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A Gesture is a quick sketch to capture the action or mood of your subject. Gestures can be made with long flowing lines, short scribbles, large passages of tone, or anything inbetween. » ‘Two ways to think of gesture: Gesture is a framework that can be a stand alone drawing or the start of a multiple hour pose. In either case you may approach the gesture slightly different but they havethe same goal: a quick representation of the figure that captures the life and essence of the pose. Your first marks in both cases should be a few broad strokes that capture the whole figure in its simplest terms. A gesture can be a drawing that A gesture can also be a very simple armature you stands on its own containing contour, intend to construct on top for a long drawing. When shape, and form all together. This ' you have 10 minutes or longer it’s best to approach approach works best in a 2-5 minute the drawing slowly and allow yourself to build the pose. drawing up to finish. © Josh Reed