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Institute of Technology, Department of Civil Engg.

Department of Civil Engineering
Quiz Exam for 4th Year 1st Semester

Year: 2016-17, December

Course: Design of Steel and Timber Structure
Time Allowed: 20 Minutes

Course Code: (CEng 4143)

Marks: 10

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Answer all the questions in each section.

Each question carries mark Indicated at the end of question.
Use the Steel Table and Formula Table & Calculator is allowed in exam.
No mark shall be given for the answer for which there is CUTTING OR OVERWRITING.
Marks shall be deducted for resorting to unfair means.
Do not keep any unwanted piece of paper except your ID. Card with you.
Switch off your mobile and submit it the invigilator. Keeping the mobile with you shall be
considered as resorting unfair means.

Q.1. Considered the sections: (Standard Angle) 200X200X12 with steel grade of Fe360.

(1 Marks)

The Class of the section is..

Q.2 A bolt connection is subjected to a tensile force of 300 KN. The steel grad is Fe-430, the bolt grade
is 8.8, the bolt is used to connect two gusset plates, and the thickness of each gusset plate is 15mm. The
length of shank and thread is 25mm and 40 mm respectively. The circular Diameter of shank and thread
is 20mm and 18mm respectively.
The effective area of bolt for resisting the shear As =
(1 Marks)
Q.3 Two Angles 100x100x10 in grade Fe-430, used as a bolted bracing member with single row of bolt
at each leg of the Angle. The diameter of bolt is 22 mm and area of one Angle 1920 mm2, fy = 275 Mpa,
fu = 430Mpa, M2 = 1.25
Effective area of Angle is
(1 Marks)

Q.4 The Fig shown below.

(1 Marks)

ID. NO.:

The effective length of column AB is ..

Q.5 Consider the following statement regarding tensile test diagrams for steel with (1 Marks)
varying carbon content, as the carbon content increase.
(I). The ultimate strength of steel decreases.
(II). The elongation before fracture increase.
(III). The ductility of the metal decrease.
(IV). The ultimate strength increase.
Consider the above statements, which statements are correct?
1). III and IV statements are correct
2). I and III statements are correct
3). I, II and III statements are correct
4). I and II statements are correct

Q.6 A W section column support a beam of 3 m span, beam carries a uniformly distributed (1 Marks)
load of 20KN/m, included of self-weight, flange of the W section 100mm x 7.3mm, web
Thickness 5.4mm, Ixx = 1696.6 mm4, Iyy = 115.4 mm4. Area of W section is 1080.
The Shear Stress on the column is..
Q.7 Considered the steel section of 457x 152x 52 UB given below, used as a pinned beam. The beam
is 5000 mm long and its steel grade is Fe-430.

h = 449.8, b = 152.4, A = 66.50 cm2, tf = 10.9mm, tw = 7.6mm, r = 10.2mm, Iy = 21300 cm2

Iz = 645 cm2, iy = 17.9 cm, iz = 3.11 cm.
Answer of the following question given below.
I). What is the crushing length..

(1 Marks)

II). Non dimentional slenderness ratio about X-axis..and Y-axis..

(1 Marks)

III). Which axis is critical axis

(1 Marks)

IV). The value of Ncrd is.

(1 Marks)

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