. Other planets get this strength (1) when they are
retrograde or (2) when they are conjunct with Moon within 12 degrees on either side. Chesta
means Vakri or Retrograde. All planets are subjected to retrogration except Sun & Moon.
When the longitudinal distance of a planet exceeds certain limits from Sun it gives a state of
retrogration & starts moving backward. Thus the strength or potency is gained by a planet due
to its retrograde motion. It is also known as Motional Strength.
Chhadakas Full Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Kethu are chhadakas for the 2 nd and 12th
houses from them. A planet in the 2nd from a bhava is chhadaka for that planet.
Chhatra Designation of a planet when it attains 5 benefic Vargas in shadvarga or
saptavarga scheme.
Chhatra Yoga (Nabhas Akriti Yoga) When all the seven planets occupy seven signs
contiguously as counted from the 7th house. The native in general has a happy life.
Chhatra Yoga An auspicious yoga in Electional astrology formed by nakshatra-day
combination, viz. Poorvaphalgun-Sunday; Swati-Monday; Moola-Tuesday; SravanaWednesday; Uttarabhadra-Thursday; Krittika-Friday; Punarvasu-Saturday.
Chhaya Shadow.
Chhaya Graha Shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu.
Chhayasunu Planet Saturn.

Chhidra Graha Inauspicious or death inflicting planets which are lord of the 8th house,
planet posited in 8th, planet (s) aspecting 8th, lord of 22nd Decanate, planet conjoined with the
8th lord, lord of 64th Navamsa counted from Moon and its bitter enemy.
Chirabhanu 16th year in the cycle of 60 Samvatsara belonging to Parivatsara category,
ruled by Brahma.
Chirajeevini Name of 65th Naadiamsa of movable, of 86th of fixed and of 140th of dual
Chitra 14th nakshatra extending from 173 20` to 186 40`, deity is Vishwakarma
(architect of Gods), ruler is Planet Mars.
Chitraa Name of 63rd Naadiamsa of movable, of 88th of fixed and of 138th of dual sign.
Chitrini Name of 64th Naadiamsa of movable, of 87th of fixed and of 139th of dual sign.
Chittirai Tamil name for the lunar month of Chaitra.
Choisnard, Paul A philosopher according to whom no astrological tradition has yet been
defined and that in no part of the world are there in existence professional guardians of such a
tradition having the necessary qualities for rendering it respectable. He consiers that the
tradition recorded by Ptolemy, which was probably of Egyptian origin, merits confidence
more than that derived from the Chinese, Hindus, or Arabs. On the whole he considers
tradition to be in itself essentially dubious.
Chor panchaka Adding eight to Suns degrees and dividing by nine if we get 5, as
remainder, it is chor panchaka. It occurs when Sun is in 6th, 15th, 24th degree in any sign. It
indicates the moment of muhurta in electional astrology, which should be avoided to start any
auspicious work. It should be avoided for start of journeys. See Panchaka also.
Chords Notes on the Scale, the vibrations (frequencies) assigned to the signs of the zodiac
see Chromatic scale - which attempts to show the harmonic relations between the signs
and formation of the Grand Trines.
Chouthai drishti All planets except Saturn cast 25% aspect on the 3 rd and 10th sign from
their position which is Chouthai drishti.
Chuda Karan 1st hair cutting, mundana or tonsures are done in 3rd, 5th, or 7th year or even
1st year is good but not when mother is pregnant. Good solar months are when Sun is in signs
10,11,1,2,3, in moveable, short or friendly nakshatra, on a good vaar on tithi 2, 3, 5, 7,
10,11,13. In muhurta kundli avoid 8th sign from janma rasi and janam lagna of the native. No
planet should be in the 8th. 7th should not be occupied by Sun or Mars and benefics should be
in angles and konas and malefics in 3, 6, 11.
Circa Approximately, around, about (circa 2000 means around 2000 A. D.).

Circle Declination
Circle of Light Another name of Zodiac.
Circle transit
Circle, Zodiacal Circle of Zodiac containing 12 Signs, it covers a range of 0 to 360.
Circumpolar Stars Stars whose polar distance is less than the latitude of a place, hence they
never set.

Civil Day The interval between one mid night to the next mid night.
Climacterical conjunction conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius. A period
of great upheaval.

Climacterical Period A cycle of 7 and 9 years periods determined by the position of

Moon in the birth chart. Considered to be most ominous.
Coeli Nadir, 4th house.

Collection of light An intermediary planet in aspect to two other planets not aspecting
each other.

Colour of signs Aries-Red; Taurus-White; Gemini-Deep green; Cancer-Reddish, white;

Leo-Greyish; Virgo-Combination of Multiple colours; Libra-Black; Scorpio-Golden yellow;
Sagittarius-Reddish; Capricorn and Aquarius-Combination of colours; Pisces-Pure white.
Combust An asta planet, a planet is said to be eclipsed or combust when he disappears
within a particular limit from the Sun, his light being then overpowered by
that of Sun. Planets become combust when they are within combustion range
from the Sun as they become powerless to give good effects. Western
astrology allows an orb of 8. 30 on either side of Sun for a planet to become
Combust any planet which is within 8 30` of the Sun is so considered. It is considered
as a detrimental configuration.
Combustion The phenomenon when a planet becomes combust or comes within
combustion range from Sun. Combustion stands cancelled if: (1) The combust planet has
come out successful in graha yudha (planetary war). (2) The declination of combust planet is
more than 12 wrt that of Sun. (3) It is a yogakarka planet.
Combustion Range from Sun Moon-12; Mars-17; Merc.14 R 12; Jupiter 11 R8, Ven-10 R 8, Saturn-16 (R means when retrograde).

Common Planets Mercury, Venus.
Common signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.
Common Signs Same as dual signs.
Compatibility Capability of harmonious union between a boy and a girl for marriage
purpose which is judged by matching of their horoscopes.
Compound Relationships of Planets It is combination of permanent and temporary
friendships. two planets naturally and temporarily friendly become extremely friendly and two
planets naturally and temporarily inimical become extremely inimical. Friendship on one
count and neutrality on other count make them friendly. Enmity on one count and neutrality
on other count make them inimical. Enmity in one count and friendly on other make them
neutral. This is five-fold relationship and is also known as Panchdha-maitri.
Conception Ascendant Pre-natal ascendant.
Configurated The relative position of planets in a horoscope.
Configuration three or more planets conjoining in one house.
Conjunction Any two planet situated together in a house.
Conjunction If the degree of longitudes of two planets happens to be the same, they are
in conjunction.
Conjunction Location of two planets in the same sign. As per Uttarkalamrita two planets
in a sign within 12 form effective conjunction.
Conjunction Aspect Planet to planet or planet to a cusp at a longitudinal distance of 0
within orb of 8. Major, neutral aspect.
Constancy of the Poles This means that the poles of a Natal Horoscope must always be
coincident in position with the poles of the ecliptic a condition which cannot be satisfied by
the Placidus, Campanus, Regiomontanus, or Porphyry systems. With the poles of the3
horoscope coinciding with the poles of the ecliptic, tow further principles emerge: (1) the cusp
of the Ascendant always passes through points cutting the earths horizon at exactly ninety
degrees from the cusp of the 10th, while the cusp of the 10th must always pass through the

Zenith. (2) The cusps of the houses describe equal segements consisting of 30 of longitude
each, joining together at a point coincident with ecliptic poles. Thus the Ascendant is always
90 east of the M.C.
Constant Nakshatras Another name for fixed nakshatras.
Constellation Group of fixed stars called Nakshatras. There are 27 constellations for
predictive purposes. Another nakshatra known as Abhijit is shown falling at 276.40` to
280.54`13`` of the Zodiac which is useful in studying transit and electional astrology. Every
constellation covers a range of 13.20` in the Zodiac and has different characteristics and
rulers. Please refer to the individual nakshatra.
Constellation Means a star covering 13 20` - the zodiac is divided into 27 equal parts
called Star or Nakshatra.
Copernicus, Nicolaus (1473 1543), Polish astronomer. Set down principles of
Earths azial rotation and position of Sun at centre of solar system, with planets in orbit around
it. Provided foundation for work of Kepler and Newton.
Coral Also known as red Corel, a hot gem, ruler is Mars, also known as Moonga, Pala,
Bidrumani, its cheaper substitute is Sindhuri akeek.
Corona Region of extremely high temperature and low density that forms outermost part
of Suns atmosphere. During a total Solar eclipse, this corona can be observed being pulled
out distinctly due to electromagnetic pull of other planets in near vicinity of the Sun.
Cosmic Cross A planetary combination in which two planets are in opposition to each
other and a third planet squares both.
Cosmic Sphere Same as Celestial sphere.
Cosmos the Universe.
Counter-Earth A concept floated by Pythagoras that the earth and the universe are
spherical in shape though the latter is finite as to size. He observed that there are two different
motikons to the sun, moon and planets: one in an east to west direction caused by the daily
rotation of the earth on its axis, and the other in the contrary west to east direction dur to
proper motion. And that at the centre of the universe there was situated the hearth of the
Universe a central fire qhich contained the directive principle of the entire activity of the
uneverse. Then the following bodies were considered to rotate around that central fire, in the
order of their nearness to it: first the counter earth which always accompanied the earth and
moved round bodily with it, more like an invisible ghost, next the earth, then the moon, sun,
the five planets, and beyond those the sphere containing the fixed stars.
Country of Signs Aries-Patala; Taurus-Karnataka; Gemini-Chera; Cancer-Chola; LeoPandya; Virgo-Kerala; Libra-Kollasa; Sagittarius-Malaya; Capricorn-Saindhava now Sind;
Aquarius-Yavana; Pisces-Koshala.
Crab Symbol of sign Cancer.
Crawling Sign signs Cancer and Scorpio.
Crescent Moon Type Native born when Moon is 45 to 90 ahead of Sun.
Critical Degrees 0, 13, 26 of movable signs; 9, 21 of fixed signs and 4, 17 of
common signs.
Cruel Nakshatras Another name for Aggressive nakshatras.
Cruel Sign Signs owned by cruel planets like Sun and Mars.
Culmen Coeli 10th house, midheaven, zenith.
Culmination A planet at midheaven or zenith. A planet culminates when it crosses the
Cusp Beginning point of a bhava.

Cusp The central point in a house division.

Cusp The exact degree and minute of the beginning of a House and the end of the previous

Cuspal Pertaining to a cusp.

Cuspal Degree Longitude of a cusp.
Cycles A regularly recurring period of time occupied by secession of events or
phenomena. This, thus gives rise to certain beliefs, customs and rituals like branding certain
periods of time or certain days as auspicious or otherwise.
Chakra yoga When the six alternate houses from lagna are occupied by the 7 planets Sun
to Saturn (excluding Rahu and Ketu). The native shall become most powerful emperor at
whose feet, the heads of many kings shall lay in hounour.
Chitra yoga When Mercury, as Virgo lagna lord, is posited in 2nd, Libra, between 1 24`
and 1 and 36`, in causes abundant riches and the natives father shall be a highly placed and
respected person.