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Visual Merchandising 1

Visual Merchandising

Effect of Visual Merchandising on consumer buying behavior

A study on customers of major super stores in Peshawar

Mian Irfan Zafar

Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar

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Research Proposal
Effect of Visual Merchandising on consumer buying behaviour
A study on customers of major super stores in Peshawar
Kumari (2013) defines buying behavior of a customer as purchasers for the most part do not set
out with the particular reason for going by a sure store and acquiring a sure thing; the conduct
happens and desire to purchase, such are affected by inner states and outer components.
Purchasing conduct may be characterized as a buy choice made in-store with no express
acknowledgment of a requirement for such a buy, before passage into the store (Bhatti & Latif,
According to Soundhariya & Sathyan (2015) The air of the shopping environment can impact
client demeanor and their observations in connection to the general nature of the store as far as
the uniqueness of the item, administration levels, the price tag and buy volume. A topical domain
has ended up important as individuals investigate a great deal more than buying things at the
store or even at the eatery. One hour at the spot ought not to be spent essentially taking a gander
at dividers. India has numerous such subject eateries and even level 2 urban areas are focusing
on topic based model for their stores and eateries.
Hubrechts & Kokturk (2012) concludes that visual merchandising helps in the competitive
environment of the store surroundings and image which are perceived by retailers as essential
elements affecting customer buying behavior. It is a capable advertising instrument as an outer
help in the buyer's drive purchasing behavior. This helps in increasing income and volume of

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products sold each year. The visual presentation reaches from windows/outside showcases to
inside presentations including structure shows and floor marketing with certain advertising
sign .Impulse purchasing makes up a subject of extraordinary gain full for advertisers. It is
demonstrated that purchaser practices are impacted by inward and outside stimuli. Internal
components allude to such inner states and qualities of people including individual's passionate
state, inclination and self-sentiments. Outer or natural prompts grasp climatic signs in shopping
environment and showcasing blend boosts. Past inquires about have demonstrated that calculates
like store structure show, visual merchandising, promotional and monetary impact (coupons and
less expensive costs) can urge individuals to purchase with no pre-shopping goal (Moayery,
Zamani & Vazifehdoost,2014).
Kaur (2013) defined visual merchandising as the customer who sees anything inside or outside
which increases the attention, want and action and gives the competitive advantage too.
Merchandising plays an important role in fashion world in such a way that it forces customers to
purchase. It also helps to make the customer clear towards certain products visually, physically
and mentally without anyone need. Someone also defined the visual merchandising as the
presentation of a store/brand and its commodities to the client through the collaboration of the
store's promoting, showcase, uncommon occasions, design coordination, and marketing divisions
keeping in mind the end goal to offer the merchandise and administrations offered by the
Visual promoting or show with the last motivation behind making a deal. Visual marketing
incorporates from presentation, floor/divider marketing and limited time signage. Also it is
suggested that cross merchandising can increase sale in apparel retailers (Moayery, Zamani &
Vazifehdoost, 2014). When clients stroll in, it is however basic to guarantee that they make the

Visual Merchandising 4

most of their first experience with the store. All things considered, rehash visits will just happen
if a customer's first visit is a note worthy one. The legitimate game plan of counters, with clear
ways takes into account simple access to stock. Instead of losing all sense of direction in the
huge space that most substantial stores are, the client feels more in control. Space is distributed
to different item classifications considering the quantity of SKUs supplied and retires/counter
space prerequisites are worked out in like manner. Clear sections are accommodated items,
which require touch and feel. Additionally, it has been watched that when a man goes into a
room, the human eye moves in a Z design, i.e. from back left of the space to right back, trailed
by front left of the space to front right. Consideration ought to be taken to do up the back left end
of the room in an engaging way in order to manage the bearing of vision and keep a customer
outwardly intrigued. A lot of examination has been embraced on the effect of lighting on a
customer's buy conduct (Lanjewar, 2014).
Hubrechts & Kokturk (2012) says in their research paper that certain terms like atmosphere,
dimensions are defined as the atmosphere creates certain effects which the customer could
produce emotions and force them to buy the product. There are four dimensions for shop
surroundings which are sight, smell, listening, and touch and helps customer to choose the
required product. Nowadays businesses pay more attention on visual merchandising, so that they
could bring differentiation in products because of same merchandising.
By (Kaur, 2013) the significance of visual presentation effectiveness is by using different
instruments in retail outlets. Visual merchandising helps and compel customer to buy things
which are being merchandised in any place. It is tool which is commonly called as silent
salesman. Also explained by (Jain, Sharma & Narwal, 2012) that visual merchandising is used
not only to compel customers but also to increase their attention to sell the product .The main

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purpose is to pull in customers into the store through the force of the window showcase, and after
that through in-store presentation and design, which necessities to urge them to stay in the store,
buy and have a positive retail encounter so that they return. By Soundhariya & Sathyan (2015)
Converting person walking by to spenders and ultimately converting them to loyal consumers
visual merchandising plays a great role.
Statement of the Problem:
To analyze the effect of visual merchandising on customer purchase behavior.
Research Objectives:
The main objectives of this study will be as follows:

To store atmosphere influencing customers buying behavior.

To determine display of a product influencing customers buying behavior.

To see the impact of store lay-out on customer tendency to buy.

Proposed Research Hypothesis:

H1: Buying behavior of customers is significantly influenced by store atmosphere.
H2: Buying behavior of customers is significantly influenced by the display of a product.
H3: Buying behavior of customers is significantly influenced by store layout.

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Proposed Framework:



buying behavior

Display of a

Visual Merchandising is defined by (Mills,et,al,1995) that the appearance of a store/brand and its
presentation to the customer through the collaboration of the stores advertising, present ,special
events, fashion synchronization and merchandising departments in order to sell their products
and services given by store.
(Walters & White, 1987) defined as visual merchandising that co-ordinate in an effective way for
the selection of merchandising and also for the display.
Certain four scope of store atmosphere i.e. sight, sound, smell and touch plays an important role
in customers choice of brand/product (McGoldrick, 2002).
Variables to be studied:
Interior Presentation:

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Offering space is the most vital piece of a store and in this manner, activities to use every square
foot will increase deals. One demonstrated approach to do this is through inside presentations
that viably show stock to the client (Kumari, 2013).
Shop Brand Name:
To advance the general population with their image pictures sponsors burn through a large
number of dollars every year .It is subjective, passionate bunch of importance and images that
the purchaser ascribes to a specific brand (Bhatti & Latif,2014).
Display of a Product:
Display of a product is an entire bundle that turns into an extreme offering recommendation,
which empowers motivation purchasing conduct (Ahmed, Parmer & Amin, 2014).
Sources of Information:
The data will be collected for the first time from the all type of customers of Peshawar major
Super Stores, where the customers have at least visited the store twice.
Sample Techniques and Procedures:
The study proposes to collect data through non- probability sampling by using convenience
sampling and stratification. The major stores would be stratified on the basis of areas and data
would be collected from those who are convenient to the researcher.
Sampling Size:
Following previous studies e.g. (Kaur, 2013), (Bhatti & Latif, 2013) and (Mehta &
Chugan,2012) this study proposes to collect data from at least 250 customers who visited the
major super stores twice.
Methods of data collection and procedure:

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Personal survey will be used to collect data and the required questions would be made by
researcher and then filled by the customers and survey technique would be used when there
would be no possibility for filling the questioners.
Instruments of data collection:
Data will be collected for the first time through primary data. The data would be collected
through structured and close ended questioners and survey from those customers whose has
visited the store at least twice.
Statistical Test to be used:
The statistical test that would be used is Regression Analysis.
Possible Outcomes:
The possible outcomes could be that there is positive effect of visual merchandising on customer
buying. Certain factors such as window display, interior presentation, shop brand name, display
of a product greatly influences visual merchandising which further has an impact on customer
purchasing behavior.


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Visual Merchandising 9

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Visual Merchandising 10

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