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This series of articles outline and explains how [exactly as to Rom 10]
authority has been successfully hiding the fact THAT: The Redeemer
that comes from Zion has appeared in 2016, [exactly as to Dan12]; and
we are in the final stages of last call to offer the Wise, and the Conquerors of
Love of Romans 8 to appear in righteousness, thru the Gentle Spirit [or fail]
and meet the Lord with the rod of discipline in the 1st coming [as to 1 Cor 4]
It's a Freedom of choice issue, and without Love it's a resounding gong.
This page is divided in 3 sections, in the 3rd section we list events that started
in Nov 2015, where the Law Society filed a petition to augment my Rom 10 gag order;
AND after 7-months it back-fired on Aug 2nd where we entered phase 2 of this case.
The 2nd section is events that occurred after filing this Daniels 12 Mandamus,
and all these posted articles span a 4 month period ending around Thanksgiving
These articles itemize how every vested interest who control, direct or have a
say in the administration of this CQV trust account failed in redeeming all debt
and in so doing refuse to accept thru faith that the offer was real or legitimate
All of these next posting have occurred since reaching this watershed
date of my War Bond maturing - [as of Dec 20th, 2016] i'm NOW 65 years
old and my allotted inheritance is now due. By reaching my retirement
age means i can now cash in my World War bond because it's now matured
I posted these 2 videos as a lead-in before my 65th birthday on Dec 12th - https://www.facebook.com/remarcablefoods/videos/10154144898572596/ and
- https://www.facebook.com/remarcablefoods/videos/10154149487352596/

i filed this COURTESY NOTICE on Dec 15th in order to start the process
- https://www.scribd.com/document/335814592/DEC15-courtesyNOTICE
I do a good job of explaining this WAR BOND status on this Dec 25th video - https://www.facebook.com/remarcablefoods/videos/10154185939942596/
I next filed this Notice on the Post Office where i expected no response
- https://www.scribd.com/document/335816509/DEC30-Notice
By Jan 6th everything is in place to file these articles onto the Provost Marshal
- https://www.scribd.com/document/336649955/Notice-PDF-Provost - and
Here's my short form copy of my WORLD WAR BOND
- https://www.scribd.com/document/336651104/Birth-Statement
This video explains the present situation https://www.facebook.com/289513931424763/videos/370985303277625/
where the Provost Marshal Commander was fired a week after receiving a Sec 237CC demand to deliver me my long

What's next? Frankly not even one angel knows when or what happens next. If disclosure of this
case remains a secret, then Isaiah 59 will inevitably happen. If disclosure occurs: then there are 2
versions of Jonah's appearance, where a people and the Men of the Nineveh rise in indignation and condemn
this generation or WW3 occurs.

SECTION - 2 __________________________________________________________
On the significance to this date [of Aug 2nd 2016] An offer to
redeem all debt in the world occurred on this day, and events outlined
in these posting have since unfolded means tribulation is triggered.
This date is mentioned in Dan 12:11 [some interpretation included]
the end times- from the time that, the day of sacrifice is abolished,
the OBAMAnation [abomination] that causes desolation is set up,
there will be 1290 days. 12 Blessed is the one who waits for and
reaches the end of the 1335 days, and then Daniel's vision of the
son of man will receive his allotted inheritance
EXPLANATION - From the time Obama was inaugurated [for his 2nd term] the 1290th day landed on

Tuesday August 2nd, and 45 days later is Sept 17th. [or] it could be March 1, 2020
The following filings show that by Sept 16th [on the 1334th day] that all 'vested parties' involved rejected
the offer from the Redeemer that comes from Zion. As i read the Bile, i'm supposed to treat this news as
'in camera' proceedings. I'm now making disclosure, with this Facebook page and not promoting it. AND my
hope is that the offer to 'the wise' of Dan 12 [and/or] the Conquerors of Love of Rom 8 use this information to
spread the word to the world, in order to effect good first fruit.
The case is in BC Appeals Court file # CA 43509 Vancouver
We are chronologically listing articles since this Aug 2nd Mandamus
- this whole case file in thousands of pages thick and spans across 11
years of abuse. This abuse is because i can irrefutably prove to hold the
abnormal birth of 1Cor15, and be the one called Abraham's Seed [Gal 3]
As to Rom 10-11 i'm challenging the Law Society to repent or perish.
I then started filing weekly updates because i was being ignored
i forwarded all this to a long list of vested interests [of course they know]
these short articles offer a lot of background info on a complex case
This rejection to proceed is now formally confirmed [on Sept-16]
IN RESPONSE: i started on the next level with this short PREAMBLE
We increased the pressure, by filing this Leviticus promise made by God
and - https://www.scribd.com/document/326960516/SEPT28-exhibitA
I then filed this 2-page Illustrated leaflet hopefully this wakes them up
I then filled this last ditch mandamus on the Finance Minister on Oct 24th
and then followed thru with a new illustrated leaflet on Nov 2nd
All 45-day grace periods expired without any body acting on my CQV trust.

NOW we fall into the next phase of this redemption plan because obviously the
chosen refuse to become the Wise of Dan 12 or the Conquerors of Love of Rom 8;18on
- So i'm now acting on the last line of Dan-12 - 13 As for you, go your way till the end. You will rest,
and then at the end of the days you will rise to receive your allotted inheritance.

SECTION 3 _________________________________________________________
This series of events started with a Petition filed by the BC Law Society, back in Oct 2015,
where the Law Society was charging me with impersonating a lawyer, where on Dec 4th 2015,
I filed this protest- https://www.scribd.com/document/291370762/Dec-4th-Motion-before-the-BAR
I filed this response- https://www.scribd.com/document/296997852/Civil-Claim-Supplement
where i got my automatic appeal in court file CA 43509, i filed a criminal charge of Sec 279 CC
https://www.scribd.com/document/305021345/3-Form04-coverNETa onto Madam Adair for
Violating Sec 279(1) Trafficking in my Person [slavery], and on this Appeal i appeared on April 11th before

Justice Bennett in what can only be called a kangaroo court,

PROOF THAT THIS WAS RIGGED IS EASY TO SHOW because i went to court on April 11th
and i was given this written ruling dated Feb 10th - written before i went to trial for a ruling http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/jdb-txt/ca/16/01/2016BCCA0169.htm
COURT DATE. Just carefully listen to my defences that i'm presenting to press my case of no
jurisdiction to act aginst me because i don't hold a Birth Certificate
Listen to this 10 minute recording and TAKE NOTE THAT the Law Societies lawyer made no oral
arguments at all - https://soundcloud.com/marc-boyer-vancouver/mp4-marc-boyer-april11?
IN LAW by them not making any oral objection to anything said at a hearing
should mean i should have won this appeals ruling by default.
BUT i lost and was handed a ruling that can only be called seditious intent:
so i started verbally hounding 'Elections Canada' officials that EC placed their own
'gag order' on me communicating with them AND round the same time
Marc Mayrand [the CEO of EC] handed in his resignation to the Speaker of the
House of Commons, because i had compromised his oath to his Office.
This resulted in me filing against The Commissioner of EC and the Speaker
on June 16th - https://www.scribd.com/document/336856967/JUNE16-Speaker-Notice
Failure to respond resulted in this June 24th, 2016 Writ of Mandamus https://www.scribd.com/document/336857913/June-24-Stamped-PDF
I then filed this notice on the Pope's agents
WE [now] fall into the filing of my Daniels 12, August 2nd timeline in Section 2
During this time there were 5 other separate /but related filings that were going on at the same time as
this case proceeded. Related cases to this case have been going on for 15 years