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Reflection of my Ballet Class

Cassidy Fields
On Friday, May 6th I taught a ballet class to the dance freshmen and sophomores at Weaver
Academy. I had prepared my class and was excited about teaching. However, on Wednesday
evening I injured my ankle and was unable to demonstrate or execute the movements as
successfully as I hoped. The barre work I had prepared had not taken as long as I had planned it
to, which made the class go by a lot faster. In retrospect, I probably could have given more
corrections and made them repeat certain barre exercises. I noticed several students struggling
with my tendu combination because it required you to switch your weight. In my feedback some
students asked for more difficult barre work. However, seeing how some students were
struggling I think I found the proper balance. At the end of barre, I had allowed five minutes for
on your own barre warm up/stretch, but some students did not take advantage of this and
therefore were not as warmed up. In the future, I would create my own barre stretch for the
whole class to participate in. All of my other combinations were well received and I hope to do it
again next year.